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" SATURDAY, Al'llIIi i!, 180U. SALT LAJCH"crTV UTAH. j;
Fo'cV's Biggest Mining Camp.
I flutfo City, the Wealthiest and Wickedest Town in the Union.
A Otyer,ooo Mil, a My Ml of f 10,000,000 a Vear-llce ant Gamlhng
Among the Mountain- Big Montana Mmes and II Hal They 'ay-Hater Mm
H ing t'triul Quartz Mining-Millionaire !ioad:ealer's Big lath Tni
H Starlit of Senator Sanders and Tom Carte,-A Loot at deal rolls, He
B hlliturg of the Rockies.
Vj 5Wl Cmupmatuct a III Sews,
B llurtn Citv, April a;. iSM-amn
I Vr city U the greatest mining camp In the
M orld and there If no city like It In the
Mf universe. Montana lias given more
than $400,000,000 worth of precious
metal to humankind, and In the neigh
borhood of 10,000,000 a year arc ship
ped nuay from this state. It has more
minerals perhaps than any other stale In
the Union, and this city of Ilutlo makes
about ,ooo,ooo nnnually out of min
ing. It Is one of the queerest cities I
hive ever visited. If jou could sail up
Into the air a mile above the sen level
you would be within fjoo feet of the
altitude at which these people live the
year round. The town Is located tight
up in the mountains, and on all sides
Kreat peaks rise upward and the sides of
the hills are lined with vast smelting
furnaces, which pour out day and night
n sulphurous smoke. A Urge part of
the production licru Is copper, ami tho
copper ore has to bo roasted In order to
get the sulphur out of it in its reduction.
The result Is that the air Is filled with
brimstone, and though tho city is us
close to heaven as any other In tho
Union it has more of the surroundings
of hell. These sulphurous fumes are so
great that they destroy the vegetation.
The grass never grows here. Tho
Uowcrs never blossom and the trees
hue lone since shed their leaves for
good. Until a few jears ngu no one
supposed that Ilutte would bo 11 perman
ent city, nnd the people built houses
only Willi the Idci of leaving them when
the mines were played out. Of late,
however, it has become evident that tins
will always be n great mining center.
The Atncondi mines, tho largest
copper veins of the world, havu enough
Iore in sight to last lor ninety years,
and the other copper and silver mines
here seem Inexhaustible. The rirult Is
that Ilutte city is now founded on a sub
stantial basis. It has n population of
about 40,000 people, and It has substan
tial business blocks which pay a better
Interest on their investment than the
average of business property anywhere
In the United States. Items are nigh In
Ilutte nnd business buildings bring In
from fifteen to iwcnlv-fivc nnd forty per
cent on the Investment. There Is pro
bably no city in the United States tint
docs so largo a business in proportion
to its population as Ilutte and there is
none which has so big a pay roll.
Neatly a million dollars in wages are
paid here every month, and the lowest
w ages nrc J.50 n day for eight hours'
work, Tliu smelters turn out about
jo,oco,ooo worth of ore Inn vcnr.nnd
day and night, week day and Huml.iy,
the streets arc Junmcd with people.
Tho majority of them arc miners, but
sou sec many well-dressed men and
fine-looking women. Ilutte Ins n very
cultured society, as well as a decidedly
wicked one, and thero are chiirchles
nnd Sunday Schools, literary societies
and Chautauqui circles ns well as
gambling hells, dance halls nnd all of
tho mining accompaniments of vice.
You sec the vicious clement first, for
this Is tho more prominent. The miln
streets of the city hive gambling hells
sandwiched between banks nnd stores,
and gambling Is licensed by hw. 1
askeu a leading citizen whether he did
not hope to get rid of this soon. Ho
replied tint the first step would be to
make a law that there should be no
gambling on the first floor, nnd niter
that they hoped to get rid of the
E amblers entirely. This will however,
c a long time hence. Miners take
naturally to gambling, and the big
wages find their way to the faro tables.
Other forms of vice are Just as open,
and thero are streets ol littlu one-story
houses occupied by women of question
able reputation, each of whom hasher
first name painted on tho door and who
usually leans out of the ground floor
window soliciting custom. These
women are ol all races and colon,
Chinese, Japanese. African anil Ameri
can, und they are tho lowest of the Ioa.
Some of the saloons make) ou think ol
the Ilowcry of New York and others
would not bo out ol place In l'ivc
These plices of vlco arc, however,
decrtaslng every year, and Montani will
cventuilly comedown to a solid basil.
The mines are rapidly going Into the
hands of big capitalists, i'lacer mining
could be done by any one, and the
millions that were taken out of Ihu
stale In the litter put of tho sixties nnd
in the seventies ucrc largely panned out
of placer diggings. Klrjlit here nt ilutte
city about fB,uoo 000 were taken out In
this way btloiclhey bcgnti In woikthe
qiiattr, nnd one claim which sold for
Jjou nttlcd tho purchaser Jijo.ood.
Another claim near tills produced f l.ooj
n illy for n long lime, and one mm
found n nugget which was worlli $1 800
At this Hum water was very scarce in
some of the claims and fortunes were
made In silling water. 1 talked with
on uld miner yesterday who said tint
he hid to give up n mine because It cost
hlm t p a day fur water to work il, nnd
though it eventually panned out will ho
could not nlloid to wait. Another mm
told me that he used to get eight doll us
a day fur working In the mine at this
time and tint lie thought he was doing
well until he found he bad to piy n
loll ir apiece for tggs nnd (loo lor n
sack of flour. The most ol Ihe placer
mining ol today Is done by Chinamen,
ami sou find theso plg-tallcd, almond
ejcil, j 1 How tklmicu mortals washing
gold cveiy where vou go. They herd
together in little collages and every one
of llicsc Rocky mountain towns has Its
Chinese quarter. There are about a
thousand m Helena nnd a greit number
In Ilutte city. While I was In Great
Tails one attempted to enter the town
and was put out by a mob.
Qt'AKT Jtl.NIMl,
The chief mining now done is quirts
mining, nnd it lakes a fortune to
develop these mines. The result Is that
Ilia best mines arc owned by wealthy
men or by lirge corporations, and min
ing Is ns systematically done here as any
crest butiness of Ilia cast. The very
best of machinery nnd the most costly
Is used and every mine has skilled scien
tists connected with il. High wages
arc paid and you will find as finely cul
tured men at the head of these mines as
vou can lind in nny of the clubs of
lloston or New York. Think of n mine
like that of the Anaconda, which has
actually expended 40,000,000 In ten
sears, and vou get some Idea of Mon
tana mining. The smelters ol Ilutte
turn out about fjj,ooo,coo worth of
metal ay cir, and the Ilutte mines dur
ing the last ten years hive turned out
considerably more than ico,coo,ooo nnd
have paid more than '5.0,000,000 In diii
You woald think with all this that
there was plenty of money In Ilutte nnd
that sou could borrow it for nothing.
The truth is that the bankers get from
10 to 12 per cent throughout this whole
region with gilt-edged security and that
15 per cent Is not uncommon. The
most of the men I have met claim to be
making money, and quite a number ol
eastern men told me tint they would
not stay hero without they could make
it. I find the necessaries of life which
arc sold In the stores not much different
than those of the cast and the cost of
the same things In the east, and the only
thing that seems to be high Is labor. I
1 saw pantaloons In n store in Anaconda
Ihe other day with the price mark of
f 1.50 on them, nnd it would seem to me
tint a place where n man can mike
ti.SH a iay.nnd cin buy Ids trousers for
fl.yt ought to be a good one binanl
girls gel from fro 10 fjo n month here
and it rolls you sj cents lor n shave I
clmllcd with a birbcr here 1 vcstcrdiy
while ho was shaving inc. He was the
Iliad ol the shop and lie told me that
he guaranteed Ins men f 15 a week. Saul
lie: "I give them 60 per mil ol all they
mike, and this nets the shop to cent- on
every slum nnd It Is good ply for us.
In the last jcar orsosoino ij cent bir
bir shops hue been csHbllshed in .Mon
tana, but the mijonty still shave for n
quiilernnd tint U little enough for this
pait of the country."
They hava a queer lot of millionaires
out in lids country. The greatest am
bition of the rich man here seems to be
to build a hotel. At Minneapolis I found
an Immense structure, known as tho
West House, which Is owned by n
nilllbniire and which was built by
Millionaire West of Cincinnati. I0I111 T.
Wct, the proprietor, Is still undir fifty,
nnd he is widely traveled and cultured.
He began life ns a conductor on the 1).
nnd P. railroad, nnd lie came out lo
Minneapolis, I think, for his ul'e'a
health. I Ic got into llic saloon business
here and w as doing w ell w hen his uncle,
Ihe rich Charles W. West of Cinclnmll,
offered to lake Ihe Nicollet I lomc lor
hlm if ho would leave the Saloon. John
said "all right," and be borrowed
f 50,000 of his uncle. This was along In
bH At the end of the first year he
paid back the f ,0,000 he had borrowed
and bad, I nm told, made f oox nil
dltlonil. This tickled his uncle so that
be built the big hotel for him. It cost
more than a million, and he left hlm the
bulk of his fortune in addition to this
when he died. At I Idem I found a big
hotel which had been built by a famous
millionaire of this region named Hro.nl
watcr, and there is n summer hotel near
Helena which was also put up by this
same man.
Tills Ilroadwater Hotel has the biggest
swimming bith in the world, and one
of the leading politicians of Helena
calls it "Ilroadwaler's lolly." It Is sild to
have cost about fjoo.ooo and Is built
over some hoi springs, which are about
four miles from Helena. Kvery room
has hot mlnera. water in it and the bath
tubs arc of ko.l.l porcelain ami cost
jijo apiece. It lias a swimming pool
which covers three-quarters of an acre
and It takes a half acre of cathedral
glass to roof it. It Is surrounded by a
conservatory of trees and this big acre
bath tub contains from two to elgut feet
of hot water,
Col. llroadwatcr was one of the
curious characters of this region. He
died worth several millions not long ngo
nnd he was Interested In nearly every
thing of note in Montani for sears. He
was In New York at about the time of
the flaring Urothers' fallurcnnd he grew
disgusted at the lack of attention which
he received front the capitalists there.
One day he said: "I am going home.
Es'ery one knows here that I am worth
over f 9,000,000 and I can't Vr llie lifo of
me borrow loo,ux. I am going back
In Montani, where money mums some
thing," and he went.
llroadwaler was bow legged nii.lllili
makes me think of a story I heard
yesterday of tho feud between Mai.
1 Maglnnls nnd Senator Sanders. San
I den nnd Maglnnls have nt ihuircnt
limes In their lues liccn opposed to one
nnolhcr nnd Sanders sometimes makes
remarks about Miglnnls which are by
no means complinieutiry. Not long
ago he was speaking of Maglnnls nsn
pollllciin nnd In said: "Ma M izmnls
is nil things to all men, In older that he
may deceive them. He Is a Republican
to a Republican, a Deinomt to a Demo
crat, n riesbyteriiu loa I'rcsbvlcrian,
and, by Jove, lie is even bow-lcitgcd to
Ily Ihe way, I understand tint Senator
Sanders will settle djn to his hw
practice In llclciii. Ho has n big
practice and he has made two or thtee
fortunes at the law. He is not a great
accumulator nnd he spends nearly nil
be mikes, lie Is Interested In some
mines which nny turn out well nnd lie
owns a fine brick residence In Helena
which overlooks the city.
Tho Hon. Thomas A Carter, who was
at the head of the Republican national
committee last year, lias left Montani
for n trip throughout Washington stitM
with Congressman John I. Wilson of
Spokane, and the two will probably In
vestigate some of tho new enterprises of
I'ugcl sound nnd may mike some in
vestments In tint region. Carter Is
wcll-lodo. He has a fine house in
I Idem, which he keeps up, though dur
ing the n 1st four years he h is spun the
most of bis time In tin cast. Hols
worth something over a hundred thous
nud dollars, and hu lias a father-in 'iw
worth over a million. He Is a Jolly
good fellow and does not lie nwako at
night thinking about President Harrison
nnd his unfortunate campilgn. I met
Mr. Carter during my stay 111 Helena
lnd I asked him If he ever made nny
money in mining
"No," he npllcd. "I own lots of
mining stock, hut I never mado an) thing
u speak of out of 1111111117, except once,
when I cleared about $7,500 in a few
0.1)3. There was a mine owned by
somc parlies for whom I was the attor
ney. They had spent all their money In
pulling down Ilia shall and had struck
nothing. At last Ihe clii-.f owmrcnmc
to me and begged mc to lend hlm some
money on the slock. I told him I could
not do It. lie then w anted me lo buy
some of the stock and finally olIt.rcilit
lo mi! nt jo cents 011 the dollar. I took
Hand the next day they struck a big
lead. 'Die oreassascd at ; o per ton
nnd It was thought wo had n great find
I sold out my stock for f 7,500 profit and
went oirand got married 'I hn Icid
panned out well for n few d.i)snnd it
was then found as only a great boulder
of silver and when they went through
that, that was the end of il. The result
was that when I came back from my
wedding journey jou could buy the
stock for nothing anil I was the only
man who mado any money out of it."
I spent several days at Great Falls,
Montani Have vou ever beard of II?
It Is a half diy's ride north of here nt
the head ol nav igatlon of tho Missouri
river, and It Is the newest of the promis
ing cities of Montana. It is only four
years old, and It contains about 10,000
pcuplr. H covers enough ground lorn
uly of 5o,ouu, but it grows like a green
bay ireunnd it promises to be the largest
city between Spokane and St. 1'iiul.
The town his one of Ihe giealest wnttr
powcts of Ihe world. The Missouri
river here Jumps downward In 11 scries
of falls more than tea feet in a distance
of ten miles and goes seething nnd
foaming oil to the sea. It Ins grent coal
beds near it, and these are, I am told,
owned almost wholy by Jim Hill, the
railroad mignale. who Ins made the
town his pet nnd is pushing It for alt he
is worth. Ills town site company lild
it out, and ns they have reserved 11
cert.vn number of lots In all parts of It
Ihcy ore bound lo make n fortuno out of
their sale. 'Ihe coal fields already net
Mr. Hill, I have been told, something
like a quarter of n million doll us ycarl) ,
mu! he Is Interested In in my ol the In
stitutions of tho city. Great Palls lias n
rich agricultural region about it. It is
near the richest mines and II has two
railroads nnd expects n third this sum
mer. A babycilyof four years. It hasn
Innk butldmjr. that cost tvo. the In
terior of which Is lined with mitblc,
and It has ail opera house, Just comple
ted, which cost f woo, nnd will seal
1.300. All of its bouses are lighted by
electricity furnished by the waler falls,
and II has electric car lines and great
smelting works In which electricity is
being used to separate the cold, IUer
and copper. Senator Washburn Is, I
think, Interested in the big Wnslilitirn
1 levators and flouring mills which hive
recently been built there, nnd the people
of Great l'.ills believe that It will be n
svrt of Pittsburg of the west. The
population of the town Is mado up of
young men from the middle nnd 1 astern
states, otul I met many voting fellows
who told mc they cre niikln money
One young New Yorker was building
bouses which he said he could lent ai
nbout fifteen per cent on his investment
and which hu could usuilly sell at n
A great many sheep are owned about
Gicat l'.ills nnd I found n number of
men who "hid none" as they sny here
"into sheep." Sheep raising is in f ict
taking the place of slock tailing In the
northwest, and there .ire men here who
own tens of thousands ol sheep. The
climate and grass of Montana arc said
to make the best of mutton, and Ihu
wool clip of the stale now runs dose to
,ooo,oco pounds n year. The country
about Great Palls Is good for graimg
and much of It will be improicd by
Irrlgatlon. Within n radius of one
hundred miles ol Great Pulls It Ins been
pretty well taken up, but I nut told there
Is still a vast deal 1 f good laud hi Mon
tana, anil they say th it In the Interior of
tho stale arc great valleys and vast tracts
which arc as yet untiodden by the
farmer mid untouched by the plow.
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