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I ! The Threefold Girl.
w, i
K., NoBloot of Paronts to nducato Tholr Daughters Morally as
j " W II as Montally.
IV Overload Young Mnd, uilh Ano-ttedg-M,ate of Thinking Girt, ere
II Angeh-lorgetUng the Animal toture Width .SlwM be Hatched and
If ': D.reeted-Coachmen Lot.ng tlaident-VnUd, Itcmen-The .ridge IttUten
If ; childhood and Womanhood-The l)agtroui"Old I mly triend" and the
I h "Perfect Centtetnan "
I "lt, It seems lo be the prevalent Mei
I J" i nrnon American parent! tint Rlrls n.l
I J "f 1 only menial guldsncc In tills hrc, tint
I I m ll the daughter of the family Is only
It- ii "' "given a chance" to study, and has her
I I j1 mind crammed with knowledge, her
I if r future It assured
III If )ou tell them that their daughter Is
II a three fold being, vvlth amoral and a
III'' phjslcal nature which needs careful guld-
III J ance, they will assure ou thit church
III Influences and good companions stir
II round her morall),nnd that, as ahe Is
I J endowed with excellent heillh, there Is
II no anilely about her phslcally.
ft In consequence of this one Idead and
19 I shortsighted Influence ol parents, wo
b !' have n vast number of astonishingly
I I w ell educated girls- as lir as book cdu
I cation goes who are erratic, h)slerlcnl,
Wf , ailing, nnd totally unfilled for the
If j exigencies and demands of wifehood
If I I anil maternity when these relations
I I come to her.
Ji llcslde lh!, our dally pipers teem
Ml 1 1 with accounts of, girls who stay aw-iy
7 Irom home In moods of mchnchol), or
HI If who permit ihctrnelves to be 'kidnap
K , I ped ' by v Iclous people, or w ho concel e
' Jfl j morbid nnd unaccountable puslons for
Ii 3 , cotchmen and Inferiors, or otherwise
il develop propensities as distressing ;
'$( uneipecled to thcli losing but blind
I SB ' parents.
if, The moral nature of a girl needs
jg I something more than a Sunday service
P, ( to prepare It for the exactions of duty.
J. 5 Morality means more than keeping llie
H fit r ten commandments ,
V A man miy bo driven lo marital
K ' unfallhfulncss and children to dlsilpa I jii
M , and folly througli thu door of n disorder-
Ii ly and uncomfortable home.
11 J The religious convert who attends
C j church servico with holes In her stock-
Li Ings nnd rags on her underwear, leaving
, B an untidy room behind her, Is not on the
, road to correct moral training
li' Order was Helen's first law, and it
should bo th first lesson taught a child,
especially a girl Not by scolding nnd
preaching, but by persistent example,
j cheeiful tact, and frequent praise. Now
and then a grown person may be taught
a memorable lesson by a round scolding;
' but I doubt If It ever taught a child any.
thing except distaste for the neglected
duly and the scolder I once knew a
man who, by n seiles of misfortunes
H shlpn reck, Illness, and loss had become
. very poor. He was reduced to one suit
" of dollies, which he wore many months
H while seeking for employment, jet he
H I nlwasbore the appearance ol a well-
1 1 dressed gentleman Indeed, he tolled
LI t to obtain one position for which lie
' applied during his dark days (a position
H ( much below his station) on the (.rounds
W that he "was too w ell dressed."
Jf After lie again grasped Ihe reins of
I) i prosperity I nsked him how he had
K If y managed to present such an appearance
Vf during that lime "It was all due to my
H early training, he said "A more care-
, less, disorderly child than I never lived
My mother saw this, and made It her
H duty to overcome the habit. No servant
Hit was ever allowed to bang up or brush a
Hi. garment lor me after 1 reached a reison
H fug age. 1 was taught how lo fold,
H hang, and care for my clothing, and I
H was quietly told that I could have no
H jif replenishing of my wardrobe until I
B rfj I learned to take proper care of what I
H n had. If, through hurry or laziness, I
H norc acreised nnd dusty garment out
H among my playfellows, my motlicr
H expnssed her mortification at seeing me
H present such nn appearance, and 1 w is
B shamed into tidiness, while an orderly
H act met with her warm praises As I
H grew older my own pride came to the
B rescue and spurred me to the care of
H! my belongings, and it has proven a
Hj priceless blessing to me all my life '
HL If this habit ol neatness w as so valuable
HJ to a man, how much more valuable Is It
Hj to a womanl for on woman depends the
HJ ' comfort of an ordctl) 1 nme. An unlldy
Ht h woman is a monstrosity to me.
HJ V i A Icrvent joung convert recentl)
HJ " ' asked me to tell her how she could be
HJ come more like Clirlsl. ' lly darning
B your stockings, hanging up j our clothes,
HJ and keeping )our room In order, so that
HJ jour parcnti are not ashamed to have It
HJ seen by visitors." 1 rtplied "He that
HJ , is lallhful In little is lalthful in much,
HJ show )our love fur Christ by making
HJ i those abuut )ou comfottable and liappj,
HJ and no one can be comfortable or
HJ happy w Ith n slatternly w oman about."
HJ. It is not only in the lslblc results of
HJ material comfort lint a g.Irt is benefited
HJ by this training, but the habit of s)sle-
HJI matlc thou,lit will follow her through
Hji all the small and great matters of
HJ ' life
HJii Disorderly habits produce n elisor-
Ht ' dcrly mind and conduct
Hj. Mans moral and social relations to
HJI the world ate such that uc art liable
HJ to forget that la Is an nnlmal I specially
HJ f do we lurgct It In regard lo )uung (.Ills
HJ ' While they rolllnthesindnndbakemud
HJ pies in Uie sun as children, and roar
HJf with hunger, we speak of them laugh-
HJ Ingly as 'vigorous joung animals"
HE i "t when their swelling furmi nnd
HJ j blushing checks nn I drouping lids
HJ denote that Ihe child Is developing Into
HJ the maiden, uo lurket inul ignore the
HJ animal nature, nnd think of tliiui as
HJ divine Kings with grow Inj; minds
HJ etmer was there a time In a gills
HJ career when tlio animal nature mtdtd
HJ sui.li thought and tnreful ilireLllon h
HI wise pin nls and gumlians ns during
HJ theftwjears which brl ke childhooT
HJ and womanhood Asldi. from wise nnd
HJ dlscrtet couiklIs, a joung titl'a time
HJ and mind should bu lully occupied dur-
HJ , nglhuseviars To simply crowd hi r
HJ ' brain with a multiplicity of studies will
HJ not do, there is an excess of plisi ii
HJ vitality which must bu considered. 1 he
HJ air she breathes, the nourishment she
HJ imbibes, the sleep she takes are all com-
HE bining lo supply her with Ihe magnetic
HI and electric qualities which form Ihe
HJ perfect woman oa nolo ber expand-
H Ing beauty, her Increased vivacity, nnd
H puire delighted but remember such
HJ Changes do not take pi ice witliout dls-
H lurbfd emotions nnd nn excited Im itln
H itlon. Outdoor (lull's or games in the
H country and gvmnaslum work in the
tow II, Indulged In sufliclently to rroducc
n pleasant lallcue, are n great promoter
of balance and nn outlet for this ixlra
supply of vitality. Such excrclie should
le Imposed with religious earnestness
by all Judicious parents I believe the
old fashioned prejudice against dancing
has been productive of men phj'li-al
and moral disaster In Ihe world linn all
the high kicking ever done mnurthea
ires, lime known an h)Slcrlcnl girl,
sulfating- from insomnia nnd all mmncr
of nervous troubles, lo become noinial
and strong simply by dancing vigorously
half nn hour every evening before
retiring ,
' Oh pshaw! ' ou sa, "let nature take
her course. .She will set matters light
In her own lime "
My dear inadim or sir, ;ou should
pause and nnalyjc the tnesnli nf vour
words lour drvclOing child Is a
growing animal hut to lei nature take
her course would be inconsistent with
the social and mor d obligation! resting
upon her. Natures impulses are the
same from Inserts uptomin but man
must govern Impulse by reason and
Judgment unless lie wishes to lie onl) nn
an mal, Instead of the highest cxprciS
ion of divlnlt) yet evolved from animal
Iherefore, Insteidof 'letting niture
take its course,' jou must direct nature's
impulses by wisdom nnd care Into
healthful channels.
Avert overwrought Imaginations nnd
excited nerves by a systematic course of
cxerclso which produces thorough clrcu
lation of the blood
Give her pleasures suited to her age,
and divert licrirlnd from dwelling too
much upon herself.
Let her be fatigued enough to sleep
when she retires, and see lull that she
gets up as soon as sho awakens
"Nothing gives my daughter such
pleasure as lo lie and dream." said a
blind mother to me once. She Is no
hand for outdoor romps, like other gill',
Just give her a book and a lounge ami
she will he happy all day long "
"It would be better lor her health to
romp outdoors nnd read less," 1 sug
gested. ' Oh, she Is In excellent health; she
never lias an ache or pain; lhat languid
way Is natural to such dreamy tempera
ments, I fincy."
If 1 had told that mother what was
the niture of the dreams I read In her
uung daughter's eves she would have
shown me ilia door.
Hut let me beg of )ou to be alert nnd
avoid allowing jour daughter to form
this habit of languorous day dreams
It is mora fascinating than any outdoor
sport, once formed, and more enervat
ing than the hardest labor. Many a
wcakl) woman might trace her ailments
back to this period of luxurious Imagin
ation in her jouth'sdiwn.
"Hut I never recollect any such dan-
Serous period In my life, or any such
iseaseil Imagination," you tell me.
Quite likely. Girls of the olden time
were not brought up in such case and
luxury as are the klrls of today. House
hold duties and the care of vouuger
children devolved upon the daughters
of the household Instc id of upon ser
vants nnd nursemaids, as In the present
time. Then, too, you may have been
one of Ihe exceptions to the rule; but
remember tint it Is unsafe to expect
vour daughter to be exactly like ou
bhe has a paternal Inheritance. Many a
calm, practical mother forgets that the
fathers fiery or poetic nature may ol
right descend tu her daughter, nnd that
it needs n more careful guarding than
did her own. And the strangest fict of
all Is that the father forgets or Ignores
this also It Is well tu keep the fact
before his eves
Ills well to make him realize that a
certain amount of social amusement,
where games and dancing predominate,
among carefully selected companions, Is
n necessity to the physical and moral
well being of his daughter. Call his
attention to tha f act that a tightly closed
vessel ol boiling steam explodes and
causes devastation and destruction If it
lus no outlet A human being develop
ing into vigorous maturity Is like this
csct, and the outlet for a portion of
the surging vital forces should be made
In hcalihlul pleasures and amusements
When your daughter rciches the age
of twelve cars at latest you should
Instiuct her that it is not modest lo allow
gentlemen guests nnd friends to take
her upon their knees anil caress her.
1 et no false idea of keeping her "a
childws lonir as possible" render otl
careless In this mailer And do not
nuke the foolish blunder of thinking
that all your men fiiends are ' perfect
gentlemen," who could not entertain nn
unworthy thought toward our daugh
ter: In jour quiet domestic role jou know
very little of what Is going on in the
minds of men ion think of jour
twelvc-j car-old daughter as n child
the) think of the woman she Is soon to
be. 1 heir thoughts and fceiiigs arc
contagious One of thu most carefully
reared and severely chaperoned girls I
ever knew told me that her first know
ledge of evil c line to her at the ago of
Ihliieen through n lifelong Irieud of her
faniilj n nun old enough to be her
firindfathcr, and n man occupvlng n
nth social position. While she was
not nlluwed in nssochte with liojs uf her
own age, she w aspermitled to rectlv e the
caresses of this 'line old fimlly filend '
until her own modest) gave the alarm
iuu can Instil .an idea of dignity and
wumanl) rcservuinto jiur littiodaui,h
ler' mind nbuut these matters without
destrojlng her Innocence, but even if
vou must startle her -.omewlnt outof
her childlike Ignon n q mid freedom of
conduct, It is littler that the experience
should come through jou linn through
Ihe men who frequent jour house
Makt jourself her confidint, that she
mav avoid revealing herself in Ignorance
lo dangerous conip inions of cither si x
i ou tell me witli great dignity an I some
severity lhat "jour diuejitcr Is not al
lowed to nssociatu Willi dangerous com
panions of either sex, tint jou know
tier mates thorough)), and they arc ex
optional joung people." My dear
madam, jour words are e mply air. i ou
know im mora of Ihe secret thoughts
and feelings of vour diughtcrs mates
than )ou know of the man in Mars.
ou might bo startled nnd shocked
should vou think aloud hi your presence
once Ihcy are not vicious, but they
are In the unformed chaotic state of
which I om trjlng to warn jou iu regard
lo jour own daughter, and their mln
clcd curiosity, ignoran c, nnd dawnlmj
Knowledge render them unsafe confi
dants for one another unless there Is n
svmpathetlc, wise counsellor back of
them , ,, ,
Again jour dignity asserts Itself, and
jou tell mo jour daughter his no curi
osity on forbidden subjeels and no
dawning knowledge and no dangerous
Impulses. Then, dear madam, vour
daughter is not n notmal being bhe is
not In good heilih.she linn nrrrmlc
To build her into it woman fitted for
domestic duties she needs iron Ionics
and blood foods
The world will be much belter off
when we get over the romantic idea that
n joung till is in angelic creature who
communes w Ith seraphs in the privacy of
her room, nnd who is to be guarded to
the very altar Heps from any knowledge
of evil Such gl'ls sometimes exist, but
Ihcy arc not normal beings, nnd tiiey do
not make good wives nnd mothers
An 1, again, gills whei have shown
what jo i would term a precocious ten
dency to villous thought have, when
properly guarded and guided over the
dangerous chasm, nude Ideal vvivrt and
thu must pcrlcct mothers later In life
The wise mother, when discovering
this tendency fun joung girl, does not
suite lo scold punith.nml sliaino her
into rclorm, ahu docs not say to her
'This Is n poliuil weed root it out of
Jour mind at once, prajtoGodlo aid
you In casting ouf this noxious weed"
I uilrml she si) s ' 1 Ills is the root of a
beautiful vine, God Implanted, which by
and by will make juur lilc sweet nnd
fair, but if jou limine it no It will lie
dwarfed or hideous, think of it vvllh
reverence, and my God to guide ll
w Isel) In its e.ruw ttl " 1 hen she giv cs
her plenty of h-nlthful books to read
and though study, and occupies all her
leisure lime Willi physical cirri Ise mln
glcd with agreeable companionship,
until nature has accomplish'-1 in revo
lutionary work and the chaotic period
I ai passed and the t,irl is a woman
Hut alas' and nl is1 for the scarcity of
sech mothi s.
I lie average Amctican gill dwells
alone with her imagination nnd the con
fidences of equally unwise companions
through these jears, exposed tu all Ihe
dangirous freedom of msoelitlon with
the flapilig wings of our American
raglcproclaim to all the world to be her
If she goes wrong In ever so slight a
mctsure her pucnts arc crushed to the
eatlli b) surprise and sorrow, but lhat
she ever goes right is an Increasing won
der to inn Hie more I see of Ihe worlJ
and the deeper I study human nature
Indeed, it speaks w ell for Ihe level head
and the good heart of the American
till lhat to few, comparatively speaking,
make serious mistakes but tills Is due
to her own Innnle woilli and not to the
wisdom of her parents
O Worth a (lulnc.a n llov. (5
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to digestive troubles Q
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yield to a mild doscQ
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I f ems s toi Q
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A PM"MitT, MlowtiObl.aWtcr.ti.'with;
Jcort ol tutu in th L',a,ioa fjioigacum irltiS
teat lite AlUeu,
5 OfP pATrftTOrncc Washington DC
lt tm nou (Aacf ieA tt tr lAaf Man
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HAtno' Ktiueiy KISs."
IIAXUHD'S -Trip Stoollnf
IIXAKI' "TlntX SHootls
iiixiHiv -mamma nuiotr
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Htlsrdvllle, Conn.
VIS terjlhln In .w tljlti
$$ Ucaoce4 Trices
"ii'fote and daz;lmg
In the mwn'tatr light the loeUJ."
Nothimj remarkible about that!
She w as fair to look upon, as a matter
of course; anil the dialing cITe'ct wis
produced by Iter u lute robes cleansed
and brightened by a liberal use of
rhit's one of the peculiarities of
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It AlhOltUl IA S.l'fv
tiUouniiiht why riik jour reputation for a
((wreniiunkt v pf r mil
llorioowncr',iri l tint ho rutomn Nil ll
U aura to tir trouble, tim unl rooory.
lor 1e lr fclldeitrn inhorot hoenilU
8roi l frc by tukil tlooilon tbl pi or
rnCLi Colored Plcltre.
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tin cinoisi! Eiciump, cw ca urae.
WnmilstDdMiiaitiLaie for I'rlQi,rin4
li iu her tt duttor 9 carry uri
ftttriuii.l vt Ifciux, Ornanicau lat
lux, nnd itocfc or tuiterial lecond to
tout in the country
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Krnnlilnc. IIllronl HTA1IOXLUY
nnd ill I ll I nii-i'iiTK,
Nas. 300 and 308 Oltvs Strast,
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