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This .morning's papers say the
pearls were recovered yesterday.
One story is that an ex-convict, who
is being reformed by his wife, found
them and was induced by his wife to
return them. Here's where the busy
press agent comes in. Also-the Dolly
sisters, who are showing at Lou
Houseman's Olympic. The ex-convict
thought the pearls were theat
rical and belonged to the Dolly sis
ters. So he took them to Houseman.
But Houseman reads the papers and
had seen an ad about a lost string
of pearls. He located the owner and
returned th,e pearls. Knowing a good
story, he helped the newspapers out
Part of the story is that one of the
Dolly sisters gave the honest ex-convict
a check for $100. Another part
is that a liberal check from the Hut
chinsons helped reward the honest
ex-convict and his good wife.
But the Herald dug up still an
other story, which is a peaeh. Here
it is: "I kn&w that they would come
back," said Mrs. Hutchinson, with a
confident 'smile. "Years ago, when
traveling, I became a devotee of St.
Anthony of Pailua. Prayers to this
one, the devout believe, will bring
about the safekeeping and return of
lost valuables. I always recover
what I lose. Faith, however, is es
sential. Whenever I nave the op
portunity I burn a candle to St. An
thony and he serves me well."
As Mrs. Hutchinson is a banker's
wife and a woman of culture, we un
hesitatingly accept her statement as
truth.' Not only that, but we cor
dially rec6mmend that ajl Chicago
ans become devotees of St. Anthony
f Padua, have faith and invest in
candles. As Mrs. Hutchinson has
faith, burns candles at every oppor
tunity and always recovers what she
loses, it follows that others can do
th& same. And if this be true, Chi
cago's .financial problem is simply
solved. We can fire the whole police
force and save all the money it costs.
Candles cost only a trifle, and prob
ably can be made cheaply at the 1
stockyards. And faith, costs nothing
at all.
It may be the owners of valuables
would have to act as individuals be
cause of the difficulty of a munici
pality as a whole having faith. But
even so, each owner," of valuables
could have faith and buy candles and -join
a St. Anthony of; Padua society.
Loii Houseman might be willing to
serve as president without compen
sation other than Dolly sisters pub
licity. As we remember' it, Mrs. Ogden
Armour never recovered her stolen
jewels, but maybe she lacked faith
and wasn't a devotee. She now has
the recipe for recoyering lost valu-
ables, and if she follows the leader
ship of Mrs. Hutchinson and joins
the St. Anthony club, perhaps the
Armour jewels will come running
If automobiles and Fords are valu
ables, much bother would be saved
the police if all owners would join '
the St Anthony club, have faith andN
buy candles to burn.
As St Anthony of Padua, in this
particular case, worked his will
through Lou Houseman, the Dolly
sisters, the ex-convict and the ex
convict's honest wife, these five
might start'tha new club with some
show of authority. As St Anthony
of Padua has trusted them once, no
doubt he knew whom he was trust
ing and would do it again under like
circumstances. "
Certainly Chicago owes a debt of
gratitude to Mrs. Chas. H Hutchin
son and should make the most of her
valuable tip.
Several hundred passengers wete
thrown into panic this morning'Vvhen
the end car of a north-bound Evans
ton express train was derailed be
tween the Wilson and Montrose sta
tions. Four persons were bruised.
The police secured the name of only
one, Peter Bewston, 908 Addison.

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