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IT IIlaRS Oiat Alvin Crockitt
Z I n rrjnitabfo citizen of CiclieGuuu
I I tj has liein arrested on a clJarge of
having bcen mneded with the al
t J fedrunnier wliiUi occurred it
rsjtonla 1657 George W Han
cock baa been committed without
hall on a similar charge
It is pcrhni unnecessary to n >
mInd our readers that the uialii
facts In the case arc a follows
A young man rnrntd Jonts rom
inittedtho horrible and unnatural
crime of incest with his mother As
a result of this foul deed a child
was born The conimuuU where
thu oHciibo was perpetrated were
I dlgu ted and grcntlj inccu ed
naln > t tho parties This condition
if moral Mntlmciit culminated
in a mob eurroundlng tho liouc
where the brutal mother and son
lived and dispatching them For
alleged participation in ho doings
of tho mob 3lr JlnncwcL and Mr
Crockett have becii arrested on a
charge murder I
As a matter of Course the net of
the mob was lawlw and therefore
wrong In that respect U was on a
similar footing to like transactions
that arc daily occurring in nlruott
every part of the United btates
The public journals furnish abun
dant proof in that regard
Most of the cases of recent oc
currence differ from the stale Pay
fon affair in the fact that numbers
of people are being lynched lIowa
day all over the Union who are
merely sucpected of committing
gross or heinous crimes I n the
Jones case the guilt of the ortles
was clear and indisputable
There Is 1 itill nnnrt < IiLtinclIou
ItttreenW oiJ 1ayon aBair and
uanj irailar circumstances taking
place at present throughout the
country lu many of those current
cases prisons are broken open and
officers of the law overpowered be
fore the obnoxious criminals can bo
dragged out and strung up or hot to
pieces These Preliminary auxili
aries are ail additional less anJ
criminal element tagged on to the
lynching proper It dots not ap
I lear that any of these ejtra con I
ditions attached to the antiquated
1ayson homicide
There is still another feature that
lias a distinguishing aspect about It
modern lynching cats even when
aggravated ore seldom traced up
that the partiapators may be legally
dealt with
Then wly js it that the laytOn
matter js being rcsurnctvd and
worked over Is it because of its
ancient charactct Well J not for
that reason exactly notwithstand
ing that there is a class of pcaI1c in
this Territory who deal exclusn elj
in criminal antiquities They mutt
rake up the dead embers of the past
because tile hc coals of the present
furnish no opportunities We are
now in the last half of November
and Congress mitts in December
The antiOIormon bloody shirt
ruut be moo In the lace of the
National Iei laure Hence we
are In the very han est of sensa
tions manufactured from old and
tattered materials which are
clutched ratehed over with blue
and red rags and flaunted l > j the
minority political part in Utah
This is the ttnd In trade of the
Ye have no other Idea than that
this accounts for the resurrection of
the Tayton case which is bui
a part of the Liberal diih
of rotten eggs and decayed
fish fccrved for political purposes to
Congress and Uie couutrj It is n
constituent of the regular Deccmuei 1
anti Mormon meal upon which I
mo country and its licgnlaturo is I
feJ at opjortuno intervals It is l II
4 Wonder that the nation docs not
hold Its nose as n protection against
the foal vaporwhlch arises from the I
flaIl mars when it is tendered
Tho PnvK > n cao is old enough to
speak for itself and if itlv brought
forward for political capital we do
not fro that it will be a bonanza It
will doubtless be
placed on the same
l litcal platter as the delectable
proceedings that Invo been eon
ducted in the Third District Court
during thelat few days
Thcjudiciary of the United Stales
as now organized provides for
peals from circuit end Territorial
niflcmc courts to tho Supreme
Court of the United
States in
w hich involve 5000 or upwards
J Prior to 1S75 the amount required
to be in control eny w is SZOOO but
so many cases were carried to the
highesttribunal that tiny could not
be defcrmincd with
3 i pedition and to relieve its docket
t Congress raised the minimum
amount involved In cuit that could
In carried that court to 0000
The relief thus allorded was but
temporary Soon the docket be
came more crowded than ever and
at the opening tf the October term
i of this year there were 1C4S case
I upon it If the cases shaH be
taken up in their successive
order the last one will not be
reached until about four j ears have
If expired At the present rate the
court falls behind Its doekct about
1 one year ineach five so that unless
something shall bo done for its re
5 chef It will soon cease to bo of prac
1 tical value to mic
many in
i cases involving large sums and ini
portaut principles
t Without an amendment to the
I Constitution no court of coordin
J jurisdiction can be established
4 The Supreme Court must remain
I now the highest But His surges
cd tbat Congress might establish a
I court inferior to it to consist of a
euulcietit number of judg i and to
j embody sufficient learning dignity
and authority to greatly relieve the
i f I Supreme Court J ltytIvranoiugthe
4 mlotmuoiamount that must be in
mired I a torender it appeal
able to the highest court the docket
of thbfeJaUtr might IKJ fully re
f t y ¼ lieved
t i Orfrcpcalod occasion the people
f of Utah have awaited with great
Interest tbe action of the United
I States Supreme Court as indeed
they arc now doing A case in
volving vast sums of money and I
j > principles of right whose import
ance cannot be measured by a
t monetary standard an issue in I I
which tens of thousand cf the I I
citizens of this Territory are vitally
Interested is awaiting decision by
that august tribunal On account
of the power for good or 111 which
this Ugh court Is able to exercise
over the affairs of the people of
this Territory they feel a peculiar
Interest In Its personnel its work
and all legislation directly nflect
ins Its authority or jurisdiction
Al KOTOS to thcarticle In our jes
terJaj Issue regarding the want of
professional amenity exhibited to
ward Sir C W Penrosc h 1 J the
leading Liberal organ In this
city we take pleasure in quoUng
from tho Ogden Union of last even
ing Jteferring to the imprison
ment of the editor In chief of this
journal by Judge Anderson for con
structive contempt the Union say t
Brother IViirose la i cntltlcJ to a fair
share of tim sympathies of his fellow
One of the headings over tho arti
cle quoted read thus The court
chows no mercy
Isllnorcc Wrougr
CllICAC0 Nov 13 159 Cor
rcspondence tho DjsrnET Nii SJ
This is tho subject of a series of
papers In the November AorM
American Jicncte bearing the
signatures Dr fo W Dyke Car
illual Gibbons Bishop Potter and I
Colonel Ingcrsoll Dr Dike deals
in statistic lie ans Them were
In the United States 9337 divorces
nporteJ for 1SS7 and 25535 for
1SM or a total of lejjTlG in the
twenty years This incrcls is more
than txvica as great as the imputa
tion and has been remarkably uni
form throughout the period 0
The movement Is w ell nigh as uni
versal in Europe here Thirteen
European countries Including
Canada had 0540 divorces In IS
and 10939 in li > 51nJcrcilse of
67 per cent alf with us hi the
same ixfloTl 7JS per cent
Tr Dike then stated thnt 20 per
cent of the divorces were ased on
adultery IG on cruelty 3 on de
sertion 4 I for drunkenness 3 for
neglect to provide But ho says
that a special study of59M > cases in
twelve dim rent States shoved that
o per cent were directly or indi
rectly attributable to liquor In 70
counties of 12 states OS per cent of
the applications for divorce wire
granted The duration of marriage
before divorce occurs is nine years
The Doctor recommends SlIm un7
form national scheme of divorce
He thinks that under the present
system innocent arties are de
frau led children rendered illegiti
mate inheritance made uccrtaiii
and actual imprisonments for
ligamj growing out of divorce and
Cardinal Gibbons follow with a
scathing indictment our divorce
system which he says Is destroying
marriage breaking hearts wreck
imrhomes and minim mitls Iln
ants the Catholic must ansner the
question Can divorce from tile
bond matrimony ever be allowed
with an emphatic Xo And for this
answer hL reason is That Kath the
Lord The wisdom of this is np
Jurent he says from the present
social condition of the United state
Divorce made the first Inroads Into
the integrity of ancient Greece and
Home and in the latter place wo
men were not ashamed of licentiousness
ness until finally a nation built on
family punty crumbled Into rotten
ne e lie calls divorce Christian
polygamy and parallels it with
Mormon polygamy i to the ad vantage
of the latter Here is what he saj g
I 1 We are filled with righteous mdig
nation a Mormonlsm wo brand Inllll a
a national dlrc aud demand ItS
suppression Why Because forsooth
thcMormonsaropolvpamists Done
forget that there arc two species of po
lygamv simultaneous suit su p
sric iformonspracUcowIlbout local
recognition tho first species nbilo
among tao second species ii in
Pnt I
Unlgcd in and with tho sanction of
law by thousands In who o nostrils
Monnom I a stench and an abomi
nation The Cliritian prow and pul
pit of tbo land denounce tho Mormons
a an adulterous generation but too
often deal versienderir with Chrislbn
polisamists Why r I Christian po
lygamy less odious in the sight p
Cod than Mormon polygamv Among
us us true the is
one looked
t true to lke upon a
moro repccSaUe than tlo oher Yet
we kow that tho 1fomlon class
nice for their 1t and children
wbio Christian polygsmistt but too
often leave serelebad wives to r t
slave orsln and leave mIserable child
rna nublrhn
He sajs the Catholic marnage is
grounded on Mark x I J Luke
rvi lb 1 Cor vii 10 I > 0
divorce but a separation Is granted
for adultery with noniht forcIUier
party to ruarrj agin
The Cardinal then quotes from
his namesake the author of tho
Decline and Fall of the Demon
Empire to zhott that divorce was
destructheto happiness and Ire
He quotes also from Prof VooiMi
and from John lajlor Coleridge
Colerdgl I
and then rajs Divorce as wo
know I began when marriage was I
removed from the demnnil of 11 I
church divorce shall cease when I
the old order shall be restored Will
this ever to
come pass Perhaps so
after man days lCha t
Bishop Potter of the Eplscornl
i t
Church follows next He relers his
readers to tile Church Digest L
Canons Its to the reportiof dis
cussions In tlC diocesan and gener
al conventions and to the public
opinion of theclergj and laity Iuble Io
says dhorcu is very rare In his
church Ils little wonder hI
BO If a candidate has to hunt
through nil the literature the bishop
refers to on the subject of divorce
By the time canons dkcu ions and
public opinion
were starched the
pnxpctiU divorce seeker would be
more fit to grace the funeral b
meals than the bkLII
n1t1 inorriaze festival
Inae tnl
The bishop seemed to feel his own
inconsistent In dwelling on church
authority for divorce when his
church 23 hold mrre sacred
Article XXV says Matrimony
NYs Is
not to l counter bra sacrament of
the G > pcl Yet the fiift section
of canon 13 and the Font ftOI
emnization affirm Sl
al 1 that if anv
penous 0 joined together otherwise
than a Gods Word dotli allow
their marriageIs lawiuj alow
biliopVi article abounds In incon
sistencies of tills kind Uoucvir
he sai8 that divorce Is granted for
adultery and remarriage permitted
to the innocent party
last He also says that according to the
general convention
seneml the Mo
aafc law till obtains In tho chureit
and then
again he
says that the do
tug aWaor circumcision also does
away wIth the Moinic law do
stupidity Ilcoherency and opaque
eta the IUshol opaque
8tus himself Hut then the Epis
copal is not a church It j
is a kind
I kil
of Riles of the Anglican and the
Anglican according toMacaulay is a
compromise < between Dome and
Calvin between Luther and Henry
the ry
the w Eighth i Properly speaking
fBUup 5s a prelate In a church
dont consider
collder prelacy divine
fl Col Ingerl follows In his usual
t1ole style His mush
tIe mushy onti
meat and windy IoIc snl
i show them
selves H quite Promlnently wII this
article He says by way of dls
paragenseot than regarded tl the early Chris
rlll prosperous ixnne as
the f i IdrPn of mammon and the
unformle the wretched and the
diseased as the favorites of God
but lie Jots not say who were the 1
Prosperous people in those days
Were they JI men who gained
wealth bi conquest and spollaUon
or were they the millionaires who
got wealth by dishonesty and fraud
and who spent it in libertin
ism and IieenUousuess Ibertin
regarding the sick and I weakly
the wor of God surely he would
not have ChristIans do nsthe Greeks
did and a some savage nations
stIll doput tho sickly and weakly
to dopt Why the essence of
early Christianity o its 1erior
humanizaUon the elThrt to suppress
the worldlyand telflsli J in the I indi
vidual And Uiat is whit all the
great thinkers of today are tIn to
do though they Iguore much that
I at present orthodox I is against
the brutality which de lrojs thu
sick and weak thatJIallhew Arnold
Thomas Carlisle John IluklnHer
bertfcxncennd hundrcdsof others
have written book after book
CoL IngerK sas a good deal
about what I not found III the Bible
Tae fnmilr and ilonu tlcitv and
soforUi TheBlblegiesa code of
morality which if observerd will
lead to education refinement and
happiness yet this wbephIloM > r > er
grumbles becaUSe we do not get
pictures of Ute homes of the ap
ties and scientific theories and
speculations He might M well
grumble because God docs not give
us in addition lo leason and intellect
heel a house aud lot fie acres aud
let Ho says the celibacy of
tie early Christians is an indication
that marriage was deplsed The fact
is celibacy was not a practice of the
iliritlans I first orclnated I
In Spain and gradually extended I
self until It prevailed all through
flr ut I pre
the Jatin branch of the Catholic
churcli Today the two great divi
sion of American Christians are
Protftantand Catholic oue wHIt a
celibate priesthood the other a nun
ned priesthood Ir xltw of tho
demoralization existing both the
cclilalc is I to bo preferred For In
stance whin father Moysant ran
tsne McDonalds wife
with Mike
away le
the father Ml no wife and children
behind and only one faml that of
the injured husbands was ruined
When the fivol hundred preachers
inirrot laut sccU who nnualli
run away with olhtr men s wives I
wl td
do so they Injure double the num
ber etc I their own families and
tho e of the husbands IftIny were
celibates the evil would 0 onh one
halfThe Colonel further talks about
marriage as a civil contract and jet
he wants this contract f that i U
be broken by whim caprice The
buying of a mule Is n contract but
when the mule gets oU or broken I
one cannot dcn > his money lock
from U > firmer owner The Colonel I
indulges in i bLot llummcryi but
after all really snjs nothing about
divorce II
Ee vii lblc lan will admit I
that there are reasons In many C3MS
why divorce shouldexi but It
should be controlled by omc
governing authority and among
religionists h 1 > their church Ef I
forts should It made to smooth
over diflicullics and teachers
and spiritual directors might with
advantage 1 < o consulted Kloru the
hasty disruption of n family is
eflected In tills case it is not en
tirely what the Bible says or does
not say it is mans ow n internal in
spiration acting In accord wiUi the
light and I guidance of Ins iiperiors
in counsel and inlom I
The Cardinal has 10000000 fol
lowers in the United te He
tays divorce docs not exist among
them Bishop Potter has a few fol
lowers also Divorce he sS is
rare among them Then this throws
ill the divorces among a section of
the American people and if the di
vorce taU tles are correct among
this section a mot exUit ie system
of polygamy and ol nnJri both
must prevail JIMIS
Irec Water and Free irliooU a
laNc Cry
Corrc iwndcnccof the DEStnrr
Niwsi have hcird considerable
on the above topics and rend some J
and I hae been to ing quite 2 time
to get I through inj not over re
ceptive cnnlum so that I might
b able not only to understand the
matter myself but explain I to
This free water business is some
what of a mystery save it bo in
ould England or In the eastern
States where Jupiter Pluvius dls
len s i nt time in quantities
without money nnd without
But eel there according to tie
ltt authorities and tome expert
ell much of the rater supply I I
anyUiing but free there arc water I
taxes and bonds almost bcjond cal
culation cr what of the Croton and
Schuylktil of thc cast and Rita
Lake IliNlngton Pike and Father jl
Thames of England
Tow our LIberal rends may
have for enough above to give i
us Manchester weather I where It
wins Uirce hundred das In the I
year > butou consIderation I doubt
much whether I lies have influence I
saVe H L with lie Pribre of the
liowcr of the air
Now having lived in Utah furlong
over thIrty years can I discern any
signs of free water from the first to
date To be lure I was free in a
sense hurried once but In its freedom It
Itself without ceremony
toward the Jordan and Nirvana
in the lake and it cost me with
other main a weary dayaud mal
a dolhr beside to coax It onto our
barren lot where now the vine 1
Uounshes and the peach ripens to I
the sun What a pity ray aching
un Jlly 1
bones Uiat the genii of free acing I
had not then drifted into cue CI
yet hopeful lives and to the music
or Its ripplC or tlionjr sang
Water yes water hal 0 frcen
But It is possible the Liberals
may have their eyes act upon tome
of our southern mountain streams
supply fur thU Then promised ngalu full comes and cliiiji the
thought that these sources of desired
and desirable fluid all
< Iuld are ni appropri
ated and surely to give us even In
this growing city freo water no
American gentleman though he
beaud Liberal would con I
descend to steal The retort founds
strangely Oh wo should have to
buy or bring from more dbtant
points for use Xow Just her Is
whr v philanthroriiy and wealth
mlgnt do thdr bneUcen1 work but
tlK e bleating members of tile LIb
eral part are 3 poor as Jobs
turkey and It scarcely had a
fclherrer all we come to IhinVlf
water i Is to bo had bought brought
piped and placed in the door yards
or domiciles of this city the people
will Love to get It tiny mil lace t
IKVlfuril and I nn > j n r n
orsophistry cap get around the
sympathies of tie common people
ouUiecry of Free water which
their whilom friends can neither
beg borrow nor steal
ow the promise oCr schools is
a little t less
problenntlcal although
the people liavo liardly realized it
Jet for in most school district of
this Territory provisions have been
made from the beginning for thor
too poor to help themselves These
could on proper application send
every child to school but somebody
had t pay for them The school
houses were mainly built and fur
nished by donation but even then
teachers were not going round
without purse or scrip boarding
pn srp Irlng
out their remuneration much or
mUeI it 1 possible to inaugurate
free schools tile sectarian churches
of this city might
ef doitforinisrcpro
wntaUon as It has already done
would bring In the ducats from
Maine to California < the duped
with crocodile tears for Utahs
ignorance might be mOld bled
These pretensions of Uie ble
a spacious they are false u < d as
n IntUenrv I v n faL us l
J uu uuuc
the Ignorant or the fanatical They
are promises made to be broken
bubbles light as air needing only
to be nelnl
betouched by tie point of com
mon sense to 1lh like I the night
Ilon and pass away for ever
Xo gntiemen
Tolt at charily and th wUful falsi re
flcation itt intent and purpose in tho
cry of free prj Jn
Schools 1 no more transparent
to the people ll than ItU to Uio howl
leg dervishes of eto Liberal
larti I W X
Mri > hrn I 1clcr rl4rl ° r the
llroullju Union LltTalcJ
Kciolt in a Tunis lrl m isUy
rrloucrs Dud beHIfW
Hlofkadcd Serious 1 rrcks
Train > Ilubdrd
1ril Trainmen injured Pbjslciau
Off lo Ihc Scene
D1 Tc Ih 10 tie SEI
lbo lT a Girl
VKW Yom Nov iblcphcu
sccretarj and trcaiiircr of
ulVtcr Frela tr
the Brooklyn Union Eleated Ball
road anJ a member of the firm of
Pollard Pcllus Co ofSl Broad
Street In this city was shot dead
here this niprnlug in Fulton Street
by Miss Hannah Southworth whorls
refused t give her address to the
lattice when arrested
Just before 10 oclock while Ful
ton was ctowdcd with people who
itadjtst landed from the ferry a
young woman caring t sealskin
trimmed tutu long lack I fur was
seen hurrjingnljng behind a well I
dressed man When in front of
Xo 10 Fulton Street she nulled a
I Ilal revolver froni beneath her
dress and fired five sjhots
in quick succession at the man
In front of her although
he fell at the first hot As the
victim writhed and tossed In agony
on the sidewalk the wonnli looK
ing calm and selfioOd actually
smiled wU > apparent satisfaction
ID a short time a great crowd had
gathered altracteil to the spot by
the repeated plttol firing I
XTuc Com Donu
PoiiTUVC Ogn Nor 22TIie
tug Jcartcn tank Off the mouth of
the Unipqua Diver on Tay
evening in a heavy storm and no
one seas taved She was on her re
turn trip from Astoria where she
had taken a lot of Chinamen and
is believed to hare had several sos
scngcrsou loard It is feared that
tenor fifteen jiersoiu irished No
bodies have c been recovered
101 In n Irlon
I TUis Nov 224 A revolt has o
curred In Loyoulite prison The
prbouers suVcceded 1 procuring
llreanns and other weapons and
maucn n fierce attack on the jailer
who were unable to quell tho revolt
Trooja were summoned hen fit 3
arrived a dClCllle light took place
Man prioncrs and soldiers were
Nnlliral outs Lxplmlouo
Pirrsia Nov thAn explo
sion of natural gas In the basement
of a dwelling on Wylie avenue this
morning reeked the building audI
fatally I injured I a servant girl Bar
bara JCnolif
BRAIIDOCK Pa Nov llly a
natural gas explosion two persons
have been fatally burned and six
or eight seriously Injured
A n ltM I mlcr VrrrM
I dncu0 Nor 2i Budcnbeu
der the witness from Hoboken 1C
J who yesterday tesllCed that it
I was not n white horse which took
Dr Croniu away I under arrest
After the court adjourned this mor
ning an officer with the prisoner
was going to the State t Attorneys
afire when Qualcy one of Uie
counsel for the defense enJeaoreil
lo take the prisoner away but the
prisoner was safely landed in the
fclate Attonu d oHico Quak
told BUdcnbcndef be would l < v
taken care of and to keep his
mouth shut
Unuk Inllnrr
PITTPI tin Nov 2i The failure
of the Lawrence lank Ins caused
but litlllo flurry in financial circle
I Is claimed that no other banks are
involved The Long tc Company
Iron plant Is I in the Compny
shenr Judgment was confessed in
fi orof thedcfunct bank forjXXiOOO
but It is claimed by tie firm that the
actual amount Is I lot over 150000
nriiiibllmn tuntriitltm
JCNtAlT Alaska Nov 2i The
fit republican oonvcntlon ever
held In Alaska conxcned at Juneau
on Nov 5 i A memorial to congress
was passed asking that the territory
be allowed a delegate 10 Congress
tluit the homcslcad laws 0 ex
tended to Alaska in a modified form
that the laws relating to the cutting
of timber lie modified an 1 for the
creation of a commission for the
l irpose of submitting to Congress I
code of laws for tho Territory
Eihenlfo orl13n CIhlrn
XEW tnir X J Nov 2i The
Womens Indian National Mission
ary convention ban closed A reso
c n
luUou was adopted approving Uio
plan of Commissioner Morgan to
give Indian children the same edu
cational dren opportunItIes white chil
lrobblj laeI
IHlTiuoni Nov Tim
schooner f 1 Clwrcti which left
this port on October 19thfor Boston
I Is given up for lot Captain Jolla
glicr was accompanied by his wife
nnd child <
TlirJIoiilimn Ix UMtnrr j
HJJUNA Mont Nov 22 The I I
legislature meets Rt noon tomorrow
Probably twothirds of tho mem
Irs are already here accompanied
by a largo sprinkling of Stab poll
Ucians Both sides are holding
caucuses to decide upon tie course
action It Is believed there will
neton I I beleTed ther wi
0 dual bodies of the house and that
neither part will have aquonim In
the Senate
The Democratic Count Commis
sioners yesterday created a sensation
by taking poscs Ion of Uie lights
tIe hal expelling the Janitor
letting New Vale locks on all the
door nnd I
placing watchmen to
guanl l all tileapproaches to lIe bills I
1oday tIe keys to lie halls will be
turned over to Oovcruor Toole to I
whom the County Commlssloncrg
have I leased the rooms Jtisthouht
the republican memberj will meet
separately should
tohou1 thereprescntaUvo
of Silver Bow Count
SIer Counly certified by
the State canvassing board be de
nied admittance Politicians lath
tides talk of flgbUng to tie end yet
a email number a in for of a
compromise on the basis of one sen
abc front each party and a 010 division I
of legislative oUcrs <
Nir LOMXN Conn Nov 22
The revenue steamer Dexter arrived
this morning wiUi Captain Jenny
and fourteen of the crew of the Old
Dominion LIne learner Manhattan
also tie dead body of Chief Engi
neer Hayden The captain reports
test the steamer was bound from
New York for Vct > olut Va On
Wednesday morning when off
Fenwlck Island lighthouse coast
of Mar land the was nm
into by an unknown fourmasted
schooner and tho MonJtuUan
rank 1 those Jaalan
Dexter managed to into
mane get the life
boat save Mr Hayden who was
drowned The nt of the crew and
Uiree passengers nineteen all told
Ilngr a1
got on a life r and It I not known
whether not they have been saved or
Irarrul Snolorm I n nonna
MISSOCLA Mont Nov 22 A
terrific snowstorm struck her at 5
oclock this morning and is still
raging in all its stl I
rgilll li fury AH trains on
the Northern Pacific are blockaded
Inte ar bloadC
Two serious wrecks
srous Wrc are reported
near Boner seven miles east on tie
banks of Hell Gate hirer Several
trainmen Went Injured A special I
train conveyingphj Mam lisa gone
to tie scene
I Later Two more serious wrecks
mor scrous
ItTwo titan
I in all probability more Frlous
I flrstmeaUoned has occurred
I I wet the of here HUlmposi bio to ob
tain particulars at thiS wriUog
OX a tY X
Jtsut Sine JohioKn ere n d hi irt
cd tali Uf al Sprin erTUlep > che Cul1
Atltona Ihll hocmbtr W hsSO of 011 agC
Che tru born on the tit of October tgttIQ
Ulla Walbr KU < f ixnnur eILIe
the Gortl with ber habjnd OctoWr IttI
te Gor com
isiIt emlgetted 10 Canals relcrwa <
JSI em
Silt take 551fr7
rarriTln in Slt Lte al <
IDr 1 < l ehebidllre < lnpmr t mar
ilsee Ir 1 June nib If37 She WM a fall
rae mother to the < I y of her
te sUe n < I molbe te
teatS a1 WSl 10 inolhtrof three OU
diag5fea rwO ot Ibe 5551 hue
ad 000 To 1 I
co De before licr
GolD peacefSlTJ I oieiO tie ud in Cult
eatS of a glorious reiurreclion She TTB
a faithful obse5Cr of the Word ot Wodum I
er remains Core follairetl to her last t I
In I jilaee ly a numrroat coacoano of I
reload and r etatiieo who mourn her lot
a s a mother wife and neniL I
o u as n n S3
lUvoxSophia 1 Hanson died No
rcmberiUt 1SS born la SKxlholuj Jnn <
Funeral ten Ire will bo bed SunilijNo
nmbr nht In Ibo Aetond Wan meella
home aUlSH a I KclaUTCi ad friends
Scorr At Eprinjcnlllc November n
Ib9ot trpbolit Cuter and dropif Wellha
Lliutxth Icon the beloved trite of Josci
Scott and daughter of William and Stand
Sarah Ann role
I > ecca < nas born September Bib 15K
111 Cltj tan > cte Conntf Utah and
was SJjeinl month and 3 days oil at the
time of her death She and her bnthaml
came to ArUona amoo the Cut v rtj or
alnt > who settled In tu region I
KxieuER In fimogeiTille truona
rmlr I t7 71 IDrat dangtferof
WBL l > Mrt J r robe
Ccosur la pringemlle Athens O
loberind 13 llelcnua ann ar George I
and Sr I Ltbr born March 31 too
Wiuov Notembcr Klb lS91 South
Cotionirood ot coninuiptlon Marr Ano
> nUon daughter ot I and Eliubrth Taj
hoe bora December31tIU 4 In DirmlnK
ham agttod The deeeaied was a faith
ful Latterday Paint a rood wife ant an
aleetlonatc Uiwhlcr She leave a km 1
band and one chllCO
MUlniual Star plcato eopj
Seawater la the Pot OQce at Salt Late
Cr CU CaibcrSlbWiThicb I 0
called I foritlllllu fro iveeU will be rent to
be Dead letter Offl < c at Washington IC I
Wri IZe Minnio Jjrwn JIane
J ictturil Mm Anno Laid HIM Marr
aclueil Un 5 fc lc Sirs Jiir >
itryint SIrs Ijnirton ilri5uic
canen Sirs Annie Llane
ranen 1 utnie Un borhu
lanuiileMri nale Lnnd reen Mrt VI
i5ohi Sirs J s 310roa Sirs
Ru couMroihG Mnthertn Mr < Ella
hiote SIrs GOSh Slhoe Sir > 50Cc
Ind Slits Harriet ieia Situ Wie
lleb JIraiieo iTcusre 1 31n
IID nl Xtit Jl B HcIItr Jlr
n lo Sin r McLano Mn C
irowa Llllle r Oba Sirs Itch 0
CraniunIl Anna IJiborac 3il Annie
Lran rllttatnna lwii Mrs Lathe
Crton uto GmtasafienbyMr E
nulls c fcclMbrUu Lottie
ChI lr MUe taut I tire h
Laner jophunu Itilllipi Silo Ann
1 kn Sir kiciUnMtnnle
II iarher Sir S K
Iran 5115 Winnie Iareryllw allrj
OnwierSir UK llupn Units a1
itiwaterMus Lizzie leilfort Mien Annie
rr 31 Jar KobcrUilnU
nxJInili lobinv Oil t It
co 311 Canr han Jliis Manaler
upoCatnna ltaoins ealll a Ida
ton 31n ChmUDIIhr Shun Nancy
radJlra Amh Mathilda IcmicploQ itio loi
1a a
unterMnAnn thaep3hi Stacy
artlman Mad Y oclcnirah
ardninn Mra 1 eTa110r 311
odgkin rl WarnerMlPS Annie
laU < Im tlmcle Wilraorc Jim 0 I
Jndte Silt Ullle heeler Sire Chit A
Janes Mary Ann U iilycnl Jlli Eta
Jones Mils Acne W arman Mis I
lenten Mixes MlnaleW llilims Mrs C
and Totlle W illlim SireS T
Kochler MUs Ella njht Mrs Mary Vn
jjher Mrs r1 SCam Miry all I
1eeMrsIIamct YouugAnaieJ Young
lln 10 1oaDK le OUCI
ZTA TtrrV4 llsr
n4rraionSetcnne Later Caleb I
Uantie Rest Ltutel inmn f
toS lJnsinslrr1
nton Carl ijcntbcrrrllA
mmaun Edward Lofcy u m
rculronj W in mgfard Tra
cmn A ninrotthy Dr SC r I
ami < hlhi Manhall Alex
rarO Horns A J
larnson Carte ilalooney Mr
locton Frank llaroni t > g It
towatcr Oro Uarlln Chaa
irden III Mtler Chza
Itesiduit John W m Morris Fred
laum Jarob Moora SC
snmterJW McellenJ I
late 1 W Station 1 I
llranicn Seymore L 511 or pin 1 W
Itewer SIr un 5 1 Monsel h
Minus Sinus W A
nailer I T UeKeanlin
lienS Martin W MtNut n
llractney Toaial Stetson Tat
llilerMaU2 MtlsonJuK
llrnnntce SCm A > elf on NO
fl Um If U
ib j SC I SicIn Ctrntlsu
eblrhar OCaol lu
Cr I thienOdea
lbeaDI CLick lr e tlnno
Cob I CarryiM
relbjh lyper ClasS
u lTcLer Ielro Cb
CUDU S 3t Frau Cla
Car ob rctna Frank
Conkjohn T 1InuD 1c
CieCgJ Ianah II IJ rum I
CtilwrlaeJSl leaeouJenn
CarIes 1a0s Peterson 1
r r n
Coattail 51ST laD S It
uJamDd Janct Ie
Coleman 11 I Serpo Wm T
CalU It 13 1rl itt
CneiiffeEden IIDr
Campbell A carcjhintttcnbiaih lie
Seiiqbt0 itegman Char
iefrettasJLl ItoatOl
IltiotlAd 1lt S r
110 I 0 itandalOsCar
Iantou Ceore itsbcrt ihitip
1e l
Iletcepoetti 1 Inch Wilp
Innlat WI pea < Clone
sreaoe ell Soro A r
FsansWmItO ScoiJSi
Eeiert I Steffnen Chr
Fr Ch S SunlekChtJ
Fairchild Ge lehowalderjohn I
For Jhr ono
receess ShanJhnit
I I Hjbrr Jtont Sit lotack J c
t raneealJ nearer Ilrrnu
t1 Sharer Henry
Gllek > enC VarllK it
dreenfield Frank aChier tam W
nurtn r J Hater Wall
C rryllTB Shnrer Will r I
larrott llcnrr U tmilh lion Wi
Il1 r
GrubS James Tajlcrdeo i
onlanJII TaJor ACnLU
orlanJIcrt TIC r 0
lunphrrrllJl TtnniTMevan
11 muat John
toward I t Unto SIC
linde C forjr ro ntmanA A
lanrenJen WhIr 0 1
Hcnlmet Jobq I Wnzht Dell
IllppleJnon nmertoonChr
llajrnoll Wilcox Fe
Hanwn otto Seth The >
Illnehrllil Thus Wileoa tutu
JoneaJU nalkefJo
Jones Mccann Wee Juiin st
JohesonJ ebl
ohuloI Whleubl
Johnson tmet r ltk bn
Jensen Jslias WIo 33
1De 11 WCIO
Jenen S I SCalier 311 it
Ketlry O I WIle Wm C
Kinder IIaltt YuJoeih
Kusan Mir Vatei I nthW U
Lauren A 1 1 Ynnetc Frank
I dlnKhamAA konneAL
Ur > enCJ loans I A
To obtain any cf UICM letter the ai nil
cant mail Call for MrcrtUcd Lsttrc
and giro the date of the tong LUono
C U J1AUUMT fmtnuiter
4t ar LJ Ce Ctak os Xo 221fl
lrt gates aS a ua ss iz
ISlaM time a a tai
rues OF i ig 15 g
OOlCUVi 2 l 2 H
TIO i c
if I I 12 I 11 oat I
srclty o is as x C Clody
iltinuat II fJ Ubt Clody
tuduwr sa I s t S Clear
nruhttia i tls wright tiodT
nUa1 t j JO Clo y
BtporU br Bell Telephone Co a 1 L m
KJtU7 is tIl 1 Light Cktij
0101 13 13 S light Clodj
Eioelto St J S Llcbt CloJr
nincbaCKT 10 2 I calm Cto Or
05oCt11 43 S Cllm OoMr
i eto o c Calm jUodr
At1 t J I Cam ICdr
Rrr retched from the U Pny 7JO LI
in f1 i u I I Calm Close
11Uni U I I II I I I I I Calm Clodf
1ocittllo 37 3 j I I Cila Snow
eer hiowi 33 1 Calm Clear
Kail Late Citr llarometer mo
1 II rinxvctlCKSerKt Signal Corps
itnrklrmsArnlca HI
THE HESTSAIAE in tIe world for
Cuts Unite Sores Ulcer Bait
Rheum Fever Sn Teller Chap
ped Hinus Chilblain Corn and
oil Skin Eruptions and positively 1 l
cures riles nojpayjrtqulred It
h guaranteed tugtS3lperfett antis
faction or money refunded Piles
25 rents jr boi ForealutyAC
Smith i Co
HiiiLoiid CATArfir UKMEDV a
osltlvo cum for Catarrh Diphthe
ria and Canker uioutli I
Ti I
OF i
j J In pursuance ofa Resolution of the City
Council of Salt Lake City passed October
22 1889 notice is hereby given that on
I Monday the 9th day of December 1889 at I
II the front door of the City Hall in said City I
I will offer forsale at public auction and will
I sell to the highest bidder for cash the fol
lowing described lands belonging to Salt I
Lake City which are situated in the City and j i
County of Salt Lake and Territory Qf Utah I
described as follows towit
A of lots 12 and 4 i block 58 all of lot 4 block 57 I
all of lot 1 block 83 all of lot 2 block 119 all of blocks
18 a 153 and 147 a of lot 4 block 161 all of lot 4 block I
162 all of lot 3 block 157 all of lots 13 and 4 block
158 i of lot 4 Jiock 159 a of lot 1 block 163 all of I
block 145 all of lot I block 135 all of lot 2 and 3 I
block 136 a of lot 2 block 137 nil of lots 12 1 and 4 I
block 138 a of lot 4 block 116 all of lot 1 block 85 I
all of lot 3 block 86 all i plat D Salt Lake City Snr
Toy a and all of plat J excepting the east half of block i
10 and the Capitol Grounds
1 I
l j
ftJI1 fl
1 t I i
Q = I
Said sale will commence at 10 oclock
a m and will be continued from time to
time as circumstances may require The
lots in plat D are all 165x165 feet and those
I in plat J range from 50x140 feet to 50x220
I feet For further information call at office I
No 2r City Hall
Mayor of Salt Lake City i
A jrLili 1 a v > i JLr
0 1 irnxc
Take Pleasure in Informing Their Old ansI Icsv Customers
of tho New Stock of j
Which 0 luive JI t Opened In our Grand
Opned or Eatabhishmont
BLOCK and tablshmQnt I
ELDREDPE InvIte the Public to the
gew Styles a wilt hu worn and mdo up eniy by I
First Chase flilloring EetablLchiments
hmenl I
In the Eastern Cities I
We ca only say that this season Oar Stock i larger and
Hare Complete Finer Goods and Better Blade
We haro Succeeded in Getting a Grand Selection cf
Imported Worsteds and Cheviots I j
I Pantaloons Prince Albert Suits
0 Sack Suits and Cutaway Frock Suits iI ii i i i
In Different Color Ages from 4 yean ur prices are
Much Lower than Ever Before II
= = = = = =
We Call Special Attention to Parr Il to Loot at Our HcantlCul
And Different Styles Ages 21 lo 6 Years
T T A THC 7 Look at Our Parisian Styles I
HATS I I Excellent tha Finest Hats Best I
M and Correct Styles
ThJi ii a New Department with tit The Best MaVei art t bo Found i
with UK Including
i I L
0 i
Elclrcclyc Bloc J G1GJ cD 05 JTuin StSalt
t StScl Lake city
Z Tdi7 1
Charter Oak
Champion Monitor
i TflHES sun HINGES i r
II The Greatest Wonder of tho Ago 1 Stoves arc the j
Champion Monitor and tho VO > T3EKFUIj 5
iVin so A rn for for < ° QT Ain S
H ff
Manufactured If the Kicelslor Including JITR Co and Was Riser A Co
Ou PriC si LOW sti th mty
Uar Steel Bar Iron DrIve Tell Pipe Sheet Iron I
Barbed Wire Nails Etc ic j
Carpenters Tools I
1 i
Harness ami Harness TrininM
r We Guarantee Good Treatment Lowest Prices
1 6 vBBE Supt
Great Ec1Lleticrn
70 t iin itrect
We have Raiucsd Our Goods from 10 to 15 psr cent
Ch us 1 Call and Prose the Fact f
> obho < J < ir but Still Goods ulrrajs reliable > o IK Her wll l m JM market
pport HomeMinifMlurcit meaw Wealth rr iwntjasJ Progress
and will secure Indrpc > drncc to the commiinitr
Remember Our GROCERIES at 14 Main St 4
Are Sold Cheap stifle Cheapcal with Icetreamjiidie > lonfedlouelel i
TftftIIfflhIiIJIIIIIIfflUTHlfti r I
1FU R I 11 llTU t EK 1
HflftftflTflTFflTftftftfli r 1
The Largest and Finest Line in the West
I O < Wholesale e a e Specialty
By odds the Finest Line ever brought
to Utah including Genuine Wiltons
I Gobelin Moquettes Smiths Mo
quettes Body and Tapestry Brus i
sels Three Ply and Ingrains The J
Line Embraces Everything from I
19c toaOO per Yard
Such an Exquisite Line was never
before shown It varies from
12lc to 1000 per Roll
Competent Workmen for Paper Hanging and Decorating
37 to 431 First South St Salt Lake Glf

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