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thanks to The Day Book that gives
the public a chance to knock and
boost. Many thanks "to socialism
that started the public to" knocking,
but not boosting. Many thanks to
union labor that has kept us out of
slavery. Sum the three thanks up
and you will find them all in favor of
the working class. Take thanks No. 2
and you will find them knocking hard
away at our president, who is work
ing hard for their cause, not as a
Socialist, but as a progressive, free
thinking American who is trying to
treat his fellow beings the same as a
brother, no matter whether rich or
poor. ,
Take thank No. 3: United we stand
like union labor. Let labor, union or
nonunion, stand by the president and
have no fear for the old days of slav
ery to come back, but prosperity and
good laws for the working class.
Take'thanks No. 3: Let us all
knock and boost, for that is the only
way to find out the right and wrong,
but be sure to boost the little Day
Book that gives you a chance to read
these knocks and boosts. Rob't H.
Charles, 4722 Indiana Av.
EVOLUTION. In Prof. James
Sully's explanation of evolution he
deals only with the physical or form
side and has forgotten the other very
essential side, that of the Jife or
spirit. Without life there can be no
form and without form there can be
no life, but they are not by any
means identical. The' evolution of
these two, the form and the life,
evolve side by side or together. Life
Dr consciousness is not the result of
mechanical or chemical changes in
the organism. If this were true we
would be but machines and all alike.
Man is not his physical body. He is
something much greater. He is a
divine spark from God, made in His
likeness and image. That does not
-meaq God's outward or form like
ness, but man is like unto God in his
spiritual nature; for instance, God is
love, wisdom and truth. Man is de
veloping unto the expression of that
perfect love, wisdom and truth.
Man is like God in his spiritual na
ture, but in man it is but a germ or
seed and must be awakened into ac
tivity. Man has within him all pos
sibilities, but they are latent. His
evolution consists in developing these
latent Godlike qualities.
As man develops more and more of
his God-like nature, he must have a
suitable physical body for such ex
pression. A highly-developed spirit
ual man could not use the coarse,
phlegmatic body of a savage; so as
the life or consciousness demands
the suitable form develops from ne
cessity. It is impossible for man to
become perfect as "his Father in
heaven is perfect" in one physical
life, even if he lived to the good old
age of 100 years. He, the man or
ego, therefore comes back many,
many times and takes birth in a phy
sical tody. In each new physical, life
he learns some new lesson. He de
velops a little more love, becomes less
selfish, grows less bigoted and more
tolerant until at last after many phy
sical lives he reaches perfected man
hood and becomes perfect even as
the Christ When man reaches this
high state.he need not return to earth
except as a savior of men, just as the
Christ did, to help his less evolved
brother to reach the same level he
has attained to.
As in the human kingdom, so it is
in the animal, vegetable and mineral
kingdoms. The form perishes or dis
integrates, but the life is never lost.
It comes back into physical form
time, time again, getting new and
greater experience and the evolution
in each kingdom proceeds.
In regard to the creation of the
world, the nebular theory is the one
most commonly accepted, as it ex
plains most satisfactorily the condi
tions of the earth today. Inthebiblo
it says God created the heavens and.

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