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What is clean milk?
Clean milk is milk free from dirt of
any kind, visible or invisible, includ
ing germs of disease.
What is safe milk?
A safe milk is milk that is clean,
fresh and free from any of the dis
ease producing germs.
What are the dangerous germd
found in milk that produce disease?
The dangerous germs found in
milk are those that cause tuberculo
sis, typhoid fever, scarlet fever, diph
theria and septic sore throat. -
How may milk that is suspected
as being dangerous be made safe?
By pasteurizing.
What does pasteurizing mean?
Pasteurizing milk means heating
it to a temperature of not less than
140 degrees Fahrenheit and main
taining that temperature for not less
than 20 minutes. The milk, thus
treated, must then be immediately
cooled to 45 degrees Fahrenheit and
should be kept at 50 degrees Fahren
heit, never above, until used.
From where is Chicago's milk
supply obtained?
From about 60,000 cows on about
14,000 farms located in the, rich
farming and dairy regions within a
radius of 100 miles of Chicago, in
cluding the states of Illinois, Wiscon
sin, Michigan, Indiana and Iowa.
How is this milk brought into Chi
cago? By trains on the railroads running
through the regions named.
What is Chicago's daily consump
tion of milk and cream? ,
About 260,000 gallons, pr 1,040,000
quarts, every 24 hours. This does
not include milk served to hotels,
restaurants, ice cream makers or
other large users.
How much do the people of Chi
cago pay everv day for the milk they
Figuring the price of milk at 8
cents a quart, the people of Chicago
pay approximately $83,200 a day for
the milk used in their homes. This V'
would make a yearly milk bill of
Uibout $29,940,000. This enormous
sum oi money is aivmea among the
milk dealers, wholesale and retail,
the farmers in the country who pro
duce the milk and the railroad com
panies who transport it into the city.
How should milk be kept in the
It slfould-be kept cool and never
left standing in the sun or where flies
may have" access to it. Be careful -to
always replace the cap after tak
ing milk from the bottle and keep the
milk cool all the time. Remember
that good milk is soon spoiled by im
proper care. The dep't of health does
all in its power to save clean, safe
milk delivered at your home; but un
less you do your part to keep it as
good, until used, as it is when deliv
ered to you by your dealer, you will
derive no benefits from all of the
care and pains that have been taken
to protect and conserve your daily
supply of this important article of
Freeport Mrs. Henry Baum, 64,v
Shannon, HI., killed, and husband a
Dunkard minister, seriously' injured
when train struck carriage in which
they were riding.
New York. Sidney E. Mezes, pres
ident, prohibited publication of poll
at city college on preparedness, mill-
tary training, Pres. Wilson's policies
and enlistment of students. Claims
it a disappointment to patriotism '
and Americanism. ,
Madison. Defeat of Bennett res
olution criticizing Sen. LaFollette for
his armed neutrality filibuster indi
cated. Senate to vote on it Wednes
day or. Thursday.

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