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have more faith in W. R. Hearst's
frantic appeals "for peace if I were
not convinced that he is -playing the
diplomatic game of Germany. Hearst
has been even more madly pro-German
than many of the German
newspapers, and has vainly tried, for
reasons best known to himself, to
so, influence public sentiment as fo
put pro-German pressure on Presi
dent Wilson. No matter how much
he advertises himself by eloquent
appeals for peace, what he says has
no wjeight at all with Wilson, who
knows Hearst and understands
Hearstism. Sincere advocates of
peace should not co"mmunicate with
Washington through Hearst by sign
ing petitions written by him and pub
lished in his papers. Anything with
the Hearst label is liable to go into
the White House waste basket.
WOMEN LAWYERS. Replying to
Clarence Darrow's comment on
women as lawyers, Lawyer-Leonora
Z. Meder said: "I have made three
times as much money in law as I
have in social work." Goodness gra
cious, is that a revelation? Do wom
en go' in for social work for the
dough there is in it? Is social serv
ice a profession, trade or business?
I supposed, of course, that women, as
well as men, went into "social work"
for the joy of service and because
they love their fellow men or women,
as the case or love may be. But
mebbe I don't know just what social
work is.
Some good may come out of Aid.
Merriam's visit to Mayor Thompsoji.
They haven't been political pajs, and
it's unusual for men in jublic office
to help political foes make good, but
I'm not surprised at Merriam. He's
not a trimmer, and has progressive
ideas' about public service. He may 1
have sized up the situation wisely
and figured it outk that Thompson
has reached the point where he is
ready to quit playing politics and
render public service. Thompson's
popularity thermometer started high,
but is now below freezing and rap
idly approaching zero. He lost pub
lic confidence while trying to please
his political pals. To regain public
confidence he's got to quit playing
politics andtry to be mayor of Chi
cago. If -that's what Big Bill is up
to,Merriam"will help him. Merriam
is listed as a Republican, but he's in
dependent He showed that when
he openly supported Hoyne .for
state's attorney. He placed service
above party politics. And if Mayor
Thompson really wants to be a real
mayor and serve Chicago, no man
can be more helpful than Alderman
opposing universal military service
and favoring a reorganization of the
regular army and militiar Walter
Fisher may mean what he says, but
doesn't say all he means. What he
means, very likely, is that he opposes
compulsory service because he fa
vors a big standing army of profes
sional soldiers or hired mercenaries,
men who can make murder a profes
sion. Under that system the rich
man's son can keep out or go in as
an officer as happened during the
war with Spain. Under a universal
compulsory system there w'ould be
no ' special privilege and the . rich
man's son would do his drill stunt
along with the poor man's son and
they wouldn't abandon their regular
jobs to becpme professional soldiers.
The idea of a big standing army is to
have it handy to quell labor- disturb
ances in times of peace. And the mi
litia reorganized would'have in mind
the same purpose. With a big enough
navy we can worry along wjthbut a
big regular army and not fear the
success of invasion by armies
shipped across the sea.

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