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Coloradoans Fear It Will be Wreaked for the
Recent Killings
00 0 trom Fr nohoo 0
1rO <
UbU 1I < k 10 Itop Ik J > I > uool
TVhlte nock Utah Nov OIn re
pOoe to an order from Copt Wright
Cavennugh with nfteen men
from Fort Cuchesne has arrived hero
nd abllhd a cnmp
The coue othl order It Is I stated I
U I tht rumon have rachd the apl
ia 1 that tho Indians are leaving the
vollon 10 Mnd to two and thre
Tre t rnlng 0 Coloradu to avenga
roaesacre of their comrades thfre
Llat Cavenaughs duty hero Is I to
beck ans further exodus
Tomorrow morning Lieut Cavenaugh
111 meet Sowawlck ehlef of the
White Illvers the Indians concerned
In the rcent maaaacre and dleua the
fiovawlck and the other White
Blurs demand nn Investigation of the
1 cot killing from Washington
om Met
0 1 c e
Xew Yurk Nov 9A dispatch to the
IleraU tram Madrid says
lold Mondal Senor Homero Ilobledo
made an Important speech to his n
bmnU About 100 persons were pres
ent and he spoke for two houis After
alluding to the notional loss sustained
by the death of Canovas he pioceedtd
to lay that the conservative party In
Ruin no longer exists He dlreetod bit
itr rtcllmlnatlons against tho eonser
itlvei who han gone over to Sllvela
Ill verly censured Marshal Martl
ae Campos for his behavior since Can
ovli death He euloglzj General
wevler and praised I Canovas memory
for having I kept him In olllce in Cuba
1 throueli thick and thin He said that
If the liberals fall In their program It
I I all up with Fpiln He declared that
Spanlnrd rognlzcd Uneal Wy
th 1 ucc nnd ondmnrl Ihe
autonomist regime Ho said tho liberal
roveminent has dreams every night a
te where General Weyler Is I going to
ducmbirk but that the government
do not know wht nneal ylr
thinks because It Is I going to ask him
He concluded his tperch by saying
that he approved of General Weyler s
views and that he was resolved to come
loan understanding with him
Komero llobledos speeeh Is I consid
ered throughout Madrid as n wonderful
piece of oratory very wars and skill
ful and it has caused a sensatlonhere
On Tuda arrnoon at 3 olock
Romero llobledos leading adherents
lll meet In prlvnle council This meel
Ing I la I understood will treal of an
uiembly to convene early In December
10 to a mmorlol In honor
of Canova lu propagal the docrn
or nomro 1obledo and tn arrange a
manlrtolon In tavor ot ylr
la tn haM ot Imprtant otlr
Inis I held Monday In Hantander
n wn a crod1 meHlnl nml
tally socialists but the socallpts pres
ent formed a verv mal portion of the
MCmblnKe At this meeting on mo
tion of the celebrated socialist ornlor
Pablo iRlwlM It was unanimously re
I ahIln Irom nO monlfln
ton In General Weylers favor on his
Th mln t hleh Onrnl Wy
Ir Ihavlor In Cubn wr r vorp
ly criticised was packed nnd complete
onltr was observed The pov > ulnci >
ere ted the resolution That we do not
n1 any nnlrptallon In Opnal
I ttevlcrs favor with tremendous np
plou nnd rlnlng bout o Nr
nr The other nthlg w nt n
Carlll hnnilirt nf fifty covers held
at the Hotel do J rono During the
I Incly speeches rrxiken General of HI Wevler health was was flitter drunk
nd thno pnl roolol tn otpn
a n e
lh 1 ter
o rt n
Th nro or n hpr
10 I Final Acrimnt
New York Nov Onnr Admiral
blander Golden Ithlnd U S N li I
dad < l at his home in this cits He had
hen confined to his bed for five weeks
Admhal Ithlnd was born In this city
October 31 ISl his father being a
iromlnenl ship owner In Ihose dass
ti < > afterward became distinguished
In the diplomatic service of his county
r Plenipotentiary to Constantinople In
After receiving an education In this
I th future admiral enlered the
ravi i a midshipman In 1838 recclv
I hi nlpolnlmnt from Alabama
I bamn a leutenont Marh 1
1S and at the breaking out of tho
rhl r was In 0mmal1 01 Ihe
lmr ruadr of tho South Allan
10 Lo kada aquadron
I I rtormd olrUnn In ldlto
und Inr hlch he rclvd the hank
or t the navy department and wan In
command of tho Keokuk during the
ttack on Charleston April 7 1803
hon he ran his ship lo within 150 feet
or the walls of Port lhln drawing
Ih fire if nil the forts upon her She
si truck ninety times In thirty min
ot < and IS shot hit her below the
tw line She Hooted duilng tho
fhl but sank early the following
wrnlnir but all Wands were caved
Through tin
Co Ornt and comman vr1
flu I nirong them th Pal il Jon
and the Wnbash It was at tho ntack
5 r F sher Icwever thai I
i erer dated by
Ut t Ireston and a volui
rum his own ship I lie I comn uled Iho
Ubilana which loaded t
lol i al 3d 2l
lo f Run powder nnd mlet
rpljjj by clockwork was t c
the fort The olllcera
n r taken off bv the teamor Wider
1 Jowlr bot 1Iw UI o
fct hl u to le I U
< tll l
rt n h dm rihe H tr
il r o Co nl dm
FO I r l a
h n 1 I
I h Iave to reommnd thm
dll t In e Jr
th hn apnen 1 ra loo1 cb a tl o rln an 1 r
Jh i o t thteCo
f nfl
h K J I r n
I i a prodont of tho board ot
h II rhln 0 ro no8n t C
admiral onda ctlred the following
I day never havlnt muriled reached lha dee ilmlu lie I
ACu a 1Ilh Lo CIlm
Wet BUIorlor WI No An 1m
porant doliion bo hn hnd dOl n
hy h suplme oourt ot Mlnnsota In
the cn 01 Jo Hoy agant the Du
IUlh and
Irn Hango lalla com
pn Inollng Ute to a
lun ot InnJ outh 01 the quarr ln
Upled to I Iuahl
Afr ltgnllon corlng a peiod or
tuurn yea In hh ral tran
I r mad and In hleh the tnte
ot Mlnnsoh John Mglna and o
D Jenon Ogurod the dlatrlct court
lound an1 the uprm ourl 1
nrmed ht Hoy the qulahle
ownr ot the land and julgment n
ntered dnrlng him to be uch and
bnlng the dI11nnl trom n Ighl
11 or In Ibe ame
Uot 111 I uo
Nv York Nov 9Dr Nuwbr
loundr nt Brntwod Lng blond I
oad trum pnumonlaconlracld at Ih I
funral of len neorC le 1 an
Inllmat Irlen1 ot Mr George nnd an
art advocate of the singletax
St laul lnn Nov 9A ntonnl
onvnllon of American slock breeders
and 10derA has been called to meet
In Ihl ciy January 17I2 next Inclu
Tho convnton I a dirct or
Khoqt ot tho Nallonal Fermee con
r wlloh aa In Ion here r
cently I Is I backed by prominent
stock breeders throughout the coun
trs and a large attendance Is I promised
To Make Murrlrit Men r y I p
De Molnes la Nov 9An ussocl
aton eomposed of business and po
mn all oer the tale hi
hen working qulty lor erl wek
curing the signatures to the articles
ot membership with u view of pre
ntlng a monster petition al the net
gnrol assembly for n change of the
empllon lawa rlallng to morl1
mn so thai bills may be collectible
spccllve of the fact that they aro
heads of lam I
arocrymon butchn bk nnd
oth In ntllc pursuits as
mecante purui 1
a protllonnt mn 01 al cia ar
nag1 In the projct The prant
India lon nre that blor the genrl
ombl a the
mee Ignatur
wi rah Into the thounnd Ioney
I to be rld to mlntaln 0 lobby at
the state house during he sslun tu
urge the passage of the bill
Ordinance With That Aim Introduced in the i
Chicago Council
I 0 10 Me
001 10r Tlu Wo fb
1 ahlC
Chicago Nov Alderman Platlto
will Intruduee at a special meeting ot
the city council AId for this after
noon a measure to prohibit the pLis InK I
of football anwhere wlhln the limit
of the city of Chicago
In speaking of his antifootball or
dinance Alderman Platke sa > s Whs
do I Introduce It becnusu It Is an In
human gmun game that ahould hav
been stopped long ago Somebody gets
hurt badly every lime a football game
Is plased and many have been killed
I Is I forty times worse than prize llghl
Ing Id lather tee u pilze light any
day than a game ot football I teaches
school children lo be brutal
I Is I thought likely many of Ihe al
dermen niay lake the ordinance seri
ously and 0lbh pas It I would
oaue canst nalon omong lovr 01
football for It would put I bar to tho
hi gal noxt Soturdn blwu the
Chlago and WIonln unel
earns and to the other big games
icheduled for Thanksgiving Day be
ween the Chicago and Michigan mil
erslty elevens
tudr of UirVlcc rre > llDnt
Nw York Nov 9A dispatch to
the Herald from Iluenos Ayres sasst
he Heralds correspondent In Itlei
Jonlro Dnull sends word that Vice
Prlldnt Vletuno did not vial
Ireldnt Mora nier the attempt to
aaEalnate the i latler lat rrlday nor
did he attend the funeral and burial
of Minister of War Illtlencourt who
was killed In that affair Ills attitude
hn aued a grat deal 01 eommt
General Canlurla has been appointed
to succeed General lllttencourt as
minister of war The principal officials
of the navy have expressed lo UK
government the adhetlon to Us
The situation Is mil regarded as
grave in Illo Janeiro Tie 1 police are
watching the offices of the opposition
opwo teln Ihv I be at
i dIY cltlz TI oo s reo
main undr arm rcady 0 qu1 any
Imperialists In Urazll nre prparng
to mnke u demontalon ot the tunr
al 01 Count Mota Mala 10 W08
phYIIlan to the lato Impror Von
Iedro and 10 dath occurred
terduy A message has been pie
In the Chamber of Deputies demaud
Ing that the mtrtlal law be oonlnud
In Ro Janlru bcause ot the exlt
nc 01 n con ph ao agolnt he gov
ernment and that a pension b grnt
ed to the family of General IUtn
court Iv members of th opposl
10u have gone ovr to tbe govrn
lont Ide ot Ihe chalbr I Is I a
etd that tho murderer of Geneul
Hltlencourt has made revelations and
that the governmenl now knows the
plans of the conspirators who have
been plotllnK Its overthrow
An official statement has reached
Illo Janeiro Ihnt In the recent fight In
Binlo Splrllo In which forly Jacobins
were killed the cighl Italians Italians the aggressors
IHICST > n Ln 1rL I
Ir 0 Ih on Dah nod I
New York Nov The Tim ay
The lltlle schooner Sllvi r Heelsw hlch
In the early morning of Sunday Octo
ler I 1 passed the revenue cutter
nd IUI 10 sa wlh a argo
Chandle arms ammunilon for the Cu
other dan
hn Inaurgent enoountrd
g appear in br noW tmou
f p I I tribulation I l tlh the un arl I
Michael M ot h
Wla ora owne
WI n wna sura on tho day following
Ihe depaiture of Ihe Slver Heels that
f tur 1 engaged In th
his boat was Peaceably engJ
humdrum work ot toalng mud 0wsIO
The tUg may taken 0 ca1
0 1e n7nrlr
nn the mornln In
ot the
tow f coonr
r Il l t J t l f t J I b n
but If that was the case Captain Cut
Ir ha1 mad n rpurt ot th tct
Th Uboquont reo
lvr 11 wa
Iorld 01 Ihe 1lorllo cot hut nolh
Ing oto b ben hord ot her I
POI t rn1y rcncMd heo that
quunlll I munlion ha n 10lnd
hy Irllsh umolol nn un ot the In
hma Iland Whpno I cane
whlbr bound wo not knun and In
Ih obence ot nn owno I wu con
Ocoted I hn jut hen Irnd thot
Ihe munilon wee a sr 01 the SIer
le cnrgo nnd tht the tug I I
Wile a mnl orl dlgnd tor holnr
accompanld tho
towln daughy 11
nchoonr to Ih 10hamo aM nrowly
upe1 honl lot with al on bard
Al Ih delall ot 110 xpJlton have
not a lome tn lb
The wise toweu tno schooner down
Ihe coat nud tho trip WI lhuut In
eldent until this Hide of Hntlerns when
lh In belnn 10 blow nnd Iho a
began to roll oer the tow of the tug
nnt thrntnd to molh her rahln
an1 rllot bouse They wVre ValchlriR
the edg of the cyclone that tore up the
nnt on th rampo e nbnut thnl Ur
Thn little tun rolled and pitched un
nierclfuly The nlcht thai followed
wan a hud nmc for the Wise The I
I I g
t r r f I
tor I 100 I hln I trck the
nlnor hn nnd eut 01 the pml
ot hi Ongpr < Th WI I hoek he
now hut thp pnllre crw h 1It hr
fh WI 01 nt n Iolnt In Ylrnt
nn1 prPumnhl at nthr ptr Inv
In Iuded tho ovrnmpnt omclol nnd
the tnrm nl thnt mmnrhlp
nleht Copt ntr vn ror ennllnuln
wlh hlo rlpoJ ptaln Qulnlnn 01 the
I1p Hopi I eow him to the I
le lhmR leI ml nlld In putn
the nr o nhn
Thp I0t Vunll nt mlbutrln
ntor took AWy nhnnt oneIouth
01 Ihe tnr In onp load on 10ndOI I
rly In thp hool 01 the Cuhon IJ
nrgent When hp rtnrn tor
othr In thp Brlllh had nc
ompllhd thplr work and 00 the poor
Vaunllo ot In
lIIAII Tn 0 T Ie
Irlilgh Vnllcr I II W111 Innncurnta li
< nntmin I lie twirl Thoe Itlcn
Phlladelrhla Nov 9 The LehiRh
Yoley 1lrod ompny onounecs
that commncln Nov 1 I I In
augurate ft throuBh tourist cur service
to California point leaving Ilillad l
phla and polnla In Pennsylvania and
w York tat ry Wednady
The route of this tourist car has been
selected through the most picturesque
regions of America InCluding Niagara
Falls the St Clnlr tunnel the lloyal
Goiee the Ornnd Canjon over tho
llocky Mountains to Salt Lake City
tto hg
along the shore of tho Great Lake to
V e to
ed ut
the principal elites ot California
1 ipJ 1 1
Washington Uov 9The full text
of the re pi of blialn to OenernJ Wood
ford was lead ut the cabinet meeting
tudy I tono u Iacnc nud I
carded by he cublnet a lalculatd to
allay anj tear of a hostile outbleak
ltULCtUr I > loN
luhe A Tht c 1Uc
lou h 110 H r7 0 Wr
Chicago Nov 9
until within a neck I U t
pans G fourth Inlantr atallond t
Fort Bholdnn hl ben rdued to the
ranks without
ixplanallon ro
charges of any kind oro made ngalnt
New and he has had no hearing befoio
a ummry coul ur a cuurt Irllal
ho Wa slmlly Informcd that he was
he prmte oldl charge that New
la I the Hist Icllm alung the n
uho dared to tell hot they saw and
heard on the day that Caplaln Lver
Ing had prlvale llai mond dragged by
his feet and kicked and slabbed the
man hlle h WO unabl to dotnd
Colonel Hal rfuse to b Intr
v lew ed on tho aubjt Captoln rowne
Intimated that It waR nohodys bul
m s that Is I D an in possibility tor
Ivllinn tu hovn appreciation ot
urmy mthod and ipeclally hen It
came to a motr discipline
Cal Town Nov UTolo one of the
chief leaders of the Insurgents of
Uechuanaland 1ms ben sentenced to
six jears Imprisonment at labor and
fiftyfive other have been sentenced
to trm ot Imprlonment
arlng trm
two to four yea They all pleaded
guilty of sedition
Ll Paul No 9A wondertul cae
ha ben at he cl boplll hee nce
Octobe 3 at whllh lmo Tiie Ander
eon a domI n takn to the 10
Irom hat wo
plnl urrlng up
pod to b Uphold tvr I turnl
out to b 0 vcr ror dlsne knwn a
loudrs parIal aud by the ab
onrpllon 01 polonou mte takn up
b Ihe blood
I w loun nenr to resort to
nrllnclnl which
relr010n unit done
I ralng the arm i above the head
ond them i to tho side the
nm a In n cne 01 drowning In this
mnnr rlrallon h bn Indud
for nc weeks and thr patient H I still
um e The physicians In I charge expect
the girl to recover
Notd nrordo 11
Mukoge I No
Wakman al Oor Thorne
Red lluck said to be the last ot the
Inmou Dnlon gan ot nUUaw has
been killed near Checotah I T In a
nght wlh two nt U B Morhol ln
n dput Oco rnwon an H
HuI Wnkman w a artne ut
Dsnnmlte Dick nnd was one of the
gang who broke Jnll at Outhrle o T
Inst year with Neel Doolln Dyna
mite Dick nnd others Ills body has
been brought heie A reward of j500
had been offered for his I capture
nch 0 In
Tomah WH Nov AhOoCho
Kali Artichoke the oldest membe
of his tribe and probably the oldes
personIn Modroe county Is I dead
Arllchoke wa a Wlnnebago Indian
and he haa bn a chlt or medlcln
mnn of the tribe for many yenrs
Ills age Is not positively known but
It Is I given at from 105 to 125 years He
was a brother of Chief Dnnd who
was a power and ruled over the tribe
llfty sears ag
Illllnl hy Inhaling 0
Ban rnitclsci Nov 9ohn n
Moaner Kate Moony hi wI and
Michael Vromey Mr looney
hrthr wre lound 1 In thr b
having hen nphyxloted hy g <
They wr In omlorLbe Ircum
tnne an1 It I bled the ga jet
ha1 ben lor opn acldentaly
Jo < ke CoL
Cloe In
an Franclo No 9Th CalIor
nla Joky club wi opn lhe enon
next Monday at Oakland with a > plen
did card Horse owners And trainer
are reminded that entries for the len
rht ake n b tb clublnclUd
n the 1000 UM hndlcp roa on
roy No lOtb with Seretary n D Mil
low the City Council o Philadelphia Worked
a Scheme
CI Cood I 11 7 1Uoo or
110 or 1010
lxo Inliridcil
Philadelphia Nov 9Ahl cheers
cat cal and hisses which tho police
vainly cndeaored to prevent Ihe
common council of the city of Philadel
phia voteil away the mnst valuable
properly now owned by the clyth < i
cas vvoiko worth at lecst H10WWO
The members who opposed the deals
cpoko bitterly against thi measure and
Ihose fnvoilne It said nothIng Final
their lendir Mr Van OtUn roe and
moed the previous question At that
time the galleries woe tilled with cltl
21113 Ihc riuestlon being ordired 1 the
loll was called and the voto stood 1 78 to
r2 to glvo away for 30 sears this 1m
mn Iroprty A s eno ot grut on
I fusion followed Ihe disorder iinlln
ued tor ome lme nnd It wa Oor an
hQur befoie the galleries could be
Iarly In the o < n ommunlcalon
was read from the Dakcr s > ndlcate
composed of leputable inen who for
mally offetcd to take the lease of tha
work on tho ome term n Ihe Iro
poed oHlnnne gla thm to lh
United Gas Impiocmcnt compiiu
and In addlUon tu pay down Imm01
ately M uoocoln cash and JMOOoTan
nually for 39 tears thus giving Ihe
city JIOOOOOOO for the lease The Unit
01 aa Imprvmnt 011Y whloh
was voled the control proposes to pay
the city nothing but tnllsls that It
shall charge the private consumer SI
per thousand feet for ga for the next
thirty soars
The only thins to prevent the deal
going through I th ema or vto
lore eleUun he I oml8t 10 prnt
any uch meaure coins through
Threat to Import Them There May be Only a
11 omncen r n Iod 0
lhI Th nol Uo1 h
I 110
Hr Uo ot UHUf 10 ork
Chicago Nov 9Tbe Tribune says
M oik IB In progress on a ploposed eight I I
kb 1
foot boaid feuiu to Ui placed around
the Liar Mine No 2 at Carbon II11I
In the llraldnood I mining district
All the companys bulldlrgs aru to be
removed InsUe the enclosure
Alone with the reports of the stock
ade building there came two Chicago
private advices to the effect that the
backbone of the strike was biokeli and
tbat tbounnd ot the mn ho have
been Idle for almost half u sear would
return to wolk within ten day s Tim
stockade nmj hoe the prlmur > pur
poso of emphasizing the companys de
mand on It may bo planned
with the Blgnlllcant aim of protecting
Imported Mongolian workmen One
thousand men formerU employed by
tho gnral Wimington COI 00
pan ut the llrlcevllle mine voted es
do to retun to ok tumorrow
Thls mine Is I the lalgest In the north
ern part of the state and Is I said to b
on of the ke > s to the situation In what
Is I known as the linldvsood district
Iu t night mlneis nt neighboring
plants were declaring that these reso
lutions to go back to work would cary
but few men and would end In 1 fizzle
zle General reports were to the effect
that tho preparations to bring Chin
ese miners from Wjomlnit to take the
strikers places had created a slampcda
among Ihe lnlnn nd nnIngloh
poklng mn And loca 01 opcrlor
ay thl brak In tbe trlkr rank
marks tho 1lnnlng ot the end and
that thr wI alr nl b n no
oiy 01 tbe Imlortlon 01 Ih Chin
Un Manar I N Tylor ot the
Cnra Wimington Coal olpny
a he new trom Brcevl rd
Ing the action of the strikers Is I cor
rect and he expressed hopes that I
would bp tn cnrry ont the
Idea of Importing the Chinese He de
clared positively however that unless
the rennlnlnu strikers returned to
work nlthln a week the company
would the mines with the
open Iln wih Chin
cue miners to be Imported from Hock
Springs Wjo
In the Chinese quarters In Chicago
signs written In Chinese were posted
here and thrre calling for
her thee caln celestial
workmen to take places In the mines
hut the answers to these advertise
ments were few If nnyl
Iu Chee Chi n Chinese contractor
from tlork Springs Wyo Is I In the
city With two of his local ncentH ho
o d on Gn Ion TnYl i f ti
Coni ompny an hl < a lonl onfr
noe bphlnd closd don Th nm
Chlnpnp oinclnls Insmcted tbe < mln In
the Ilraldwool district and
Irn dIArd
hey could turnlh 100 kl1 mlnen
to take the Ihcp or the trlker A
to the 01 the Chle
Improlon th
eportii In Chlco nr to Ihe rt
hat they were tn b brought In undr
contracl to work to GT cer I ton
for a period of Ov van and the om
pany officials say they will be amply
protcclcd by guards
AInln 00 Nnv 9Zlmmran
lat record of 100 Oft In n nea > on
has hen broken by Uarl W Peobody
the Chicago smaleur who now has 101
firsts 20 eecondi and 20 thirds to his
credit Ily the close cf the year his
total firsts It Is I estltnuted should run
to about 10 at the least and his total
grand figure of ICO
orlgoillon I < rilrtr Ilnw onOui
10 Np CI 7
Nanalmo 1 C Nov 9 The steamer
Oorge W Klder hai arrived here
Amnng her pasemrera was Donald
Ncholon who left Dawson September
3rd Mr Nicholson sajs the food
prohlm W the most prplcilnB dues
lon whn be left Dowon vn
Iteam the Ilng oeduo Nlch
DllO hat Bkookum Oulcb pro
an abolut i lalnr oullde 01 on
claIm le belev the countr to b
I till but It can < nver b properly de
sloped until provllonl ar ohenper
Work I plenltul at UO pr hour
b old commlllonor and mounted
police did not cnldr U ndvlsablc
under existing oloumslanoc to col
leet the twmt per nt oyalty nnd to
ro altitnate rl Iohno tor tho ov
ernment The rnlnti nre nt 1lulrcd
I tulo oul Icn hut ho to pay
15 lor lnllng Ims wblch IOY lor
ureln nn1 udlnr and tlM tur
Iho < lall the L eor
CHAMl I1 Ilir ll < lT
I T 1ri < y In 10 I
100 11 hepd
Wnthlnulon No OA ronl np
paro at Iw Whlo lu arl todo
nnd demandd to ro Iroldnt Mc
1lnoy I said the 1rolU nt had not
hatcd him right He tried to go 11
stalls ly tho elevator but va tton In
charge by oilclali He hroke nwoy
from them nnd trleel to hldo behind
lh < nrvtory uHI wn tnhen u Ihc
pollco station At police hadqurtrr
tho man nal < l he v in Hem Hoctet I
of I2 a Fflirth street bouthv t The
Is o mich namo and address1 In tin
t i
I ir llotlNTI 11111 > At I
10 1 h dol I uo lll
Ios Angeles Cat Nov 9
rI Ur 1
Angcleii cugtig e lnent of Mm
ford the oriental lecturer hn bn
mail Ml by the suicide of hor a anc
mntt <
agent llcv W T Veale a Ir hyte
Ian clcrgjman Ile II Ir nl shot
himself In his room at the Illl > ibeck
hotel He wan nn rnIUlllnn 4
jears of age Tempoi ary Inoanly due
I to nn Injury to his brain I the UI
poted UIU of tin t cld
lrl 10 tl
I Ban rrnnclco No 9Th Nnlonnl I
Athletic cub will ot Wlnday night
bring off two god muteh s at Wood
Tvard3 IaMlllon The llrn will be I be
tween Scalds Bill Quln of New York
who fought two twenty round draws
with Joo Wnliott and rinlc Purcell of
Ball Lake The big IMht v 111 be be
twn i Oto < cn 01 Hn Fenclco
nnd OW Zelll 01 IhllndIhlo who i
wi box twenty ound lur dcllon
1 110 Oe a Itno
Inn rranclsco Nov 9 T lontesl has
I been begun over the will of Mrs Ivdla
A Bpauldlng formerly mnnnger of the
Delia Vl ta hotel The contestants are
eastern relutlca of the deceased who
claim Ihat Indue Intupne wae r
clsed oer Mrs Fpauldlng by Mrs
Augusta r Tracy nd Ir Iary 1
Marshall v ho prjudlc hr galnt
them Th etate I valueJ at aboul
WI In h irrlarr In 1 net
Wnhlncton ov 9A report which
la yalnd conIJrable Irulalon
hero Is I to the effecl that the dI In
Ihe tranle ot the lt nnd nth
U S Infantry Is due to Ilia alon ot
the ocror 01 wr In enlng nn
ordr which hod bcn mde by Unenl
Mie In hi ahne 1 Is Id 111
aneal WI dhl < on the trnnle
whl One1 Algr wn In Michigan
nn1 telolralI > 1 the oorlment um
nlolo nn har nt Son Frncl
co onJ nn 01 nt Dnr to prparo
the rMlmcnt lor Ih hng I I
claimed by wel Inlorm1 srmy om
Ihnt the frt Inlormalon the ertnry
ofVnr had of the trnfr wn whn
on hi rtol ho lound on hi < k a
tIIrm Irom On 01 Ing the
nth old he rnd tu Iave TUr
Lugan wihin u ek
Ihl 1 10 n To lt
Done Colo Nov xhong
ot tton hetwen the frt 1 B In
Inntry nuw lontd nt the Iroldlu
nnd tho ennlh Inlonty at Iort
Lgon hn bn 1elnyq unt the t
tunry gpnrl nt Wnhlngton en pn
on the ta 01 thp Union
Slne the snle 01 Ihe Union Paclf
wrk the queton h arlen whthr
th tranacton h ben cnrrld to
ueh a polnl thnt the ornmnt
hv to pny cnsh tr tor vry wi
ho Irovol
It the ovnmnt trops ha to
pay Ihelr tnre Ihp mony wi hve to
b takn Irom whl I knnwn o the
tmnportolon Innd 01 the nrm Aom
01 tho omclnl A that In olounce
Ihe drln upon tht lund wonh be 0
hpay thnt Ih trlnlcr o Ih enth
nnd Ort rlmntA rt Inlantry might
have to be obnnlond
I 11 St T 010
Ann 1rnclo Nov Mnjor C
Mullhauser of Cleveland O who I
wu rlurtd Irom loolllu hl1 nt I
tempted to commit suicide hecnuso 01
a ahoroge ot lundo ba arrlv1 hor
He denlei that he nltempted to take
bls own life or lhal he was financially
The wound h relvpd he wa
used hs the accidental discharge of
hi reyulyer
or Trdp 11 zo
L Anl1 Cal No Ir
Ratly who In bro on tbo tmer
Albiun almt ven wk ugo
lS 1
rprtalve ot eedl huI
hou to the
01 tnbllblg trde rein IOhlllA
lon wlh
cxlco In rturnd 10 ey th
la neunragnt In sume In but
I wi 1lt lme to acompllah much
ad bJ r 10 on ubtad to
orcol In the uncertalnt ot the
conllualul ot the temhlp 11 A
ncw lon t nnd one 1 Ot81 lur the
aot trade hu hen bui by the Ung
and I on It wy
lh ove I wi
IJobablY 1 unde the Aexlnn 1
hllh mk It trmely dlicul to
ente Amicon pur I
Two 100 ro lie ml TI M
IIC boon
Dlxon Colo NOV 9Tbe I Solnno
county otnclals are Ilvlgolnn a
msslcrlous poisoning COe hltb ha
already resulted In the dth ot Iwo
persons and threatens the Ile ot 0
third The victims r 10ul Iclw
aged 0 tho pi ol rlctor I o IV ot
fd I io IVd
ble and thr d
Their hired mau Irulo mine I In 1
crlllcal condllon All three wr taken
suddenly 111 after drinking otr Iom
a well In the rear of the oolog II
whleh they resided on Main alret y
terdly morning and despite mdlcal
aulonce Loul nlew dld at noon
and hi Ite omo Oe houn later
I IMew as to be murld 10 1 1
Iann and hor brth lo MI Clorl
ruaon on Thurday IXt Th
wlI arar Is I shrouded In mote
blghly ns he spccted tlms of tha Iragedy wre vel y
Thor 0 1 I
New York Nov 9District Allot
nel Youn olnd the government side
In tho Ouldnauppl murde trial today 1
oullnllg tho cae mad by the pr
Ar Young occupld thlrtyth
minutes In hi opnlq addr Dur 1
Ing tha entire lme Thorn kept liH I
es Ix1 tdly on me prosecutor I
hut hi ace dlJ not betray Iho alight 1
e oriowe queried the Vourt to I
exclude all the Lltni > r > s from thr
medical lo experts Th iptton orde of th d I
nnd the ln ere 0nduct1 to
I h jury
fh Oet wln nlld wa John
rnulr 11 ot Ihe lod who
thin In rnt river nt tho lot hl
Jlevnth otrc < t 10ln tho upppr por
101 ot a body ald to be Ihnt ot
McGuIre I
Yunl Idonll1 the ple
ot 01 coth l > odlc In ourt alo
Ihotogrlh lt n part pr the Ild
Tlce re mnrlol tnr hnllcalon
le wn ot ero xamlnod
Jn Innl 10 wn Mclulrc
comp > llon urrborot1 McGul II
euy dtal 11 110 IdenUO < the 01
clolh nn1 phololph 1 all WaD
1llted Ing t Ie the lns tald
wlbout toqutUond
1h I I ul
athln ton No 9The Irldnt
1ms pointed John T Wlldr of Join
fit Tenn to be pension agent at
KnixMlle Tenn
DwlKht Jarr npprollr nt mer
clmrdlse In the dlslrlcl of Tampn r
Rnmnv A Webster ole < tor of In
tcrnal revenue for the district of South
010 the tollowlnl nnvol romolon
Cnltnln John O Watson to he tomlo
lore Comnnnder ITinch i Chndwlk
10 he cnptn LleutnontCommande
1rPderlcl M Wlso to be command
Oolge Ilon Jr ot 11 lann a on
or dam Brown h bon oppnlntod
by the rreeidenlnn asslslant Iama
ler In the nay
mo 0 thp tl Wrk I
Th 1 Irl
Ilrln Volp 1 Nov DThe min
e In Ihla dltrlt nr Indlgnnt ovr
the nclol o helrcvle mn In nc
oplng a lenlnt heo tho alp
A commlto of min Irom thl
Ioln 01 the dlorlct wi robhl be
nt to lnllo lor the ot
InducIng the mn 01 that Iurloe ro
conlder Ihlr Int aclon
1 of I Meeting
Louisville Ky Nov 9The ener
nl ombl ot 11 1llght ot Labor
w cld 10 orlr to b arand
Mtr J 1 Suyoreln Abou Ihty
Icto ro n nhout
< 111
ar xpI8 bloro tomorrow
I Simply aTe
The Husbands Mutual Protective a
I oclalon du not m to got on wl
1 The obstacles In the way of progn
or eald tu b r rlou at
lallmore Amrloan Im
It Includes All the Smelters from Texas to
British Columbia
Nw Yk h
< 1 I ur Irlo or
L0 Mh
Denver Y Nov 9The republican
For seernl daj Ihe managers of all
the smelters fiom Texas to British
Columbia have been conferring In this
elty with I vlw to promollon cf all
Interests of mining nnd smelting
There appeals to be a unanimous
determination to devise some moans
If potslble to oblHln tho true market
price for Ihelr pioduels Instead of the
o and Insulllclent nuolallons
nrI W vta
now furnished bj certain New Yoik
In the case of lead for Instance
there Is I no good reason why themarket
price In New York should not be
iiuoted dally nl 1125 Instead of 137
nnd It Is I hi llcv ed thai through con
eerlid notion on the part of nil the lead
smelters justlee can soon bo obtained
In thl
Imlorllt malr
The name Is Hue of silver
The postofflrc at Green Carbon
countl Utah has been discontinued
i II South hn bten appointed post
master at Itandolph inch county
1dward M Allison Jr of Ogden
UIh hn Leen admitted to praetlee
nt the hor of the Untied Stats Bu
prme Court
Al Newcastle nng Monday night
Wi Curie of England defeated lat
Haley of Amela In a ttyround
boxllg contt
The Cheok 101al ba kd the
dnrment ot 110 Iltlor tor au
tholy to xl 17 whie men who
bay Iltrudd Into the India
WhI Thodore Durralt wan Inrr
ed that the decision of the Ulled
Htnt SUlrcm Court w ngaln
him h dllnyd no molon and
moly rmnrlt that he did 10t ex
pct nn Iblng ele
Frn1 Kufmon Chnrl Johnnn
and Clara Ihnr wee hurnrd tu denth
In a hakry f at 10t prlng Ark
on Monday night Tin two
1 mn nc
asleep In the building and tho girl
1 r old m Intu av hr mothr
who waa living In another pare of the
Rcpt of Committee and Division of the
Lands Made
h State board of landIng comml
elon ner a prutractd slon lat
Ing owral do bae arrived at a
leluslon rlthe to the potton ot
the Luke Ilonnevllle Wate and Iuwer
company for tract of land In MIr
and Juab counts The leporl of the
special committee composed of J T
Hammond hauc l C Jlaerurlane Thoi
U I Keen risher Harris and State ln
glnecr Wiard Young wan adopted at
tho meeting ot the board held > esler
day atlernoon In effect It Elves the
Whit Mountain Itcservolr comitnv
0000 acres of the 10033 acres and elves
the Ilonnevllle eompany iUQ acres of
Iho land In conttsl The prolest of
John Ktanloy and others against the
Lake Ilonnellle companys application
for other lands the Iard l sustained
and the land oidcred stricken from tbi
Lako Bonuuvllle selection Tho traits
of land claimed by the Deseret Irrl
gnllon company are adjudged lo bd
lung to It and are stricken from the
Lake llonnev Hie company a list Tho
protest of J r Chrlntensen and others
against the construcllon of the Like
Ilonnevllle reier > olr sting forth that
they believed thee wus danger of
lloeKtlng waters was tabled the board
holding Ihft It hod no Jurisdiction In
The Lake Ilonnevlllo company will
charge for maintenance SI W Ir aero
per > ear lor the first llvo jearsSl 15 for
tha second nvo sears and U per jcar
after the Ort ten years
Demand That Is Causing So Much Disturb
ance In Austria
t I XO 11 1ror h
Trbo OrU < TOro y
0 100 he
< <
Tnoon Nov 9A letler receive
hr Irom Inn saji Iho published
reports of the political situation In th <
the uotrlon nplri onys no 1000
of the chao preoln Oaden
must go i Is I the general war cry now
nnd hi downfall Is I contldered Inev
liable i guidleea of tho outcome of the
right btwec Ih arman an1 Ih
CrA 1he letter odds No one cai
foresei huw It will end I Iho dcr
mnn win thee may be bloodshed In
I Ilohcn id It Iho Bohemians an
i lrlnl
PCBlsti r inn will have t
llghl wih their hrpt te
or thr prerogatlv walon the
utollingarion dnallly Ihe dan
ur howe I I s In the nctlvi ur
tclltol In the llghl by Ihe amonl
< the border This I octuolly a
Imull In the Helchsalh which
opnly Icln lor Prula and
to tho lormr Crmon Iovlnc ont
IJolicmli Ir handed to the 1ohnzol
1 Question a to Whether They are Receivable In
Payment of Taxes for 1897
110 Attorney Uenirul Smith Holds
Ihat Thy Are
Since tho session ot the last Legisla
ture there has been a question In the
minds of many as to whether county
warrants Issued pi lor to 1837 could b
ud In pninent of laxes for Ihls year
Tho quesllon vns raised by County
Allorney J Wculey Wart of Carbon
nnd IVputy Attorney General llenner
X Smith In a communication today
elves U an his opinion that the matter
hl been definitely disposed of In the
te of rrltsch vs tha county commis
sioners of Bal Lake all gives It as
his opinion that county warrants at
previous year will nut liquidate this
seals laxes The opinion U I an fol
Wo are In recelpl of sour favor ot
November Isl ukliif for advice as to
whether or not the county collector of
your eoulty hould accept uuty war
riuiti Issued In JSS5 and 1SVC In pay
ment of taxes of 1SUT 1 ouldlr1 re
fer OU to ehapter CO page 2M uf Iho
laws of 1837 which provides In sub
stance that eounty warrants shall ba
taken In payment of county tuxes elY
wnirants in I payment of ell taxes and
school dlstrlet warrants In payment of
dlktrlct school laxes provliled thut
Stato school taxes county school taxes
and sinking funds shall be paid In
eash This law as you will observe
specifies what particular taxes
Iecle 1lculnr aro
panble by particular warrants Tho
question whether warrants Issued for
Indebtedness other than that of the
current year In whleh the taxes are
payable can be I received In payment ot
tnx tor the urnt ar prnt
hve a dlernt Iuton Seclon
3 ut the O
artc I Cuntulon >
111 anI county trom crentcg Any
Indhtdns In xc ot the tax tor
Ihe curent yenr un I the Iroposl
lon lu rrelt uch n debt shall have
been s ubmllled to a vote of the qui ill
led eletor otc The Supreme Court
of Utah In the ca iso of rrllsch vs
board of county commissioner I of Bait
t t4
Lnko county 47 Pacific reporter 1020
In U h o n 1 r I
ntltutlon held first that the county
rdiould create n debt during the year I
without a vote which Iho revenue ot
that year would not pay Also thai a
Inbt IncU rr In on rnr oould not bo
flonled oe to the nxt ynr nn1
Id out ot I rovenue wlhout
I of the se
tPb IdI tt e n seTha II
Supreme Court nlsn hold that If any i
portion of the revenue of any year In
the treasury on the let of the next
cnr I arplled to the pnsment of the
Indehledness of the latter on equal
mount 01 Its revenue should be ap
plied to the pnsment of the Indebted
ness of the former year It required
The warrants issued hy your county In
HOT nnd 1806 were Issued In payment
of Indebtedness of those
years respec
tlvly and phould have bOn paid out ot
the rvnup or thoe ynr or our
nunh should have availed Itself ot
tho proIlon 01 the law allowing It
totu bonds lo lake up lln outstand
ing IndlitHlnmn I swim clear that
tha pnsmfnt ot tnxes for 1897 In war
rants nt 1SS5 nnd l < m which as above
Indleatfd wee Iud In payment oft
dchtA Incured II tho ya woult
mnut to n pnsmenl of Iho Indebted i
npo ot those years bv the revenues
ot the currenl year 1S07 Huih I pay I
mpnt of Ihe Indebtedness of former
r r i
next v ear of tho Indebtedness In I
cur1 In th 0 an1 n oment I
of It out of the revenues of the current
contrars hlr the romlructlon vo of d the I
conntltiillomil 1 irovlplon laid down by
J illl I
Ihe Sun cine Court In the cnso nbova
referred to
< thellore ndI1 thnt your i
county collector Is not authorized to
r r n dl
accept county warrants Issued In 1S1S
and 1S1 In pasment ot taxes for the I
sear It 7ihe
pnment 01 urrent lax
In wnrrant ot the curent er ou
houd he governed by the reslrlctlnni
provided In the law o 1897 above ru
lo to r am unnhle to turnlh you
ftnpy ot t Indecision hi Ihl 00 hut
you will nnd samo In the Pacific Ite
porter as herein suggesled
No European Monopoly of Sass
Prllo Dmarek thlnl tbe Monroe
dlrlne I unommon loolne towr
the ot rt the wort WI b ought
to knw tor during hi long lte be ha
hen al rogant n1 h Iraelce
Inlch Inolnce ao any many ot the
ntury Hut h wa Onol cald
down by a oung mu who I It po
Ibl sll more Inslont Ihon he W
rathr tnk I > lncos obe vaton a
a 0nllmnt tor t how Ihat wu
ha V ouown the ve whn we
hd 10 bl ubmlo t Ilrup an
or IOt Itrald to b ns y a w
cln Iulopo Inl going to have a
monopoly 01 Innalul a In tho
tuturew Bedtord Standa

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