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l 1111
i t
i1f t
Vill Ilave Ho Transaction With Spain Except
for Absolute Independence
Nnaptiper Edulten to h 1 Cot
uIdVolJlh Paper s
thise A Ili Me S Ir
New York Nov 5A manifesto nd
the Cu
to tho government of
dr t Need
in republic was Issued today by Cu
has been
ban Jn 1 this city It already
signed by nearly all the leading mem
term 01 the Cuban colony heio nnd will
for additional signatures to
be i sent
everY part of the United States where
club The
Cuban cylony or
there Is I a
j ument will also be submitted for
Sutures of the Cuba colonists In
the Antilles Central nnd
3iaico I
South America Paris and Home It
111 otrards be transmitted to the
Cuban provisional coiernment Copies
will be
In Spanish and 1ngllh
it I
of 1
1IlIId to every pal t 01 the
Tile document state the causes
mhIch comp1 the Cuball to accept no
transaction mith Ipaln which Is I not
bad 00 the absolute Independence
The Ignra pledge themselves
Cuba support the men IIghtlllg In Cuba
unlll Cuban Independence Is access
rl prominent cubans In this city regard
tM mllnlleoto as tile most 1m
rard dncument Issued bY cubLD
Prumt road since the war started In Cuba
xi ul the monllto and a lIt 01
A COP names 01 settle or the more proml
vent ptroolls lie have signed It
I e ent to tile government Lit Wash
loglon I that Its 5 Ignlncanc may be
better appreciated
ew York Nov 5Th Commercial
ldvtIer Paris this afternoon The
Irooklsn navy yard to active and work
on1I the war eels lying at the
ohane or dry dock Is being pushed
lorward os rapidlY as pulhlo under
orders from tile navy department No
one seem to understood why 00 much
hat Is necessary and Inquiries are
met till the Invariable replY It Is I
rothing unusual Wo are obeying or
ders treated some time ago that Ito I nil
We eLlvays finish work at this station
Ito rapidlY 119 wo can Spoln noal
< lIWeo have nothing to do with our
An officer allaehtI to the office 01
commandant oC the yard repeated this
tlmeworn explonatlon todny lout
added thot ho bellO1 Rome sort 01 nn
order hall been reeolve1 to urge tile
rompltlon or the two nw vessels
hkh are st the yard making prepolo
tlon a for Iholr t final trials under the
board oC Inspection The vosool are
Ike tornelo boot roole and the big
tattlehlp Iowa
London Nov 5Tho Mildrid eOrro
4 tit oCthe Daily Malloornment
Jr on the difficulties that confront
the FIanlsh government glys Gn
Weler ho n largo enough following
strong ontrer 01 the army owing to
lromotloo or for other rensonsilloYro
pth t wlll him to make both the lie
publican aid cartlst parties endeavor
10 compromlo m lth him In order to
ebtrln him support The government
would bo gled to give liberty or action
to demonstrations In his favor with 0
few 01 ganging the extent 01 his pop
but II fears disturbances or
the publle peace
Thor Is I much discontent also
among the omee at Mme on account
of the marked omelol favoritism die
rlO toward clllcors ho hne roo
fulnied from Cuba and the Philippines
A hundred or more officers inetmocret
If 1 her the other day at the lI1ltary
Iub to dlocus the subject Gen Due
res the minister 01 writ bearing 01
the meeting threatened to courtmar
tlnl the rnrtlelpants II that 611011111 be
tecmr to enforce d1selpline and In
Iru < ted the colonel to warn them per
tonally The officers promled not to
rpeat the offense but It is I believed
I hey m 11 continue to hold secret meet
Similar meetings have been held at
Toledo Barceton a Vlttorla Savages
end Logrono
J enTni CorTespondencIa Mllltnr pub
IBhed the facts and advised the officers
to mutiny If their grlovanees wero not
reilreise The editors of three news
Imperil which printed Hw news of tho
meetings > have been arrested and will
be courtmartlalM The Madrid papers
cot warning anti remained 1Inl
EUTCiinn wnvirH3 rninNDS
London Nov 6The Morning Post
tan editorially G ell Wcjler docs
Mt make allowance for the real char
Acter of the falsehoods uttered by
American Journals and even In Con
x as falsehoods astounding to ntt
pss ux e reader but I never meant to
Ie l believed and only Intenleil I to show
ihlr resources of tho Imagination of
heir authors
Naturally lie Is Irritated and the
Americans ore 10nlou to stimulate his
Irritation and to represent him as n
Mutinous olllcer In order to discredit
ti ersIna r
Ml testimony I ers anticipation know
Ins that he will be the most able and
r ir l
MllnfonnVd I I witness before the IJu
ropean public rta to violations of In
= aupaul
o law
Stain has so lone I suffered from
title violations that It Is I quite clear
he hpanlnh government now rorpees
the rraflbimy of havlnB to adopt quite
Pe r a Ig I I I lost rite
g e wea c n nhg valuable rn I In I
I his direction to the goermnent
Well COTT IN MW Ionic
Il AccoinpautFtl liy flcn Iayno llotli lire
it IU lkrit
New Ye rk Nov f Penatir Edward
n Aeil < wt of Ciioradi and fun
VhAlp J Payne two of the monetary
J < mmlBslonere appointed by President
IcKlnley to confer with European
tovrnnunts concerning the feasibility
pt cttabllshlns International blmctoj
miirrlveel here tonight on the a earn
Wp Campania The other commits
Itoner former Vice President Aillal 12
Itevention wHI 1 retur o all a litter vessel
Senator Wolcott asked to be excused
from saying I anything I of his mission
brod II a wus much Interested In the
0 01 the recent elctlon IIe called
lime queatlon ObOlt them but mode
no comments
Cell Payne also declined to tpeak
Hwut his European trip Senator Wol I
I oti tl will I remain hero for a couple of
IDS and then no to Washington I
Charles 1 Iane chairman of the
14tlonal silver part > wa also a
tAlsenger on the Cllmponla lie had
cell to Europe on a leasure and bust
ele trip Iteferring to the mislim of
et Ir
tif monetary conimfiralonero Mr Lane
all he had not expected anything
bolter from the Luropean goveni
lien Pnt but he They was were of the against opinion bimetal that the
oUe of tills country would < eventually
Nwcra IdtiPt It Independently I of the European
wiliddurinn Noten at Ih West
Washington Nov 5The annual re
Port lor or the commissioner oC pensions
or the Year ending JUI 30 1897 wo
11140 lit h to eIIiR5t Po6onerseresNinvlal t
t t0cY mountain states at th
UO Of the report and that they vrere
pnld 1
during the Year Th a
enloner ond lOmellls Were divided
follows Iltah 778 pensioners
o Iulit palt I1g i hJml Pen
loners amount raid 1103180 Nevada
205 pensioners paid J35 130 Wyoming
OD9 pe niloncrs paid 1102 llo
Utah postmasters commissioned I to
10 were Slyrum adlen Hansen
Sawly I Wm W Wilson
John H Lawrence of Tttah has been
appointed a bookbinder In the govern
merit printing otflce
Secretary IJlls today approved for
Intent to the Union 1aclllc Ilallroad
company a list ot lands selected under
he Krant emlnaclng 31384 acre In
the Bait Lake City district Utah
Th lulebs Uipokltlon
Uashlncton Nov 5Pror Thomas
Wilson of the pmlthsonlan Institution I
who represented this eountry at the
Hrmcls exposition ban returned to
Washington lie describes the exposl
lon ns enllrelv of n commercial char
acter and Pass U was not nearly so
I arge or varied as the Jot s Tair at
Chicago Twentysevpn or more coun
trios Were repn ihlbltloTho thshaving
better Or larger exhibitions then the
Unltrol Slates were France Germany
Great Britain Italy and Austria
11t a SIboul 1 TIIPr 10 IIrth
Bedalla Mo Nov VJames Allen I a I
teacher lf a school at 5vtg1ttn IIIIk
cry county was > beaten to death yea
terdy by his pUllllo As I punUhmp
for misconduct Mr Allen Ito it several
buys after school was distalipped 1v last
night When rt leased the youths went
away angry and later as the school
matter was on life way home they
vvaylpld him pelting him with stone
and clubs Mr Allen was knocked
down and his skull crushed lie did
not regain consciousness and died tills
morning The youths have been ar
Soldier Attempts to Kill President Momcs
but is Prevented
not u Sntd In urdrrne the
IIrlUa Mlnhtci 1
London Nov 5A dispatch to the
Times from file Janeiro says At 1
ocloek this afternoon Friday a sol
dier of the Tenth battalion which
constitutes part of the local garrison
attempted to shoot President dcMor
trios with a pistol
The president wra Just landing at
he marine arsenal aflor visiting the
steamer on which tell Barbosa mln
later oC maln lies returned from
The bystanders frustrated the at
tempt but Col MormcB the presi
dents nephew mas slightly wounded
In disarming the soldier
Gen Moreado Bttancourt mini
tr 01 war then IlIlerrelod And wits
himself stabbed The wound was su
serious that he died soon afterward
The attacked has caused the greatest
agitation thioughout the city
Ito Janclli to I now under martial
lowers a Idler holng been ordered
to arms as It Is I feared that another
revolution is I at hand The attempt
kill the president and the killing ot
the minister of war It Is believed Is I
ho work of monarchal sympathi
zers Another theory Is that they
were the results of Intense feeling
aroused bv the proposed arbitration
treat with France
Wild excitement prevails In the city
Startling rumol8 are heold on all
I Ids The belief Is I general In r tr
ain classes that the followers of An
tOlllo Conelelro the leader or the
movement whowas recently killed In
Canudos have Invaded the Itlo to
atilke their first blow for revenge
hut In I tho Mouth
nandeburg Cal Nov 5ICSmlth
proprietor of the Wedge saloon who
came here last January from Seattle
ended his life here tills
morning by shooting himself In the
mouth with a 38callbri revolver the
lieu coming OUt at the top of his head
lie seemd In the best ot spins up to
the time oC the suicide and no cause Is
known for the act Deceased wall well
Ionol und popular
Another buditin Heath
Chicago Nov 5 Colonel Henry T
tuibcl vice president and general
manager of the Union Drop Forge
uminny died suddenly of heart dis
ease while at luncheon today Colonel
lusbill was Cl Juan old lie leaves a
N Idow
Called WcvrId ur SPIN
Ottawa Jay GThe olllclala In the I
fisheries depaitn here are dlcon
certed over the I1ttlOIl of President
Thompson the English seal expert
Great feels ae entertained that In
connection with the recent conference
lie nuty have committed Great Brltolll
10 n line oC policy quite antagonis
tic to Canodas interests A mllllte
pros Itors that the CnRlIsh ex
pert has fullest a victim to tile will
jt American politicians
Chin IaLcir for 1111001
Chicago Nov 5A special to the
Dally News from Joliet III soy
Th I a 10 a rumor III circulation here
thai the operatol8 nl Curbon Hill nre
planning to Import Chlnee < laborers to
take the place of the a la the
mines The company Is I nt work
moving Its house close to the shaft
and It Is Paid will build 0 stockade to
Include both liouaes and shaft It Is
sported aa coming from one of the
operators that as soon ad the company
can g1 ready to receive them too
Chlnomell will be shipped and that II
this eZIerlment prove 0 success other
opatol Will follow suit
f 31urded Ili ha
Newport Nels Yo Nov The
United litotes Steamer Lancaster
droNed anchor In lIomptoll Hood this
morning from lIahla Brazil In mill
tory cOIIOnmllt on the wnrehlp are
five men 01 the crew or the schooner
Olle Pecker whose captain J W
Whitman oC nocklonl Me and First
Mnle William Saunders or Sandy Cove
N H mere murdcrOd al so In August
III the whIps brig closelY Ironed is I J
Anderson the cool Who Is the self
confessed perPetrator 01 the murders
and who afterwards me t fire to the
All Insurance JrdIo
Chicago Nov 5The supreme
court of this state has last handed
down a dfclslon of great interest to
Insurance mn nU over the country
The state ot Illinois has a law thai In
surance under the Lloyds plan may
not be tranuted In the state or Illi
nois John H Barnett lho Issued poli
cies In various Lloyds not authorized
b > the late Insurance department
Ins nned 500 and lent to the courts
The suplme court has decided that
Lloyds may trnnnrt business In the
state and that tills loW which seeks to
prevent them from so doing II Uncoil
otllutlonol Thl throw the door
from other
wlle to insurance men
tots open whom Illinois has tried to keep
out ns he court fays that what has
been court Illinois citizens may
nol be denied to others
1 nealh
Indianapolis Ind Nov 931r
MenlonllaU aged 81 years
her hsubsnd
died rortyn hOur after
hd Ioed
Dr EI IUhn The tills
01 the age 01 F2 yearn
band 1 and wits w erg buried 1 this after
IUIII < Flits I ANI 111911111
2000 I
We dont mind telling you
that Schillings Hat baking
powder is simply made of best
cream of tartar and soda
We wont tell you how vc
mix it Thats our secret
A Schillmi Comtonr m 2113
noon In the Mm Coffin mode double
width A few hour niter the husbnllds
I I 1h13 wlfi asked that she be nl
lowpd to moe him once more before her
death Ahm the collin was placed by
her bed Me paid I am glad he Is I at
lost Thiw t eio her last words For
fifteen joars Mrs Memlenhall Mid that
the ould not lie prevent In life nt hr
hurbands funeral even If he died
first Phe ixould join him I a fevv hours
after his I I death They hid tour sons
among whom won the late lie r W
Mcndenhall editor ot the Methodist
rtovlew of New York
Soerm rntrue to FICht Barder und
be More Iluntitne Then lurmrry
Havana Nov 5ThO pro clamuttnn I
of Captain Oenernl Hlanto to the
Spanish army In Cuba which will soon
be I Issued contains the Usual exhorta
tions to the troops In rpoartl to main
tolnln discip trip reeetln property
tc unit in ge that the utmost energ
bp oIlollnyed luring the fighting With
the enemy ant until victory I Is I
achieved after which the soldiers are
Instructed to net lilt clemency to
words the onqulohe taking care 01
and curing the wounded prisoners nho
ore to Ill delivered to the prop r mill
lary authorities rnmllles neeellng as
Istnnco and unarnied people who offer
uu resistance tire to be taken to the
eort vlllae and are to receive help
lIurlng n tat1 time aeeordlng to or
ders previously Issued
trk Tln Jkrs thAtititt
London Nov OA Vienna dispatch
says Mark TWain who was prent
HI Ihe lot Session or sltelchs
rth sold It reminded him 01 an Amer
I CRn lynching meeting to punloh II
holteler adding I supposed
someholly tied been hAnged but I was
not there long enough to mako Pure
or It
lie Men asked Herr L olker to give
notice 01 life next twelvehour speech
and he Mid be would be there anti Flit
It out lIerr Lorkert took the obervo
tlon seriously and he replied that ho
hoped next week to repeAt the per
formance and perhaps to Improve
upon It
The election struggle In Ohio has got
Into the courts
Senator Plait of New York Bays lie
does not expect any financial legisla
tion at the next session of Congress
Mrs McKlnley has Bent to Mrs Cleve
land a pair of baby booties but they
were blue for a girl Instead of pink
for a boy
rive men were publicly whipped at
Dover Del yesterday In presence of
several hundred people The sheriff
used a rawhide
Mr Annie Bell Ilogan a widow and
teacher or mulc In New York city
has gone Inon over the result or the
election In Greater New York
The Ute Indians nt Washington have
hid another Interview with secretary
Bliss and are satisfied with the allot
ment arrangement which they accept
as final
An elghtenmonthsold daughter 01
Joseph Wynn oC Ioughkeple NY
While plAyln on the floor got a piece
of coal lodged In her windpipe and died
01 Asphyxiation
A welleducated young man whoso
pride forbade him to beg was arrested
In Troy N Y yesterday on a charge
drunkenness When take Into a cell It
wall discovered that he was starving
Judge Santsern has refused the In
Junction asked for Itobert Carr to
prevent the Union Pacific receivers
from selling the granted lands or the
Denver Pacific between Cheyenne and
Second Lleul John A Gurney 01
the Twentjfourth Infantry stationed
at Tort Douglas Utah has been ex
cused from duty that bet might act ax
counsel for Private Wm Thomas ot
the same regiment at the court met
flat ot Thomas
The commondln officer nt Fort Du
ehon Utah has been ordered by Gen
Otis to forward to the arsenal at Hocn
Cal I a large quantity ot callber am
munition which Is I now useless at the
fort owing to the adoption of the 30
callber guns
Articles ot Incorporation of the
Bkaguay and Lake Bennett Tramway
company were tiled In the office of the
county clerk at Portland Oregon on
FrIday The capital stock Is I 120000
The objects of the company are to build
and operate a railway or tramway
from Skaguay Alaska over White
Suffered 20 Years
4 1
T a I
It It
e e Ill I I I r
I 40
I 4 I I
I I 11 I
RS MANY LEWIS wife ot a promt
M nent farmer and ell known by all
old residents near Belmont N Ye
wrltci ortnentyievca years I bad been
conILnt IUIIcr from nOOUI proatra
Ion and paid large sums 01 money for doc
te n and uJrcrlUtd remedies without ben
IU Three years ago my condition was
Urntnj the lent nolso would Harllonil
= erva me I tras unabl to steep bad Is
umber 01 Ioklol rpells aDd slowly grow
ories I beau iilnj Dr Ulln Mftoritlv
SarvinclautlNervelandLuverrillL AtIlret
the medmue seemed to have bO effect but
Ur taking 0 fam Ittles I began 10 notice
a chanict I rested bettor at night my oppo
Ito begin to improve and I rapldl crew
boiler until bow I am as uearlf restored
to health one or my age my expect God
it ei
Dr Miles Remedies Wbr
are told by all drug
1 0
rt rt Mllo I I
Slats a poeltlro L > i i
lutrsatce Oral bottlo tlvJerVlfiO
benefits or money re Rl ° rI
funded Book on dl
i Health I
oases of theheart l and kj l
nerves irto Address
IJENSONS fl Ix k V L4L < ts I
lL day Juno 30 1830 After ar
ranging for my transportation to Naz
areth nnd administering to Drother
amu who was sick I took an afftc
tlonate leave of the Saints at Haifa
and started at one ocloek p m in a
passenger 111 a carriage for Nazareth
about 2314 miles distant In a southeast
erly direction Though the heat In tho
middle of the da y lOS oppnislvo In
deed I enjoyed the ride Cry much
Our route lay along the base of Jit
Carmel and thence across the plain of
Klslion which really Is I the lOll el end
of the great plain of Esuratlon We
forded tho Klshon about ten miles from
Haifa and then crossed n low range
of hills covered with oak forests to the
plain JMraolon proper We stopped
to rest and 011 Ink at n beautiful spring
situated by a line orchard which was
surrounded by on enormous cactus
fence Continuing oUr journey wo en
tered the hili lands of Oallleo and
from the top of the ridge beyond Mu
Jedll we had our first Mew of Mount
Tabor and also the mountains of
Uaohan beyond the Jordan river Soon
lifter ord we Panned on our left the
village of Vafa the Jal hla of Joshua
19 U situated on a lofty hill and ut
ter teaching the top of another hill the
town of Nazareth suddenly came Into
view but as the BUM had already dis
appeared beyond the distant heikht of
l01I1I1 Carmel and It was gettlllt some
vvhut dark the Impression on the mind
was perhaps not so complete as It
otherwise might have been Still n
It was the lint bight of that historic
tOil II Whom our Savior spent the
rellier portion of his life on earth 10
dueed all I effect upon mo unlch I ehall i
never forget We soon Itached the
lower end of the ton where iI put up
at a neat little hotel kept by a Ger
man who treated me kindly and who
subsequently arranged for my trans
portation to Jerusalem
Wednesday July 1 I left the hotel In
the outskirts of Nazareth at 5 oclock
a in and took a walk through the
heart of the town At Marys well I
turned off to the right and then struck
out on foot for Mount Tabor distant
about six miles In a southeaster di
rection By following Baedekers
guide too closely or perhaps not close
enough I got on the wrong trait which
brought me In a roundabout way to
the east hose or Mount Tabor Into the
mldt oC a Deduln camping ground
Determ tried to reach the top 01 the
mountain where the monntery build
Ings appeared In plain sIght I struck
out cross lots over rocks valleys and
groves of timber but had not gone far
when I met a big and vlcloua looking
TCeduln armed with a gun who placed
himself In the path before me and de
mandod hoekhlh mones A
Running the attitude 01 not understand
Ing him IC darted pot him hvlllFf my
eye on a pile or cobble tones nar by
but us he did not follow I had no nr
comfort to aim for self Protection with I
rocks At length I readied tho path
leading up the mountain side and fin
ally reached the top with tired limbs
and parched lips almost dying for tho
want or wntr I mode my way
straight to the Latin monaster where
nothing sieeted me nt first but a hordo
a lt ugly looking balking I dog which I
made music for me while I was help
Ing mvself to a drink of water from
the monastery well At length a friend
ly monk appeared who after treating
me to a drink of pure Palestine win
took me around and showed mo tho
ruins crowning the summit of tho
moull tain and other Obillottl Of I InItrulte I
lie then conducted me Into nil alott
ment where the monks entertain thlr
visitors Then I enjoyed a refreshing I
Bleep and did not awake till a servant
a Cannellanrr nrhmnli who could
Plcnk a little English called me to din
ner which Won piepared for me In an
adjoining room
Mount Tabor IS 018 feet above the
level of tho sea Is I called Jebel et Tor
by the Arabs When micn from tho
southwest It has tho form of a dome
hut from the northwest that of a trun
cated cone The slopes of Iho I hill are
wooded Oak formerly covered the
Putimilt hut meet 01 them have bO < il
felled by tho Greek nnd Intln monks
Ivirtridgem harr fox on and various
other kInd of game abound The
rnlno on the lount belong to several
dlffcri nt periods The ubitructlo
of the wall Inelooln the OUlllmlt end
form 111 g R plateau or about four sqllore
mile eonolsl 01 large bio kn name i or
which par it c ale rly Oil i the southeast
side are drafted and tire lit least as
Old OS the Homnn Period The castle
1111ch oeculI1 tile IllghiSt Part oC tile
plateau dates rrolll the mlddlo nRe
sind < 1 Is now a large and shapeless heat
of cut stone within the Iitln mOil
artery ore sit u to be neon tho ruins of
a Crusaders church of tho twelfth ecu
tury consisting of a nave and Aisles
and threo chapels In memory of tho
three tabernacles which the Apostle
Peter wished to build < 1 The Greeks find
Latin differ here as In ninny other
places as to the actual spot where tho
Transfiguration took place each
claiming It to be within their own
The view from Mount Tabor Is 1 very
stentlve To the oust the north end of
tile Loire of Tlberln Is visible
and In the extreme distance the bluo
chain of the mountains oL the laumn
In onclct nishaii To the cast of the
lake Is I the deep gap of tin Yarmuk
valley Toward the south on theislopo
of Jebel Dahl lie Hndor NiUn and other
villages Toward Iho southwest call
be seen tho battlefield of narnk ana
Siren to the west rises Ml Carmel
which together with several ranges of
hllli almost entirely shut out tho view
of the son To the north rise the hills
of izZerbua and Jermak near which
Is the mountain town ot IafcJ Above
all presides majestic Harmon on tho
top of which I Btlll noticed some of
lat winters snow
Mount Tabor has a long history It
wn on the boundary line between
Isoehar and Zabulo It wan hr that
Deborah directed Barak to assemble
nn aims and from hi nee the Israelites
marched Into the plain nnd tinted
Memo Judges I 4 tn the 1 1ualma
Tabor an llermon I arc extolled r
Ill 39 12 The hill wan afterwords
ailed Italrlon ur AIM r Ion In the
t r nihOIgr
year II O 111 Antlochus nihO Great
founded n town cf the same name tin
the top nt the hill In A U 13 n battle
took Pines hro between the Homon
under Onblnlns and the Jews Joacrhus
afterwards caused the Once to N for
lined nnd the plateau on the top to be
enclosed b I > n wall oil cm and j lomu
peak of AIL Tabor Otfsv j scene of the
tranMlgiimtlon Mark P 2101 but
many critic claim that tills could hard
ly have b in the case ua the tn was
covered With houses In the time ot
Christ The legend however attached
Itself to this the most conspicuous
mountain In Galilee and us early aft
the sixth century three churches had
been ended hoe In memory of the
three tabernacles which St Peter pro
posed to make The Crusaders also
orected n church and a onastery ou
Mt Sabor but HKM surferod much
dnilnir the wars with tha MuslemaMn
Mt Babor but these suffered much
elAdll the bloth and uice sor ot
Saladln Tlv soars later this fortress
wan unsuccessfully besieged by the
Christians It wan afterwards dm
mantled by the Jluslema themselves
and the church was di lroj ed The two
monasteries one Ureile l und tho other
Latin wlilih now occupy the top of
the hill are comparatively modem
After retting and refreshing nil self
at the Latin monastery em Ml Tabor
for about live hours I decided to con
tinue my walk to Tlbsilas Instead ut
returning to Nazareth Aceordlngly
at 2 p m I left my friends the monks
and commenced descending the north
cast slope of the mountain without
following tad or pith I reached the
haM llthout ned entand then struik
l1eros the Quinitry In a northeasterly
direction to ImnelTuJJar r where I
found good water to drink Continu
ing the Journey I paused the village ot
Helm Taft situated on high ground on
tile light tit the path and also met n
number cC calovns coming In rrolll
the del beyond the Jordan After
descending n deep hnln I met Santa
traveling lleJuina who I1ccostod me n
It bent on mischief and made tile
usual demand for backkhl without
getting nwny The mail II terrible
nolso and for awhile It looked I as IC
they well determined to make 11I0 n
Pilsoner but they didnt and after
that I was tloublcd with nothing but
tired limbs
I found that my climbing exlerl
ences oil Mount Tobor had drown OIY
heavily all ny plntlcnl etrencth and
before I reached the top ot the plateau
ailed by the Arabs ArdclUamma
which overlooks the Sea of Galilee I
Was almost give I out and my thirst
knew no bounds But the lovely Mew
which I enjoyed as 1 nat down to rout
on the brow of the hill overlooking the
beautiful lake about 1100 reel below
made mo partly forget my exhausted
rendition for the time being It wan
now after sundown and ns I hd been
orned 01 the dangers oC being out
alone In tho night In n 1Ilnln count y
I 1 proceeded to descend the step In
cline and finally reached the town or
Tlberlas situated on the lake shore at
3 p m After some little dimculty I
round the only hotel In the place And
retired at once being too tired to rat
upper During the day I had walked
About fS miles oil Account of my
jolgut o3e tJ Jr
rouncinbout course Othorwipethadim I v
tCO from Nazareth hy way or Mtt TO i 11 i
bar to Tiberlaxi 18 only about 18
After thin I days experience l e IIJi i I I
not to Ihrtoke any more ecunlons I
on foot during I an sojourn In 1 P e I
To venture out None like nI did t1hxa11eh I
a country Inhabited partly hy roving
anti hostile Hpduln Is I fraught With I I
considerable dooor unit though a mor
onl 01 the Lord Iles n claim upon the
preserving cr 01 life Master lit rtould I I
not unnecessarily expose his life or I
Iroperty And he Ides this Walking i
in 0 semltroplenl land In the heat or
summer to I nlol < ether different to th 11 I
0 Role kln1 01 ercle In n moro tem t
sense partite n cil And 0 cooler part or the l I
In making my usual arrangements
for stol ping at the hotel In Tiberias I d
I was Bomewhat amused at tho look I
with which my Arabian host surveyed if
mo when 1 told him that I was n mM i
sionaty without much money and
would like him to Ihe me his loweot f it I
term A missionary without I I I
much moner ho roted nl
I i
tor me that Certainly neuritis I j
trone ror mllonnrle tire I
always lIrpoed tu have plenty ur
nil Bad I told him that I was 0 i I I I
hanker or merchant Ih only little If I
money I hel I eve he wOIII hoe been I
less surprised nd h < Call blame
him for the prletH And vardors mi 1 I
Plonarins and colltr 01 the vitrious I
senl < Christian onomlntlon In I I
PalNtlne tire coroldirrel the bent paid I I
people In tile land They generally live 1 I
In Iompuou style and In elegant i I I
hom PP having lot 01 native Pervautq 1 t
10 wait Ihemnll tho 01
on m strength I t
file liberal lonntlonl which pious 1 1
Christians In Europe nnd America are 11 J
cent r butinn toward the relief 01 the I I It
poor rrerlng Jw And when thy i
travel they cnll afford always to gu I i
frtclno and live on the rot 01 the II 1
land Consequents It wo something I
IIko I 0 neW cvelotlon when I told my
Arnh host about missionaries nho I
travel without Puree or crlp or 01 I
least on their own expenses He however I
ever gave me the reduction nBked for I
and treated me with kindness i
The wont cold I ever had In my
life was cured by Chamberlain Cough I
cmhly writes W It Norton of But I
ter Creek Cal This cold left me i I
ulth a cough and I wan expectorating
all the time The lIemedy cured me 1 i
and I Want all or my friends when 1
troubled with n cough or cold to use I I
It fur It N 11 do them good Sold by
Druggists I I
i I I 11
After using a 10 cont trial size of I 11
rlyo Cream Halm you will bo sure to I
buy the CO cent size Cream Balm has t
no equal In curing catarrh and cold I I
In tho head Ask jour druggist for It
or send 10 cents to us I
ELY imos M warren SIN Y city
I suffered from Catarrh three years 11
two so bad I could not work I used 11
two bottles of rlyB Cream Balm and
am entirely well I would not be with i
in ItA C Clark 311 Shawmut I
Ave Boston
Mr Jacob 11 Brown of arahamvllle I
R C uiss Iroubled with chili and I I
ler and unable to procure roller un
til he began to take Ayers Pills He I
Is now enjoying excellent health and
I n warm nnd sincere advocat of Aers I I I
rills for all complaints of stomach
liver or bowels
I I i I
uiVLLK kR8 STORE = = 11 All lit
For House Furnishers The Fortunate Hour
13 J
Ws Carpet and Curtainl Buying Time I I I 111 i
le sell I
1 1
Woll rot bother with preface roTTarKs but Just lot each Itorr tell Its own Bargain story as well as cold typo i I
cat do It toally they should bo soon to have their excellencies revealed 1 I
qt nn Dest stanlard makes of all 7 Itenip Alittln makes ex le t
Amlnst Carpets 140 a SIA Moqutre Carpets 115a 90 wool extra supers 70c oft 57 < ellln kitchen covering tile I 18
yard value this week It ou UU yard value this week 90C U Ihs week 57C I I yard and 22c
Choicest lines of Body Drns Good strong ucarrcsl StroR Close woven extra Splendid I Llnolu 2 lard 90c
oels standard grades 1t40 a 115 Ini Velvet Carpets Soc a yard 1ij I 9 heavy union 45C value this 36 w 11 I e the yard Slue and and il
yard values this week 1r15 VA no this week 700 k 35c I 1110 Llo 1
ORIENTAL RUGS 40111 11or 1 M emit PORTIER RES mil Oont CURTAINS On Cent I li 1 I I
I I i
Genuine Oriental I Rugs old orig Entire stock 01 Portlrr corn Very prhl mention Is I made of All Curtain Ice Grenadine
Inslly for Ito and 125 each beulI nrllng Chen Iles silk ant cotton movie elegant Tm oar Lice Cur and Silk for wok 10 PER CENT OFF t
I it I cc or combinations I only SS left Derbys Tinsel I iTIIXi talos J full siz heavily em4roldered I I I
so ill I a seek 15 PER CLNT OFF Japanese Perslan I and Turkish lu er four different t pattLtnisuld I for ri i Ecru color Imitation hlsh Point I I I
sects All bOll ht this season 0 to 15 th e pair because slightly Lace Curtains fall size tile pair 265 1
Also all our Carpet Rucoall kind beautiful and arislocrailegatficring soiled thll week G00 I I 1 1
grades anti sloes bring measure they are too 12i PER CENT OFF Ic Curtains fl00 value 41 25 pUrs very handsome Lace Cur
mnt 01 wanted size 10 facilitate 1 Lace Curtains pretty pattern55e Inches wide 3 yard long this week taln full size ruffle edge 1455 anti I
selectionthis Week 12 PER CENT OFF value the fr 50 the Pair 85c 1 S500 values thl wk 360 I
1 I
1M ONSS S DNS G PRI 1 80C 8 Rm SM limnS wons m s omm s W No It r I i
Shoes made thit couldnt gain ad f I I
are u
Show a Trio 01 Darga no Flanders Clolh a heavy lIId IJfi om A mammoth t stwklarger then many I
tritt2tC i
this I
to stock evPn at give combined arfr
other Places from which I to
BlOCk DreSS 60MS 20 per cent ell printed collars lbiC28 inches ide away ptices they are bit It for revenue elect A I espcially strong lit l valuci I Iso I
So different faverns and colorings C silouls 1 to lure tile purchasers Our sti I we ek U hInt here Take
MONDAY AND TUESDAY ONLY suitable dress and wait m ateria I so s train makers of hiphest tep r levator t to 0XIsta and find maoy 11
tSta handsome genteel faultlesi This I
is I
never sets less than t2ac yard week more surprisin
They are tile kinds me tell every day rm
YoV Womns Cloth in h
heaper here th a Week than earn Womens b5tion Shoesmadeol I
in me year at 3SC Soc SIC 75C 90C It r dongola long yoke Inlaid 1 tit raittra of
calico Wdocwn toes 78 lt
5hc d nlOU 8Jc dOI ti ty 1o V I
1 40 and Ji6othe3ard tandioic ncw Hutton Shors for Women of filter i cvet and braid 393
styles 10 do 1I0t I m as the opportunity of kid coin toes sell reyu arly hr IInndscme black cloth Capps jo I
securing one at 20 PER CENT m5 1250 W6153 Inches long braided and heaolpd 1i
The very best Shoe nlad far 10 plait blckhllhtorm collar 450 I
COUNT which will be deducted st I
Hflfimli lnlo liars are the i Dugan Itudsory A special drive title I week In all
when Ii
salesman purchase ullun II OU
counter by Rochester N Y hand Sea Ofth JI3 wool I Kersey lickolsnes i 28 Inch I I 1i
made Sizes 23 to 6 t sweekaspecial length aDd all lined wi lit baek rh I
WEDNESDAY AND THURSDAY forth Extraordinary I t to make this efforts the best h4ve calico been don I put of Bargain 1 Childs Itern I bilght I at grain Baum si J7S crptional dame I silk value large steurn lot collar all 875 11 3 I I
vAucs ever offered YoI lit heels a1zes 854 to 91 45c
5000 yard fancy wool Dress Wornas kid I and Li evenfuZ j r4Qc WmIENS SEPARATE SKIRTS I 14
foods double midtli suitable fr fl Swiss bandkerildels with scalloped edges elu house nlippers a brokers line I 10 all ore ell lined And bouraand of rez I
let I 25C ran crr 1 rc
ulation width
Close colors I
houie dresses or chlidOlns school out 0 ors white black pink I li
i ress on Sfeisl BRrgaIn Counter Pure linen plain hemthched bar or silver 35 N 1 ade of black figured Urlllhn t 11
8 c tme I
lu aisle tile lard
center 9c
Plain white toad value the doz All I Yoool dark mixture Skirts 308 1
nhllrlronQ C 11 nlnnllQ I I
r55c fflS
FRIDAY AND SATURDAY 1111 U II 13 11 UU o WAISTS for winter newplaldi 1
Colored border llandkerchitfs I A rpecial drive in CI 11 ldreas Red detachable parcale collars all colcr I I
A broken assortment we wish to for 25c ro f dt r
3 o combinations
cloAls 76c
tills week for slits 2 3 4 i
clean ul of about 50 pieces all and Children good qualv school and 5 years Have large collars Black silk Wallis wl I h lour row I i
winter Dress Goods fmz I qualities Handkerchiefs colored borders he handsomely braided andecgrd with tucking acrois the front side tffcr t
up to jro a yard value One price 47e dozatt 25c black Thlbt for finice 275 very styhhall lined 3013 I
1 I I t
lit qs A i
a5 1 1 Is a P I I
It t I

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