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Does society care if some of its
brothers and children starve to
Do you care? - ..
At Uzs a. Marshheld av., in a
squalid apartment on the third floor,
lives a man, his wife and ten chil
The man earns $12, sometimes $15
a week. The two oldest children
work after school for a total of $6 a
Wek. That makes a total "of from
$18 to $21 a,week. This is getting to
he quite a mathematical problem.
Let's have some more mathemat
ics. The total maximum income of $21
a week means $1.75 a week for each
member of the family. Divide the
$1.75 by 21 meals and you get a gross
allowance of 8 1-3 cents a -meal. Bet
there's no potatoes on the menu at"
928 S. Marshfield or much meat
or bread or eggs or onions. What
can one eat at 8 1-3-cents per meal?
But hold! Our figuring is all wrong.
We hadn't allowed for rent, clothing
or dad's carfare to work. You can't
stall a landlord off forever, you know.
After subtracting the weekly rent
and carfare there is left enough to
furnish 5y2 meals. Mother, you must
economize!- No allowance is made
for clothes, doctors or movies; such
luxuries simply cannot be had.
The clothes of the children are bad
enough, though the mother has
stitched, patched and darned till
those who go to school look fairly
presentable, but the parents, the
baby, and little toddlers are wearing
worse than rags.
The youngest child is six months
old and they run up the scale td 19
years. Five are in .public school,
two are in high school and three are
too small to go to school.
Why don't he take the older chil
dren out of school and put them to
work? Ask him and he'll tell you :
"I came from Russia six years ago.
I was only a peasant, but I had op
portunities to read and succeeded in
getting a fairly good education. But
my education came to me too late in
life. I know the handicap of ignor
ance. I am an example of lack of
early education.
"I am resolved that my children
shall have an education at all cost
My wife and I will starve, willingly,
if need be, but the last thing we will
do will be to take one of the chil
dren out of school.
"In Russia the children went to
school, to what corresponds to the
high school here. In this land of
wealth they must starve or quit their
"Will you accept charity?" was the
question put to the father, with hesi
tency, for the man, poor as he was,
was a man of pride, and the question
er felt that he might feel insulted if
charity were offered him.
"Yes," he replied. "Society is re
sponsible for my condition, not my
self. Since society has crushed me
into the muck and holds me there
with its heel I feel that it will be no
disgrace to accept society's charity,
for it wouiaonly be a bit of recom
pense for the debt that is owing to
It is estimated from careful inves
tigation 'that before SepL 1 50,000
negroes will be imported from the
south Into Chicago. 10,000 have ar
rived in the city m the last three
weeks alone. Big labor-hating con
cerns such as the stockyards crowd,
the steel corporation and the mem
bers of the 111. Manufacturers' Ass'n,
with a desire to cheapen labor, are
said to be behind the move. Health .
Com'r Robertson denouncedVthe con
ditions under which they were living
on the South Side as extremely pe
rilous to public health. '
Washington. Arguments in U. S.
Steel Co. anti-trust case ends. Now.
with supreme court for decision.

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