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I 11111111 l =
f I
Priesthood Heeling
monthly Prloslhood mcotlnR of
The hTeeting
the fail iJiko Slake 1188 hold In tho
Ass Aid Hull snIts iider Angus
M Cannon president at the make
and couiuelon prcsldlnu flinging
prayer by patriarch Wm II Walker i
The roll was called And responded to
bY ono 1IIgh Councilor live Patriarchs
Llelcr Ullan Xlorrla prenldcnt of the
U in founlccn pretl
High 1rlests quorum I
and home
of Seventies seven
dt nil
mi slonnrles All tile wards of the
tmlio were I rope rly represented ox
tlke werL Second nn1 Thirteenth
< I 111 I ward nnel Farmers Ad Urongr
ot the I counlr
The CFlr Second Eighth Tenth
iTunlh I Thirteenth fourteenth su I
111 I nth v n rliventunlh Ill Itteenth Nine
ti Ih TIent Nth Twenlfourth met 1
otynllh IUOruml of r hlen ore
q r Aelltra Ali Iy 101Iroplefbilla In eces
t 1nll 1 1mbince Ieer Priesthood
were bins nllendonco from the Fourth
Inh Thlrlonth I rurleenth Nine
I nth nn1 Tenlvl1rt 0 It word
rel ui 110 one fill CrIck HI Cot
killed Sulh Cation wood Oronlle
I n whudm1rnn Ile
and ccescentW41118 of the country
Th Bohhath oehool I of Ihe Slake
Sftbbt1n1tcIf 1cbc 81301
r retire ty Hu1nlondnl
Thilalfts C Orfugm and tire Young
1111 1 P Mutual Improvement
tlon bysuperinterelent Richard It
Vpon the ret mendallon of their
remef < live IMshops twentyone jnuns
II I n received CWtlllMilM fiuthnrlrlnK
Ihlr l ordination to the olllce of Jllder < 1
f ii h lioni promised to honor tin < i
Ilia ntllco and calllnB
I air > Jtlf
nl Tdr Onrse roJ a ill recommended
congregational ulnslnK
rider hall a W Iennme endorsed
Die remark ft the previous vpeakct
Alondil F1
Red Mid Bishops should not disturb
th Sacrament by I giving out notices
during the passing of the Prime but
rather Jut previous to admlnlt Allen
Jlo uggPOte1 that the limo he ecuno
mired In raw Ins the Sacrament b >
lh < assistance vt the Beacons lie
Alan pleaded to lee all many ounn
ren reollimended 10 bo or < lal11
rMtr but cautioned the Bishops to
11 1 great discretion In giving recom
numK 1 ns the Jeep list buity resin up
on them Young men vent 11I inhisluns
thould be Rood men men who can
tmly represent 7lon
Elder illas Morrla urged It fuller nt
tindance of lllsh priests at their
monthly mectlncs and asked lllshops
la assist In bringing about the desired
Slier Joseph li Taylor suggested
that Bishop dltlde the honor of nd
ministering the Sacrament f blesilnff
I of children etc wllh those
holding sit 0 proper nuthnrlly
In their ward Permission
had been given the Joint M I A to
hold their Kcstlons In the evenings of
t Past 41RAm Sacrament f should
I th refore be administered la the After
non of tht dy Members hould not
be re mtnendLd to the house of the
I I Lurd unless they were tithe payern
Elder John Wells oXIlnln1 the oh
lorl of the Industrial Bureau to t furnln
vork to the unemployed and made
A me ougesllolls for b otmnlle work
I to i made0In lliu HtnUe
I rider Angus 11 Cannon nnnounooJ
i that the Slnlto onference would be
hld nn the lltli of Pcember next
Ilr I felt pleased to hear the remarks
I I rUlnlnflt to the objel of the Indus
Ir d I Buln He said that Iless Jack a
Jwnltd tho I hn labored for the
v Ifare of their fellnvvman
The Asking udjourned to the second
Saturday In December Ilth pror
singing Lrd dlsmlsn us Ilenedlc
lion by Bishop Samuel A Woollej
Y M M I A Officers Meeting
The Stake supertntendency of the
Young 31en ulllnl Impronlllent
AtKodntlon of the Salt Lake Sink met
with ward officers ot the county dis
trict at the Murray school house Friday
evening The opening prayer was of
Iclcd by President W H Brown of
I Hunter lard Bull call showed that
here were thlrtythrte members pres
ent representing all the associations
In the district excepting Ilutlervllle
Ij At Mill Creek Granite Herrlman
Jut rton South Cottonwood Seoul
Jordan Wilford nnd Granger The
laM named forwarded an excuse for
I Supl lymn Paid that lholanr no
b2n N 118 taken at these mellnos v ouhl
h held as lit filling < un all odatlons
ollk Wh11 It on decided that these
meUa should his I held monthly II
1 tit he July of every piculdent to
J fl
a e that Ill arsoclation I had t1 least cup
J Ppr tile Ile nl ckeh meeting I In or
I d for nf Ill beat 1 IIef Ile Recent I
HLilud U would be necessary for the
Make superintend ncv and the ward
Offle Its to keep In close touch with one
Another II any of the officers 10 nol 1
Ilk the methods used by the super
Intend nev is ml 1 their soelate r they
arc Inl tied 10 make any sugmebtiont for
Improvement al any limo und tire Pacific I
UI I bo gladly received anti duly coI
red I
rnSept Imn Also Paid that nrtone
eynt are being reelected I hereby
01 j Association In the county district
111 I III rurnlhd wllh n lecture each
Innlh the Paine to Im given oil Bun
day cvenhir Tho date will arranged
to > ult the clrcumKtance of the sev
eral wards Ho also poke of the Im
N lIInl nra utatinu that now Is I
the tin for action and urged the
In Idnta 10 trained I Rtely make a
thorough nnvass In behalf of them I
Wi ulon Iuollght out the fact that
o orlly of these prevent thought It
Would lo bttter If collection week for
the collection of the Improvement
fuiil I w < ro made the middle of Dc
J ml r Instead nf the third week In
N labor Slip I yrann cautioned
tho Ir sldentH against trying to col
It Ills fund from those whom they
knoll were unable to Iy the same
bt I that those ought to pay who
at cI I to buS dance tickets
Tf meeting then resolved Itself Into
a tin L with counselor Joseph r Mer
rill Acting as Instructor lie conduct <
ed th 1 us through n portion 1 of the
c id Uiwn 1 In the Manual com
I Ill n ins with tho birth of Abraham
B rate it ftleort sketch of the Political
nnlIt1on 11 I lie lunolllo dow tothe
l Dahylonlh p captivity lly moans of
qo II no ho then emphasized the 1m
tl1tant Periods In such II manner that
all ft or1 cure1 II good Idea of the
iadlng facts connected I with the sub
JIt > At the close of the lesson a
hol illocuiloii < ot methods was In
dL 1 I In ojlil President J T Terry bt
Dr l M in pointed to conduct the
fell Ii 1 I = FMI upon the fourth Ion lit
Inh I Manual All expressed them
> an lirlngr neatly honefltted h > 1
7r t f r
Jf i mcttlnit l I still After bendlctlon by
r i r A n White of hardy the meet
14 Journed I to meet again Dec 3rd
In I Murray meeting house I
Lu > 08 SJOlll it T
Organization al Hcrrlman
At the regular monlhly last nay
In lint ul the Salnti of Herrlman
V rd h Id 1 Sunday November 7 1S97 I
r 1 r William C Crump was ordained
a I atnar h I
TWer James S Crane MOJ ordained I
I a 1lihc p and was set apart to preside
1r tto lierriman ward with Bid
3 11 Morris its flt counselor and
I r JooPIt II II Ilieloll as son 11
I Ins lor tt11 of the brethren above
1 A wr unanimously sustained
It r 1 In their rispTIUu callings
J I nt Joicth F bmlth and ii
d gt ty
I Fr ui > M Cannon Joseph i V T
1 it Charles I W lvnmse of the I
I or the hl lat ollb Ird In
The urdlintions tic The Petiphr l and I
l e leading rider of the I ward ex
pressed the elves In thu meillnR nnd l
il In the Brent bksslngs of the
Lord mtuullnn i hem
Much valuable Instruction was 1m
parted by the vlsltln brethren and
n god spirit prevailed during the en
tire Seel lee I
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
Garden City Notes
Yesterday morning nn old nnd feeble
nan by the name of Anderson living
In I tio first ward came up to police
quarters with a badly bruised fare He
Informed Marshal Sharp that he I had
cone JUt lu the I aI here he
stumbled over n pitchfork And fell
This cause d him to utter some Impre
cations on Ids old Ig l vvhteh was
overheard by his son It vounn man
nhout 23 yents of File lie tune up
And struck his fnlher In the face with
his hands and with a cloied pocket
knife saving hat he Was nlwajn
grumbling and he Iho Ron would I
tench him a thing in two The cld
man wan tell the oGicers it come lawn
nnd give Ihe son a talking to but did
not I want him nircsted or put in nny
legal trouble The case will I no doubt
be placed In the hands ot the county
At the Pilrsthood meeting held <
Saturday the lllshopn of the sve1
wards reported favornllly UIoll I lie fill
lections for tire Tabernacle fund which
Is I being collected In each ward anti <
Intedw that the Amounts nporllollod
to their wards would be collected In
time to pay Ihe Indebtedness ot the
Tabernacle when due
A Mr Watson came down from Salt
take yesterday < with teams And truck
to move the heavy machinery ot tho
power plant company from the depot
to the canyon there being no vehicles
In Irnvti strong enough to carry the
heaviest pieces
The followln marriage licenses have
been Issued by Deputy County Clerk
Robinson idward Klnir of Spaniel
Fork aged 29 andlleim Holm ot take
Shore need lit Vm Ctabb n eto 23
and Hose May I Hacker uged ISboth
of Iehl
The Lincoln school on Provo Bench
opened today with M I liuhman as
teacher There are about llfty chll
dren In the nOIhhot hood who will be
benclUlcd by the school
Over Km wni realized from Ihe
Pprlngvllle Fourth ward < fair the
amount will bo turned Into the funds
for the erection of u ward meeting
n J Dugdato has been Appointed ad
nlnlstrntor of the estate ot Anrun
Dug < lnl deceased under 100 bends
tuUunlnj f night and yesterday Im
had the fleet snowstorm of the season
The Hellmn Novelty eOll1pan plays
tomorrow night al loulhworths hall
Baml of Posen tonight nt the Opera
Schooling Outside of r Schools
trrom the Congregationalism
A bicycle tour last July brought Co
our notice n feature of public educa
tion In Uetrnnny which might wisely
be Imitated this country We arrived
one day at lloslar on the northern
edge of the late mountains The nro
prlelor nf our hotel Avon busy prepar
ing for the coming of six Iy boys They
ulrlvcd the next evening with their
kllpncks on tOOl anti uceolltlmnted
lIy thiel or four teachers In the
largo dining hall after their bread and
beer brief addresses were made to
them and they snug lustily several I
rk i
patilotlo And folk none They were n
lively but orderly company Next
morning they gathered In the public
squate Four the rot ancient historic
b U tilling In the town The events ol
Inteicbt which had < I there transpired
were recounted to them and other
songs weie sung In praise of tho fath
erland I We afterward saw them In
I atloni excursions In I the nelghorhood
vyloui companies of students t were
often met with In the Harz and In the
Thurlnglan forest Wo learned that
theso journeys are an Important part
of chool life Tho Pupils como some
times front small villages omellmes
from the larger towns The proposed I
route Is laid out els or even months
Kforclnnd Tire pupils diaw maps of
the region through which they are to
bass Its features of geographic his
toih1 llteiary and geologic Interest are
Pointed out to them They nro told
what they may expect to see and how
to see IL
usually each pupil makes a weekly
contribution toward the cost of the
till till the amount needed Is I secured
Of course strict ecoir my Is practiced
and the expense Is I email Often they
sleep In bains or In large I halls cov
ered with straw They are Instructed
ns to their outllts and < each boy carries
what he requires strapped nn his shoul
tier I A They divide themselves Into sev
eral groups One group marching ns
lenders another bringing up the rear
another nclln its scouts and 00 on
They study botany natural history the
roads and how they were made the
raiding end < l moving of crops and many
at tier things They visit tile homo
N here men famous In war goOrnme1
or llleraturo have lived They learn
poems IISsoclnl lnlIh places Prom such
n Journey lasting three days to three
weeks they return to their own com
munities with many new things of In
teresl to talk About and much valuable
Information I They write essays on
their trnvela and observations This
outdoor study In Germany Is consld
Fred Important enough lo bo made the
subject of nn Ind1 report In n
volume Just Issued hy the English edu
cation office
Thor ties mnylarll of our country I
where ouch school Journcjs might be
made especially Instructive still enjoy
able Massachusetts has many places
especially along Its seacoast rich In
historic associations and l lieauty of na
tural scenery Many of the leading
aspects of education limit ample Illus
trations In our hills and vallejs our
towns buildings museums monu
ments and factories The crlp air oi
there Autumn dos the rapidly chan
Ing splendor of field and < torrid Invite
anti allure tire student Put of douric A
tramp of n Ingle day under suitable
guidance < might he made to give iterit
to weeks of school life while n Journey
nf n week might prove an unceasing
Inspiration to study l find patriotism
Such a plan Included In the prospectus
of a private school when properly set
forth would be sure lo prove n great
= = = =
Highest Honors World5 Fat
I 11 I tr I I i I
4 I
J 1
JU Ni i
t l r I I
of Tab Powder F
4 Cream
1em Ammonia Alum or any Other aJull I
CO Years the SUidai2
attraction We believe that the ex
perlment might he tried III OUT public
schools with jromhH of citelknt results
V11g Stu iarb V Teen
sults lIch objeet lessons ns would
Abound on every side would Intensify I
the Interest of the pupils would fix In I
thelr mlnds Importunl I knowledge nnd
ould foster love for their oti state
slid country
A Novelist Not to bs Believed
Irish Weekly Times A curious once
dote wus once told ot one of the chief
officials In the general postotllrt who
held the highest rnnk Among our well
crs of notion passing from Ills room
at the iKistoillce 1 through on open door
ho distinctly saw n letter sorter nh
tract II sovereign from II letter And pill
It Into his pocket Tho man wns gen
Into custody committed to lorlsoll slid
brought to trial The only vv lIne I
wn the gentleman who saw the henl
committed At the close of the ex
nmlnntl for lie proeutlon the
counsel for tho prisoner thus addressed
the witness 1 believe sir besides
holding < nn nppolntm1 In tile pcist
cilllce you nro n popular author The
reply vvis In 1 the nlllrmntlve Pray
elr what may be the class of books von
write Works of Bnagltmtlon
Works of Imagination fiction lies
Pray sir I how kAdrbuivtcIIhood I y ou first
began Alik < > gnln your livelihood In 11 part
hy ouch nn occupation Nine enrx
Your mother I believe uan also IIn
author anti wrote similar hook May
1 nk fur how many ears she galillN
n llvellhood by doing so Twenty
Then turning to the Jury the counsel
orblk Gentlemen 1 A lit sure no Brit
Ih jury will convict the prisoner upon
tile unsupported evidence of it person
who comes here and tells you that he
Iran for nine Years gained n rnt part
of 101 1 ellhnod I by telling lies A till
that Ills mother before him hall tot
lowell tire Fame enlllng for 21 Year
NlitulthAtanelinir the Julgem PIUA14
uP the jury Is said to have acquitted
the Prisoner Probably I never having
heard tire Brett novelists l name till he
nppcnred In the ltnoF8 box
Those Who Writs
Jtr Gilbert has been preparing n re
Issue of tho famous nab Ballads with
the addition of many of the songs
which have appeared In the different
Savoy opera
Itlchnrd Harding Davis has finished
his dramatization of The Soldier f of
Iortune and read the maunscrlpt lo
Mr Charles rrohmannl Mhone sugges
tion the novel was mude Into u pluy
He await Mr rrohmana verdict
While literature certainly pays mar
veloucly well In Knglnnd literary men
do occasionally go outside of lltcia
lure 10 make money A came In point
Is I that of Mr lenrge It Stearns f who
though hardly n mnn of letters Is cr
talnly nprollllc Pull Popular writer
It seems that Mr Sting was once bald
and now he I Is not The lmOtlon
used by him to restore his hair Van
made from a ocelpl which ho Ill
sees The restoration was no mar
velous that ho organized n company
mll Is putting 111A Mtrum on the lIIar
ket The novelty of the writer liecom
Inll n pnll1lmpdlclne mail hn At
tracted wide Attention In England and
given Mr Sims more ndvertlslng thin
ho could get by any other means so
that bo now stands II chance of mak
Ing moro mane than lie has ever made
out of literature
Mr Barrie 10 fjulrted as Pitying 10 n
lecturer who wished hIm 10 Sneak In
public of his experience In Nottingham
on the staff of the ipresi of that
town I thank you for jour letter
and wish jou had l n better subject for
jour lecture I dont know of nny per
sonal article about myself that Is I not
Imaginary still largely erroneOIlS But
there Is I renlly nothing to tell that
would Interest nny one Yes I was
In Nottingham for n year and like It
well though I was known 10 Perfect
any one If you ever met nn IIncolllh
stranger wandering In the dark
around the castle len or twelve Yellen
Ago hi Olpenmnce unimpressive n
book In ench pocket And his thoughts
100 miles due north It might have been
the subject of your lecture Thin re
call to an Hngllsh commentator
another nnuecdoto of Mr Barrie I I
nm Alive YR nl Thrum he said I ex
copt when tire Papers ny 1 nm
Fometlilng About tlie Way In which They
Are HI site
Tho ancient Egyptians made artificial
flowers of horn shavings stained In vnrl
Otis colors arid leaves at paluteil linen have
been found lit tombs at Thebes From n
mote Period l the Chlnem have used the
pith of n certain Und of bamboo for mak
ing Mowers Crnniu one of tire Hoiilan
triumvirs was the first In Homo to have
them made of gol < and silver
During tho middle < ages flower made of
metal eatln till wax nnd paper i were
lined In I tire Itoman Cnthollo church with
symbolical signification on fetal oeca
blame they went Nvurn merely for ornoment
In 1728 Squill n botanist and chemist
began manufacture of flow on In Paris
employing parchment for the flowers and
brittle for thortcms Ills work wnscn
perfect and nrtlntlo that the Jcnlou y of
tome of tile leading painters was aroused
From that tlmo Ibo inauufaottiro nt licit
llclal flowers steadily grew arid developed
In Franco and today the French excel In
The nrt Tnl Introduced Into England
during the French revolution by refugee i
who tifie of It as a arcane of lubslt
ence 11 has been uClesrully tulluralbed
In the United States lintres or mrlolls
slzc and thanes stomps KaufTcrIntr Irons
of different kinds inoleli called velnen
and agate or glass buruUhers tire the chief
tools Made lisa of lit the innmifaeturo i
The Icuvoa and tile petals nro usually
node of Ml k or cambric Tho materl to
bo ehlpctl Is folded ecveral times laid I upon
n leaden table still n stamp Is driven
through Gauffering are made use
of to hollow the petals vclncrs ns the
namo hnldl are used to vein the leaves
and the burnishers aro employed to give
the petals n Polished appearance The
stninciiband plslllti are formed of wire
covered with milk Ibo stalk II J mado of
wire routed with a gtttn material arid In
fixed to tho stamens and Ibm around
which aro attached the petals and lastly
the calyx Duels fire mndo ot cotton 01
glass balls rtivcml with silk nrrambrlo
The florists fingers guided by klll anil
tlSle hate much to do with tile beauty ol
the flowers produced grnit Ingenuity It
often displayed oven In a cheap sprig con
slating of htveral matcrlaU woll put lev
getWr And orrangitl
French vrholesnlo houses engasnl In the
manufacture of artificial floncru have
each brand rPecial branch thus ono laoLef
only frohey another wild flowers n third
leaves etc Tho best nnd moot expensive
flowers aro hand palnUieL IaUadUnhla
lln cs
A Gnat leiiiptallon
A few days njto a tnluUtcr preached ot
tho Virginia penitentiary In till eongre
Ballon was ono Wiulilnfrtan Hills n con i
Viet from llucldn liatit cx > unty anti 1 a
rrejicher too i > torter ta no nylwl
hlmKlf before ho boosters an hl1n11WOr
our state hotel I
The mlnliter wishing to learn some
tiring of tin history or JIIIls crime ojicd
him whn he Tea Imprisoned for
Jc Cadlcgeih replied Wiuh an
you know IMCT n nU rr will ilo risk moo
tnrtlcular cf Its inp u to cut
Will If you Mere wt fm now nftet
cerilng two terms and l knowing lIat a
tlilrdvcouilc would it mj < J ou vv tot
life do J ou think you could bo templed M
steal agnlnf
No sulil I I dont think I would Vnc
Ito hern In now altog liter 13 fears an
when I lilt out 1I0X lime rt I was to KM
mail thin lav In roun loose Id walk away
fom III
11 we said tho minister Suppo <
you were going nontf tile iond and should
00 to n 11011W InvNillell there lias 0
bimitlfnlly tooLc l 11OfRUIII npxvo tin I
aroma from this jioinum was illicit to
ward you nnd 3 ou should moo him lying
horn nH orbit n1 brown with sweet to I
Irdoes sliced anti placed 1 nlolllt Milliliter I Ali
sonlod lllIlho grease you nehing vvith him
gorandthowa7 lrrlly elmr to pirinhc I
or that rush do you think IOU could
withstood ucb temptation
UIIIr I a 311 litilles me heragry I
nMlln of neobuixt It I you vertlly do but
I believes 1 cOIIII let tie I poefiliul JAws at
dough I knout tale make 10 tattrisl I
Wllfhhton Pont
eoth HbbataIIII
Kvery ono knows i that tho highland I
of Kotlaiid are ino veritable stronghold ol
SnbhntnrlanUm In I Its nuhnt character
There Pro not wanting Indications how I
ever of nrcllllntjof the old rigidity A
Scotch imjier chronlclcH clrcuimtancc
that one fundaynullyell IjwrnesoIatkm
luniiilcil f nlnignnu Nhentheyreachell
the summit at 8 90 they found n rapel
Intimating that nnother party had boca
them nt fl a m nn < while at brcnkfat n
I third imrly of 17 arrived ut the biimmlt
lolr In flat cLiy the Inverness lately IM
cemlecl Hen Macdhul and found tlnetsol
thrco others In the > hOI > e nf v Mtlng cnrdl
left III black bottle lrowould 1 hi
thought colulliento the journal 11 t
six Inverness leloiMlnn to tile till
cut churches In tile coniliiunlty wotllu
have bO far forgotten thcniMlrai I as to for
get the cliurch for n w hole Sunday 1l1U11 go
unay trumping Iho hIlls I l Iinleult I >
How to feet KJE Until
A vvlrovUilsk Is Ibo Ustliuitcr Have
tile CSRS cold and Always nclcl n pinch i
ot salt to them bolero commencing to
beat They should bo Unlit and < 1 dry nud
that me ins to put Air into them no at
t ItrultbI I I
rach stroke will the beater lift uil from
Life eggs Arid the work will Lu quickly
IIccOUlIIIbetl I
Lilrn10 Diet
Xo I ran make > ou contribution I
dont believe In sending out foreign mis 1
Hut ties Scriptures command us to
feed tho hungry
Ihoiimn of wealth rugged his shoul
Well Id < feed them something ehcnlier
than mlsslonnricd he rejoined 1 with the
bruticrlo that cliuracterles hid class
1clolt Journal
The lIrnohcr 810 goldplccc which I
ws Ftruck nt Newburg N Vo In 17811
was the IItit upon 1 which Ill Ilurlhui
UI1UIII appeared
Old glll < B bottles which nro mnro or Jean
ul criv now ground up arid cmploji
as II blliulo for finnil In the preparation
or orlnr
Tile NonlIlon iN ere originally called
ugllllb8 or 3 title
7 =
SrnT Cull TBRATutse rr trnrtg dloO
villarluni I me yl ki I
fgi Alberta n f tr
diisseavilu met nW in 021cu
lamonX Ar alone 111111U 1111f 1 1
loIQ1OQI I ouo rn d or COTevn U OL
Tit11191leM otbiodiualacrussaafraneackirej
LL r
to arlimicies X = =
w 8 to esoIltIld fill Qt = from
FED ROUGH 1iAffDST 4 PMalld Rose
I Agrilhoot
IvIll 111
11 f I
t 1M0 10mily 9 11cllle
In lie District Court of the Third Judicial
VIC of the btatis ot U tb count
0180 It lAk6 I
111 y Meade Plaintiff vs lleory A Uuiaf
The State of Utah endi greeting lo Henry A
1 at 1 1 befen 11
TTOU AI IE iiEiiKnr iiFgui nn TO Ar
MAVE n brousiltax Ill 00 10
tI Died pllllIttn I 1 the 1tI CRA 1y1
of tile third J IMclict 1 At the stile of
Uh lallir 11111 ItillemplakirL died there
Us Ilarark eA 0 70 loxcl 1 UT a I t h st du 01
civies after thIVIls Lit loll of till UbI
onI set 0 WIIR b on ore
A 41t not RIId1a1t11111
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wtlbla twenty dtytt otherwise within forty
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it aysor ju og br tlsul will be I
a lainat you According to the prayer of old
1 ho said action ti brought to base judgment
Against attendees tr the sum 01 12fiva prinel 1
Re 1 ad interest I h ve < rn rr
lbJ7 mill per cent per aotiam until 111 0 bOb
bou 0 site r nollUOl for M 1tormey
t IRO for coal 01 enL AtIlIdo n on
orals a certain Iroml on eneo 10
aid defendant 10 Utnllfl at 4 1 lakoUhy I
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W rTlrjj and fur oilier relief hd i jrvmive
be Ins uurt 6 4 II < 110 A to wi Ari1 10
Ilol 11 rp 11 7b An uk tt Lima City
amkIo Ill await wrote server il
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Place 01 laxmirmA I tUht n 14 I bl 1kQLitr
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110 hoora L daraadh mail
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Judia IItract I 84 car tie
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thousand a Ib k Duo red and slaty
safeimin I T PCNfiAIt CUrfc
Ivia M Lloa < lor
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DINNER ilrde ardrf BecortiolfIIri hJc71fI vi MOD
SET Joel for a vers 1 re I A at lu Sol
retire d best qua Ity
M Piece ViiU rioter
liueorntlein I ultli I ala
DINNER 1i I rlI tel 1 IhW S450
SET pit I 111111 6 yl prettys is be i Per Sel
qualit y va rtod
1 Ileeem Hell I li
DINNER IVandtIIdTlmbas il c l S573
SET a rralir UI compaue Ir 113
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1141IrceIiApple 11I10 l
DINNEM l Imtelleand I
rlmmhgl hlom
BET 1 Ieo I 0 1000rOOlI rlh I 1erScl
IInd rrnlert 1lIndsome c y Bos 111ty t
Great American Ii1pDrliu Tea Go
245 Main Stroot S L C
340 25th St Option Utnh
n = Z = ItlFjl = Irzl =
rWTIr1 I 1 I J
I D via c s sc d
I WOmell 5
M q
11 4
I Some sensible seasonable 0 6
sonable suggestions
1 on dresses and dress 3
I 1 ing In the October 1
1171111Pirk 11 stands hoa a
N yr rnk A lluensVy New York l
I Lf t nmerjrCIrrr < < s
I M ME N 111009 S ADAMS
Attorneys al Low and Land
7jH McCornlcV Illcck Rall LiV Hi
Attorneys at Law
Rooms cat to 9o3 McCormick Work
nux MC0811R
Attorney at Law and Justice of
t e Peace
Rooms 4141 Commercial Block
Attorney atLaw
nooms M loll Commercial limit
Hull lake rill
Attorney al Law
Boom30 Hooper IllnekHalt take City
AttorneY ILew
Room 33040 ConHllullon Build ng thin SI
Attorrtey atLaw
Rooms 93 b and 3 > Hooper Building Salt
I L City
Rooms 138 and 139 Constitution Building
sj Saudi Main l Stittl Salt Lake Clf
Scavenger No5
Clouts and Oipooli Cleaned NISAND I
BERG Address 336 Lam Sicvem11 Avenue
Ordcn ulrn st lift W f 6ulh IrnipeSticet
I Make
1 1 Your
11I 11
k I I i Rants s
6 1 Known
in the
Ii WILL IAl T e nn IT j
Ro Ko THOMAS i I 1 1 4 i
18 anfl 50 Iain Street Salt Lafce City T i
I If F
Fail Goodso 1 ItI It
Light wight Fill Capes each 7Co 11
Fur trimmed Beaver Capes i0fi It I
Braided 1 fur trimmed Capes S425 A i
Asttuclian 1 IIRO sweep Capes S17C 0 I
1luah Capes plain und long 075 i II I
Ir I
An immense line of liner Capes in Aatnicknn Plush I I
and Cloth ranging in prices from 000 to 0000 f II I
each I i
it r
Blazer Jackets 1 if
I I 1
Silk Waists JfA
Sliided Silk Waists new a great bargain 413 I
Brocade Silk Vuists new a I greit bargain SOUO I
Babys Cloaks and Hoods i 1
Infants long Cashmere Cloaks SIliO 1 175 225 up I I 9
Infants short Outing Cloaks Mo 7Cc 8100
Infants wool Eiderdown Cloaks 170 200 200 1
Infants Silk Hoods UOo took 7fio I
Infants nntnml wool Undershirts 25e worth fflo is
Infants white Jibbed Uuderahirts 25c UGo 4Cc
If hlll
Ladies Flannelette Wrappers newest cut 120 SlCti i I
find 200 I s I I
Ladles Print Wrappers medinm shad os Wo
Ladies Percale Wrappers medium shade 7tlo I iI i
Ladles Pelcale Vlappels dark 100 anti 125 I I
Night Gowns I L t
Ladies Flannelette Night Gowns 6Bc 7fio 100 Ill
31 Nfi t
Indies Embroidered Might Gowns IBa Ciio 100 1
Childions Flanneletlo Night Gowns lOc GOo flOc lli l li
Cliildrens Flannelette Underskirts 20o worth 40o I
Childrens knit Union ° HCo worth 40o Iil I I
il I
Knit Underwear I
Ladies natural ribbed Veaic Sfic ICe COa I P t I
Ijndies wool ribbed Vests Bpechl Boo worth S125 i I I
Ladles Munsinr platud Vests 1UC and 8175 k 11 I
Ladiei Union Suits 7Do 6100 SlUS SlCO L70 8213 r 11
and 6260 I 11
CLOSING OUT i i it i
Mens Wearol1 Hl 1 A
More room for 1ndiea Goods HUT now at abont 11
half prices Mens Underwear Shirts Collais I I
Neckties Gloves and Sweaters
Dress Goods Velvets Trimmings
Wo dovoto one hundred feet of shelving to DRESS
GOODS Vo are making a great specialty of Dress
Goods Cheap ineiliuni and good all I at prices lower
than any other house will name on corresponding
quantities When you want to buy a dress dont fall
to bco our line I I I
Towels Towels 1
Wo want to sell JOOdoen Anon Damask and Hnck
Towels bought before tho great advance in linen goods t I
fcio t our towels and save Coo to 75o per dozen I 1
Curtain Nets I i
Chenille Covers I
We offer at a great sale 63 Chenille Table Covers all
sizes choice and new utteni3 r1 I
Shoes Shoes I
For tactics Boys and Girls wo sell wearers combined
with style > Ko paper shoes iu our house but all I
solid leather i i
A f Il
ConcilLtsion I I i I
Any article wo deal in is all right and perfect In I I I
value nnd it will be to the interest t of purchasers to I
come fiom near and tar and pet their winter suppliea i I
tile st house in Utah I
from cheipobt 1 i

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