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On my grandpop's farm. well
here i am on the farm agin which is
the 1st time sinct last summer & i
am here because it is vakashun time
& i grab off a cuppel of weeks with
full pay
this yere i dident make no mis
take like i did last yere and come
here urley enuff to help granpop with
the work & that is why i waited until
this late for the urley summer work
is "done- & the fruit on the trees aint
ripe- enuff to pick, so you see that
makes it purty soft for yures trooley
this is the 1st yere grandpop has
got a mule which looks like a horse
with his maine cut off. and his tail
clipped short, but it aint no horse &
it has got a disposishun which i wood
hate-to carry around with me
the other horses lastyere i cood
ride and have a lot of fun with, also.
i tryed to teach them tricks which
they dident lern verry well, but this
mule is so mean that he wont even
try to lern
granpop says you'd better steer
qjear of that mule, johny, because he
has a habit of standing' up on his
front legs
t so i goes out in the pasture lot by
the barn yesterday A. M. i says i
wood like to see a mule stand on his
front legs & maybe i can teach him
to stand on his head, but that was
befour i knowed how mean a mule is
- "t got back of jim, that3 the mule,
fifsajd stand on your front legs, and
give him agood sized rap with my
he stood up all rite, but he kicked
. thes daylight- out of my hand & ifA
' grandpop hadent come then i gess he
wood have kicked the rest of me out
er the lot
now, johny, granpop says to me
after grandma had tied up my hand,
dont never monkey with the hind
legs of a mule', for that's the only an
imal that's more dangerous in the
rear than in front
woodent you hate to be a critter
like that? N
A Politician
A politician is a fellow who's tired
of working.
Politicians spend $5,000 ior polit
ical jobs that pay $1,200 a year. Do
they work after they get the jobs?
Do women tell their right ages? Do
herring bark?
Politicians are very modest when
talking things about themselves i
they hire, men to do it for them.
When a fellow gets the hunch,
working for money is hard living he
decides to go into politics. He gets
a lot .of cards printed telling, where
he was born, where he attended
school, that he is married and has a
flock of happy children, and in capi
tal letters lete it be known ttfat fronf
an infant he nas been a friend of the
workingman. The political game is
like parachute jumping because
when you fall you fall hard.
o o
"How's your boy Josh getting on
with his studies?"
"Pleasantly," replied Farmer Cbrn-tosseL-
"He don't-bother '-enJlone.,

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