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Deseret evening news. (Great Salt Lake City [Utah]) 1867-1920, January 23, 1897, Image 15

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J i j1 Tho Former but a Faint Imitation ol
the Latter
1 J i i I Mllallo Jpo lb JJdI 1
4 an AI o
II 1 Nature i s tho true foundation ol great
r and worthy art and It U genius alone a
r eaven born power In man that enables
7 11 him to produce something akin to a true
il r resemblance ot nature In Its various and
r t 4 j I I ever charming moods and changes but
1 P J It la beyond the art cl the lolttest genius
I to represent nature truly and completely
1 itt every detail and the greater the
r I genius tae worship at its shrine truly
and simple nature unadorned U ever
r I adorned the most
Suppose that the beholder of a work
ol art la waited Into a gallery containing
famous paintings and there sees one
A chlcfd curve paInted by the hand of
one of the worlds acknowledged great
f I est painters suppose that the bubiect of
the picture represents thunderstorm
i i the beholder Is pleased to know that a
great work of art is now before him
if ton 7mb orbee
Every object seems to him to be truly
i rendered the work he thinks great and
I q atmospherically grand the moisture la
I I den and rolling clouds appear anti mov
ing and rising I upward and kissing fare
n 0 well to the horizon which Is enveloped
I In tints of sable hue the seeming
mighty force ol the cloudy power ap
I proaching each other in order to clash
together ere the elemental crash Is heard
In every particular the work is unmis
takable the production of a master
mind nnd tho beholder leaves the ex
quisite charm with lee lings ol regret
lauding 1 i the painters excellence
I goetr I = ell
II 4 Suppose that the same person should
1 I find himself out In natures wide domain
and such a scene were presented to his
1 gaze as the one described ho both sees
K and actually I feels that there Is a stoim
tt rr
t brewing every object U obscured in
misty darkness producing I In his mind a
H i feeling I something akin to fear 1 the cattle I
seems disturbed and running toward the
trees lor l shelter A rift now appears In
the clouded sky then a gentle wind and
pattering drops of rain descend soon to
emerge into a u lid howling tempest
playing havoc tearing and twisting the
tl nt Jdsc n
dav b
limbs and branches and scattering the
leaves ol the trees A brtel will a dis
tant rumbling sound a downpour of
rain mnee rumbling soummdo loud and
1 I still louder Is I each succeeding crash the
4 l gates ol the clouded sky is thrown open
I and the drenching down pour of rain
j soon saturates the dry and needy toil
Indrto nedran3
and nt the cattle begin to scan the lands
cape Intuitively knoulng that the storm
0 Is spent they speedily run Irom their
place ol shelter back to their pasture
II near by a river
b Another charming > picture In nature Is
j again presented to the visa the dark
though luminous clouds which were
J scattered in the force of the thunder
1 4 storm now embrace chf other and tire
faintccnllc breathing of the zephyr car
i ries them athwart the sky in sublime
1 f and magnificent order soon to appear In
a grand picturesque array of form and
color forming a curium I ol a deep
1 pearlgr tint which envelops I the ex
trcem and middle distance of the land
h scape Then the orb of day thtowi ni its
r bright and genIal light In slanting rays
through a rift In the cloudy sky then a
U f yellowish I tint greets the eye and seems
to dance and flicker lor a breathing
I I spell creating the orange and the red on
a one edge of the bow and the green
I blue indigo and violet on the other
The rainbow Is one of the most wonder
ful and peerless eflecs I that adorn any
1 ol the many atmospheric created charms
Its brief existence of oue ol extreme
beauty calculated both to cheer and
gladden the vision arrayed and clothed
ill the garb of charming prismatic order
1 11 of color and harmony
How much greater are the works of
1 I nature in every respect than all the skill
l and greatness of the lofty and esteemed
l of nius The differences ol
sons u genius v u u
quality periority ia I beyond all cons
ii tmlson The many charming quallUe
found In the arts aesthetic aru only in
deed a poor imitation of Ihe works of
the Creator In whom all things were
made forever to exit Ihough the works
of tbe geniusbe deserve and ever will
meet with the admiration of the Intel
licence ol mankind Who has not felt
exlrem wonder inscansiegaud 100Ung
1 up to tire firmament on the calm unit
I silll night They must be blind indeed
who renliin unmoved by the glorious
sight of beauty and order winch Is con
tained In one ol the most stupendous
works ol the creators hands The
pod turned his harp m unison with the
heavenly theme when in rapture he
the > ricIous ImameDI 00 high
With all the blue ethereal sky
And spangled hence a straying Irame
Their gret original proclaim
The unwearied Irom day today
Does iriS Creator power display
And publish to every land
lire work otars Almighty hand
Soon as Ihe evening shades prevail
The moon tikes up the ondcroui talc
And nightly to Ihe 1 st mag earth
Repeats the story of las 1 irlh I
While all tl e stars that round her turn
And all die planets in their turn
Confirm the tidings dirty roll
And spread the truth from pole to pole
What though solemn silence all
Move round the dark terrestrial halll
What Uiough no real voice nor sound
O Amidst their radiant orbs be found
In reaon s ear they all rejoice
And uttvr forth a onoui voice
tar evr singing as they shine
tire baud that mad us b mhirloe
N6t Mthslaiidinc the greatness ol the
mind and skill of the hand of those en
dowed wilts genius to slime in any of Ihe
aesthetic or scientmc arts their Innate
productions though they may Indeed be
worthy ol all acceptation slill they only
remain in comparison a mere tumklin
sound to the loudest cup ol heat ens ar
lillery to the mictity greatness of the
works unfolded lo our vision that nn
created and made by him the master
genius ol all who has by his will and
poncr wonderfully and supremely tilled
p his works and framed them in perfec
tion in order to supply all the desIre
ned and wants of his created ones
Some have been called to feel and
experience both lop and its i contrast
rnr who have enjoyed one after I having
tuficred the other reliance and might
11lth In bin who both creates the tem
pest and lulls the norm he that rules
nis creations according to his own mind
and will Those that are so blessed are
tvcr able to accent and bear at y amcui
of tulh img while others basIng lesser
fdith leel solely beaten and suffer great
inguish il their burroundmgs appear
lieary and hopeless not a ray of light
is to be seen and they are beinj rocked
I g u J
In Ira cradle of the deep Mankind can
carcely be placed in a state where the
tower ol divine help Is more needed
and often called for
They are indeed blcswl who can
sing KO have faith though In this dread
ful night and on the dangerous sea
Well always trust providence where
ere we may be When old Neptune Is
allied to fury by the stormy howling
empesluous winds and the heaving
moaning and lurching ship is sorely
hum led In oceans mighty tarp The
creaking ol f the masts and the shrill
whlstltlng 1 of bem wind in I oto the
highest treble playing a dirgelike wall
around Ihe ropy harp str ngs
The deepest bass notes are truly mocked
In the force and power of the breaking
and mighty uaves Such a storm In
some degtce might form t a subject for
he musical I genius but 1 am afraid tbe
effort would ouly sound In the ear a
symphony In harmony broken loose
ills I art at least 1 would tall in producing
Ihe heart kII tear I and awe that the hu
man soul Is bound to feel and fuller dur
ing such Ifs Kent t1e only Godgiven I
Iafth that can give strength to the mind
In order to bear the ordeal and over
come all she dangers ot the deep Now
the overwhelming power of the ocean Is
gently breathed upon the howling
winds and tempesuous wave begin to
sing the storms dirge Isa lower attd
moro agreeable key joy now succeeds
dire and gloomy rear The eager and
watching eye is pleased to behold that
Ihe lurious and raging norm ol the night
U f I nearly spent ta and f i its sable cloak is
about to rent
The horizon Is now faintly discovered
and the welcome and ijonoin light of
breaking day Is I beginning lo chase the
cloudy ulght away breathing and scat
tering the curtain ol night into
strange uonderous shapes and
forms The golden and rosy tints I of
morning now paints In rare beauty giv
ing charm 10 the fleeing tinted clouds
Ihe orb of coming day in silent voice Is
saying I Ye clouds of night and yeses
art asunder and give room tIre me
dw Jolj
Soon the genial welcome and smiling
lace of mat bursts out from hid
atmospherical cradle breathes anew
and throws Ills I luminous light and
beauty Illuminating the still clouded
sky and set In tints ol liquid fire
Sailing toward an approaching haven
the ear Is pleased to hear the ilaM dash
dash on thy cold gray stones 0 sea
and the wild discordant sound ol the
seabirds cry find tlio thud thud ol the
breaking waves and the sough < their
dying wall The eye is also pleased to
see nut the unity mantle ot morning
only envelopes the heights of the rocK
bound coast and the seeming strange
grotesque sculptured objects that adorn
Die rocky cliff This graphic scene
displays many of the stern tealities that
are to be hound In nature and shows
o pictured power of greatness strength
and rare beauty olten to be viewed so
that the mind Is terror stricken In be
holding the power displacd when the
elemental forces In nature arc master of
an aulul and tremendous spell Ills un
adorned creations are so perfect and
complete that the pictured greatness ol
tho paintcrjcnim in comparison may
be likened to the feeble light of a can
dle to Ihe brilliant overwhelming light
of Ibo noonday sun
We speedily leave the grand and great
old ocean behind in orucr perhaps to
trudge on land our weary way though
the knowledge and experience gained at
sea by along tempestuous voyage is cer
tain lobe la those that has eyes to see
and a heart lo understand a lileloug
Now another altogether different
landscape greets the eye and at lust
appears strange to those who come
from other climes In this imeat Iht
full of the year the foliage nt the trees
and nil the other accessories seen in
natures wide domain are much more
painted In gay colors than those in the
clime Irom which they came so that the
mind of the stranger is impressed ill
viewing the lovely and charming beauty
of Iragranl flowers liclore starting on
the long and tedious journey across the
prunes which to the vision alpear as
vast nnd boundless 03 the mighty ocean
It n na
anni lingcrhug arnang tIn e adorned trees
to find that the gentle breeze of vundis
now scattering roe lovely tinted leaves
from oil their branches to fall on the
ground Tit sad to learn that things
of beauty are burn to perish but the
course ol nature Is i Inexorable and
every created thing Is the subject of
Go back the nlaceatearlv
vu uc to 0 same v y
spring time > and you find that the trees
are still unclothed but 10 back again I
later on Then youll find that natures
alchemy has Bee nnt work The nature
or their spirit al er undergoing no I
douhl some simple process inwarol l
now embraces and 1 kisses the parent
stem and speedily mount and climbs
up to the tiniest branches which soon
again appear in their bautcous gab
Light heat and atmospherical changes
finishes that portion of natures ever
recurrmi course In observing the
several I phases of natures decay or
change we are led I oneean know thai
decay or death I asnateral as life and
when it Is the time lor the resurrection
of mankind to be lully knoxii no doubt
but the principles thereinto will be re
vealed through him who created the
heavens the earth the sea and all that
has been a ever will be therein
fIr characteristics tics of acknowledged
geniuses according to my observation
has been tint they are bums peculiarly
sclfvvlllc4 und almost nnmib riled for the
thing that insure success m this life and
Indeed their brilliant endowments are
olten to them a curse Instead ol a bless
Ing As the poet tIaras say
That such nIl arc creatures of prey care and
Uhcn blest today theyme unnrndlal of 10
But in tint respect no doubt Ihere
must bo nun exceptions they are
however mostly ol a silent old way
ward disposition and prove to combine
spelidllniitjustice and honesty together
Their inventive and preceptive faculty
ro generally so acute that their innate
souls can readily comprehend and vvltl
dexterity siez the many accidents Ilia
surround their art and turn them simply
to every advantage Everything pro
duced by them bears their i own stamp
and their works always breathe the
charm ol simplicity and truth Genius
maybe likened to the glory ol the sun
moon and star spine are great some
less and many lesser Those hat ace
genius born must be rocked in the
cradle of repose I here lore 1 fear Ilia
that influence of the hurry up mothers
ot the time will singularly foil in guiu
birth to sons 01 very treat geniuses
Genius and something akin to It has
sliune brilliantly in lonie in all ages and
in things quite dillerent from in the arts
aesthetic ars
I Historv informs us ol the c citness
of Alexander and Hannibal Uryus and
Napoleon Wcllingtou aud Washington
excepting so Washington thir mighty
Itmus 1 or greatness was alas olten
clouded and olcn too much lincturet
with dire Carnage and Mood Te
heaven born potver has no doubt m
many stances been sorely misplaced
and perhaps more so by the genius
warrior than by any other that It lo the
manor born True and great geniuses
Is I ever sure to find the top in whatever
walk in rut which they mav nssume and
he only and best way lo judge of true
greatness I is by the value ol the work
hat has been performed Tim greater
arc those who have been I Ireatu I
endowed by the mastergcnius and special
Iy chosen to do Ills will in uciintueir
nnate light or genius iu leading nun
kind leon error In order that they mUht
bask in the sunshine of trutlj reD
Hebrew Moses humanitys great lav
givers mighty Mid great geolasaooed
beyond the mere things of this mundane
sphere and his gftat mil ably endow
ments appear somewhat akin to the
master genius ol all but the sepheric
fire hu Illuminate the gnnliu ol 1 others
whose sublime thoughts and actions are
recorded In language tint breathes
the names ol many that bare cndo ed
aid I gifted r with 1 bits hriv nborrspjrk I
of genius div mcly d
In this our ovn time 1 presumi tint
the most of mankind throughout the
world have heard and many have
knoun that I there appeared a divinely
rn dI aetnlh ld isne
Inspired genius In the PI hers 05 ol Joseph
bmlth the Prophet a young man end
quite l unlearned la the theological I ai Ignor
ance of the age and who achieved great
renown In doing the uill ol tiled vine
Master Truly his work has heel both
a marvel and a wonder lie was just
allowed to live long enough to herald
the kingdom of Cod In these tho latter
daIs 00 Ihe ealh and after his martry
dom another Inspired genius was louud
in lingham Young whose innate force
foresight nod consummate vv sdom fully
enabled him to gather lujelhcr and lead
a people altogether and supremely
eliflerent In religious Ideas from the
generality I of mankind Th true Mar
men or Latterday Saint in factlj burn
not made Icrlnpj there Is no people
who liven In IbIs age that seem to be
g uveeae it for good by overruling
1rovidence and the Almighty favor
t II1
vouchsafed board them low I like In
many respects Ihey are to the Jew hose
exceeding faith or ptllence has over
whelmed 1 and sanctihd to them their
many and sore persecutions 1atlence
and persevutnce Is seemingly as much
tInt badge of the Mormon as 01 the jew
Notwithstanding the persecuting I laws
that have been enacted against them the
principles ol Mormoiusn being ol
eternal duration arc bound to shine more
and more brllllantl and ore thereby
calculated to outlive all the frothy
enactments of shortsighted pohtlcans
who nre simremly Ignorant ol the
power tbl they foolishlycontcndngalnt I
No doubt Ihe succeeding leaders ol
the Mormon people who are yet des
tmed to become both great and mighty
are invested with the required mspira
lion to fit and enable them to govern
and lead those that follow them In build
Ing up on the earth the kingdom of the
Masher In these the latter days
There havcappeared in this dispense
lion some whose greatness fitted accord
ing to the Ideal ul many that should
be classed akin lo Inspired geniusanJ a
far as inventive puwer and wondrous
might is shown their efforts had Ihe fleet
In impressing and changing toe minds
ot many regarding the religion and
traditions that had lor I ages formed their
character Still the greater portion of
mankind affirm that the effort oi the
gieat reformers were both zealously and
ignorantly misplaced Hut no doubr
some of the reformers were both earnest
aud honest In their desIre in exposing
the errors and the despotic attitude 0
the mother church Luther must have
been endowed with extraordinary
strength of character cub menlo firmness
and hmoiver lOt conviction in order to
enable him to assail and attack the doc
lImes that were promulgated in his owns
church John Wesley subsequently
showed the like spirit and achieved the
power more or less I successful In his
warfare against the chords 01 Luther
English daughter who had been waned
with others from mother Rome centuries
before John Calvin though branded
a bing red handed nevertheless the
author of some learlul strange though
scriptural Ideals which the Scottish
antipapal fiber and John Knot turned
too and tuned the Iron bound creed of
Calvin In order to catch the ears and form
the minds ol his countrymen which to
some extent has entailed the gloomy
sell righteous and severe trait uf charac
ter thats1 to be lound l In m my ol the
hcottish people to this day I feel
somewhat embittered that one ot Scot
lands sons was unfortunately endowed
with the power to achieve such a lulintr
The creed of Calvin is calculated 10 <
produce fear fanaticism I And sl hypocrasy
rho sloctuive gfs teaubes m beyond
the comprehension of nmrrs men and
it Is I therefore fatal and dangerous to
spiritual progression its promulgation
may have had I some 01 the power to
hand the hangmans whip of Rohert
Hums though it has completely failed
in lashing its wretched thinking ones to
order I Is only those who breathe the
spirit ol actual revelation that have the
power to know and understand I in part
such doctrines ns Ihe free will decrees I
election and purposes of God but ac
cording to Calvin the whole revealed
uill ot God to man Is contained within
the boards of the book Calvin has per
haps steeped more souls in deism and
Intidelity than all the isms put together
Thecreeds which reformers cOons
gave birth to have singularly failed the
errors of the mother church neatly re
main the same even the cOons and the
up and re idy methods ot the Salvation
Army seem to achieve more moral and
spiritual Influence with lb masses ol
human tv than the Influence ol men
steeped I blue theological knowledge ol
the several creeds
The work ol the reformers as limes
speed ever being more divided and
sub divided and every opmlonatc I blast
of the wtndy ondl carom dshephemmls who
may see fit to alter some ruI It of hell
pavingorthoaoxy I requently some ol
the learned blmt show a glimmer of
light and are honest enough to be per
haps outspoken 13rYth very well I
know will speedily drown them In the
ide and dire river heresyorlhoduxy
ho I a ditch In which many are bound to
fti Through a syslem of lalse org
wrong tlreobagncal traIn Ingond a usomlmhiy
1 li
opmmht tirey ate Influenced and langiit to
worhip line golden God and the
clvine for money und preach ion hire
they hw to Ihelseives brokn ciserns
Ihat cal hold 10 waler They ore the i
bhld leaders of tine blind and Ihe scrip
lurs Irom which they teach has em
blatJned on its sacred pages tInt awful
punishment that await all such false
teachers If greatness and truth fail lo
go hand in baud there can be no lasting
Some of the rclormers are entitled to
cot deration for their mighty arid laud
the efforts tl in trying i lo better wrong
and errors though h lg would I appear that
neither their desire nor their efforts had
the smile and approbation ol the mas
ter pemus had He of Israel been t
buckler and their shield the world would
hive been spared all the loud and
mighty I vvranglmsol 1 the learned I D 11 i
sumS timeir gaeOUJ pros and cons wnlit
not have been Sum 01 tbe reformers
were I think much more eudavvedvvtth
the qua ity silts spirit that peimeitcil
the mundane politics of their time than
being possessed ol the mercltuUcncrous
and goJUko spirit that Inhibits tie
I tabernacles the inspired genius born
CHICAGO January Ohs 1837
nay Mat fuvornor Council
Tho goer council vlmt it Itl
This Li n question often ntVrd Uy mmiT I
rcoplo tho Korernorn conncll is con
founded with tho coveniors Btaft or
thought to bo a ned c500pprom logo to tha j I
IfKlsUtivo body Indeed sometimes
within recent yfi i It h I is been declared
to be worm than useless In that It hai
Interfered with tho free notion of the ox
Motive lbs connril however it 1 rr1
lo of this old Kncllsh government which
was thoroughly understood by lint car
BnttleM oid who brought their IIIWH
with them so that today In nil the
courts of MOSaehnselt Cob ou Black I
ctouo art risjoctcil authorities Awl
often t adorn n tolD mol our witty
lawyers wi recount an i slice dutu of annie
old time vnlgnr doiniui criug judgo cit I
thin Drl1 Ielch
The KovernorB contrail tubes tIre plaeo
of tho privy council of Great Britain
eOlel rtalu
Whllo her ijesty Victoria may nppoar
to rolo single hade rho has not tho
power Before tin edict of hra coma 10
forth I mast bans tho coucuirouco of
tho privy council By the futhori this
w us thought to b n nufegnnrd and t > o
when they apjiolntprt a governor to IM I
over them lump hedged him about with
councilors who should udsIri him iu
hla doings
Thin council has at nil timoa boon
chosen from tho best Inca of Ibo ebb
unit lit tbo oninKi merit of tho leglsh
ben limo eOnuciloH rank next to this
nontenant governor sari tho member rf
lb osiueo slIce department True when
cither political party might feel that
theru was nochanco ol oloctlngita nom
inee instead of allowing cbs office togs
liy t default any ono who chosa might bo
nllowrd to inn
Hut in tho 30 yean after n imrrfnl
examination of tho records It is I nifo to
any that no moo hut broIl oloctod to tho
council who had a blemish on Ills char
nctcr Indeed them arms lbs mines of
mon who bnvo not cuhy wnn for thom
selves distinction lu our ovvu tale but
hinTs become so well known and respect
ed that they will go down in the history
of tho country Boston Post
Tow Lb at 20 Cents Apiece
Tho decrease in valuer in tbo fur west
in I almost inconceivable to ono who hiss
not been through tho change from loOn
ties to Hundreds of
ton depression prairie
cities mo finding theist real estato nl
most unsalable They were ouca so nuro
of losIng tho centers of tOrn business Ufa
for a largo surrounding country that
lImo fall is beyond their comprehension
A solo of tha assets of n central Kansas
bank that failed iu 1839 was hold tho
other day and many Into iu western
town additions tbat had boon 1 part of
tho balk assets nero told to tho high
cat Ladder for 30 cents apiece Ihey trail
been appraised at 70 each whcu tho
bank failed but ai the yweso on tho
outskirts of I pIano that lost its grip on
prosperity tbor had nothing to Loop
them sheen Ibo mart ot farm land
Farms iu tho western part of Nebraska
und Kansas nru lu tho soma condition
Thoy urn not saliblo except intern they
call b eowblned Illto largo ronehes and
whero thin owners are possessed of clear
titles Thousand of tbeso ara owned in
tlo owne
Iho eat under Ibo deed of I sheriff
through Its process of foreclosure The
loaus that mesa mado on them lu tho
lialcron days are past due and Ibo
munlyagnes havo taken theIr urns
This lira I all resulted not from the
look of effort but from Ito fact that not
enough water tins fallen iu Ibo western
third of KnuxiH nud Ncbruskii to luako
the cops grow That I has wholo mat
ter I is not bad judgment or politics
that has driven thosa thousands out of
tho Eden that they had sought but tho
failara cf eropw Kansas has lot 230
000 in population in this woy and tho
fact has exerted a depressing Influence
onthoso who rmalllII thin differ
ence between Ito rising and tha falling
tde lImo loss Iini occurred entirely lu
tho western counties for Ibis astern
part ot Ibis elsIe has lu tho past year
gulned 18000 in population while lImo
state as a vhole has gained only 1000
although the births outimmbcrod the
deaths bj several I thousands 0 H
Hargcr in North American llevicw
i nrnc ornll
Is I tho one meiy lor rnruatmiu Rant
frantIc tuat cures the right way
Given Plumttro lust tIme help oeeJot
Heals ana ninnmhtrV whlisT iPcurea
amid Ii Just ns harmless as It Is I ear Its
renjukablo success for YU makes
possible this Kimantte Use It falih
fully hi Coughs Cold llroncblllr
Whooping Cough etc 1 U tails In
benefit sac authorized sc ont will re
turn your money I anything
stronger than Ibm could bo said IIoro
tiound Hyrnp would eieserve It 1rloa
26 Btid 6 coat Hold by Z C M I
Uruj Dpsimnmset
InlIo 0 LI
Is f a remdy that WoUld bo lu every
homo I all know what lisoassads noy in all
pall 01 tbo enaltnat bays eard al I
hose who have used ordinary mInI
meals are smizd what Snow lin
menl iloeaand tbe rupldlty with which
It does I Cure Lame JUci Itheu
naitliro Neuralgia torn Bruises
Htrlnt Muscular 1alui anywhere
Lqusllycooeiriranlm > li R 12 Mont
lr Teling8 > lwm > o OilveslonTexs
a yi Iwo Lotlfta of llallatUs tluow
Liniment cured me of Hheumnllsm of
three inontha Handing When but
lag remember Bnow Liniment has uo
substitute lrlc 60 otnts Bold by
110 Lhr el fo WI
Woes tin sanvaclas luoCI all ether
urganssr 0 tsvolvod You uUor from
Constipation lilllouioci Jaundice
lioadache Indlestlon 1kln lu Back
eullU old Joust of Energy You will
never know how promptly tbesi
troubles can bo cureu until you ass
IlxnuiKE 11 cures quickly when
other rrmojlca utterly fall Unrulato
t e Lie rurlflmitialilood limn
InC la a harmless Vicetablo Iody
tuitRlvis new thIns anj energy almost
from mba tItan mImi Irlco 78o Tree
Ira bottle at Z U MI
n OCarma >
ballnrinlsh Ilutitatlon Moluscg
JtaJj for nab I by oil loading cjnkc
W I licrccti scientific thorough
and palcleei dontlil don Ibo best sad
cheapict dental work In lbs city 71
Wsatlilrol South
All tho shoe factorcs In the townol
1 In I one of the small principalities of
Ucnnany T ero cloned
I was not ft Crispins day Lit Fritz
Ilocbbcr was Roiuf to marry Catherloo
Vanburn IVltz tho cnjMt and most
skillful lonrncyronn shoemaker In tho
town Catherine the loveliest and bright
cst little ncanistresn In the nelithborhood
When Frt nnd Catherine returned
homo after the wedding Catherine opened
nn old fnshlonal trunk and pulling from
tbo bottom of It n hamlsomo new leiitler
bug she opened It I nnd I displayed to tho I
ryes of her nfttonlshod husband u parse
mint with bright gout I I ducats I
Hut how did you Rot such treasure
cxchilmetl 1 rltz dazzled nt the sight nf m I
much sold I
What iloofl It matter to you dearest I
sboTclfed f Can you not nccepon gift
from heavenf
Ihelr conversation was Interrupted by
Inn screaming and laughing In mba ad I
jo nlng room
Here are my Monti said 1rltr Ira
intlcntly Ihey nemo for us 1 begot
yon Catherine tell mo
Not n word I tod ly replied this younK
bride Ily and lip 1 If I you are I cry Und
and affectionate husband and not at all
suspicion or jealous I vv ill sea
suplloo 1 see
Let us tai0 limo brldoaway replies
I eom ono I torr aol 110 i on tol
i IDl operwt lIre pneu aod 1mbanyesryar
kled ut to sight ofsuch riches Thin
bright 011 was Rllttiitlng In tho nun and
seemed joro toirumiso it thousand unknown
joroWhlo thus dreaming fritz plunge lila
hand In tho bug und niuoug thoilueits ho
encountered a small thee of paper closely
rolled up
Dear nnd beloved Catherine hells
could notbollcM his own ere Ho rod
ngulm Dear nod beloved Catherine I
send you this small sum for tho purpow
whIch you mentioned to me I wish dear
miRcl I mold us easily gratify your leant
denlrus Will I over b ublo t return half
thin hrmippl lies you Imvo glvel mnlneaive
Oral lovd
Adieu dear Cathcrlnol I la I not your
prlnco who kisses you hut your most cue
dlcntund denoted servant
And tho tlllet was signed by time prInce
rIO eaeUy 1 Q pruJnlutoa or DU
ordininco would havo been
Sulzeil with I kind of furious Insanity
ha rushed out of tho rom bareheaded tIn
fatal mimes In his hand und panting und
out eif breath he entered tho biiluoom
JUro lulierablo wretclil I he exclaim
cd ° Hero h jour gold Keep It t enjoy
It with such u you ore I will not tubs
tho price of Infamy
t riU did cot her from hla wife for tho
two years following this adventuro After
lbs violent scene ha hurried out ot tho
town old wulked a random untilovenlng
when futlKno compolleHl him t tp A
tavern was In t eight Frill could never r
nenbr nlrWDrd bow It eta html n niss
autos In ond rot damns at Cbs smo lbl
with him and how ho could have been In
ducod to relate Ids misfortune ton stranger
Ho could net cither account for having
signed a paper whloll his now companion
bad presented to him nyc lisle after mph
oua lblon ho tell slep on tlia bible
nnl wok up tho 10Xt morning In II lore
Germany vni then nt VVM with Fronts
and FilIal regiment was ordered t tho
frontier His courage was rewarded with
tbo eros of Louor mind ho was promol
to tho irrtiO of captain another favor
i which bo attributed to the III futad laOs
enco ot Iho palace nod which lay hardly
upon his heart
Not fuelling qualified to fill hIs pot ho
decided upon resigning his commission
nnd making n last effort to restrain his
feelings be wrote a respectful petition lu tho
prince pro Inl t have his resignation uc
espIed 1 ritz accordingly received tho visit
0 onD 01 Ibis prince olddecmp who
I Informed him tint his demand was grant
e and that tho prIces begged Mm to ac
cept n present ot COO ducats a taken of
his esteem
I Then ho started back to his natlvo town
after an absence of two lon Fritz at
last found himself beforo Catherines
bouse and whil promlilng t himself at
the time that ho would never enter It
ngabi ho found tbat bo had been knocking
lit th door
Ibm ehoare oh Iasl I I0r ere woro
Eankcn her cheeks worn pile nnd jet how
handsome sha was stltll Her grief was s
true and hor joy nt peeing him onco moro
to great that Fritz felt hla feelings deeply
movcYe madam I havo returned Jot to
love pus ttlll I should hams forgotten a
certain purso
nrOln yes that unfortunate purnel Ihat
calc I know that must buns bren Ibo
cnuso of your displeasure Hut there I la
nil I Invc not touched II
She quickly ran to Cbs old trunk and
pulling out tho lures throw It oat ot tho
open window Into tho river which Uovved
directly back of tho house
I hit you hara thrown jour money
Into the river but I do lot ceo how this
rodlgullty thn t will explain the contents cl
wnat now Inquired Catherine I
This letter from lImo prlnco regent
no do not know tho prince pled
athorlno with tears 1 norm bum neon I
Mm khls gold was sent t mo by my
Whatl l Interrupted Fritzamned
° Alas yosl Bald Catherine il5y nunt
ma i called Catherine lOin topsoIl lInt I
now shots I the lure nevs 01 D My fauns
ther ax lila delrhb mdD moo loml
rinrrta500 hornurtu rcclvo any pres
onto from her Dut thot time on neount
01 hr rarlDRo I tbought I mlgbt upt
I twins nIt toe you I 1 hans omrlto
< fault did I nra nevoomie h n puolllnonl
Cathrrlno hud lost bar work whOa mutt
tulsgnltaetioehobmsynl and Iuc loln
ln In lbs DrllY Ieita was n logor lt
fur scythIng Thin ton dUCt whIch bo
IJd oolvel iron tire prlnc wu avon ex
Ioul anl ono Iornll whoo thr
uns neither Ore bread r rmonoylu tho
houso bo thought o throwing himself In
Jut 0s bo rnh1 limo Ihor a hangs bIll
pole upootlmouther sirhauf tho OhDr
nauthlasyn them svnslsmuldbonnadr
Atn Owner WuloA puro eODla
lag 1000 gold datl boo tomes found hI
the wator The oWllor can bavo It by imp
A lean lank 1 hall otuevenl 190klng l Is
in 1803 at a 1rullng omr lu nn eoston
city arid 01 ssed a dcslro Login fries
11am 055cm epted and sent at once to join
ms rcgimeut and within n weak after his
enlistment was at work in unlfetrm lemm
ing to b n loldleT Ho was slow In n
julrtng n knowledge of his duties nnd wo
constantly de Ing absurd things Ho got
Into tha generals tent one day by mistake
find on roponiexl occasions got lost In lbs
other regiment ot tho division Ills top
loin was somewhat Irrltablo at bent and
much Inclined to b uaotlng Ho con
calved a violent dlsllko for tho now moo
as ho was exnniuonly called und for a
month or moro tad bis life m Irom bio
Nothing that tho racrult could do pleased
him He did not stand aquaro In the
nsJmhfalo0r tjtcrcot tho9
I nnvllilng In fact nsllio Kipara Wanted It
I done Tha now mill Inca it all patient
ly but sometimes It was observed that his I
faeo crow palo under the tuiptalns reproof
and that his eyes burned llko coal of fire
Ho got through sornehow ut last with
his preliminary training und was taken up
finally on tho morning report as n remote
nnd ou the nozt day marched on guird
Unfortunately his ivi tnln marched ou tho
room morning na officer of tho day Tho
itemS man was placed on an outpost cf
tho camp guard and at ono began walking
his bent Industriously In dIms hot sun
repeating quietly to himself ns ho went
back and forth tbD spoolal Instructions
that had been given him in rrdor that L
might bo ready t rnttlo them oft ho
Mid I any of tIre ofllccrii should come
around and lik for them Some tlmo lots
In I Ibo afternoon tho officer t > f the day op
t reached him and ntter acknowledging
his saluto directed him t repent his In
r nrhliivns no ono to rollk around
nlos 10
here fhl tho nclan
VMutfl that ciclilniuil the oQcor of
tho day sovorsly
I nlow 1 unit to nnkty around
lore repotted the nontlucl Inaumonlm
toudr tUI X nllovs
Whats Imt Miatn that repeated
the officer of lbs day Ma voice pitched ut
u high key
Iho MIIIIeel Instantly tlroppcd his rIo
to tho order and rising ou his toes fairly
hlow l ono 10 monkey DrDuad here
I told yotiaj hymns 1vo forgot tho rest
ol II hut
That will dot hit will eloi eiclnlm
o tIm ofilccr of tin day sharply Cal
tho eorporol of the guard
I dont know his naiuo replied tho
Cull the corporal of tho guard persist
ed tho oDlecr 01 the day and after Homo
further rmpUtlo Instructions I from the
enp lull seep VOlt up for the corporal of
the Riiiml inns Na 4
Thin corporal com promptly and tho
sentinel soon after found liluiself disarm
eel I stripped of Ills equipments and n pris
oner In the guard tent On Investigation
Itvvaa fount grlnelpalljr through the state
inont ot lIre prisoner himself that lIme In
strtictloiis ho had attempted t also to the
officer uf the day hod been communicated
to him as correct by some rogulh com
ratio Ho was therefore rcleuscel from con
flueuiunt nt length and ngaln trusted with
n sentinel s pot It wiu nearly mldalrht
when tho oflicor of tho day again approach
cd him 1 seep trotnEtl challenged nod
nn receiving the reply Offlcor ot tho
day again nitonlshcd tho cataln by a
cordial linnV you plenso advance sir
und ho reconciled
ibis was too much of n draft upon both
the dignity ot tho captain and tho disci
pllnoof tho service and tho sentinel found
himself Fpocdlly I a prisoner onco moro in
tho guarel tec Again on Investigation it
was discovered principally 03 before ou
the prlsoueir own ash lemma e that tho com
rades of h new mal had been playing
tricks on him and approaching hIs post
after dark had announced themselves
duo officer urn day or thacommand
Ing officer us suited their fancy Ho was
therefore again released and coca morel
placed on post
Jest beforo daylight the officer of the
day mado tho rounds of tho sentinels
rind on approaching No 4 found the
inOW5Oa5loOtir0liu1 As bo advunond
to give countersign tho sentinel brought
his rllln down upon him and In a very
quiet decided tone of voice directed him
dd t ct tl
to hold up Ids I hnnds or ho would kill him
I where ha stood ibis captain turned about
I Instantly and started to run Ho hud
scarcely taken n dozen steps however to
fore tho sontlnol ovortewfc him and ants
tog him by Ohm collar throw him violently
to the trround
j ng dont want to ohot 101 Ira mimI
I would mako to much noise Dot
want to tell Ins before I bid von eoodby
1 what a miserable I contemptible up =
buronlty YOI amo I en ororelj resl
I l tho temptation to stick my bavonct into
1 you You are I heartless petty tyrant
I cod deserve hanging I cant kill you
ypu know he went on becatno It
I wouldnt b fair tiomotlmo wo can hUT
It out 01 room ollal cnditon Iy homo
Is I In Coordlu he sahihjust two miles
from Jllllwlgevllle My namo U 1 IWMJII
nod OiY 01 In I tulsa man rU rnl vhoru I
llvo I havo paid von n visit lu the Inter
est of the Confederate cntuo and you will
Imve to act another soldier In ray place
Goodby old man goodbj1
I lo turned about and quickly dluppuarod
In tho darkness Iho captain strung nt
once t < his fevt suit tumbled lustily for tho
guard A lieutenant timid squad uf men
sItu running to tlio spot and by direction
srI tho officer o tie day moved forward
rapidly In search ot tire wntlnel lImo
commanding number ot tho camp was hur
riedly Informed of tho occurrence nnd a
strong rtctnehmont of cavalry was ells
patched to join In the pursuit Tho wholo
the wus peut nl In thin scareh but no tram
whatever of tho limn could b found
lire rulonola bluck riding maro wad
missing from the l leket tins lu tl e mornIng
log and near whero ate had stood u plain
whlto enrd was founel fastened to a Inure
post by a pin on tho buck of which hud
been written in nplaln bold hand Good
by Yank Vu bal meet agulbChl
eago lbulo
Tho drlng of endOsbn i I Oi opraton
reulrlnl shill neil rDpldlly J WDI null
e dims Ihrolr cut lbs Oats thrnt
nail rips It OIe suit poolttlb 1ol
er vho cmov tIre lend aad ontraU
Tho sputter then splits shim Calm open
and takes out a part 01 the backbone ntrd
th raIder plies up tho Huh In tiers 10 I
tho hold of tho bout and soIls them
The Othl Moln
They say Brown Is I marie t I now
lund Yn 1 I > Uovo this Is ImhuTIIkClava
It Pays
1ore ow Hand Separator
n hsena II rrrve nil romeo lu Items oil much
tu rt I
t cttora Ite for Inrormstlon oa Hepsr
oor 5 r nuy dr or ermrr abloerr
t9 vv et Ktrit South Altai Creamery 1 aek
Ir Co J Olv
Salt Lake City
Brewing Co
In aro again In Ibolead against all
mpotition with our 1ilni Pale
1iemliim I Lager lIter llrlf anil I Half
aud Lxlra I mo X X X Stout 1otler
In any emtntlty in keen or boltlos
Teleihono 17JACOB
General Manager
stluiuricHirers of Wovm wire Msttrcsies
filial eprion Iron Id I Vtlro Cots Old
WlreMlUKiioi re stlrecbcd
ICO 171 loath lid Kiit fIt Lake ClIp
It 1 2 3 4 Lolhn Block 240 Main St
ftril Door Korth of Ws ktr Uonn
Tsdli Xilrlrltd
Uooii sci oi tu V To
0 5
Gold llrWe WoVkt > r Toon U1LJ 00
m Sprclnlly
sns uuallng coossnmrnn In I tuts r clslti
i 1 fO 0 qUlt ot ot e
J MoIau prle
rl sl
r Tbe b ulr Inl J
ton 10 tb WL
Expel DentUli or experltnce only
No Students or Learners
JUI vs on eiuusaiBK
Tooth Flllod Without Pain
rr h mo
eboG 01
DBn ry
Dr E M Keysor
Who nis fnltr tqnipne sod Ihoroncnlr 01
r lemrr r I r i
li A sd or ro
hrlo wort Ih wblcb do w
Ib I tr ta i nan 01
IUUJ Ie maula
Dr HI Beckstroin
16 State Street and 69 Second South
Calrn lunch G
To Leing D ll
rlo YIID <
G P r r
lt 10
H o rI 1 oBBTln lh > cltj
J JLI Horses Kick
Nalllhat dInreissn drihnslelroid
oa hlr 1 11mlh onn ue
n b dana
h t o
v I
Thl I wh 00 rcm
eul whe 1 houlI ror dlnMor h
oth ro loto Ih lend r t Such
n r tho Iul 01 th CIJIMledn
Sbclring Process
i by which 1 fb Iot pUd
nd a h pld wl tho
nrnail Th no 1 n b
I y dlllnOhd by rho r ds
p aiS
msn Iaeini thumtnrznO asit Ibsis
ll E
S Jn
ld ell olr Iroa doly 100
J lcvsncsnnpant nrm nai Iht 0
I rl lvr or IIIunOJi5
I a Absolutely Safe
1 w iq I f i f i f
I r Ih Iono 1 r hIO
Mascot ring nickel nlaied mtlloil
n or oa c
1i rOOf or II J
L Neponict Boston lines IJ I J
For sale by Z C M I Clark El
diedgo 8 Co Western Hndwarc I Co
Salt Lake Hardware Co1 nnd Geo CA n
Lowe Salt Lake City Utai
Cm canaan d Coat caIn Choaa55
Addrtaai 3M Lu nlsvmma Aissans
Ulllce Cilblttttitroo

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