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UKSKinrr rv-nis'ixa news: ihuday, MATtcn 21, lsn.'i. ., I
A Yoncg Gambler Ends Ills L!t with
Horphlm at Denier.
iMEHi:inii:ii in toumvnu.
1'rltonrrs n.capo I rom o IVuHfntUrjr.
MineUiu Irajclf 111 Arums.
Mmchliijr Accident Ullo Hunt
lag, lie.
The city council ot Aspen, CoIo.,liss
rotialJereil an ordinance Mat-liia; the
pollco tiisitl-tfato fcfflce salalled "
iuttiailol the lee system-
Tim riiinnl, A. T., .council lias
raeeetl the railroad exemj llou lilll ly
Vole ol 0 U 0, KMUtln "5'l'"01" ''"J!
taxation lur twenty yeaie to all roaJ.
trulnnluK work wUulii one jear.
Attorney T. Wesley Hej, of I."
Aimelif. Oil., I tliargeil Willi enitiej
il . rem J.I. client. 1 re. 1-oul.e; .
Anderson, money to "' um u' " ,
He "ill ir, trleJ In " ".' cuurl
at that 1 lace.
Thirteen head of cattle wejo
drowned In Hear llT.r I..I k.
They were ilrlseii oil the leu ty a
youiiK Iwy and broke thiouisli. Ill"
Joy was tnruwti In Iho water, tail
reicui-dliy soniolileude who stood by.
II. H. Iloal, who nianattn Col. Hill
Cbdj'a ruitliat Nottli I'lall. lain
J.aramle, Wyo. HeH tryln to -.ur-cliai.-
a Jot'ii vlcluiie lironolioe lor ua
lit Mr. Cod) 'a eliow. Mr. lloal as
teen by a Iljumtrang renremntatlve
and staled lli-it ll.ey were now iiiakliiu;
big preparations, and wllli tile biiuch
o( cowboys, ludlau., liori'S, no., ix
ct to attract liniutjuse clowda ut Iho
Woild'a Fair.
CalllornU cllrue fiult Rrowcra will be
allowed Indented ace for tlictr .
Mbit at Um World'a Fair. Word baa
Iron remlted by ineatale cotniiil.eloii
that Iho riiUesl for an lucleateuf apace
from HWU tu 15HU njuate iuet had been
(ranted. Thu Interior osunllta liaee
lien prompt In prrpiriuit Ihelr ealilh
Its, mid the Indication are tliat Cali
fornia will bo well itpimeutnl on the
oj lining day.
A few days a;o Miss LIlo Ilugau,
Instructor al the Indian ichool known
nathe Htewart Institute, .Nevada, In
nttemt Una; to seratale two ludlan Klrli
who were qu-itellliiK, was ttiuck nerr
the head and otlierwlee Injured. Her
Inlurlca at tlrel wore sup-weed to be
.Unlit, but Information coiuea from the
school that tba young lady ! much
worse. Hotti combalanti are now In
Jail awaiting further developments lu
Hie emu of Mugau.
Hlnce tho wtalher lias aoltoned nud
the anow la rneltln, there la a return
of much ot the elcaneas Hut was va
lierlenced here In the fall.soye a cclal
from Hlco, Colo. Many leiaoba ato
lok with aevero colJa, aocompauleU by
a form of lumbago, conaHllogof MVeie
i.alna along tho Inal column. Tlioio
areaoviral on of acarlet fever and
whooping cough. Tliu school attend,
nmo la cut down to liall the enroll
ment. Two nrltonera confined In tho Jail at
Hugo, Colo., for liuritlsry, made their
etcano on WedneaJay nlt.rnopn by
digging through tho brick wal froin
the corridor, where they were nl lowed
to alay during the day. Under H-ier-tr
Wood Uncovered the break about thirty
mlnutra aftuward and ImmaJlalely
Kave the alarm. A poaae waa organ
lied nud atarted In pursuit. Iho men
weruvortnken nnd recaptured by O.
I.. Henry nud Ueorge Ulowia about
thriomllcafrora towu.
While hunting a few raornlnga ago,
Henry Johnson, thirty-four yearn of
age, waaahotand Inatantly killed by
J'tank nnd lid. Jaspir. The par lea
were hunting on Ilia north fork of the
Tuolumne river, about a mile. i anil a
half from Coiifldelue, California,
neither (ally being aware of the
prrienco of Iho other. The Jai;r
boya wounded a deer, and were trail
ing over Iho mow, wlicusomodl.tanci
ahead they noticed a movement In the
Luther, and, mppialug that the
wouuded animal wa there, bum fired.
The two bulleta placed Johu.on'a
lireaat and poraed entirely through nla
budv. killing liliu Inatantly.
C. I). Hedell waa found drad In lila
I ed at a homo lu Larimer meet, Dan.
ver.on Wedueiday morning. A bottle
containing morphine waa found by
Ida aide, and a note lound on a table
Inthero 111 In.llrali that he coldly
committed. ulrlde. ,Tliuite w nd
dr.ecd to 18 Medcalf place, Ban I ran
cltco, Cala. Ilfdell waa lait employed
aa cook lu tho Metropolitan rnlaurant,
bulbowaadlichtrgedtwo w.eka ago
becauieho could not do the work.
Hluce that time ho haa been unable to
Ktttialtuttlou. Hecaino to Denver
two yra.n og nnd for a tlmu world In
the Htar grocery. At that time lila
liablT. "ere txlellent. H"'"'"
In Deliver about a jear and ;
to Han Frnuclico, where lila mother
llvia. Hho la anld to be qulle well to
do. He returned to Denver ahout lime
ecka ago with $ I H) dollara, which he
anon iciuandercd at Kantlrilmr. t-lonel
Chlvlngton telegraphejl to Mr. Ilpdel
the newa of her aon'a death and aho ut
oncewlrrdbick that lila body aliould
be embalmed and alilpped to her.
Hiram B. Htovcna, delegate to Con.
grcaalrom Arlioun from 1872 to 1600,
mayor of Tucion, and who filled um
eroua prominent rlllcei, on Wcdnei
day, whlln luane from Intenie pnln,
ahot lila wife twice and thin ulmelr,
lie dying two houra later, Hlawlle'a
condition la acrloua. He hna not been
well during the paat alx mouthe. The
wiuie of the trajedy waa Interne
fullering from bowel trouble, atTictlng
the brain. Ho laid down during the
nltornoon, and then wont to another
bed, changing teda aevernl timed,
Mrr. Htevona, who was (Uttering with
a atvere headache, waa Ijlngdown
wheu Hlevena approarlied lur. a i
caliber revolver In one hand anil n Hi
weapon In the other, with her pyia
Hotel, and did not notlcu her daugrr.
"l.et me feel your liend," he anld
sympathetically. "No, my diai;you
arolllyouriclf; go and llndswu." To
lur horror ah saw tho revolver, nnd
nlmoat Inatantly ahota rang out nnd
the woman waa ahot through tbo
hand and In the head. Btevtna then
turned tho large revolver on hiniielf
with fatal eflect. He was ono of tbo
wiallliltitniin In Tucson.
tba Srarraloaa rrorrta erMlieat Croeloa
Aroonllns to Btatlstlolan Dalpi of tho
national department of agricultnro nt
Waalilngton, tho Dnkotni now produco
"mo wheat llyn oj croca la ..'
tTnltM btaTwi M j nan agu Tlw exports
of last year wcro gnu tor than tho bkk-c
gate product 23 years ago. Tho yi. !J
vr ncre of old lamia la Incrntslnc and
th.it of new lands iletrun-i f a' i no-r
wheat lands are imntially lirought Into
cultivation New Ei.gland In the few
fields cuItlintM obtnlua ninre far a. re
thin tho rlclireit autla nf the weat Tie
) l Id ilccl!n. faataat In the nemtt mil
richest roll, tint beraiiao of anil ethan
tlimlmt beeauae of ita fame In ttltnu
latlng tho growth of vrtwK
The census of I ISO msde an average
yield of wheat of 11 tmahelai thut .f
1E00, when Um aaan waa far le fn or
tblo and rrirtfiectn apparently tnneh
wcrw. Rives n yield of ahout U lmh. I.
pnr acre. Willi good cultivation nnd
fcrtlllintlon It ahmil 1 1 lncreaae.1 1., 80
bushels. Individual farms In Mnino re
port from HO to 40 bushels perncre. am u
In New Vork riport 3$ ' more, n:i.l
many In Illinois nnd North Dakolu n
turn SO nnd CO bnahels la-r ncro Tb
ralo of yield could riadlly lw Inireawd
The whrat crop of ISM. according tn
the imtlnnal diinartment reimrt. la ullht
ly nliovoaiinicraroonolii)ieldi..rnit.'
nud In 1 nlnnio has Mlly been rxwOul In
IWI1. though tho crops of IMUnnd 1(-Ki
nearly Hiualnl It Ilia nrni Is eatlmatM
nt 1W "m 1,43(1 ncres. pnalmlng a 1 1.040 (1i
bnahi Is, vatuoil on tho rnrm nt (32-.MII,
HMI Tl.e yiold r ncro Is 1.1, 1 Im.lirU,
nnd tlievalnoprr bushel 04. Iienta. lb
Inn-eat )li-ld nf Hie Jrflr I1) was ST -bushels
in Montntii on l.DSI ncm. Tl:
nest In order Is SI Sbuslielslu tholndim
Territory Thoneit loMrls3H.01n X.
iidn and Mnino nverogpe nearly n
inneh SI 7 buslials. In tho west th.
lameat r.ito wna 19 bushels in Indian i
It ahuuld be understood that tlvw art
nvcnigis of states nnd not of indii idim
firms, aouia of which are much li!,--r
oxphilua the authority inotiM
Tlio prioress of wheat (rrowlngMn.
stimulated grnitly by tho crop fnllun
of western Knrot prior to tb80. Twen
tyicarango no crop hnd nttatne.1 half
thaialncsof that of 1901. Thenverngo
production of tho dei'tulo IxtWK'ti 1S70
and ts;0 nns3i:,133,?M buehils. Tho
nicrngo of tho next doendo as 1 19,00.",
So!). Tint of tho past thrvo oars 1
C0O.097.OOO bushels.
A largo breadth of the corn land has
Wi u WW u '! n hntand ro In UumU.
V nwbfttrnrilit'r Hint tie, will
i Hinsa,ft(HiraStcvnMh,l-aMl Iirriih at 4 trt.'
tUsvn if rsMttoflvftniBnirotbfrtiMiii BdtM
hmiirlriiurMsl.UfhMtlu ThsJirntif
n.t"-rMifMHlklwtatitf IV i i
. i II lMswfc.VU-4l CIbl-
ZtCt M, J, Dmju iJiix, Aatux
We Hereby Promise
Tn cfund nil inoncj p.ild in for
Haller's Remedies
If lou nro not BENEFITED by their
DSC. Tlicso prep irutluti consist ut
USUFARILU mi MM (C:nt:d)
mm powders,
basb mi vxrni, m curs,
wile GEmi? ma
s. HO CUKE, !!0 T'V Vim tuku n
bold by all DruggUta.
tv oo TU
Hackmeier's Hotel,
123 to 129 EDDY STR.EET,
RATES: $1, $1.25 & $1.60 PER DAY.
PUKE California WINKS.
lai .f t jo x irnixa iTHKKT,
I MAKE.A.SPECIALTr ' I-ur. Cat.for.
ma WINKS, till uh iq rates el onedou&
qiiaru, and w II UallTvr to nr pan of uuli
en Ilia line nf ilia railroad iwt eaarairi)
liollle.l (or III coiilslnlniro boll ea 1'nrt,
I. iKj'Ho. Anjrill a, a lollln Bntrrr, I bvl
tla alaaralof. Stiolllcauld Grape liraady,
Blntiiilaelurra i.ml lleilra NUU, atlll
nn.l Moll llnu.
ti' far v
S3 vk C3
tti (a' ft itivcU Arcnd. cutctttc ktvttfor
In the Imi.aie toon in inj ir Ball Ijile
f oiiatr, lariiters er blab.
la lbs taalur of uTTJiuta of w. lJoa..
Order 10 h.weauaa"li7eMtrnf tale ot real
eaute ihenld hoite made.
. . , a f ! eawe or K nlina dlre'ted,
i a.iurf ma i ,,s itition ha ale, only ver.ae t,
'",'",' ',' "! a'o ..i all Ibe r.al
riiaiaor .atddaecdenl, lor the purfra ihrro
,.-." .'""". " ' taarefwa aTdTrad urlha
.iMte et aanl fcnrl, that a.l ..m.i mtrri.lr.l
i!J J'T TJ!!? t aatl dawa.ed. avar before
lbr ..id l,i,Ul riwrl on lue-.Ur tbi Mh
an ..I April, iM, al 10 n'rieck lu Ibe lorrnnoii
of id d.jr.at tee oorl room of aald 1-roi.ala
co'.n al tba toanlf tonrlllonae in Iho nir
a d imiatr of mil l.i.nu rerniorr.h.
1 1". f! ",!'". a" ewer rboi 1 1 nut I o tm
' lotaaaald admlni.irskr, to rail m mnrh of
I ' fll ?"" ",,h" ""' d'raa.adal iiubilo sale
".rjr"", e'Txaa-r," uxs'&i'm.T,
tou't ('1 in idrHyMvl
Uiied PU Uke Clljr, Irrb ."3, 1 M
J. Ult II II LA lit.
I'robaie Jutffo
I rikI JtlA U. hllrhrll tiifl HKe, I r ibtr
MUin , rtd of iimi ,1,11 (I.U nil, 'rtf
"I i i'-', nnd Knit-lied in thu nt e of lh
tit niri or mil 1jU county ( uh, on itia
'A tial4,roniJifll J. Junlnnt.M
tr ') lltri.roiMTlTmin.1 dtuu ttUAlahU
ii iiaricr .twill-.. i . u.o to IUti-I
ininm o,cr n.a raiunt, tlio frnntof n
ir iiuMtrx tjoic for four Mih.irtrl noJtmrir
Im an ihRdfl ty i,l(t MKanilr V)U-Iiflli
nl in. Jim- A V. Mid ilRtril lite Mm
Vt. .ntf, IWi.wllrttnicrwt thn ralv vt
. .' I " ',' Di r oiuiri. wnlcti oolc ti mm
I i li' i Uriy ilrtM-ritsftt m a) i uun tlec.l. And
t n no r.ndirut tlovtlwfic nttrnroriftrt
' r tl urrh4M irim nf md itvnr nJ
wUr. . iil iniot'lccrl imiltHtllkit In trm
inl i kl Murlt II lwt fallitittopnv
J v""!'' .lis1 i!lfr,fl " Mijwl. Ifci
ifi 1 1 th icHM.nl j-ui In M.ri (nut
ir i r tho tMitic hen it ( Mil
i is ,nti ' "'" ""l'i- f llo
Ik Mi i i.r itKti n ... a rytval inwll
ii' ir n in tanl dv.iioi intt HcmtIIwO al
iiiiiii iatn to in nitf hf l l.tdilr for eh m
(lisjlriti ifi trof . t i nnv Ihnift h(ui in
Hi - C 'iniT.llMlatning Ihtt tlftrpiiuli-
ll IK I Ot lllf t III t. rut HaUl tllM-a. It ll
ll in i Ot ilir t iii I. ri.t Mtut (: of !,
mltlr l unit ml .ro1Brtr ttflMiM lif
uuriii tn in nan nowM'irtritM aal
ulh.. I in -it onnir.
nii wj.fi-n. UfiauU lia xtn tattle In tha
)nr-fit t nvI ttuta tii latarwl. andaaia
inn nf I t r tiui1rsF(1 ami ihltlr dollar ami
mirrr.t la i i r a.i ita by th icrnu ft mi 1
nniianittfii.i i il.andnrHtlUlntl. allien M
hate am uu I t -I Inreclmnl. and lti lf1
hnidir tl r. ( rlH4( ,t tifirlal m d
iDtrrnpl -mi re. i intmtuiMld.
fiw,Uiirrfrf uotiri U hereby Riven, Dial at
Iheilritimiof tlifirital lUr and owmr nt
anttflen i irtitud anl krilrlua or tlio
iHineritait -on, nu on ma If law and aald
iied s! trti-i r iifrfel, I, tl nndrr-lgnti
irmtpe will on Hi 3oth d if of Marrh, Inmi at li
iovi'niy t ouri h. t. o mNhVMirthYniV!
M.lllAle.etM) r t.ir ar al ,ni,lc Trndne.
and 1111 at II to th ti jrho.t l.ia.Ur U T rli, lh
real tate tv mi! del of truai cun
ycd,Rititatfd in the (nunlr of Halt
tmcii, Pintniou m the t'nuntr or Malt
I ahe, Tenllory of flat., and dnai rlbed In all 1
1-ieilr.f trtit at I ilnvta lt .So. nine (11),
ten u)andrten II; hiwh one (l.tn lW
in a Hilton In bat I the Illy tnayther with
nil ii.met.aarr, Rn i f,ucr rifliu,"'
rlKld. mli, Unfflt and r..i,lY of trUkmt tkOli of
paid AiMnni!rrMitrhfilpii.1jeae M. ihuhell
In and U aatd i rmia to a lufr aatd n.e
and Inter tit tticrron ab J Iho coeU atideKeu
of thiatruat
.... . . ir J MNINaNV, Tniita
DisJ f eirtirT tTth. tvj
lntaol'Hdr.ct loon in and for th Third Ju
d nil Ulatrn l of Utah, tounir vt
Mill Lake
Juno NUrnt Muilea, lialutltr,
Uiarlea I llandaraon ml M nnle U. llendet
on hi wifajlenrxita eadoi, (laorjre h.
84 ton. lur lu-linl and DtiliebaVer
iioti).lkfinUanu. ' ' '
The l'co la of tho Territory of Utah icn 1 g rtet
ToChark llrnderaon an I Minnie K lien
iierpon Itia wife. HrurietU leadaii, iieorce
K Vert'ttm.lier hu ban I nud tftudeimkcr
Itna .Manufaeturlaj( 1 umi a or (a iohkj ra
tion) Chfrn4enu
"rov i: iikiiEiir KE-uiia:! to ap-
L Ir in au 'lnm Sruucht g ml you ty
in aft. nam.-1 .iini tf. In the lutriei
ttiurltif the ihird Judmal liitrlibf the Jrr
rtoryid I lah, and in anir Iho romi.lair.t
fl cdthermn irtUiirt ten daya ( kriuilra nf ihe
day of aeriitfl)aflfrlhevnl'-ooyuuur Ilia
memotia-if irned wilhto thta county or. If
a ri-fdoutof ihia county I ut In t U dlilnrl,
lthln twrnu dayei f.iWwue wlilun fnrly
dsya-or Judme t (y ittfatilt Will he taken
axainat you, accord Id a to the jrajer of aald
Ihoaaidnrtlin Ulrouitht to hate Judi meat
tn the ami) of II, Hllh inatallment i f Inttnat
ill i trvon.rebruary n, ltU and lnicel mi
anld mxi" front te'jiuary , lw, ai 10 turrent
tr annum lor 5 attorney a lrr. and coat
of a it alien d in bo iloe ms( erUI t roinla
rr n tie exo utel by ilefendantallunderiviu.
tfHiaintirt ufuts )";,torliir o wiminUr
f fro H Hutu nt mjcr rnt pir anttum.aairo
hem. dun nnd Hliilijr tmiaid aave Inirre tto
.Not n latfJ.aallnoo aoturel lr a moriiraie
of i ten data oii ttmiaaa herrlnaf Irrdt actlhca,
es utel li pall defendant in jitalntilT, to
Mt.it ti e Lualdrrrcr nf thiamurt fnrtbeaala
of anld tiremitre that .ro ciMa tl.cr.f U
auntedluiyiiitniof nmoiint one aa above,
that ilefom.at.la and all frrtoua . lai.mn unJrr
them be barred and fnnji loioit of all claim of
ijulir ff reileuipion In i-all Ten (.,- thai
iiUitiiin hate lu iirinent fur any iteilcinory, aa I
'lor ii.tierrrllrrt aaid licmiif are liKacribOil
rafall np.Uinli Alllolll Mik a I, r"ounuiu
I laro hiibdiruion.bcinfr part block x5, rim
Acre I'M A, in Field urvey,a.utj m flail
Lake county, tfiah irrrllory.
And you uro hereby no ill d that If you fall
lo aiL.r and ativwor Ihe aaii i-tnpiaint at
aboteriMUtrellhaaail iiaii.tlff mil a jdy to
tin Court for tn talMf ifcmanda. I therein '
Wit tl Ihe lion harlea h, ano. Judire
and the teal ot the HI. tin l Court i f the 1 liirti
Judicial )uincl.ln and fir ine lirntory of
I tab. thla lit I. day of Ma-cb, lu iho rear of
our Urd una Ihouiond eiabl buudrvdaed
mnoty three Jlh.SK. (1 MuilU I.AV.I lork!
Ilrll. W. I). Km.iijp rpircier..
K It. H.Tlionition,iilalnlilI,aatlorDpy,
Iu the PMrlrt Court In and for the Third
Judicial metrics of Uin lirrliorr.
tounty ot nan Lake,
Viimr ToiJTkv, rialntllT
l'ETu TohnlTi Uatcodant.
The IVotlo of the Territory of Utah tend
To felcr lomner, defendant.
lou Mt her bf rriulrei to apnrar In an
nrl.i ii lmiuahinitalnii ytu by theulo.onatna 1
llMiutiri In the iJiatrlrt Cuutl of Ui Hard
JutlUlal IiiPtrirlot Iho lerrllury of t.Ub.a.ui
tnaiiiwtr the complaint filed i herein w thin
iendnya(kriuiiTeit the day or art tiro) after
tlie eut.be on you of Un aunirnooe if aerved
wtthiiithU county , or. it (tried out of thu
county, but lu (.he antrirt, nithiotweiiy
days; itherw e wuhln ! rty da)i-or Judu
mentby difauitwmielakin attaint! ou ao
cordlny ti the rayir cf ' id comiiiaiut,
llm lf1 action u i r u,.htto have n decreo
of line (Ourl dieoinir ihe hondi of main
aHardinttlo paint It tti rare of the minor
Child, lime of eald nxarrmaet aod irrantli.ir
lilattlm audi otht r and ii er relief ne may
hi luatt isbuterenif prand uu thu followiriii
irrmndS,M wtti Ihui on cbiuary xo, 1Mb?
tifeiidant dcaittel I ' ftnaoi.eiUuie tilam
kilf, and hu ever Pint e -mil date continued fco
lo dcpcri nud ahanOi d lurandeaid child j tliat
for moio than one yvrifre tail ahauoon
mctit, and linen aji 1 Unto be haa tailed lo t ro
Tide lor plaint fl t!m roiutnon neccatanca of
Itfoi and Mint lor wore than ono war bttora
laidabandunmeiit m.f lidant treat 1 U.lnlitT
In crui I uianni r i am inn jilaiut It jj rent d a
ireta and am let)
Andyouareherelyn. t'flid that If you tall
to aiiuar nnd enmtr the (aid ooinj Umt a
aiwTu reyulr ti th a .Id plamtilt will ap)dy lo
tte rourt tor the re I it, f d mnnde I therein.
WitP4.ii, ihe llt-n tuarlte l.ne,. Indira,
and tho eoul of the lilimoc Ooutt of iho
Ihird Judmal liUiimt. inandfor the lerrltory
of LUh.lliiBl IhUay f March, in IU year of
our l.ord one luuuaand eight hundred and
KAtl""" H MtV U. MoMIU.AV,
llyUl-0 !. WOVl. , Clerk,
iMuivdrtL ow
J MUto of hdwinu i.rey. Heceaicd.
uniur-n-nt-d, eaerutor or the itt will
amltrKiaiii.nl if rdwln O l.rar, deociued to
the rodilomor. and all t ereona i haTlbcrlalnia
,alnt tbo a Id dm aod. to ckhlbit theui.uflth
the nrinary riiurhcia, withm ion tuontha
afier tbo flri t uwii i atlon of ihia noilco to tho
aidtMi'HT ti taftoit Ltty, Krcmont County.
Ul8rt WImVaM T. URiniVFl.ta,
Kxrcutr t tho latt will aud tiUweat of
jAlfcrroUUlo'tnnlf r altUkt
Lot,aiy,Htrnoryof t . .it
In IhattalUrof tn L""l ,'v" Cimao.
deoen rd
i John IMUwitae, ndmi nr.fr of ibt
eaiile of mmi .Norman. deTa.i i haa ran
dored for ectilement. and m i n md t mitt,
hie final eccouniof hla admin rut ... of aaitt
raute and m tit ton ftif. ' ' r tuition of
Ihe teaidna of ' mon the
peraene entlllrd thereto, ani thm mratlar.
the nth day of Aprtt, a u i-,ai ii
oVim kim.il the Court llo t ai J (lourt,
In thaUontitr Court llouie it l avc-1 ny and
touniy.triati TfrftUry.hr.'' rn t aptrotnt
rdbylheJndjre of aani Court, I r h pcttle
mrnlof ent account end hnmn- r nhl vti
lion for rtutr lotion, al wh.fh n i d iw
any oeraon intetrited In aail i.tn may an
1-earaedaboirnau-0.lt any t " ru aaid
eerouniaaoull not te etH' i-1yipio.ed
ami UnaldiiiribtitMa mude a i ntTfor.
Dated .lurch 1. lnM. ., MCI(T
orrrk o( Ihe V 'm Os.urt.
liyCAcatli Itaowan, JR.. ' i it
In the I'robito Outfit " ' f r "ait Ui
County, Territory ot i t u,
In the matter ot the Ketato or lur Frrkaon,
Orier to elioif canto hyord r tajofretl
ratal! ihould not li i !
Hrxnr J iihikiov m. wr n
Kraaeon. theadmitililr t. 'thee lain
of I'eter freaPon.ilirenedJ i md tbetr
loiiiion herein, duly vcrulivt. , 'ijinir for an
crdrr of pftto of all or theirai utw r eatl
itcrodent, tor tho nrpoeee lh m t fotth, it
i Ibereforv epiert Uf IlieJu k of -aid court,
tuai Nil limine intt-rct"t in n iMituof aald
sitreAied, at i oar lelore the lit main rourt
nn1hiireiAt(tteuhilay rf At.ti .mm at M
ofioeh tn tho forenoon oteini lat uttheiiuit
ro n of id ITfWipte Uetni nt ihA i nttnty
Court hou.e. In the rity m ut of nil l
Ike. Clan Territory, to ai . why an
ordei Plmuld roi be aranied i ili.nl admin
tatraiora, l eell eo roiif h of it. r ntrttui nf
ihe paid ttceaa-t M prhait n a-phaUlo
nerrppart, and that ft oopv i.r tli or tar be
tint. iPltodat iMHtfonreueiei- i. irohain the
l.t.-l ukt K nilt.i MMM t . up r ,Tiote.l
and fi id 'h-d In eatdelty an nl
Dated Mtntialtt, im
JACOll II. I Mil.
I roi ate Judjro.
In tho TroMte (tourt in vi f r Halt Uko
County, Territory of I uh
lu the matlf r of thn eiUto ot ( arrnino mkion,
i KeiiaiMiti,fttinlaiialrhtf r f tiiooftata of
t arollnn Kriekion, itecetaetl I n iph tared fur
eeilleeaeni, and tied m nil i i n, hla tlaat
rrottntof hie admtnlairailot a4 eel ate
and fsrlltiott for tlnal dim l iiimi of the
reatduo nf laid eatato t it ihe rr
a me rhtitli d tbcrvlo, an l (! lueatlay,
the 4th day f Arrif, A 1 I-m. at lo
o tilonk tn , at ihe court roniu .if emd court,
in ihefJuualr (ninrt flmiie, k i I ike i iiy anti
tounly, t tab lerrltory. haai.. t juh ntoint
rdbr ihe Judfieitr eail Uoun ft r t,t elite
menl of aaid aeoounl and brnr na Paid nliliin
tnrdiPtnlililln ,MHlil(li tux and p m k any
Itrpon intereted In eald ci itf ma npnr
anl ahow rauM, if any ih r i. !.-.t
aeonnnt nbould m t be aellh I ph t a, moved
nnd dual diatni utlon made a irarctl f r
luted March 3, 1HH.
II. MHul,
Clerk oi i ntiau urt.
Ity UAtnitx HmiMhCaJr l.ui) iim
In tbo Prnbato Court in anl for "alt Uko
(.ouolytlwrllofy r tub
In the tnktirr of tho JCMalo nf Marencue
Joal.ua Johnaon, a l pimt mr alareueua
Jueliun lavi
Order miudr titno and pi are
i aon. the tn.lhor of t'c aiovn name.)
ctild,andUeatalcn.eulaltin l ni d awoni to
brlnreincliy her In Ihe pr. tn r of two wit
neoaet.aud it e klaKmrnt ( ' -i.ua Dane aud
Jwlaie Mary Iatla, litiabanil an i ife, .eraona
lii!tD lo adopt 11 ehllt aio hatlnff been
Mffnetipul mun lo befoie me. the lWale
Judrji. it ia hereby order! Hint Ihuraday, the
tl. Jaj nfApiH. A. H 1MB, at luo'rlock ft. Irt .
be and ihe aame It ienl aiioltiied aa the
tlni'.Mdthe lourt IIoum 'I Iblatourtlhe
plain lor the hearing of tail adiipttnu,hru
and whvro all p itono injiri-led mty appear
andalnwranae Hbyiihi i tid HfutdDfi (e
att.Kd to aald Joal.iu Daviasnd LlaieMary
Iwna '
It la further ordcroltl ft eopyof thliorrler
bopuhlithed onr a Muklor tirra wreka,
i eat prior to aald tuarluy.ln tbo DKIKhKT
lntedthiainhdny t Mrrb. !.
Jiolil(li Mil, I'l-ulialoJuJia.
Cakmiy A t'LUine , Altorneja.
I.ucky Hill Mlnln foni any, location nf tr(n
iipel place of Ui iaa I'ark City, Ut.h,
latioiiolMtne Miaku Creek SIininK Du
tnct, Uaialrud n ir Utah.
XTOllCr It lllltnik (i:HV THAT ATA
XN rnertlnff of It 11 anl of Truatf ca, hNd
oitlhe4ihdayoric m ry, IMH. at alt Ufce
Ity, Utah, an aarn rnt, number even, of
two ranta ier ahiru i I'Ici1oq Ihe capital
took ortUrorpt rai nayable to the arrro
lary within thirty di from above dato at
haulakke City. Utah Any Block upon whim
Ihia avaiaauent re ih i unpaid on the AHh
dayot March, lin miii be delintjuont and ad
vrrtnod lor pair, at ii ' ftuetien, and inlra
inymrnt U ma to ho n will l'" old on the nti
Cnj ft Slay, ivn al tin he of oeon
Do.n, at room No mi ie, .utlou Uulldlnjf,
Halt Lake Uty. Utah, t i ay dellmpjeat aaseat
went tfijiether ith m or adtertiPinc and
espemeoi aale. W, J, liUHruN,
No. H Ilurlon'a ' irf, ewnd outh itrert,
tctween ni cond end Ttiird Ueit, Salt Lake
City, CUlt.
fUtc ut Mary K II all, defeated.
Ncitior it iiekkmV aixrv nv tiii.
tindira ened, a imlniitrator of the eatate
uf Mary L Hall, tl . a1 1, lo.tho rreditora or.
anil all perooa harmx Ulwa aitalual ihe aald
tieieaaed, lorthibll Hum, with iho neretaary
Miuchira witfiin lour uionlUa after the drt
publication of thu tvu to the aald adiultua
trator at o, in. t laiiuloo IuiM)dc. fralt
Uko City, in the i untr of fait Lake
AdminUtratoror the I ute ot Mary i Jlall,
UaiedUkrchttb.J .
Kitatoof Mery Ann alltll, focaatieJ.
L undi rUB-), n to inia rator of the eatato
oi Marr An. t Hail, '! oaaed. to the rreditore
of,andailprri"HiM bainjr clalma Katnitaid
lieoeAied, to rkhn u (hum wilb iho neccaeary
oorhcra within I i ntt after iho dm pubu
cation of thi nott e, the laid admti uiralor.
at 715 I itih Kreet. ia!t Ule Uty.lii tho County
flV')wtlJollS III! FAIU
Adminliiratiir or tie eiUie ot Mary Ann
John M lANo Alty., for adntlnlitritor.
Uniod March i 1"
Eatale of tlltain A. Nelmoyer, deceiie 1.
Xl uiKleriiaitied, I io .Neiinoyer, exreit
it-aird, lu thu iriitoraof. and all jier'eona
haTinnluliii-an m ti e aaid Ueeea.id. i. h
hiL.lt them s,ith i ' "rt otichrre witluit
ten monthp aiur v flrat ptiblieatloii ot iht
notice, iu l i i t i-iemlrlt, attlie ofllreor
aan A I'utnan at rn. at law, n llottreaa
luildloir, call lJiknl m in the county of al
ULa, i'lall I l IWIi NblVf(Kll"
rxerutnxor tin cntoof Uilliam A, iSeiiu
oyer, ilereait I
UaUdMar li'tb, 14
Kitale ot Jano l truion, liereated.
l tho unduruumd, aduiintitrauiv of iho
citato ot Jan I iTjrueon, o t crated ti
tho rreuitoiai vt eni nil peraona liarlntr
rlaima a am' thn aaid uueeaard, to ox
hil.il tticru wiititln n' ary vouchera within
len month after the iiri imhllektlon of thta
rotue. to tit aadaimlnUlratrU or her at
laraer.aithnUur in e i r Harlow rrrg-uion,
(sail Uku Lin in tt County of halt iktt,
AdtalnlllratrU of Iba dale ot Jane rerguioo,
Ilalrd .elniirr Mb lfd
slell Ann'f llnln and 'MiIllDar inpanr
RalT "'""" 1" Uk" U1'
-VTtrti'fE.-TlianK AriK iiiuvv,tjr..ST
i. uneaiaa lol'om. da,rtlia ,uk on
mimmm el AaaaHlheni i. I. lanad ea the alia
"lay m Sri lamber, A I". Mi, iba mnl
wal. .ti i saraalu iba aame. oi tba rupee
UlO.tl.UllolJ.fi, lol0. ...!
So Of
v... !"' N,,,"
u- , J ... ayau. aaa.e., Araonat.
ilEfiil""1 Jr' '' u I'll
11 m llarho. iim jo a lr. rn
isR":' l" " "
. P 'IThe, jw s u a
Jobn Herb us laai eaurat
llenrita i nrte m sn a isaos
Uffaurlr 71 ial ,S
ivai roller ',i iom on
Jim rimer ); HI irt
,, M!"0 " Haw aaou
1' H Haftaen, ua ill a OT
HiaaUorne, tAW fuerj
lllaaMorna: las Til ,?
tleoXarlor, f i"
J Wttanon, fas ran so n
JSSiBSSS: & t 'S
Annie I. aarder, H Si u in
iWai. 7l ? 3S
IKira I-a.nr li aa. astra
luni-Haow lis It sn
Xalh.netar 14 MB Mas
.Nataaasear tt lu 5I
Juhaltl.rll ii aii
johDiiiieatt as Mb a&uo
Jotin 1 ilnit its ll.gl whH
Joi.iiiii.iwii a:s am ait J,
Jolia 1 liilirlt fi ii too i
Tsrier noraoar Aiw-
atroaa Ho WW 11 00
Tajlorllorane, Ana
, , .IMiH le III a I SI
Metre aallurne HI Ml la it
hlw.o aa Home las lw aui
rliHaean.iern laf as s ..
HouaV an Morns W in
A liliMintr t Myas. ere on
AIMooeif a as sun
A n tone in ano Sow
aiiloaaa II tat asm
AiMoaafj is iaa seas
AIlaoff n as aim
A li Want 1. Iara aim
AIlo.ia sa Ms u-
AIMonnif U M.IH S,lfSI
a i. loo. u M. Jaw
Aiiloa.j us tjj 1MW
A II 1.111 IH Urt SSI M
A Mount MS (S r ui
AIDouni III np. itoo
lAi.as.. li Tones Jr M. Jl i i
lAienjol. oeaJr Ma Mt iv tl
dnr.nfolMouaiTJr HI al ass
aiii.nl. louaa 11 ijaai soot
eii..ol Io.im as ill oil
AMna.1 oun 1M HI ssia
AionHiionns ji in niai
Aloo.olollPS Ut 100 MM!
Alorioloon. nt Ul aa H
Xllalall. inner tl ljea tl"i
Ml.lt It. louu fla III I.M
MrUrr lonnii U M sou?
ll.l..ronn( IB M SSJ
II. r. inane- IS M II iu
ii a. iioim lit w dim
II 8 loaea si. at .
Itonnrell loun si ee ssiti
Uoici.ro II 1.UOI M to) 9BIA
Uvr.ueell l..o in III ST
And in aietirdinreMlth law .mill eer.ter (if
Iholhmdot Inreetor. niadnnn ILelllli dar .if
eapl.ialMr, l-Oi, m raanr .lialea f vaeli iwreel
id hti .lock aa mar l neeo-aate mil le
.oldatllooma No ml and SIS lloa.tiliitlon
llblldlotf, eall lAke 1 Ity, Utah, on
rildae, ilie Klh la nf l.l.ni.ir, A. II iHIJ.ai 1
n'elufla , in,, In loiy Ilia ilwlinituent a.ea.inrnl
tlivr,enlatitlir wllli lLo ov.1 ui adtcilulLa
andciienM of .ale.
JUIIS 1. XKlll.KKIi.
sail Uto Cllr. January a lM.
llin.l.loof ilia aa e f dellmtnent rtork a.
ebon la h.raliy eaiomlad iu March lu, leaj, al
tin tamo fdarii and bour-
lly order of Ihe u-.ari nf direeUira made ttla
dar. J. U M.llhhhlt, Sectcurr,
Haled I el roar a, iml
The lime of .ale nf Ha aonre dellnonant
lloca I. hrceke mlamled la All II, !'". at
Hi order of Ilia llward if hlretlor. made tbla
J. I. M'lir.wrti!.
Hated altljeflly, March , rm
rpnr ar.Mt anm'ai."mks:timi or tiii:
,JL Mnelluddtr. .it Iba I'.oila'a I .Uial.lo
l o otia.atue s.ielatlon will lo. held in tbelr
lore. Jani II Main. Ireat, nail tale I ilr. nn
tlonnay, Mairh ;ih, l.i al t a, . in. 11m
ol.Jeel ut Ilia Hireling I, In lirar Ida rinant I.I
l.riwrl for ttie I..I .11 month, and Itie trail,
aitlonuf .mhothrr loi.lnr..a.ti.y riinie be
foro llio airetinr. Ji.ail It ANliLh.ov,
aaLTlaaKl irr, ttrrclary
lUrcll 1Mb, IIWl.
AhTnt'Klini 111 111 1IKKTIMI or Till.
I rnlr.l l'ror.a I o., u lureby railed lo
larcl at Km Uet.rtl J.etinnal liana office, at I
.m , Al ril ard, life1, lor the election t erncer.
.nd .nea olbwr bu.loi a. tn.r mine up brlnra
. II. II.LI.AWFUN.Ja.,!..'.
rpnr. asnuii. nr.niNiiiirTiiKkToi ic
J linlder. nt it n I uh euifiir Inninany will
to held el Iho orllr. of the iniriianr, Nit. i-J
alain ulre, l, a.ll Lake t Ity, Utah, on TliQr.d.y.
Ai.nl", ltn.ai a o cimk ii in ihe turpc.e for
w hlrh ..Id roeclles la railed I. Ihe election f a
board of direct n. lo aerre for lha eb.ulnit
year, and the irnn.aillun of .nrh other bu.l
ne.. a. may lawfully eoine bofnra the nicellng
nilltLKll HIIITM.V. ecrrelarr
sail Ule city, Hari li II. l-m d(
J. firm ot bra. A I on Irr, heretofore doing
bu.lnr.. .1 No. Ill . .1, aoulli 1 rial la Slrcei,
fall l.ake Cur. I'l-li, I... Ihl. day lern ill.
.olvrd by mutual ron.rnt. Tliebooh.nf ao
ronnlnf the late firm have I een l.lare.l In Hie
hand, of l.rorao U Nye, t ommcirl.l lilock,
w ha I. hern r a.itburlf c.l lo riw.iva all money,
duo ll.o lata tirrii. and r. met for Ibe aame.
Haled 1 il.rii. ry II, HSO.
J I', ruuillt.
JL under Ibe name andptyloof tj.oriiotlol
dnrd A t'oiujianr, doiua bo.liie.a In hall Lake
Lily, rtab, I. tbl. day di-.olvrd by mutual
eo. aent, llrortfe l.n.ldtrd a.-umlnir Ibe .ay.
ucnlof ail tba Indebted.., of Ilia cnniiany,
iiii.ii tun siiYrii,
f-all Ula City. I'l.h, M.rcli s, IXB.
To 1 bote.. II. Kwlaai
1 Indebted lo mo lo lha .um of thn a hundred
dollars (Sfcooi i tor latH.r '.rrioimi 1 lor you
uh Ilia M..e uiino, aituate.1 In liry tniiie,
ltnr liiiilns In.lrlcl loeela I .limy, Luh
hai i mine I. about halt a mile fr. m llio llidd.u
Trea.ure mine in a aouthwr.lerlv illrei linn,
and a.rfint half a mile from the tluna mlna in a
Mulbcrly direction, and I- joined . n llio north
by the Fourth ot July mine i-aid or wa.
I crformrd a. aar.mt nt work for yea for iho
year. I'M and llsit and unleu ymt t.ay tho
..me wnbln nineiy (M) day. fmni llio dalo
hereof, your latere.! will be foifi lied u. aie ao
ivrdini to l.w, SUIr.O 1IL1M.
I abruary a, IWO. fr
lalirrr Joy eal.fi' l
l roaatticAT li
Vi DcieretNtviiOflloa Jl
V ryfecu jj i.fita J J
Yrtieleaale and Bau.lL I
Vol! noi'T KNOW MIIAT means imm I
,.,,,,,, "..Be,T AND 008 FARTHS9TI- J
pilglilliigoatlUoainlS-utritlous Mail.ilnstatitljrrltlibulllrmwatcrtirtiUlk. , J
"'JBANK&ca &01 g8' J
'.E. K. CLTJTTS. Mminaw,
liiiiVMii Mint. ao..
Tn.inn. UT 214 3. MA IN STREET.
l! UTAH tWIHtF rAMIUU TAN lift " 1
"w bis .us .-. .a.:vi .-. I.K-JUOUS '
AMI Al till' KAMI' IIMI ul.t
JULIUS GAUER, Manufactured
0 fl K nso wo Jow u, our I o I L IK
? ' ' 0 wv(s
rVornouf ,j oaiatu laee?'
iV beuiiourffefiSi&.
$ TvfyiiV) U wxtt ociajc ooot, 4
) XhA Uttft tttcvUeuS RSH'
i t ft" S I liirW
c I . A: (on ?paU bc.uowoiW''1
-ron nAT.n nr-
Z. C. M. I., - - Solo AqciiIs In Salt Loko Clly.
Iff vl'M?J 1 O I IM! R05P PLANTS, tour ..lection Imm too Rjffl H
V. A5fflJr ' WaaJarJ Varletlaa, foat-paM. wf B
WVy . Our Catalog-iK omenta and 1'loral Nertltlea firjlanowready, aUa
( W fi V WikUl talliDjc liow lo be eUtcriiro! wltli Cardca and Home illole.
ra b o..t.i.... SOUTH DENVER FLORAL CO.
W J 40,000 .e.Ff.C.ae ... ea. m a.. m
QiSkVCXinSC?! f.aBO.si,oinMoivia,eoia.
Fj I Trial. Wby.alftr fromlh.l.d .Ute'. of
j H J La Urlp-je, 1 ame luck Kldaer and Ilr.t
H I I 1 lil.aa.o, lihium.ti.ui, Indljci ir I y.l"P-
' C IrH) f4 ,u. any kln1 of woakne. (r ethrr dl-
I fi f 1 1 out. when r.lerlrlilty will tit i u and
J j f , ) l.ri.you In health (lleadailaraiirt.ua
1 U I A 1 oceananle) T'liroTeim., I will .end le
JUL V r . H "l anyone on Irlal, fr.a,
I'lkc.ti. M.llo.oJI e.lt i.il.nc-1 Al.oRe.trlo Tiu.ic. and Um ll.tterl.i fo.l.
solhlDiclolry tbem. Ian I e refill iled ti .ult, .nda.rante.dlol..lforyear.. A U.ll
aud llall.ry com lord, and produ. ea -ulUcleul Klectnally to .bock, lreo Uedlcal adr. a.
tlrlta Inlay Lire wai.t meaiore, erica and full particular. Aarula .ceiled Ad
dran DH. JUDD. Detroit. Mich.

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