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A few minutes later Dunn, looking
back, saw Crum mounted and in
pursuit, a tiny figure upon a tiny
horse. They rode madly for the dip
toward the river.
"We must be careful," said Marie
as they began the descent "The
rocks are dangerous."
Even as she spoke her horse
tripped on a projecting bowlder,
stumbled and flung her face down
ward upon the hard bed of the froz
en stream. Dunn leaped from his
horse and knelt beside her. She had
been stunned by the fall. She opened
her eyes and looked about her half
conscious. The horse stumbled to its feet, ran
up the bank and raced back toward
the stable, followed by Dunn's horse.
And Dunn, kneeling at Marie's side,
knew that that chance had setled his
particular problem. And in the dis
tance Crum came on inexorably.
Dunn shrugged his shoulders as
one who has played his last card. He
carried the girl up to the top of the
bank and waited for Crum, who
came galloping up on his blown
horse. He flung himself to his feet,
panting like his steed.
"What's the matter with you, to
play this crazy trick after killing
him?" he shouted.
Dunn smiled. "I guess you're right,
Crum," he said. "Take the girl on
your saddle. I'll walk. You can
trust me."
Crum, staring at him in apparent
perplexity, lifted Marie to the saddle
before him. She had fallen into a
swoon again. Then he rode slowly
toward the cabin, with Dunn walking
a little distance in front of him.
He turned his horse away when
near the stable and went toward the
little patch of stunted trees that had
struck upon Dunn's attention at the
moment when he raised his rifle.
Dunn saw the motionless body of a
man lying hidden among them. It
was Black Doe.
"How did you get him, Dunn?"
asked Crum, dismounting and turn
ing the body over. "See ! He had just
fired. You were in the nick of time."
The dead man's fingers were upon
the trigger; the rifle had been dis
charged; over his heart was a bullet
Dunn, unable to speak, accompa
nied Crum back to the shack.
Mitchell lay where he had fallen and
old Dufour was muttering in the cor
ner as if he did not understand.
"He got poor Mitchell a second
before you fired," said Crum. "Over
the heart, too. See!"
Dunn looked in horror now mixed
with agitation. He saw that track
of the bullet through the breast and
out under the rib. The missile lay
upon the floor beside the inert man.
It was a battered .45, such as the In
dians use. Dunn's bullet had been
a .303. And it had been Black Doe
whom he had killed, not Mitchell.
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Oct. 21, 1723. Sieur du Tisne was
commissioned commandant of the
French posts in Illinois.
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Answer: Write again, stating in
what way he differs from other men.
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A silver coin is usually in currency
about 27 years.

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