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came into his pleasant, intelligent
face. "Who is lie.9"
"He is a Mr. Bliss, but that doesn't
matter. All I want is the training and
I'll pay you well for it."
"Get ready," tersely directed the
expert. ''I'll teach you one, master
stroke that' will do for an amateur.
I'll show you how to make "a knock
out blow my invincible upper-cut."
x Thereupon the professor had
.Clayton face him in his shirt sleeves.
Then he spent an hour teaching him
' that "invincible upper-cut"
"Oh, you're quick," commented
the professor. "One more lesson to
morrow at the same time."
f Clayton strode proudly away. Al
ready he felt the swelling muscles,
thepride of a born athlete
"Well! well!" chuckled the profes
sor. "Here's a queer go? sure
enough. They're worse than two
boys. He glanced at his watch, did
a little exercising on the horizontal
bar for ten minutes, and advanced to
meet Walter Bliss.
For the latter had the day before
decided to prepare for the threatened
assault of hs rival. The professor
smile 'grimly as He proceeded to put
him through his paces.
"The invincible lower clip," he
stated to his student "That's it
Now then, you've got it to a T. Knock
your adversary out every time. One
thing,.though, he may have a system
of his own. It may be the upper cut.
If so, use these tactics as a guard."
And the next day he devoted his
'time toward teaching Clayton how
to combat the upper cut. "
The professor sat down and held
his sides to subdue the convulsions
of laughter after his acolyte had left,
supremely happy that he had ac
quired a proficiency in the secrets of
fistic science.
It was not difficult for Clayton to
run across Bliss the following day.
And Bliss was waiting for the- En
counter. It was at a public tennis
field and their respective friends
were. with, ttyim.
Bliss calmly awaited Clayton as he
saw him approaching.
"If you've got the grit," he ob
served 'malignantly, "you'll meet me,
man to man!"
"Agreed but what for?" pro
propounded Clayton.
"To the victor belong the spoils!"
declared Clayton.
"Miss Hazelwood is no spoils."
"No, she's a treasure and I'm go
ing to win her." v
"Mistake-- she's mine."
Throwing off their coats, the- belt
ed knights were supported by their
seconds as a ring was drawn.
"Hello, there science!" applauded
the backer of Clayton as the latter
made a superb sweep with his va
liant right a' superb delineation of
the recently acquired upper cut.
"Good for you!" voiced the sup
porter of Bliss, as his champion es
sayed a mighty drive in pursuance of
a vigorous delivery of that incompar
able under clip.
Clayton muffed. i
So did Bliss.
JBoth had "muffed" for"the instant
the arrayed combatants attempted
their respective strong points of play
the anticipated delivery of the blow
. changed lightninglike to" defense en
tire. The guard the specious profes
sor had taught them was the sole re
course they could fall back on.
Clayton's second began to smile
aueerly. The backer of Bliss burst
forth in a loud guffaw. The combat
ants receded to rest, then at it again.
"Something wrong!" observed
Bliss in his cheery way.
"Humph!" muttered the disgrun
tled Clayton, "he acts as if her were
playing with me."
"Suppose we quit this child's non
sense?" suggested Bliss.
"No, sir! Battle to' death!" roared
the excited Clayton.
"Why, Mr. Clayton!" one voice,
'"Why, Mr.s Bliss!" another voice,
justr as sweet and as expressive.
The two combatants dropped theb?

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