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Bflv :
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L , pamettiG and gpi.
llx, Tho Outlook for Utah Muslo In Chlcnr;o-Pypor and Wollio-
I & ; Utah Ladlos1 ProBram-Corbott on Mondny-Tho "lio-
18, coril0randAIHayman-AmuoomontNoto3.
In :
If All tint tU of Rund contort by
II I ) Utah body of singers In Chicago, and
mil , I tn.Mitliig rtl of July 2Wi "Ulo
I V I l)y, iitmi to to slowly but surely
II) i Ttnlililnc Into lliln lr. Tho heaviest
if In . How tba plin ! rocolTcd cm from
W bi lho poor (ucoom of Ibo four Tab.rnaolo
Wtl I cooc.lt. which werodr.lgnedl J creato
Ra, a nucleus lor a IM.000 fond. They
I netted Irss llin $IlKi wlilcb ' de
in cldtd (llfriralutn,,ut thtiamlilltou
t ,dy rrcJcctors of tho big concert
U , icheme. Another body blow to the
I a Idea of a Utsti day on July Situ wai
Oiolt by Ihu somewhat over ilou
Ml Mr. Mollanlel, who printed awarnlug
l), to the people tf Olali not to
if i T.uluto within the preclude ot
f i' Chicago during lho heated months of
BI ' JutynDd August. Mr. HlepLcia at
K I thli writing ! at borne III, and what
B I , a Ucis are can not be known, tut It
1 la hardly irobabla that bo will con
H? tlnuo Ibo attempt of liking n lirg
I bodyot alngeiato Chicago, lu view of
II nil the mrroundlng circumstances.
Wyf ! J0 w visit lliol'alrlilmicll In June',
' and hi all rotablllty run over to .Uug-
, injf Wain, Franco and Uennauy be-
i" fore riturnlng.
f Whelheror not ibtfo will be a Ulali
),'' day.wltu an elaborates musical pro-
II graruine, a number ul Utah people will
To heard irom during, the Far under
tho auspices of the Woman', lie sT
f accltty and tho Voulig I-aJM Mutual
5 Improvement Mtoolalion. Tlicso two
uoditabavo brail Invited to form part
I S of what will bo the most notable
' iiathtrlug of women that the world
Ever m iron. May ICIli to 21st. I"
; tiio Memorial Ait ralasr. J 'l' .
and night during thliiK.rlod there w I
bocougiMiea of women held Inelgui
Mm ( ortfiuiiailsoftlioAitl'alace, and the
, .utleota dlteuiied will tako a range ol
everything known to art and deuce.
The two Utah organizations will le
e l-lven tho morning and the evening of
May IU, and the program given below
will be rendered with pcwlbly eonie
ohangei. About thirty ladlea who are
f Icte reeled leave next week, and eome
ol them have concolTed the very
bright Idea cf Inducing 11. "
Young, who now Uvea lu Chicago,
Mr. i'yper. who will be one
. ufthcio in charged the Utah building,
and Mr. Wclhe, who expects to I In
f? Chicago on the date of IhuoVeut, to
J mako up part uf tho npgram. It
1 would bo itlll more deilrable II In
addition to there, and tho -uple
1 iiamvd below, Mr. UoddarJ, Mlta
l'raltand Mha Itayllee, all ol whom
1 are In Now York, could bo brought
1 over to Chicago to hull' out lb "d"1'
1 tsntatlon of Utah talent. I'ollowlnrj
BTaTI mn tho liroirrama arranged thui fur.
Ba I luilo.VIunlrjf.... Mm Witolloninry
aTaTM 1 Uonsresalloiial Ilynin,....-.-.-.
mWM ' -.eK7rVs.riiTr.'TUu1lilliwsllsl
aWM l'iriw..........!!" lain "ran l hirauail
. " ri!-ij."f "v.: uw. ii-1'.
LTeTeTal' ........ Ueidinill liiu Home
TbetlJiwrtn Mti lame .iaa J . 0;iU
fBfafJ tunc Uei(titiit-Curutn m uajun
H -I w"M"Mjl!y ."iilae "fceme'iJlU.
jl u'lernVoiiiiiVAulh"ran(l Joutuallila.
-r 1 ; , , , 7lf...i,mtt e.mmllino II. llella
BH ' Tn'".V..,IjlealMaT.'nMtcVo'anno.l. I.
Bai Im.roin.lu.. JK ..i it r I. u lie U o
Bai lnuoalnal Uomcn .........I.eitallaUeea
lAffa lloioleilf and llcnedlcuon.
B , tooxd uiiiai'-KViaisu rcooum
Bb I Mn.l(!.V..IunUry.... ....! Kat; i lloinnty
BaVa toaeiealloalllniB, MrUeaalrrTlaol
awAI 5hce lufocauon... alia. Arilrlla rardley
LTaVal Uuarlcttfl. (Ladlea1 olrea) Mra. alar
aaVS lauaie. 91im Uarr lloinnar. Ua.
JliiDiu J. erow, .Ml" alar Irt.lon
aaVfl lotroducluryllemarka m r...
aaVM Addreia, Mlcratgro and Art .. ....
aVK . ....alra. Mar Talmajre
llecliauoa,lbe VUlmalBBOfnainaoLile
Baal AdJraia, iXitalaadl'sii'tluTauiaael Ulan
aaawl Mouicn.. .... Mra. rtiiily H. Itliliarda
LTamaal Addreia. atolficrltoed-.Mrp. Martha II linger
J eil rann HoliiM..M. .. . Mla Mary Kunmey
aaaBali Y.l.M I A. llejort....Jlra.lariii i.lloaial
aVaVJI A wrtaa, our Oirla alrOlmmeJ euuw
aVaaV Addraai, Lducation ut Momen. .....
aaamV ........ MiaJulurrnnonl
aaaaaw lienedlctioaMM. H...
HBf uuntar .MUakaUu Itouecy
BB Mr. Btfpheti) and Mr. Dayneahuvu
BB Iwtli written original mualo lor thu
BBj ladlea' cuartotlD.
BB Ueo. I). l)cr, our favorlto tenor,
BB) ''t f"r Chicago ytittrday morning,
BB) "ml wl" devote the lull tlx moulhi to
BBI atiUtiug In managing lho Ulnh exhl-
blla, and Incidentally taking tula for
BBI theUlih DciiretAgrlcuHralundManii-
BBI ficturlug aocMy, of which he leuu
BBI ifllcer. It c,ne without raying that
BBI 4 whatever le decided on lu the way of
BBI niuala to repreaetit Utah at any gather-
BBI lpK whutauuver In Chicago, will In-
I rludu Mr. I'yper. Itoadcri of tho
BBI Nbwb will ulao bu favoied with one or
H iniro urtldia from tho geullemanou
the inammolli coucerla which nro tu be
given In the gnat buildings during
thu progruta of thu fair.
BK i Wlllard Welhu la another of our
I 'l artlita who will rpeud lho aiiuimer
B-1 away Irom the luountalm. Ho ex-
I pects lo kave durlug tho oomlng wttl.
I for llttrolt, where tho National Atn-
rlallon of American Mualclina hold
I I Ilk anuual meeting during May. It la
altogether probable that liu will be the
repreaentatlve of tho Halt I.nku Mutlc
Bl Una Union. While he la uUonl be
BI will vltltbli old Iriond Jn Mclntyre,
who hae rattled aa a prufeaiur ol Ihu
BBl plauo lu Clean, N. Y. Mr. Wi'llio aliu
H expecti to jiloy during the Womaua
B Cougreaa In Chicago.
BbB Corbett, tho grout and only, la con:-
lug to the Thealrr Monday and 'I uti.
B day, und of courae every nun will be
H cuttoaeuhlm. fhe phiywrloht, Vln-
B , oi ut, haa fitted a pby to lb auru-aaim
B (ugiliat, called UuiilKman Jack; It hue
t a bvoatory, and Corbilt la tho lar.;
H ul courte, ilieio la a villain, unJ ol
J c urtu It muat hajpeu that tho heru
p. ineita the lllalu lu n prlte
J ring; thla glvia an opiorluuli)
j to no Corbett 111 fighting t,r!ru,
j und le really tho only thing lho uuui
j encucartaa whit about. We all know
j IromaeelugHulllvan and Jackaou the
J tort of acting that may be looked for,
H but aa weelmplygo tu aee the man
t that whipped Hulllvaii, hu may lo a,
H Lndanaolur aa ho ihouaie, hewon't
B get liertd. Ilia w He la now In the bill,
, and a lull diauiatlocomi any aupporta
The Tabernacle choir, whoio faithful
and arduoua lahora during thodidlca.
tlon exercises havo been frequently
mentlonid, received adecldeJ tumpll'
ment at the couclunon of lho services
in thn Temple on Hundny Int. After
Ihe cloaing hymn, l'rteluont Caution
made ft rtuuest for til" rendition ol
Siepticns' "1'ho Angels Hwrpt
their Harps ol Uold." It wos
cxnulilieiy mulct id by the choir,
slid then l'risldeut Calihon stated that
ho was riiuested to nik f jr tho an
them, "Our Father In heaven." I'hla,
thocumiosltlouof Mr. HJwardr, waa
sin beautllully sung, Ibesolu by Mrs.
I bonus and quartette by that lvJy,
Mist Klllr, Mr. I'yper and Mr. l.nslgu,
being spiclally biautllul. It as hah
raatB o'clock when the congregation
ulaperaed, but It Is sale to ay that no
one thuught of complilulug at the
lengthened session.
The crltloof Iho-Now York Ueootihr
lias somo lurlher remarks rognrlug
tho theatrical outlines of the far Wot,
which will bo Inttreatliig III this ulty,
as Halt hake Is almost entirely J
tndcnt for her entertainments Uon
ihe denund for attractions In Han
Franclict My rtnmks iaal Uun lay,
says tho writer, iin Hie gomral lack
. f inlronage I'Xtsiidol to aitructlous
visillngriau I'ram. sco aud alirscilons
souiuol which have beon succuraful
In Kew Yolk, at that am not rellllu d
by Al Haymuu, who, In addition lo
controlling an extemlve circuit of
houis lu the far Wi st,ls alio the mill
ager of thu Ilaldwln aud tbu new Cali
fornia theaters looultd lu the city of
tin, (Joldeil Uate.
Mr. Haymati lived lor many years
In Han I'rautlnv. wheru, nt one not
distant pirlod In his career, ho acted as
treasurer In ouu of Ihe local theaters at
tho uiusl magnificent eilary,
A large part uf his veiled Interests
Is still lu that riglon. It follows that
hie opportunities for knowing whataoit
of patronage la being extended to tho
theaters should bo bettor thun mine,
aud hu advanoea llguria lu prove thn
trutli ol his assertions, 1 give Ihtsu
figures aud thu nccompanlug Hnymau
Ian reasons for what they are wurlh
not that I agrt'o with Mr, 1 layman, fir
1 baiul my previous aaacrliona upon
atatimonta mdo to mo personally by
managers aud stars whoae verauity la
above (jueatlou.
Cue und all arim! that Hia Fran.
laco wnsathealrloal graveyard, and
laid the blame for thla condition ot
allalrs upon the one railroad which haa
tho entry tu Ihu town. Ills n well
Iiuown fait that Ihealtes receive but
scant support from then6tUjlroldents
of cltlea even Nuiv. Yirlt,wlth Its two
and a half nilllloua of iiopulation to
draw ujion, oouhl notsupiHirlonehalf
uf tho placer of amuaament which
llourlah within our gates, but depends
Un the transients which thu rail
wuya dally empty within Its preolucls.
'Ihu tixorbltant lullroad fires which
nravall will keen Han Frauclsco barren
ol these visitors. I u addition theswell
Han Franciscans, Imitating thoaaelts
uf (Jolham, have reciutly reachuJ
thu voncluilou that the proper
cir during June, July and
August Is lu hie away to watering
retorts, fhere la no climatic rea
son for this migration similar to that
whirl! exists In New York, butther
gojuttthu same. Tno comeirueuco le
that Han Franciso, which upto time
years ago waa a particularly lively
spot duilng tho months named, has
become dull and dreary. This I have
learmd Irom n cumber of enthualaatlo
uatlvts cf tho Ucvldeulal metropolis
who for years have dinned Into my
weary eats souits of pralto of (Jolden
Culllorulaand UlorlousHau Frauclaco.
They are ouu aud all Well-known poo-
lu, the iiiaorlty aro prominent In Ihu
theatric, 1 profetalou. 'llielr recent
recantation surprised me, nud 1 will
not re tat their names, for their state
ments would bo regarded in uuforglv
alio heresies by their ucceutrlo fellow
It will thus be aeen that my opinion
regarding thu theatrical condition of
Ban Frauclaco remains uuchangod,
but fair play Is u owel, and hire Is
what Mr, Hayinau haa lo say upon the
"While I am avorse to ijuctlng
llgurea In dlscusilng tliese atlalrs l
think there can bo no Impropriety lu
atatlog that tho profits nt these two
llituteis during the aat Ureal yuar,
uhlrli dates from Aiiamt IS to April
It), will bu between M,tHM and $lWO,
an amount whlcti I tulnk 1 am war
ranted In aylug will aoarcely ba ex
ceeded by iiiiytwolheateraln anyone
city In thla country. Atlhe Ilaldwln
Ihtater out of fourteen attractloieonly
tu were (allures, while Ihe others all
did splendid butluets. The hilllan
Hursell Opera i'oniany played to
;'U,nou In lour weeks. "The Mounte
banks" did nphen menslly large bus
Ineksdurliikttlionret wtos, thuugh It
subatquentl) felhd In riin Frauoiaco;
hut lihasul-u since fnllsd In bow
Yolk nud Jloaton. The Henderson
Specially coniau) played to$S:,(rU)n
four wtussat tho uraiid Optra houie
under my mauHgement, durlugwhtcli
period the llsliwlu was e'loaoJ. The
llotloulans placed to Sll.nflO lu four
wrokr, Al tho Calllornti theater,
which Is devoted moilly to light
attractions, out of, fourteen engage
ments played them only two werenb-
ilule failures, aud theeiiulIVred largely
from lui'lemeiil weather aud e-ace lion
ally strong opaltlon. In my opinion
tho reoita ol bad buslnets aroto firm
tho cloro of tho Alcazar seuson, Mr.
Btockwell leaving that theater to muve
Into his new thtator near Ihu JUIdwlu.
Tho second re-sson for theio reports Is
probably that tho light attractions
which weru formerly su miccohiIuI at
the Hum street theuter, nuw play at
the California theater, which Is a new
theater, nud uno of tho uiokI succutsful
In lho country, I think It Is aslgnltl
caul fact lu connection with tluao
slorlis lu regard tu Ihu lubllo patron
ai,ubf theateia In Hall Francisco that
there uree nt the present tliuu rnore
theaters lu Ban l'ratichjco than te-r
befure, aud ii mui'ii larger pruMinlou
aro successful than at any other time."
roojldtiiiT u. Annua.
Julia Marlowu will spend thn cum.
met abroad.
The Texas Bleer celecraled lis lOIMth
1 crlormance 1 (at week In Now York.
Jawta Iwls, of Daly's company Is
ury 111. Churlea huCiurg la filling his
1'adereMskl gave two ricllnls lu
Denver list week. Our Jeaaop raves
over theuilu Ztcifs,
holtlo Collins sailed back lo Eng
land yesterday much richer woman
than when she came,
Dlxcy scorns to have recovered hl
ild Hmoiwrularlly In his revival il
Adonlt. lie hal n dote call Itoni
being left by the proccaaloo.
Mary Anderson Navarro Is not writ
ing her autobiography. She Is oinipli
lug the theatrical eiirif lima of Dr.
Young Halvlnl's l)'Arta?nan has
made n genuine success luthat hitherto
hoodoiH-u theater, the Manhattan
Ojicra Houie, New Yolk.
l'rlmroae aud West's mlnstrtls, who
haven't been seen lu Hn t liako for a
liugtlme iait, hold tho boards liext
Friday and HsturJay.
T, II. French's new theater In New
York, 'The Amerloiii," Is to be
0 ell cd lltxl Week. It coat f M,Wu.
Tho play will bo tho I'rodlgai Daugh
ter, t'orbelt's name In bis j lay Is Jack
Hoyden. It hai Just beou changed
from Jack Ashton, which pioostily
ollired to., many opportunities to uiwt
iar punsters.
There is no lack if operatic perform
ances at Jlerllu. During lb'JJ tho
HoyalljpcrnHcuio IIilio waa upon for
Zbadays. l.lghtoerusaiidtwo ballets
wefu given for thu ills! time.
Holheru's bualness In Hsu Frauclaco
has only been fair. Thu Malaler of
Woodbarrow dlJ not take so well as
htlmiblair, uud that play was com
pared to Its dltauvanlage Willi
A ralher interesting Incident to olJ
play-g' en next season will bo a re
vival or I'hoJIbbeiialnokay, by New
ton Heels, lowhoniJ.ocpu 1'roetorhas
lrautorre.-d bin veraiou and Imparled
hlssUgu bUBIIUkS.
Mrs. Corbett once lived lu Halt
hake. Ii was here thai thu tbampiuu
was nurtled to her by Judgo I'yper,
alter tho tno had dtcameu from Hm
Frauotsco, wheie Corbett was laying
teller lu the Nevada bauk.
The fact thai the berolno of Otcar
Wilde's new play, A Woman ot No
Importances lsol by Mrs. lltrnard
Heels, strikes New Yolkcrs as an
occlJi-i.UI Bcarcatm In vleWot that
estlmablo lady's professional expert
euielu tills country,
l'atll, who will not be hure till next
November, Is noverthelits ubsorblug
u much of gsulil Marcus Msyei'a
time that bo haa teu runipclleil to
throw overtatd Fanny Davenport's
butlneiB. Fuuuy, who, unuer Marrua'
tutelage, has nude lota of money, Is
rapidly getting to thu condition ol tho
terennd yolloiv leaf as an attraction.
It's ralher rcUgh on her, but then a
man can'Bf do uverylhlng, and l'attl
simply coniumus Mr, Majur'a entire
attention. It looks tu me ns It Modlaon
Hquare Utrdeu wou't be big enough tu
liuuavheruudlenier. Her (opularlty
Is phenomenal. Jlccoriler.
The gre at tenor, Mario, was tho Mar
quit cf Canada and the most accom
plished sicndlhrlfi the musical world
hies ever known. He wss the huabaud
of Uriel, thu greatest drsmailo soprano
ufhrday,uho died In lb(J9, her re.
nowiicd husband surviving her until
1683, when ho died at tho age ot 70.
Mario malotalnoj expensive eilabllth-
menlsln liondon, f aria and Florence,
with x lull stall of servants at etch
one, and his entertainments were
uuurpasid by llioee cf royally,
Willi whom he was on tue
most agieeablu terms. Hu was
passionately fond cf his beautiful wife
and never al'owud lit r to sieud a reut
of her own Urge linoine. llegavutur
presents uvtry day, and as sho waa
very find of Jewelry she wore dossns of
rlugsaud two watches at u time, fre
quently changing her drcwes aud per
tunal ornameLti overy hour In tho
duy. In 1ST?, when he Hit visited
this country, ho was a poor man and
bad completely lost tho msgnlflceat
voice that oncocltctrlllel the musical
worlJ. Juio anil Drama.
rrofesior Hone' l.tcluro oa Tlint hub
J.ct llclore lho Minleiitk' Hoclcty,
A regular sesilon of Htudcut's so
ciety convene J at the h. I). H. College
last evening at wlileh I'rofessw Wlll
ard Djuo delivered nu highly Inter
esting leuturo on the "French Ilevolu
tlon." He said that tho full signifi
cance of tills eveut and Ha causes are
but very meagrely understood by moat
people. It Is ouo of those strange oc
curences In history which dspoudsso
much on what baa been done lu perlous
bug before It happened.
The Trench uatlou Is mado up of a
jiccullar ooplc. While noted for their
Ingenuity and e.sy grasp of a subject,
they are uolumoled fir their uusta
blllly of character nud light mlndodnesi
truly n people among which revolu
tionary Ideas would make rapid growth.
Tho temperament coupled with certain
events as wo shall sea was ultimately
thu cauaouf this great strife. Theerj
of absolulo despotism on lho part
of thu lilmis of I'rancu begins
with the relgu cf hiuls Xlll.
Though bo was tho first man lu
Kuuki, hu was second lu France.
Hlclii Hull was tnu Iruo ruler, and hu It
was wuo by his great skill und fori),
sight madu thu power of tho French
king absolute. Unfortunately for
1 ruuco ho brAo up tno feudal system,
ueeutury or inoru before this should
havubicndont'. Willi tho nuUta U
nrre bt bis ikiw er,and no common eo Is
who understood thrlr rights, tho will
of Ihu king waa law, I his fciuto ot
atlalrs continued on, being greatly
nuKiuuntvd by Lulls in his long nlgu
el seveuly.lwo yiarr. Hovelling lu
tuo luxuries uf his oourt ot vice, hu ex
acted great sums of money irom his
tuljecta. Ho considered tliat It wai
Iheirduty toglvolilui ull he needed,
not que ttlonlng w hat hcouule of It.
Ill 1774 houla XVI aicended Ihe
throne. Ho was n nuble, moral, ycuug
limn, und It Bums a pity lhat he thoulj
be compelled to nop thu Hulls ol the
kingly dropotlini ol other monarch,,
but ulten lho wicked reap Ihu wlnu,
thu Innociiit Urn whirlwind. At his
nccnk!un France was lu a slate of
chaos. Upon hearing of the Ututli of
l.ctili M ho lully rocognlied his
poalllou uud said, "Uod prole ot III, wu
ure too ycuug tu sit upon the ttirouu of
France'," He meant tu leuresj the
h rungs uf France, but did not know
how. Asulsatribult ho called toueiher
theHtutea (lunoral, May S, 17SII, und
hire was thu first day ot 1 10 Ilevolu.
This body was composed of lho nobl).
It), clergy aud common people, Thu
latlir being tu tbo tulLorlty, all una.
utcs of relief for tho benefit of the
oimnion people imtilJ not bo passed.
They demanded of the king a rpreieii
tstlou equal to the iheir. This was
refuttd. They left aud lurmod an tu
tembly of tltelrowu, vowing never to
tepsrale till they bad formed
a constitution for Fra .ce. By this
time the people bad learned more of
tlulr rights; houlsrawhe could not
conil them ta yield, and theiefore he
Instructed the nobles aud clergy lojolu
them. ,
Ills army of 30,00) soldiers was col
lected to overawe the refractory as
sembly. This enrajcJ the common
people, Ihoy arose In inns', the Ilsstllo
wss ttolined, and Inturrecllou swe t
over the country like llatbcs of
llghtnlug. houls Invited Auitrii aud
1'iu.slato aid his caoie. They did bo
and sunt eruilis over to broucc.
'lho Tullerlca wire tacked by a
Parisian tnje, and luuls was sent lo
irlon. The gentle mor.areh wos tried
lor treason, found guilty and sen oaced
tuueatli. As his I Ii cling bekd fell
from the gulllotlbo the savage populaoe
sh.iultd, "hong live tbo Jlepulllc."
Nuw began the rrlgn of terror,
Marat, Damon and Kibe-plerre, lead
ers of the Insurrection, took lho reins
of government. Cold an J crafty thoy
khew no pity, nnd everyone who hid
oipoted their plans was forcoj lo lieu
or be pit to death. Hut cllaaciillohs
nioto among tho leaders, and each of
tiiein lu turn received tho fate nf
A council ot COO, known aatliodl
rictory, now tikes charge of the gov
ernment. Now cornea lo Hit, front n
man aa yel unheard ol; tbo great
Ituouspaite comes forward, provca
hlimcll by hla successes, and Is placed
n oil the llirono wheru for lllteen years
he holds entile sway, as great a despot
us the kings who had I receded liini.
He rlies, shines In nil his gljry, and lu
1H15 mtels his falo at Waterloo. The
revolution, In trogrets for twenty-six
years, Is now at uu oud, and though
it has drenched thu soil of Karoo lu
blood, It lias conclusively (rovea that
the only trun form of government Is a
government "cf tho people, by the
pcoflo and for tho people."
FiiaNic HmiMlirii, Cor. Hooy,
If you are Illllour, lako Ucccham'a
Fills. 2
r.rrlm HallMar Aerldenl.
Milk train In collision; no milkman
turns U; disappointed housekeepers;
collto without cream. A petty annoy
ance resulting from a neglect to keep
tliotlall llorden l.alellrand Con Jen.
sed Milk in the home. Order now for
fiturn exigencies from your Uroccr or
A tionuU llr Uahra u Vfell llan.
Aro ycu Illllius, Consllpaled or
Iroukled with Jaundice, Hlok Head
ache, Bad taste In Mouth, Foul
Ilreaih, Coated Torsgue, Djscepila,
Indigestion, Hot Dry Hkln, 1'atn In
Hack and between thu Hhoulders,
Chills und Fevsr, etc? If you havo
any of these symptoms, your Liver Is
outof order, and jour blocd is slowly
being poisoned, because your Liver
does not act properly. Herblue will
euro any disorder of tho Liver.
Htomach or Ilowels. It bss no equal
aa n Liver Medlclus. Price 75 cents.
Free trial bottles at Z. C. M. I. Drug
Dept, ' I y
iiiltisiSl.'N nti.i.
Whereas James Dunn and Martha
A.Dunn, his wlfe.and James F.Dunn,
ot Utah county, Utah, executed, no
know ledged and delivered to James 11,
Ilscon, trustee, for thn used Damon,
O. Tunnlcllll, their trutt deed, tearing
dale the II rat day of March, 1601, and
recorded In the llccdrdcr'a olllcn of
Utah county, Utah, In volume 8 of
IruttdeaJt, on pages 43 to 219 of the
records of said ofllce, to secure the pay
ment to tald Tunnlcilir ol the Indebt
edness thcriln described, of the turn of
l'our Thousand ($ lOUO.OO) dollars and
iuterett thereou nt the ratoof ten (10)
per cunt per annum, said Indebtedness
being payable flvoyears after Ihe date
thereof, and the Interest thereon being
payable semiannually ,on the first da a
uf March and Heptember of each year,
which said I udebied nets waa evidenced
by a eeltilu first niortgagu bond or
noto bearing eveu dale with vild trust
deed, and ten Interest notes to raid
bund attached,
Bald trutt deed being upon tho fol
lowing described premises slttlsto In
1'ruvoclty, Utah county, Utah, to-wli:
All of lots one (1) seven 7) and eight
(8), block three (3), plat A, l'rovo Lily
survey, and
Wherea, It Is provided In add trutt
drid, among other things, that In case
default be made lu the payment uf
said bond, nctei, Indcbtednits, or
money secured by said trust deed, or
tho taxes or astertmenls on said
itnibtt, ur nny part thereof,that then
said trustee, or his successor lu trust,
shall, on the request of the holder or
In Here of ssld note, sell and dispose of
eild premises, anduvery part thereof,
together with all tho rlght.tltlr.bencllt
ami equity of redemption of said
James Dunn, Martha A. Dunn, hla
win, and James I'', Dunn, their heirs
aud uttlgus therein, either lu mats or
In tejaiate parcels us the holder or
holders of sild noto Clay prefer, at
I ubltc auction at thu front door of tbu
court hoursoof said county, crou said
pirmlso.nt rruy be specified In tbu
notice of atioh sale, for the highest uud
I e st price Ihe saiuo will bring In cash,
alter flrtt giving thirty days previous
notice of such tale by publication In
any newepnper at that time published
liiNild couut, and
Whereat, raid Jatne Dunn, and wife,
aud Jamie 1. Dunn, have inadedi
fault In the payment of the fourth
luteust pa) uuiut, duu Maroli 1st, lb'JJ,
secured by ssld trutt deed, and
Whoriat, Damon (J. Tunnlcllll, the
legal owner and holder of eild DOle,has
by authority uf Ihe iow er In him vested
lu and tir H.elJ Iruil deed, declared lho
whole of said Indebtedness secured by
told trutt deed lo bo Immediately due
and payable, nnd haa requested sild
trutteetoadvertlioand kill tho piera
Ites. Now therefore, puhllo notice Is here
by given lhat I, James II. llacon,
Trutlrosaaloresald, will on Haturday,
thuiOihdayof Msy,lb"3, between tho
hours of tell o'clock a. m. and two ve
o'clock, noon, of ssld day, at the front
door of the dwelling house on said
prumliesaotn lu uold, In 1'rovoClty,
Utah, tell at public auction to the
highlit and but bidder for cash, aald
prendtts herein tefore dcrcrltud, to-l-ellier
with nil tbo right, title, benefit
und equity of redemption uf aaid Jet,
Dunuunil Martha A, Dunn, his wife,
nnd Jsmes F. Dunn, tholr livlrs
and assigns thereto, for the purposocf
paying said In 'ubtedness, which at
thai time will amount to forlv-two
hundred nnd uluety.foiir and lliMUO
(II.U4 uud J .loi))do)Iarr,nnd attorney's
Ice, mid costs uf deeming this trust,
and will make, execute, acknowledge
and deliver to Ihu purchasers thereof
c od nnd sulllclent deed or deeds of
conveyance Hieireto,
Dated this 11th day rf April, 160.1.
J. W Jimp, Jamhs II. llAOON, ,
Alturuey, Trustee.
Jtarjdard tyurty Uorl3.
DX ml frmoiis Aa aWMvm&l ti tt
Aoilsuil lahjalriUnU of Iki Amorlteu Onott
nsvit, niien 1 Ui hAoIri MonrfMi tiif
laltU frtltvii from d put ot MtiJ, tovmi
tMMf MfeMtHMMr, OaUrto Go., K Turk, Art
trui1hnl tf tli I'rtrphol sloaWfit. SuUtH, It,
dui, nta( ruiiiVKk, is wi rmi nw, iltu
tml itsktji ( wmU, 1 1 w( mil 1 -lho r, ttulo-
)i ii, Tan oiotH, sHsboMsKtstiea
Uwokof tlnrmotl. (Ury hint) Karof
KitraOUtM-tSl Uth, UUt.lJWi LrlW,
12 M UcrtJ ILT3.
AMftrliiss nd CotmikuU of ih Obnrth t
iMo ChrM of LftltertUr SloU eonUXnlof
lblln.Urn cl'n to JovU Rmllh, Jf U
rrvsvtwt frM Ui bulldlAtt p of Ue KlnjTibDi t4
ooJ in u. ut (Hjt. tint uwi rit!iuck,
Unojril.lVMallUi rail Dock (null), II-Mj
ruJt Lsili.r, cmUitvkJ, t2ti JTviUaoUi, m
lotrla Mitt Coffimnlt. Una Trlt
KonwM, EiUft Ollt UTI J UHHM, UN,
IJ.0O1 Itra ,1M, Uolh, ll.li.
Irl of rrai lrlc, jl tbrtnt IkUoi
frow at.IUTfrUtkru, TftntltUoD. wtd If.
tsUtsM o !iwph Italth, finl Pmpbivi, !
atl Itarftlalot ut U ObKJa of Utu CJjtW f
LfttV-r-Uj flftiatv Uomons 0111, 1 11
ItAibM, nttt U-OOi ibMH tit UoCt, m-
lMMOtt, Mfl,
tlrj lo 111 f.lrnr ! TtieoloffT D
IfftioJ ft wi lalrojiu-tlaa U Ul tlt. IMacO
flsjn nt flplilivkl I UlotJir, lUllyton, Iw
wJ OaTnuDiot lotirtd b Ite An.
JK e-ttll lisMUsVMMl Id this, s,Kt lit thJ tltHl
VftsldrtUsHa sf WUVtrteal frSMt. Utttii eWal
tnowiHi.?. ry rvtf r, rntt rm ntm
mbcMMvl, TSe.) raU Qotb, itiUMl, ieja.
oled of M'tunilng An tntrnJorUentn Um
Tiih uu, IxttHrla of Um i3.arett of Jtkmj
CUUI of Uiiyr-di &ilnU. 11 VttXrf -,
11tU roll Ilosu, sMubi-Moel, fti, FiiU QoUt,
mboMsN Uti IJiop doUt, Mo.
ntrra Lspllrni. Esfalblllm; Ci moat ,av
loot dortrlAsM of tb Cburcli of Jmuj oiuitt
of lAltenrdaf SsUalt, tj Ortva Saisl A, 1
lO mUth U KlM Ael.lexl hJl LCtUf OO Wtrt
rchltJ Onitt, In rJy tu IU nr, WiUUrv
Oroel, k. Ivt, Dosrtoo. Ham, lnH IiAut.t?ia
bnwet, ioi sTull Cloth, UBtwMsht, lie.
IstuUMr, f 1 Mj Ollt H.
Hmil llOOk TMiiaa IT UtlOOe CIsMh, 9Mt
FuU 1Umo, 71 1 roU IsMUtsr, ILOOi LMibcr,
tut ftnlfh,lt1SLsMtrir, OUt,tlM.
CsAltrliUm for CTilldfvu l!iiutiaa lb
sijuiUiot dtxtrlnM uf ihm dturctt of Ja
Ctaia of LUUi-tlr 1bU Mj J& Jvihm.
VUalhsjr, Ucj CloUt, Uo. liowdi, Do,
thpr Oortr, Ke,
I OoinjMtntlliiia of Ui doctrtiiM of U
Ooffwl If rrsuiklla D. hUbuU nt Jan. A
ZJtU. LMtVf, Otlt 1100, l-lhr, U0
lailUUoa LttstUstr, 11.13) Golh, L00.
-3m1 llrrrtnrk rvrtptor taau wrcct1
to tubictir onto, with tltbtrlCaU mrU, im,
UA H4. UILOleMurJlilobUtaUtM
Ttio )Mlwt7rt m Mcmil if Um maHjtvVw c
eforjQ kq4 Itjrtm SmiUi, wttb WI i-otrrttTlnc
t Uio anUo ton, by U O, UtlMfl.t.l, ftoe.
GmjkiI I'tilloaOphJi ahovlng tbo tbmrtra
of Infltlfllly suiel Us hurrooaf of u guti
IUi Bfltaieo Mill bltttury, 7S.
Tlio Hand f rroildortr(Mik(nrTitoU
bltKsnr of uMona mi lotlirldiuUti, ttatm lb
(tTM. kixMtsv ta UvtrMtorktlon of tU rP"
ui IHuKtrfttsvl vork of 311 pif-m7 inU.
sllnf , too.
i.Irnionl UoJrjAfit RrlniaomSttisploua
plsuuuoa of tbo prlnnlplM of tb got&i ta
Ivatftts-TwirlttsjLii ciwpUn, vitb trrovtJs
Rtiltif crlptuxsU rtfvrtaoM, tf CbMtlm Vv
I'tMiRW), 45?.
UUIocnM nt1 HcelUUont, 7io, ,
conuiiw rtMM sTtttUblt tr iiubllo aaj prtnU
nlrta!iuaf!iB, U&
1j wo lrMiie 11 n ml .Unrrlito,
by ft Mllaiutea wtU ond tooUior lUluu Uftr
Wbiuwy, Cth coror, 320,
tulstvral Cohabltnllon, contftlnlof tb r-
taukU ruling of Jtulir a S. Zui In VuH
Tw rtt-wy oa UiU IfnpnrtMit qatMtlon, 13a.
riio Tusjsa.Ns.) nnisuirreuvj lu cmt
iKtart by JohA NleboUon, son,
Tbo TloanUIn JloiMlotfo 7Immnen, ond
nppltmtul iftt ft fu.t tweuul of ut
UvJy, 4uel itsusj Uw Utun lir 11 tropsarty
Ultweg, bf 0 W, rvnrosM, 33c,
(11imI Aloafincnl, by 0. W, rmra-tc, .
llftlA u tlucuio m tui(lnVxl ty Lt4tfirtUy
&lnti, De.
llV4(lnniii(1 Iltfllnltonn, tonond Mjttfm,
Ikk 1 nf las , wnfUairm jrTtt ntt
of cboteo htvtim Mel Urtiuioai, eaupU4
IjlToUJ.ll.ltal, Ho,
Am Up to I'ow, by ltu.ua, tatlt. Pinm,
M ftocu, etitt a ouex
TfsGeHar?eou5 UorKe.
tlriii VsYnU'ft IVorba, fturltiof ptnpbleh
On tilt ileXtrtUOe. Of Us liWJMJa, ft laOCik of 111
UnnilllooU of Ilcfrrrnpo t-i tbft'Mitor
thronnkvy, rlltTtKt ond eonntry f f U Lkltw
sUsJ asAlnlat-nr flskiOU sUsd laUaVlfiVS Ho
jTirt'tlnrr Ilocoril. 1 qtilr, lUVf i
Mulr-S 11.161 84u'rt-,ttl8,
RftlulanndMuiim. Uy ItU. HoMbmb, TB
Tlio Tall f lho Croftl Itrpubllc tf at
llnory Ht-uultoh OeiTt rUl, 19c.
nartyrdom of Jtsoph ttUtittllac. Sy
Itonift on l't Joalliood Hr PTldl Jala
Tftylor, IDo.
Til Hook of .Yi.her, cuh out tlU,
Temples. DMerlpiti nnd Uitorlcol tkrldiM U
ftiicli.1 1 aad DVMltrn stawiod oJKlcaW, Wllh m
ftppwiilit, trttlnftn fteMount of tbu Uring of
tha cattlon of lho Blt Lsk City Ttjfflplft.
April 6,lt3J. rt(KT,J0o.
nitlnrjr uf l!t IsWok ofniormoH
CluUi, L,(HII,1T0,
lllatorx of Ibo 71oriuonft to.
niileunlal Plar.Ua Tf4-jJiMtJ.00Ma-.
louroal of DlftfonrftOsn sWak totno UM
Tb Lift AndlAsWraoCVUulU B-WM
Kullh via fll tMouuil ot It tmuM
", posfwil4, Ho,
Vot lho 1(1 Uo MuDCttoo Iel.rramjt
ft dltbUMtau bntwcsia Sdot Oron I rtt ftiid IT,
? 1, NivwrosUi, to Udi la ftUd Oitm tU
sturMssi on ssnisMtiai isrrlsWft by IQilwt Onun
Ttm, Ooartfo A. baaia aud On, Q. Cajuwit,
Josrph frmllh-M'oa Ii m rropliol ol
tsoilt Uy J, W,fl4udiiil,prlec, rlw,o.
A Iloilot of Ut Poezltoti of Ut BiipraF
Oouil bf th U, B, Ut Dm cam of Usjorg
lUyool, by Oftnric Q Osvaaon, Uu
Clook of Abrahumi lt ftuUsisUolty oatHU
lUbst by Goo, ftuyooli 3,
iTho l'lMttrepsjor, by John tskbolwn, S3.
TU hpwnldlni- ftloryt or IUimmi1(I
round lper,Si ClnU,tO( 011t,l,M.
Anitl or lli lralrlrl or a lnia of Ux
ruturo, Ity r. 1'. 1 f .ktt lfe,
Tlio 31 o rut uti flurattou, Vf 7oba Taykfi
riui. itrilslow, Ulitnri(l and roIlUrat. r7
ili It tou, 70U8, UU.r, tlHt Vol. S.
Clcrtb, ttWl Vui. 1, QotU, dllt ' Yid J
llarporzion. room by John Lyoa. Ootb,
Var or Jutllfsv DUcnuvdltrw4fttt'
Uijrd priXMdlojif ct tb rifUata AaavmI
OnOfttTPneM, li,
Ufalorntlon ir tho IlTorlaotlutf lopi
Iiy (ixorfi TiwulaU, la,
lutciiipsrrrifsnsr, ftc.
A Voire frtiiu lho Flountalnft, 10c
Tbo lUnirrclioa, Vf VrMtdwil dUtsM
Tfoung, loo,
I fiuW. to Hull Lk Cliff ibud Ha Ktt
I llroatt,
i;r all Aou5cliool ajtd. LurydLYy pufpo, R
A&de my lor NiKsFAlRBANKfecaSt. Louis. If
jKi ' $ tXAMINATION rflEC.
l . JitetJ5?Si3' r"" '""IT. BbNll mil flliutlUll
kvil RSE GARDENnnf t
ix'vljS?J -I p riMJUOSa PLANTS. Your eeleetloa from lee R!l) f
KfjlAjj' Standard arletlet, resl-paU. y U
i SV . ur Cstatornie of Wsnts sod Florsl NoRlllct for 'aj le now ready, alsi
W VVJr Booll"ulsl'0'lohsuceetifulllhOarilenaodllouisIlasu.
(1-7 fJjVJSL sooaiat uoMueoaut saista,ua4oe.aTouaiuwnia
j3lT 2S,oo."::"r,,:iu.. S0UTn DEflVER floral c- !
a3CKd(S)tvi .aooxsji,souTMOtavt.ooLa
sSpoi'tsraeii's Hleadquarters !
1J5 S. Mala St-, Salt Lako City, Utah. 2461 Washington AtcOcd, Dtab.
ehotGuni.r.lflst, JJSteaSaaiaiaiB33ialalllriiofsrlehlrig(
Pltlole. Ammunl-vr-engtJ-" Sporting and
tlon and a gsner- IjSi'"' Athletlo Qooclt,
Agents for Ultra Powder, Cars and Fuse, 11 u rmit Rporltnc and lllaailos l"ow a,
derandallonatTr'Owrltrs. Mr Tneos; Boitlicii. w
wis roa ovn invsraArxo catjilooos. tnr.a to jm 1
"" . Producora of I
- RcDned Taste In - wj AmtniaTTN I
Vtion wo look orer nur Immcnao Iloja' and Chlldron'a dopartmr'nt H
and noto thn ninny atylen of clothing It contains, wo rejolco and would llko H
to bUllKAJI our Willi DKUtllirl
Itocatiso you will ho oasHs- aitltodi no troublo to mako a soloctlon, and tho H
Wo want to linpri'sa upon your minds tho fact that all our gannsnts aro
mado up In tlrat.claas atylo, well mado, and Irlmuilnge lho Lost WHICH
IS UU'OltrAM'.
B' I 14 to 19 Years of Age, ' I
r 4 a a Tho nohbleat dotiblo lircieatrel I
III ( i-iills III ull thonii-illiiniiiilora V I
Ml de-alrrd. If )onwiiita Moo or I
III l tdnclc Cheviot, lioji Ivo'to not
III II tlirm for soul mid pants tho
J J iiroprrrut, too. I
J liuii't full to look tlirousli our 1
Krund iiteortiurut ror tho I
'I MIHIIV YOlllll. ) I
I I I I I I i J
nininnrPti I 3 l0 7 Yearsof A8, 1 I
bnlLUHLN Assffiss
Milts, Writ, Indira, pleaeeciillisii 1
. us, (ixiimlnn our ellrrrniil llnra, 1
r nnd sou will nareo with in In thn I
VIV fuel Hint we-hieto tho urciilMlies- 1
l aartliinilluil I'VIT snev. Hlrxuul, I
1 OrniidiiiiiWlrnit. ejuns, lo no I
--. 6i, 63, (15 M'n S'"- I 'I

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