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II mEnri1 evevixo xrws: 'im tispay, MAncn sa, ison.
til ThtnlT Wareli 11 l1
If The Rlxly-Oilrd Annual Conference
If ef Ihe Church of Jesus Christ of Let
W Ur-Jr Batata will convene In the
I i Tabernacle, He.lt Lake Lit, el 10
o'clock on Tuesday morning, April
U 4th, 1103
i I The officers and meml en of the
If. Church generally ere cordially Incited
1 le attend the meeting ol Ilia Con
K J ferenoe
X ltroitD Woodruff,
1 Pi QKunar Q Oahnov,
i Josr.m !. BiTir,
I'lrst l'nsldsncy.
I. , silt i ui.'s mtsr mmuv.
General Jesse W. I ox, the Tetcrnn
i surveyor of this Territory, yesterday
exhibited lntheaFwaonicetlioorll.
ml plt of tills city, made In the year
18(7 by II. O Blierwood. What wo
know as 1'lat A comprises the wliolo of
Father Sherwood's surrey, though In
order to giro symmetry to the upper
right hand corner of hie ruip ha added
a few blocks In what Is now known ns
Flatn. In those early days the first
year of Utah's settlement drawing
paper was not to be had, so a bit of
sheepskin was pruned Into use, and
upon Its smooth and rleb colored sur
face the blocks and lots and streets
and aiuares are accurately and
Indelibly delineated. One sets
at tint gUnce the Templo lllock,
from the southeast corner of
which the surrey started, and there
are also Emigration Square, where
bow the oily and county building
lands, the Old I ort lllock, a'terwards
called the With Ward Hquaro and
j now Pioneer Square, and tho Nine
teenlh Ward Hquare, now occupied by
I the Utah University. The sheepskin
Is about a foot by twenty Indus In
i also aud Is attached to a wooden roller,
' while Ihe scale of the map Is ono Inch
te forty rods. At the top appear the
words, "Map of the Urcat City of the
I Valley of the Ureat Bait Lake, .N. A ,''
and the name o( the surveyor. The
rella bears lightly and well Its burden
of forty six years, during forty ol
which It baa been In the possession of
Kibe present owner. It Is of course
greatly prlxed by Ilrother box, aud as
the years roll en It will Increase In
ralue From present Indications the
I close of another half century will
And It still uubllgbted by tbebreath of
dimness and by Time's disintegrating
Till ATTACK ON THE (Jut Elm It.
It Is matter of history that as early
as July 21, 1890, UoTernor Thomas
wrote to the Judiciary committee of the
I Senate urging the passage of a bill
granting two additional Judges to
Utah. In his letter he set forth the
need of more ludges, and suggested
! thit the law should authorize tlielrgls.
latlre assembly tocreate two additional
dlstrlots This, he said, was necessary
to relieve the Bait Lake and Ogden
districts, and would grant relief to the
other districts Tho governor further
said that, In bis oilnlon, six Judges
were needed to meet the publlo ilv
' mands The nv.ttor was fully dlacusiud
In the publlo prssi at the time Tbe
bar association of Bait Lake City
Interested Itself In the matter,
and prepared the draft of a
bill which embraced other sub.
Jsota thau the granting of ad.
dltlonal Judges. It la probable that
but for such complication the relief
asked for would have been grantol
Tbe attempt to saddle the blame for
the Second district's dilemma uion
Governor Thomas, In the light of all
the facts, would seem to be Inspired by
Ignorance or malice, perhaps both In
some cases Not only has he, as
shown, used his olllolal and personal
Influence to enlarge the Buj reme
bench here, but he has recently been
deprived of the ower to assign judges,
by aot of Congress Tho act providing
for tho oreatlou of a fourth district
hero (1 proved 1 ebruary 11, lbO.) sajs
among ether things that "us soon us
Binay be alter the execution of the
power conferred by sectlou one of this
act, the Buprume court of mid Terr I
tory shall ensign one Judge to each of
j said districts, and shall have lower
I Irom (luie to lime to chuugu such as
signment aud to provide for occasions
' of disability or absence In such cises
accordli g to tbe ractlco now author
i lied by lew" It Is thus shown that
Ip formoro than a year he has hadnoth
log to do with the matter at all
It Is further charge 1 that he was
. resonslble to a great exteut If not
I wholly, for the loose and tie, llgmt
manner la which the business of tint
dlstriot bus been curried ou Tills le
also wholly untrue. It wus ret, re
sented and certified to tho governor by
JudgeAndenonoueachotcuslon when
'! It was sought to holJ court nt Mil
j ford (hat there was uothlug to do In
1 the district, that therefore all the court
j had to do was to convene aud adjourn
j and this could as will bo performed at
f Mllford as at Heaver It would
'! hava been a very ungraceful er.
(J- fermanco for the executive to have
f Ignored the cor tl (lento of ono cf the
, judiciary as to matter? peculiarly with.
VI l In the purview of the latter, It might
!! have been something considerably
worse than that Anyway, tho Gov
ernor did uot do so, and In doing as he
did was clearly not to blame lu tho
j--t -a -,r-lT,
midst of partisanship In ue at lent he
truthf il evsn If we cannot always lis
The controversy that ha (-town
out of the recent costly experience
of litigants, wllnesees, eto , In
the Heaver district will not have utter
ly falle I In benefit If It aht.ll I e s Jcoees
ful In establishing, what the law clear
ly intends and common sense InJIoatee,
that the Judiio shall reside lu his
V ItllM in tUIIUlfCI
Becrrtary ( arllale, as we are In.
formed by ssiwlsl illsratoha day or
Iwoslnoe, rnme very marly vacating
his high olllce In a very unusual man
ner, also winding up life's bobbin In a
manner not ae unusual, though both
exlgenclea grew out of the same trans
action, lie was slowly walking across
tbe track of a cable car lino In n stale
of mental abetructlon mar a corner
around which, as Is customsry, the
car comes full till," It did so this
time an I but for the romi t action of a
osssr 1 he wouli have been killed,
as It was, the oir brushed his clothing
ns It swept by Mm This might be
called the narrowest escape of the
senson, nud wolioro It may prove a
beneficial warning to the secretary aud
all others
It reminds us that there Is a good
deal of that kind of thing en
gaged In In this city and tho
wonder Is that fatalities are uot
more numerous than they ore
It ought to be, If It la not, understood
that science aud destruction keep uch
other close company right along, that
In n certain sense any Increase In the
riteof speed at which one Is transport
ed from point to polut means n corres
ponding Increase ln the risk Involved
In the trip Understand!! (his, wu
should act upon the lesson which Ihe
old adage arahrased lni aria loo
much familiarity breeds danger
Hence Oils advice Do not attempt
to be loo familiar with uuythlugyou
oannot ontrol, If you havo some doubt
about your ability to cross n track In
flout of a coming car and miss It, give
yourself tbo benefit of suoli doubt
every lime and lot the car have the
right of way undisi uted I.Yell If you
aro tolerably sure of getting over uuder
ordinary circumstances, tho unlooked
for might happen, our tracks are
thsnks to tbo disposition of winter to
linger In the lap of siring constantly
covered with more or lers snow lu Its
originator aubsequcnt condition, and
are thus very slippery, great haste has
a lendenoy to Increase tho chances of
slipping, and If you go down when an
eleclrla csr going at Its customary
siced Is within twsnty or thirty feet of
you, the chance Is that, like Iiuclfer,
you fall to rise no more Though you
may save your life, It Is still a fact that
sound limbs and unbroken bones are
better thsn a Judgment no matter how
big, even when you are sure of
getting 11
Ou First street this morning, as a lot
of boys were igolug to school, two of
them, to "show oil" before their com
rades of course, dashed across the track
ahead of a flying car, and a hlndranco
ol any conceivable part of a second to
the hindmost boy woull have been
the means of nn accident It
was n really close call, for
the motormuii could have done abso
lutely nothing to save them at such a
time Hoys and girls as a rule are
more active than grown eoj lo, but
they are uot as active as an electrlo
car, at least they are not so owerful,
and such ranks us that spoken of
should be stopied Inslanter
Mtl 111 WMU MINTS 01 CIIIJ11.
The Bouth lists- always been Ihe
homeof sentiment and roruaiici, where
theatruospticro Is colder and the snows
and frosts conio 111 seasons nearor to
(.ether, tho pooplo have more radical
things to think of nnl do All the
emotions an I developments thereof
are more strlotly Southern than other
wise, this meaning that Southerners
are a t to fight Uercer, love harder an I
be more keenly jeiloui than those
people who hive lo k op fuel nhiad
and n certain quantity ofclothlig,
wraps and provisions on hand In order
to be oomfortablu.
The Southern states have lately bcun
undergoing a wnvi of double killings
wherein lovers have lraod Into the
dark abyss chested III each others'
arms Oeorgla gave us the lint ex
ample, followed clusely (y Tennessee,
and (hu awful deed at 1 ass Cl rlstliiu,
Mlsslssll)! oases the record up
to thu (repent writing so far ns
reported I'arenlal op osltlou was the
esuse assigned III acli case
It Is argued that suoh crimes are due
to pycholOi,lcal Influences which
move In wavts, or that some other
iquully occult aud sill tie agency lsnt
work, but In this uounectlou u cotem
I ii rary ults a lain ijueetlui
IU I crlmo moMi In s ich circles before
il o loloirr h un I th mill iu r lt
si mln in I thu i owe ol il i r 1 1 llj u 1 1
su truth Install oi aro kuivn wl ru
ueulel lulma Juii l l loaili fri ill luu
I merlin 1 Uuuei luilutel ly o her r
(.one el le f II o II ui n (in- 1 1 II o U a
I uabieudel 1c Moult Mallore InU l
clearly llntla Ion, all t tbo question tiny
luuakotli II 1 llio rh cl ii.liill o lou
n em unl Ml-elli irut,ell ki iw
ttoclrouinstut oesof tuu (leuri.li hotror?
This furnishes an Interesting themo
for Investigation and etui), there cm
le no doubt that whatever ulliercauits
there may be, Imitation and the force
of exumploplaj aooustlcuous ;art lu
the mattor
Another 1 olnt ralie 1 b the tamu
authority ttelln I ourselves compelled
tout,ree with This Is the ussirtlou
thul bad literature Ins Uoni much to
I Olson thuinluds of the young icoile
of A morion At no time nru these
young minds more susceptible to Its
It fl lencra than when tllndril ly an
Infattiitlon, often wrongly tcimed love
The most nieb ilnmitle an I Impos
slble alluatlons In fiction I ecome arts
of their fanciful lives, and II an Im
pos'lbla hero an I heroine choie to slits
at tho end of ft last chat, Ur, Il mint
necessarily have been an n tradable
thing to do Onecjrso of society to
day Is tho rovalence of an unnatural,
unhealthy sentimentality which Is
vlolousln Its every ten loney It Is
agslnst this (hat all the moral and
Intellectual power of hllsuthroplsts In
all nations today Is turnod. One of tint
not loo tumorous clsse, the Kuulin
Tolstoi, has tried lo flgl t It by works
which in some Instanoee have bsen re
I il Hated and set aside In certain olrcles
I tcause,whlle alining at tlu correction
of such evils to society ns romantlo
Infatiatlon, his melhoJ an I text were
themselves considered (ruilent If not
Indecent That their eflict was to
stimulate Instead of curtail thu vices
de Icted may be well believed without
In the Icastdenylng that they wore In
tended as a case of like curing like,
and that they have undoubtedly ac
complished pomo good Hut If such
Ikk ka shall come under tlu ban, how
much more in-ci.sery It it that against
tl e flash indications which s)r
In many of our street windows the
firmest oj poslll m should I e reared aud
mslntalueill I'uhllcntloos that are
not only Immoral In tuumsolvei but
have n tendonoy, If they do not
actually Incite, to crime, ly milling
sinful Indulgences ap ear us harmless
dlversonsniid by stripping lawlessness
of usinsnyof Its oljecllonable features
The freedom of the proas may not be
toonutocratloally restrlcteJ, yet there
Is surely law enough lo rovent true
liberty taking the form of license to
poison tl e human mind Hut after
all, the surest safeguard His lu Ihe
home It flucuce and Ihe early areulal
walchcaie The enforcement ol the
law against the ubllshlng nn 1 sale of
stlaclous, suggestive aud Immoral
books, und aulntt tlnlr trarsmlsslon
through tho malls evou, may le
Involieito the uttermost, nud yet the
t vll will only be half remedied until
sarcitis bscjn to pay more ntlonllon
to Die reading matter eu lied to or
obtalneilly their toys and girls, and
until urlly of thought, act and assocl
allon Is Inculcated at of equal Iinrort
once to moral health with I nre air,
food aud drlulc lo tbe iliyslcal
!i:oiui..Ysni i ui nut.
"Don't Know" writes for Informa
Hon and states his case as follows
Not being posted In suoh ganioalam
in able to decide In my own mln 1
svhelt er prugroealvo siiohro. when hi.
ilutgod In for rlzos, It an utleuao punish
able by Indicia em and Hue In Ulab
iloul tlcss you moil of tho tfin, who
0 ight to know ovurythlug, oau enlighten
Tl of illowlngcllpplngfrom anln liana
newapaner wou Isuem to lu llcuto Ihst
In Hi oaler loin i rpgroastvoouclire layod
lor l rises Is on otreiiael
' I lie grand Jurv no v In session deliv
ered to it. blllir tho names of IUij of
the moil prominent enelotv luilloe and
ohurch me nbers set Columbus and nr
lereil (list they bo brought Into Its pros
onco to tell what Ihoy know about the
playing of progressive euchrofor j rlxos
Thoro Is groat excltoiuoitl In tno city '
The laws of Utsli are notsj strict as
thai At we look at It, regressive
euchre Is as much an uflonte when
1 laje I for "progresslveurss" as when
played for rlxts, It may not bu an
otleuta either legally or morally coil,
slderol, strlctl sjeiklng, but listen
denoy Is in that direction,
AiiinALLourgrumklliigand growl
lug over the unpleasantness and long
duration ol the winter, It may be some
satisfaction to learn that there nru
I laces worse oil lu thu mutter of
weather thau ours Is l'lke county,
I'eiinsjlvaula, Is one of (hem, where
It Is said the schools have been olose I
since Christmas and tho storm like
wise for lack of customers The ro.
turns from certain districts In the I eb
ruary election were 2 days In resell
log the county seat, aul had to bo
thrown out beo:iuse they were filed too
late The eolo lu the snowbound
region where It hat been snowing since
?suvember and the drifts are 15 leet
dei , are living on potatoes an 1 pork
No weddings have tall en place In
thiee mouths
A nuoii of old 1 uglUh folk lore
gives the following as the ) Un ursued
iymuldeus to discover their future
husbands "At bedtime, havlni.
fasted since noou, twu girls who wish
to obtain a slht of their future bus
lands boll nu egg, which must lo the
first egg uver laid by the hen, In a pan
iu which uuekg hut ever been boiled
before Hiving bollel II till It Is
hard, lliey cut It In two with sumo
tiling that has never been uiul at n
knife before 1 ach girl euts I er half
an I Its shell to the last frugmeul,
si eakli e no word tho while, th n, still
Inslleuci, liny walkluokward tu boJ,
'tosluei, t ercliaucu tu ilruiiu'" In
order to 4inrd ngslnal uuy failure un
the art of the druenl It was out)
necessary, we assume, to cut enough of
the hard tolled igt,s
Wu aiil s muwhal surprised, and of
course considers! ly alned,that neither
of this morning's J ers ujiitulut u ro
Join ler from B i erlntundent of Wa er
Works ityau or unj of his sift muscled
nud lender handed e ii loyet relative
ti tbe IiLtta' otmirviUloMiun tho,roal
question of dirt tamping 111 wet
weather If no other uloJIcal will
consent lo ubllsh further rominuulca
tlous ou th" superintendent's sldo of
the controversy, the Iiuus will havu
to oiler Its columns Wu lnvajutt
begun the fun which this msitcrwlll
, be louu 1 to ullord,
-Jjfllli j' IHSlMrftT' ...-,...
" a-"-sS5i hss
lime oncf .jjiotnlmt U tif umUr$
to Viitrn i7 Id nfcn " f'
following Is a ststeinent of appor
tionments of Ihe limes when the Saints
cf the several HUkes cf Ion will bo
admitted to witness the dedication of
tl e Temple of II e Lord in Hall I ake
City, also the all Intents as to the
numbers of people to he admitted at
This arrangement Is I ased on reports
received from the ('residents of Blaket,
and hss Wen msde with a view to, so
far as practicable, suit Ihe convenience
of the whnlo people
If additions lo the numbers already
at hand are hereafter retorted, such
extra contingents will be laced at
the foot of tbe list This must ucces
surlly be done In cases of this nature,
as additions could not be Introduced
Into (he body of (he program wllhont
deranging the whole plan The ap
portionments are based numerically
upon the capacity cf the Assembly
lloom of tbe Temple
The first service which will bo con
ducted on the inornli g cf A rll 0 Il
ls not mrlded for In this statement
That session will be sulject to a ircclsl
TnuntDAr, Vrnn n Arrrnioot
Alberta 2A
tin wllako XI
Hi J I ns,. ii
M irlcopa j.
Hemlock syj
hen Juan j&
Cnssla 17
Kudorrge .. jm
I Sligulleh M)
I inery .10
I aroirau m irju
Jteuyer o
Uintah pa
MalMl j-s
tholr(Mali u,ke) M
To at 21M
1 linier, Ai i il "tu Mor MX"
Mexls-o . jo
tiutr alley o
2tn Mils' . I0
Hi foaei h vt
Millard . soj
M rgan jji
k inssnit m
Hiar Mke . wJ
H vlsr ui
HsiikMo (Including el oir) M.1
Total , 23J
Fiiiiiav, Ai nit "tu Vsts IINOOV
!cl 1000
VJsMieh aw)
Tooele J(NI
Jliali JU
Choir (Bli els; . GO
Tolal 4 also
HATUitiiATiAin i Sru Moniivn
Utah l .100
Choir (Nat t M) - ri
Total .1 Mi
Batuiiuav-, Ariut. but Itri n-soov
Huvle i 21(10
Choir (Men els) .. .60
Tolsl . siw
hOHOAY, Amir, t ti Mimkiio
Halt Iike . ifl.il
Ivnnab w to
Choir (kali Luko) . . .. W
Tolsl ' "iso
Huimr fnit trii .m iinoc
Salt IjUo j ,. lim
Tooele ... . m
M.i i a . no
Choir (Mlt Iatke) i CI
Total .. J . jiw
Monav, Ainir lorit-MoniiNii
near I ako . . 250
ttebor (Including cllr) luia)
Total .1 2lu0
JIonrvi, AruiL 10riif-VTKnoo'(
Utah .. 1 lam
Oneida .....', M.I
Cholr(Weber) " " u
Total . I ilZ
TUMDAY, Mlllt.llTII-MoilM'.ll
Millar I m.i too
Morgan I Jl
summit im
tad ediiclu ling choir) 'nK
baiq vie L UaU
Tolnl 1 ZitO
TursiiA, Aunt HTii-yiTiiNoo,
Hcvlcr . X0
Just 3W
H.llUWi . IS u
Choir (Cache) 60
Total -loO
Wki nfsi at, Ainu, t:' MonitMi
match. . 300
llll. Itll
II iv 1 1 lcr y Mi
Choir (Cache) - M
Total . .. -I"0
W cl or - 1W
Clolr (Cacle). .. M
Total -1W
TuumDA.,Ainii. 13-!oMNg
Hall Like '-1'
Cl oir (Sell I ko) 1
ToUl -loo
TnuiutiA., Mnti 13 M riiNoo-
halt Like 7 2100
Choir (Sjltljtke UI
Tolal . -1W
limn., 1 1 nib Hru onsiMi
( scl e I 00
Halt I like .
Total 0
I nil ev, Aritir Kill A misoun
l.'lih IiioIiiHiil choir) 1UI
Hox 1 ler W
Toial 21W
HATtlniAY, llllb ISTIIIOlllIMI
Onelll BOO
Sai ue , o-ll
Nevl r -10
SillUke. .
I ii try -. - W
Choir (s.ilt 1 uke) .
Itt i. sir:
fiATllinY, lIUbjlAl-J jrltOON
Millar I W ."J-.'
Wasatch T,W ,&'
hulllikt M ,. ni" U2X
Choir (Salt Uko)""! !"."
lotal , JlfO
htiNnA, Amir lorn-JUiio
SU I ako . !"
tholr -jalt Ijike) JJJ
Total . . il
j flu? Slock ol Lais', Misses' ml Win's j
And (he assortment Is complete and unexcelled. We carry xM
none but the Onyx, Ethiopian and other reliable dyes, as we are w'
sure they will give satisfaction to every buyer. Wfi
We have secured the "solo agency" for the wonderfully popular
black, drab and white Equipoise, and the Compromise Waists, which
are everywhere now in such large demand, recommended as they aro
byJenness Miller and other influential Dress Reformers.
tffe slill (Him to carry tie '.xJfT
Warn Cl awl P.D. Corsets, 'wym
as we have done for years; their VWT$fflr
reputation for style, comfort and )) Hfjif
sei vice is unequalled. f M mxfik
auxnAV, A i nn lorn i-ruiioo
Halt Like m
Choir (Salt Uke) "JJ
Total J7w
Moniat, Viittr, 17TII-MOI11IM
f-'illl,al.c . -yi
UuI' - . Vnw
Choir t-se.li Ijsko) w
Tilal So
Muxiar Msn Writ MrsiiNoox
lox 1 I ler rTHI
a l Uke iisjo
Choir (rali Kike) w
Total 3io
Tuiud.y, Viiiil 13rii-Moiitu
Salt Uko iro
Ch ilr Malt Uke) , w
Total 7u0
TheHiuthOatoeia Ihe West Ust
ol llio Teiujle lllock have leuii
eeleotel as the laeeauf eniraute lor
II o servile. Tiiose who apply for
nJmlaalon should resent tliennelvus
atHnni for the morning session, anU
1 3D i in for the a teru wu eesslou,
uu (he uas ItslgiialeJ, nt they ca inui
beaJinlttenlonother 'ley, nor a( auy
other session thin lierelu luillealeu'
It will to necessary for each a pll
cant to show his or her rreomraeli'l to
ihegatrkiewr, lu order to p.w The
riooiniiieiiU wlllbulakniuiily h ticket
ninn lnsldlhe enlo Ao;ro;i unite
admUlid tcilhvut a rtoummtntl, on any
1 aeh aiako I'resMent lstxectel to
make Hie llrlslon of tie eoiilo iiinlur
lilssupervlalou uceorJIUk to Hie (If, iris
una dates given ahorr Inls Is of great
luifortaite If ltlsuotirouilly anl
ru erly attended to, cotuue on will h
Wliioun U nut ill ip,
UMlllur (J I ANNON,
JotEin I Hmiiii,
Mrs! (residency.
Salt Lake Theatre
(lor llio hcaeot of tho Hesercl Iloiillal )
Deseret Minstrels.
Lmttrlheu nagtiatut rS S ai C tart
E(Orand First Pari New Songs, Jokes
Seeoed I art inrlulee Kltsri Meihe Us
rellnonMolnMrl nao.u I Kaalon II e
rl alar lesior U t Uil fo IS ml ulea ra
III n erllHnl lulliai io stamtrr MIA
MIN n I tl ritlitltAIS IM leister llio
And the Orchestra under the dlrccllcn of
1 rofeaior Krooae
trices. 1100 ISn.il no J 150 8!so( sssts
lent a Mender Slarch.tv
i:. n. sotiiorn.
if "ii T3C20ljy ai"1 w,dnMdJ'sMirch
Sale of Sests Logins Friday, Mlrch 24
ucik. oh Tiitusmr lurcit .11
Our (oj uUr ewek L mpsnv in the Creat
irons auie end h a in ipeotlierformlnj
psa i Ilk truer n I wl stll.ls, oh
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Siljtt-s Dress Goods - Wash Fabrics
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Our Slock of Boys Suits la Soconcl to Nonol Wo soil thorn
nt full ono-fourth loss th tn nlsowhorn VVoBavo you, In round
flguroB, S2 GO on ovory ton dollars worth of clothing you buy.
We Call Your Special Attention
to our Combination Suits, including 2 pair or pants
and hat to match, at $4 76, $6.50, $6,75 ,$7.50, etc,
Gfeat Saeeess. . . .
Attend our Muslin Underwear
Sale. We decided to continue
it one week to give the people j
another opportunity at these I
bargains. I'
J o e e 9
Hotel and Bar in Connection. Trains on m
the Giaat Salt Lake and Hot Springs every tl
half IiouKfrom U. P. Depot. W
E Y, TAYLOR, Manager. 1

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