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Deseret evening news. (Great Salt Lake City [Utah]) 1867-1920, November 29, 1889, Image 3

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I c Ie = =
N otruibcrJ9ISS9
iurlhIIlS Escape
j utile boy ninieJ JohnirsViue
i mil < ux I years of age hat R mrnn
exijx from serious Injury Je ler
J Iy mornin Win a numifer bf I
iJnpanijirs In was witching tin I
l4 irith of the Ttwilj first Ward
Idlilg Club 01 the iuait and ar
raiob erTtu a large hole which
f I been elug out for the of
flg imrpcse o
i rrtsjiool and Inch hail been tern
JTriril coered fritli boards etc
> e fell through i space in the cov
in and went t the bottom of the
Kity a distance of twenty feet
sutance was speedilv rendered
and when nscued he
r <
Wl 11111
loand to hive
fnUld escaped with uothin
lore than 1 5 vere shaking
fto Sna Yokes Cominnj
night thcOpcra Hoii cheld a
le audience gathered t vhtnees
the frt Jierfonnauce of the Yokes
company Mr Felix Morns is the
leading nclor ind possesses market
Stlcnls in his hue Mr Thorpe am
M r hell are also good icton > tud
HID whole fonnai i S 1 Till selectee
Miss Voke w > i ared t t best ne
r ntape 1t i The Circus Rider
Her rendition of Margery lu
The Hough Diamond arerr WII less
fleeepfabe than that of others who
lave essayed the role here
Three electric lights in the dream
elicit during the time the curtain
wis down gavr the Opera Houe a
Onlliant appearance and add
sreitl t its attractitcness and
lit comfort of the audience
iiiit evening mother triple bil
lotwr bi
Hill b rendered consisting of
rocodiio Tears >
m French
rrio a com
cdieU My Milliners Kill cm in
wjuch noiuv ofces will sing His
Nrt was True to Toll and IA
Tautominie lichcarsal in which
ilie will glen the song all dance
TI tanc
The Bold Hobher
lllt < r ThC matinee
announced for tomorrow alternooi
will not has give and atruon nights
IM will be I nnl lt
hi wi related tomonxjwet
rltc mor even
ing This eunllg the curtain wll
rise at SJ3 oclock wi
A lluinltle Find
The bode of i httle babe was tls
Vered in Jhn flsli pond at the
rear of tin ChamberLMii
rr Hotel
Chambrbil on
Vedniiay ifternoon The jar
tieulirsof theJindiLg about
tinlicg are abut a
follows At was his custom Mr
Laslms went out co tli
ti pond to look
itter matlers nWjrU 1J J pm He
had been oi it the day before but had
iiotuva nothing TAils imo lie
WD to look for a pieee of plpmir
At he snsj the edge of the 11n1
he notiecd f wmetliin bite In the
water and on clonr cxinunatiou
found it t L the body of an infant
nnppedun in I white clothes He
w cnt after his pipe mil on
a ainlooked it the bod
Jok body He then
Went and called i number of his 1
len and at the same Umo tele
tme tde
j honed to the police Nation and to
ul t
coroner bout JilmOn
eec Chase came Uorn and soon af
nt 5n
ter Coroner
lltn appeared on the
scene In Hair presence a fish net
f >
was taken ind with it the remains
Here UMgged out of the water
i jury was summoned In the
smmone per
sons of Jinux ThomnKui 01IWrt U
JJelnap ant John C hanbep The
inquest r oj ued Rt 3 and lie
xauimation of the nnt tl
lxmlnaiou itnespcs as w ell
as the remains was proceeded e1
I aqMarS from the examInatIon
fIho t iou eXlullaton
1u > tint it ran full grown
iiiaI ful
child of
piile chit good roiwrtioii A
Kiudage had been pi iced tIghtly
irounet the at
ncunt stomach as If the unnat
ural mother had iir t iiiteiidetl unlat to
rare for the child The bod had
Ivin wrapi J In a white cloth fast
< lied together with safely pins To
tin cloth hal been tied i trick
ii hufi had etidentl hrik
hiI hal evidently been und for
the hl1Oee of sinking the body
This brick was old anti hood at some
time Ken used In u Mme
The body hal swolen building by
C contact with the water to such
f in cut that the lotlib had
lur > ted and this bad permitted > hal
hot float to tl top wi Ich caused
its liscover hen ltwas ihraged
in the Iohs tereoa and a i itchier
wasuseil m drawing in the cloth
whel the brick wa s found lobe the
weight which kept the IwaJlo at
the bottom The toUmoi was
taken und the verdic of the Jury
was rendcreil aee rding to the above
facts The
remains are now in the
ar lOW
Standard hinds of the undertaker Oyitcn 1 I
1olitual Xotes
The lighteenth ird juvenile
marchers Ir among tlie last disci
Illumed of any In the city Mr it
v Decker an old soldier has them
under training tlem
Tiru GuitarMaudoha Club will
meet for raetice tomorro wi
day evening at eight oclock
lirouipt at Colder music store A
full attendance i desired
= i
The City Guards were out estcr
ihay about IM strong they Paraded
through the priuciial hart of town
amid made a line hoving This
cavalry organization will L an ex
cellent fmture of the iarule and
the teivi fho that lucy Irue Ia lien
SPlendIdly drlt
The Twent first Vmurd Peoples
clubhid a Parade yesteJay and it
tera ald
waa fine itlair At the hen i of the
rotsion was the
Ir wa band which was
lolowcd bJ the president of the
t Inn the Stars
carrying 8tr and stripes
Next cUe the nnI8rJ
dr the command of Capt sW W
< alder Over 10 were in lne The
column panda throjsh the Tw en
Ueth and Tweutfirjt inK
The Liberals are going to in
rail tonight In
rI U view of tills Mr
Montz went t Iho major vctlerdav
i id asked him
to lake to
alt tke steps pn
eat any of the Peoples organiza
I ns from coaling out Jet lien
it ould b a collision Tho mayor
replied in effect that he did not
iiider it roiier to keep the peo
lle in their houses when lucy want
eti tocomeoutlieaceablx Thefctreets
were broad
bll enough to accom
modate them nnd even If Peoples
ilubswercou liitxperienceofover
wer o over
thirlriht I jeUb had taught him
that hey would
Interfere with
woult lutrferu no
o ie and if there 10
one ifher was al collision it
would b because the Liberals
tle Libr
aliout Welt out of theIr rny to bring i
The mayor however
there was not thc sshte danger of
atiy the action of < n luts Crowing out of
any fl club or
It melbl
The Peoples Scandinavian Club
hell a monster meeting In the Tlnr
f i
teeiitli Ward
tcnUl ar meeting house on
Wednealay night tim
WcnCly night room being
crowded to excess The
cwte exC prineinal
tjieakers were lCsr 1 O 11rinclpl
son and John Oberg The new
bra s band of the club which nun
lids twentyfour members and
of which Prof Anton Petersen
i < conductor made its frt public
rtppeannce and met with anen
tiiuiastlc receplion Although the
land has hien organized and in
Iinctice some two or three weeks
only i has during that short period
undergone a mot careful training
at the hands of Proftsnor Petersen
and on Wednesday evening the
highly creditable performances
loudly cheered All the Instruments
were supplied by ifessrs Coaller k
nelgrove of tins city tlielr cost
about IOOi been
IOI having Lu defrayed
by the generous donations of the
Scandinavian l > plc The cub itself
lias now a of Ujiwards
of he 30 and hue two companies of
marhIng club muster about
inn To
10 ° MlditioiiaI companies are
liortii lo Informed Bishop At ar
w J has KranttM lln Club the Use
w the
rhrlth mcetliii
use fur all ib future Ir 1lttlg 1
j Fever Patient Fiills from I Three
alec < Window
A young man named EdwIn
in Fames ngcel 20 years lot his life
a singular manner early jenlc
clay morning Until a fen days ago
ho was employed at Ito ng
House JJelng len down swIll
10n WII
phola t fever ho w ent to itop nt Ihe
hou e of James F WUlard of the
Tw cnty n rst Ward On the advIce
of friends he was removed t St
Maoa Hospital on Tuesday of lt
week The
window of his roon
on the third for of thc buildluj
had I > ceu left ojien t admit fresh
air Late on Wednesday night
or early yesterday morning he was
found on the ground Immediately
under the window quite dead ii
was evident that he liaJ left hIs
bed he was while ufleribg delirious from from the malad
furclb frm approached
the aindoa and fallen out
Deceased was formerly a rent
of Jxicnii and is the son of Edwin
inJ llizn Tames of nth place
Notice of Ihe accident was for
warded to them b3 telegraph
VJfaitliful Teheran 1assci to m
I is rare that Death lays luau and
upon one who without specia
olliclll position in the Church wn I
so widely known I crwually or by
reputation as talher John Lou
who departed Uiis life soon after
a m yeitenlaj Thanksgiving I > iy
Xovembcr2Sth at his residence In
the Twentieth Ward of huts eity
John Lyon was bom In f lnsgow
Scotland on thc 4th oOfarch Is
s tai his age at death was SO year I
and nearly nine months lie was
thc son of Thomas and Janet Me
Arthur Lyon of a somewhat ell
turcel jet hardy stack nitH R gen
emily belongs to tbu race ayont the
The early history of his pro
gcillore is oomenlinc Involved
in obscurity notw itlistandiug
lie Scottish mctliiti bf con
tinuous nCitrsUun In lie
toils aftd Struggle of early semi or
complete I orphinace he exiiibi
ted that drift towards iutelleclu
nl purul which wrs evilunll
hereditarjiiHhougli i found none of
those opportunities which come
from nhools and disposition alone
in the midst of grinding poverty
enabled tho little felo Jnr
acquire from such resources a he
could reach hue thirst for learning
and advancement The routine of
elfcducalion enabled the unllring
worker to achieve quite a Jerry
reputation In early le the local
lrse publishing man of his original
efforts until finally an engagement
upon Icl Iiper give him that
settled lllerary taSte which contin
ued almost up t the close of n long
and well marked life Like most of
ins country men young Lon was
early imbued will Presbj m
in fad it was uultu the blood but
lie discipline and training of
newspaper not tuulruquently life i then bud to ns Indifler now
euee If not to actual eeepticism in
regard to many things deemed religious
gious ThIs final Iue was pre
sented in lila case 1 hJ the reaching
of a then famous ind zealous Elder
of the Mormon nmrehWm GiU
son John loon had at that time
been married t Janet Thon1 u sev
eral Jeirs inJ a little family was
the result when his acceptance of
the Gospel transpired His lai turn
look plate on the rIttof March
1611 at Kilmarnock Ajr hirc I arid
in April following lie was or
dained an Eider auJnpiiointed to
I reside over lteih ntJII branch i
tubsetiuciiUi he was called out as n i
traveling Elder I After laboring in I
that cajacitj for some lime
he was apjolutenl President
of the Worcestershire Kng
land Conference This mission I
was a trying one for himself and
family for no rvgtilar salary fell to
hem as a preventive against pov
erti audalUictiou This i laborcon
n inued for thiee year during hicli
dhll ll
timne I absence three of his children
died amI consequent release was
was followed bj ippoiutnient to
preside over the Glasgow conference
In 1852 her he continued one
year anti then was released to gath
er t Utah
As an interesting fact of the trip
CartDavid Ilrawnauduearly llthe
crew of the ship Jntcrnalvtnut were
baptized Brother 1yon and his
I airHi left Glasgow February bill
lSo3 nut nsieiieil Salt Lake City
September Glh of the same 3 cr
One Of his list acts prior to leaving
his native land was lie donation of
his C Poems to b pulililicd for
the bcnefitof Ien > etualEmlcn
lon Fund The hook was published
In Liverpool In 15 and thousands
of copies are to lie found scat
ered through the homea of Utah
Several hymns in that collection are
In continuous us in the congregi
ton of the Sint1 being partof the
general hymn book of the Church
Three years after his arrival In the
villey hue married Caroline Ilelland
Elder Ion was the father of 12
children by his first wife Five of
thc survive him alt b3 his
second wife he had seven children
mind these are all living t lanient
the death of their progenitor who
death is the frt one in the family
for near thirty yeses His grand
children number 19 and
chidrn aUI his great
ruidchii < lren lixingaud dead arc
31 S that Father Lyon was a
nctical itriarch and
lrclcalltrbreh an was Indeed
on lined t that posillon and olllce
on the 7th of May 152 rrr > ideiit
Eion oodrua being voice on lint oec
Mother Lon t whom the de
ceased was mnrrieii 1 ixty four years
ago still survives although very
tble and pnrliall3 blind Slur is
he special charge of her daughter
Mr Ijillnn Statues whore deO
ton t her filher and mother is a
fitting If not the bat l > ossibli 1
lluMrniion of that fidelity and cart
parents that Ko fuii3 enjoined
In thatsicred rehlionsliip a inctil
ciled in the Gosiiel of Jesus Christ
Iatlur loon was i lr to man
n all re liects honest brave Intel
igenl and full of testimoii3 to the
ruth if opportunities outside or or
early poverty and struggle in lie
Church could have I f him he
light hive stumbled but he
wn steadfast and everywhere
reliable For over thirty years
he had charge of the Endow
ment House enjoyed his religion
and attended his meetings near t
the di3 of his death Strength de
ciston and devotion were his char
cteri ° tic and hits honor and lion
estv wereofilmotphenomenaltype
et werohlmot phenoment
His departure full of years invokes
more ali faclioa than regret for he
f ought the good light Crt the
alth he has finQicd his course
amI he is entitled t his crown
In the leaving of his aged partners
the 8 suggestion in i one of
his fugitive erR unpublished
rae hip h mpvg oe thc > U
Te u ater sects the ttrand
While I am far removed from titer
rthennieen rint lart f
We 11 met together yet
Where the an hall never tt
With a iroJeome or roar band
I nd a lore without rexrct
The funeral tlc will b con
dued nUt a on Sunday in the
TwentIeth War Meeting Hous
Millennial Star please
eo copy
JIm Prison
Today Jesse B Martin of Scipio
Millard County emerged from tho
penitentIary > where lie has been
confined for living with his wives
He was sentenced
fntenc by JuJge Judd to
a fifty days term
A mVATE dlspalch from Mr 1
V Gibson Sew York stales hunt a
mall company of who
tmal < Ipny immigrants tho
crossed lie Atlantic on the S S
Vet ada ka that point on Wednee I
Iny for Utah They ought t reach
her 01 Tuay or WedniHlaj of
let w eek
j Hninau DOll 3Iansleel by a
IU u 1 M Train
At two oclock 3 cttenhy moral n
the reinnlnh of a man were hrught
t this c1 and an inquest lucId
yesterday h Coroner Late
ycrat Clrbcr Taylor Lt
cdLcidaJ aigllt about three miles
south oflue city the incoming H
G Western rain truck the body of
a man 13 ing on tlo track and
dragged it about hal n block nun
ling the body E lint I was beyond
At the Inquest yesterday the
jurors were EdwIn Johnson W It
to ler and Ocnr Wells I is sup
posed the lale of IhcdecenViI 1 was
F LoW ant that I lie > erson to
whom the evIdence about llie ma
in Margvlls saloon rehtes
C W Sprint was called as a wit
ness and ft i fitti One day las
week deceased como into Margetts
saloon and o directions t lie
Warm Springs I directed him and
lie went away IleforegoliiK how
ever he asked if he might leave a
bundle with me I told him lie
might do r nUll he lImits went
awiy He > Vft sn American I
think hd wore a moustache HI
liair was slightly gray and I shoult
fudge him t b about 13 or 11 years
uf c The bundle be left wa
wrapped up in brown paper aud a
round wookn cap was lIIJ on l topo I
it I did not examine the parcel
He Denied to bo a calmer Intelligent
mal of slender build weighing
robabl3 HO pond The hotly
is 5 mangled that I could lined
I ray i was IbM I of lie
nan senD came into the saloon hut
I t an pretty certain It Is lht same
The bundle remained there al
week but was called for Wedncs
day morning bv a young man who
described the harcel and nil that i
contained IIu aid he had been
wnt for the parcel by the man who
nd left i lucre and il was given
to him
C E Schermcr estlfmedI am
ugiuceron train XoI Itio Grande
Western i and vas cominr wet at
about three miles l southof Salt Lake
when we ran into thc deceased 1
lad InptlU lou the road crossIng
when t felt the engine going over
something I stopped the main amid
rot down where 1 found the man
under thu pilot here lie had l > cen
Rhn1 fur t mO iiimee TI
train was three hours I late anil
lei were Imaking about thIrty
miles an hour The wheels did not
go over him The mariner II
vhlchhehad been caught indicated
t mo that he haul been lyIng I e
ween the narrow uage amid the
iroadguage rails Tie body wis
cold and those who saw him said
he was never killed by the engine i
He smelled very strongly of liquor
I lie man hind been walklugon the
rack I would have hen an easy
natlcr for me t hare scemi him
We passed a passenger train before
re reached the piint where we
struck the man and which would
live passed where he was found at
about lI Them was no blood on
he engine and the body was not
bleeding Had lie been alive w hen
we struck him his hands would
haT bCcU warm He hat some
blankets which had been rolled
long with him The body was not
trapped up in the blankets I do
lot think the body was ilngged
over 0 yards
Arthur bprmgall the fireman on
he train corroborated tie testImony
of the engineer
Mark Wilton testified I nUn br
keeper at MarsetU i Wet First
South The mal who called for the
undle was a oung ole light com
Icxion about five feet cix inches
ughrather lirond t I would know
dm again I I saw him I made
him describe the contents of the
lundli before I give It to him He
said the old mal hid sent him for
the clothe tint he had got a Job on
the railway There was a cilrof
mien brown overalls anti a shirt The
hacksge w vnpl > cd in a news
the verdict was lint the dennscd
came to his death from unknown
came but Ino iiniablv from being
run over by n II G Wtratn
To irand Juiic
A tragedy was emcted within the
imiLs of our city on Saturday eel
ing that humus Chocked the inhabitants
Into si > ccchles horror The par
icilars swill be fuund elcwhere in
this Ire of the Saitvicl I Is
scarcely two months ago since Far
Icy McFarlane was sent home I > 3
the grndju of Irovo who eloise
t ignore a well siilttinlnled charge
of assault with intent to kill
Whether i vas proeluceil l
f ire the grand Jury or not evl
enca was not licking to prove
that he had conteniplaled the Ire
hf our quiet i amid unassuming jet
raveintl Y It Counl3 Sficnir
Jens P Larsen prior to the eve
nllg on which he th shoot him
while the olllccr was trying to irret
him for breaking a cit3 crJinanci
That McFarhne did not kill Larsen
was simply got luck The loll
utered the left shoulder at a point
wherh a slight variation in one
dIrection would hive mised Mr
jreen altogether amid as little dif
erencc on the other sjde would
have caused instant ilcitli After
the gm man had timcto obcrup
he said himself that he thought n
ew years behind the prison l bars 1
would perhaps do him good and
had certainly made up his ailed tory
Pay the penalty of his eriminal attempt
tempt and he eecmcd to be as much
surprised as anybody when he was
set at liberty There was a strong
fueling of indignation among the
citizens of Macli alt time opinion
ins openly I expressed tint private
nil ue nee and money had been used
II I his behalf but it vt as leer made
mte clear as to whom the money
wa given orwhoc influence was
isjKjnsilile for reluming the reek
less shooter to Month I that man
hives who u ed his influence lo suih
an endIf there Is an j one who took
moneor prostituted hl olcil trust
to pnvate favor w ilk up gentle
nen t the City Hal and lookujon
sour handIwork There lyIng sill
and stark arc the bodies of the Ie
tInts of a cowardly and brutal a
murder as ever disgraced an infidel
mining camp Jttest are thit b
ye one or twelve you will notstanJ
guiltless befure the judgment bar of
God Because of the strong public
condemnation of the nesnsaet and
the course the grand jury less taken
lu the mater te < < ncfwassiIent
not desiring to fan into a flame
lie smouldering feelings I of
illfh il J agcre
vebnvidoon theone side gf7
Jury and Injustice on the other
eeming it best in this case to fub
nit t the decree In silence though
bitterly unjust
The man McFarlane I not ut
terly devoid of good and we hoped
sell his friend that the hop
would b sufficiently vivid t pre
ent such outbreaks in future but
isped as tlicsequcl proved in vaIn
The shooting of a Mormon officer
was not much of a sin in the eyes of
thor tw elve good men and true
but since his second escapade has
been the shooting of two employee
of a powerful corporation we feel
1 H
ssumi that he will salter the full
penalty the I law Better would
It have been for his worse than wid
owe wife his worse inn orphaned
children his gray haired honorable
father for the criminal himself if
the law had dealt jusll3 by the p
Ile and punished Pre McFarlane
for Icl the July altcmpt Jonfo Senti i
Held lo Answer
Receiver Dyer has received D
thee that one of the parties arrested
brsteahng Church sheep has been
committee t jail in Evanston in
eiiultof SiOOObail The others arrested II
rested have been discharged
F are rue to announce
tat the curtain this evening in
lie Grand Opera House will not I
e untill S TO Those who wish to
see Roles Yokes willjoveni Ihem
selves ar < r ing I
Items of Interest dalhcrcd In the
Garden City
iroa oar Special Correspondent
TIme I police lila morning arrested
some juvenile disturbers of ho
peace Mir making n noIse outsIde
the Methodist Churl Sunday eve
ning Law yer M M Kellogg swore
out the complaint
McFarlane assassin of the two
members of the It G W surveyIng
part at Mantl Saturday night or
rived her on the Utah Central ex
> ress from the couth at 115 this af
lernoon heavIly Ironed He wIll
have nn examination before Com
mIssioner 1IJII tomorrow Public
Indignation runs high agaInst him
The man hall whom t wrote
you as having escaped from lie
Seblk Stte lru lu January
lIt I caged In the county Jail
her and will rulu so until lion
Hopkins warden thegtatepmon
It b tioll
at Lincoln Nib arrives for him
I vMled hInt In jai today and had
a lengthy conversation wIth him
The story he tel of the crime for
which he I under a life sentence Is i
nj follow JDuur IS2 Hal
Had cuargeof a large store and stag
line at Oauiii Clark on Isorti
Ilatte hirer jsebraska for the firm
of Glltert fealsbury Co He had
a number of men In hIs employ
among whom was one uamct
Schle ie On the 3rd of Janu
ary ball returned from a length
rip In the Interest of his linn
laving left hits man Schlegle in
cliarge He found mater in n
very unsatisfactory condition on Ill
return and the two had a quarrel
over sonic money ten in Hal
absence Hall was seated at his
desk turiu tlie quarrel and while
lul is baek eras timed In the net of
takIng a lamp from a bracket on hubs
ell and Mlting I on the desk lum
front of him bchlegle grabbed lib
Hill pilol laying on the desk
and snapped it at him twice They
cullled Hall trying t wrench the
dslol from hint Schleglo levelei
Jt at him again but Hail graspee
his writ and turned the weapon or
ejilegle and fired The ball entered
Schlcgles right temple and he fell
Hal Immediately tdoutforSydne
on lie line of the Union Pacific and
gave himself up He made no
tatementas to the thootlnjjouly to
attorneys Ji ease cme on for
trial at an a rate tenn of court
ou account of Iherebelugthrecmur
der cases on tint docket besides lib
own which was a very heavy crim
I na calendar for a small place like
Sydney Col John W btrong of
t Joe MLsouri editor of the tt
Joe Jcrad at that time was engaged
aged as lending counsel for the de
ndint At the coroners Inquest
the pistol w as produced and the two
cartridges found in the barrel hear
ug evidence of tlielr having been
lapjied As the defendants coun
sel fuund It iniioMible to get a saIls
factory Jury they advicd him 1 to
itlead guilty to murder In the
ccond den with Iheundersland
ug that he would not get over ten
years imprisonment and that they
would secure executive clemcnc in
a verj short time Ho did so but
Judge Gaslin entenced him to Im
risonmcnt for life Oh the fifth of
Altril 652 he was taken to the
State prison at Lincoln Nebraska
amid commenced upon his term
Her he worked himself upuntil he
ns made bookkeeper for the ten
male bkklpr te
ern Manuficluring Company He
oiitinucd to receiVeadditional promotion
motion until finilly he was made
clerk of the prison He then
lad comparative from liar
lug charge of the records all
everytiihmug else At tills time
there were 273 comicU the
On the evening of January 5 lIST
he conceited the Idea of escaping
ThIs acton wasdoublie 8 tlc result
cf mental aberration Hal having
ln at the nolum it Lincoln for
seven month ju t prior t the shot
hug The ilay after the escape he
regretted his action exceeding and
hu his been in trouble oer the ut
ter ever since Mncc he has been
at liberty he hasendcivored to live
square wlli the world and has held
rood posilion ill of which he has
hilled with CUt Hut he could net
main long In any one place wIth
out running across former inmates
of the prison I was on account of
neeting a fellow coniet a few
lonlhs tlc tint his former Identit
was discovered
Xovimber 26 1SSO
calli of Its Julia Y Burton
On Wedmtday last I was stated
I the = that a private cable
gram from Brother Clinches S Hur
on had bet n received mtatiumg that
au oj ntloii had been jierfonued n
irmingham Lnglaud lon his
wife Mr Julia V Ilurton and
that the Doctor gave strong hopes of
recovery This rooming the pic
nure caused bJ the wi Iconic tH
IUD vas di ipaled bJ another
kpatch couveing the nd
h itelllgciirc that the lady
swas in n critical condition
rhuls was followed hmy another n
celved by Jewh S Hills l > q
lIT ttl ll
which stated that Mr liurton haul
ofMtl away and that her husband
OiiIJ leave England for home by i
tomorrow vanicr which will call from port
Tho news of tho death of one r
mible good and liclovcii will
cause n great hock to tlie friends of
lie deceased and liuban I who are
a host J is impossible for one
acquaInted with Mrsurton to think
of her without emotion She had
been nllllcled for rarsind bore her
sulThrlrmga with phenomenal fa I
elict The deepest mympatiy will
he fet for the mptl ml
Ils tip t KurojH was solely I the
bolo obtaining aid for his wife
No one could have been more soli
citous for his i rtner in life than lie
iis bet every means Ilhlii reach
that hat in I a prefect or proba
hthiity of relief for her havIng been
ied Now his last effort has failed
and he returns with the lifeless r
mains of his wife that her body
mar b interred in the hOle of her
kIndred and friend
Go blcs the melol of this ten
der hearted woman
Thud District Condo
Third Ditrlct Court proceedings
before Judge Zone today
Ill the case of L 1 Itaiinigirtcn
s JJias II Parsons in which
Judgment for SMO was given plain
ph winty days tay was allowed
o file statement and motion for a
nest trial
Sarah hoe vs Tb0 Snare c
at ten das additional time al
owcd to file notice and motion
lowe t Je notc nnt moton
for new trial
Wm Strong v s Elijah Sells ow
ing to death of the plaintitr te
case a passed for the present
The People vs fhomas 51
Huchcf indicted for murder on
ol I ti L r
motion of Mr Dicksoii ball I was
fixed at 3000
Henry Moore 8 D k H G
W fly C suit for 3000 for dam
ages Milained by the plaintlfl who
was Injured at Green Illver while
altng a brakeman trial before a
Jury in progress
At SG 1 rica csa an Xtc 28 IlS3
Oaf h al LM TJU Mir
din l a Iaif
jTt eu D I
uccor i a IE 1
OISRJI j = 5 I
1 I >
sLciuy ail 15 tZiiiht ciear
lieieal it mi I Cieat
Wubkte ss H w Lght CU
JJW Ci w A Coc
Eor htrlueuTeleDhOna C allL m
LInil n
SLClr Olon 2 I E LlgtumICeie I
8mocku0D 1 J w Ciear
titaciaa Cain rtcc
rarkcuq U camailCmror 1
cross H Calm Gear
tmia I I C3ear
tilt Lake Cllj naroiaeter COJl
p I tiTZXEICCSer Ipa Core
The Decision
The decision of Judge Anderson
ontho cligltilltyjot Mormons for
citizenship was not ready thIs
morning but tho Judge announces
that I i would be deli vcreel tomorrow
Railroad Party
This afternoon we revolved a
pleasant call from Gel Daniel
Esq general passenger agent of the
Sew York Central k Hudson Itlve
Bn at Grand Central station Xcw
York lids with a party of repre
lenlativcsofthc VandcrUlt cysien
who hare been on a visit t lie Pa
clfic Cot They o nov on the
return trip and have stopped over
ulttrf b
at Salt take City today Time
oilier mtmberi of tho ccsnpnny are
W B Jerome General Western
Passenger Agent 07 Clark Stet
eugr Boston A Albany flail
real A S Hanson General
PaseiiRer Agent Bottom 5Iaf
LaIn I bhore r Michigan Southern
Itailnay J SmltlijCeneral Pas
fuger Agent ClevelanJ Ohio
C K Wilber Western ID
cncer Agent Chicago Illinois
O U Buggies Generla Passenger
AcenL Chlcaco Ill 1 I1 MtiTar
Veutera P cnreAgent Chicago
I 111 J Cleveland Cincinnati Chcig
t Ixmis Hallway u Bic Four
D l Martin General 1astenp
Ageht t Cincinnati Ohio W F
inyder General Western Agent
Slyer Department St IxiuL
Me4Vm BaldwIn Pacific Coast
Agent Vnnderbllt System of Rollways I
way Bin FrancIsco Cal
roli Hems
M Barnard was today convIcted
disturbing the peace amid WI
t ab 3
Arthur Kirk for lattery paU a
tne ofIO
Joseph Hupp Win hawks Clar
enc Hoagland Roy Wet Car
Vrst l John Anderson ant James
uderton byS frt seven t
twelve years dgeplnded guilt
toy to breaking l ewer jlpes and
re to b sentenced on Monday
The boys did not fem to malice the
dame hwy were doing buy I break
log tho pipe
John tckcrt and Robert Taylor
were arraigned and pleaded not
guilty to a charge of larceny
Thomas Hubbard William Ollll
Inn and Edward hire vere fined
3 each for being drunk
David Warner left 20 for secur
for his ippcarancu to answer to
hue charge I of being drunk and lt
orderly He did not appear and
thin 1 amount was forfeileO I
DanW CrofTplcided not guilty to
a charge of larceny and i to b
trIed tomorrow afternoon
A J Walker pleaded guilty to
vagrancy and lenience was sus
pended I being fchoxv that he vra
unfortunate in not gettIng work
and tramp did not belong to the genus
lAtt > E Notetnlt r I7lb hi In the I
levenlh War of this cltj Uwin Jo < epli
Lr Fame born Aogcit T 1 < < 3 la
London England
Tbe funeral aid b lucid at 1 clock tomorrow
morrow Irom J 1 IVcllanl a residence S3
Ii Elrtct Twenty fln d
svimust Cal Idaho November
into Anna 0 UloieJ wlr of rank o
scimi and dacjbcr ot Chrlitopher and
taaa DIehL
anent from reddened ot parenu So
ma e Feeond Sloth Street next Sunday
1 clock run
ncvx Died at hens residence at
nearer lisa Box Elder Coantj Uetrey
title M anl on the UUi of Novemer IfeJ at
old age Sally Barker Iinnu fter i astinit
irocKn ooe or mite Irdhlr in rotnmon
with the Latterday Saints at Naaroo she
came t Sail Uke alley Miewa aeJ SI
year > 9 menuS and M itijf and died la the
faith ot the new an I cvf rliilmj eorenant
EV NS November tth IsiS at i I Im
at thc reuidcaee of the loin D LuViel Je
in tbe Twenty < econ 1 n anl Salt Lake Lily
ale ImctrloR Uejt of tbreo jeano
onfuroplion l > atid L ion at John Iand i
Iiiabeth ETa > aged 25 yean I montbi
and I iin otkc of funeral hereafter I
JtiUmmt SIIr and Olaf ow paperi
IJeoe copy I
kLLunAt Salt rake City November I
ma of pneumonia thai widow of George I
ellar In the tevcnty Brit year of her ao i
Fnceral terrOrs will b held in the First
ward meeting Sonic at I Im Sanday
Friend < are re1ecufatly Invited
Gcrrnrii In the Tenth Vard tbi cUr
= ovcmUr tb 1 A at 1 3 rm alter a
eknect of foal weekc of covamption
Ua Grether aged W yean 9 moat and
dayf Iiceea ed was bronrht to Ltan by
Tot lark and leaves a Kirrow stricken
iniband and four mail ebil len to mourn
Funeral icrvlcea will take place In the
TeamS Ward meetioi hoe on Sunday
mmendng all 0 am
umammatttyehiJuat County Crab
ovember Elb Ernest Bailey on of L A
alley aiccd 3 reare l > erea > ed wa > an nn
aaly bright child and exhibited Inlelll
genes beyond fell yean Much rympathy U
felt for the bereaved taaiiiyCoii
IUTC1L In tbeSixteenlh War Note
rrrth of diphtheria Abram ArcLie ion
01 Abram and Ida Hatch ased 1 yearn J
monlh and 10 daye
Spirit Jlnlllim
Jorgcn Knudsen Spiritualistic
ediuni will hold meetings in
emple of Honor Hall FrIday amid
Saturday DccC9 and TO amid Mon
day Dec J MeetIng aU S ocloek
Ill I m AdmIssIon tree dU
WorklDCnirnx Clothing More
Having established a reputation
for honesty nliablllty and fiir
tmllg wear now prepared to offer
to the public great bargains in Mens
Joys and Childrens Clothing
urnishlng Goods Ort etc
Call and examine our new and
mplele stock and b convinced
that our prices are 10 per cent lower
than any other houfe In town
53 w First South St
Iark TI
Tle choice addition on tho slope
of the East Ilcnch adjoining the
home of LeGrand Young RI The
cheapest and lt loU in the market
J H Yon a and
d 201 MaIn Street
Rug Linoleums Curtains
nExtrndedPopuIarItr BKOVVNS
many years been the most popular
article In use for relieving coughs
and throat troubles
Tlir Lute Ont
A Dally Through Car Service has
been > established by lie Chicago
Union Pacific k XorthWestern
LIne between Saa Francisco Port
and and Chicago via Council Bluff
thu offering to the public facilities
not given by any oilier line Tlie
Irnitcd Fast Mall which runs
ally between ho above points ev
es theOrertandarf Jcn a limited
rl Jlaalmko
umber of firstclavs pawengers
wIthout extra charge and is com
peted of Pullman eytlbulcd Sleep
is San Francisco t Chicago via
Council Bluff Pullman VestIbule
Sleepers and Pullman Dining Cars
Portland to Chicago via o c
This is another Indication tat the
Union Pacific desirous of meeting
the requirements of the people F
InformatIon in regard t this and
other trains on this line apply to J
n Kirkland General Agent No I
Montgomery 8t San Francisco or
E L Loraar General Passenger
Agent Omaha Xeb deed
nncUlcn trnlca Halvr
Tnt BcsrSAivrln thus world for
Ct llrukcp bores Ulcers SaIl
Rheurn Fever Sons Titter Chap
pod Hands ChllbUitu Corns arid
all SIlo Eruptions amid positively
cures Piles or no pay required It
I s guaranteed to give perfect satis
ictiouor money refunded Price
Swill 21 cents per Cu lox Fo tale by A C
1 tnrU
I hereby Inform my customer
and the public that I have conclude
to retire from business nt the expire
ion of lie lease of my < Jr and
dispose of stock ou hand lhaukin
you for post favorr
My stores will b closed on the
4th and 2jth for the purpose of
marking down prices Closing out
MIl with reduced price com
mences on the 2Gtli Inst and hope
everybody will avail themselves of
thu great opportunity offered
It Coiuiiinto
Wa itch Building
dtf 205 2uT all El
Ogden Jlepnrlinrnl
flue J FVV a can now b had every
evening at S H pm at the new
bland of lie Union Depot or at the
Ogden Xevfrs llot 331 Twenty
fourth Street I ftw doors t t of the
Pot Ofllce also from Dalton Xv
Cannon Main Sid or it will l
delivered ityourre > ldencetlruFame
evening by nppliing t Mr Scot
Anderson > Es agent In Ogden
The bet rrgulalorof dIgestive
organs also bet appetizer known Is i
Ango ura Hitlers the genuine of
druggists Dr J G B fciegert i Sons At mill
Eaten Pacific Litiiil
Utah heal Estate and Invest
ments C IL WASTI ASD Agent
JM1 b Main feL Salt Ijke Clly dt
trN Nr 4t
We have jut received a or load
of Fresh GraiHSeed
JtAllin A SONS
Opposite Pot Office
O I flue
StIll continue to carry on business
aR Florist at 240 w Third South St
ForT n AmotiElllie Indlnn
Is the title of a highly InterestIng
work ofKM pages which will shortly
he ifeUcd from the press It con
abuts the thrilling experiences of
Daniel 1 W Joiua among the nili CD
of this laud and exhibits nesny mar
clous pruxidences of God in his be
CanvassIng agent will visit short
ly the different Waros and Stnk of
ZIon dlf
For lime Lock side or elicit Use
lillohs 1orous lta ter Priced
cents I
COUGH iiooiiMiCoLaii and
Bronchltl are immediate nliered
ls Shiloh Cur 1 I
t ft II
I U ov
make thcmSIS for BestGioves
I town for SI00 II ji 1imia
SltlLOlla VITAT lElt Is what you
eed for con lIl11ltlon less of oppe
tIle dizziness and all symptoms of
dysriemela Jriec 10 and 7S cent
per bottle 1
Silicons Count auJ consuinp
lion cure is told by uxon a gunman
tlC It cures con umpllun 1
TRue Indlnn
Dr C XeLxonGi E Second South I
treet wants everbotll to knots that
he ha a remedy to cure coughs
colds asthma ansI all diseases of the
roatanl luiir1 and he is I willing
to guarantee it All ufferers ire
nvited Consultntion free d
ALL kinds ot oluep Dip for File
at PA i MIA > E >
Ilrllrr Tlinii A Hot uioiinilr
In a rent article In the Yuulht
anjximun on How t cure a
cold the wrIter advises a hot
lemonade to be taken nt b time
n Is a dangerous treatment c ic
lally during the severe cold weather
of the winter months as it opens the
ports of the skin nnd leaves the
system in such condition Ihitanoth
er and much more severe colt is
almoot certain to b contracted
Mamuy years constant me and the
experience thouiands of jier ono
uf nil age his fully demonstrated
that there Is I nuthing better fur a
ve re cold than Chamberlnln
oughHemedv n acts In perfect
larmonj with nature relieves the
lungs iKjuifies the tough tenacious
MUCUS mtking it easier t expec
locate omit restores the exp
strong and hualthv condition Fifty
cut botlles for vale by 7 C M 1
drug dept
rulh Cout
Sells ill wool shawls at To c
lied Comforter large MzeOOe lach
law Silk Table Coversworth 1JS
for 75c
Soys Pant nOc lo SOc cacli
I gal keg Pickles SI Ij
21 > larsofSonpI
Boys wool Waists worth clCo for
JfAKK Xo MisTAlvJ If you
have mate your mind up to buy
Itoouhs tpoparllla do not l > u iii
uccd to buy l any other Hoods
Niraarilla is a > veuliar melicine
lossoslng h l i virtue of IU peculiar I
mbinalion proportion and prepar
loncurnllvc wer superior to
aton < rtTe ller fuIror any
oIlier article of the kind before the
icople For all aHeflions arIsIng
from impure blood or low stile of
lie cyttem it Is uneijualled Be
Hr to get Jot 5
Dr Inole in Sail Lake CIT
DR IL B Kexrrr Sit author of
uillatm lIomeTnIkMedicnl Com
mon Sens fccience in btoij
et of 120 Lexington avenue > ew
York who humus given his undivided
telitlon for over llilrtj five
atentou ovr thlrfu years
to tlie tnilment diflieult and t > ui >
nsed incurable chronic diMaMf t
at thefcpcncer Iou o north wing
So i > 2 First kAi street between
xrond and Third South slrceLiSalt
Lake City flue Doctor It her
more with a vie wlo rest and change
of climate for 1 brie season limn for
irofessional luiliie but having in
TLili and nciglilorlng States nnd
rrltinfslilinilrpffi nf neltlpntn find
orrcspoudents he will l fora limited I I
If I
= eh
tIme devote the hours from 9 until
12 m and from 2 until 1 4 p m on
londs s Wednesdiys and fcntur
days to recclviii the calls I of lie
sick or use who may desire I his
advIce Dr Foote L too well known
othc citizens of Utah and the pb
generally to requIre lie publl
cation of leslimonfals but Iru any
ole wWics cnilorenicnts of hubs na
lure they will 0 liberally supplied
at the Doctors rooms Xo char
for conxultation not exceeding
twent minutes invanu may con
sult bv Idler
mike it lCk
Mr T A Deroven merchant
Deroven Louisiana sajs The
St Patricks Pills went like hot
cakes Their gentle acton and
reliability as n cathartic is what
makes them popular For sale by
X C M er dept
PnrU Ity
ne sureand take the short line t
Park CIby via 81 4 KIty Train
leave lie D 4 K G Depot at
10am dtf
The I proprietor of tlys Cream
ltl aC
Balm do not elalm t to be a cure
all but i sure remedy for catarrh
colds In lie head and hay fever I
is not a liquid cr a snuff but is easily
applied Into the nostrils I gives
relief nt once
Snerlnl Sell no I 3lrrtlns
A special meeting of the taxpay
ers of School District Xo I bait
Lake County i hereby called for
Friday evening November 29th
1S59 nt 7 30 nt the School Hous of
said City district First Ward Salt Lake
The object of the meeting Is to
consider a proposition to exchange
tlie present school site for a more
suitable one to consider whether
a lax of two 21 per cent shall b
levied or not for the purpose of
erecting a commodious school hoe
for tlie district anil lie furnishing
the same with all the applIances required
quired and also for the transactIon
of any other business tat may
come up before the meeting
Trustees School District Xo I
Salt Lake City Xov 15 1559
Why continue tlieuraofirEritalin
powders snuffs or liquids lyfg
Cream Balm pleasant of application
and a sure cure for catarrh mind cold
In the head can be had for 5 His
ra Ily applied Into the nostrils i
cafe and pleasant and 4s curing Ibe
Ee ludll ant
at most once obstInate mC I gives relief
rUblo es
Boys and Girls Stockings home
made nil wool lIe per pIr worth
3 Mens homemade Hose Mc
t c per pain Ladles solid black
wool Ho e JOc per pair worth dOe
om > osile Clly Hal for Tin Roofing
Guttering SpoutIng Stoves amid
Tinware etc
TU Lqtlltablp oor
Sells yaM wide SheetIng at Sic
Bed mixed Flannel lOc
Brown Canton flannel 6c
nrltl JumJ fer
All kinds of Send Hand House
hold CootS 157 I First K
THE Lost place in town t get a
Go Homecooked Dinner for 2
cents Is nJA3ILS Restaurant
Ill s Main tnt
liItmuiee tend Fn banIDeDI
Maud had a fine Crnre good face and
nrettr name One honl < I < J at a tl
naDer W ben abc teiTAn lo talkyou realnct
that she came ao so zone T Ur
LIL hreatb ass salute the trf nhy the
acinune at Cu11 cicG
LI s
itealotiucSores J
utesiore use n5
N ° tjse
Tr the Cure HAYF VER
0 particle U applied Uto each coast and
nayre al > Ic 1nco ta edits SI itaugusta
3T mall rrrlftrrrtl A rent
nay tmmunuilamssiwrenCtXcToeh
on rijtht thigh
one old pinto IIOIZ II branded X on
nthttWjb foarwhiti leetHblie fare
II the above de > crtt > e I antraili are not
laimedand taken aivay on or before iJeeem
her Iltb lx9 they will lo amid at public
undo at the Cumy Eus lonnt Oh
unison Square to the Mjtbcst reiponulu
Indder at pm
City usuanulkeepor
Salt Lale Cltf NOT a > iso
lisa bat J en New STOCK of
At 25 ie South Temple S
ESi7He Is alio antboriied by the lame Lf
0 mse so pay anti ecCeet an dota ot
tht said Corporation
Who iarieei haa foe aan in the yrori ureeamt had hi kat
WIIIES UK occuriu
Front Kooms 12 and 3 FIrst Floor
S t the Entr Boy t te TO
t the ncT lUI dir
Premiums of 35001Tered for Plans
fruit errs COUNCH ot 5IT LOOt
L CumyaattmueCouatyCotetofbitttshe I
Coanty aj roll Lull Territory will pir remlamf
For tbelxil plin ot a Joint City and
County Iliildlc HM O
For mite teconct Lett plan too to
rime relative menu ol the plan mkmUteJ 10
b determined I j the bunt rommilleo ap
pointed by 011 eiiy eoaal aol canny
car SI Ladln 1010 1 oeoued on the
ertr or rursi south and Sirsi East
a treeu tt I Salt into ear I tab fronting
norlhlJOttct andne 10 ret to be mite
ttorici an 1 Iiaiement with neceuarr ele
caloraiaulto Saul molrr mnitemcnaeaim
to eon not eiceedin IUOC00 plan to be
d < Inrc 10 litter Si weul City I orr
mary ai Of or br 3onoy itesentee
ljl 19m Forinrtbtrarzrniaiiuui
ppyIoetIbCeof the anderltL
Ily order of the Joint cnmmlttrr
orer miteIteneme
City Utcordtr
County Clrra
SiLT Line Crrr UTII NOT i isw
in o T > wt 11 a im xa aoon
Pioneer Ufl3eriaier a of Utah
Hazofacrareraod Duller In a ind a
KfUUlf Itoixl and Cloth Corerw
full line of CO I UN RMSIIIC < <
kept constantly on bnntl
Telephone u < Teleznph teo Ordera roaptlt
I renc in their Nnmaent Cad
Uon nmtbouut etri eturie
OP 1 Y 9s2t J NIO
Factory and Wmronsl St st
Oaasd a hilt btki Ka > t of Theatre
Tstxruosfc Vo O
nros o rJ1 I 111 wmrLnlMlnE
Tftf TtTTr T T A IT rn A T7T IYO
5 1 YY o 0 vnt
UTAH ltr
I elAr Tax tannest Lii IOU cox
run nol or
And UndrrtJlerj Goods in Utah I
fmrnentefy UKOLCU PJUCfSt
InerT than were offirM la Cui
InTl 111F PIIFT farclatueitinan Comae
LOTS III CBms teeytnthsCuiy
Al On day or Blgbl aths
2 honul pe nlo
No1 PjmaiBrte >
jjo1 nal 1 54 for COmic
ion Ii arruttk A Pee
or J
Sal and Blueing Depot
semsr In Cfar r Pate mind
Wood bT Car L Ear
J > amp n o VTajoa Two Stills One
Stone Bom JV One Iron Bern r i
neigh Fnaj 1 UoUu SItU MX
CrcZCTOM Gsa ROlne 3lqu
a on Taylor eieorfroRoomer I
n Uc 1 Geon Tivior
Geo layior aislat Mint
rsr = nmene iiJ t mtiA l TaIlr At
rC zotesng CmlY 0 D liomney So and Teaa
LumberYardSteafflPlaninMill iI i I
Ono Uloclc Enwt orTT O It H Depot
WTLIJAU s jon 1 ucnv JD OIS utwomirmi
PwUtit Snlu TUU
Pemb 0ke vleat TVatket
Tho Choicest Moats tho marxut affords aro fur
nished from our Rofrlgei ator Family trade solicited
Prompt delivery and satisfaction guaranteed Our
Prices aro as Cheap as tho Cheapest Homocured
HAMS and PURE UTAH LARD a Specialty
mra Beef InSW at < o Second Quality Beef la iiJti
For an I Iliad < Mrt ri 81 at sr Mutton C rM3cJ at 5
TtpbcuC OSC S4 vu Irst South Slue
Come to town at once
your baby is worse Y
tCO j uSIOtJ7
o 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
M inee and Night
Thanksgiving Day
Mens Good Suits 500
Childrens Suits 250
Mens Solid Stoga Boots 250
Mens r Shoes 150
Boys Boots 200
Boys Shoes LSO f
Mens Hats 50
Blankets a 150
Dress goods at 5 cts a Yard
Great edUc1ioD
70 Cnin Street
We have Reduced Our Goods from 10 to 15 per cent
liens a Call aDd IroJC tIme tact
oShoddf bnt Solid ftoodv alnaj rrlialilr No better < cld in the market
Support Home Manufacture It meam Uraltb ProsperIty and Progress
nail TtIII Secure Indrpcndrccc to tile commnmtr
Remember Our GROCERIES at 64 Main St
Are Sold Cheap 11 tilt Clifipost mill Ire lrum CU ln CoofeeHon r7etc
Early Breakfast
11UEAKFAST alIbi Six Holes and
Above cal repmenU oor EAKLT
Portable EnamcleJ Copper ReservoIr
Heavier than the Heaviest Better than the Best
The utah Stove S Hardware Co 39 41 EFirst South Sl

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