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care for me. Oh, well. I needn't wor
ry. 1 don't know as he cares the
least bit for me. And, anyway, that
Mrs. Dean Is an awful gosaip and
half the time doesn't get things
"That's so.'rejoined Amy. "She
wasn't sure, anyway."
. A few days after this Mason, told
Grace he was obliged to. run v into
town for, a little -while,- and as she
had said she might also go to New
York in a short time, she" must be
sure to let him know if she did, and
he gave her his tefephone number, so
she could call him up. Less than two!
aays naa eiapsea wnen urace -re
ceived a letter from' her New York
cousin, asking her to come to town
for- a concert 'which she especially
wanted to hear.
Grace had an argument with her
self as to whether she should call up
. the telephone number that had been
given, .her. NThere seemed to her to
be several reasons why. Bhe should
not and one overpowering one- why
she should. ' She wanted to see him,
and thevwant held the fort, and con
quered. There was an unmistakably
glad note in the voice at the other
find of the sjrfre which asked,where
he should-call for her.'
The glatflobk was repeated in his
face, when, he met her. Mason had
told her at the beach, he would give
her a good time, arid-when they met
at about 3 o'clock, Grace was quite
prepared for it He signaled a bus,
they climbed to the top and went up
Riverside drive, along, the banks of
the Hudson to Grant's tomb. Here
they dismounted, went inside, and
viewed the relics within." Next he
suggested a little boat ride from the
Battery; so they again boarded the
bus, left it at Washington square,
took 'the elevated and landed at the
other end of Manhattan. Here a
ferryboat took them to Staten Island
and "back. It wouldn!t have mat
tered jnuch to Grace where they
went She was too blissful to care.
At 6 she insisted she must return to ,
her cousin's on account of her. even
ing engagement
"Oh, I th,ought you might have
dined with me," said Mfison, "but, of
course If you have promised, I won't
Notwithstanding heriielight at be
ing with him, when Grace thought it
all over, a certain conviction forped
itself upon her. The Jrgood time" he
had given her was not exactly the
treat of a millionaire. He couldn'tbe
the' son of Daniel Mason. On the
whole, for reasons she had given be
fore, she was rather glad he waa ilot
She went back to the beach, and in
48. hours he followed herf
The first chance they had'to speak
together alone she spoke of New
York and the "good time" he 'had
given her. She saw a shade of em
barrassment even a heightened col
6f "mounting in his face.
"Will you please not be sarcastic,"
he said.
"What do you mean? Didn't you
have a good time?" she asked in
some surprise.
"I would have had a good time In
the Sahara desert if youvere i there;"
His look, and tone brought the col-
or in turn to her face.
"Well,vwhy " "
"Why?" he broke in, ,'to take a
girl bus riding up and down Manhat
tan and " "
Now, please," she interrupted, "I
did enjoy it sol And let me tell you .
a little secret Some one here said
you were the con of a very rich man
and I'm so- glad you're not Just too
glad to tell it UU
"Glad ? " (he echoed blankly. "Why
should you be glad?"
"Because," she said, looking down.
and digging her hand into, the sand,
"if If you like me as much- as you
said, I should want your people to
like me, too, and you see I am not in
the. fashlbnable set, so I'm glad you
are not s"o awfully rich'
"But I'm not quite so impecunious
as that 'treat of miae might indicate.
It seems to be up to me to explain a

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