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I I.v 0&r J
I 2s'6Tl20.
I "the last mil.
M HP. Potter Palntr Finishes the Wo
V nan'3 Building at the Fair.
a itscitiiTiN or the out
I Tlio SpeaUninl 1h t""'111 Ol'"1,"
H or llioSlruclure cxt
CHICAOO, April 10. - That tho
K: Wotld'aKalrlsauipllomoir me pro-
RE grcia of clvlllzill. n eropuos zed
KB thl. afternoon when Mti IM'
,S rainier, (resident of the board of lady
HE managers, aleppod out from the throng
of well-dresses! womon gathered In tho
assembly "' "" womn IjuIIJ-
Ing. and bravely drove thesaurus!
lu that hlslorlo structure, tho llril
of tbo kind ever lullt In connection
wills any International exposition.
llio exercises begnu wllu tbrtc
soulatlon of the Plollda Hag followni
ly i insulations of tho Connecticut
moiii, Kinlucky, California, Ao
ork nnJ Cincinnati loom.; then tho
I mi-illation of tho Knanp lli then
ii eatl mini: In the awe nibly room anil
tli driving of tho widen nail. Tho
ringing of llio mnrllal i liorua ol tholiat.
llehjuin of thu republic, lirouRbt tba
meeting to n close and the hundreds of
la lli present rang tho grand liattlo
song wllb a vim mid earueituoaa
which proved thtlr belief In the tiuth
that ihslrsex at laitlaon the war to
to recognized aa co tijual In temporal
allalra wills Ihu men. Tho golden nail
waa driven ly .Mia. l'alnier nud ruado
Ly J. II. Lyon of Jlutte, Montana.
Tin: na li
lt required several weeks of col
lant work to maun It. Itli romood
of gulJ, silver, oopper and Montana
aaiphlre, tat In the upnr portion of
Iheshlsld which la attached to the
Lall near the head. The null Itself la
luroc-upicr, sllv.r anil unalloyed gold,
and rests In a tilde hack of Hie coatuf
arms and shield of Molilalia
which la In form of a broach.
The alllell Ii a 111. ct
model of the Montana real. Tho
mountain! are represented of cOir
and I the foreground la a wolsrull
andstroimot a Iver. The auntet lu
Ihorrsitcf the mountalna and iky
which forma the background are of
pure gold, aa la olro Ihu ground In the
extremo background. The alileld la
encloaed lu a clio u of gold
firming a band on ono aide
of which la a figure of a typical roe.
rector an 1 on tho other, n farmer.
Theprcrttctorla a full bearded and
rugged looking miner, holding lu bis
lelt hand a alouoh bat while lue right
baud rests upon a hendlo of n gulden
tlok. Thofarmorliaia golden, imootli
face, aud holda a hay raketuunahand,
the oilier letting upon Ilia belt. In the
center, between theae figures aim
having the upearanro of a Ltlgbt
rtar in tho iky la a Montana
sapphire. Uon the ribbon of llio
Sold running beneath the lower pot
on of Ihu btoocu la the Montana
luotto In Itttera of blaok i lunicl.
Till! MITAUB II TIM! Mall,
Innd the broach are all presented by
" Montsnlaci,. IIih silver coming from
Ihe Uranlle Mountain mine, the cop.
ter from the l'arrot mine aud the gold
Irom the placera of Highland, aouth of
The formal opening exercises
of the vomana building will
be held at three o'clock on
Thurabay allernoou and will In
clude addresso by Mr. Totter Palmer
' and distinguished representatives of
forclgu uatloni: H4lii by the Duchess
of Veragua; Italy by Counltta llronga;
Lngland by Mra. lledford l'enwlck;
Hcotland and Inland by Lady Aber
slein'.Uermany byprau Proiessorlln
Laselowsky; Ituiela by l'rlnccaa
The nail was driven with a silver
hammi r In the proscenium arch ol the
assembly hall In the north end of the
building. The hall waa lavlnhly
adorned with llowera and the arch
where Mn, l'alnier atood, hung with
American beauty roso, gracefully set
oirwlth a background u( amllai. Then
there were panalet, violet! and roses of
all dogma and oolora tailcfully placed
about the hall.
The work of arrnngluf the exhibits
throughout theUjulldlug waa impended
fur the time belug and llowera, palma
and fcrna were arranged about odd
corncri and uooka everywhere.
Tin: .Mtajo TiKiLiiir.
In riiuiiaiiuil llrv. Threatening
Ulillr. Nelllrra.
IllNVHt, April 9 The trouble It.
twetu the Nnvojo Indiana and white
aeltlera In southern Colorado and
norlhern New Mexico haa oui.nl
(great exclleiin.nl. The trcublu orosu
ovir the killing lait wtekoflndian
Trader Welch by llio Navojos.
Yeilcrday the settlers and Indiana
hellaconlerenco, and the latter do
elded to give up tho murderera of
Welch, Aocordlugly two Indians
were turned over ti tho settlers, but It
li thought moto red men are Impli
cated In the murder, ani they cap
tured half a dozen aldltlonal savages.
The Indlanioblecled to lllli and de
manded thurclurncf tbeprlsoncrswho
lait night were taken ty the whltca.
fats was rtfuied by the settler, who
were reinforced by oowbojs from the
surrounding country.
The Indiana uuuiberoit 20(10 and the
settlers would have little chanco In
eaie of u battle.
Wasiiinciton, I). C, April 20.-
Yetterdoy allernoou n telegram from
I Agent llartholomew at the Houtliiru
Ute agency, In Coloralo, ttated that
serious complications were nrlalng mi
, IheHan Juan river I otwern thuNnvn.
Joa nud eetllera. 'llio Kavaloa havo
eurroundid aeveral white famlllia
toMiity mllea aoulhweit ol tho agency,
llio Ulo cluofa havu otltnd their
mouuiy olllcca to reitrulu Ihu Navujoi.
Lieutenant riiimmer, aollng Indian
agvut at the Iiaao agencj, Iuw
Mexico, reporla an uniaiy.t excllid
feeling among tho Indlaui, Unewhlle
niKU haa been murdered.
i Tim Tiioum h ernioua.
HuruNuo, Colo, April S3, The
Navajo outbieak la tuiuinlug ularmlng
IWQFPFl1 WlfVlMft WIN 5'oLk( I
UiyDliiiyjj 1 I1J V M m i nu 11 Hi nO. .K -gmon-i. J
' SATUUllAY. APllIJi 2J), 3b. AI '' 1 AM! CITY, UTAH. VoLXXVlT- jl
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PAoe 10 -Tho TlirecfolJ Ulrl (lla tthcalir
V ileoo
I'aok ll-ttakomaaa Wandlexl.-lln rat
I'Aon 12. Tlie lalcraal Rexlonf
ion Mtlim llink arttt.
1 roportlooa. Hrtllcra are eceuilng aima
and ammunlllona hire to I rolecl them
aelvte. One iclller Icporla that Ihe
Mlulon, Welch'a and other ranches
are unrounded aud muwacre l
probable. Ujvrrnor Walli. recelveJ n
telegram from Lieutenant Plumnier at
the agency ruklng that it ate troops he
Kaioiimiton, N. M., Atrll 29. A
toily dlrtclfroni Whylc Indian atora
and the Metliodlit Indian mlaaloti re
porta that Ihe Ii illaue haa cro-M.il !'
Into the naorvallou. riicre 11
no Imincdlatu fjara of attack,
though In the preacnt alate iir
excitement any moviimay preolpltnte
one. Agent l'lummer frarlnu; trouble,
released the murderera of Welch. Jle
laattheaubasency at I'lultlaud. It
la thought that the Indians, seeing tho
agent without soldiers to back hlui up,
took advantage of the situation.
Ilia llrlll.li ll.li.b.r ol Ihe Tribunal
l'.Miu, April 20. LirJIlannon, the
llrltlih member of tho llerlug sea trl
bunalol nrbltrallou, who haa Ik mill
for some dsya Is Improving but Ills
doubtful that he will lie able to I pre
sent on Tueaday, the day set for tile tri
bunal to resume tho hearing of tho laso.
Welcomed by an Enthusiastic Multi
tude In the Fair City.
Intraneeorilie ImUe of trraajtla
Ihe llrenl Hirer III
Chicago, April 10. Martial muilo
of the in Mary band welcomed l'rttl
dent Cleveland to tho oily shortly
afternoon today. The day wasjovcr
costand a chilly wind blew out of tho
north. Three thotuaud people wiro
assembled at tho depot nut Jollied lu
Ihe ncclalm of welcome. Kor
hours a surging mass of humanity
has been clamoring at tho Iron gates
seeking entrance lo the enoloturr, but
the guard of pollcolvlabored the uc
fortu natt a auuved to the front by those
In the rtar with their batons and dtove
them back. When nt last the train did
arrive the police btcamo excited, and
ixerted their authority In roughly
handling not only miuft a ectator,
but uurecognlie 1 members of the ri
cepllou committee. Aa tho train drew
In st the station Ihe police maden
fierce onslaught on the crowd nud
dually chared a paiageway a hundred
fiet wide through which thu distin
guished visitors were to march. Aa the
president stepped oil the rear of tho
tar a loud tiller went up Irom the
crowd and was lecognlxed by a bow
from tho ohltf magistrate. A minute
later ho clatjed hands with President
l'alnier of tho national oommlsalon ao
oorapauled by Vlco President Hleven
son and a large number of distin
guished olllclals.
At one sldo of the President,
marchod Governor Altjeld, of
Illinois, mid on the other,
Mayor llairlson of Chicago, Thu
Uadlug members of the reception
commltteo which went out this mom
lug on h special train to meet the re
sidential train at Caleuour returned
V.IIII It to tho city.
Following this train came secretary
ofatatuand Mrs. Uresham; secretary
of thu treasury und Mrs. Carlisle;
Heeretary of the Interior lloke Hnillli,
rlecrolary of Agrloulturo J. Hlerllng
Morton nnd son; Hecretarr of thu Navy
II. A. Herbert aud daujlitor,nud Hon,
lhoa, llalrd, embassudor to Ureat
llrltaln. Ueu. AltgelJ's military slaU
brought up thu rcsr.
A few hurried Introductions took
place and then tho visitors were con
ducted to the cirrlages In walling.
Ilia procctslou moved lu military
order, boded by military and n de
tachment U ollce, followed by a mili
tary isooilj then came thu csrrlugis
containing thu distinguished arrivals
andmeuibira of thu rooetlou com
mittees. The Hue of march was eust
on Adame street tu Michigan; tbenoe
south loLexliiL,t9n hotel at Twonty
second street.
Dome throngs of people lined the
route aud groelej the President and
jetty Willi enthusiastic demonstra
tions, Ihe President's appattmenla at the
hotel wore elaborately decorated. The
entire suit of rooms waa gorgeous
with thu brightest, tlnta nnd richest
lollage the exposltlan greouhouseH
elljrded. Hyacinths, puusles, lllleaof
the valley, rotes and many colored
cslceolartcs furnished thu odor.
Many turlaus Jnraneee dwarf trees
centurleeold In giant poreclaln pots
stood III the corners of tho rooms.
A novel future of the dls lay culled
" Tribute of the Htate s" consisted of an
array uf plants, each representing h
state. There wan no general alteni) t at
door decoration innuo lu the city hut
the United rilules llag Was llylng from
all the stalfs.
Ill III. VI IIAdl'.l.
Ills lulrsiire l"l lilenica tlila
CilitAao, April i.0. Tho welcome
which greeted Will. tot lier Columbus
lour huudred i ears ago must have I een
tnoru auspicious to the sturdy heart ol
the errant mariner than that which
ttilieled his descendant, thu Duke de
Veragus, today, as he reached tho
dra Inallon nt Ills visit to the
continent dlicivcred by his his
t'rto ancestor. According lo hi)
o.y, nature" smiled on the- glest
LilumhiK ii' ho sighted land on
tun Hl.ht I). tilitr luornlnr, but
but tadi tho sky was u ercast and tho
wlnl bleak and chill.
riu Iralu l-ariu4thndlstlnRUlshtel
els cs llantstf thu gnat navigator and
member sis his urty niilvsda lislf
fastlen. Peolithroni!it the ilroets
an I stiugglsd lor nchsu utonolliH
man whopetiame Is sjc'esrl)-connected
with the greit oruut whoso quaslr
cenlci lilal la nbsiit to Lo celebrated lu
this sit). A mlL-hty clutr wont up
rs the train mado llaapcarance-. The
I arly was conducted at once to cat-
II igss by Ihe rsce tlon committee aud ss
procession was formed. It proceded to
the Au illorluni headed by a detach
ment ol p dice; tliuu is military escort
nndcarrligrs with thu distinguished
guesis and members of Ihe rece(tlon
committor. Ihe duke was given a
I rlel res lie oil his arrival at the hotel.
Later In the day, alter tho presl lenllal
partv lul bcou escjlteil to Lexington
bo'.sl a drlsgatlon of city tlllolals
headed by Mayor Harrison welcomed
the duke In the name of Cblcigo In
llio largu reception loom of tba hotel
which was npfroptlttsly draiwd In
honor of tho cccailon. As the duke
s nti red n oendsilthaloug room, the
mi) or and arty entered thu othsr.
The mayor advanced nnd In a brief
speech presented a costly casket to the
duke containing an address ut wel
eonio handsomely engrossed nnd Illu
minated un archnis ut and wills a set
uf silver keys. The dhkeixpicued his
appreciation ol the houor;in a law ap
pro) rlata wordi nud the coremouy
THUS 1(111 Till. I lilt.
Al'nlsss llsee a l7i7n.lre.l Kara old
AsuiinK Use l.
CitlCAtio, Airli 20 Klcven cars
loaded with fruit, Union and date trees
nrrlw-dtoda),for the Interior coutt of
tho Horticultural building, from Los
Angeles, California. Tho orange tries
nre five years old, havo reached a
fiilght of sight feet and aro bearing
fruit In all stages of maturity. All the
trees havu Ueu boxed for seversl
months and eoversl are so large that a
derrick wu required to lift them from
tho car. The largest of the let. n mam
moth aim from rian Illegu, 12S years
1 1 1, rears Its brandies tu the height of
fifty feet. The palm will be laced
under the domo of the Callfurula build
ing, where Its beauty cauboalmlrcd
by all.
Niiiini nr riu: i-hhiiiint.
The Illirrlr Hell llepn.lle.l lis Ihe
I'rnsisrllanla llnll.lliiit.
ClIlCAUO, April 20. Ileneath leaden
skies, tho Peunsjlvanlans cbolorat
weather, her old llurty bell was today
deiKislted wllhln the walla of the stale
building at Jackson Park. During Its
progress to tbo lark It was thu
rec) lent of a contluued ovation.
II was eicortod by the high
est vfllulsl of Phllalclphla and
Chicago surrounded by marchlug
troois of regular and clllim soldiery
and ailutcd by the President of thu
nation whoso birth It announced to the
HoiNiiH i un. ricriov.
Htory or alio Tlsell orjllse Askea of
lis-Uloldirr oliililbiis.
CiltOAtio, Air't 20. A morning
isstcr lias is sensational story to the
sllect that a thief last night entered
tho convent La llsblda at the World's
h air grounds luuneriom of whlob, la
n gold bound urn. brought from the
osthedralof Hantalrulngo,rcoolho
ashes of Clirl.tot her Columbus. While
the guard wish momenlarlly ubseut, tho
thief broke the glass else lu which
tho urn, took out tho precious relic,
and m ent to the window to examine It
by the dim light. The guard dis
covered the loss at this Instant and
pounced on him. A struggle followeJ,
the thief dropped the urn aud made
good his esoupo.
lonimllr Heitleislesl nllts Ilrlef
rsiieeehes Indisr.
Ciiioauo, April 20, The Michigan
World's 1 air building u formally
dedicated this ufternoou. All thostato
olllclals and many other prominent
Mlchlgutiders were present. The
building was presented to thu governor
Inauaddriiuby Hon, I. M, Wilton,
Uraud Ilaplds, aud accepted by Mover
nor ltlch. 'I lieu followed short ad
druses by other Michigan olllclals of
the World's l'alr.
Ill l-l'lll ll! IIINI VTIIIV.
lion. I rnnll J. nuiiuii III lie Aiuoiiu
lt Neislier l I islllsvlllr.
Ni v YoltIC, April 20. The olllclali
of thelttiubllcan loiuu today com
ileled Ihe program tit the National
llepuhllcan league oinvenllou at
Louisville, Kentucky, next month.
Tho first slay, May 0, will be given to
consultation betwuou thu llepuhllcan
national committee und the executive
committee of the league, Tho conven
tion proper will touvene oil May lulls
and continue through the day. A
grand mass meellug will be held Irs
tho evening. May 11th will be de
voted to repotta ol the committee, the
election lot a (national committee aud
oIUccib of the leugus. The afternoon
will be taken up with tho session of tho
American Ilerubllcin college, nnd In
tho evening tbo citizens of Louisville
will give nicce tlon to delegatca und
The r'stlo of representation will be
four ex olllolo dele-iatts; six delegates
at largo In each state nnd territory;
lour front each eionitresslonul dlatrlot,
nnd uno from eaoh Itipuhllcnn college
club, muklug a convention of over 1000
The following speakers have been
Invited to ul Iress thu convention aud
a maorltytf them have already ac
cepted: Ueiieral Iluseell A. Alger,
I'rauk J. Cisnnou. I'rederlol. Douglass,
J. Hloat I'asiett, 1) II. Hastings, Ueu,
Longstreet, Ihos. II. Used, John ().
Hnooiur, J. C. Ilurrovrs, Chsuucey M,
Helen, M. M. Litee, Lx-Prosldeut
llerjamln Harrl.on, lliliett T, Lin
er lu, Uovurnor Win. MoKluley, John
ltibluion, J. 11. 1' raker, W. P. Hei
bur, Henry Cabot Lodge, and Levi I'.
, l-releise Hriiorleil.
Kt. Iiouii, Mo , April 20 Ills re-
ported that a cyclone struck Decatur,
lilt, between 3 and -I o'clock this
It Is to Bo Freseiyjd as a Historic
Hjmenlo ol the Golien West.
Uloltrllo nnrl Vinhill C-iinpaiil I ami
and Live Slink Corporailoii.
JlliiliisnnJ Other -ole.
The dellcatlonof ButtetM V rtbyis
California Boeletv itnown as the Native
Sons tf tho UolJon West Is reminis
cent ol many ovrnts connected with
the eitly daya of Utah and with tier
pioneer settlers. Hullol's Irrt goes
down lo history In connection with
the first discovery of gold In ( all
foruls, and now tho l'ce Is to be
liservcd ni of blstoila loltrest to the
present nnd to fuluto generation,
rho old buildings nto to ho rest toJ ti
their J rlmlttvo appearance and lo, t In
a condition that visitors tbere miy ob.
tain oculsr demonstralloa cf what thu
placu lookel like lu 18 0. Tho cure
mony of deJIcntlngthe fort bulldluga
to this urpose look ; lico last WeJini
da) April 201h, nt Bscrsmeuto.
It was at this fort, In 1313, that some
members cf llio Mormjii llattallou,
then dlilanded. bought tiro brass
cannon, at a cost cf ?'!'-, tu be used as
a irolccllon against Indians. Thu
guus were brought through to Utah.
Other InclJettt uf those days, con
nected with the gold sllicovrry, are
also recalled as an Interesting recol
lection. In Bottcmbcr, 1817, a party of list
tsllon men then on Hit Ir way to Hilt
Lake valley, topiud at Butter's Port,
aud sought employment for tho whiter.
Thu proirlctor of the fjrt, l'atiln
Joins A, Siller, engaged them, is he
was Just then Irs need rf help for tho
erection of a Hour mill anl a raw
mill. A situ for tbo Hour rnllluai
selected near the fort, and iut f the
sncli were tut to work there-ou. Hit
thu saw mill bad to be built among Ihe
mountains, lit the llttlu valley of Co
loms, 4) miles away. To that lues
Mutter sent ten men, one of them belug
James Wllsin Marshall, whosuperln
tended tho erection of the mill. The
oilier nine worked under bin. Uf
theae, six were Mormons and lato
members of the llittallon. Their
names were Alexander Blephetis, James
H. llrowu, James Ilarger, Wni. John
ston, Axulalt Braltti and Henry W.
lllgler. The ether tlirco were lion
Mormons, who had ten more or less
associated wills the Halnti since thu
days of Nauvoi. Tboy were Peter
Wlnamor, William tfojlt ud Charloi
Jlenuttt. '
Kor four months tlicso men, who
were aided by about a doien Indians
Butler's employ, laborel at C'olonis,
nnd the saw mill was api roacblug
iomlsllon. In Januir, I9H, thu
water was turned luto the raue to
oirry away aome I) an dirt and gravel.
It whs then turned oil, nnd Mr. Mir
shall walked along thu tail-raco to
sucefaln tho extent uf route slight
damage that had been dona by the
water near tho base cf tho building,
Willie ursulng his Investigations, his
nyo caught eight of some yellow" metal
lic I urtlclea on the rotten granite bod
ruck ol tho race. He Ickid upauveral
of them, tho lamest of which wero
about the alio of wheat grains. Ho
lieslloved but did nut know that they
wero gold. Ho gathered ab)ut throe
ounces and took the metal down to the
fort to consult with Csptaln Bulter.
Ihera the two examined tho glittering
particles, weighed them and conclu
sively aacertalneJ that they wero
K0ld. Tor a time It ttua sought to
keep Ihu discovery secret except tl
thn.o at the mill, but this was not pos
sible for long.
The first record of the finding of
gold was made by Henry W. Wirier,
who subsequently became a resident
ofHU Ueorge, Utah. He was ono of
the lirst to whom Marshall auuouuosd
his belief that he ha I discovered gcli.
A nolu in Hitler's Journal, made that
day, leads.
'.Monday, Sltb This day some kind
of metal was f ,und la the tall race that
Another memorandum madu on the
folhwlug Buuday, January 30, by Mr,
Illalsr, aays:
"Clear, and his been all the lost
week. Our metal has been tried and
proves to bo gel 1, It Islhiughtto be
rich. Wehaveploki I up more thin a
hundred dtllirs' worth I sit week."
Thus was original y uhronloled
tho great dlacuvery nt Colomn. The
name of Butter's 1 ort became In
Be arably connected wills the ruvela
tlon to man uf California's wonderful
wealth of gold.
Ill another year the news of tho
finding of gold In great abundance had
been carried lo bolls hemlstheres, and
gold-hunters crowded tothowestuuder
under thu Influence of tho favor of
Tie da sot oil,
Tli da .Dfrnlrl,
Tho discovery uf the reclous metal
In Csltfornta lul seemingly set on
fire the civilized worlJ. Across the
great plains came louring hundreds
uf richly laden trains on Iholr way to
tho new LI Dora jo. Halt Lako valley
waa directly In the nils of those miter
to reach the land beyond the Blerrss.
There nre mnuy of the residents of
Bait Like whose memories will vivid
ly recall Itiosoda), when numbers of
people who had loaded their wagons
wills merchandise for thu mining
campa, liii iillunl at their slow pro
gresvsndlnarlligtuatothor inure hauta
had arrived by eel hefiru them, lu
order tu lighten their loads literally
"sold for a eonu" goods they had
freluhlcd this far ou the Journey.
Dry goods, groceries, provisions, cloln
lng,lmplemerite Just hst wua needed
here at Ihu time wero bartered oil at
low figures, nud In many Instances
the goods were sold In Bait Like
Chester thou thor ciull bepurchasud
In New Yorker Bt. Louis.
To some It seems absurd that travel
ers would thus sliiiKit throw away their
I ropeity In their rush for the gold
fields. Yet these ouly shared tho
common excitement. Bayaaooatem
i rans-ous writer of the ri-coo . f those
times In Cslforun: "The Mrxieaisa
isero lu Mud new no u tilt titlilnd the
Amsilcaiif, nor thu farmers leas
Impetuous than townsmen Alien
oni-u tro fury seized them.
rises merchant closed his store,
orlf IhoBtook wasp-rlsrublo Irf qmu
the doors thai eupiu might help them
selves, aid Iricinttne II 1; set sut UH111
thu pilgrimtg. Bj the Judge abib
doned his bsue Is and the ikitor his
I atle its, even the alcalde dropsies I tho
rrlnaof giverntiuut mil went nuuy
wills Ills sublet la. Criminals sllppet
tl vlr fetters an I na.t, 110J to lliosieut,
their kcieia lolliveel In pursuit, If
Indeed the lind lilt pree-wled, tut
they look uaru not to llul tnem
riolalern II ttl iron their pl , others
ucruicui for them, an I liune rstu rued
Valuable Unit grants wero surrendered
aud farms lelt ttnantlest, waving
lltldsof grain stood ntranuonetl, -er-cluuco
iqiened tu the ro-suilug of
ntltle, tint gardens were lefctnrun
to waste. The country seemed aa If
Boilllun ly a plague. In ono Instance
four Morm ins called al Moiitere), en
route to L 1 Atueles, nud were repin
ed to carry HKI pounds nvolrdiqiola of
guldgatheretl lulewthau 11 nijulli at
Mormon Islind. A fortnight alter
ward the toirrs wai depoUlatel, 1000
crsona Stirling Iherefrorn wllhlu it
Henry W. Illfler, of HI Usirgo.nnd
Azanah Bmllh, ol Mantl. Utah; mid
Peter L. Wlinmtr, of tint Diego,
Calif iruli, are now tile only survivors
otthu aily of workmen ulioia picks
anl shovels first brought to light thu
auriferous wcillji of California. Huttur
himself died In cjmparntltu poverty,
In Pennsylvania, where his remains
are burled.
Lost Wednesday, for the dedication
ceremoults, thu people assemble I lu
front of the ci llol at Bacramento an I
marched toSuiter'a Kurt In is procession
headed by 1 ical mllltla organizations
ncconi) aisled by rrgluiontal bauds. At
thu fort great oniliuilasm preva led.
riiero was an Imnleii-o crowd iiresent,
aud as the guests reached the hlitoilo
sil thor w.ro grectoJ with cheer af
ter cheer.
Ihe first speech waa made
by James M. Btephetisou, presl
dint ,ol ,tho BatraniMilo Pioneer
ataoclatlon, who sail: "In behslf of
the Bacramento Bodcty of California
Ploueeia I louder Ihe Uraud Parlor of
uf Native Horn of the Uildsu West u
ouidlal wcleume. Un the lot w ire we
now stand began the most Important
isuteri rises whloh marked Ihe later
irosperlty uf our elate, for thl was
the central pulct svnere IliuCallfirula
pioneers cougresteil uud from which
lliey spread out to vsriiui oitljns of
thu elate. Ol these hlstorlu groillnI,
whloh aru dear to the heart tf every
pioneer, many things can be Saul rile
first piece ol Kol 1 In California waa
examlued by Marshall, (leneral Butter
nud John indwell III tilts very build
Ing, whllo the tools aud Implements uf
thu discoverer, the late lamented Mar
shall, nre now shown to the world its
the prlmlllvo method of mining which
was uied by him aud libs fellow
"Many Importart events connected
with tho history oft'ie aUtss begin Ju
dlreol ciuuectlon with this famous
properly, whllothoso who lived within
its walls durlag thu palmy daya of
lbtJ au 1 liter yoirs havo niucu been
I leulllled with tho molt Important
history of Ihe state. The ravages uf
llaiuuud the weight olunieeu hands
iiavo fallen ou soirej of faithful
I loneers, until today tho vast nimj uf
resolute aud determined souls who
veutured Into Ihe wilds of the newly
dliouvered oauntry have beeu reJured
to a comparative fetv. Although few
lu numbers, It nisir be truthfully s til
that tho fire cf loyalty burus as
strongly In thu heart of uvery member
of our fraternity as It did In 1810. Time
may Impair our vigor and age may
jmpude or uollvlty, but tho spirit of
devotion ti the welfare cf our statu
and loyalty to her Interests will over
remain frsals In the hearts of the
I turners. Our aim and ambition la to
have the Native Bins pick up tho
thread where we Itf; It nil' and to
trausmlt ti posterity kindly remem
brances of the old boys who com
menced the building of this great and
glorious commonwealth."
Kurthor sicooh-miklDg followed, and
a rs solution w as ador tea to removu tho
b idles of Ca tain butter nnd wife from
Piinnsylrsula to Butter's Fort. In thu
venlug a grund tall was given,
and is souvenir resented to each
guest. The frontlaptecu represented
the capltol lllumlnatol lit night.
Palms, cypress, pine Irtes and thu
grassy terrsoes were shown In most
attractive form. Ou the first page was
II colored llthoitranh ut a ulo, shovel
and ran, In which glistened specks uf
virgin got I, lollowlng wero jlctures
of an ox loam crowing thu plains,
Butler's Port, 'The harbir of our pio
neer lathers," tho old Huttor mill at
Butter creek, with minora washing
gol I lu running streams, and then
modern civilization, with a reprcsenla
tlon of vineyards, gr upi of uranges,
bunches of grapes and other fruttSyOn
the reversu cover was a ralsel repre
sentation In blue and gold of thu soil
of CallfornlJ.
Articles of Inrorpirallou were filed
wills the counly clerk yesterday after
noon by thu Hear Lake Land tl Live
Stock company. II. T, Lloyd, lleiberl
L. James. Huirh J. Cannon, John W.
I lioruley aud Charles J, llradley, all
olBalt Lake, are the Incorporators,
uud their object la to do a general
stockralslng, slaughtering, butsherlug
and dairy basinets, Including the right
to buy, liolJ, uwu, ute, ucoupy aud sell
all real anil porsoual proi erty that may
be necessary to carry Into ctleot the
imposes of the corf oration. They
eilace their casltal stock at $73,000,
which N divide I tntu'o.OUO shares of
tboface a!uoof$l each. Thoolllcera
are II. T. Lloyd, president; 11. L.
Jamie, vice resident; and Hugh J.
Cannon, secretary aud treasurer,
Iholr placu ol general business will be
In Halt bskst. The company property.
If the Lden ranch, a rich tract of land
In thu northern part of Itlcli County,
The Ulalcrlle A, Asphalt Company
filed articles ol Incorporation In tho
County Clerk's olllce yesterday. The
Incorporators are J, K Woodman, J,
I). Kendall, W. W. ChIuo!m, M. U
Hteihen ami John (J. Crocker, all of
Silt bake. I he ol ject of Ihls compan)
Is the acquiring, owing, Bnllliiii, work
lug and dealing In Kiliultuiil,nlIaohlto
and ozikerlte mineral claims and
generally to do whatever Is necessary
for 0011 Incline; audi mining nnd
nilneial buslne-sr. They lace their
capital Block al $1,0X10,000, ublchls
dltlded Into 800,0i)j shares of Ilia par
valuu 't fi each, rho ofilctrs aso
Jaiuia I Wsiolman, president, J. D.
Kendall, vice presl Icnli W. W. Chls
helm, treasurer; nud M. (I. Btephcis,
rei-relaiy. Ihu placoof tho general
ulllcowillbeluBilt Lake.
iukc mtihit Otlfl Hi,
llrlghani Cllj.sajs Uiu ftiport, may
ycthuvra mining booui erethopres.
nut t awn 1 loses, rile owners of tho
copper mines, near town, are ot like
ly to durlve a big revenue Irom same
Hainple ol nru fr mi theso mines have
beeiieliowu tho proprietors of thu oois-
per smellers lu Bill Like, au I they ex
press themselves as very well leased
vsitu thoupirearaute, and aru desirous
of securing au option nu the mines.
Their preiKiiiiloti is to 11 sy agio I sum
down, do oouilderablo development
vuikon the prospects, and bats thu
option made out fsr J 1 7,00,). It Is
thought an niireumstit will booh bo
uouit leled aud work beguu.
Illds are being asttnl for the complo
tlon of Ihe new school house nt
Pleasant Urove.
The residence of Kdwln Kvatis at
Lehl, Is ollere.1 fir file. lrieailUt
wilt localo In Hall Like City, where he
will open ustudlj.
On WeJiiMjay Ibu sale cf the
(anions lluimiizi mluo In Yuma
county, Atlzmn, was consummated
and llul. bird l llowera took posses
sion. The llonanza Is the largest gold
niliiu lu the world. Tho price laid
Wlti T nrstloj's Iisuo llio llrlghani
Clly JleMt ctaaod lubllcatlou. Its
chief ntllolo la In bad taitc, belnga
bitter attack uikiii the editor uf u rival
newspaper. .Naught but evil can coiuu
from such vltiiernllo ebullitions.
Ihu utterances uf thu artlclu would
have bee-n better lelt unsaid, If only for
sweet charity's eake.
Oaring to the bad condition of tho
roads, cause I by melting snows, no
alilpiuentaure being male from tho
Hint mine, Idaho. Thomis Blirr, uiie
ol the stockholders, camo down yester
day, llu has In on luoklng over thu
properly with n view of determining
what further development and 1111
irovomenls may bo necessar). Thu
laitshlpmunt frem tho tuluu brought
JIM per ton.
Todaj's clearing 1 1 nun sichangcs
amounted lo $181,715, sinin slay lest
year, $119,114. Decrease, $101,199.
The total for the past week was
Jl,317,4iWj same wesk last jear, $.',
23.1,2m. Decrease, $973,712.
Per the month of April, Ib91, the
els nrlng house exchanges nmouated to
!',. 'n3,ii,T1; Bimo monlh last year,
$0,U0U,6IU. Dscruase, $8,801, 131.
Now York Silver, Sl'i-; lead, $3.03.
Loudon Kilver, IV) 0 lOj.
Wells, I'argo A. Co. received today:
Misign bullion, JliOJI.
T, It Jones A. Co. receive! today!
Ores, JalUe), bullion. $2100. Total $10,
810. McCorolok & Co. reoulvcd todayt
Bllvcr uud lead ores, .1.iJtf.
Assayor Hodges had In for testing
today two tola of llulllon-lleok ore, 2SJ
tons, 120 tons of Horn Bllverore, nud
three other controls.
W. O, M..Bloward had In today for
assay two lots of old Jordan uud Uslenii
ore, 210 tone, and one lot of llullloll
llcck ore, 213 tons.
lino Hall ami Prize King t'onlcsls
Mills lelurnlo lliauiplont.
Stain nl 'Iradc.
The Jack Hills have received an In
vitation to go to Hall Lako 011 MayS
and u en the I all seas us there, aiys
Ihe Denvur A'eiti. Tho Jock Hills are
recognized aa one of the strongest eg
srtegatlousof ball 1 layers In thostato.
The team has played together for
several yiars anil as a general thing
has pla) etl winning ball. The Invita
tion to p'av In the Mormon clly came
to Ucorire 1', Hlgglus .V Co., and was
by themliaudul to an I Immellately
acce ted by tho Jack HUW. They will
send the following learn: Muuvau,
pitcher; lloweu, catcher; l.atnj louirh,
Ural; Cotton, seconii; Copplnger, third;
DlcK McColllll, shurlitip; John Cope
laud, left field; Kavunuugh, right Hold;
Blstzer, Bubstltuto.
Articles havo beonslgnej for n llaht
between Johnny Cirhelt of Denver
and Jack Bo lit of Halt Lake, liolh light
weights, Ihe contest will tato place
near Denver on May 22. Bcolt will
train ut Manhattan lleach. This event,
sajs thu Colorado pacrs, baa been
hanglug firu for some weeks, owing to
there being a chauoo to get ou a go
with Instructor Murray of the Btiiim
rock club, who weighs 113 pounds.
Corbett saya ho was the first to
challenge Murray.who falle d to noce; t,
but n few weeks alter Issued a challeiiKU
to fight for charily. This, Corbett
says, liu was willing to do, but claims
that Murray Is hedging by now oiler
Ingftgo for a mednl. As soou as tho
contest with Hnott Is over Corbett aya
ho will meet Murray for fun, money or
'Ihe fsde rated trades and labor coun
oil held a meeting last evening, at
which the miller uf there Icing no
many unemhyed men In tho city
wasbrough' upauddltciisaedatleugth.
The legislative committee of thu coun
cil was luitructol to Investlgatu thu
matter of tliero being so tnauy fran
chises now pending bolero the city
oouncll, thu Idea being that It thu
council would grant some oK tho
franchises there would bo-'u ureal
deal cfevork at once. The arbitration
commlliou rcporlol In tho matter of
the dlllloulty botween thu bakers'
union nud Mueller llros. that the
trcublu had loeu settled. Ihu report
was adopted, I he following Is tho re
port ol tho condition of trade lu vari
ous branches:
fypogra; hlcol Dull.
Carpenteia Dull, town tbo Jed with
Painters Good.
Plumbers hair.
Machinists Dull.
Iron moulders -Hack.
lllscksiultht l'alr.
Pressmen Dull.
Ccok aud waiters Pretty good,
llreweri Kalr.
Clerks Very dull.
Dakirs Very good.
Colonel Kelly Going to Australia For I
"Tho Coming Champion Btalser." 99
ir Misvr iii urn iit slvde. H,
TI10 Public schools il 111 llom for May w
II sy 1'ileliratlon 011 Montlay .Ncxl. 9H
lu Honor of I ullcr, B
Colonel 1M Kelly aaU to a News
teportcrjast night that he woa nrrang. SB
lug his atlslrs In this clly ao liu could
leave fur nn extensive trip to Alls- iWt
tralla. Ho dectaroa lhat n heavy HH
weight puglllstlo wonder has spuing M9
up lis the land of tbo Kangaroo and JiD
that ho Is sure tu I iconic tho chain- IWr
plon fighter of the world. toTI
"I am going over afier hlra," Bin
Bald the t'olouel, "and when I coma fjKt
back I will have n man beforo whom ?
Corbett, Jackson nr .Mllohell will go WM
dawn like n field uf wheat beforo n IfH
liatuit huvestur. If they don't be- fU
lluYs.lt I villi glvo them every oppor- lilt
lisuity to piuve that I am In error. BI
Mark my worJ, I nni going to bring u (
man over hero lhat will create a tense. Hi
lliulu the sporting trull J." Hl
it v.b.vr iu:mii:iiT. W
llul It U llellciclthat ills auso H B
Harry nisi lliat He Is llailng lull OJ
tilth llio llrnrer Police. 9
Herbeit Blade, tho big Maoil who 9
once Ihuught he could whip Bulllvan, S
but who found cut that bo was badly 9
mistaken, called at tho Nivtss. olllco 91
last night and contradicted llio state- H
mint which ap; cared In a Denver Mj
uiier to the elTeot that ho 9J
had beeu Luucoed cut of iH
$130 ornny other amount of money
lu that city. Hlalu esya ho haa not V
been outside of this Territory foreevea '
Itlslstllevcd that tho "rtlado" re- '
fetred to Is tho absconding postal car- sJH
tier uf this clly who created n number ML
uf sensations hero uud that he Is hav- IM
lug some fun at the expense of the Bt
Denver isollce, as llo had with the Bait J
Lake foict-. It woe reported last nix, lit
Hut "llarrj" Blsde had rt lurried to Bi
this illy and was again peiformlng fl
duty at the iXBtotllcr, Luleu'julry this
afternoon 1 loved that this conclusion !
was Incorrect. M
jlny Da). 9
The public schools of the city will 9.
be closed on Monday, to glvo thu H
chll Iron an opportunlly to "go a May. HJ
In;." Tho long winter has, however, B
rs moved Msjy from Ha rlacu lt thu
lower mouth for )S'J and chilling B
winds and torpid vegetation on the JH
hills betoken the beginning rather than
tho middle of s ring. Hut Ibechlldieii
will iievurlheless enjoy the day as a nR
change from school room exercises. HM
To l'nss Itl'sollllIollS. jjt
A meeting of the Halt Lako Ileal I
I'.alatoA, property Owners' Kxchaugo II
was oillotl fsr 8 30 this aflernoon to ni
pssn rusoliitloni of respect to tho mem- fll
ory of William Kuller, whoso death ill
occurred on Thursday last, lit
Council Meeting; To til;; lit, )M
The city fathers transacted but Utile ,M
business last night and have an- 9
iioisucel their Intention of holding u rj
sieulslBoaslou this eveulagto clear tbo ,W
tabloof unfinished busluess, M
An Unillsliiilicil lolcsllnl. fl
At three o'clock this nllernoon fl
pedeatrlans In the vicinity of thulnter- m
section of Ksst Temple nud 1'lrst 3K
Bouth Btreeta worn treated to n remark- smj
able exhibition of clever driving and B)
dodglnglyn Chinaman nud Ills team. W
The latter wero attached lo a farm j
wagon which wai surmounted ? 1
by an old-fashioned spring seat
uivon whloh wai perched the
Mongolian. His hones became
frightened at the hoisting of a huge
telephone polo aud started Into a run. ,
Iheysihot across thu street railway '
tracks which ws re about two feet abuvu 4
the level aud around and between cars
at a rato of spend that alarmed every I
ono exctjt tho Chinaman who re-
malned as cool nud uulliturted as tj
possible and who Dually succeeded Ir T
checking his horses alter which hi II
drove oil as though nolhlug had on. X
curred. I
1111 n- 1111 v, j
riires llllll.lte.l Miles foe elim Hollar !B.
III eol.irr.rlo. II
Dl sveic, Colo, Atll 20 Threa UV
hundred miles for one dollar Is a ftifj
bulletin dlsjilayed In the llio tlrandu $pi
nud Midland ofllees this morning. Slf'
Tho rate Is made between hero aud qfllsi
(llenwood Bprluga nud all Intermediate IM
points. It Is expeuted the ratu 111
will bo CO cents before night. j In
Tho Ulo Urauda, In addition to . MM
the cut, has put ou another i IM
1 asionger train and reduced the time. jj 19
The cut Is not nppltcablii to llio ,
UrundoJuuotlon for thu renioulhat iw
this would allect Utah ratca and forco . !
a controversy between tbu Ulo Uruuda j Mti
Wessons und Union Paolllo. Sir
Km riu: iii.m nr sir 1111 isitohh. wkm
1 rn.liia l j in.,11 Jlnlera tu assists- Iffltj
sssraal. Ilia I Inlsllllla-e. HJf
NbW Yum;, April 20. Krait'ia W1
Wyman, thu noted advocate of com- BaV"i
mercial roclproolly with Canada, and IV
I romoter of numerous projects uud Bar?
more ur less financially succeaiful, H'
and also rs iromlnenl uicmier of thu BB'1
New Yolk chamber of commerce, BM
board of trade auJ many other bull- HH
nesBorganlzatious, liaaolued hlsnlfu flH'
In making an assignment lor the bene- h
lit of his creditors. Wymau's total W
I llabllltloe aud assets aro unknown. It Wmiti
Is estimated, howover, that the llubllb ORr
ties will reach a million nt least. all'

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