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Madison car service was a Mrs. A. D.
Davis of 120 N. Austin av. She was
found sitting in a car three blocks
from her home street, with a baby in
her arms. The motorman and con
ductor of the car were nowhere in
sight "I am going to stick on this
car until it takes me to where I paid
to ride, if it takes all night," she said.
"I cannot carry this youngstes home
every time I go down town. He's too
heavy. I have been cm this car for
25 minutes since' it arrived within six
blocks of my street, which is the end
of the line. We have just poked along
. in -a jam of other cars. Is this what
we pay 5 cents for?"
The suggestion that is made by
Austinites for betterment in this
rank service in this:
. When folks get on a car marked
Madison-Springfield, they know that
Springfield is as far as that car will
take them. . Practically all of the cars
that run out to Austin are close to
half empty when they reach Cicero
(48th). TheKe is a switch at this
corner, which would take cars from
the west-bound track to the east
bound track. Why not, then, make
about half of the present Madison
Austin cars, Madison-Cicero and,
when they get to'Cicero, switch them
back to the barns, or on downtown
for another load. People who get on
Madison-Cicero cars would know
that they could only ride to Cicero
and no arguemnts would occur. The
Madison-Springfield c ars cause no
arguments. Why . isn't this sugges
tion for betterment of service (which
the car company, solicits) worth try
ing out?
At the same time it would not be
necessary, with the proper sbrt of
management, to send too few cars all
the way out to the city limits. Sen
sible regulation is what West Side
patrons want
Incidentally, this sort of service is
true of a great many section of town.
Passengers would greatly appreciate
. vmore co-operation from the car com
pany heads,
Madison-Austin cars used to be
marked Madison-City Limits. That
meant that they would run to the'city
limits. Now, that they are marked
Madison-Austin, does the car com
pany think that that means the car
can stop anywhere west of Cicero,
where Austin starts? And it that
why the signs on the cars were
London, March 15. London is
past expecting anything but worst
from German submarine command
ers, but nevertheless reports of some
details of sinking of American steam
er Algonquin aroused indignation
here today.
Survivors' stories showed U-boat
crew laughed at plight of survivors
when they refused any aid in towing
ship's lifeboats nearer shore. Algon
quin's crew was almost "used up"
when picked up, owing to 27 hours'
strenuous pulling at oars afloat They
insisted, the submarine, which was
variously identified as U-38 and U-39,
sent rain of shells at Algonquin from
a considerable distance and seemed
bent particularly on demolishing life
boats by this salvo before approach
ing near enough to finish off vessel.
Then Germans went aboard
promptly hauled down American flag
and then exploded bombs in ship's
people Given referendum on
"con-con" issue
Springfield, March 15. House yes
terday by 112 to 30 vote adopted re
solution putting it up to vote of peo
ple whether state shall or shall not
have a constitutional convention.
Nothing now stands in way of the
"con-con" referendum going on the
ballot next November. Women will
not be permitted to vote on this ques
Rob't Pitte, aged private .banker,
held to grand jury on forgery' charge,

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