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Dotoret New UbllthlnsJ r Com
Lot I
r r 3 1893
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S y Payment for subscription i olirnys i 111 a
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tl I
According to the dispatches the re
t sult of the > 1H la Washington of the I
r p leading men of the Uncampnshre iltro
hss been their full consent to the Im I
mediate allotment of lards In I s ov rnltv
S f to the families enott that tribe It has
been announced that the work nf mak
en ing the Allotment would borompWed
1 y In time for the remainder of the resor I
votlon to b thrown open on the first
1 of next Aprllt but persons In a posi 1 I
tion to rxlsroeenreiisuisle opinion think
1 It will be wholly Impracticable to do
ii1 this TMnter seems to bo upon us the
ri lands are not surveyed the Indians are
f naturally slow to act In such a matter
iriJ 1 ansi Ut seemi highly I probable that next I
j summer will be pretty well advanced
i 1 3 before tisa reservation will be thrown
I open to tha public
When this li I nt length elQne It In I
J doubtful If there will be much of n
Is 1I ruch to eecure reeervation land The
II j fact Is I that only a very small portion
I of the lands embraied within the boun
ii daries of thu Uncomrighre reservation
are valuable I I for famini purposes
Considerable tracts nfford fairly good
I grazing hut the bulk ot the area of
It hl the reservation Is I worthless for any
it3 purpose of civilization It li I rough
brokep destitute of water ansi hope
S lessly arid an1 desert The Uncom
I 1 sj j paghrelndlnns will be allowed to choose
I land either on their own tezervatton
I 1 J or on that of the Ulntnhs which ad
joins them on the west and there
I 11 Is I every reasonable assurance that
S nil desirable arable land on the former
mer reservation will be taken by the
I is Indian who will then not have near
I 1 tl I ly enough to go around and will tnke
n great deal of the most desirable land I
r t on the Ulntah reservation
S S 5 j1 The latter tract embraces a large I
5 s amount ot very good and It h I Inter
S i tC sected by the Lake Turk and Du
cheana rivers and numerous smaller
I 1 streams and great areas can be very
easily Irrigated The soil Is I naturally
ii S rich and the climate Is delightful Hut
S this reservation cannot be opened un
11 til I n treaty Is negotiated 1 with the
I United SIMei t to this effect no that
some yraro will probably elapse be
J fore the whites havo an opportunity
S I toeooorn tnrm upon II AnsI evens
of f then the best ot It undoubtedly be
I I first taken hy Indians
I i1jJ When the Vneotopalsgeereeervoilon
1 shall be thrown open It will probably
I nfforel opportunity for a limited num
S ber of stockmen to secure desirable
raneheo and for a few farmsr 10 get
j good locations but It will offer no In
ducement to Justify any great rush
I > In that direction The nsphaltum
land embraced within It aro reserved
by the lIornment ansI the om
k price mot of what Is alnable In the
s v 11 entire tract
gnu it ilium UP IIOMIK
The I itln races so railed lnclml tho
S Inhabitants ot Trance Italy t Bpaln I
ij Rervla Bulgaria nnd olher portions of
> Ti lye and npllono of honor pre
o o vail among them which appear sin
gular not la say absurd In the arln
> Ion af Ibe IraeliMI AnRloAxon Hoth
In an Individual and rational capacity
S the Latins dlspla these conceptions
nnd lila I due to Eueh notlems that the
practice of duelling has been perpetu
> ntcO There Ia I no neel to argue with
an lfngltnhsman rr all American for
ti tI
tho I purpo of eonvlncl him that t no
I IS l mans honor can Iw I vindicated by fight
It Ing a dul Mtn ef tlvuet nationalities I
S S understand that lredyi but tu the
Latin mind the NOIr method of re
n s drshR a non ur wiping out an In
S sultlna I peceonntrneonter
1 i Usuallv In Franca csiwlally a du l
Is I little mire than n farce all parties
concerned loll Icing especially care
ful that no one shall Iso t seriously hurt
4 Hut when It I Is not a farce It U liable Inn I
to become a battuirous tragedy fli > m
S f an AngloSaxon point of view Jut
now the Kianlards In n national ca
S ladle lira ellspLaylnx Ideas of natlona
I I hon9r that look queer to Amerteans
I z 7I
recounted In the dispatches on Sat
5 I urday Bum Castellar a leading Span
S I bit 8tateeman latell admitted that
Spain had treated Cuba most wrong
tally but InnUted that If the Insur
I gents continued to refuse mitonemv
Spain must prolong the flht to the
5 bitter end for It carte betttr that she
should die ns a nation than that she
should relinquish her rebellious colon
i Her honor require that she do this
S 5 There Is I little eloul that Custellar ex
I I pressed 1 a sentiment widely prevalent
1 i I In bi aln
i That country has n population of
r less than eighteen I millions nnd Is I
I IOverty trlehn Rnd bnrurt < 1
> tor h r to doollfo war with 1100 11I1t04
il Stal woul < eem the hlght of tII
i IJnt wllh II lot ot nllonul hOllo
It I hr to loll what he may do and
It Lt Iheretore lull No > Cr Cor Vnel
f = e o hh e I o t n n
I = U lQ
I t
Slal < o ot Ih Jour doctrine In tb
matter Irndlng 1 twren 1111gl0IId lIII
Venelurla h excited mON or 10
anUIthy 10X 1101 ounl y 011 Ih
prt ot tho leading nall 01 1urope
but It not t 011 likely tbt DIah
would receive from any of them any
thing more than mpathy Bhoul sho
o to war with us
The war talk of last week has beui
discontinued and Just at present
there appears no reason to expect any
developments of special Importance
before Congress meets which will bo
on December 6th There lea I general
expectation that President McKlnle
nessuKo will recommend some deflnlf
action by Connre nnd that that body
will promptly respond < It Is I costing
this government at the rate of ten
million dollars per year to patrol the
coast for the prevention of filibuster
Ing and WQ used to have n trod with
Cllhl amounting to about n hundred
million n poor which has been prac
tically abolished while tho property
of American cltliens on the Uland ag
tregnllng onormou nuns In you Is I
clnfftdestroyed These facts comprise
Cogent reasons why this government
should do something looking to a
speedy end ot lion war and Ills be
lIed the President and Congtren will
both favor Immediat acllon In thIs
mstiv IN AlIt IAn I
An HnglUh pap r calls attention to
tho fact that the llusslnn EWernmenl
at last seems to loe willing to lift the
vcll that has been shrouding In ely
r tery tha negotiations with tho Iekln
cocrnment It In I no lonler denIed
i that the ultimate aim In I the Incorporations
I Uon ot Mnnehurla In 1100 nears do
m I
oV nnnollnr1 thou the 11118
Ian 111 consellIenro or 1100 < lepredn
tions ot Borne robbers the socalled
llunghus have deemed It neceoary la
atatlon a battalion of Cossack with ar
tillery nt Iolkavkaja on the border
between Russia and Manchuria Th
object Is of tourse not Elated to be
the occuliltlon of territory but simply
I the defense of Hunsla against these
robbers Should these however re
fuse to play the role for which they
have been cast In the political comedy
there are Chinese subjects who consider
en t
elder the t nuoslans as enemies ot clvlll
zatlon and II mnyo trromenecrcnucy
to persuade these of their rrrorall
of which Is I Interpreted to mean that
the Chinese government has secretly
cnnnentenl 10 the gradual Incon oration
of Manchuria In the Uuiwlim empire
The territory In question Is about SCO
milea long and 500 In wldlh rontaln
Ins about 330 000 square miles with u
population ot perhaps 20COO 000 souls
The capital Is I a city with over 20000
Inhabitants nnd there are other tissue
largo cities U Is rich In I coal gold
Iron nnd pcrclounlanro and would
therefore he a valuable addition ta
Ill erzure orown In ngland tho ad
vance of the Itusstans la I cgnsldered a
menace to British Interests In east
Asia but what can be done to check
It 1
lrecnt yrore hays wllnd the
production by what may be termed
chemlrnl processes literally the man
ufacture of a 1 new metal aluminum
and 110 extensive use In the arts It
nay be sold that tha metal Is I not
nanufacturtd but Is I only extracted
from the clay that produces It Hut
Ihl point out 110 ngnro In the connre
lion In which the metal la I here re
ferred to For present purposes It
Is I ouilHent ta say that the piospector
doa not find It In metallic form he
sees It only as a calcareous substance
If from such a substance eo useful
a metal can be produced why cannot
gold be obtained In a similar way
11 t Is known that It Is I a most widely
dtrrllKed slllsianeo nOli Iht eel the
waters of the ocean hold It In solution
Iccentl there have appeared In
prlnl statements to the effect that
gold has been produced from other
ubBlnncei and alleged scientific the
rles > as to how this has been and can
ho done have been elaborated The
notion nf ancient nlchemliiu are bo
ng discussal I and tint too In a proc
Ual way by scientific men who seem
10 believe It paislMc for man to dis I
cover the avtrctR by which nature
pro < luccs tho yellow metal
Buppose they succeed what then
Suppose another Uesaemer shall arise
who by a chemical process vlll
cheapen cold ai lie chenM > n d steel
what will bu the consequences Here
I 1 a theme for speculative contempla
tion Ta manufacture gold chenily
would < 0 to destroy This Is a para
I doxical statement but a true one as
anY one eBn nan It Is I 0118 ot the mot
ssclesu uf melI ansi woull Intantly
oeoeo tll be weed OR money the only
Itrlbulo that gIven It lIlue were It
to bo produced by a cheap manufai
turlng pe
Woull the discovery of a methol
fir pioduclng gold fhenplj Iw a blt s
Ing to mankind The dirt rcrults of
such n 1 discovery < t ha
ot doubtful bencdcencc Th world
woull be bewllderwl The rare
would nnd Itself without a 1 measure of
value No man woul1 hnw any Idea
what he was worth Solvency and In
solvency would be terms without den
nlllons How to ray enlstlnK elobts
and dlohnlI enmoting ontel wouM
be problems that no man rouhl solve
ever heart ot civilization would
become ns ashci for gold In I the heart
of the highest civilization man ha yet
mined would eel up a better one than
eldv might ensue can only be specu
lated upon
Hut no new discover In science ever
nl wrought the pfrmintnt disadvant
age uf the human rare and a plausible
te W
line I ot reawnlng lead ta the belief
that I a discovery which would tout I
destroy all the gold there In 1 In the
vrurld or Its > ulu vvhlih In n sepse
Is I the coma thing would work co
harm 10 monlln thot uuld long ell
lure A new standard ot value woUld
be devUcd and established and en
forced by law ana there Is little doub
that the Intelligence and cease of Jus
lire to which the present age has at
talmvl would set up a better one than
gold now Is I
In view of tIe nchlYOmenl oclenee
Is I dally making Ill Is I two 1I1ud to as
crt that she will rot yi t find some
method uf nil actin gold from tin
Tia associates among vtht h II
ib unds III nature eo easily as to do
trny Ito vulau ao a moll v nla ss
I bough chemUts hold It ta be an tilt i
mcntary substance not to ba created
by combination ot uther elemnt It
Is Impossible to foresee In what nbuiul
anon It may yet bo produced nor to
predict that It will long eonUnllo M
aree a It I Is I now The ore men
ot science 100 are willing to believe
that the world Is on the eve of gnat
developments along these lines
ml n 11 MiciuiMori
The latest arhleolent In telrorol
I s thelnventli of an Inolrumont 1 hlcl
It Us destiny Is I to redeem the promises
given j for It will solve the question so
long occupying tho minds ct nstrona
twore whelher nomo ot our olter
> lanets ale Inhabited or not Dr Hl
mer Gaits of Washington In the Now
York Herald dejicrlbcs the Instrument
of which he Is I the designer and
which he I calls the telemlcioscope It
clng n combination of the telescope
and mlorocop In such a way Ihat the
alter la I focussed upon the focal plane
of the former The experiments made
hove been I exceedingly successful Irof
Gates nope
On ptebor I 12th r made tho Oral
IlIsolomi ctog mph by the new ewIisod
ansI on tho nlne day I tried unsuc
cessfully to apply I the new method ta
he telmope but on the Uth mly sw
eet ded 1 I used for the jurpose my two
and a half Inch llardoti telescope with
low power terrestrial eye piece 1 and
I foctmsed l It upon n pine two at IVrt
blesto l nliu 10 nnd a holt ml 103 ills
ant horn my laboratory In Chovy
Chn e Iwo entire trees were Included l
In the field nf vl lon ansI any pnrtlc
Isbn branch looked like an Irregular
batch of green Then I removed from
1130 eyrplecc ot the erel enrols the g
len and adjusted my microscope so us
to focus upon the focal plane In tho
otoscope Tho mlcroscopo had n fourth
Lje1 hr Jg
nch objective and a one Inch ocular I
and to my great lensuro i and ear <
irlse I distinctly saw the separate
tlne needle llpon a olnRlr 101g Four
arsons besides mjnelt saw the exuert
nnt and were pleased with the new
With the old of tho new Instrument
It Is I believed that objects on the sur
face of the moon thirty feet In dl
amtter ran bo seen nnd studied Of
still more Interest will the surface of
Mars be The nocnlled canals which
Mr Lowell believes are artificial
waterways lined on either ole with
vegetation are forty miles wile Tho
new tcteeeoe will nnable astronomer
10 study 1 thes lines minutely anl per
hap to find out whether rational be
lags Inhibit those parts of the 1 slsset
At least thit Is I what the Inventor
It Is I nInny Interesting 10 contem
plate tho marvelous progress of
modern science nnd In view of the
wonders of the prtsent centurv It
would bo rash to deny the possibility
ut tIIl turther ndvancement on lbs
amo Itne
To lule notions la I still n pacing Job
It the following figures are authentic
ItusiIVs czar Is said to have a daIly
ncomo of 30000 The sultan of Tur
key comes next with E0OCO The Aus
trian emperor earns J180CK nnd
the German ruler J10000 a day The
line of Ituly and the queen ot Great
Britain rerlvo IS COO a day each while
tho king of HelBlum only gets 2000
for his dally toll Other rulers nro
rather poor The president of Trance
earns COO a day nhd some of the Eu
ropean kings get only from JIW to soo
The kins of Denmark has S700 The
poorest paid ruler Is the president of
Switzerland whu receives onU GOOD
franca n ear not quite 1 a day The
Prcsl 1rt of tho United States receives
about 1131 a day
It Is clulmcd thot wnosan sllrrrage I
In Ohio In I not much ot n cuceens5 and I
they nro talking of repealing tho law
In that Mate pimply hMnuse nf the
entrstrwpennn It InvQlveR It appears
tbat Ihe ladles themselves are almost
enUrelY Indifferent to the political Is I
earn In the city ot Cleveland an ex
change eoyn In ito there vere rrgIs
tired OS31 women 4 915 of whom voted
In 1S9Q 272 women registered and
16U cast their votes In the spring ot
1137 405 women glle1 and nnli
221 oted and far the lat elecUon only
83 ladles registered A decline from
5800 to 82 In a couple of 3 ears Is I
lookt upon as an Indication that the
Idle of Cleveland at least do not care
lor luffrnge
Ta cnvet gralit Into dough without
I11111nR Is sold to be among the latest
Inrnllon The grain Is I soaked and
entering one en1 ot lImo mahlno tl
rrnohel and 1Ilntratl the ate
passing on to the bocaslisir machine at
the other nod ot the Rpparalus whore
It Il i mrnu0 and kneaded Into dough
which can bo preserved Indefinitely
without Injury The nutritive quail
tlei of th grain bran Included arc
said to bo preserv ed by this pri > cc s
nnnl Tln Wllh CugIsO
floe time to cure them I the minute
they start The remedy eedot Is I the
best one made Dallnrds Horehound
Sjrup Is I the most prompt c rtuln and
harmless remedy for all Throat Lung
or Chest Troubles Mr A U Arm
strong Clinton Mo a prominent
drucelst Bays 1 sell forty different
cough re11l shun I but never In my d
porlenee have I Old somucli of any
one ns of llullard Horehound yrup
All say It Is I Ibo most perfect comedy
for Coughs Colds Consumption file
lIeu 2 i and 00 cents
Bold by Z C M I Druz Depart
are tho o that know what I1allarola
HIIOW 1lnhnnt wl1l do Nseanaeos
from rtretihrd sinews or strained
muscles quick recovery when mis
hap bcfalli No liniment penetrates
like this nor It hss all the vlrluro at I
other liniments and peculiar merits of
Its own Cure when ethers only re
lieve nanlnhes Uhcumatlsm Neu
ralgia relieves Strains Call Hums
and Frost llltea 1ula and Inflam
mation simply cant stay where It Is I
applied Your money awaits you If
It falls to satisfy Irlce W cents
Sold by2 CM I Drug Went
The Llvrr Krep IVople Writ
Vben the liver la slucgUh all other
organs aie Involved lou suffer from
Constipation thU 505000 Jaundlw
Headache Indigestion rain In Nook
Chills and Loss ot lnoigy You will
aever know bow promptly the
troubles can be cured until you nt
Herblne It cures quickly when otln
remedies utterly fall llegulates On
Urr rurlfWJi the lUood lImb in In I
> Harmless effytablo Itemidy that
lIven ness Ito ansI soon y almost from
h first lIsle Ir1 I Ye rOt
Ire Trial Itottio at Z C M I
Drug Department
I firnys Laxative Pellets cur Con
I ollpallo
lneci bneanlreshstoc eotnI
Tho Academy begins Its twenty
lecond Academic year Aug SO 18P
mil offers Instructions In tho following
I A Kindergarten and mntrgr
ten Training school
1 A 1rlraary thool covering the
eIght grade
3 A High ehool coverlnj four
yoar work
4 A Commercial college covering
three years work
5A lluslo department Instru
menial nnd vocal
G A nomeolle Slenen DCIrtment
1lng Intruellon I In oookery ood
domello arts
7 A Collegiate department cover
ing four years work and offering
courses leading to tha following de
a A Normal reuben leading to
the dee o llachelor of Pedagogy
111 1db
p Academic couriei lending to
the degteea of Bachelor ot hclence
III 8 llachelor of Letters ill L
and Bachelor of Philosophy Ph II
Tor circulars of Informuton apply
to the Secretary tlrl ham Young
Academy lIen C Irovo city
Dont buy one for Christmas Th
ialace Market will furnish It to you
ree of cost
GJ South Main
rll 0 IIe
AVhleh requires a constitutional reme
dy It cannot bo cured by local uj > pli
motIons Hoods Sursannrllla Is I won
dei fully successful In curing catarrh
bellu It crndleal from Ihe blood
the scrofulas taints which cause It
Sufferers from catarrh lund a cure In
Hoods Hantaparllla even after other
remedies utterly fall
IIOOD8 VILLS are prompt cnlclent
alwn > s rellalle easy to take eai to
operate C
The worst cold I ever had In my
life was lured by t Chamberlains Cough
llcmedy writes W II Norton of but
ter Creeh Cal This rold left mo
with a cough and I was expectorating
all the time Tho cured me
and I want all of my friends when
troubled with a cough or cold to use
It for It wll do them BOO 1 Soldby
TurkeyI I
Dont buy one for Chrlctmai The
Palace Market will furnish It to yasa
tro ot coot
261 South Mnln
To Improve nod thicket the growth
of the hair and lestore Its natural col
or Halls Ilclr Ilenewer shnuM bo ap
plied and no other Ilecommended by
How to Currllllloui olle
I suffered for weeks with colic nnd
pains In my stomach causd by bilious
ness and had to take medicine all the
while until I used Chamberlains Colic
Cholera and Diarrhoea Hemedy which
cared me I hao since reeommndrd
It to a good many people Mrs 35 Hul
ler l Palrhnven COlin Persons who Are
subject ta bilious colic can ward off
the attack by tuklntr this remedy ns
soon no the fret nymptoose nlpear fold
Ly Drugglsl
Tho direct line to Kansas City Et
IxiJla and Atlantic seaboard Is I via
the Missouri raclflc Hallway from
Pueblo Through sleeping and chair
rain and nil c annee lIons made In
Union depots In the daytime It you
are going Hast and ear for a day
llght ride through the grand 0515cm
rry of the Ilocky Mountain enroClo
cc that your tIcket neude vIa I Mlo
oourl IeIM RaIlway Elrgnt chair
rare positively freo to the holdcu of
regular traIn tickets
II 13 KOOSUU cr r A
S Salt Lake city
LandrumB > Schools for daneln Third
South between Jfsln and West Temple
D Dancing > f every description laught
lEa public socials
111 UcQARVIE Lessee and Manager
Cosgrovo 0I Grants
h the RollleUsg Musical farce Corned
The New
rIfrfllITlI tIn NEW
fvmnHlrm flPtiOtbT
lII1C55tlr 33r 301 Sloan TIe
Latest la I coolly lluoMtilo of mIcrO
litter el > oM > Ute anil bent truami
AlUOUrtBlA swag
Ask Always for
Tel 428 00G2 S MAIN ST
< c < TO JOIL
u RII ftsI I f t
n > wulo Oil OWl > rnbo nt 0 ubovo
r i rX rI t w e
wonscstaIaalooss WddllJ8 dcorouo
EnLrebssIlI 11Old Un
W B CM m ns Hmn S Oil
lOst I dlsso r c 1f be les rllf i
i rob r rtlo
IS I an
C dtT Him 00 IUrui w I kLriiii TuT
l515 HII 535 llssol53a II uroen isscoa ssl lllloy
All blUTlTllU
iJZ C M I l
AVlll Boll Thin AVoolc
I a 300 Novelty Dress Patterns
They are the clean up of a maqUfacturor and ore ends of piece
lengths from 3H yards to 12J yards We will cut any length to suit Ivm
customers Those goods were bought at onohalf usual value thorn ° Ur
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In the Cloak Room Down Quilts
Theres a touch of dalot yrleganeo I Snappy all I daynfall
nt1r of
abontthe nomecoato tlntmukeslhsm vIornlart I IItt and
Ublyll It I lb II I tulsneheolo g I
e llll n I W
t ot K eropplng out CCrywherr d
f hlk all1 colorand mot trlklng Iel1 lIngn Irend n Llankot a quill
ly pretty colors I the are toofly fronl L reqalccl Th enlsow log bore oet
WII n lrrr ttulf
r re WI h ern r
lIett fillIng taIlor Ihse very tat tt 11100 any Irov loll anoueso lk
e1 erraUon trom Cloak < 1om Thyv Cl lOOPY II h It combined todnee ot nny doz1 iollo
got hurry up Prices ntlached Dont IhlQ Onnnrlll1111U J Is I roulI 1 In tlsin Iock Worth toes moro
Inlet Ihem p5 obilIt pilees jatt a lIttle luwr tha
I au d napret for equal goads
x me lra no
0 Undorwenl Section atil I flw YOY J Glove Glories
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go 10 make up tIle atooke ot the loet make thl Ideal glove tore 01010
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lane Iorlu ponolecn to them Unller fr y 00100 ° Nolhi ge0000eio nutln a
wear I higher III lrle Underwelr I fl m I UU to havo Iloe pllt or bUllon 10 0
lowet In l > rlco her Some 101 nre ollo Irash rn enter hre Muot be
gonlIhelr duplicate will coat more Ieal kid and ot renl 1lher Irtoct
Jnch cool day leens I Ihe chance to rolorlnl odboas 10 10 II wllh rIco
gut tomo of the good things loCk juot n lItlio lower I than oilofslores
Z c n i 18 1 IIIIIR m
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OVERCOATS Made made of Cloth hbrno 205oiii
Mens Suits zveods from homemade Cloth 750 up Wrilte BlanKets 500 u
Ladles Misses erd Childrens oil wool Stockings Mottled DlanKots 400 uo
Gray Blaiql eta 275 up Suits ITtide uo ordor from Provo Mill all wool
Red Blankets 000 up Casslmeres
Over rialf the product of our tnllls for the next six months la sold to Eastern firms wro acknowledjs
thaI our good ann better Iltan eostorl good
CUTLER BROS COo Agents Provo Woolen Mills
tU j fl4Jt4U 2 ° J 36 Main St Salt Lake City
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sHIPUERS HooFer 010010
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ScUUll S ORDS O OcloMr 1St I
We have a most complete stock of
SliotBun Ammunition I Hunting Coats
lloats anel i Sbootmt Equipage I at
Bottom Iliccs
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rreshnim anel Photographers Sup
plies is I coirpletc
Stud for llluitrated Cantlogue >
155 Main St 2401 Wash Avo
Salt Lake City Odscn
Printing Press
For Sale Cheap
One Bieley and Sevvall Cylinder Trcsi
bed 3 T4b a roller lable dislnbuilon
in fiistclist order delivered ree on
board caisat Silt Lake Part cash bal
ance en eay terms Aeldics
lmerlcau lype Founders Co
San Frandsco Cat
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Great Western Oak
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loir irlLi iuii ull ur thtni
The David James Co
rmites ooa iinnen 61 8 n
i mwiutof Ban J ni Drum Corp Lo
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16 Main Street
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head Wodbog uk od Oeanstanflls 0 synol
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Chemical nadflrpatwd
Frnqah Dry Clssn
Cleaning i10 a fipnwotty
and Dye 125 80mn lEst rell1lJla
me Scat 1 m g OisIcr O Mikt I 1
rf W KING Proprietor
Has moved to the large new store 30 Wut
Pint South and will carry Ibt chokesi auort <
meal of non 1 Ojiters and Poultry to bo found
la i the city 1 elephone jo >
TiO 1 RW 6Y Y Your oiscre W
And uso only Ihe Salt taUe City Ilrowtoff
ttkttlninluu Palo Luiwr liter Kacblwt
tle U profldi J wltb n ueut portflalu Ktoppfr
which ll easily manlpqlfttrd and en W 1 you
to use part of bottlo of here replace lbs
itoiuicr and hrey tlto remainder fcmk mid
nsen lor an IndettiYlt ll mrth t ol lime
lelepUono ta fso 17 for n trial order
Call and heir tho
ilfinifi Talking
Injilli Machines
I ii nn Choice Songs
iiirit I t arid Band
lu Ull PlecoQ
T I 134 MItS smm
Wernicke System
L1tJi l Jm IIUU18 I
A System of Unit that grows
with tIp library You can buy n
bookcase to fit your library ard
add to It oa the library grows
No empty arielves yet always
Plenty of room
S nd for froek booklet with full
Gruml Illisboleiss
1110 Ftllllll JOll
The wrIl drreerd man I not ptrlec
drexied until ha hna hl gloves oss II
perfection of his drcs dspslsdS on the
excellence of his gloves Toull tan
the Veal If you eel any one of ttot
For 1100Tory fine dogskin glosa
tune or browne aullord
For 41 00KlneMe > cha orundreweaKH
laos or browns 5 button unllmJ
We guarantee xtU equal to the best
SLC5 clove on the market
For 1123Two button dress XI4 ton
stitch unltned
For SJrncllBh Iluck Una irlvltt
elov et tan shades
For tl 110tOmes Kid one button W
finest street glove
For 1150Oar very best drlvlBEllo
Jluck face Kid balk unllaed Ill
buttonY1O1iII i llOil W
We Invo all kIn dossfwOn klsg nilt
from iiTccnYa to 11105 1 every oue more
than value Cfiuldn berln to tell fill
of all the stove glories here
136138 Main St
Deseret News
l Publishing Co

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