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m 1 v.
deseret evening jews."
H lliura.l.j. "" ""Saeeb ai.TSfiT"
Tiir memleM ol tho county court liars
B I been engago 1 thin aiternoon auditing Ilia
H J accounts ol ei-County ( lrtk Allen as per
iBaVaaVaaaTJ I his recent request made to Inst body.
Tiir furniture to lie sent to Iho World's
Fair lijr the ladlia rr I)vl county "111
remain In the Ulnwondey window until
eaoaaasaa t Monday, Mured S7ili.
j Tno mental condition of rbarlotto
Hj Krlckson, who resides nn south Ninth
j Km street, in being Inquired Into hy
1 l'robaln Juries lllalr and two medical
1 inenthle afternoon.
aaaaaaaaaT ClTT Treasurer Duke, who has been
I confined lo Ina bed for tho past few days
with an attack of la crlppe, wan on the
atresia again today In a rather enfeebled
Ihi condition.
' KauiitDrii Stanton's; Mm rod tiro.
B ollrllloN I are again burno hltn away to
H the duck nalda of Nprinjtrllle. He took
B with him an arsenal ol ammunition and
H eipecta In return heatily lalen with the
i frulUof bla huntloir oxpodltlon.
H In Tlow of Haturday, Matcli Mill,
1B93 baring been set ajartas a special
W fait day for all tho members of tliu
H Cbuich, the Utah Priests of tho Bait
1 Lake Hukenf Zlon will notconteno
H until Ibo lut Haturday In April.
B Kliab Moiikib,
H l're sldent of IJuorum.
H AilU.SrMr.NT.S.
H Tub Deshict Hospital IIkkkfit
H turned out fairly well In financial re-
H suits, considering the stormy weather,
H nnd the altUtlo rssultt were all
1 that could to dtilrrd. The proRram
B waa au excellont one, varied enough to
H iult nil tastes. It Jed of!" with the
H Deseret minstrels, with lomn changes
H In their pertonnel, and the oUea nnd
H tonga with tho vanlihltig lady flualo
H wcul quite a well nt oTer, Mr. Malleae
fl being the particular star among the
B funny men, and Mr. lloblnton carry-
H l"c away thn honoia among the singers.
H Mr. Bqulrrt and Mr. lleaeus wrrr
1 Well received. The Deseret texlettt
B sang "dpecd Away"luexcellenlatyle,
B and being encored gave an old time
B negro melody In equally good fashion.
B j:iiaaon repeated tit former lilt, and
B could hare IirJ an encore, but deollnej
B lu KastoitKOta warm 'tslcome and
1 though he wassullerltit;.':om a alight
B hoarsencM, bo got a nig recall, and
H retKndod with "Annie Inurlo'' In
H bla own tender alyle. Del lleetley
B u encored for blaxylophonoaolo.
Tho ancient atatuarygrouplngt wero
HHBh "ot what they would havo lieeu bad
H Ibo llghta worked belter. Mr. Welbe.of
course, waa tbo leature of the evening,
BBa Mhealwayamuatbc; 111 playing waa
ai enchanting at eTer. Tonight he
will render llacb'a great fuguo
BBBI In (J minor. Tho afterpiece America
flgg ' illMoeeied In Twunty Mlnutee, la a
firstly oa ever In Ha mualo and aa point-
eu oa erer In Itadlalogueand (tsry.llr.
BflflB l'ark apiaared a thu tuedlelnu man
BK and nude occaalonal mlitb. Tho
BBS aucceaaof the plecuwai the singing of
H Mr. Itobltuon, whose fine bnrltotio
volco ti oa beard to excellent advautige
In ibetiumlerbeeang. Mr. Itoblnson
eeeras to bo tbo coming baritone. Mr.
1 Horn accompanied and directed, but
his orahestra did not teapond to tils
ellorta nt all llmce, and was occasion
ally itilto rocky. Tho same program
for tho same otject gjes agilu tonight.
J'.. Il.HoTltKitN's advance site opens
tomorrow. Mr. Warner, Mr. Both.
eru'J advance man, and Mrs. Warner
occupied a box at tbo Theater Itst
evening. The lady In (lie profession
Is known as I-ouliu l'aulleo; she at
eared bore as Carlelon'a leading lady
a number of yean ago.
For tbo first tlirio months of tho
present season Mr. V.. II. Bothern ap
peared at the l,ycount Theater, New
York, In a play by an American au
thor who had no previous eiperlencu
In dramatic work. It was called
"Captain Lettatblalr" and I rovud no
sallilaclory to thn Uljllo that many
peoplo wero nightly unable to obtain
edmlsilon, and threo matlncce wire
Klveu weekly to accommodate the
disappointed ones. At the end of that
time It was withdrawn only that the
irevloutly arranged tour might be
curled out, and that the stock com
(any of that houso might begin Ha
leyular suaaon. It will bo seen here
threo tilhts, commencing Monday.
March 27. Mr. Bothern has made
liltuteir a thorough fnvorlte hero, and
t- plays which ho has given In the
I i five years, The Highest llldder,
i, d C'bumley, The Master of Wood
birrow, and The Dancing Ulrl, diner
lug widely In their character, aru most
pleasantly remembered. Thu new
lay, Uapt. I,etlatblalr, perhaps re
sembles Lord Chumloy mora than
any other of Mr, Hotlurn'a
flays, jet it la distinctly ulf
ferent. It presents him In tho
charaitor af ft young Irlah ofllcer, tin-
ulslvv, rollicking, Impetuous, honor
able; with a gentlemanly brogue, and
an ample supply nf Irish wit. It will
written by MIssMargusrltn Merlngtou.
who, until recently, was for severs!
yiars Initruotor In Greek nnd I.stln at
the Now York Normal College. It
was her first attempt at Uy writing,
although she has been a magazine cor
trlbutor for soma time pint- The
company supporting Mr. Bothern, and
every urlall of scenery and stage set
ting, will be exactly as II was during
the New Yolk run.
l'orilio Wni Id's Fair.
In Solomon Ilrolhers' show window,
on Main strett, tho (Jranlto Taper
Mills Company ol this city bain nice
display of home-made nws, Job, print
and wrapping pajers, In reams and
rolls, which Is to bo placed on exhibi
tion at the World's Fair. Mr. A. Kim
ball, the compauy'a agent, has neatly
arranged a pyramid of that article.
Thu foundation Is n variety of pajmr In
riamsSnxSU, the bundle ls.com posed of
straw butcher, msnllla, white and
pluk satinet wrapping, cover, Job and
I tint paper; above, tapering to the top,
first Is an vighteen-lnili roll of book or
white wrapi lng, on top of It Is a fifteen-Inch
roll of butchir straw, with a
twelvediich satinet roll above. Da
this Is a nine-Inch roll of manllls,
crowned with a six fnch roll of pink,
lu u culler. Tho pink baa Inscribed
ou It, a beehive.
Allecil CoiiuterffiiciH.
The pollco arrestud a man this after
noon on the charge ot paislngcounter
felt coin. They refused to divulge his
narau or any ol the particulars con
nected with tbe case.
iH ao, as, a j, no, as 1:. 'xuiitv sowar,
I Bash fEasij Payment
Hi It Will Be Id Yn Interest It Tisll TMs lamlk blallistaeil.
iVfl From 30 to 38 E. Third South St.
HH r . . , ,
I 1
Tho Ii)YestlaatlD0 Committee Still
Poblag tlrn ComphhL
Trjlng to llml Out Mnmelhlng About
llolilit nn I lilt llfC'Ipl.
lMitre Aro Tlicjl
The Nr.wa report of tho Inquiry Into
thu charges brought against (J. H
Commissioners Martin and Moyer
cloiod yesterday with thn evidence of
ex-Uetuty MarshalJoe Hush, When
Ills turn on thu witness stand was
over, Commissioner Martin was re
tailed by (ho petitioners' counsel, and
It was further ellcltid that tho Ulobo
Collection arenoy appeared In III
cues on tils docket. Out of this num
ber alxty-ouo were dofaull cases, five
were trloJ, and out of this number
three Judgments wero renJerel for tho
plalnllU and two for thn defendants,
twenty-seven aruai yit undisposed of
aud tne bilatico were aeltlud and dis
missed. (lurstloaed as to whether lie had
agreed with this agoncy that be
Would not charge n feu unless Judg
menu wero rendered against tho
defendant, the witness stated that no
such agriemint had been made.
In one ol tho cases decided lu favor
of tho defendant an entry showed that
the feo had Iwon charged to Crook, but
the entry had been mado since the
investigation was begun. In Ihuother
nasu the defunduut paid thu costs, the
judgment having been rendered In bis
,".?.!! """-complaint ngilntt the
Attorney Varlau atkod the witness
f commlsslonera and Justices were In,
the ualilt of appearing as counsu1
wroro other commissioners and jus
tlrw, and Mr. Martin answered In thu
Attorney Waldwln then asked the
witness whether ha ever turnod over
one of his own collections to any one
clsetobrlogsultoiilu his own court.
witness I am not sure, but I think
ono case which had ticen in my bands
waa brought beforo mo, but aohangoof
Venuu was taken.
Mr. Manila's attention was next
dlrtcled to soveral other cues.lu whMi
John Hullhn'i was plaintiff and Iteed
i Crook of thuUlobe Collection agon
cy appeared a, attorney, for thu plain
111!. Ho elated that he had had their
pemilislon to enter llielr names as
attorneys for tbo plalntltl In such cases,
and that they had the summonses
served themselves.
With regard to the alleged arrang.
ment between the commissioner and
Crook, Mr. Martin declared that uu
arrangement bad cililed. Jle held
Lrook responsible lor the cone lu all
cssss, and an upon account existed
bstwieuCrook and himself. ,
Attorney Hurl aikod Now, didn't
you present a bill to Walker Ilrolhers
I yler for costs luiatei In which they
were lalLtllle, wbloh Ihey refused lo
Witness I did, nnd Ihey refused to
pay It on the grounds that the Crook
agency brought thu suits and were
responsible for the costs.
"Didn't you pay a jortlou of a bill
which you owed them, then, with thu
understanding that they wouldn't
appear ogalutt you In this Investlga.
lion?" queried counsel.
Witness I did not liavo any such
understanding, although I paldatur
t'ocol the bill.
The matter of allowing Interested
parlies to lorvo suiumomos was then
gone Into acd It was ascertained tnat
they were often ermlltud to do so.
., W.B.Kugate was usll-d nu J slated
that Hobbsdruw (HO out of Ihu bank
to settle the adultery case, which was
referiul to tnrllcr Hi the proceedings,
but hu didn't acu him piy thn sum.
Carl Dsmmaun (the de'endant In
two tans I r iught agalnsthlm In Com
mbsloucr Martin's court for Sbllln
whisky on Bunday, and lefernd to
during yeiterday morning's Inquiry)
was tailed and ipiettl jlied us lulu,
second arrest. He staled that ho pilj
Ibo costs Hi the case aud II was dis
missed. To Judge I,TOfbourow. witness mil
he believed thu couiflainlug wllnece
had ugreed that the case might bu
The next witness was C. A. Heed, a
former member of the (Hobo collea
lion ageury. Uu bail, ho said,
brouibt aouiuberof cites before Mr.
Merlin and a running acoouul exlsltd
between them.
Attorney Hurd Did you havo any
agreement with Mr. Murilu that he
was not In get his fees unless thn de
fendant was k'ood for theaniouui?
Wllaois No; wo Blood gojd lor tho
"Did jou areo with jour cllonls
tbutlf you dldn'iiuaku the collecllous
from the defendants, that they shoulJ
not Le Held llablu for the ends?" asked
Judge lluwat, and the witness esld
"And dldu't you havu a similar
nrrangemeut with Mr. Martin?"
"Wudld, usl understand II.
Attorney llurd Wlinujou served a
summons when the suit wss brought
by other pirtles, how inuth did sou
get for your work?
"I got $1 and Mr. Mirtln JI, an
swered Mr. Heed.
Next came to tho wltuess aland I. C.
Crook of the (Hobo Collection agency.
Asked by Mr. Hurd about Ihu multer of
costs when thu defendants were unable
to piy the ludgmeni, he etited that the
agency Blood rttpjiislblo for costs lu
nil rases,
"Dldn'tMr.Marlln simply allow J cu
lo bring caira without I uylii j thu con Ik
In advance, and when Judgment was
rendered against the ilsieiidnut let thu
matter run ulouguniil ou colloitcd
Ihrm?" asked Judgo Louiboiirow,
The witbwo replied "Yes, I think
ro; butwu aid blm fur all tho tlmu
John Bulllvanwns Interrogated as to
utultwbUli hu had brought lu Mr.
Marllu'soourt agaliitt J.'t', Malouey,
Judgment bad bien eutervd for tsO
und costs, and the plalnllll had re
reived ?L'. luoludlng $10 which he
owed Mr. Martin for attorney's fees In
another case. There was n discrepancy
ol $5, und cocslderablo tlmo wassjieut
III trying to discover where It bad gone
to, Finally witness remembered thai
be nwid Mr. Martin $13 Instead of $10.
Tho petitioners now rested on Ihu
Mattlu late, tho understanding being
thttlho defunio would lutroduou Its
leillmouy today, Tuorutioii court
TotilVa ntoCKrui.Nus.
UKn the resumption of tbei Investi
gation at 10:S3 uui. today, Mr. I, C.
Crook of the collection agsuoy wai
recalled rend asked oneor two questions
ou the subeot uf certain cu-ts mi o
tloned yesterday adcrooan, In which
Walker iiroi. A FylerCo. wero Inter
eated parlies. It llkswlso ap eared
that bo had served ln2 suramonscs
from CommlsilBusr Martin's oourl,
rctelvlug $ on taeh t them. The
commlssionsr blruiclf kept tbe atooiid
Bme llltle ilslay was here occa
sioned hy the absetiis of Judgo Ilowat
(a member of the Investigating ojiii
mlltee), who had been called away on
other court business; but It wai pres
ently decided that tho luqulry should
proceed and that the notes of the steno
grapher should le read over to the
Judge upon his return.
In answer to Judge Iioofbourow, Mr.
Crook rslj lhat a miiunderiiaudlug
arose between htmsi If and Mr. Martin
tome time last November, nndslnco
then their dealings had practltilly
ceased. There h id been a sort of tictt
understanding UUecn tliu romnils
sbner nnd hliuielf, but thu latter ap.
loured to have be u under sjtno mis
apprehension in regard to IL
Mr. Hurd Dijou mean to be un
derstood now as swearing that you did
not havo such au arraugemunt with
Mr. Martin as thl In coses where tult
was oimmeuccd nnl JM got Judg
ment, but did not i .llttt It, that there
werotobeno chsrgui for costs made
by Mr. Martin?
Witness I will isy yet If I can
Mr. Hurd Well, do to.
Witness At tho general oulgrowlli
or our lmiluess It bee line a sort of tacit
arrangement, without a illcllatloii from
ollher parly esptclilly. that wlicro
Hie business caused Mr. Martin no
trouble or called iornooa,e of trial
and the Judgment came by default
the general undemanding wai that
the coats should oouie from Ilia dofmid
ant. I do not think a week has rasted
but what Mr. Martin and myself Imvo
had an altercation over this miller,
Mr, Hurd Was It not your
understanding, and did you
not ao inform the Walker
llrothcrs A. rji,, Co, that you had
made an wrougi ment with Mr. Martin
whereby all cosls 111 their cases should
be risked unless Ihey failed to prove
thftlr I'liu. "
WltliCKS did not think ho ever staled
to them llmtliu bad any arrangement
with anyone.
".' AvrTtum, Jr., sold he waa no
qualnted with the man Hobbs, whoso
iiamu was mentloued yesterday. A
'cell I .signed by Commission
er Martin for, bo believed, $30
"llow" to the wllmss by
Hobbs, at IheCullen hotel, some time
last April, In reference to tho cato In
wlikli J.va Walkina was complainant
and llollta defendant. Witness did not
know where Hobbs was now aud bad
not seon the paper since.
In reply to Judgo I.oofbourow tho
witness said hu was formerly bar
keeper at the Cullen hotel, but was
now a Dommsrclal traveller for a Han
I raucleco firm. Hobbs was tall aud
slim and usually "wore" n red beard.
He laid the receipt Ui ou the bar aiun
Icr, but witness could not remember
how It was worded, as be was lory
busy at the lime. 'I he amount on thu
receipt might have beeu$J3; he would
uol now undertake lotwear as to thai,
neither could hu tell whether Hobbs'
name waa upon It. Hobbs, however,
tailed bis attention lo tbe namu of
"Martin, U, B. Commissioner." and
ssld hu thought he had been "workod"
for $.V). Wheti Hobbacame lo him with
Ihu receli.t hu was somewhat Intoxicat
ed, and did not tsem altogether clear.
AsJuJgu Ilowat waa tllll engaged
lu Ibo Bupreine courtroom, tbe court
adjourned at 11:30 ml s p. m.
During tho first hour of this after
noon's session nothing of special Im
portance developed.
That Partnership Trouble Between
llannetnan and Karrlck.
iiibSATisiii.ii Mini nn: IIMJIMJ.
All Appeal on Ilehalr of thn Crctccnt
Hlnlug t'ompitiy In n IVrtontl
Diinago bull.
Tho entire tlmo of the Territorial
Hupremn court this morning was taken
up with tho oiln of Charles I,, llanne
tnan, respondent, vs. Iiewls CKarrlck,
nppellanl. Judges Butherland and
Ilowat represented tho latter; J, 1,
Kawllna nnd Waldemir Vau Cott ap
peared on the other tide.
The suit was originally brought by
Hannemvi as plalntlll against Kar
rlck, It bilng alleged that a partner
ship was unteroi Into between thorn
u i February 3rd, 13S0, for n term of
live yeirs. It is charged that about
February 1st, 18SS, Hie defendant look
exclusive posiefelon ol tbo books and
stock In trade and forolbly excluded
thelaliitltl rrom participating lu the
loudness. Damsgai lo thu amount of
fJa.lhW were olultneJ, Judgmeut was
pra)ed for dissolving Ihu partner
ship, and au accounting ueked
for, Thu defendant's auiwcr ad
mitted the partnership agreement,
but set forth acts uf misconduct nud
urgllgence ou Haunemau's part lu
tbe management of thn biisluiss. It
wan admitted Hut In February, 18S3,
Highest of all In Leavening l'owcr. Latest U.S. Gov't Utport.
Ifck! Baking
,J!rlfk lwlt Issoslon, but denied
that tho taking was wrong'ul. It was
also rislsted that by reason ol Hie
I remises and tbe agreement between
the parties tho inrtuershln was dls
tolvod.and that plaliitltThad tustaluui
no damage whatever.
1 he aiun was referred to Attorney
H. A. -ilenltt, as referee, who rendered
Judgment against the defendant for
JlS.illojjt and costs ol suit. A motion
for a new trial w overruled nud
henoo tho preient nppeal.
The arguments wero mado bsforo
Asioclsla Justices lllackburn, Miner
and Uattch, and tbe loso was sub
mltte I,
This aftcrnoju thu cako of John (1.
Iilndberg, plalbtlir aul respondent,
vs. Ihu Crescent Mlnliq; Co., defend
art and aipellant, came up for argu
ment, l'lalnlll! was In tho employ of
the defendant rompiny at a curmaa
and while worklug lu a raise on their
prop-itly a cavo lu occurred, lilt left
leg was broken and amputation be
came necessary. Dimagea lu JiVtWO
were demanded. Tbe trial took Pisco
before Judgo Anderson In A rll, 180.',
nnd tho Juryawnided plalnllir $J5U0.
rue motion for n new trial wai over
ruled, and ngalnit this rullug the
appeal Is now taken.
Into yesterday afternoon the argu
ments lu Hie c,e of John J, UJsen vs.
Ihu Oregon Bhort Idnn Ulah
Nortlitrn Hallway company, np.iol.
lants (appealed from thu Ihlrd district
court) was taken up. Williams A
Jan Colt oppeniod for appellants and
1 ergutou iV. Caunon for Iho respond
ent. II was an action for damages al
leged to havu been Miitelni'd by
pUlntlll whllu croselng defendant's
railroad track netr Illngharn June
Hon. l'laltillll was driving across the
track when his outfit was struck hy a
train. His wagou was demolished, his
horses were both killed and be was
painfully Injured. 1'lalntlll alleges
negligence on thu part of lha defen
dants In not ringing thu bell or sound
ing (hu ublillu uu their locomotive,
aud demanded damages lu the sum of
$1000. Upon a hearing of the ca- Hie
Jury relumed a verdict III tils favor ami
uuesied lilt damages at$UUo. It Is
against this that the present apaul
comes. Tho caio was now takeu un
der aivlsement.
Tlio sacred cautala, Jotepb, will bo
presented by the Tweulleth ward
choir tomorrow evening, In tho ward
meeting house, for tho purpose of rais
ing funds to purchase new music,
l'rof. Joseph J. Daynet will conduct
tho cantata, and the flnul rehearsal
last evening showed that those attend
ing Ihu concert will elloy a musical
W. H. Duscuberry, who Is not a
Dogberry but n Judge all the same,
came up from I'rovo and took a look
around our muulclal natstorium ou
the principal streets. Ho didn't take
a bath but looked as If hu would like to,
K. II, Anderson, of Ugden, took a
run down today und was looking
around among old-tlmo friends here, of
whom hu has sucral notwithstanding
tho fast that, according to most Junc
tionals, Hilt place It loo far from
Ogden to protper.
II. T. Moulgomerj, the well known
attorney from Denver; August Fungo
and wife, prominent citizens ol Chi
cago; M. lleynolds, Ban 1' raucleco,
nnd D.D. Houlz, the I'rovo Juslluluti,
aro thu guests ol thn Cullen.
It. II. (Joujh ot Dry Canyon, leisee
ofthe Hidden Treasure mine, Is hero
for the tlmo being. Hu reports having
been marly suouod lu, Hie vMlatlou
from thu clouds aggregating two feet
on thu level. He concluded n s state
ment with the characteristic and
cheering remark, "I-verythiiig In
It. X. Ilukln, who presides ovor
this somewhat boisterous community
as mayor tlieruur, and does credit tJ
the ob nud hlimelf, has gol back from
his trip lo national heajqusritr.
It Is not known whether or not bu let
the gubernatorial bee buzt without
restraint lu his bonuet uhlle there,
but It It u well assured (set that an
appointment doesn't require one's
actual re Banco lu Vrder to nllght
where It belouis. Teleraphluadvlce,
like the dcaJ, travol fast.
TuaCccixvIl II lloals, l'roti.St. Ilsr.
tiolji, e.an trsnelieo, J A connoU nnd wile,
Murray II lliuelow. A h Sullli, rikn,, if
1'arreiK, bilncuieU W lluKhun, llukinlul.
II r Jl.nhroinerr llsoeeri I. v tjbiv elillir!
ojcOeujilLrteuuiifort, esu trucuco. L
Dr. Price's Cream Baking
The Only Pure . . 5
Cream of Tartar Powder.
Contains neither Ammonia, Alum, nor any other adullerant.
Does finer and more economical work than any other, owinrj
to Its marvelous purity and greater strength.
It is cheaper at 50c a pound than the ordinary kinds at :oc.
The Ucst Is always the Cheapest.
Tna Hvclsr Sli-tll tn.ler, bonis Iliac,
'aeer II , re.lnil, Ai. M.on, h.. A
usrth.Oin.tia.U II (,r,s rrnillfe Ml mr
"lull.. Minn t rill, nm.l.rk.wir.anitclillil,
I rorliienre II I Kll "m.l.,r n. oitr, ll
ion rana lnain, M a t rcitSte, rthselUe V . ,
1110H Horns X tlMitttt.il, ,S.,e lort.lt
Turthsin, lln.ion, li II -.liiion, (I A lieel,nn,
Srrasms, M , Ml Ulna', inn t rsnelM-n J
Sn.llnandiiif. .Iimabs, II l Hell, New Yuk
IV W Unmer, wire and naughter, Arpen.colo,
.1. fean nll. ,,1, ihi,Jn- iilirianl,
Jl II Ualifon,la,oilCul n I laiil.tlinn, I
t Hal., liana Mor ! r Mass, J no It Hauler
and wile, ei Lorn., lo U lltman and wire,
liul,uiin, fa I It Williams. Itmrali,. N,
II Itrrer, tiwk.n rths Marl n, Heaecr,
J V Slnore, A J Sj.fter, K I (,ler, UK
Ihulf r A Keen Lhicrn, t. t'olinanssd
wife. La rro.i. Ilia I Uemln.bawan I wl?o,
Trcir, ( , llllum ami wit.. I ark til v
T J i attcrien, Clceelsnd O, 1 die U Ilaus.Una.
Tnr Stom v -tliomii Kpnenitune, J
Harmon I. ran Inriro I al , II J I un.l l licuree.
r jMrter,i.unnian, William Walaoo. eati
iris, link tllll, (it'kn Mlnnmss, Iroeoi f
w Jaratrlrnn leai.llo Maliu, e lalJer,
Omaha htU c s Morn,. 1 1 Maine, lndtsnai
Wear UUI I 1 1 ad i Sprisaa, . Weiilae sn I
wila, lean liannaco 1' 1'onllr. Helm, J i
Uhito.14. llesuice, Nebj I. etirlner, Ltnrona,
Tna -mrit Iloi IV -Mrlor rmnrr ant
wir. Chaua. eater N I ti It lllahnp, kllchlsaai
Us i o .man New York II A Kssrnea iiunnl
ami a l sum! sn I wir. ra.era IV ill er an t
"Bene, L-iloraro Pprlltra U Inlnetr (looclrieti
elinaKO.t Chandler,!., ABfclea, tV J Hall,
leeen Hirer, I T I It Hiinn. Alti lllridli
I rrant, ll.il en Hreanl San I ranrlien. . It, r.
l I rr-naliu n,n ll.irln, New leili J II star
lo III laillea.
Sirs. Christy, Hie Milliner, Invites
Hie ladles ol the city to attend her
prlDg millinery oicnlng nt her par
lors, 81 west. rirtlHrutli street, Friday
noil, March lllth. They will see n
slock of Midi i leganco and variety at
Wat never 1 efure shown lu Ihu West.
(Jsdd Hand I olT rt Is n quick teller;
this la evidence that It Is popular with
the consumers.
Will outwoar anythlnir In tho
Wo Mako Moil's Sult3 to Ordor.
Wo also havo a stock of Roacly-
mnclo Clothing on hand.
Your breakfast table will not be com
plete without (iuld Hand t'nu,e.
Jlr II. f. Ural', nilllnrrr lt.e.llnti,
Haturday nlternoou nnd evening,
March Uth. Lovely Imported goods,
lite novelties. Any goods selectid
luring rcceitlon ciu be purchased,
41 loutb, Main tlreet.
Tho attention of economical house
keepers la called lo the (laid Hand
racksge Currvr. It Is Hie best.
Mr3. Burrows' Mllllnory.
Orenlngunv Monday, March Z7,
Thellaest Millinery etlsplay ot the
sesson. All tbe JatisC lmiortatlon.
Nothing handsomer can be shown In
thu city.
Jiidtea are cordially Invited.
Mrs. M, J, Hiirrowr,
18 Malum.
roiiiiellileia- a.m.
Di-misthv tbat bat for Its object
something Infinitely letter than Iho
reckless and often criminal wholesale
extraction of U)d.glven natural teeth,
that uuluhtlj',uncleau and uncomfort
able artificial dentures may be Insert
ed. Dr.0. 11. Hewelt .. don , Dooly
(1. 0.) block, Halt Diko Cily, have all
the modern appllaneee (ant the skill
tuusotbem) to save Ihu natural teeth,
not for n month or a year, but forn
life time. d A. a
Mraoltblno's giand opening of the
Hst'i?'." MI""n ," Hummer Ml
llticry KcoJ ever exhlblle.il,, theclty,
flrand recrption at Ihu Theater Mil
!l"!'l'lors,one dtor west nf 8s t
Dike Thealor, Thursday, r,ldy ,
Balurday next. le.f,l1od, welcome,
III H,,t,.("in.,r'A,m,"lt "tended to
all. Hours, 10 to 12 a. m., 2 to 8 p. m.
rrlcea reasonable, and goods can bo
purchntcd during tbe rereplbn.
You will bo j leased with Hold Hand
CroccM. 'a' by "" flr,,,cl"
Weber (Oroes Creek) Cool, 109 H.Malu,
At nn after dinner ex tlio you will Le
pleased with Hold Hand.
(Jot your Alatracis of Tllio at thu
' ctinly Itecorder'e cnire. They are
madedlrectly from the original recorJs.
"e lllllnu Hollar, lo loan.
Co.NWAV A DuNNM.i.Air,
8 ItMin 2. ( ommerolal lllock.
Uio X. F. H, and I), lulter. Alk
your B'ocer for It, I'. Q. )ttx 545,
111,1. Umilril
At once on excaiallug for lake at For
est Dale I'aik. B educations and
plait furnished on ai plication. High'
lo riject any nn J all bids reserved.
OlXilKlK M. CANtiuy.
Havo you tried (Inld llonJConee.
If not you huvu n geuulnu treat lu
HoVd lia'ndT.Tr-"J """" ar'dk
Mme Lamb's Millinery necenllon
Tliuia lay, March 2ard,
Hourt 2 to 6 and 7 to 11 p.m.
All kludt of Coal, ltu H. Main.
Tho Hold Hand Package It baiidaome,
but the quality of thn goods lutlda
tells the story.
Persona ironi Iho country visiting
u, ,.'al:u Cl,yor Intending to visit
Walt I, iho at cnnfercHco time, may
engage snrtiiHiils In tin. Culnier
block nnd In thn Ciilmer Kennelt
Mock, by writing to U. l'.Culmer&
Ilrcs. at once, giving dales and num
ter of rooma required.
The Hold Hand ('ifTra will be alwaya
In your homehol I after one trial.
Do Ym Use thG AlmveJraEfl?
Most Popular Baby Food
Cold on tho can, bottor than
gold In tho can.
FREC EXHIBITS all tho Wook.
Look for dally announcomonts.
Tomorrow at
E. L. Prlco,
2G4 Main Stroot.
E. A. Wolfo & Co..
143 W. 2nd South St.
J. B. Tnrlow Drup; Houso,
Cor. 1st South and Malm
CLARIONET,' In fsct tnylhlnrj In the Muilcil Llnet at Lower Prlots tnd on
Belter Terms than tny other firm In Iho Weilern Slaloi.
duhik iE mm
01 llils advorllscmont wo lll papor any room 12 foot by M
fool nnd D fcot blrjli (or abontlhat slzo) including sldo walls,
border and colling for SO.00. Tlioso Wall'Paporsaro ptrloolly
now and Includo an Immonso variety of boantlfnl doilgn3.
k They aro not by any means Iho oboapo3t papors. Call and
too tho tjooils.
Coma and soo ua In our Elosant Now Storo In ,
tho McCornlclc Block, IB W. First South St Just Round .
tho Corner ' from formor location,
Utali Book & Stationery Co. '
DuVican Wl. McAllister, Manage

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