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NO. 100 ' T1 BDAY. IMA.fC'H VL?TmM. .SAT I LAK1! CITY, U'l'AJT. VOlTxXvT. " 1
A Judicial Decision Dealing With (be
Rights of Labor Unions.
According lo an Act of longrMt Pro
hibiting' louiblnalloni In llcttralct
of Trade.
Km; Otu.EANfl, March B. Judgo
Hillings In the United Btalcs court
this morning rendered n decision In a
lull against Ilia amalgamated council
of vathus labor orRanliallonB which
ordered lbs strike of all labor
ing organisations latt Not
ember. The suit nskid for an
Injunction against these bodies under
uti net of Congress prohibiting combi
nations In restraint of trade. In an
elaborate opinion, far reaching In Its
HVcls, lliu court dcclarn the acta
torn plained of unlawful and tlio morch
anta entitled to lnunctlon and order of
relief. ThediclstonfullydlscuBsiatho
rights of labor unions. Ana reault of
thu dtclilon, ctlmlnal rosecullon
against tlio defendants woilld rubably
lie, but It It not known whither tlio
authorities will proceed any further.!
tor. l,llllll 9I Hill III II.
Till. Jinn Nuppoai.l Mute foniinll
Iril 11,0 Crime.
I.ittli llbCic, Ark., March 25
A telegram was received soveral days
ago (torn A.J. Wermr, Hullo, Mont ,
staling that ho had tosltlve i roof of
Identity of thu man who assassinated
Col. John M. Clayton at l'lummcr.
vllle, Ark. Thu telegram to thu state's
attorney at llutto or corroboraliro
particulars brought n reply substan
tially corrotwratlug Winter's
statement. It alio slaloJ
that a man named Frank lllcke), the
party charged with the crime, has t een
lodged In Jail (JoTiruor I lahbaok
w Ired thu sherltl of Huttc that ho would
liumodlately Issuo nqulsltlou pipers
forlllckey. Hlckeywatn resident of
rjuinmervlllo when Colonel Clayton
was killed, and was always regarded
as a tnlllng and worthless fellow. The
reward for tha assassin has uevsr bein
AIsMXlTltlX I'IMIMIirrilH.
Hie Nclieino I'rorrxr.l l,r irenrh
aNew Yoiii;, March li A Montreal
special to tbu Jttti statis that French
Cauadlan promoters of annexation to
the United Utiles Intend to organize
regular committees In all Trench-Canadian
ceutira of thu Uulled Blutea
wltlin view to Induce the Canadians
-. there to correspond regularly with
their frlenda mid relatives hen, Ini
" I rcsslng upon them the advantages to
tf be derived from living under thu tilors
i and Stripes.
llllllll 111.1 Airi,CIIIM-IL.
A Measure liilrmli,cvl In the Slluue
suim IruUlHlure.
br. l'AUI, March 25 lleprceenta
live Bkloiskl today Introduced a bill In
the houso I rohlblilng Chinamen hero
alter "Irom wearing thelrsblrta outside
of their lante," icqulrlng them to
"drees thu same as other citizens "
Violations of the ait will lie puulihid
by a tine ol $1 to III) and forlelturo of
the pig tall, Itefirred to thu commit
tee on health and sanitation.
Jrir.cxii, llntL' Kriimlii-.
Nfw Ohleans, March C.i Mayor
l-llysou, of ItlobmouJ, V , Is hero
consulting with the Confederate vet
erans as to tha details of the removal
of the remains of Jetlersou Davis to
ltlchmond. Tho Interment will take
rlsco In tha Hollywood ci.me.ory.
Villi Hlrlkeou .Monday.
Boston, Maroh U The Carriage
and Wagon Manufacturers association
has decided not to accede to the de
mand of tbo Carriage Workers union
for nluu hours a day and other con
cessions, and oa a result a gumral strike
will bu Inaugurated on Monday.
U11TI U STA1I H till iNlllll 1C
Urates Hiita He liua m, l-rlvals Ail
sieve, us lulliellnllcr.
Bkattll, Wash , March 3 IJ. U.
Craves, i resident of the Washington
National bank, and of the chamber of
commerce, mentioned as the nee'er led
candidate for tho United Hlates
tnoaurer, says he has no i rlvale ad
vim as to thu matter, Bomu of his
friends bavo becu urging his name for
the place, though ha Is not certain he
wlllacccitltlf tendered. Hi. was for
twenty J ears connectel with the
treasury detriment aud two yuars as
1 Biilstant Ireaiurer.
ToThe lliinkur I mtinasy,
a'aiub, March 15. President Cornot
has algned a deoreu raising thu 1'rench
ltkstlon at Washington to tho milt of
Ioniiun, March 25 -It Is odlclally an
nounced Blr Julian 1'nuucelotu minis
ter to the Unite 1 Htotts hna boon raised
to ti.- rank of ambassador.
entrm! ei.,1,1 llrrllierel
Ban i I HANOI800, Mauh 15 Assist
nnt United rjtates Treasurer Jackson
aayslhuBan 1 rouclsco banks ester
d",y "Ue'ed thu exchange neaily u
mill on of dollars In gold for notes ro
, lelvlngtho att.rot New York at no
rxiensuto lliu govirnmint. Jackson
feUgruibmlllliu tinder to bocretary
Carlisle who replied that It would bu
fdecllaid, m no dearth of gold now
t'rrnillled hlnr.r. lu I al.
Wabiiinoiov, March 1.5. A telu
gram was leieivcd at thu truuury
I from Chinese Iuector Coblintx at
Portland, Oregon, stating that
Defuty Collector C'orLoll and In
spector Armstrong, nt midnight
on Thursday, ermltted Blxlj -seven
Chlnrso to laud Irom the steamer llay
tlen Republic. Thu Chinese uro said
toLoioolles Orders havu been ttu.l
j lusrenJIug thu two otllclals aud dl-
tectlng a thorough luveatlgatlon. Thai
rollictor was alttnt at tr-1 tin o
fhu triiisiir) Is also advised ui
the arrist at Dimlng, N. M., or five
Chlueso who ramefrom Mixli Thetu
Chlnanieu will, m pun cunvlctlon, lu
dipotled lo China. Uluco thu henl.
nltigof thu (lesent fiscal rar 1.17
Lhlnameti have been nluinel tu
China. I.att )enr 175 Chluauiin weiu
Tin. iiorniMi i in iin
llmlliniilrnl Mriinlll lis I.ofln.l (Hil
Ni w Yoiii;, March 25 Tho t ro
posed loikoutul rlolblng cutti is by the
nmnufjuiiri rtf I eglns today. 1 hit aft r
nooiiSui) cutlirs will lolalJ ull". Thu
garment workers will intet touMht to
dlscuM Ihuadvltablllt of riuueUliig
thu execullvu loird to call uul tin
Iradu of tailors, numUilug lunim,
Heinlary While mid this morning that
If herniary to win thu fight, tho gar
ment workers would paralyre tho
wholu clothing iradu ol thu illy by
calling out 2OU0 cutters working for
firms not In thu inauufailuiors' associ
ation at,riitr,la 1 mieral
Nr Ymiic. Marc i i5. Tho fun
rial of Colonel J.IIIjI I'. Bhefard will
lake laie from the risldencuon run
day. It will be rondurtid by Itiv.
John Hall, of the l'lltli Avenue l'rej
bylirlau ihurch, of winch Bhipard
wss a romlnent luomber; I robably
aislstod by tovrral other uiluMert, n
thu colonel bad Jews In half a dozen
The death lertlflcale sont lo thu
board of htallh today said th ca jsi i f
thu death was Inhalation of other
Thu lighter of vital statistics dccllni d
toaicelltasorded, anl rtfusidlo
grant a lurlnl permit. He tint thu
iirtlflcatetnlhoioroiier with orJcfs to
makuan Investigation.
M VA1III1U, Mir.
Anl (uiierraaiiiKH I Itilrace Mauls
n III t, tree,
Ciiicauo, March '.5, A sensational
bill was tiled this altcriionn by ex
Cangrebsmau It. W, Dunham, a
leading board of Irade man and
once iresldmt ol that bodj, praying
for divorce from his wife on
Ihogroundof adultery cd iiiiulnu a
prominent baukrr ot this illy ca.
rc( ondent. l.argo propoity rights nru
Involved and Injunotlou la i rayed tor
aud minted resiralngtha wife aud one
or two otlurs from dlspodiigof It. lliu
whole roceedlug Is conducted with thu
utmost secrecy an J thu exact facts are
not oulalnuble,but It Is uudorstocd that
another suit for $50,IMi tor alienating
the wile's iiircitlobswlllbu commenced
agalust tho banker. It Is said that thu
banker's name Is Alton nnd that ho Is
connected with one of the most I rom
limit banking Institutions lu the city .
Dunham deoilnis to talk of the matter.
About a Hundred Applications (or
Appointments on File.
laaiiilnallun lu lie I'aisril lu Lslali.
Hall 111" riliirour Hie
Wasiiinutov, March 25. Thero
oreonflluln thu treasury department
nearly onu hundred applications for
ajpotiilinontsasohltfof division. Bo
far no appointments of this class havo
been made. Many applicants havu
been surprise I to learn that evin this
class of losltlons is within thu civil
servlco rules or iartlally so. Tho
latest treasury department regulations
coutalu the following: "Hireafter no
person shall be appointed chief of
division lu this dciartment unless bo
shall have first satisfied the board
of exaiulmrs of his fltnias for
that position; provided that the chief
ol the division of speilal ngeuts, the
chief of the secret servlco division and
the chief of the mall division may In
the discretion of the secritary be ap
polntid as at tbo J resent time without
exuinluallou. Tlio examination for
this lurposewlll be oouietlllve aud
not technical, and shall be practical In
Its character and ao far as may be shall
relate to matters which fairly test the
caj ability and illness of thu person
examined as to thu discharge of the
dutlisof IhoolUce to which be Is to lu
tho board of examlmrs for thu ix
amluatlon of suih persons shall ho
oomtltutid as follows I Assistant
secretary In chargo of tho appoint
ments, the chief of thu bureau
In which tho rrson Is to bu appointed
or the chief clerk of the department
wueriln such persou Is to bo appointed,
the chief of thu division In the secre
tary's olilceandlho triasury exam
iner. United Hlates special agents too
have touudoit,oan examination be
fore their appointments to determine
their uuall tliallons, thu rulo reidi.
"Hcroailer no p rtou shall be appoint
ed special agent of the treasury depart
ment unless his Illness hsa been asctr.
talued by suitable tests." rhoso who
apply for these psltlons will therefore
be Huljctted to suih examination as
may be ncitsaary to asoertalu whether
they are pouiiued ot the requisite
qualifications. lhuapolntrainis will
bu oonfimd irobatlonary for six
months, with thu iintloyiumt for thu
luturu to depend upou thu illness
of the n polntee for thuwoik usilgued,
lhe examination board of the spiolsl
agentB will bu constituted as follows.
Thu assistant secretary lu chargo ot
euetomi, thu chief of thu division of
special agents unj thu treaiury ex
umlnur." . in. Ill nKlln.. ii,
WaeiiikutuN, March 1.5 Tho l'res
Ident has drclded to a point Allen
1. Mors, Michigan, consul at Ulas
gou. His prluilpal oi pouent for thu
I lace was Owsley of Illinois, who for
merly hild the (tact.
etilniae far llie Met Imllrs
Monihui, March 'Ji. Canadian
Parlllo olllclals here she that a big
tralllu Is about tu spring up In tbo
trunspottatlou of Chlnesu from Van
couver to Halifax, on routo to thu
West I'ldlen. The Chlurse are al
lowed to enter thu Wist Indies free
and are beginning to go foiwuid lu
largo numbers.
. ... .
It Awdiens Intirestlii0 Recollections
ot Early Days In U,aa.
MlltllUMs OI'IOIIM II. 1Kb .llltl.
Meniotltor llajs llffor tln Mient
or lcligraplM and llallreali lito ,
Ucitrrn Vnierlca.
"I worked at tutting up tlio ornlcj
on thai building forty two yeirs ago,"
ld(ieorgeltoiiitiej,of Taylor, Horn
niy .. Arraslrong Cj , as he glanced
up nt the workmen eugacd In remov
ing lhe tioioli lu front of tlio N i u a
bullilug, which irutents sjcslto a
ehange I a peirnnce today,
That was lu 185)," continued Mr.
Homney, In response to nu Uqulry,
"when I first came to Ulali. '. Is a
longtlmeno, aud theru have been n
good many changes bIiio then All
f the wcikmen except two or three
engaged on that bull ling are dead
now, 1 remember I was one ot lhe
icULfce-ttlioru Thu circumstance of
w orklug at thu cotnlio was deeply Im-premi-1
1 n my mind by an Incident at
thutlme. My fatlur was forcniju of
thu carpenters, audi drcamoJ that bu
fell from the sialloldlug aud was
hilled. This driam Blaitlod mo bo that
I shall never forget It. Of oourse my
father did not meet with any aooldeul,
but a little thing like that will sjms .
times msku a drep lini rcajlon.
"When thu I ulldlng was comploled
It was occupied bj a Church store,
with I,dwlu I). Wuolloy In charge. 1
uasuugaged by him to haul umt ol
thu crockery for the statu acroia the
plains, and got bait ot It for my pay.
That la whero I got ray dishes for
housekeeping when I came bile.
The lurch was not (hero till stout
tilu yiars liter, when! put It up,
being then foreman of tho i arpentirs
an the ubllo wolks. Wo loverud
oertheuld stis that weru In front.
1 rom lb5l) until '02 there were n num
ber of chuiiKieln tlio onui anta of tho
building. Or oof lhestortkiirB was
John Needham, who crossed tho sea
from I.lveriKiol at the samo time I did,
la ltUI. His name wast alulod on the
stele, with others, uud may robably
be seen there yet "
A search behind the debris for the
auggistud names Irought to view
more that was reminiscent of early
dasln Utan and of mtu many of
wbom have sssid Into the great be
yond. Ileutnth tho wooden stets of
thu porch, which have stood so many
i ears' wear uud tear, was broad
lllght of red ssndstoue steps which
lead to the main door of the building.
1'alnted on the stone bilustrades on
eaih sldo of thisu steps may now be
seen tho nameit
John M. Huiini ii,
Tiiod. B. Wn l iams,
Wi. H. Huuiiii,
J NO. Nl F111IA.M,
Of tbeco Ave gentlemen, three aiu
dead. Mr. Neednam Is now a resldeut
of Logaii, aud Mr. Homer Uvea on the
HanJwIch Islands. Thu occasion of
their nsinis tielug laeed lu the situa
tion desirlbud was their Joint uccu
paocyof the building as n It nil of gen
eral cnoiohandltedealerB. riiej started
business ou thut remises lul&51
At that time the Nivtg building
held Its placu as onu of thu (artist In
thu city. In views of tho town taken
In 1853 It an oars, next to the Taber
nacle, as tho most I romlnent, Wbeu
first erected It was occupied as a store,
tho first consignment of hoods that
wire sold in It having been purchased
by thu late l.dwutd Hunter and J.dw lu
I). Woolley, ho went back to the
states for that I urposu In the autumn ol
lb 19.
l'rovlauslo 1S52 the NhWB occupied
a small lullJlug east of Its (resent
quarters, but In that year It took pos
session of part of tha resent remises,
audromalued thorofiru considerable
period. It was lu 163J that tbo build
iiigwaahlcrcd, and thu manner of
work shows tho couiaratlve valuu of
labor and some classes of materials In
Utah at that early lay. Thamcansof
holding Iho plaster lo tha walls was
attained by boring holes Into tho
adobes with an augur. This wss no
light task 111 a three story bulldlnr,
lut nails were not to be tuought of.
Ihey ha I to be haulod by ox team
over n thousand milts, and enough
for the urposu would have cost a smill
fortune. A msu with an augur, at
from I J to $1 per day,wos good deal
cheartbau ual's.
One of the kuiuitucn who will bore
immberud In thu store of Hornur,
Williams, Hooier&Co.lsHamucl W,
Hlchardsor this city, lleforu the firm
started lu business, the portion of the
building theysulsequently camo Into
possession of woj onupluJ partly by
thosturo which had been originally
Instituted lu It, and pertly b) the post
olHw. This latter luilllullon lu those
daya haJ u more I rclentlous ni proach
In comparison with thu BurrouudlugB
than It has had at uny tlmu since, for
n broad lllght of neatly cut stone steps
makes quite a resuntnblu u i earsneo.
lleforu Mr. Williams embarked In
his enterprise with the llrm named, ho
was one of thu I roi rlotors of a general
merchandise store loratod where thu
Deseiel I unk building now stands, aud
whom the storu backyard took In the
wlioluofu oily lot "ire lolling twenty
rods east from the corner nnd ten rods
tu thu north lhe udverllsoniint,of
Williams A. lllalr, at that place, ap
pears lu the early luues of tnu
Hpeaklng of Mr. Wllllsms, an old
resident of this city said todayi "I
remember hlra quite well, and
bow hi got broke aud alter.
wurds liiuJo n raleu and started In Willi
Mr. Hooper and otlurs In the Nkhd
corner. Hack lu '51 and '52 be did a
good buslnus. At that time thero
was ii heavy Hale east In the pelts or
wolves anJ other wild animals, aud
Ihcsu were I leulllul here. Ihoy weru
hauled to tha frontier by teams, and
uhliped from there to New York,
Mr. Williams I aid for them out oflni
Index to This Paper.
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lauK s-Olljltoutitlt.
I enx S a Mstit s llhpslrhe
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lank Illsroarssbff HJer ling smleunir-
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t Aea ii- irimstleantMrrt Oglsn Items
leir ; rlrnNss llsais
1 A S.-.;UM Nets
I Aur a. Tfiry virrs bora In Ohio Prsnk 11
Ma s savlnffs llsnk all
Iaoe tc-In Uaouii's stibere
)eung Dsman s Jinrnsl rileL
l'lOR II Wakewtan s trsndellas latarlo
riors lorlunf. ele.
leubl lhs lar Nertb- hine lllgn
btsilers. ,. .
p M I a4rl
slon, and of mtirso took Inn big lot.
Hu snipped a laigu conslgnruent east,
ninl aiiileli attcl gulling n goo I price.
Hut when the pells got tin ru they weio
down In tbo msrket He could not
realize anything Irnm them, so ho left
llieui on Iho commission niont's hands.
That broke up Wllllamt' justness at
tho bank corner,
"Ho then went to California to make
a ralie. With Win. H. UoJ u- ho en
gaged In haullugsuiilles lo the mines
In the (lolieii Btatp. Ab.ut llireu
years after Wllliaiut' failure, ho got
word tint tho 1 articular varieties ot
ells that hu had lu wfisl had been
eoii'UcroJ n valueless alook had goue
up In the market, nnd thu furs wiro all
the ragi. Ills commlston agent sold
them for n big irlci, and informed
Wllllitni that bit bad some thousands
of dollars to bla credit at tho bank.
"Williams did no mora In California
than to get ready uud sail for Nuw
York. Down tow aril the I minus, tlio
vessel on whlib bo emiiatkid was
wrecked. He was Instruiusulal lu
saving tho llvis of n numlier of lis.
sengirr, nnl whunhugotto New oik
and thu ileus was published, bo was tho
Hun of thu hour. Huhal money aud
fame. It was not long before he was
lu lhe 1 arluershlp referred to "
Mr. 11 oper, one of Iho llrm with
Mr. Williams, afterwards I cranio
Utah's delegutu In Congtess and Is
still well known In tint ounectlou, as
well as with the flrui of Hooper
A. I.llrejge and luauy of Utah's
leading lluanulal Institution.. Mr.
Ilobbius died imny years ago. Hmio
of his deccndauUi live In Cache Valley.
Mr. Humor Is now a wealthy planta
tion owner on thu Hawaiian I. lands,
and reelJes at Honolulu, He Is one ot
tbo subscribers to the Nl wo.
Joseph Dull, Ben , of Dili clly, who
had an extensive acquaintance with
men on the I'aclflcCiiustlnearl) uays,
salt today of Mr. Horueu "1 know
him well He was n partner with
Horner, Williams ,k iloo, ir, In 1S5),
though he n ver ws la Utih. He
ha 1 a beautiful homestead In Califor
nia, midway along thu coast between
Ban Joau nuj the bay of Han 1'raucbco,
"Mr. Iluruer went to Hsu I ranclsoo
from Nuw turk, lu IS "I, lu the ship
lltooVjn, and soon luadi agood atari.
At onu lime be was tr wealthiest
man oil the coast. H'ot un old
Bpanlsh grants aud onuei all along
the toast Irom Han Jo to thu bay uf
ban Frauolaco, ubout flftr miles. In
those times lu California John M.
Itnrtiftr'a finmn wnalM-llMrlltaiin t.nnlr
Men would red r depositing money
with him to i uttlug II In n bank. His
signature was good for any amount he
chose to draw,
"Hut hu was too accsmniodatlng for
his own eiood. When thu Ilnauelnl
puulo ot lb5J camu on the coast, he en
dorsed paper for others, believing that
tbey would lull through. Hut they
did not, and lie lost his property. He
struggled on. und wss uoulldeut that
he would redeu u all, but ho did not.
riiesu endorsements, with his own
speculations, were too much for him.
When ruomas H Williams started In
business hire, Mr Horner luvisted
some money lu the etjru as a sort of
nest-egg, but ha afterwards aold out.
He always used to be saying that bu
was coming to Utah, bat bu never got
"Mr. Horner was an Inventor, too,
Hu Invented one of the best washing
tiiBculuis I evir saw, I have bad onu
at my bouie for 25 years "
Many other momorlessre called forth
by reference to those days and times,
when It took more months to cross from
"tbo frontier," or where Omahu now
Is, than It does das at present, lhe
tclsgraL.li, railway and numberless
other features, theu unknown In thu
Itocky Mountains, are now lu such com
mon use that we could not well gut
aloiigwlthouttlum. With the Inlluxuf
foiuJBtlon has oouiu tho transforma
tion of this once desert plaoo lutu h
fruitful garden, nnd a, new generation
has ei rung up, to whom the tolls and
hardships of the floater settlers aru
but un echo of the past. Yet, 'tis
music's sound tolhe broad an Jsymia
Ihetlo hearts that beat within thu
bissms of Utah's sous und daughters.
Temilu tomciili.
Thu Union Tactile has Just lesucd a
very neat souvenir I smpblet to be dis
tributed to bo ou Its trains during
Conference. It Is tailed the Urest
temple and Its l'redecessors. It con
tains brief sketches and tolored cuts if
all of the Utah Unifies.
3iillfl.ll hlllics.
The following mineral patents have
been received st the land tlllco from
Washington aud aru now awaiting
No. lbjtl, to David D. Hrwln, for tlio
flolden (late lo lo mining ulalm In
Uintah mining district, Hummlt
No 1607, to Henry Newell, John
Judgu ana William M.Curtis, for the
Curtis lodu claim In Illuo Ledge dis
trict, Wasatch count.
No, 653, tuHarah A. (Ireen, Henry
N. Clreen and 1' 1 . Williams, fur the
lted ltose mining claim In flnllo dls
ttlot, Juatioounl)
No. 14(10, to ( hsrles Mcl'alls uud
O (J. Tall, for the U U. loll minim;
claim in Uintah district, Hummlt
No. 1857, lo lc u V. Hamberger,
I-ugenuW, Whitney, W, It. Wollacu
una John C. tjuillvsii, or theHix
Hhooter Icdo clslm In riutlodl.tr Id,
llrrlarril I nd illulln,,nl,
jFirmcHuN Clii, Mu , March 25
Thueuircuiu court Jil declared tin.
statu law iroblbltlng tbo ayniuut ot
employes through tha medium of
"Irurk" stores uuionstltutlonal,
Mybj the Trustets Will S'da tbe
Contr.ct Ibis hmn.
liFTUISUjr TO UK MlltVMiril.
Hie MnniiUclurrre' 1 tcliingc ami
Cliuinlur of liiiiiniirv.
Minor Maltrrs.
Tlio conclusloa ol tha cop( or roflnery
contract Is still beyond teach, and may
Jit povoanuvent of the dim dlstanl
lutiiri.althiiugli.the promise Is tbatlhe
document will bo signed at this e en
log's meeting uf the Irutlivs.
Judgo Loolboiirow, who Is noting as
counsel for Ihocltliens' lommltteu In
tha matter, finally tassel upon the
tltto today, Hucunoiu led that bu wai
satlilled with It If Mr. (Ireeti woulJ be,
The apers were thru turned over to
Cliss. C. Dey, Mr. (Jresn'a attorney.
Mr. Dey niadenrarefulrxamlnatioii,
and came lo tbo conclusliu that there
was some, doubt as lo the til u nt a
small tuition of tho tratt, lliu deed
tu which had not beuu reconJuJ
when a former transfer was made, but
which was I laci-l on Hcord when the
NoitliHalt Lakers' comtultlee ellieuv
irud the omission, l'tm defect lies
been remedied; 1 ui In order to 1 ruvl lu
against any pcxslblu cuiitliikincy, Mr,
Dey requlrtd that n smell baud be
given Insuring bis client from any ex
ensi In lliu matter. "This bond is to be
given this afternoon," raid Mr. Dry at
IM5 p. tu. today, "and If It Is forth
coming I will i ass thu title as all
When this Is done there Is not any
thing suggested at ptesont In thu way
ol a cauiu for further delay.
Judko irfinfbourow wss eallcd oil at
threoo'cloek this afternoon, and salt,
"It Isn't fixed yel, but 1 mi )o,u Ii
will berotiit-d tlnsufternoon. I under
stand that the title la all Died."
At i o'clock. HuilDii Hmllh, who Is
siting with the North Hall I.akirs,
a Id, "lhlugs looked a itllu uiirurtali,
Ibis morning, but this nit. i noon nrs
favoralile. 1 tindpistand that every
thing Is llxed U, thouah I do not be
lieve the contiaut will be signed be
loin tomorrow."
At tho lait hour slateJ Mr. l'etllt and
uthe rs weru In loufsreii for a lliul
arrangement of nllalrs connected Willi
Ibertlluiry site.
VOIt IIUMl. MAMllAttUfll.
At a social meeting of tbe lioard of
directors of the ChaiubirofCommerir,
hel J j ester day afternoon, the following
resolution was awad!
"Whereas, The time has arrive 1 lu
the hlstor) of ourrcmineri lal ilivclo
ment when all puhllo splrltisl rll tens
should uulla lu favor nt the lulluy of
supimrtlug and develoilng home In
duilrles, therefore, holt
"Itusolvcd, by the Clumber of Com
menu of Halt IiakuClty, Hint we urge
ui on tho citizens of lhe lenltory tho
,11,1'viinuiu ut uii'unning euo projucis
of home msuufacturers In refereucu
to (hose which nru Imported, and of
aiding In thu duve lo ment uf our Im
measurable material resources, ard
recommend that lu every part of Utah
lenltory thu cllliens organize for this
l'lie board also o pointed a lomrull
tee of three to milt with u similar
commiltea from tha Mauulatlurers'
vxchangutoiirraugufor a maim meet
ing lor uucourarlug the use of home
nnuufacliires I,. 1. ICelsey, 1', W.
Madsen and It. 1. U. Cuatts compose
the committee. This notion was occa
sioned by u communication from the
Manufacturers' exihangr, signed ty
l'resldeht l.ll.ii Morris and Hecretary
Cutler of that organlsstlou.saylng! "At
u'miellng of thu Manufacturers' ox
ohangi, March "JJlli, thu following
reaoltitlon was unanimously udutedi
That a communication be addreesed
to thupresldoutuud board of directors
of the Chamber of Commerce, asking
them to call a mass meeting at their
tarllest convenience at a suitable place
In this lit)-, for tho urpose of urging
our cltlzeus to I atroniso homo Indus
tries '
Tho llulllon-lleck mine began ship
ments of oru today,
A good strike of oru Is rcjiortid Irom
the No-you Dou't mine at Htoiklon.
Things aiherally lu that enmp uru
looking up, aud with thooiuulciK of
spring ugoou I minus is looked for.
Jack MtCarly and Titer Baud-,
two minors working lu thu Ulay mine,
near l,aku City, Colorado, wtru lu
stantly killed yisterday by an cxjlo
slou whloh Is stq posed to havo been
due to a missed shot, whloh wuut oil
alter a blast had bien tired.
ToJuj'a clearing bousu exchanges
amounted t $27U,7.7, aaiiui dny last
year, $29. ',(1 0 Decrease, 5,11.,
1 Jiu amount for tho wr-k was
il,lUU,aii,sanauweik last )inr,?l,5S ,
010. Decreiwe,! UJ.U7.
luiiAY'd ijUiirAiiosn.
NtwA'ork Slher.hD ,lcaJ,$3U;j,
London Silver, .17 U lod.
Wells, IVargo A. Co reoolvud today,
Mlntc bullion, tSK.
i.lt.Joncs & Co. reoelved today I
Bullion, f 41 W, ores, 15000. Total,
W. A. Hodges bad In today for
assay onu Jot of Hiillloii-Heck ore, bS
tone, oi u lot of Utah ore, II tons, onu
lot ot Horn Hllver ore, lbit tons, ana
urn tlierronlrol.
W. U. M. Btoward had In loda for
assa) nuu I it uf Old Jor lau aud Ualenu
in, 4 1 1 sue, onu lot of llulllon-lltck
ore, hi tuns, and a I t of speclmeus.
ritt I II nf ' 'ouUt r. orjsr o SM
laKt teu if " J.1"- vui'Til in
0 (l Hoy rt ux lit I oberl Parley,
latlvl till llo HI iatA -. 3,7MCO
A.J HsuerlHctit alao elUen Mat
interval In Msry lu Is, YVv.l
M tunttln llnma Uialrlil ... 100
a. J lymielux. u Msrltislersuauu,
Srlilliloia.J nanlr .. UO 00
Joaeih IMIkm. uttal by llsrstisl,
u n ui K v i art or Ion j and
a ii ii a is 1 1st ii . 2J.&OQ oo
letnr aisliii.triii and Mint Ion N
Main ilmm 1 an ot aeon n ',
Wwiiel tti 4 aoum ranse 1 wsst 1 00
lets' ilalnitlroin anil who to Ms
ii.iJ)Jmuua n usitil auollon an,
losrrilllauildi renin I .! 1 00
letsr Slslni.lruiu suil eeiloli lllen
e. Uattiman I art or aoctiou H),
uiientli y, xaouth.ranae leal Ida
It l.sriollnn io losepri M llpslsy,
I I ,rl i r serliiin SI, enahatili i
seelb, rasie 3 sresi. ... M7 0)
uallsil Mates or eniertra loalrkksel
A 11 Isna, j alsel i srt el see
. tinhs In sad 1, loa sanlt, 1 seulti,
I . rags'- i wtat. Mn . ..
UnllsM suiss at itsertca In Usorse
l aaainf slsat earl or sseuona
I sM J, taarinliln lsonlh, ranaos
W I Datura Co lUaur II illiwrl',""""" ""
liarl ol ssellan J livn.ninlsoatli.
, rsnss esl . StO 00
John Hesdkaenlu l w mmerflan,
pari nr eeliAn as, toanslelp I
I aauih raaas I west ... 100 OB
Frank H Unas anil wile n hluaWCH
e Kullsk parle-lloin. Ueatk A,
I lal A ... 1 00
1. c Kuliak to Matrsl Bsniss, iart
nl iKIS.IIurkll wlsl e. .. lass
(Isnrss M i annon to jnaeuti nallJr,
pari I il s, block ins nial e ..... 100
Jamsa I linali n lo Ms Johnston lots
, in an I II lines, 1 Mlla I ark. lose OB
Jostpli II Tmoslo lo A t elondts.
tartnrinin, bloee I eislJ Ilea 00
i J. Ktsirahaiy to J II loTunusnait
ol liil l h'oekll ilsl ) .... 17M M
i Sail laike I lly Horp raliun la Klla M.
Blrlisr, n hall ioi J, blork M .lal
. , - . IN
eoiihloa Bhsrn to Sarah s.Jsaaiairs.
, p. II loll, f.locktr, i.lalll 10B
I John aitarj, ot si U ssrab a
Jsnninsa Mrl if lol u, block St.
1 . Imam Plat ... . In
, John ai an ol al lo Mary nharn
l ail or lot s, blork SI 1n eets
I list. t ro
Jobn Share, ICatsle I i-arsh N Jsn
1 tilua. ail low l.l"'k 10 plain loo
, J ha ehsrti talat. eo Msrr ahsrp,
part lot l block lo a l,i it . 1 no
Sua! II Molllialot In Joseph I'
i ll.rlo part lot a b irk tl pistil 100
! A lollia anl wife Ii e f laiete.lv,
l.n.il and M I lock I Is.lU'alir
lo . 1 (0
I .V I. Walrrnan and vie InJamoa
W searls. lot IT anil part of IS,
block I, Weal llou'rvanl .... SCO
S I I elorson In Olur Johnaun part
I I tefllon II lownah p J emltn,
ransslsiesu ... .... is
, saw tiiaa srocaa
hso toil. March 2atli, aon
! leooimni ....11 Nov loreLsocra! S
lariBesi... s nr layication ?a
Alrhison . ss( I anno Mail .... II.
I Central I anion sss Kork lalatal ... a
Uurlinston in . sul anl Alimaba 61',
Hioliranlsild M, Isassl seise... ".
' Norlhvrn 1 aeion II Union 1 enOn. 3tt ,
IretrnH ... Ii raia.i Kn ri. la
Nnrniwratarn II ITsilsrn UolnnM OS',
VorthAinern'sn ll .
van limn Mar li r.-AIi. r II itsrowaaa
mnarrato tsallna in aloi-ka on aalea en realue
I rottia 1 nl a tavoralilr bmk atnioineal rt vek
e.1 Ihadownwarl ni intent anl a senrral
rillyuoci rrvl to the hishsat Sa irvs ,1 Ilia
day Iho msrket clil atibtly easier ua
rollnwlns srs the i Inali c innlalions sealer
clayeeenlns or the seearllloa In wl let, loflal
rea Irra srs nioal likely lo la, nitsraslej
A r .s i as ii ei w ........ ... si
eenlrallaeilki ', I rnlarreil ... l
It k II II .. IS. rirala ....... ;n
Vorthrri, I acin !', Mclla lariio. IM
I rvlrrre-l . 4la 1 calera Uuloa W i
lira Mori IJno IS
UHieAou msaar
USisaso, Usreli2llh
Wtnal-Slmly.caali 'i May,
r.re -laiwrr, raeh 111, Mar I ',.
elala May ia-h,au llay.ttl1,
-.nl-l.y .aali I-nil May, lIBJt,.
lairl-Ceya raah II Jo Mar At
lllba I aayi raab.o JB lay, 10.1a
llarley Hz.
lni-IIS ,
Tbe ColUn Hardware Company Closes
lis Doors.
lira I'r.al Ir ill lolll , ll.o I rnall
U. lliioli.tliesrrillinyalrui
liulvbliiliiraa, SlII.Oilll.
The I'.. C. Collin Hardware com
(any, carrying on buslueis In thu
Progress bloik on J-ast Teni lu street,
this nlternouii confessed judgment
III Iho sum or 3 1,000 to thu
National Hank of thu Republic, and
iiltuaut to a writ of execution Issued
from tho Third district court, Marshal
He nton at oncu took possession.
Ihoiarers IlleJ lu thu Third dis
trict mutt show that lhe sum of $:0,
651 10 with Interest at S ) e r tent. Is
duo on romlsaory uotis discounted by
lliu Hank ulthu Hcpubllo on the in
dorsement of thu defendants, and
$411 41, with legal Interest, for money
1 aid by the bank at thu defendant's
request, on overdrafts.
Bhortly niter J o'clock this afternoon
the doors were olosid and the blinds
drawn. On thu I Ig i late glass ot thu
front door the folio lug was posted:
Closed under execution
I. A. Ill Mnv, Unite IHtntcs Marshal.
Hy A. (1. lnili, Deputy.
A iN 1 H te porlur Immediately called
at thu coin) any 'a i lacn of business und
was received by M. II. Collin, vice,
irestdutitot the stranded loiieeru. He
said Iraukly: "W aru owing about
$.111,00) Our stock amounts to bt
twetlil,UUVaud $15,000. We havu
been In deep financial dlstriss
far somu time. Wu havu tein
tanking with thuti'ntloaal Hank of tlio
Kriutlic, to whom wo weru owing
at tut f3.',000, uud weru coniel!ed to
tonters Judgment tu Its favor for that
amount. Our Indebtednirs lu the J.stt
will not ixeeel fl7,OUO. Thu two
largest blllsarettUu) aud fGOOresoi
llvely, lhe others are verj small."
"Io what do you attribute your
fall ire , Mr. Colllu?" usked thu re
"lhe credit sysle in lias been the
rulntlloii of our business," ho re s
pohdcl. "When did you commeuua running
"About two years ogo. Wo bavo
made nothing nt ull for at least tlgh
lull months. Originally our llnanus
weru In good oouditlou, but wu lost
SM.OOOIn lliu I Ik tlrunt Halle), Idaho,
on thu Sod of July, ISSt). Blucu thai
lime ours has U un u very hard lot, lut
wo struggled on hoj lug for thu best.
1.. C. Collin, my brother, who U presi
dent of tbo coni any, recently went
Last with a view ot inlslug money tu
brldgu us ovir, but falling, wo weru
comjiclied to close down. I., C. Is
now on bla way home somowheio
between here and Chicago.
"Isthete any prospect of your re.
sinning business?"
".Nime whatever. Wu have abso
lutely nothing to resume on "
The Collin Hardware oouipiuy was
luiorporatid about three years ugo
Willi a capital stork of fUflIM Thu
prlnclal stoikholdera were K. C,
I'elllii, who was preslileui, M. II.
Collin, vice, president, anl George W,
Conrer, etiretary uud treasurer.
The company has always been re
tarded by thu publlo as unu of Iho
soundest concerns ot Its kind In the
Territory and the announcement that
It has failed will bu a general surprise.
When Ids Argnments In tbe Commis- '
sloncra' Casi Will Begin. ;
toilinlielor.cr llrolli tillfs TcilliiKUij.
I I'Jali Marshall u.ii an Im
' porlanl Mlliirai.
When tbo luvestlgatluj commlttco
a lourne 1 at 0 o'clock last evening tha
Inquiry as lo the Msrtln-Moyer case
was nt an end until Monday, When
Ibo arguments of counsel will be com
moiced. i
Bubseiuent lo tbe IS'fub rcK)lt of
yesterday's froceedlngs, Attorney
Ceorgo A. llurgon was callod to tho
witness stand. Ho testified thst Mr.
Mayer told him bo had solicited ac
counts from merchants for collection
with the Understanding that they
should not ay the costs unless tbo i
bills Were collected. J. W. Bnell, Jr ,
Mr, llurgon'. pirtnsr, was preient
when tbo convoiaallon occurrej, and
testified as lo Ibu ssmo statement ot
I. D. Parsons ststed that be had
brought two esses In Mr. .Moytr's
court, but had not pal I the fees yrU
There was no agreement that bo should
not charge fees unless collections were
made. Hu did not gst ay for serving
summonses unless tbu money was
paid In.
Mr. Blbley, ro colloJ, testified that
Mojcrgavuhliu a certain ercentagu
on tho business bo took to him. Hu
furthi r staled that Mr. Moyer agreed lo
(ay him half of tlio sums which bu
might reallte out of caics In which be
a iieared an ultaruey.
1 lionins II, Connolly said ho brought
a suit In Mover's court, nnd paid no
testa until Iho money was collided
B. It. Marks said that Moyer called
at his stole about rs year au ami said
be would like to get some accounts for
collection. He also ollVltd to buy any
accounts that wlluess might desire to
sill If the prlco suited him.
l.manuel Cohu luitllleJ that Iboth,
Dee & Cray, who have 4J3 ca.es on
Mr. Moyei's uoclet, had some ot bis
claims tor nollriilou. I lie understand
ing had with the attorneys was that
he should not ay costs until tho claims
were tollecled.
l.lljah Marshall said lie brought a
ref levin suit for another party In the
tummieslonei's court to recover the
k),cIoii of a horse. Mr. Wheeler
il row up the pit ers for hlni.un 1 as soon
us Ilia horsu was recovered Wheeler
sued hi in for attorney's In fees the sum
of $.0 und Mr. Moyer rendered a Judg
ment In favor uf thu llaliitll!. Mr.
Marshall nisi stated that hu bad en
deavored to apeal thu case, but his
sureties weru not aocepiaoie to lliu
lommlislouer. Hu objected to the first
two sureties broiuse they resided In
Davis count, and to one of bis Bait
liskesuretlmlu the secoud Instance
on the the ground that be was not
l-oaaessed ol sutllilint nieaus
Mrs. M.J. Hardin was tailed and
said that Moyer had brought somu suits
tor hsr and tollrttud some m iney, but
shu dlJu'l remember how much bu ru
tallied. Thu prosocutlon here risted and
JudkeJudd asked to be sworn. His
rn,uest was granted, aud tho udge
made a stutcment relative to a replevin
suit which ha I been testltlid toby
Marshall, that there wai nothing
ubout the transaction. Marshall era
iloyod Wheeler to beln thu suit
unu wbeu another attorney got thu
uese away ftoiu tliem Wheeler Lrought
suit fur his fees, uul gut u Judgment
Mr. Moyer, it called by Judge Judd,
tesiilled with relerente to thu failuru
f thu defendant lu perfecting an ap
ical Hefu Hid that the sureties were
nut worth the needed amount, and be
refused to acu pt the bond. Mr. Moy or
was also usamlnud as to tho utildavlt
of Hurguu ,V riiioll to tbo cUVct that he
bad sullcltea business from merihants
audallowel suits to be tiled without
demanding the costs In ndvauos, Ue
testllled that bo did not tell Ibim that
be allowed thu costs to be waived un
less they could be reoovered Irom thu
defendant, but did tell them that If ba
fill like the matter of a fow dollars
costs In a case could preludlce hliu,
hu would never try auothirtaie.
To .Mr. Varlau, witness said he
never, lu any Instance, agreed with
lersonsthatho would not charge for
his services unless the amount could
bu collected from the defendant.
Mr. Mo) er then made a statement In
hli own behalf, denying every chargo
that bad teen al tged against him.
.Neil, 11. I.. Hootu swore positively
that he ha I never mado any arraugu
mint with Moyer about the uou pay
ment of costs and that his llrm was
responsible for the costs lu every case
brought I efore thu commissioner.
0. 1.. I.eu testlllud similarly, and
after somu further questioning uf wit
nesses who had been previously exam
ined the commltteo adjouruod till
Monday, as abovu stated.
Sieiilvue sd lu Miitrliiioiiy,
A young man nnd a young woman
wure e outestlug possession of a leoo of
p-operly, tho one claiming under nu
old loess, the other under un old will.
"It strikes me," said the Justice,
"that there Is a pleasant und easy way
to terminate this law suit Tho plain
Ill! seems to bu ii respeotable younir
man, mid this li a very nice young
woman. They can both get married
and live uiou tliularm. If luoyi.oou
evllb the Jaw proceedings tbe roj eity
will all bu fritted away among the
lawyers, who, I nm sure, are not un
gallant euougb to wish tbo marriage
not to tomo oil."
rtiu ludy I lushed and tha young;
man stammered that tbey "liked euch
other it little 111," so avordlotwaa
tendered for tho lalntlll on thu con
dition of bla iromlsu to marry tbu
defiudant within two months a stay
of execution lelng put to the verdict
till thu marriagu ceremony should bo
Phis Is about thu first couple ever
sentenced to matrimony In a coutt of
law. (Jripmck,

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