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r 1 lovQllqpapllrast paper of Today tVj ty t 1t lir a 0 IL I N I Mr Ul 0 M M I sit 15 Oclock
morglqf paper is ti t q DESERE1l I ETENING I 1 1 NEW S I
paper of Yesterday I I ff I 0 Z EDITION j
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INO 51 J 110ND I Ville T I I I I 11 2i 18961 SALT LAKE niPV UlAII VOL XXX 1
A Cold lava from Canada SweEping
tbe Entire Country
III paris or lotiuio Frost anil uIrrlu
Among the Poor In Maul
vices received bll the weather bureau
indicate that the lull force 01 the cold
wave will not bo felt In the middle
and mouth Atlantic states until tonight
and tomorrow morning when the
lowest telntOrA lutes ol the season
undoubtedly will be reached The
entire country from tile Rocky Menu
talus to tbe Atlantic coast will feel
severely tue tllecia of tile com anap
wblob Is due to aa exceedingly high I
rl ro
barometer from tile uoldaiteoHo
regions of the Canadian northwest
provluccsputhlng mouth and eastward
displacing the low barometir In those
ceclloni Local snow are generally
reported In Texas Rod Mississippi val
IY l
CHICAGO Jan 5rbo cold wave
struck Cillcoga harder today than
I either yesterday or Ibo any before
going materially under the rowed
points ou Bunuay when Ibo record ol
twentyfive Years was brolion At 7
a m today the signal service roportej
the temperature 20 degrees below zero
with uu relief In night At eight tbo
temperature was about Ibo home A
heavy log rem the lake write envel
oped In too down town district made
the cold doubly dangnruue Frizen
1101l01a Dozen mud ear Wage Camino
cccurreucer nod numerous caiea ol a
to are mericuls character were reported
Only one death from cold hag been
reported lo the police up to noon that
ol Freda Butch B yeaia old who
euccutnuod to exposure The am
bulancef however works kept busy
uonveylkg people to tbe hospitals
with lueir feitundhuudt roolo o
Glen was found lUll freight car ueir
North street almost dead WILD hit lost
badly frozen Tliey will have to be
nmpulntej The work ol clearing
down town streela or mow baa been
abandoned oUllocouolot too Inlne
cold Many men had no gloves or
overcoats anti nearly 400 were frost
Jotcpu Fovy driver ol a snow plow
of the street leaning department had
lila body aud Wage su badly froztn
that be probably will die On aumc
Ibee Ibo passengers oil street Date out
lorod badly bills Enuuin Smith
while sitting from TnlriyHlth street lo
Maelion urtefon a CIk street car
became Unconscious and was only
inundated alter neatly an hours work
by ubystoiauB I
Vatioiia police etallona were crowded
to the utmost Harrison Street station
alone sheltered over SOU uuloituuaUn
Tog Salvation army barracks on West I
Madison street were kept ojcn all
III 1 Lit find l many were taken care at
MiNNEAiioia Jan 2SThe lowest
emieraturo reached Here last nigh
wag SO below Ibo coldctt lu three
ST PAUL Mlun Jan 5Th
mercury old not go abe IIl1eoo
above zero all dav yralroay and this
monlng reached 32 below
OSKOSII Wl Jan So The most
reverts cold wave fuel IbSO la I DOW
on and there are no Indications of
moderating A drop Dr OJ degrees In 1
live cuy use been experienced Tbo
local weather bureuu tbermomet
rtKlitered 20 decrees below at 8 oclock I
till morning
temperatures to I twolllyelgbl below aro
bar DULUTH Minn Jan 5Th
Weather In Duluth 18 I Vuly COItJq too I
Kovernmeut thermomcttr rIIIIHlnll
82 below Oo raugfa at Virnlnla 25
follow ut 1 Tower 42 Kly 40j Two I
Ilntbor 20
WILWAUKEB Will Jan 25The
cold wave winch struck tills suction on
Saturday night continues This mot
Ine U waa 20 below Whitehall carries
tin banner of Wisconsin with a record
of 81 below The enlisting of the poor
la I Litter
flight wan uitterly cold The mercury
Hood at zero night The wind blew
fotlyfour miles an hour Reports
train western New York Indicate that
The mercury dropped below zero in
many uposcd places
OT Louis Mo Jan 25The low
el temperature last flight was One <
liolow into At 8 a m U woo at zOfu
at Guthrie Oklahoma The wont
blizzard for years rged Ibo Ibr
mlUwler failing more than seven de I
grtes tonight 111 Texas Ibo snow laU
It tba heaviest of the season and the
cold It Intense
IliTsnuito Jan 25Tlle mercury
dropped to seven degrees below zero
tils morning The thermometer In
the country reglilnred from five 10 <
seven dearees Collier
The old wave was preceded by
heavy SLOW
CLEVELAND 0 Jan 115At tbe
Waiher bureau this morning at 9
oclock the mercury registered fifteen
below within three and n hall degrees
01 the lowest point leached In ocr
twenty years The severe weather Is I
canting much uttering among tbi
Door Thu telegraphic pervica Is
badly crippled canted by sharp con
traction Roll Biiapplnc of Iho wins
JIUBCQUu lowe Jan 25It was 22
low zro Lord ibis I morning The
Wot are la desperate alralgblr
= =
part of the Southwest bat exit tivneei
I Ibe coldtct weather or the aiaaou dur
ing tbe pant twenl Iotir hour fr
itlo north wind ueuerallr pravalle
wt there la I no anaw Great ul cat
II 0a li I reported In the I territories I the
luOerluf among the unprtoo mull
bit Intense Tile weather bureau at
930 this morning reports four degrees
below Kro with no proitcctant Im
wediats warmer weather At 039 It 1
was U below
CINCINNATI Onto Jm 2511 0
cluck tills morning ui ny thermome
ters rag lstril ten and twelve degree
Lelow zero
OtlAHA Neb Jan ZVii cold
alive blojlonerUl or tile Brute
The minimum temperature during
Thowilid hat uio lerated luerowna
but little snow In Nebraska
Ill AI HI K DUdAG WIs Jeff t 5Tho
tnu boy us a Luag upp1 10 be
Henry Luctcbc huuur and trapper
was louuu six miles north of hero yes
TOLEDO O Jan 25Ptio tempera
tutu turn uiurulng was U I below zuro
the coldest office the establishment of
tIe signal service twautynvo yiars
LIBI uiuu Walk luc oildest of the years
IS below I Lie Missouri river is Irtztu
Mars Jack KorJ mud Pat Dutuhue
were returning to their lumber camp
III a blinding snow storm wean a tree
fell ou tbeui killing tile first two out
right Uouobue Wait horribly man
MADISON Win Jan 51b mini
mum iutruiometer wan 23 title murn
inii Ibis li thu clllolai observation
at Wnihburu observatory Too Phil
uomeuuli Is I that While tuu Ice la I a loot
thick lu Name places lu the local lake
in I other places tau water Is I open
Nothlui ULn It has ben kuowu here
special to tub Journal from Fargo N
D anyt Tneie have been QO tralua
from Fargo over the Northern Paclllo
bloca Hlurdy Huutll monlnK
and title mornlnca tralua from Bt
Paul to the coast are In the yarui
Tureu trains eattbiuud from Joe coast
are at Valley City N D Todays
train from the wait Ld oat reached
AlAndau ul 11000 A terrible storm
willi the thermometer IS below raged
yesterday front Ulamarok we > t to
Ulvudlvt It la believed Ihe rOI will
baopeaid this itrieruoon
OinOAaa Jan 5Mor Hwllt to
day l ue au appeal lo the big packets
coal dealers and merchants lor con III
Logical and supplies 10 folievis the
ullllIg Heavy olrlbutlon kept
coming Bit day OJ ilia board ot
trade 2overal 1 thousand dollars wr
aubacrllied In a few minutes Big
department and dry good mer
clients lent In checks for 1500 onU
Too police department has boon
lurneJ Into a vail relief Corpse Chief
of Police lladenoch has Issued orders
that every am car of the city make a
teraonal Inveatlgatlou of all Cases of
destitution ou hla beat and report at
once iJelp la I Immedlslely and
Very patrol wagon an A tile Inallectorsa
Larriaze 1o bllli ud forth In purpose
At the home of Edwin Martin 251
West Filtyflnt street today was round
a ohlld that died oil Saturday of star 1
Tattoo The family WAN without food
fuel or moneys and bad been for
aevereal days
BT Louis Jan 25Elloa Bborl a
single Women aged Olt living alone In
a tenement was round frozen and
alarvlnt and < taken to the city hospital
where U li thought sue cannot re
AUSTIN Tex Jan 251b cold
wave has swept the entire state II
baa ben allowing here all morning
Reports from western ranges how
much eullarlng among cattle arid
sheep with considerable lots of life
The blizzard following Ibe heavy rain
storm found the cattle wet and they
are freezing death rapidly
OTTAWA Jan 25Lul night the
thermometer reached 27 below zero
At Pembroke and Upper Ottawa val 1
Jy III Is mild Ibo thermometer jaz a half
80 below
DESVBK CJjI Jon 55 Tire ther
geometer registered 8 to 10 below zaro
this morning The cold Is severely
felt on account of the sudden change
AIm places the temperature drop
pcd 70 degrees In foartceu hours
DOSTON Jo 5fbo thermometer
I his fulfilling loucbd eight above zo
Joe lowest point this winter A north
west wind was blowing twenty to
iwuiilynva miles au hour making
Ibe weatber severe Tonight will
bring much colder weather
NEW YORK Jan bTbe mer
oury which at 7 oclock this inorulnx
the lowest
well 7 degrees boo zero
mark this winter will continue 10 fall
and by tomorrow will be below oro
1lug temperature tire reported
from everyirbero except Georgia
Florida and along the Gulf of Mexio
Those baJly houaed are uttering
greatly I
JJItpatcbca received by the Associ
ated press report tbe temperature at
at Peeksklll larrylown Blug Blng
and other cities en the Hudson five
degrects bolow zero
Ilrmalita or niulalir Willi
LOU VlttB Ky Jan 25The
remaiua of Had Albert B Willits late
United mates minister to Uwall
reached Luulavllle last ulfihl acrcm
> anled by Mr Wlllla and their ao
Albeit BWIUH ColjJ m s Tueisr
tot Vr < lnU the per > oua repreienll
Ire I 1rteldent Olevelaod ami 1 W
UUulaney the rather ol MIR Albert
H Willlf I who mot the tuuerat party
at Chicago The rrm < lns I will lie at
the home ol I Mr Dulnnry until Tues
day mornlug 1030 but lu consider
ation ol the wltbei of Mrs Willis the
a seket will noli Lis olnd
AIIo1JrItAW1N rucur
111leltsollW 0 < 1 Canal I
WAIIIIKCITON Jan 25 The Senate
miilli n ortirfn relations find tile
bltration troity uu IT discussions
I lu tilts lIeorlo oil Nicaragua canal
The ciniiiiHuicin bud read 1110 CIO
Ion Itulwer treaty alto all traattts
and agreements between tho Unh1 I
States and Nicaragua Bull OoUea
relating in Lou nanal The 1lltr l ol
Mlnliter ItJritlJoi pt oiHul W its
Senate ou Fridays in wbloa Iho Nicv
refined government protected I against
lit Call a I bill before the Hooate
total ed Iho hull ul discussion Tills
led tua talk aalo what the real situa
tion rogarjlurf thu coccuatlon and llho i
canal end the right ol Ibo Mamlrnj
Canal company us well us o the toill
pie Several senators teemed to
think tbe Nicaragua canal might ba
icilcutly affected by the treaty Tbe
ornujluen will go to the bottooi ol title
queitlou before taking up the other
Iiarlloriol me treaty buualor Mor
Ktu I to K I five patt in Ibo dliuuaalon
Ue Infrared that tile canal elluatlun
uiuat Le culled before the treaty t Coot
bo rolllluJ
Ucjler Reports the Rebellion In
Western Gobi Ended
Andthotspanila Lexacloat at Wants
fact it 010 Courting olleo
or 41 Fuel
WASHINGTON Jan 23Tho almost
complete pacification of Havana and
MaUnzis provinces Iho western part
ot Cuba U announced In the follow
Ing dispatch received the Spanish
legation last night from the Bpanlth
minister foreign allalrc Weylcr
at the bead of 15 battalions has tout
edly travemsd trio provinces of Rev
aua and Moral obliging tho title
clral rebel loaders 10 fly 10 Las VII
Woylr oDoldets that now III Han
Bull Alstanz3a there remains nudeu
or rabble or orgiujzoJ Landes 10 d1b
porte mud that both province my be
considered almost completely pacified
Tile sugar growers of these provinces
are nuw grinding cane without Contest
Tuu officials of the legation regard
the 1I000nclUn as 01 great tmp3r
flat ce Tile rebels they any aro vow
oollod to the elattra pars 01 the
Island It Is expected Premier Cano
vas will be promulgating the calories
lor Cuba voted by the Cortes In 1395
Tb IX0Ikklsl of m 11tsve LOI
site cants 01 ho rare
CIIIOAUO Jan 51b fourstory
residence of Charles J Barnes iSS
Calumni avenue was destroyed by
fire at E oclock this morning Mr
Brines is In New York And Mm
Barnes and lour servants were asleep
In the house when the fire broke cut
With the mercury 19 degrees below
zero they were forced to tIe In scant
attire to nave their lives A well
named Kitty was ovorcoma by smoke
and Was cirrloj cut by Ibo llieiueu
Mr Barnes is the western manager cf
the American Book company For
yeara he baa been collecting fAre and
valuable book and bit library Bald
to have been one of the finest In the
United Stales This was entirely
destroyed nod with the damage to
the buildings and furnishings will
make the lots over 1200000
The neighborhood It one cf Ihe
most arlaloctatlo lu the city and Ibo
fire caused < much excitement Neigh
bors ruined Into the streets poorly
clad and tlleied Mrs Barnes all the
utelatauoe possible On account ol 1
the bitter cold < and a high wind the
firemen warn worked under great
disadvantage At 3 oclock the blszi
spread to Ibo residence of A H
Cohan estate at No 2240
Abraham Cohu Jr who Is ill with
typhoid lover was carried from his
bed to the residence of A U Adcmi
A large petticoat the contents ot the
Cohen residence was carried Into tile
street and saved
The damage here Is estimated nt
The firo originated In tha Barnes
residence tram electric light wires
which had 1 become crossed
The eased are fully covered by in
August Taylor 35 years old a
laborer wa suffocated by smoke in a
fire at S oclock Ibis morning In the
frame building at 2807 Wobwortb
The explosion of a kerosene Ian p
caused the blaze
1130 loss was nominal
Hosteler George Feel 1r
WASHINGTON Jan 25 Senator
George or Mlialppl who has been
dangerously 111 I with heart trouble at
Urllld boplll p it a coikillortable
night Dr Bermstm said that hope
of hla rallying was expressed 1 Is
not likely that he ever will return to
the Beuate
or Alliead Violation or sue Civil
ostratsk Lr
ordr hit bo received from Wb
fusion removing U 6 Internal
neoue Collector Joseph Dowll g for
violation at Ibe civil service law
Dj ling has baen 00 trial since
October whoa 1 was charged hi
levied assessments for campaign pur
posse Dowllng proposes to content
the rmovl
nonassivelisc Uoual We7ln
WASHINGTON Jan T5111 the
course ul is speech on Cuba lo Jay Hen
itorTurjil uencuucrJ General Way
far aa the Herod < of Havana and at
ibis Indescribable diminutive rep
Dr Walter Wyman Discusses the
Deadly Plan1
Iwo torini if ho HUnis Ar lnl i
tariff IS uiliits One IlullI I
In I Il I
NEW YORK JauJ 3Dr Walter
Wyman surgeon gener lol the United I
States Mari cc boplIh been making
a special study of the black death or
bubonic plague now raging In India
the deadliest scourgu that vcr nf
lllcled eb earth l It baa already Itcu
brought by an Infected 1 seaman to
Uarsollkt Froc
In an Interview be 10
In general the disease h spread
lu the same manner at cbofcra except
that the cholera germ must enter Ibo
Intestinal track while the germ or the
plague may attack any poi of the
mucous membrane or be attended by
even the minutest nbrallon of Ihe skill
While title germ Is I so virile and so
easily taken Into the system It I is S one
ol the moat easily hllloJ by dlalulec
thin In the experiments flow being car
ried on Ib the lalatory ol ILe hospital
tot V Ice It has boo found that but one
Pathogenic orgmntzcu Is I so easily ties
troyej by n curtain gas as the plague
bacillus nIly tbo Itopblococcu
plogones aureus
One plot cent of quicklime will tilts
destroy it
There are known to b two forms
of the disease One la I the fulminating
form called 1ettua major lu which
form life dictate I now very quickly
aul lb very fatal the Other Ptalus
minor lu which Ihe symptoms are
mild the patient being not confined
bed nueuco oases of this class ate
called ambulant
64roe period lor Incubation for the
acute casts npuears to be pretty well
fixed at under ten dIY while In the
ambulating cases the apparent I cited
of Incubation may be very much
longer lu ollm word ambulating
cases maybe aflllcted for a period of
ten to thirty ilaye before tile symptoms
have developed which call attention
to Ibo dlseaie The acute form of the
Injection may cattle mild Attacks
while on the other hand the ambulant
cases may cause the acute attacks
The ambulant cities therefore ore the
meat to beitreaded
UZ3 Chis 110bo Plikietts Zntorad
frarttim T
MARSEILLES Jan 34rhe greatest
feeling ot alarm prevails here among
the masaeaol tio popuUllououaccollnl
or n cumbirol ludden deaths which
hava occurred Inoue atreel Borne to
Y ago a r port was circulated hero
that a ciao of bubonic plague lad Leon
discovered Thin was promptly denied
by tbe health officers and others tit
the precautions l taken to guard again
Ibo introduction of Ibo plague Horn
llombay or Karachi to this port were
redoubled and eeptclally In too vicin
ity ol the old BOA new ports where the
maritime population congregates
D is patches received here Horn Paris
show that the government la I fully
live to the < 1ole ot Ibo situation
Decrees havj been Iuod I jrblddlng
pilgrims from leaving Algeria Tunis
and San gaintils this ynr for Mecoa
nod meronandlie from India must
under severe Penalty bo dl Imported I
through five designated ports of
which Ibis I ooe At theme porta ol
entry Indian merohinllie will be al
lowed to land only alter having been
moat thoroughly fumigated aud other
wi Joe disinfected
Quantities of antiplague serum are
belog Bent here aud to other French
better and all ships from tbe east will
us carefully examined and quarantined
I necessary
tnlota Imallskersttd Jai file NoCIo I
flat New awug sue I
NEW Yom Jau 5A special to
the llerald front Cambridge Mass
says Harvards alblelea luit now are
devoting moro attention to tie liar
vardYale queitlon than to actual
practice tnelr respective branches
of sport In the absence of official
announcement ot r the progreu of Ibo
negotiations arguments for and against
games with Yale this year ore beard
on every tide I Too general feeling
bated on rumors and uonecture > hav
ing a substantial backing of fact Is I
that contests between the blue and the
crimson will have to wait another
year and that Harvard athletic for
another season mutt proceed without
the stimulus given by the prospect of
games with the natural rival at New
To arms of the students at Cam
bridge this seems to be a most satis
factory solution ol certain questions of
diplomacy which have aorunft cut of
tbe real I position cf Strait Others
are carry that they cannot have the
base ball and track games even with
out a race on Ibo water Among those
holding tbo first opinion are many ol
the leading athletes especi
ally Ibo crewmen They auue
that Harvard cannot oousiileutly
because ol bar position at the
time of the breach lu 1895 outer into
any agreement with Yale thla year
that does not lucluJo a boat race 1
will I ba remembered that at the meet
lug of the athletic committee and
leading Harvard men at the Parker
home un May 30 IbM 1 was voted
that unless Yale should back dawn
Irom her position Harvard mutt not
engage with Yale in any branch of
athletics for tome seasons This wag
merely au expression of Harvard sun
tlmeni md was wholly Independent ot 1
tbecfflolal relations between the com
tnlltee and Yales tffiolals
mil onolal
Later however this attitude of
Harvard was expressed 10 Yale In an
offiolal communication authorltid by
1rof James U Ames cbulrruau of Ibo
committee and written by Manager
Fred < W Moore
Then there I the All sports or
DOUG classs 10 Ibo mIllcV3 01 Iraolo
L 0
meet announced ly 1 Harvard In IbOS i
1 U I obvious that had 1 not been I
for the hllch In arranging me boat race I
none of the students would have ben
head calling for the two yearees
trRagenjent and making charges 01
baeklnl awn staagalnot the alh
Illooommlll Tile than gilt ot tRV
lug IU boa race comes at a bitter 118
ippalutment to many especially the
new ihemstlvee
Ills 1 IP fact no much or 1 disappoint
ment that they naturally Inclined to
Ile opinion that I would be a distinct
form diplomatically ebiuld l Harvard
Concede Yale oahtetra lntbtr brnch
ad 11 them U tolil I I read
Tnl Is I IJalleoUy the situation at
Harvard has her previously agreed
tccond race with Cornell whlcU muit
be rowed without regard to n race
with I Yale Tuu fjorurll race will
without much doubbo rowed ou July
ad at ruil < hktealo
To row Yale after this Loco would be
palpably unwise our any iropasltlou
to menu Harvard was perfectly just
Uel I refusing
Tire blt Harvard coulJ do then was
toproilrr YAIC JUDO 15 h DI the > n t
day on winch gifts ojuM row V lo
alstota that twliig to acuity rieilc
floods it could not bo landfill for Yalu
lot l bY
to enter Ibo 1oiuhkeersle wile b wan
no only matter on account of friction
by Cornell und Vile For argon rile
01 uh at arraoge don t coal dl
tasteful to Yule and the o miaou has
not bean dlspoued to force YAW Into n
dlelnttelul race There the matter
stands unlms Inter riporls from
aihlctln ITljialj announce another
rupture lu the negotiations or final
agreement 101 woN It would meant
Distillers were reasons lo roujer a
raco physically Impossible
lbemoorlty el student Includlnc
Ibo must InHjuntlnl baceball and track
man liave decided that baseball and
track games are Uoilrableeveu without
a boat roDe and that It would be no
backing down on Harvard I part lo
arrange these games loaviug the rca
until ISOi when the pleieot llUlcu
uuUlS9j lobloqg
lies lor arrauglnu the same a olUeull
I been removed
An end of the negotiations will Lo
golalon 1
no lie n relief lo CumijtlOsu than they
will be to Yale In a low days the
athletic commute will make all nn
winter ucuncemeul of the negotiations this
Ihn 31 looldo
NEW YOUK Jan 21 Tha HaraUs
correspondent lu Montevideo role
graphs that ho bee uoqulonblo
proof that It revolution will occur this
week 1 wIll be Inaugurated bl al
Invasion from the 1nIn border
The government has done all lu Lie
power lo prevent the muccoes at the
movement Tile federal I troops Love
beendlakoled 10 the bOIl advantage
andall uopolJ persons have beau
Deaths Harvests
CniCAUo Jan 25 Uolouel Hibart
M Tiuler formerly secretary ol the
Produce exohauga la dead He had
Leon Ill torn year with a complication
ol liver and stomach dlieaieg Colonel
Trifler had done considerable news
paper workbelng well known through
out Iou B the O ie Attired Ehlerss
having lost his aru at tiblloh Ho
was one of the nrlglual members ot tire
tire department when II was first or
ganlzad and quipped with steam en
NEW YOUK Jan 23Jolin C Hold
who for lour or five years has been lu
charge or the Kapubllcan tile head
quartan Filth Avenue hotel died
today of heart trouble IU was a
well known newspaperman and one
time connected with the mechanical
department 01 thoChlasZoTiturs and
liter 1II0lIln editor 01 the Nw
York Times
LU allellog 1101116rl
CIIICACIO Jan 500 account 01
tbe nutute cold Sunday Lake Alichl
Wan pntented a besotting fight Olaud
of I vapor cauked by the difference at
temperature between the atmosphere
and the surface lot The I water wire
driven Irom shore by the high westerly
ly wind and swept stward I In groat
mileage AH far as the might could reach
from north tj south IbIbonomoDoli
vas observed AI times this vapor
would roll upward In calling masses
tot unlike that seen In geyier regions
md the remark was frequently heard
The lake la boiling today
Windows of residences fronting on
the lake Kern filled moot of Ibe day
with people who never teemed to tile
01 watching the beautiful find er
changing scene
In Ubl or Isry Jay Rvias
CANTON O Jan 25Itifee mom
bars ol the Tenntuee legislature
1 Uaker of McKaune John 0
11oukeol KooxJ and A II Per
tlatou of Ureenvllle have reached
Canton with a memorial from the
Republican members of Tennessee
general atsembiy to bo presented l to
Major McKinley ou behalf of Henry
Clay Evans for post male general
thicau I 0 Passed
CIIIOAUO Jan 5be Time
Ueulu buys
Culcogo is for International atbltra
field Chicae favors a general treaty
between Ihe United litotes aud Grunt
Britain arid hails II as a gustsutee 01
peace with honor Ii a flow Knife
alone in the march of civilization
Chicago covets lor America Ibo glory
of leading the nations toward inks
blessed era of uulvernl Isbace
The Author or ZaY Wall 1noa
hassles r Agemsflard
Nfcw YOUK Jan 5fbo World
this mornlug > eye that Mrs Hunger
ford who accenting to u Dublin dls
pollen to the aoolated 1luis 1 dead I
wad known to the literary world na
Tile Uucuos Continuing me I
World It
fbe Uutbosk flnt became widely
known lo Lou readers or light litera
ture through her novels Molly n n
od Pnyllli
Pretty tales of the joys and trials of
layers told lu a light Chatty way
found favor on two cjntluooti and
for loony Years the novels of The
Duchess have sold In many edltloui
Mrs Hungorford lived tt tit Urn
done llrandou county Calk Hbo
married when vary young and was I
early left a widow with three small
chlldten to care for la 1EB3 she mat
tied Henry Uungerfoid of Chalmore
Her first novel Phyllis was written
10 keel the wolf front Iho da I
proved to be 11 file aai was followed
ij nthors ol 1 like kind
1 Hung frord wile very NU I 01
hr hhh tcnl Bite WAR the daugh
ter of t the Itiv Canou Hat Allen ro
rotor one lit the oldeat ohuol in la
Ireland and HU Faughouii cathedral
In Races Corbery County Cork
Her grandfather was John Hamilton
of Urynglong Durberne Mrs Hunger
lord hud a torn personality anti nan a
famous hostcBS She B very popular
In literary circle
Tile succial of The JDuchm stores
were lo cly duo 10 tile humorous
illuallons aud Ibo bright crimp dlu
Thougli past middle nc Alto
Hiinpnnord always retained a bruht
Youthful nppeatnnu and was always
10 n vivacious cheerful temperament
Her first successful novel Phyllis
seem the most piiiular of her wok
MOl than 23000 copies of It were
BOlJ While writing Phyllis she was
Jokingly lutroJucod at a reception asHer
I Her grurn the Ducheer This main I
de plume was thus Fuggiasld and has
always been associated with br lo
ary work
4111141AGOIll 817VVIA111th POOR
It Poll 1 u CI Upors I Fog
h XId I fultionalloa
CitlOAUu Jan 25 Ueallzlng that
< lunuK tin severe Weather delay In
tltrln relief to the denlllute might
beMnl In miuy cat as Major Swift
has cnlloJ upon gilt police force ot the
city to still In the work of gathering
Llormatlon concerning the urneal
leoopof the Ihouaanda of mortaring
floor 01 Chicago
Ihrough the oamploto orjanlzjtlon
01 Ihe tone covirlni g the enllroclly
rloJ onlr cll
preoluctr and tbo elaborate tele
Illinois I tytlim by which each precinct
fully be lu ready ojmrnunicalluu with
the InuJquottere mayor has oppor
tunity tj prevent the loss of lire
whlcu mtgut ensue through a more
tardy means of dealing with urgent
Castle 1 the mayors purpose to ex
lend the work through Intelligence
gathered by the police cm bo put into
ur anUed form bo is to be personally
leapouaiblo for whatever tutus It
whavr uln1 may
o oeco nury to expend to relievo the
needy from uald bull hunger Nearly
1500 homeless men partook I ff the
hoipltallty ol thj city last night ana
slept under Ibo roofs ot 1 the police
stations Filtrthree persons were
listed aa overcome by the terrible cold
In Chicago yesterday out were res
cued In a partly Iroznu condition One
death occurred which Was due to the
cold and < a number ot people are Ilkoly
to dlu I as the ruult of froziu limbs or
Indications received ut the weither
bureau are lor mill more trussing
wtatber today
Worteaud mom of I Is I the way
Ihe weather man puts 1 A wave ol
Arctic ojld 1 sweeping uown from the
northwest propellea by Due of the
lowest barometrical coudltll known
to the weather bureau
Previous 1 Dopers 111 to be Exalt
LONDON Jan 24 Copyrighted
1897 by Like Associated IsleAm11he
thtcal repieieuiMlve of tile ASIIO
elated Press traveling through do I
famine untrlcls In company with tile
governments party of Inspection
gulls a ulipitou today from Kolbapur
He says that the reports which have
been vent to Luglaud and too United l
States of Ibo acute famine said to exist
In this southern Mauaratuera utatej
bu exaggerated so Ir All bl about
vUou had extended A scarcity of
grain doto Indeed prevail lu the ex
treme eastern Portion ol thin region
but the people share wore able lo
escape want by migrating woo ol
them to Ibo fertile Kancou plains still
elsewhere where the shortness of the i
grain supply 1 not fell lllce also Is I
pltulllul and means and measures
lor the terror ol the hungry are pro
nounced adiquate where needed
The Maharajah In an Interview
with the Atsjotated Press represents
live on the prospects of his people
leaping starvation bald his slate
expected a famine every five year
and be was therefore not taken un
awares or unprovided when It came
They were prepared he said to spend
five lakbt ot rupees for relief In his
Tile llrltlsh resident was also Inter
viewed and confirmed the statements
of the Maharajah sot lo the situation
adding that Ibo relief ollon Marion wa <
most efficient In the Bombay province
aud that Ibo difficulties from lamina
and of securing and distributing relief
were lighter than lu former lamluee
The resident summed up hit views as
My observation bat beau In travel
ing over the whole wetlern country
that the famine Is not severe there
though It may Increase toward June
But In the districts In which I have
traveled I have not neard of a single
death from Blarvutlou
Declare Ast1st9 10
Supremo Court affirmed tilts Judgment
or the California uletrlct court in the
care ol nobel Itobertsou and four
other seamen arrested atB < uFrancl io
for routing to obey the ordure of M
Ir Argon alter having einered l Into i
articles to make a voyage to Valparaiso
The constitutionality of the law cm
I > werlug justices of peace lo arrest
daterting seamen was Involved also
Ibo question of whether their art 0 t
Tailored the Involuntary teivitude
amendment of tae faderal Cunstltu
tion Both polbtt woe decided gail
tile effort
WASIIINOTON Jan 251118 Proil
dent ti day tent tilts loll lie uoui I
I nation of C E Dingle posted titer at
Woodland Cil
Agreed us a Ynyoruble Hopart
ate committee on Judiciary today
agreed to report favorably the Bowl
nation or Judge Howl of MlesUalppI
to be found uf the circuit court an 1
Charles t Amldon to be U Hilistrict
Judge in Norm Dakota with the un
derslaudlng that the nominations
should not be Ucte I upon lor H week
I Is tbe wish ol members of the con
mil 10 consult HOIlor UoC I
poiaible regarding Howie and Bnuator
I Hantrirougu Amldou on the uomluitlr Dr I
I Will 0 Ill Segregated Among I
Stiril Jttnturon were Inlroluciil
lu Ibo Aittuilily I
Ill rXA7 r
Opening uztrcbu at 10 a m Cork
non Clikinbors 8100t nud Evans
abI A petition nklng leglolutton i
10 protect OepcFltors In banks from lot I I
w aa Inlrodurnd by Herbour It val
uned by 165 person Referred In tho
committee on banks and banking
Hmer moved to change ttn time uf
meeting of Ihe Senate 10 a I until
tile election ol tuiiMcr In l ncoompltthcJ
In I order to give time tot the considers
tie R or builnea The motion was lost i
bJ n vote ot 9 to S I
ilnnier then moved that wbon on
adjournment was taken 1 be until 10 I I
it i m tomorrow Alter aomo little
Ivnly discussion title motion was also i
lost under a ruling of the chair thai
the motion wu out ot order I
Adjourned to moot In joint aeisiou I
nuuxe I I
Tie House met at 11 um I
Hardy pretenteJ a petition from I
veterans or the Black Hawk war
which naked Ibo Legislature to me
lorlallzi Congress for their compen I I
lon Couiiulttee on memorials
Dulllu from Ibo committee print
ing called attention to little Sao which I
provided that bills Should le printed I
au recommendation of Ibo committees
10 > whom they had been referred 1
Tnoreion mild the rule had been so l I
nendoJ committees might order II
bills Uoue prlutoj without action by the i
Cook from Ihe salarlet ommlltet
reported ou 1117 aud I B 7 1
which related lo fees particularly
hose paid by corporations on tiling
articles recommending that the former I I
be referred to tile Judiciary be Incor I
porated In the codes ana that the Jailor I
bo rcjtoled because Us ground was I i I
covered by thu other A debate ensued I
III which Bloln sold that nearly every
ubjtct of legislation which would be I I
brought bolero the assembly bad been
leak with by the code commission I I
Red that no one commltteo could possi J I
bly handle the bill It had reported
Ollrlon said tile salaries commlltei I
had compared the two bills referred to
lu Its report and found them both i
BUbatantlally embraced lu the code I
except that there was a single provision
In 1 B 1 which was not In the t
code List which the committee i
thouRt should bo With this view be
thought H n17 should go to the Ju F
diciary committee
Sloan urged at knzlh the necessity f
of deciding upon some pla > of notion J
for handling I the code tic Insisted I I
that no ODD committee could do il The 1
report was adopted ll
Keuuer called for a report from Ibo I
uouimltlteon ways and means on his
bill 10 tax Incomes and Inheritances
Wilton chairman said the commute I
were not pteparej to report but would I
lo shortly I
boly I
The following were Introduced
By Bill 1 J II 0 to amend I
section a of article 10 of the Constitu
tion i
lionBy Auderatn 11 B 27 providing f
for teaching the effects of alcoholic I
drinks and narcotic In schools I
By Joseph Kirnball To authorli I
boards education to use their sinking I I
funds for the support schools for 1890
unit 1SD7
By j < oho I B 29 to provide
revenue by licensing 00
B B 19 for the relief of school dlt i
Wages earns np on a communication I
from the Hanabs Thoreten moved Its i
j d t I
passage under a suspension of the
rules but OBtlon I objected lo undue i I t
bl and the bill went to the commit 1 I
tea on education If
i 11
julfr PkEsalov 11 11I I
araedlatoly alter roll call In the I
joint tension Kenuer moved bat after I
the first ballot recess ba taken 11 j
until 3 pm when the balloting ba I I I
continued until an election or until It I
should ba apparent no such result Ji 1
could be reached Lost 11 i I
On the third < ballot Bsnnlou In Ill
sting explained that he did not care
to spend sixty days In a game of freeze I
ml but aa film second choice would 1
veto for the mn who as bo believed
held the key to the situation Joseph f
L Kawllnt 11 I I
After tbe third ballot the joint session I
took a recess until 3 oclock li
ur i i 4 j J
The House returned alter the Joint I I
sesision There was another debate f 1 l
ab3ut the bell way to handle the co o A t
during ho Shepard chairman or
the Judiciary committee I taM that Ihe
committee had thought the node < Ll 1
should be divided among all the other l I
jouimUleee who wrote report Lick to
the JuJIclary commuter what lu turn I It i
mould see that the harmony and en I
tirety ol the code was preserved Ad i I
Journed i I j
I took Just fifteen minutes logo 1 1
through the order of business of that I
Senate I today exclusive I of reading I the
journal which was not In readlneei I J
II having boo seat book 10 the printer 1 i 1i
for correction All Interest seems cen I
tered on the senatorial election to the I I
exclusion of everything else II I
Senators Cannon Chamber Kvana I
irrlved nd Bmoot later although absent at roll c1 i I
Special From Ogden Y J J I I I
A special train will be run from I
Ogden to this city by the Union i I
tnno XII II
IlacIflo next Thursday evening for the I
benefit 01 Iho wlhlol 10 attend the I
Nordlca conceit lu the Tabernacle I I
Tba special will Dome from O < den at I 1
7 oclock pm mud returnlu will J leave I I i
the U P depot thirty minults alter
tbe close of too concert Tilts roI for I
the round trip has been reduced lu I I
Tis and many Junction City people
will uo doubt take advantage ol son I I
special mla
0 f

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