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By N. D. Cochran.
We're in the war now, and no good can be accomplished by knocking.
Those who opposed war had their day in court before we got in. The
time for such opposition has gone by. The stronger we go in with all of
the nation's resources, the less it will cost us in blood and treasure. The
quicker Uncle Sam hurls his full strength into the balance the quicker
the war will end and peace come.
Over in Europe they regard Uncle Sam as a giant the richest nation
on earth. If he goes in like a giant he will put heart in democracy and
take it out of autocracy. The psychological effect will be great. It is
desirable that the German people get it into their heads that the kaiser
can't lick all the rest of the world. Then they can begin to consider THEIR
interests as a great people. Only as they play the Hohenzollern game are
they an enemy people.
The democracies of the world now gladly touch elbows with the Rus
sian people. The czar is out of it. And the world is glad of it The people
accomplished in war what seemed impossible'in peace. In that way the
war has been worth to Russia all it cost.
But democracy has made wonderful strides in democratic England as
well as in autocratic Russia. And democracy will make wonderful strides
in this democratic republic now that we are allies of the world's democ
racies. Labor has an opportunity it never had before. In war the nation
places a higher estimate on the red-blooded MANHOOD of labor than it
did in times of peace. And the demand for the conscription of accumu
lated wealth even in advance of man-power is practically unanimous.
War promises to enforce a co-operation that seemed impossible in
peace. War promises to bring about a national consideration of men,
women and children, that peace seemed unable lo accomplish.
Wall street DID NOT force us into this war. Wall street couldn't
budge Wilson, but the kaiser did. Wilson kept us out of war so long as it
was at all fair and decent that we should stay out When it was no longer
fair, decent or right that we should stay out and he was pushed in, he
went clear in. And that's just how we ought to go in clear in, clear up
to the hilt
It will be a good thing in the end if all of South America and the re
mainder of the world comes in. For J.herell be one big job around that
peace table in readjusting the world. That's where we'll get our insur
ance again future war.
I'm not afraid to trust Wilson. He has vision. He has a clear head
and his heart's in the right place. He'll spend wealth and conserve human
ity. He sees beyond the immediate suffering in war and will stand for
the little suffering now to prevent the bigger suffering later on.
There's no use in trying to make our fight a single fight, or to argue
for a separate peace. Our entry into the war means it must be a real world
war for worldwide democracy and thereafter for worldwide peace with
humanity uplifted.
Our fight for industrial and social democracy is an integral part of
this world war for political democracy. I say that labor's own righteous
cause will be advanced all over the world by the wholehearted, patriotic,
enthusiastic participation in the war by the workers of the United States.
They will be building for their children and their children's children for,
untold generations yet Unborn.
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