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lyoi over the lives of men, women
and children. Their attitude is that
of meek and submissive servants.
But that's because nine out -of ten
men are cowards.
Your only chance to meet red
blooded men is to get away from
your stockyards, banking and busi
ness associates. They won't warm
up your, human side. Why, Og, I
never was in the Continental & Com
mercial bank in my life, but I know
just the same that when, you walk
into the bank it never occurs to any
body there that you're two-legged,
human Og Armour. The subcon
scious thought is "here comes hun
dreds of millions of dollars." v
When you took stock in the Cub
ball team I thought it would be the
most valuable investment you had if
you were wise enough to take an ac
tive interest in the Cubs and get in
touch with the players themselves.
If you want to enjoy yourself once,
just slip out into the bleachers at
some gvame this summer. Don't let
the owners or anybody else know
you're going to do it. The fans won't
know you, and you'll have the time
of your life just one human being
in a crowd of , others. You'll find
there is still some zest in life. And
it'll be more fun than making money.
There was one thing in Elliott's
story, Og, that disappointed me. He
said you smelled of perfume. I don't
like to smell perfume on men, but
then I've never been out to the stock
yards and it may be necessary.
Nevertheless Elliott did you a good
turn. He introduced you into real
society. And I'm going to Invite
you to run over to The Day Book of
fice and call on me. You'll find I
know a lotof things you don't know
at all, and that I know a lot more
abOut the mental insides of million
aires than they tell one another or
admit to themselves.
You needn't bring your millions
x with you. Just come as a human be
ing. You'll find I can look you
kguare in the eye without blinking,.
and treat you with the same kindly
consideration I would an honest
workingman. I know of nothing
you can do for me. You can't give
or lend me cash or credit I have
all of both that any sane man needs.
But there is much that I can give
you that you haven't got I think I
might be able to use you, Og, for the
public good, by showing how you are
overlooking golden opportunities to"
make yourself Jiappy in making oth
ers happy. "
You need something like that and
you won't get that from your pres
ent associates. ,
You see, Og, the plain truth Is that
you are not a very good citizen. You
are one of the richest men in town,
but; yoirare not doing your" duty as a
member of this vast community of
men, women and children. Paying
your takes is doing your duty as a
citizen. Each of us owes more than
that. I know more about citizenship,
public duty and humanity than you
do. I can make a good citizen of you
in spite of the awful handicap of the
Armour millions. I am inclined to
think you are more promising raw
material than many of our local mil
lionaires. Some of them are so far"
gone I wouldn't waste my time on
them. I'm not kidding. I mean just
what I say. Come on over, and be
tween the4:wo of us I think we can
make Og Armour a very desirable
citizen. Sincerely N. D. Cochran.
o o
Paymaster Frdd Hoist, for Swift & .
Co., was robbed of a payroll of $1,800
this morning. He was on his way
from the main office to the sheep
house. At Exchange av. and Racine
two men in a Pord chugged up. One
grabbed the pay satchel. The Day
Book reporter reported'that one man
fled with the satchel under his arm
and other fled with the Ford under
his wing.
o o
Seven families driven .to street by
fire at 729 W: 18th. $8,000 loss,

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