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1 = IWLT rnus narnJl
y ror1I craocE
tL Tbdy oatbrr211I I I
f Till commitment of Mr C W
I I renros < by Judge Anderson for
contempt liecau he Jeclineil to an
o swer a question which the Court
rultxl to be iiroptT aroused a great j
I deal of ympaUjy In the community
i f fur that gentleman The nliole
inoxcracnt which led to his UJng I
< <
jilaced in custody of the 17 S Mar
I i thal b political but Into It religious I
and sooialnflairsliave been dragged
by the Liberal forty some of
sv120e most active Jrajcre have con
ducted the proceedings thus jar
While Mr Ienrotes offenro Is
constructive contempt he IF to nil
intents and i > urr > oc8 a political
I prisoner being in durance because
ho declined to personally give pub
licity to his domestic allalrs He ion
gentleman well of > lablkheJablity
indtWiiiiiing in community and
nil decent people even among tlrofe
who diHer with him in religion and
politics will regret the portion In
which IIC iB I placed
It te aitun powi understanding
among tliu journalistic fraternity
that outride of differenCES arising
from divergence of opinion upon
puJiHc matters there sIiould exist
among them whenever occasion
iletnauds it a certain degree of pro
Ar joiial amenity When one mem
ber is presumed to loe at a disadvan
tage o jiecially if he be placed in a
tight position on account of being
adjudged guilty of a mere technical
1 gfletiie such as refuging to answer
1 question regarding his domes
tic relation it is lint the
rule fur journalists with souls
to jump ou him with beth
feet and gloat over what they
migbtooBsUerlils discomfiture To I
actlntucli a brutal fashion would
not li luagnaulmous nor profession
al In such case tho least indica
tion of generosity that could be
manifested would be a semblance of
iiwcniV in the thane of ilvnn >
There is nothing of that manly I
entlment in a lialfcxpressed wish
that the jwiUon of tho person
placed l at a disadvantage fie ren
dered worse and mare irksome
nut fni water cannot IKI drawn
from a dry well On the none
jveiuisc you cannot extract com
mily from where it dues not appear
to cxit Consequently circum
Manees have long ceased to
justify an expectation of any
tiiing like ungnaulmity from
the leading Liberal journal
of this city towards those it esteems
HI ne us antagonists It carries on
the conflict in a personal tense with
an opponent whose hands are tied
It h not pleading to MX journalism
tlm dirlced
These comments have been super
induced LJ tho followIng which
appeared in life mornings issue of
the chief Liberal organ of this I
IVnrosc was not taiien out lo the
1 Penitentiary until S oclock and the
action of the officer in allowing him
to remain In the city until that hour
s severely cniirUal by some Dep
uty Marshal Vandercook who bas i
dingo of tho office in tlio absence of I
Marshal Parsons explained this by I
uvms thai the >
l eniteiiliirj
ad to wait until that limo for
n pri
oncr wlo was brought up on the I
Vt e Iiojiu the indecent haste xi
hiinUd under cover of tIe
Mon was severely criticised by
somedid not exit to any extent
1eyoud the corpus of the writer of
that paragraph We are of opinion
Hint it was confined to the mare
manly and vindictive class of Lib
P eral to whom magnanimity to
ward litlcal
j opponents is almost a
deadly bane If a little of that lofty
sentiment were to Us Injected Into
heir composition the effect might
lie disastrous so perhaps it may Ic
u ell enough to leave them to wallow
in the juice of their own malignity
IATH advlcw from Brazil afford
ground < < for the surmise that Em
peror Don Pedro Miev what was
coming and that an arrangement
had liven made w tilt him I > y which I
his assent to the revolution
was cc
cured in advance A press telegram
Hales that the
ment oflervd him 52500900 lu rash
and an annual pension of 450000
ou condition that he would concur I
in the situation and leave tho coun
try permanently He
0 promptly ac
copied the offer and tel sail for
Lisbon The quickness with which
this largain was closed and carried 1
out on the part of the
Unijnror is
cvtdeiice that he details hail been
I agreed upon beforehand
Of the nineteen
provinces in the
empire all but one immediately
copied the rejiuUlic the attitude of
I the remaining one Is
not yet
ported Thisactiou of course was
token by the men who held promi
nent oflicial positions in them and
the celerity with which practically
unanimous endorsement of tho new
Kovernnienl was securedjrom the
provinces proves that the leading
officials in each had been arranged
with in advance
fhort tile
C revolution was cvidcntij a cut and
dried aflair nil
I parties in a
IlQOilion to takoadion
I iption concerning it
though Ue msss afpeflr to be
ij been kept in Ignorance of wliat was
IJ I being matured in official circles
Come to think the matter over it
is probable that thewod
for transforming the government
II wJnchwa
WL chosen
11II was as good IS
any that could have been fixed
I fillet At all events is viudiatd 1
by the succiss which It has at
touted as tho revolution Uiouri
radical was effected and the
I new
government placed In complete
I control without Uio loss of a tingle
i life
54 arc no laws or preen
1 f dents which prescribe the procedure
by which
z a monarchy shall trans
o form lUcKintoa republic
Brazil lias an expeditious
way of
t efFectIng great changes without loss
of Ufa Only about two
0 since all tho slaves in the empire
and they were very numerous were
emancipated mId this great tt > clal
development pcssed off like holi
st day The
puWlv mind had how
r Vtime cter 1Prcptrl forit fur along
time as the
coarse of J
legislation for
lany years had been In that dlrec
ton and the Emperor
Vnt was an ar
dtnt abolitionist So In tile present
i his well
coCs known willingness to
lJa e 11 republic established fre
t C1 any shock the masses might
ive experienced at the
I I anuounce
Ifent ofthe overthrow the emI
I pire In regard to his acceptance
ofthe sum and pension tendered
him it is but proper to add that it
did not necessarily involve any
dishonor on his part I twos proper
for the republic to provide for him
on his abdication for such it prac
tically was and it was projr for
him to accept ofthe provision
The revolution In Brazil fc con1
tI = tory of certain passages in the
Book of Mormon wherein it Is
foreshadowed that thu American
continent would ever be congenial
soil for the spirit of freedom and a
portion of tilt worhl in which des
potism would never permanently
thrive The tendency all over the
I New World except in one compara
I tively small suction of it Is steadily
in UQ direction of more enlighten
ed view concerning human liberty
and a broudcrexercUe thereof The
exceptional district comprises Utah
and Idaho In thirsts dependences I
of the freest and moot enlightened
nation on earth tlie hands upon the
dial of human liberty are being
turned backward at the present
time But a change will cOme for
the Inspired forecast of the future of
this continent made by the prophets
of the Book of Mormon mutt and
will be fulfilled
The preMnt issue l Is the first of
the twentythird volume of the
twentytwo years this paper has pre
served record of events that have
transpired in this part of the globe
as well as a condensed account of
the general nests of the world It
has been the endeavor to make this
record and account complete and
reliable circumstances would per >
nut and at tile Kme time to avoid
those oflinsive features of modern
journalif which pander to a taste
for sensation rather than to an en
lightened desire to learn of the
events of coutemporaucous history
In exercising an influence upon
public opinion the KVENINQ Ninvs
has tried to be governed by the prin
ciples which are suggested by its
motto U Truth and Liberty and
its readers will hardly require to be
assured that no change in its policy
In this regard is contemplated
To much of the history preserved
In the columns of this paper especially
pecially such as relates to local af
fairs and the work in which the
Latterday Saints are engaged age
will add both value and interest
The class of events and develop
ment here referred tj will yet b
looked backujion as among the most
important ilia t have occu rred among
mankind and If present indications
I shall b realized the columns of our
volume which begins today will b
replete with accounts of events of
the greatest Interest and Importance
t tlie people
Dedication of the lEouian Catholic
UnircrtlO and Other Mattcn
Correspondence of the DE EKET
SsvsThls has been grand day
in the hiitory ot the Ilomau Catho
lie residents in thl part of the
country They dedicated a new I
Catholic University and the cere
monies were graced by the prewnce
of many distingulhed prelates
among n horn wcit prlat
Ihonnvcu Cardinal Gibl In
and Tascherau arrayed IntI the
lontiHcal glory of their office
I was much pleased with a lenti
ment exprCd In Un sermon of
Irmon i
Bishop Gilmour He said The
motive that has brought here today
the Chief MRsfetntS SJ
Misgbtrute of this
II great
Republic and kites high dignitaries
of Church and Stat and this die
tlnguiPheU audience of the laity
1 worthy of the deepest thouehL
0 ou flU not here to asslt
41 I
at the
dedication of this fair
building classic in its lights
I and shades of artto the mere lght
vation of the arts and sciences
valuable though theyarc AlenM higher
motive ha
brought you her ana a II
mupificent higher motive gift prompted and subsequent the first
geuerosty that hive rendered tills
Institution ixysslble This building
hiss just OI blessed and biding torer i
dedicated to the cultivation of the
science ofTSciencesthe knowledge I
ISIMC It wa well to IiaTC begun I
Er the DivinIty > deportment if
I for nothing else than to teach that I
oil true education must beglb lat
God and find lutrulll nn1 lrnn Ji
I in Rim A Education has for Its
moUe tho
fitting and
ld directing of
man In his relations to God and
society Maa I not for hmf f
alone He was created for a higher
and nobler purpose l tblnjrarom
tho unltr to the grain cf sand
ffit tIe 11r exist fur the
benefitof othier
the InEpeakinBofChurth bishop saidr There ibi grow StaId I
whlcl pJilTcal and social i heresy
assumes and aserts that the
State r
Is nih
ni tlIIloml and religion all
spiritual TM relgion
splrtu This is not only n doc
tnnal her y but if acted upon
and would end in ruin t t tet spiritual
3fo more
tempml can toe
State exist without region than
cal the body without thin soul and
the no more State can religion cxit without
and on earth
work than u can tho sou carry on earth
niuioui me wxly Uo its worn Itoth
° Vm ne that their conjoin
work will
be the t temporal and
moral welfare of society The
morality of the citizen is the real
ttrengUi of the State but fln
u the teach
ing of morality b the functIonLof i
religion and in s much i religion
to the
necessary State In this
sense i i foolish to monet that
t en
nr tht r
higlon the State is independent of the State or
independent J of religion
or that they can relgion
cn or ought
to b separated one from the other
ofetatecau oller
can or should exist
does not recognize God as the f
prome authority Woe In to the
that denieS
God or attemplo to
govern soeletysvhthiout Gel te
iTwcr Bi 7 witiout tOf or Gods
lw 11mte force Is
tore tyranny
S moral
force is 10rl
orc I re n rnn
erased by reason not by force O Ami
I in the Stt will find its true strength
morality of the cItizen God
iB the strength ot the State Go
guide ot the citizen and the peeler
ton of Ilet In closIng he
told to Revelation I Gods bestgift
alan The mLedoi or this unl
crl Is to hake lp son ni that Is good
In hiunsan
hUln knowledge J
I purify It In
lie llrfy
tll alembic ot Gods revelation
Go rvelaUon and
give I hack to man in the light ot
Gods lght
troth In
Us Increased In volume
and intensified in force thins I giving
science Its his dIrectIon and revelation I
but The ilin fjnn torrent all day
dedictons proceed whether the
cther permits or not The
climate here Is l peculiar not
peellllr temper
atur being quito c1nle It
mngestodayfee 41 to2 Sonic
das we Wear summer Sme
and the next clothIng
net overcoat are acres
Iry Unbr arc always useful
It Only to keep tin mind UruJ To
day cachmen sat at their
with white post
whie waterproofs over their
coatsand hits Well Jroked I
onT U fTrnea laUils rom the
ftor to their <
carriages under
catnSl urn
brell ur
Washington has a peculiar char
acter named Dunlap pli
fl P Is called 1
Thin Dude of the CapItaL It
pears that he fell down when a boy op
an hurt his heodztnd
hed fld a mono
mania seized him fur dreas mono
sz dl He
changes his
ehag costume two
ctume or thr
Gases a day and Indulges In swell
faahilong swel
fhion His mother is weaithy
and permits these expensIve Wetb
i l gratify Use eccen
young man
He is
Ii pcrliwthy hiarnihess to oilier en
opens In thia maybe he Is
IL ahicrul
of t Nilnl dude In other
clUe C W SaAYsaR
Salt Laic City to be luTe
East Sera Through Western
SALT Lticn Cm Nov IS 1SS9
Correspondence of the UcsKJtKT
pirns Thcroare many people of
all agrs who have a great desire to
travel The thought being able
to seelpiaces and objects other than
these with which they a familiar
offer the highest possible source of
enjoyment To a certain extent I Is
true that observing travelers arc
much benefited by seeing jicoplcs I
and nations other than their own
and nothing can take the conceit
out of them better than learning
this one truth that all the good
folks and the finest scenery are not
found In one place
The habit of noticlng > eculiariUes
in people differences in methods of
dolnc business tmcrovements in
thin coBstructlou of buildings and
modef of manuacture < ofrer5a limit
less sphere of entertainment Many
bury themselves in poper bound
literature become oblivious to all
attractionsand are scatcely aroused
to an interest in passing oljects un
less shaken up by an accident 1
such travelers may as w ell stay at
home if they intend to tell us ou
their return what they have ten
Everybody knows the bny out of
our valley now I jemetnber > the
time when common report made it
Impossible to get away from Salt
Lake City without having your
throat cut but railroads have
changed all this The United States
have deposited this cauanl In the
chestnut rack where many others
outside will go flint obtain credence on the
I went out over the old reliable
Union 1aclflc to Denver iiy thin
way this city is growing greater
and becoming an immense railroad
centre I have the impression that
it is gamilmr tin Immrf n nr
I Inmnr
Omaha as a great central t point
Railroad combinations are making
the cIty hy the Missouri a way sin
Lion We txlll to rk of Sari
trancs to Denver Denver to
Chicago There n three cr our
roads that reach Chicago fnm
Denver Imlg OnLIL out in the
At Denver you ray KooJl > ye to
mountains canyons and the sights
familiar to a Utonlnn A billowy
Plain Is the only diversity seen It
matter not what road you take
Years aco this rounlrv of the nlilns
iras the favorite haunt of the Iiulla
lo hut today nearly every foot of
land in proximity to the railroads is
taken tip Great bradths of farms
stretch east north and south Th
chief product I corn which at the
time traveled over the road in the
western part was worth j 14 rent
per I bushel For a change I took
the C f I i p railway anti it
was on this that I gleaned the fact
also that nearly every farm was
mortgaged Ilcpreseutatives of
trusts are ready to loan money at
certain rates of Interest on
improved farm proi > erty The
interest I Is collected every Jail
For tllr years on account of elI
matic oMecfons and crashniu > in >
and consequent failure of crops the
Interest has not been pal This
year the corn crop is immense but
there Is no sale for it at iiai In
From this fact although plenty
abounds poverty and the money
lender knock at the door of every
granger cursed with n mortgage
have observed notices posted upin
our own valley such as Money to
Iran on improved farms I hope but
few of our farmers hare put their
eonfiJenceinorganized I trustwhich
will never rest Until the improve
ments are Wrested 1 from them and
they are eternally in debt If I had
tlie power to whisper in every farm
ers ear the sentiment to avoid the
professional money lender as lie
would the small pox I would Uo so
1 her that the ranie calamity af
filets the farmers In Dakota Better
do without luxuries than pny a
double price for them by borrowiuff
I learn that the rain belt reaches
about fifteen miles westward every
year as the country is I opened up
and cultivated thus dumnmtritln
that cultivation helps temnnMln as
f well as iris planting As we nn
proach thb > fl3SourI II Jlivif the size
of the trees Increases and the towns
are more frequent The boomer has
gotten in his work In Kansas very I
effectually and what
etIectunly tho country
I Licks In real attractions cuntf
readily furnlshld by the facile jieu
of the real estate agent
The speed of railroad trains f
growIng greater every year The
trip of oVet 1000 miles lenin Denver
t Chicago is made in about 83
hours only about li hours of day
light the blanc is night traveling
The train service on the Rock Is
land Is Imply perfect Titers Is no
chance to get In a growl atoll If
any of the readers of this article
would like to know how fast they
travel they have onl
tw only to count
the number of clicks
uclce made br
the wheels In twenty seconds IJ
Unit will gIve the number of miles
Ir hour
Chicago the grenl by Ihe Inland
seals ah ImiueMMMiieof struggling
humanity full of vim push And en
terprise Ilahlroad anti Like riacIgo
Jon Iiai given It Vie Iroud positIon
of being thiesecontl Iarestchty in tIn
tI States tlll for this
great alrif 159 I IS the cltf ot
seventeen story buildings I takes the
water of Lake Michigan to drink
and empties jb sewage bark again
into the same lake I Is the heal
quarters of the It has
the reputation of tnUug a rout stalL hn I
f ° jai immorality it grows faster and I
has incite
titan any oilier piace ceitlcrli iu tilts Union iu It
Old The Mexico bus ness for men trade reach out Into
and in fact all
over the world althourfi ln tc is a
thousand miles from he ocean
Thiti II 1 opinion is the oct only
drw hac to the Worlds Fair being
located there for the ron that
everything from foreIgn countries
tvihi hae to be far
ye hauled r by rail
Otherwise it i the lot central lot
that could be sclectedi
Getting out of ChiKgO ly I Mil is
Mi I
someUIg hike a fly trying to free
Itself from a spiders wcl > only one
does Je out but the number of iron
roadways mokes the escape tedious
lien by the Erie lp Boston
which carries the passenger through
A succession nf mnnrnln
towns where coal iron and natural
gas seem everywhere abundant b2
one tIme the
tme CUll was covered
by orts of ok but these are being
cleared oU The vast drain upon
Uie resources of the
rur country from all
parts will some day tell upon the
possibility of meeting the demand
There appears to be no provision
made to keep up the supply lrolslol
wood Umber hut who cares In tills
rushing ng what I wanted In U1
uext century Isupporc if
suppose timber
cannot be obtained I planks of straw
can b made Who knows
After living so long In the west
the green hills dn well watered
ot plains Umber covetcti In spot with plenty
Umbr arc sights exceedingly
gratifyIng to the eye In the mouth
October when
the oaks
oCOcor chestnut
and maple nipped by thin frost tnu1 put
on a glorious wraiths of oolor from
high yellow to maroon from gold to
crimson the effect I cliarmlnj A
dazzlIng glow su9 the woods
Ing with natures unapproachablepalnt
The road to Boston via thin Erie
takes one through Ute famous Hoes
fmous HO
ac tunnel I think this is
longest tunnel In the United States
being four and fourfifths
in length I Is lighted all the mie way
Uirough by 1223 Incandescent
Limps The approaches at both
ends combine all the elements of
pictorial beauty Eastward the
Icerfield River I la
I followed for n
long distance Rolling hills
llng hll grassy
glades factories gy
glc fctrC Pretty homes and I
thriving towns tell tlie beholder
he huts
hi reached the State of
Massachusetts To myself tills
longerseltled part of the tl
positively attractive I
I is thin and ry Although many UI
places cultivation has made beautiful
ful what otherwise would bus sterile
Boston is a city 1 of liUtoi leal I i
Interest Thin older part has an
Ecglish appearance The streets
run every way and all on a curve
the newer portions are laid cut at
right angle There I scarcely a
dwelling to be e en in the business
part It fleet started as a settlement
about 1600
When n many as fifteen hundred
people came oVcrand ecttled here it
gradually took upon itself the digni
ty of a city It I I today one of the
most interesting among the older
cities of tho Unlonfuhiof histori
cal points in connection with the
establtshmentof grandest repub
lic on the face of the earth Boston
common the old south church Bun
ker hill and the ancient graveyards
n r worthy shrines for the visitor
who would look upon the sacred
relics Dingy old portrait and sou
venirs of the battles fought In TS
and 71 Go to the old south church
and stand where Washington har
angucd his officers anti announced
the progress of tho British in their
efforts to vanquish the heroes of
freedom Try and think of the
noble impulses that nerved the
brave men of cary da v to face the
armies of a nation then masters of
the seat
I would be Impossible in a ram
bling article to detail all that I of
interest In Boston Tome It pre
sents features peculiar to alone
I Is the most American city In the
Union There are fewer Jews anti
foreigners there than In tlie western
cities I I more conservative
Culchaw I studied the ladles dress
with extreme nentntM and sim
plicity but LImo dresses arc good
with no vestige of slioddylsm about i
them Trade runs in grooves It
would bo n very hard I city In which
for a young man to start In business
Tunic I an English flavor among
LImo wealthy folk The poor there
as everywhere are In pr back
streets and alleys I did not notice
any Italian orlhlneso quarters dur
ing my stay In Boston and no miser
able looking people on the streets
With the limitless wraith centering
in tills section of the country I
presume the joor are well looked
after Then
ater emigrants from the
I old world do not land her
In large numliers Boston Is the
easiest city to do business In J for tile
reason that the business jart is all
concentrated near the steamers
which come from nil parts of the
world I tliere are any j iple
keener In mercantile matter than
can bo found in the Yankee StaLer
I have never seen them but their
word is good you can nfunrs i take
It from n manufacturer From tin
fact that business Is concentrated
the scions of business mel liave to
look wttL for a clmnce to make
start So much has thIs becoffle the
fashion that in twentylive years
LIme genuine old Yankee type of hu
manity so much admired will he
han to find Jfcw Hampshire I
gating Idepopubtnl farming proi
erly In many section is uiunlrable
A movement is i lion on foot to colo
nize the State with Swedes SlId
Norwegians The west is more
productive the chances are greater
and life is not s stagnant as in the
settled Eastern States For this
reason as soou as the old man dies
the ron being away ofj the tlml
goes t to scastir t and decay and moss
covers the old llomesttMtl
Through the kindness of a friend
I mile over the rood traveled by the
IlritMi In theneighborhood of Lex
legion The cosy lanes and narrow
roads covered on each side with a
thick growth of oaks and chestnuts
arc very Inviting to a resident of
the arid West l I lied Lexington
the spot designated on the tlag
poleas the blrthphcoof the Ameri
can Republic Read the inscriptions
on the monument dedicated to the
first men who shed their
wel tlclr lifes Moot
for the hem which so many enjoy
and so tV appreciate Cloebyij
a trGctiuitilHl Pf nnt nr i n
and now standing to his memcry
> ear tlie open space I in old home
with a knocker the door brought
over from England and on the side
is I an inscription which reads r fol
lows Hou o Jonathan Harring
ton who wounded on the common
April 19th KTo dragged himself
the door and died nt his suItes feet
Thin ramo eld tOT noir hangs on Its
hinges that was tliere bn tlirtt occn
slon The same windows I am
told which admitted light in thox nl
stirring times arc liens et
Why did I linger about these
spots Z Why did all the blood
stained souvenirs interest mlZ For
the rrafon Hint the grandetirof that
movement Is worthy ot oUr highest
appreciation knowing as I do the
condition of millions now under the
Iron heel of autocratlcand monarch
ical tyranny In the oM world who
would give half a lifetime to feel
thc IlLotons oC life in n freeman
such as the millions of American
citizens enjoy today When I think
that under tho broad folds of tliat
tag which means true freedom
wherever It Is Unfurled there are
men who would lavclheir fellow
I think
niell tlllk time time may come
when patience will cense t lien I
Ire t even a the nnfitr nf f f >
ar against their oppressors Ty
ninny of every kindwhether politi
cal or religious mutt b crushed be
fur nil mankind will belmlv free
The limit of m > rambles must in
curtailed hut before leaving this
classlc Jiwl I fount another house
with the following ni inscrlptloni
Iliillt Ifto9j enlarged 1731 flesh
denco of lint John Hancock Aj
years and of his successor lInt
James Clark SO
years Ilirv
Samuel Adams and John Hancock
were tlceplng when aroused by
Inul Revere April 17th 1775
YVhenrrr any of my Utah friends
visit fetid I would advise them
10t to fall to visit this Irfitlihym I
will repay them
rep >
Xw 1 ork City i 1 vastly differ
ent one from lloton cl mil
distant hued to fvo and more dilli
cult to write but Five luimrol
Uiousand ixople I ride over the I h ndi
Of lllclr fallen creatures enrj day
on the elevated railronds Every
holy 1 hshn I n lmrr > > Moci5siroMill
tan to tllrelnfl
tu the con All nation are
repruersmted J New York hw the
LJg rlatrr he
biggest steamers
hlJtt = crs
the biggest l bridge the tcDel
br UI lonccst
streets and the most Inhabitant of
any city In the Union Ole sight
was more Interesting
lltrUng to
than l the rest namely inn the
railroad moved by storage
totterles In successful
ThU ears noting sucCful along lmpehhd operation I I by
an invisible forec stored up In n box
scented t open up the I t
what wn may look for before many
years when ail tho unused forces of
natur will b utIHzHl tn r7J
this storej up energy for n domestic b I
use when the winds and the
waves willueuseato set In motion
the dynamic generators
The writer predicted five years
ago that the day would come when
the storage boxes for
x a weeks
ply would be left at our doors and
the came boxes attached 1 to the In
candescent burners for home light
log Such I today nn accomplished
met In Dtlj and where will the
end 17 I read of n battery Im
polling a small screw steamer sixty
miles already low long may we
expect to wait fur n Inttpnnr r
fljcnt force to move a train 1000
miles 1 Such will be tIme case
doubt wJ b cas no
The Fair of the American mali
Amercu Inl
tute was opened IiiXew York while
I wag there and I patronized wllo
know I shall b called egotistical
when I that etstc
say tl1t the Utah Fair was
superior to it everything consid
ered Many of the cltlts cnid wer
very poor none of them displayed
the great strides in inventive gen
ius that I expected The
noticeable exhibit wos L onc showing
v uiu u jirouucoJ Irani cot
lrUClrom ct
ton seed a product which
s pruct was once
away Gas engines of
ct per
feet construction and availability
were also on view tIer They
were indeed nu economical meansof
e llomlcl menot
obtaining power where cheap
could exhibit be obtained The rest g
exhlLts were of the kind
found in all usually
ond such places many of
hu dodges to sell some
nostrum or new invention sl
Among the many changes
on In the eastern cities the closing gdlng
of the tle coing
large retail
la stores
rlnl at six
oclock Is the most gratifying 10r I
was pleased t find tliat thin prInt
jnl establishments ceased business
at that hour The lower prl
Broadway M tight oco w
quiet as f gkavuyOrt j Jarte
ss the men starts te
cancerned1 01 estee that
said Let 115 1lfO
of hot
11d o Chic I own
thin toilers InSmtorw t
tolel1lln t ton ° en
city may bye and bye l JLe1
Joy timehreveoingaatbome
a movement ought to l polUtar enter
Concentration oe bsiolneO
ConcntmUn o blnt over I
prises is I a markcJ feature all I
the Union whether In Ior
or In running railttaK i J
concentrations become rfant asonohr
olles Win trusts 5nd comblnJ
tlons alUbewcallh Int the band
tom put AIUbewrUI
of a few Against the giant tn
flue small retailerscan blrl fight J 1
to ml retl lCl
which apfti
There are man t signswhldl Ippr
ominous to an onlooker afTfCtlng
the future weal mnnklnd
Having furnished I at these few nuts
for the renders of the Eto crack I 1
I will conclude by expressing my
thankfulm UvjU am safely back
In my mountalrthlomeStvumlc I
Some Accoiml ot Ihc INr of
Jlir TcrH > h JHsIon
By courteyof President An
gus M Cnvinon we are
permitted i > make extracts
from a lettir Addressed to him
byEIdcrFnHlntze dated Con
stautinopir frptembcr 16th 1SS9
The writerreira to the difficulties I
he and his 1 Ira rershnu had
to contend wilt but says
Of course I jolievo in our ultlmtto
triumph In platting ho Gospel here
For this I uavip courw my reason
which are ca ir loU vocally thah ex
pressed on pait ahd by being hero I
and beconilngjihoronghty interested
they arc f till cthfer understood Suf
flee it tb ray lirenro many cood peo
ple here hot they are f
their ways bough mentally very
bright and fyjthiihr so that to keep
them from feanlng Into the higher
branchc tit rovpilcd plan of sal
vation Is soiucJnun fiulto a science
They are t I apt l and willing e
leant but Lhm4 examples ret befora
Ilem Jr f Intrir rmL yet so blnI
ini br nrintMnN in v rnii < ftrm
that words corha o but little i cfferi
upon them Ttinpapcrs have no cir
culation I to Hk ofIn Turkey hence
tho people arcIbat poorly informed
Of course mtyould say ru do
they not acnjl liberty through tbo
Gospel of ILrr questIon U
easily solved f m pur point of view
and our litas ml pracficesof liberty
hut hero It Is I LhTerrnt hence a diOcr
cnt view mu t Ie taken People Item
muttfken doctrines
11101r tlityilnd our don aro
true and thy sayr What shall wo
do to b f artdj fY tell them of
course = 3 rVter did the Jeff
Then the < i tioni arise Are
you recocnicil b the sov
en > lent On you 11 how
wo may 10 protected from i
the ravishes of Irec Whirr
shall we bury 0r d < lt I Many moro
similar quctloct are asked which YTO
can only I antvctbv saying Ito that
trmts In GodnOldnd deliverance
OfcoursaVroUtft found some that
ro feel and act tvconllngly but they
rro fw and f rod my experience J r1
the people I smrllmey will eontlnuo to
bo few iKoatiKthi rtrain M very
heavj True Turkey 1 in many
respects a free ccdntry but it I nol
the less under de poUc form of gov
ernment All churches In the empire
niurt b recognized by thl govern
len otherwise they are put to end
less inconvenience even in the lucy
tag cf A den which h I all dono
under chilrcji direction I a mans
church bo nnt recosniznl 1 ho finds no
l for bis dead cathy
True we OnTO not met any soas of
I that kind yCI bat the SDi
proMMcU all tta tame Then one
would them
wou nay let 1 emigrate to Zion
Yes but flnt to do so they must have
mean Wo canuot offer them that
raid if they find towns they must steal I j
out of the country as cinigmtinK to
America strictly prohibited except
for merchants
We desired to print n few tracts i I
Language the fim obstacle wo bare
now overcome Its haro an Intelll I
5nt young medical itinKnt nt AIntnb
who cndrntnndt both Knglish and
Turkish wellalid who apparently a
faithful member Hut wo imace failed
to obtain go eminent permIssion tho
objection being that we are not Jet
recognized c
Tlicro I still anothertrsy Wo could
prernra our fmnsLitions hero and
print elsewhere bnt to do tliu the nay
Is i also not clear bust yet
Hero In Con Mntlnoplo there I lb I
Intcly nothing for mo to do except
BOeramcut business and printing
for which cnurCi icti are bouuil to hoM
on for a while when wo nm t break up I I
and co Into tho tountrr where we am
wanted True tie Kclcr are 11 snore
except niyhclf but they do not know I
lime lan uaKP hence tbo work j I
IIB pracUcally at a standstill fora year
until they liaTokarncd the language
Ptill my trip tluongh A t Minor of
T < Mcli you sine undoubtedly more or
l lest Infonlidl frrnj rthr sources list
been of much pnctltal value ns well
tn the work here 3 to myself < crvii
ally The Ember are now among
friend of which wo Inve many and
Mime lnl5 At Alatab i Brother
Vezirlana native wbo understand
Knglinh and Is rbrr zralons In tbo Gos
pel hence a preat Wp trI Smart I
und Simmons who ire them At Siva
with IlrolhcrtuiUabbin Elder Stint
lee fit I good heap I hail several
object In sending mba IHden Into tho
country beforoleirclng the language
among Trhlcn are Tlicy llvoebcapcr
there they 1AM yrItthr
among the nativtn2ifl they learn tho
customs and wayxof tho peoplennd
they the pcoplo Inrn our so much
ftoonciand t1urns < thereareSiInt
there now whp willlt of oMblanco tn
tbo dol the nj < rj will also bo of
comfort to them
Of political IroubV wo know but lit
U you knotf J I jtrker than we cn II
Telegraphic news seldom pcrmltlnl
to be I > liW htrtiiitiMLilicthercfoa
it is I known to joabefonj I It If sit
Improvements ff rlowlv forcing
tbcjr way Thopast nnnicf tlO water
system was improti Vy proper water i
works but it U exenslrc Tho rail
road U hero now bet I not annnyLil I
cd The lack of arfreclatlon lie so
faros 1 undeisUndd In the fart that
First It bring ucln which they
cannot keep oTrey hnlnl tboexpe
rtn nor suc Vecondly all lin
provemcnUau Ih KOvcrmncnt or
nupcrintcnilcnco jnttj nccensarily ho l
111 the hand of foreidtrs the native
inrtlcnlarly Motijmeilans being
Incapable t
Al taZt LnOe Cit tn as Vr St iPks
OOieries 1itsa tss ShO l
ldiuusioe I ctU r
I 1
rc or rl I
TO Ig < I
B1 = I
t J > t
SICT 1Qr t welm eodT
lelr 3 l Si S ta cer
ncl = f I I W fUJ c1eu
Wahakl hi 4 l U5t Clear
wU crazIw e eod
Ir < r 1 nh 1iJ o C St U L I
aIcuy 41 Z S EL b lists
SIlica tiji Cairn items
Ssockioa fj 11a Crn Cd1
lImo Sam i a I 413 I I calm Ciad7
PatkCrty Li 1 camm San
ITO lnft4 If t I I Calm Cslattaow h5odj
Itpm rl I he lIiUyO a
ftiwem1hTi lanUnn n I 1 I Calm m Cod
ij Li i tasius Ctodi
y ssiLCa1Clo P
osit t Cl mete to
r I rrU + al Sera Signal Corps
Wiytont InW tho use of irritating
powdur gnufli Ar liquids Elys
t1 lf
CreardBalroUnsant of application
and awre cEllS Sir catarrh and cold
In thc ijbehadforSOc Ith
easily applied Into the nostrils Is
safe jdpeA > a ianil Is curing the
alder mostdatiuaternstss J I gives relief
lO r O1 t5tiiazeurtuuse4 ctJoeeb
tnuru Ja
C riucbtUre4ae T J 10CDE
4 Du ii
IsCHAIt Ltcmxi q Ir
In pursuanceof a Resolution of the City
Council of Salt Lake City passed October
22 1889 notice is hereby given that on
Monday the 9th day of December 1889 at
the front door of the City Hall in said City I
will offer for sale at public auction and will
sell to the highest bidder for cash the fol i
I lowing described lands belonging to Salt
Lake City which are situated in the City and
I County of Salt Lake and Territory of Utah
described as follows towit I
All of lots 12 1 and 4 i block 58 all of lot 4 bock57
a of lot 1 block 8 a of lot 2 block 110 all of blocks
18 153 and 147 a of lot 4 block 161 all of lot 4 block
162 a of lot 3 block 157 all of lots 1 3 and 4 block
158 a of lot 4 block 159 a of lot J block 163 a cf I
block 145 a of lot J block 135 ml of lots 2 and 3
block 136 a of lot 2 block 137 a of lots 12 1 and 4
block 138 all of lot 4 block 116 all of lot 1 block 8
all of lot 3 block 86 all i plat D Salt Lake City Survey I
vey and all of plat J1 excepting the east calf of block I
10 and the Capitol Grounds
1 I
Said sale will commence at 10 oclock
a m and will be continued from time to
time as circumstances may require The
lots in plat 0 are all 165x165 feet and those
in plat J range from 50x140 feet to 50x220
feet For further information call at office
No2 City Hall
Mayor of Salt Lako City I
gALT LAKE CITY Utah Oct 23 1SS9
Take Pleasure In Informing Their Old
Innh and New Customers
t1 Cetomer
of the New Stock of
Which we have lust Opened In our Grand Establishment
ELDREDGE BLOCK and Invite the Public Etablshmont
I ew Styles as will ho
a wi b worn and made up only by
Fire Clan Tailoring Eftablbhnionti
In the Eastern Cities
We can only say that this season Our Stock I Larger and
lora Complete Finer Goods and Better Made
We hare Succeeded in Getting a Grand Selection of
Imported Worsteds and Cheviots 3
Pantaloons Prince Albert Suits
Sack Suits and Cutaway Frock Suits
WTtlCn 15 STOCKED wrist
In Different Colon Ages from 4 year uj price are
E ld ar
Much Loiter than Ever Before
ITs Call SpecUl Attention to Pant to Look at Oar Beautiful
And Different Stylos ARCS 21 to 6 Years
T 1 A T > V Look at Our Parisian Stylos
H ATS I T Prisian Stylos
i iX S I Excellent tho Flnost Hats Best
VJ Hat
I M and Correct Styles
This U Knr Department wit DL The Best Mike are t b Founc I
I with Uf Including
HANAN 8n SON New York
Eldredgc oci 6163 if 652Tain StSalt Late City
I Charter Oak
I Champion Monitor
The Greatest Wcmler of Uio Ago in Stoves are the
Champion 3Ioiltor and tho tVONDERFUIj
Manufactured 1 l y tin Excelsior MTg Co and Wm Deuce i Co
Ou Prices Lowesti the City
Bar Steel Bar Iron Drive Well Pipe Sheet Iron
Barhcd Wire Nails Etc Etc
Carpenters Tools
Harness and Harness Trimmings
Vc Guarantec ° Good Treatment Lowest Prices
T 6 WJUrOSiEiO Supt
AT p
TO > TnIn Street
We have Heduced Ou Goods from 10 to 15 per cent
mre ne a Call aDd Prose the tae
No Shoddy hat S Ntl I fleets aln reliable No butler saIl In tiIubt
Support Home Manufacture It means Wealth IVo pcrItf amid Ftauras
and will trun laiffwtdr to the community
Remember Our GROCERIES at 61 Main St
Ire Soldi Cheap aslhe Cheapest with Ire Creau
Cep Chrpt Irlul Clir Conreeth > n r7efo
I I I I I I I I I I I I I t I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I
The Largest and Finest Line in the West
o < Wholesale a Specialty
By odds the Finest Line ever brought
to Utah including Genuine Wiltons
Gobelin Moquettes Smiths Mo
quettes Body and Tapestry Brus
sels Three Ply and Ingrains The
Line Embraces Everything from
19c to 300 per Yard
Such an Exquisite Line was never
before shown It varies from i
12lc to 1000 per Roll
Competent Workmen for Paper Hanging and Decorating
3 37 7 to 43 I First South St1 Sat Lake City

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