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Deseret evening news. (Great Salt Lake City [Utah]) 1867-1920, January 22, 1897, Image 1

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l m 11
B lelvoI19pap paper of Today r5t I tin ttlq t r4 in H i ill1 W m T 31 r 1 I 5 Oclock I 0
X c morijiij paper of paper Yesterday Is tiiR DESERET rl 1 ETENN 1 G ij N1fWS LJ 1JITiOII 1 I
= u =
i = = KTL z t + =
INW 5 1
u IIZlTivvli JA t li 22 1997 i > SALT LAKE 31W 1 U LAIt J S VOL XXX
Will bo Known as the National
Clothing Association
Aiiil let as a Board of ratio far lie
I luilusr N > ID Iul
CJII0AU0JAb2A eteclil to the
rrlbuue from New Vutli says
Alter jeaiB 01 quiet but persistent
I flart tile clothing manufacturers ol
Iho country have finally organized a
combine to bo known as the National
Clothiers association The nesoUa
lion logins operations under n con
solidation having thin preamble
The purpose of the association
shall be to faster nail promote tile
clothing industry of the United I
Hlstes to promote uniformity and cer
tainty In Its customs Bud usurer and
harmony of aotlou AUIOUIC those en
raged tboieln to reform abused In tho
Hade and secure Ireedun from unjust
exaotlont to acquire preserve slid
dtiemmlnate accurate rellatlo In
lorniatlou relative to the Clothing
trade und to promote a more enlarged
I irro =
and friendly I intercourse among I tone
engaged therein
Hit inkers elected are na fellows
1reelutnt Barnuel Rosenthal of
lie I Imart lint vlcinrtsldent Alfred
llcobslader uf New V rb second vice
I resident Adolph Nathan or Chicago
treamter JC Cheuerof Cincinnati
boor at directors Include Abraham J
Katz ItMbtstei Marcus II Maths
Nw York William Hpecri Byracme
Hobery II WIck Ulloi William
Cushing lluton and louls H Kaln
rile firm pledged to lIe pchrmt
have an annual DUll ut ol f OOtlOUO
The avowed purpjseu of ibo cimuiiie
i are to do away with long credit ex
cetBlve rating and the cancellation ol
ordure and to promote harmony where
rabid corai etltlon haa heretofore ire
According to the organizers It IB I to
serve Purely as a board of Irate auto
speak for the clothing In luatry
They assert with vehemence prices
are rot to be tampered with FIBER thai
sell DIeucturur will ue al literty Be
here toltu 10 conduct his buleu as
he Pillages
hla 111lltsis or rinvotal
NEW Yom Jan 2h special to
tbe Herald irom liutuos Ayrtt Ai
iteration snys
I WenceaUo Lzeaiantohas been made
minister finance formerly be tan j
ittu portfolio uf tbs Interior and
Ihorouiibly agrees with the financing
Policy Lane t toned by congrso
14111allity el Me ollialicalalet
Nhw 1OIm Joe 22A sjroclal to
the I lierald from Valparaiso Chill
Vic Admiral Moult formerly pies
deit of Chile ties left this city lor
Nw York Chore was II grand mill
tary and civic l1Iontrallon In big
Thu report t of the minister finance
for tile year just I asked chows a murb
llus on baud ul over tbe Rill
estimated in the budget of l 075U
UB r Title leaves u surplus bulaLcu
of 4000000 luD
role title Ilvaorlalp
Isvu YoiiK Jan 2JA special 10
the Herald Horn UunoaAyerArgen
Una tajc
I rue Argentina government Is
negotiating with the Arntrong tile
big English still builders lot trio
I purchme a 10000ton armored wr
construction bll Ibe ve > Belln now In ourr cl
All Nw 171olnt
NEW YUUK Jan 12A sicolal to
tire Herald trim Quayaqull Ecuador
Pays that 1realdtiut Alluro has formed
11 new cabinet 11 is made up as fol
Minister foreign Bflalrt Or lie
lliarlo Alban Meatniua minister at
tits Interior Dr Kifael Hume do Iu
lorro minister of ftuunct Ittuatiu
Itabln minister of the treasury Isl
drlo Marl riuatiz minister of war
aim navy Uenemi initial raucico
ltllrl Anal
OMAHA Jon 211ho lgrois earn
IIIK or the vurltus branches ol the
Union radii system for e even
months of IkUl according to the re
port of the recplvew Joel Issued
imouiit to H 21U COS an Increase 01
1 bSS An tin exposition lairtaeed I
lbS4J the conlninou showeradod
ere hall lu the Surplus of 175411 The
earnings of the leaned brdolor i tile
flat eleven months IbJO Wes 52
401 moru than thoie ul the > ame
Ill of 1805 Tbe expe Bit In
iremod but til 793
Nnw ultic Jan Ifbe board nl
dlreutois ol trio Atculuu Topoka
Htnta Pe railroad met today suit voted
to accept the proposition that has been
I eliding for the acquirement nf trio
Hut mortgage bonus ol the Western
livid I On el Ibo Atlantic i 1aclllo
llnllrcuj company These tends
aucuut In round number to SIOUOO
liCIUIFI1l Till 1S1I11lWr
Will 1Ilu Dart 76100000 Awjut
Cr Lonivany
BT Louis Mo Jan 22In nil
I ptobabablllty J cob Hchaefer trio ex
Pert bllllardlat and champion of
Arucrlci will soon have to retire as a
prfloual Ills wrut wbloh wa
ff severely Mprallattl by a fall Horn n
Alreel > car In Utoeo last winter I li I
the cause Dr lleber KoUrti a
1coIIhl made a irlllcil txamlnn
lIulI of the sprained Wrist sun tee
ruil has revealed u mangled condi
tion of bones and llgla iients that star
I fId tile roller ot Ivory balls As
a result tiohaeler will bill B 9 ItLit
agal ei the triet car company for
dauiaitr and atfe for JKiOOJJ luno
negatives were taken ol the wrist Ill
hand sets Croaked ell the wdnllog
doWlaward award tire radial side when
l larill K III I i natural oBillor Ibu
ullarlilruclurtdon tin i olul I a till a
nnall piece of thli biue bang on by
a very Blender attachment lint for
till injury I the space utweeti tlte ullar
and car pal would be entirely vacant
Another and more dancfcrous cjndl
lion 01 nflalrs la I tile Condition of the
radius unit Carter Ih s wiuld make
tile wrltt almoct useless Hud Jade1
Iinylog day will bo oVlr
It has been known for tame ImD I that
Bcnaefrj ncpnt walls warranted tile
tollef that the wtzarda mark ling gone
back It was aulPOoo by thoie who
were close to the uiut player that bra
InlurliB bad aflectej bin laying I more
than t ho himself cared tn acknowleJge
although bra work lit thuCelloital MUoio
bU lu Chlcajo Millo months ago gave
hOIL < that 10 might rcoer settle of I
Ibo ilevumeis of ktroko that bull mai II
Ills Lame VOWMI all ovir Die world I
lie Las i InjoJ will fevtrnl tlious afteu i
the uccl eut that I tracutud his allat for
dli n Idb I
a ticjuJ tlrai but liai not been called
Orion to do anything t that rtuulred a
grant tax of endurance
Lieutenant Ylsa Goes Up Forty Feet
and Comes Down Safely
A 14IIMun or Ill
inore Merslepable 11han Jai I
J < iw YOKIC Jan 22 Llcutotuct
IIUgh D Wine 01 tire Mail Iniantry
U B Aon Uoveruola Inland line just
mod the first kite Micuuili ever sue
cuegfully attempted In America
For six mouths Ibo lieutenant eu
tlrely on his own responsibility has
boou studying and experimenting with
hilts ts a means uf niBUtlug armlcB In
warfare The tandem eyatum of I
Bfeclally conitrutteJ kites I In liitiMi Jul
to supplant the tied of balljoiu which
cannot live In nail
The lieutenant kites are cellular
They consist of rectangular 01
Spruce Cotton String and cotton
cloth lu trlts are etrilchtd around IbO
end ct the frauiei iLltvlug bulb end
ot the rectangular frame work oion
and alto an oleo strip lu the center
Thus lour Jilting surfaces Bud four
guiding turlaccsare presented to the
When the breeze frdahonnl to n
Olteeu mile al hour gait tbelleutcnaut
WHO eafely bjlsloj forty feet no that
tin could no over tho mm of the
clllcors juarttrB and down the bay
the lines reprosentel by the pulllu
of the tour Sites Id I emulated at 400
I have a Oil led the systems ot 1rof
Liuilry ol tbe Hmltbaonlauluttllute
Itol Marvin tt tile Wiatber Itureltl
and UIVJ Engineer Wunul 01
Ulolcgo Who are making Special
experimunto lu Aerial 10cemUon with
aero lanes laid Lieut Wise
qilno uLceeld at any experiment
demonstrates that kite are Bcrvlcuable
In a gale whIch would tear a balloon
10 11 Itcrt where It la desired to observe
the turroimalnu country and Inspect
manoLtivera ot an enemy I atlilbJto
my tutc be to u close followllii of the
mhod of those who have studied the
subject rather than to my tiforto11
tlLier IlannUo
Caitalu lII IblonPowoll Ascend
id nearly 100 lect I In E n lauu but bo
took n i arJibule with him Ijiwreace
llartruvt was holdiei by k us forty
feet In Auktralln In IbbS There nre
only thrtoinstanoaaof aerjplanu iwcen
Blame on Ituird
3 hi Wne 4i Was r It
IjlliLl IICCK Ark Jan 22IThe
Aikanoe state senate ling peeled a bill
ir vidlo that htreafier none but
qualified electors aball hold any posi
tion Within Ibo gill of Ibo Arkansas
Ir lalature The army of women who
btBltgethtt uiemteraal every besalon to
secure Suite for clotkIIII Ila I rtipornal
rile for the action of the Senate
A NItn1I connI1I IAlC =
010 or Its I lular of 110
cru r Wu
UIICAUO Jan 2J laniard line
waler chief uf tbe bureau of publicity
ud promotion or the Irammisilaali pi
exposition lu be held In OmAha train
June lu NoveDluer tSU8 acting for
the uxpolllou directors has approved
DI I accepted the Plane lor u liver
Ibcu Ihl POLICE Jo I 10 be one 01 Ill
imposing features of Ibo exposition
aid the central lI lu I a portion of
thogrountim 10 Uo oiIoll Eldorado
rhe uulldlog I to be 40J fact tquare
surrounded wltll maUlDlJlb Ornament
towers anti the eutlix structure will
Liu COVd with rolled lIver Thu
oliver to au u ed In Ilia external cover I
lug will loa I contributed by trio minors
of the great Wett Over dOOOOO
Illuare feet of external surface will bo
colored ty the precious metal
Ine silver palace will bB need I
enlllely lor the dlsi lay ot the mineral
products ProgrLts Of tile West
The Amount of pure silver tu be used I
10 covering the walls and dome of the I
mammoth building has not been
definitely ettiuat It will largely I
Liepitud upon the 10tnDao of the Shoals
of pure metal that ou be ueeafcr tbls
111 19INut busellM
IC linvisr I Ieryll X
A draw a o sol911y
AL10N III Jan 22h rarmr
Who an He IUJklug lur loCk aloDg the
1110811lippi l bank one mile below Ibl
city IW upon the body lot a mn
1lul Clear the waletPa edge aDd re
ported the fact to the police The
unity Was glint of a young mm Rimmed
In the belch of fashion In the fore
head just above the right temple was
a wound that told tue story ot death
Horn a bulk Everything pointed to
a deliberately planned suicide A
smoldering lire uf old wood showed
wnere the letters and pIe I LeloaLlui
to the deau man bad been carefully
dtsrojed with me evident poll ol
I raventlu Identification A flue silk
umbrella rising opeii on the sand
ihouoJ on the handle of tturllnf ill
ver wrists the name anJ address uf the
owner had bell oirrlully eradicated
A flue gold watch on the boJy and a
part I 01 gold siectaclea bad been still
Jerry Heated
Ucipllu all this precaution a Call
oruJuDl book bad bn overlatLool
A110 i tills hijj 0TO u cow to tile to I r
Jtiulity I it Ibe dea I lu the bi I Wets
ouo1 tile addlegir Dt voui Nw
York huloa ball tile btaadard
and drn I tbeaterc Hi J Ijiuls and Ibo
Damsel W J Alains Providence
U 1
Too I Wily Is I that of u young man
109 than 30 years of are smooth
shaven ot medium height and stature
wllb brown hllir au I oyet Ibo clothing
Is I or file richest material anti moat
fashionable cut Ihubol was brought
to tools city and la I bild tit Ideal l ded
The opinion of iiI I corJnoia jury Is I
that tire young man c nine up Horn Bt
JJills on u liiti niKht train and sought
this lomly spot to die There valid a
considerable sum of moony ou ln I
body And i the motive could n Yt possibly
have been rollbury A tolgrm t wo
tout tn the I Police autuorltlea nt Prtv
ile 111 It I nutllyiiii them of the
nudu e f thu body ntd tttkinz tliini
lr W J Adams ot that city was truix
Iwo 00001110 00 a you 14 mo
Dome I John McCartney uf wTncttei
lor IlllLolf mysteriously ellsaicired
here and Lou poibIble connection ul
this t with the former case IN hinted B
plats ter altae
HAN iiiAMHLU Jan Zuch a
tllaaattous Elliott in at this which the
1 entry bitters Ills txj irki dug lure Is I
uuprecedei it In I tile history of racing
lu Calilornla With but three excel
tlcns the noted plunger now winter
ing on the coast are many thousands
ul dollars behind I The exceptions ate
Ueori0 Whieloct Eddy UJICLJ and
Joe Ullliun whu are about even or
jruiwhat uhujd ot the racing game at
Pro Built Anting thl tprlnclj logged
so far recordtd are the t lluwlut
Hlley Uraunau 30010 Et 1 Per
30000 John Coluniat 610utio Oeorxe
Use 4 2U0IO Heidi Joints JIG OOJ
llfuiy llunu I6WU 1 Ab Hi in16
OIU oley Ulliunn IUJO Will WI
liLr I 101100 Charles tj Jiin 10 OW
Djruiy ttciireiucr 10000 L dy
Malonej S600 Dave Uldeeii Jo 000
I red Oowu JSOJO L4 Wallace ft 2
SDH John Huuiihrejt ii130 ttal
full 500
11111 It xn7
1ltW Yum Jan betperlntond
tnt Kuoll al the liuuson fittest Hot
1111 lion completed au Xroy photo
urab l clearly outlining me bra 0 hial
artery lu the right arm of Thomas
tjaltmanu Title Is I Bald I to be the lint
time CUCQ a lent has ton accoll
PlIsted I
111111ING 1rIlUl
Xt 0 I cpeleve u it 0 1100 or I
Ill 4
CHICAUU Jan 2LA luulaoealel I
engineer ur the Uraut Ijcconiottve
works enjoys the distinction of being
Ibo first man taken In custody under
the new health department rule
nRuluit expcctoiatlus In I a street car
or other tublic places The police old
uol lock hill up but merely secured
bis addreis that be might bo orreilej
oil warrants 11 trio street car company
uses fit to push the case
Fallen left Ills homo last night 10 go
to a Irlend boost ad boardoid I
Jefferson anti Urban electric car JII
finger tier wa broku mud he hit off
tits rough edge with life loolh utter
ward 1leoliog Ibo particles to trio
Dr IroBeon warned Itlm 10 doI1
and lie repeated tile olrllo Police
man 8weolo wag summoned And
ooollud the pstunger and oooduelor
10 tire police olalioD Dk ergnl I
Martin wanted 10 protect II till city
against poFoll bill art I tell for 11 101
prloomo1 and the street car CowpallY
fratratholoaj or Itial defendant vohu
made certain 01 Iho NIoner real
deuce and turned him Ioee
Gene 1111 II 1 Sol hilL
CHiOAcio Jai 4Commllleeman
Dawes and L A D > wton nt I Chicago
who wore with Major McKluley un
Wednesday and returned to CbtOINO
declined make any Ptatement abnnl
Buy effort 10 tutu DImn J Olg for
cabinet preferment It Ie Lelevelln
Canton that 110 choice ba been made
b > Major McKinley far Ibo treasury
portfolio t Lit Lust Mr Gage Is among
llioao who ore uelng considered
1m1I J Uige was Been at Ills borne
Heeald I
If I have been appointed secretary
of the treasury It Is a complete surprise
= Ii f rfJr
to me I only hope the report la not I
liue for lilt financial considerations
Involved would not he favorable to mo
I do not know of any one who had
gone to Cantor 1 my behalf 1 do
not know M jo 0IcKluloy at all In
timately of
ah 1160 Lt MII rem
WEsjimuiajx Jo 22manator
8110rwn bald today there was lie
truth Iu lIe Iuhllbed Statement that
be still Secretary Ollley bat entered
lulu au agreement that Ibo Cuban
question phoull remain fu olu IUD
during the remainder of Ibo present
a a = ilni tiatli n
I u Eased I
WlLMiNaiOND llHn 52 ixCo
grtsbiiiau Edward L Martin died this
morning of heart disease
Mieftolibling C011164on
LONDON Jan 2Ihe lirltlth
steamer Salisbury Horn Port Itatli
tu Newport collided with on uukoo n
steamer about four miles from llfra
couuei Devonshire The latter Ie I
opposed to have unit with acrar ol
about twenty seven men
llnlillua IrrrlKirr 10 Steven
LONDON Jau 2Now ties been
reculved giant tile xpJllloo built bl
tile toyal Niger wpuy ocain
the Emir of Nulls from Lokoja found
he Koulab army In flight when It
arrived at Kuboa The quarrel ben
DIUNIurpal abrel
Iwee n tbo t power ul Emir I ot Nupe and
t Ila Niger company arose from tile
jmlr raiding the company territory
for Ino Ilie F ulah force at Kabtw
was estimated at 0000 foot anti OoO
No lIor krallam
Dei MoiM > 3 Iowa Jan 22No
more failures teem likely to occur
here Ihe bina rcolvuj more than
a million dollars from outside sources
thta miming All agreed to refuse to
pay time deposits Without thirty days
I notice
crytEstr Deem the House Commit
ten ID I Its Interest
llllitb Yi VIS 10 LOIUILTI II
Patterson Mnnli u lento Insirlnl ha
It hall > ul Cattle LnJir
Intluli I Control
Jrsmcs A Hcrymeur and JJmuLd lj
llayllsa note before tile Italian coti
mllteoon Interstate and foreign torn
Inoc today III the Interest of 1 tbD
Vanilla Cable Company ot New York
Ibey both argued upon the merits of
tboHorynwer I over the bptuldlnu
bill oi I tin Now Jeremy oitnpiny
bcrymier stated that Ills comuauy
would want eisbteen mtmtlis after
the aas Keof the till tn ojmplo Iho
cable to Hawaii and eighteen months
too ruileteUlo Japiu
Mr Patterson of leunestua slid it
bad been charge that I Iliu tjcrymier
cjuipiny I In lu sympathr wlthtr I I had
had oiniiocllon with Luciano and
liiillili Interest
BcrymserfaU 01 course lili company
wool 1 expect do English business
Patterson said there sluuld be a Creole
Inserted in the bill that the cable
unnpany should not cnini under
ilrlt ah Influence I
Mr11 CIIn
I the total IInuina I
I I We I I 13
IOU Ida Jan 22010rlal
ballot tod1 ClagKelt L7 Dubnls 26
I Nelson 15 Iwl Ij Q C 1atklc
son 1
rim Jai here wag broken open at i
mUnlKht tv mialil nut William
White snJ Charles larrylbr negroet
Inipllciled tl e murder of Mrs How
land at Lames lark win take i out and
Imneudton ties and the loading I rid
died will bullutr
SI 1 Ill loved
ICIMWS Jan 22Slr lease lltmrj I
the Inventor old syitem ot shorthand
writing Is dead
Ineu Carrier Laavlhoad I
OTN Jan 221ho nw revenue
outer IJanl1 Manning Wba attrarlied
at Last Boston tulle allmon The
The Alannivagie j Ihold iv nu
outter everbuilt for Ibl govertinient
uuler buil lovrnuln
surpassing lu speed and Iwo ninny
Dav1 veel liD this or forelet COIIO
rle din Unreel nar I oxrocuJ 10
Prove meet valuable to the navy
mil MAIL itoiiiipiir
A IMhnicKtnnllllliltic 31 VI1llas 12
allies Ill fell Poh
DtNMlt Colo Jan 22 News wav
given out nt the pGBtoflleu today that a
packigo containing i3 OoO Wall mlrslog
Horn a sack of registered mall which
arrived In Denver Yesterday Irom Bin
Francesco I has been learned tint
when the mol was tranferrod at
Cheyenne thepacktge was mlMlcn
rise robbery mUll have taken place
somewhere oh tbe Unlo i 10110 rail
Dad between Ban Iranclio and
Cheyenne or at the Hart FranclKeo
I ott cilice 1 li rum red there h
bo a syitletnatlo robbery of mat a ou
the Union Pacific mat 1 line fur the
pall month Post Olllce Inspector
McMechln would not say a word about
the bin robbery He rp the mnrlilug
In close conference with the United
L rates manual and district attorney
Early thin allerooon Uapuly U ti
Marshals ties and lovell left for
Cheyenne I Ila I said 1 thai they have
warrants the arrest of several sas
peeled person
111 trial
condensed Paritarispboo I rain war I
Allantle 0va
IONDDN Jan 22rha Dilly Now
says Ibis mornluf that Senator Wol
call Lit r Colorado had an Interview yes
terday with Sir William Oldsworlb
Conservative member ol Parliament
for the northwestern division of Man
cheater who was llrltlah delegate at
tile Brussels monetary conference In
180 The interview was private and
Informal 0
lae blmetalilsts In Parliament the
News say are not alienated to take
any active measures but they believe
that time 1 an their slue and they
are warmly Interest In Blr Samuel
Montagues proposition that to secure
Ibe adoption of tbe dual standard I
wulJ lu necessary for the United
States ti > begin and to IMF a 10 jr
cent tariff rei ate to all nations follow
lug their example
LONDON Jo 21 Llward J Ivory
of New York who wan discharged
from Custody yeoloru at the Central
criminal court the crown prosecution
havlnr withdrawn the charge of Call
iplracy to cause at dynamite ei loslou
us led at the ollKoof the Astoclaltd
Preps here today anti bald
I have documentary Proof that the
British olelol uttered 10 telling mo 1
1 confessed I to the marge of cout Iracy
1 am Satisfied that the polo did not
have au > men power professed to
have It lu Order tq entrap me lean
nOl lay anything renardlnr Tynnn
and the otnirr I have never bal
any connection wit 11 any dynamite
PC lot I
ifI I I must lay that my prison expert
ence was not pleasant I go U Dublin
tomorrow lu order tn visit ruy relatives
and I shall sail for NOW Yk on board
the White Star Bleirnor bliloolloo uu
January 27th00
IJONCON Jan 2IOffichal called
londence between Great Itrltalu and
Ituisla publlitied here today allows
tbat tbo Mainuls of I BallaUiry nn Oto I
lost I ami I l mt IUI file Dead that the Ami a r I
Adore at L Install tin 0110 I th Old uiniu
mm rcfruMo bo enforce by tie
lowcrp SI Hlilaltin their tbo ocln
lines clch to f rel allalri >
lu nn ci or 0 < r reign 11
V 11111 I November IS I Ila invliiE tnat
Ibu o had decided tlr II B 1m
toes hie to ago too 10 cocrcivn mesa JL
Iro Novomboile
ncairsttliu luitin but on Niv nibor
bill the tn wo a furtbarrcrjornrnunlcft
lion to tho iliac Ilir lie czar liail
Agreed tuthc McuiuH HiliblnrjV
Proposal Rnl I wouul nototjcct tiud
viqu the Itue3larloomblasonjur relative
toclidicl itabould themultAulorivire
LONDON Jn 2LTan Ujuo of
Celli tritium tonight ellacussol Mr Me
Mllllne I RjicnJnijiit cplllnR ill on tile
1f i
K vernmcut to Introduce cjnipic
give rncaaurcR for trio relief or Irish
husbandry U ght lion John Atklu
ODD oDervallo ineall b far I r North
Ldouderry 10uied 111 I there tied
buen any grdut oDJIIe In plctol
Irish produce He hopol lie I mild for
good rc ulta Irom last yciij bill
Mr Mine and other Irish members
Insisted that everything uad been do it
for tire English sill nothing for the
Irish farmer
LUMXIS Jai 22OThe Calcutta
Correspondent of the Billy lime
alter eiineslng trio hop that Larlla
maul will Induce the government
deal In a practical wy w lb the pob
lent a irlrils au Unusually cutup ken
ertlclF declaring that only li RIM xt
Ibo wuole Urlllall tarlaou are free
11m ctutagitur dla In 000 obop
or other I it d Hint oJJ la each thousand
are actually iLUpacllated
I lahl 1191 Ltloiod
KANSAS Cra Mo Jan 2J rueru
wus au Exalting fight to trio death be
ween two lauo mule leopards con
filled to House In the winter ILl
01 Ijcmou llros Circus at Argentine
Trio leopards had been ou Irltndly
lum far veml days LUl KOIr
FIIIr web Ihl 10 cOllrol hem
When the ItAlit bgB there Long 0
scene 01 the wldel Pandemonium
the Other Out wall julillug tile huuuh
Circus employed 00 all ur tile
uulldlng I into 10 Iho mlge room
They ftw ZI trio winner 01 tit
battles stiaLallug ur tile dead b2Jy of
Brief Tile Ielor wa buckirg Ih
detail 101011 UIL Reeper Fisher
xplolo that I display of uouuol
vlcuuso Dd by the anIma h
cuod weat ty their being fed uu eiorsi
thlurmis Unllrooocl 1111etoris
NMI YOI > Jan 22A special to
the 11trald from 81 1tb buys
Tire following personages have L 0
appointed directors of trio CIJu
lalruau PRIVY CouolIJf Homrol
of the ministry of finance Dletor
H btle or tile llLIIUO 101oUoo
MI ic Prince Iolomky IIclor 01 Ihe
ItuslooClainese blank M Czllgler and
itio PullOl n directors or construction
01 trio Nila NUV0hld 1hlllllol
with ao RJR 0 Faced ColLtso mandln
onalmal UNr hova UII glVda
fit trio uouelluoluo 01 the line 10 Los
begun at more
It UO AMhar ur I
NIM YORK Jon 2k special to
the Herald Horn Ban Juaa Porto nO
General Mailn tbe governor general
of Porto lilcr In an Interview raid
that be I line not herd any rumor that
he li I to eo to Cuba to Rumored Captain
General Weylr there m command
Trio governor general says that Ibo
relormv cruntuJ by Bpaln to Porto
Men will be put Into operation lung us
noon as the Details arrive here from
tipnin In the meantime be pays
the number of troops un the loud la
constantly varying accjrdlni to reo
qurcuieuta here liters Is I great
curlobtly and some anxiety among all
cUeneB hUe lo learn the full details
mud particulate of the new reforms
A rouiliicut American subject re
al UIIK here now and owning larg
iBlaler said recently In view of the
Junior 01 General Atarlil being lion
tarred lo Cuba that no more able
I governor eneral had ever bell olc i
In Porto 11 o
mi i > rMii
VVASIIINOTON Jan 22rtjtple ol
In liana summed Ibo biiuaU today
with a caustic statement at to the
Cuban situation lie Bald bo would
on Monday tall up trio pending Camer
on resolution for IndeieuJence for the
purpose of making some remarks
About three weeks ago he Bald I
there apear > d a formal utterance
the ot state mlh
from secretary in newt
papers lu retard to the Cuban
situation At that time there Mas
no resolution before the Senate
Under some clrtumttance the > ecrc
turysulteiauoes were obiter dlciuin
uf the meal rude most swift and most
voluntary character It recalled a
Reliant master uf antiquity who caused
the t whole audience lo tumble with a
IbtlHtcif future dllpleumic But the
tienate might have tamed Ibu by
luJsy however continued Tui le
the publication appeared In newopal ere
which hall uPIIullly become 00
sonverd betwealuthe stale depuln nt
and Congress and this messenger
Whom tin oulor did not dlporg
lo the silver that a compact have been
entered Into tetween tbe nuctiry
slate And Ibo new premier r3bLrwol
by which 10 was lu be no rurlher
action en Cuba during the preteul
Alow FUR to say precoodJ lur
Pie I regard ouch a course ad a viola
lon Ili omlty existing be the Ig
latirilve nd ox dative tuuebto
tlhermaD arooo at thin moment allll
1511M I Ihe b IItor t twists 10 lb
Iubllolloo today 1 Will 83YA there IK I
not the slightest watrint far the stale
meat I land not a word with Mr
Ulney on the ulocl und there has
Lit en nu Coal agreement or uiusr
lurple said he was glad to acop >
this dltavowal Hot ho lilt tbeb > nate
should do something to dlislpate such
Whntover thn 1I11 rsnce may bo as
to Ibo IndrenduL ot Cubillp CJO
eluded Turple 11 tlnu every tallisto
b1 favors ludependo cc >
Hoar precipitated a dlactisilon I n
prceontlUK a Petition from a chamber
of commerce investing opoLdy ratlrlca
lion treaty the Massachusetts Smelter
aided some nLsarvatlons on Eric
pressure ou the r3uato Many proml j
front Ilion ruld orB Fh a wcro tell
graphicr ana Ivllcg him ur lul Ia
edbto n 15 I
Nltt Yon Jan S2Ojoir linn
m ta 10 1 t Oymlln
Music liill IU Indlcol toJ 15 for
wlnln 1 public nuisance The
Klfo ollenii all alrell Slh l up 11
the ttait t of bla ulc hal tlioro is Ic
mot I given nightly I m rcetnlntltm Of
tile mount alleged to have trnrspirtd
lit I the Jot IU1ICU9 Otclcy baiLclor
dinner Ivcn a few Ick sgu
Vrdlyarol AnaIn Illiancht 11
I H011r J = CJIIIJI AIIrlo I
lauch 1vhw of lalIln plods
dHY 01 Pip J 1I u j aval BI
fioll 111 11a11100y
CAION Jail 2Juugo Nathan
UI ot WmlVlrilnla tupulutly elect
telwllh an ntt rnoy i ei eralahlp In
he cJhlnet reached this IIIJ atllJD
oraconltrtnte with Mar McKtu
The Bill Passed Hiking a New Divi
Mon ol Eastern Tui
uo hrFalleIIj list 1 Mr
lalluetally Or heeilAg still
WAeiiiMiios 1 J OI 2J Cooper
Democrat front Tex cal ed up tbe
bill recently M teed Iy I the President to
establish a new alviblon 01 tile eastern
judicial district 01 Tulam Bud provide
for holding court 01 IIauloul lie
moved Ito Passage oe trio veto of taid
Cooler loxat In support of the
miasuronferrel to tile fact that he
WHO utter to Boil I 0 Pretlittnt or L
by Private 8ecrostry Inurher
Uroavenor ul Until Uladeu tpeecll 111
which tin hamtroupiv Bald start as fie
ally referred to Ibu dlilicull it atelr
thu 1ldJ fills led to rut r lug no
10 whether Urotvenor cr tlld peak fur I
laoullu < a IIIIUolol Urovellor
lenlel tlmt be wa nutliorlzej 10
pak for the next Ad fill it 18tratlu to
r itlnrN hall vot1 btUruiu
live 141 11003 tin Iex judiciary duo I
Met bill Web Pfised tivertutiveloof
the Irehluitit t
Filled lot Snowballitig
Jack l gll i und Charles iorlc
young men Fold enough to know betu
threw nowu I la at cople as they
paibud along the street unit were at
tested for disturbing trio Farlier They
1Iodd 101 guilty Lul J ulco Wgr
Ie mod othejwl Hit fined etch f
Lehi 1 rUle
Lion January 22189
To the dlturr
Winter wltu all lie beauties hall come
bure at Jim a Installs ef snow covers
mother earth Still tile lUlull boy and
his sleigh Is f to bo seats on every street 1
mud the 1 err jingle of lbo Raleigh bell I
1 to bo heard on Mod pranoinsnorting
steed us be twlltlj p carries his merry
loadlu 01 f Jolly lads and merry maids
over tho crispy snow dull I a the lovely
moonlight evcnlnr Ever5 body
even the jolly farmer wears a smile
to tee the earth rued lu its garment ol
Of laic our city has been scuuwbot
quiet A little game bus becu going
ou In the hack shunllo ou Main street 1
but our 01c 01 the peace Are up ro
their duties and u few dollars have
teen placed ta the credit side of Iho
city ledger
A few boys Indulged In Biieu
balling and canted a hack team
to become unmanageable rile boye
were taken care of by our marrbal still
we hope will see Judge Willis ou tbe
I nu miners ot the Lehl district met
in our city hall aud UcUod Edward
Items recorder for a year
Our old foks o juaral are getting
ready for to make the old people uf
Lent happy In tbe near future by giv
ing them au entertainment
Our choir Is lo appear IN about two
wttka In u galled mualcalt the beat
talent Prof J D Olbb has ai bis ccm
mand Its practicing Bud it I expected
some imported talent will upjesr Man
to a tine time Is I expected
The 1C of P are narliiK for 11
grand annual tail HJ also are trie
pugar factory 101 expecting 10 have it
grind ball
Wuhave to record tile death of the
little Infant child Brother and Slater
I II BORdbDI this week I ban hall
I oor Health from Its bath and finally
pasted away In Ioe
II Is reported that Ijihl Is I to have
another aitr wtekly In I the very
near future Its name in nol t known
yet but wears IntoruiuU I latubon I
sliver I BIor and to take no part lu lie
pulau or nmDcalc Par 101plet I
Istobcidlteily I Mr J Y Champ of
A number Failure weddings aro to be
expected In the near future Among
trio nriton trio list is t our friend of the
Hour W K Webb Ho may it be
I is I expected that Mr J F rjmllh
one of tile employes of tbe Puoj lej
Coop Institution and eon lu law to
Bishop T 1 II Cutler Mill leave for
California in abjut two necks ill fill a
mltslon that state A committee
bas been formed tj arrange a inreweli
social which will CJOIO oil DO the 7lli
ct the month when all of file trie di
will have trio Pleasure c wishing him
u holl u1twell
The Peoples Oop lisa n large
force of f teuiHbusy hauling fee I Welch
they are string 111 for the suramcr
Ve hear o a i rlvute letter received
from Elder 1 W Kirkhom wh li
laboring aan uiliHoiiHry lu New Za
UnJtbatbo with the utucr Libert
there are doing good worU Doll al 1
etij ylu their mission radio god
health Hi reports Ihe weati or vry
warms with plei lj of uotqultor etc
Also byallttrwolklarn tnnt Aiders
1 A Ituahraan and f F Trace who
oro now In Cilltornla that Ilia work
or pr jclytlnR I oluc on very Juicily
auu they 110111 Bra Ill good spirits aud
Trio Clah I Bursar companY IB I about
throne with tits DIDO run iiob
Ito the MAIL lu railing the larecit
orztun or het > trio total being over
lb000000 this amount being raised by
Time Populists Join Tlialchetj
lie rna 011 Mill > Irat Urcatlf
I Jiiubidul Is I Mill la
At trio jjintsesalon J of tire Iiglala
tutu today only one lnIUt was taken
tit IAlowt
Ior UiwIl 81313totOtl CILe
Cbamtcrr lvanr Johm > u Bmj I
tclal a ltercHcutatlvn t nllli b
No Ctok li mmou lun lljuiu >
Bib hurei ritewart Mann total b
grand total II
For Heudenon Senator Allrcd
liumrr I rihurtllll Wrlhhl total I
Itipieeentallvct Auderaou reunion
lull Urccnwood Unrdy Hoi kin
Keuuer Klrnbill l Maxlleld JkJvaj
Olirlcu Oveton Perry A P ftoreu
ru tutm D Taylor 110 r < TKiri torn Ilj grand
11 h h Uu
or hatchel50IIAtork XRIVOurt
Munsou NtLtker Kicleout llotjlHou
Wnlttaktr A Nei eker total 1 7 Hop
Inlllv D S Cok freer Dot
01 Drearer lorahte Ultiaou Ii
iWlhe Mirtlu Murdotk Price nay
Ujylaoic BloaD N C Boreuben
Ihouiifaoei fhoreaun wheeler tjlal
17 grand total 4
For C 1 Allti douiton Nine
IttprtseutatlveF Uauteu O U Kim
mil lloblnsoi total 1
PM Jjewttuce Upiesonlatlvei
For Ntbekel dena or Show
r I
Fur PawergSenatair Cannon
IhH 1 grand n tal are in foliowi
1 it
I d l
11 luoto he 11
LBon I
All I A
bokdr 7 I
I r I
4NkCQKry lu C1101a 32 I
Tire lopullate viz B nator llir
hour and Kdpresentativot Drer and
Thoollsov voted for Ibatcner wiving 0
111 in In all JI vote The remaining
Pat Illigto Itepreioatatlvo Muugau
lemalutd true tu tbe candidate
f lots party H W Lawrence
Hendelaon gained one vol at Ibo
xpDe 01 I 1w I I so that 01 IhpreeD
tutlve Maxtleld who lose uil alum
I ten a Ueudersou man but yeateida
voted for Kiwllm These were all
lie chanttu affecting the leading can
The three Kepullican members ot
tbe Reuse gave Hoo U J Allen an
hooray vote today slid I Henatora
Cannon and Know 81ln voted for
flowers and Nebeker respectively
Ilie Basement ol tin lull Ittko EqUit
Able In ep lulled Out
The Bait Lake Equitable Coop
doing business nt the corner of Klcb
ad and First South streets was the
cece of a fire last midnight which
for some time looked as though It
vould prove totally disastrous to the
Tbe fire was dlscovere by Ollloer
Parry who chanced to eee the flamed Is
using train the rear bamol WIDdowl
which front on Richards street and
also from Ibo windows of inn elevator
shaft hD alarm was quickly turned
In and the Urn del ailment res ended
promptly The boys attacked the
Ihme from tbe rear basement win
uow and were Nat subduing them
wheat two tanks of oil look fire aud
caused the blaze to rage wlh redoubled
fully Jour an hour and a half trio fire
mail fought the 11 Imam as best they
could UDder trio olreuDlataDce Bud
did splendid work lu view of the fact
Ihat Ibo bOWDI 01 Ibo Iore WAS
lacked with merchandise Incipient
blazes broke out lu different places
and It was only with I the I greatest IP effort J
that the structure was saved from
total destruction
The lire runs have teen emouldtrr
lug for some Cline before Its dlcoery
as when first noticed I bal got a good
start anti was rapidly make a dtmruo
live Inroad tbioub the establishment L
The exact orlglu el the tire Is I uu I
known It wag thought that It started i
IU I a base oven owned by a firm next
dour but Chief Devlut does not bo
glove the blizs started there although
that Iart i of the building teems to have
been burned trio worst Itoomers In the
Bill cr story of the block were badly
frightened when they heard the alarm
oil Ire and many of them rushed tu
tile windows In their night robes
screaming with fear They were final
ly poelld however when Inrmell
thai there was no Immediate danger
1rldDI Jnglon 01 trio company
esturanted the block of goods a I value
ot J5tl > with li BU auce on the same
with Jjc i firms amounting tu 111510
TRIO lost Is 1 mainly ojnflned I to the b K v
meet sill II I estimated at letntcnV >
UJO mud J4 OJO Ii i
An Estimable VuultU Gone
All that was mortal I of a most ostlra
able woman was laid to rest today In I
the burial of Mrs P A ISorcntei t
wife 01 the proprietor of the I X L I I
econd band Btor < The funeral br i
vice were held at I oclock ihu
morning from the chapel of Under
taker Jutepti William Taylor ou Wtsi
fumplo street and were attended ty H
large number of Borrowing and truf I
stricken relatlvei and friends Mm
Bjroueena death time as 1 CrU1
shock tj lou acquainted with her f
hun PD WedDUIJoy evening mile
t Eased away leaving behind to mourn
rcr lots u loving husband and Beverul
young children Hire was a woman
boloved by all who knew her luij
poeaeised a disposition such us woulil
lend to rot friends wherever hor I I I
was cast Tile bereaved busbane a d
children have the sjmcatby of a Jorge I
circle or Acquaintances their Hour ui 0
6XII61310 Borrow

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