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How Martin Thorn Butchered Wm
She Tdllllow
fforn Storr of lho Crime Told In
OP tour TodayIt MI
Thorn Ulnee
Tork Nov 10The Blarlllng
ounccmcnt In Ihe morning papers
1 ° Nack had confessed tho mur
tbt 1 f Wm ouldensuppe and Impll
irf Iter 1 lover Martin Thorn was
assembled by
when court
nfirmd 1
AUCUt A WIIr ho I n
utlng JudSe PItrlct AUony rounc In th
1I0wc of Thorn counI
d at th court housc hc w
m of the Ae
ked by a
Stt t riact i Mr Howe that Mrs
made n confession
tm know he replied with a
J < of his massive frame Then ho
ntlnued All I know Is I thc news
Mth I received from Mr Trlend last
Ood he exclaimed wllh
rllh Thank exclaIme lh
or I never did such a llilng
Io hive ben pracliclng for Ihlrljllve
DtJ hat Mr Hovvo asked the r
rlra moment the big lower looked
thn he 0 tht all
< rOae eluld
trd a hundred fcet of him uld
t Inw a cllnt to confe
Int nhom theie wo obulutly no
Alter Thorn hon < cuted to Captnln
KMn entered the cour room un
ihook hands with his cuunsI the lot
t Informd the Irlncl lor the Irst
time of Ihe confeslo of Mrs Nlck
d Thorns face llushed Mr Howe
todd his client a copy of a morning
M bearing a latge head line which
Ipe rd Mrs Nack has turned slates
Vazed and Ihen
Thorn Cz < at It Intenlly
tindid buck the poir
At sixteen minutes to ten the main
of thc coull house olned nn1
irlNack accompanied bj her lawyer I
bherlrt Debrogg walked
ltd Deliutj hrlf <
iler of the com I I
e o shc lood
tlthln a JiirJ of him but she a oldcd
h Igozr was soon paccdi the
and cnde xamlnllon of Judk 1
Uller begal Ihe rcllul of her oto Y
ling VI 10 the m thai he hu <
tlttr husband and was llvlm wih
ouldenslippe al < 3J Ninth avenue
Guldensupii wo k n o br hus
OudnuPIe Thur como thee to bourd
Ihm ml auldensuppu hail a i light
id CuMensuppe licked Thor and
iked him down Blairs Thor pulled
shot at Uuld
revolver and fired one
Upl but did 1 not hit him
Alte fourtn dujs said Ir
Xk a man i cme tu ny house for
hon clothes I told the man Ihat
horn i was sick In the hospital Iut
I Mm th clothe Thor come
lack thres das late wllh his Cuce
u4 ties black and blue and his nek
jrolltn lie aiked me for money
Why did ho ask you for mony1
aslrd Judge Wle
He got no vvoik and I gave him
my r1d Mr Nucl In brokel
lnglt h Mien Jhoin welt nwnj I
remised lo pay his board unlll he
ould gel work I met Thorn atler this
t T trty Ihlrd and Mnth avenue
md cave him J20 Thor was verj
Uto nRalnBl Ouldensupie nnd vvnnl
1d to kill him Thorn Bald Worn in
I J love jou I said 1 am a man led
n r n t
rtlltd Thor Your huba1 lives
In Astoria
f Thorn again said he wanted lo kill
Oldcniuipe I said Martin donl
Ull Guldinsuppc No kill me One I
jdr I had Inulhe tnlk lh Thor
> rd h agiln sad he would kill Uuld
rBupie I saj no he say jes One
i fEhl f Thorn and me quarreled Mer i
lin iralbM me by thc throat and held
ti bood enme Com my noe h and
LL II I o o
ft il out lo Bee thc house and Thorn
HI rgt would nol lake I h U t We n r
turned to the saloon In New York
I n d I eO f
Ld 1horn Inl < him 15 In cah furl
f °
l L llihikTliori0 gavCe
f I org e tne iiame
Braun when he hliel the house
Jlwrn took the receipt nnd told oi
d lot kno
nk h rnto
I > In I Then Tho i told
h Mho would I kill GuldeiisulijiellT I ii
Hi I ar nue house I and rll his budj
trunk and send It nway 1 sjldi
O ou t do this Thorn Ihen lold
l hrlng Ouldensuppe lo Woodtlde
I rI 3glU rltI I ihe c
Id d to do all thai Martin told m to
1 1 r J rS1 I n I
a h r6 rd PI I > v
1 or n h o Scro J
h tlwy boarded a Irollej car
M fl W btaW oJS I
J thcm nt Woodslde Cot
had the key of Ihe house sho
J rjd Ifje r tot t o dd
te 1 lhnUt r 1o nf l erJh
S j n nd when he r met mo ho 1 ns i
> hot him hes 1 eleod
toa J very excited and I was half
Jw said the soilconfessed mur I
breathlessly I
> UU d ° then ke
JU1fhlf <
Lk o C kt 0 bom end came
thl rlatng hat hnd Len done with
N r t id I i
bark lo lhe collage nt D oclock
yr d everj tiling I tied up In par
ih i mQ at hem In lhe old cloth that
ifeT were1 XX1K ISad CU >
bg oll I co c f ol ih e
M iiinc anln ThSJna1parcef f Ii
mans head which he hnd In
e2c in plBsler of Iarls In I the wash
n I I
n 1
17 o lhe fr
T ed nfu
boat wna n midstr
h nn ln sn IIItroh
e P h r o
T ec
h c < ile u
1h fb d h hratla o e
l It I nearly reached tho
ok side I when he came lo her
d lhat he had dropped his bun
dlc In Ihe wnter I contained a pan
oC the dlmombcc bctly
Th Womnn spoke falUy Intelligible
Cngllsh wllh a slrong accent
lri accuslwnJedIstTls lawyer
lel thlr accuotore es < ommodot1 nel Ihe
closr 10 tho Iness Thtrn llsleiied
to cve 111 wllh his Lips closily
0mpl ulu hanus loBI and 11
hC on hIs Inee 1rUIly hi
itcame dry Una parched and OCCI 11
ilonally he would moisten tluir lh
ils tongue Ills face bole that om i
itolll liink uf Indlrfinnce hlch It
ha orn ni through bul 111 eyes weo
resll Whn I woa not cnzlng nt I
hI occur ho wo jcolng lurUv
llceS nun thc urt room and U
Into the gllel hlch wr crowdd I
h nn In < womCI
Duilng her dirccl e xnmlnolon M
Nock bioke down and cried Thorn I
0em1 lo enjoy her dlscomlllure as
the old lime grin played upon his
tlorney Weller showed Mrs Nark I
four photographs of luhlensuppe which
he Identified He asked Why do jou
Irs Nack milled I dont awnt to
hnv It on my mind
Then she began to cry She tossed
ohult the witness chair nnd sobbed for
or Ume Ie cmollon otclel I
nenny every one In Ilia courl rom
I u ome 10menl lor he ro
FiimiHl hei trsllmony nnd she ald
I make this stntemenl ot my fro wil
I wont tl ge I ot my OIScel
No proml of nlrcv h 111 mod
mo I ontod 10 cor my mln1 I
tont cnr hat halg Oer mo or
whal Ihy do with me
Mr 1I0wo Igon hI croBsenmlnn
Uon In a vcr Inslnuulng wny nn <
> oon mnlc Mr Nnek knowld
that the house In Woodslde was rented
for the sole purpose of killing Oulden
suppe Ihere that she decoyed him
there that she bought tho oil cloth
and other wrappings for thc purpose
of pncklnl 11 the pnrUon of his
body afler Thorn would have finished
< <
his murderous lask
Adroitly and cleverly th lower
malle Ihe womnn own II 10 Ihe moat
dlmnlno nn1 coldIloOed prrpor
lon for rottlng rld nflier loe
And did > ou cry Ihen 1 asked thc
ou cry whn ou hlr the
h <
The Inwjer continued this line of In
uiry leading up to t Ihe moment of the
murde gelnr tho same otol < no
for nn answor oneh lmo
An1 now m I nek dl ou cy
n hen Thor tol1 01 hc h < shot Olr
love Oul < ensup1 nk < Thors
Mrs Nacks eyes filled wllh tears and
she replied Yes I did cry then I
could not hrlp U
Who did you do when Joll frt
came to ihls rounlry Whal was your
ldwlo wa i th sponse
MrHo mnny chidrn did jou kill
Mr Nnrk was the next quelon
I n r killed ono to mv knowledge
nnd I con prOe I hv Ioctor In
snored the w omnn wih emphI
Sevrrnl olhor qlelo In Ihl vcln
followed to all of hlch the wtn I
rnlOI wih pnIIo drllI
Mr lIowe relrll from the court
rnnm lor n few mlnur turlno wlieh I
tme Iwor Io nnd tho prls r
heh nn enrnot ronulnlon
Thorn seemed deeply Inloreled nnd
whlspeirrt to hU counsel wllh his lip
cln tn tho other ers
Mr Nnck In rply to Mr 10we nc
knovUedgcd thai while In the count
Jail she wrote n letter to Thorn
Old on nnt lelln that leter wih
the word y dear hoy1
The Inee wOIII 10t Bny whthe
the word
110e e or nt
You snl < todoy tht ou wee neve
Inlmnt wih Thnrn thnt ou only
10e1 him breous he thrntencl YOl
nn1 hclne h wa 1 gntlmon Now
thl Irle wn rltcl three munth
ufer the murdr nl you lond him
still hcn you ued thee wor < In the
The ltncB lodded an assent
Mrs Nack s letter lo Thorn written
In the Queens county prison In which
fhe addresird him na Dear Martin
nnd Dear Child and Buggestcd thai
they end their lives was translated t
th n o gVHolw she wrole lhe
letter hit Insisted that sh had never
10O him old pretended that Bhe did
0 onl benuoo she wo ofrll of him
I dill I could to
Thorn a Mr Nack I gaC him
e cent of money I had
Why wo U that jou were afraid of
Thorn hnd a rlngo nne sall h
would Iut omethlng In I Iha would
destroj my ej sight and thai of Oul
1 I I fear 01 thl prlnle thaI
made yon bu 01 clolh befor the mnn
wa dend and the am far nfr he
wa dnd hlch mu you bur hi
Mr 1I0we conIOe hi croseom
Inallon step by step till he had led the
wlnr 10 rpcn t her hol tOry n
given In her confession I did nol differ
materially from thai brougnl out In
the direct examination
How many children have you
killed asked Mr Howe
kl Not one Ihal I know of
low many stlllhom Infants In
botllei havo you In your houa1
I hoe two
In rply 10 anothe qucllon Mr
Nsck 1 I nev ge money or
oter1 money to onfone tn ki my
huband I ne 1 LO
MrB Nock said that she never used
Intrumnt II he proCelon n a
mldvvifo nnd thai when she had a
enhe 10 bc
whee Inltlmnto wer
used she alwajs called In n doctor
Mr Howe charged hut ladles after
IhlB nnd lurnlng suddenly shouled al
the lop of his ivolco Mrs Nackwas
It nol jou who shot GuldensuppeT
The woman was Blnrlled but re
gained herself In I moment nnd hal
Bhileked No I did not
Was It not jou who cut up the
body was the next question
She frantically jelled back a deflanl
f 10we Iee furl her pemllon
of tho cOlrt to e furthr cro
exomlnalon of the wln which 00
Attorney Weller proceeded wllh the
ncVeTw Uhthe nldVnn Intorpreler wo con
< Did Thorn th sou h used ammonia
to 11 < thc hloo1 out of tho lor1
nW c he dll hut that hc
< lghot n e eel inn all quesllons In n
ssIlke and did l not seem
u c way
ete A reccM of an hour
token at 12 SO oclock
11 jSO
rn was then handcuffed to Cap
Thor of the Bide
tell It thev en old led out
uhlle I Mr Nack renr
ri i I
fr o
Into the dlotrlct II0n pMate
nnuel Frlea eounel f r
ol r I on olc I
r I know fronl proly 1001 au I
< Ihnt wn nnxlous to
horly Mr Mr
Ivul hlm81 of th opporlunly he
Nuck has Ud ald I I
n eh r fu r il
je t I t
i lla I rf
l1i Lit cxcte < now but wi COU
Iroun < on IIkc the 100 < feUow on <
luwycr thnt he I
New York Nov 10Mr Howe coun
sel for Mat tin Thor said luii M
would pul tils mal on the vvlines
sland nnd It will be then shown Ihal
Mrs Nnck and nol Thor kllleil
auldensuppo and cut up his boy
L I u mSIT
1 t 1 t
ol ll 10
Walla Illnho Nov 101 I he
Ileved hee hlt nnnl1 Lamont 1
preslden of the Northern IHeltle Hall
Wn wi ilthln two months suc
c sldent IIIII nt the head ot thi
Northern Puclllc yotem The ollnlou
Is Ind on hc ton of 1 whlh
p I tween 1110nt 11 11 hi
the forme wns hee cnU h lei
ruphlc cOl cpon lIenee of suel
nature n to ludlnt tht Inront
nlI to
trip wo nClunlnt hlmel
iv llh lhe condltlo 01 Ihe < 1 to I
pnre for the brnIr luU
upon which he wi ubmt t cntr
ltr 10
Cleveland O Nov 10MaJor Hut
torth cndlUon lor I j
bIer last night and his phylclnn
lodaj htllove he will recover unl
oomthlli unforn ocur I
Tlio lilk n
Mobile Ala Nov 10hee WOre
I v yelow feve 101at
nnd Iwo death
New Orleans Ia Nov IOThe of
flclal report ro I
nt 1 t I e 6
lour new COS Ind UI 1nlh To
dn Is eol 00 the Inlcnlon for
frot tonight nre cxcclent
The Date Set for the Execution Theodore
Durrani I
Al Leg1 IbJoco ho Ieudlg
ae rhd blbe
San Francisco Nov 10 William
Henry Thcodoio Durrani the con
demnd murdee of 1 Ilanche La
mont on rrumobly of MI Mnnie
Williams also was taken before Judge
Ilahrs this morning for the purpose
of having the date of his execution re
t His nlloine > 8 made a desperate
attempt to secure further delay hit
Judge nuhrs brushed oxide all their
technical objections to the proceedings
and oidcrcd that Durant be hanged
on Trlday next
Snn Iralclco Nov 10Durrnt
was awakened nt an early hour Ihla
morning by tho guaids at Ran Quen
lln and carefully prepared himself for
his llrtt upiienrance In public since
he Ihe got of 1l ponltn
tlary After a heary bleakrut h
a ecurOI oeo the bn by Cuptaln
Iurln an < Chlf Jliur St1Ier On
both train nnd fer Lont Ih prloler
a on olJet oC much curloly on <
crowds of morbidly curious rieoplo
ured nlound him tr Ing to catch a
glrnpse otUhls tolur I hore the
ItU trlnf mhurnmnent ordeal ery well and betrayed
rrom I hc fr he u8 conveyed to
Ihe ciy hnl In a huck An Immons
crowd worme < the corldol and
tolrwnr to se nurlnt IIkn Inlo
Ihe courl room hleh wn pnek
< wih
pCIOlor of huth oex
When Ihe case was called at I
oclock by Judge lihrs Durrani was
brought Into court from the reporter
room IdJlllng the court room on <
was at once Joined by his altorney
Kugene Duprey Durant was appar
ently cool nnd collected and walched
the proceedings with the keenest In
Th oC
trst throulhout Irt
Vurrat ntornc wa thc cntelng of
n formal protest against any proceed
ings being taken or had at this time
n thr WnS nn rocord that the judg
mnt of eAocnton heetolore an
nnnlced hnd nt been carried out or
that I 0 sti In foro le 010
made the point lhat no ofllclal notice
had ytt been received by the court
from the Supreme court nt Washington
of 118 action upon the appeal taken by
the defense lo thai Irlbunal
A number of other legal exp dlenta
were adopted by Attorney Deuprey In
wr <
his elToit to Impress the court but
Judpe nnhrs after patiently listening
lo all of them was obdurale and over
ruled them
In response to the order of the court
Durrani thereupon stood up Attorney
nuprv nlo tnndlnl at hi Idc nnd
Judge Ilahrs then read slowly nnd Im
pressively the order setting the execu
tion of the defendant on Trlday next
Novmber ton 1 1twecn the hou of
unrlec nnd non
thl order had hn rod AI
Atr Deupry mnde nn Imposlono
nldr to Ihe court In which he took
occnelnn 10 Ihnt
ny In Innont ma
had ben condemned to death
lhln ton Nm 10AtomeY
nlzgerald oVcallfornYa who has ben
here for some time representing that
state In Ihe Durrani and other cases
in Ihe Unite Slates Supreme Court
In which that state Is I Interested Bald
loda h did nt conlde a 1010n to
down of Ihc
expelle h ndlnl mBn
date from the Supremo Court neces
sary He added the opinion thai the
California courls could proceed In the
nlrrant ce r nrdleoo of the mnn
date nnd stated that he had so advised
the proper California authorities In
taking this iiosltlon he quotes the
opinion of the Supreme Court In the
Julio case In which It was held that
the stay of proceedings Involved In an
appeal to the Supremo Court ended
with the rendering of a decision by
thai court nnd die not extend to the
Ume nccnry In lorwnr < lno Ihe
court mandot Mr rlzgenll Ihlnk
th local court cnn reum chrge of
the coc Immedlntoly
Jloo ilr n III ltRton
Pan rranclsco Vn l Within n
few da nlo r Mre COltC oro to
be tiled in the superior court again
h Irut 1 oC Ih lale Jnm 01011
This wi was dald lelt 21 111 nJ
the erlonnl nns 101n Irom tho un
t clerk ofce on1 nvr rcro1
There I crlnln to Le a ul brurht b
lho three children MrB Hermann
Oelrlchs Miss Virginia IVIr aM I
Charles L Tnlr Mis Nettle tnvn
will probably file a second and a Ihlrll
Iny 0 ld In the nome of nn nlrrId
grandchild of the millionaire Con
tests will he commenceel on lh roln
that exSenator Ialr was IncompM
or InO nt the lme he mnt the truet
will ard that he was acllng under un
due InHuence Mrs Cravens suit wi
probably be brought by her as Ih
widow 01 th late nelor JUdoe
Rinck deellon hu If her In Ruch
con lton Ihnt ohe mut II tho trn
1 < It he ucl to et unythlng at
al The rontel 1 e u > n the
aam ground o th t of the
three cll len
Municipal Government So Described by Joseph
k 10In tRtmol 1 hat nr
ilMvorliror > u l < > b > llioVii
Cn ohr In CII
New York Nov 10Tho World
prlnti In a cable Olsnntch from Lon
don ilhc full text of Josrpl Chamber
lains at I
s criticism of American politics
the banquet of the Olasgow rorpora
tloi Speaking of the po lblllty uf
mmlclpul Instltnllons In Creat Britain
dlcrlorntlnB Mr chnmbtrHln cald
I I am sometimes Inclined to put n
Aiuestlon of that fort when vo think of
tin lull of na cton i for local l ulll
er on the otln eldo of lhe w to
Ihere In the metropolis at all events
the grcaliM cltj In the Unlled Stales
oC America full of educaled cultlvnl
cd patriotic people we Hnd accoldlng
lo American evidence that the gov
ernment ot nearly three millions of
people has been handed 01 for four
leara to an Institution whoso objecl Is
uvowcdly lo get the greatest amount
01 i spoils
lhat Is I a most lerrlblo result and
whelhor such a
U Is I worth Inquiring
polblily exists In rcgaid to our In
ltulon nd what are the principles l
a rt mut hold I we desl to a ivold suCh
Nuw the cXIlnnnton clven < 0 10t
eem 10 me altogether Batlsfai toi j I
Is sold that In New Yolk thele I a
nlx < Iolulallon but that s not t uf
lelnt tu ucount for the tat oC
Ihlng w lre islderlng Man > of
thoe nr lnng1 to whom the Uni
cd Snt I opnlni Its arms wih 0
mu h Ieneroely welomh Ihem 10
Ihe franehle Ihap 0 ltte bfore
tho ar prpnr < for I nnd or nol nt
to lend 10 nn
ni IkclY
thing In Ihe nnlul of corrult Sllmlnl
OHmun In
tratonthc epecalf
Inny of our Ilrg tuwn we have
mixed populations thTefoie ther I
nothing sumclentl dlstlnctUe In that
to juctlft us In coming to the con
elusion that It Is I the cause of thut
grout difficulty
Then It Is I Bnld thut politic li I In
trn < ue < Into Amerlnn corpomte lfe
Jhnt I truo hut It rquir sure o
110nton In the olnlry nso oC the
ord that would J0t In tho leat a
count Cor what Wo Ir dlculng he
cnU isa polltl < 0 not ent In the
nsunl nse Inlo municipal elections In
un oC Ihe merlcan clte This lart
wn condnct1 by an Inde
pendent political orsanlzaflon listing
outld of the rgular parte In tho
olnteI In beled Ihe nholn onrr oC
wcnkno 11 In the tcm n Idmlnl
rather Ihn In
trlon anthIU col <
with It mislde of political fonsldera
ton nml nlso In the nubile opinion
which tolerates that BlBtcm of admin
C belevs thnt Ihc CBU of sncc
of our sotr he and tho falu ff
Ih Amrtcon ntem or to be foun <
In the different ay s In which we treat
otllclals Now by officials I mean eVry
boilj emptojed by the corporation
There are In the frt pHce the higher
om Whn corporton undrtll
such business as Is conducted by the
erreal munlclpallllcs of England and
Scotland their higher otllclals ale the
men Intrusled with the management
of the departments with the contrl oC
ufactnrlnR concen or com
lrot tm oC fnance They
must IW men Of special ca > < iciiy lenn
ability else there will be Inefficient administration
ministration and great wadte of pub
lic money Ton must have you can
to hovc the Cr bt men n
ntord rpccthe cnpoellh
But to hnve ucb men thr Ihlng
are neary They mu1 be Irrmov
cxcept Cor omc grOB and proe1
011 tbey mut h elt < for
otenc mel wlhout r rd to their polllcll
olnlon Tho mut he 101 < the
k1 rle for thlr elce
There I Inolher dange which I
Ihlnk cven more rlou tha 00
wnnt of fotr < onlemUon lor the
hl her omclnls That K I If the higher
onlctaln may occasionally be paid lem I
than tho market wage there la I prent
ct o flsv = I o
thnt Is a danger
I tht a cornrlUon hou1
bhn nle a elJ the moat IIberl l
vat cmplnye lut ut on Khlt bet
ter because If U dos bthae bet
ter what It Is I rtolnir li I to create n
privileged ria of workmn to hom
public office H I ItsIt n nUtlnrt al
ono Th lre liable temptation to
which certain American municipality s
havo I 10 mnke the
falen Ietm
prlvlleRedposts reward for political
senlo What happens then A man
who let a post of this kind thinks he
has rtone all that which might to he
expected of him and the lafft thing he
eXpeld to do Is to gUe fair value for
the money he receives When > ou
have observed posts of this kind cnlng
nt the will of the people of n
political pnrty there naturally arises
for them nn1 o th
1 domnne rf political posts will
levr cnuol the demnnd the next
thing Is to put two men to do the work
Now If 0 conldr for a mnment
tho etet 01 thl ou I fnd frm
Iy helle tho hole eoent of the fol
lr of Amelcln lo1 Intuton
You e thnt I wo nm eor n
loolh n In nhoudon the huln Ik
honomble sltem Unon hlh our puh
IIc work I 1 conruete1 we may fal
at lat a our couln bve nnfortu
natly don
nOror AImWI npo no 0 t
Itrcent Klllliisof It IB Indlunn
Denver Nov 10 Ooernor Adan
nnouncea that ho will within a wk
oPlolnt a commlt of thr eroon
tn go 10 otern olorado for the pur
OBe0of nvestlKntlnB the recent troub
ctween the Indians and the game
rardens He determined to hold nn
InInlon ImmdlatelY afte tho
In < ln were killed He has decided
Mn le
tht n commile CRn < the mat
ter rtlTely by rolng to where the
wnrden nre totoned and elo 10
the Indian agency
Tn Clml Ti A HCIInIT
M 10
iilltlon I I Kon 0 1
Ian FrRncleco 0 IOAt meet
1M of mechant and manuCoctrr
Inlertd In securing the Alaskan
rad if for this city Captain Ooodall a
mmher of the firm In which U H Hen
etor Perk 11 Is I Inteonted stattd that
whl ullea may be Irhaed Jut
as cheaply In this country as In Can
edo the purchaser will be obliged to
pay a duty ot 20 per eent 10 cRr
thm throgh the Irlth Pooc8lon
On the other hBed the opening of
r t e I t I eIJhl I
mile dily lre I lmnt1 Ihot I
O n I I
lr 1
t I I I
olndlli I I
l nd tlr te t
n h j I i
te Iho hnmhr ml
n O mece
01 tr I 010 nto OF cltlon ho
Intrn < el t hur IUIn Iolln
on the Iroppr nuthrll t do tb
slhlnrt nl ell nt Tol nn1 I co
oleatc with ni lb 011 f thc Iocl
Ic coast to that cno
I lT Ti ou 11 T
Ir oto 0 Ih
tr t r
Sn Ionclro Nov 10Thc Chrn
llc sS
Pions have Icn pefectcII nno tho
numnce I Ihn tlt Celhlng wil
he In 011 Cnr flhtnt Ihc SUKr
trut hcn the
01 Jluory I fc
nrs contrnct of the 1010101 plnnt
er wih the Wctit n HUHr letne
I I expire 1 will conlnn 10 bnlle
that portion of the eo ny frum 40
000 lo M two tons which ClouSSIIIpkle
crtn < nit ml Of the remainder 01 22n
1UO tons 11D 000 tons will be Jlaee < on
Ihe markcl by the California nt
Kurnr and Itellnlnir rompunv In which
Welch i lompuny Cloo W McNenr
and their friends are thc pllnclpal
elementa of the TiOOOO tons of raw
Island 90000 tons will be Kent to Ne >
< QOO wi
York whole I has already beet sold
to rfneM IrMInIlt of the trust
The rmlnlng 6000 tlm II he Ie
I fnod nl lho California Iliet Sjpar nnd
llellnlng companys works n Crockclt
on the stialts ot Caiqulniu
Engineer is Fatally and five Oilier Persons
Badly Injured
1Irn llk Trln on the CblR
o 101 nt 110U
Chicago Nov 10Chicago Tost
ern Illinois paisenger train bound for
Chicago collided wlfh n milk train on
the Wabash rod at Ilaniom Junction
today while both trains wen going at
high pecd Six pcrBons were serious
ly Injured
Engineer Stoner of the Chicago
Eastern Illinois will probably die The
other five may recover A misplaced
BWltth clued the wreck
The Injured
John booner ribs crushed lor
broken leI
A McCrone brakeman C I I
UII euhe
Irs Ues nchurd Charlon 10
h1 cut Iody brulI
h Luie Autemnn eche
I brul nn < cuts
John Rloololrn CUI nndbrld
cruhd C euf Chlcogu right nrm
Inlr T 0
Demer Nov 101 has leaked out
from department heudquirters In this
ciy that fioin the lust I authorlt ob
tolnuble Ih nw Irom oC luInty
chnnge 1 end Ihc 10cnth Inlontry
tn Alz on the to Ir I
ell Th Ileventh Infontr now
stalloncd lit lull uol wl come to
1ort Legan
Tho aigumcnt In favor of the pro
posed chango Is I that the four orgunl
tatlons can bo moed with the reote
equity and about the mime cxpcnsi
as would all < the Interchange of Ihe
Ilrst and Seienth ivglmenta as UI
111 11 proponed
llrlg General Otis while Baying that
he hod no lulorrton on Iho oubJC <
admitted that sucli change as outline
might be juUCh
New York Nov 10The Ire sijs
I has been ascertained that Bennmn
Hopkins of Dunton L I I Xellu llop
kIn hi wi uml Ihlr
< uchor
Orrude egd wee omon Ih cm
Iany of the yecht Roclol which fuun
dere < ot t Thoma In gl on
October 2 Scnman Hopkins befoic
the turOne Thespians s t sail
wih Cnt lbnrd Lrd In the Suclul
wns ton Iprllor of a lulo olor In Dun
Iet Ar oe GrM
Ran Frencsco Nn 10When tho
chooncr Vlno nls he lat of tho
eok h wi cory Ihe m mho oC
on < of the best equipped expeditions
qull < < llon
which has gone out of this poit to look
for gold In Central America The
are the officers of the SpanishAmer
ican Uexcloplng and Mining company
They nay thoy hive concessions from
San Sol odor Costa Itleii and Quite
mola for 6000 acres of territory which
II at tho 10111 of cootul of Ihe
counlrl ovllng the mlnernl de
opmenl of the trnet Tha claim I
mode thlt Ih company h a cnllal
tocl of 100000 wllh one half paid
up The olce of Ih compnny ho
or hr rePwmui Ainioel < wnlUer
lnRlnnl Henry I Sluarl of Derbj
The Bock of the compnny Is I wned
acordlnc to the Intmenl 01 Au
mock In Cle eland Ohio and rins
land one of th pilnclpnl men In It bo
Kngland Ing Plr Anthon llradley of Dover
Ila 101 Ilal I
lb lur
1It 11I
Ncw York Nov President Iglo
010 of Coto nco ha Iken onolher
tep tQ cure hi relellon H h
eXied his Irdceor lormr Irl
dnt Mor to 0
eeor < lno otaterent
made by DrPuess of Uocas del Tlerra
Unlled State ot Colombia who nr
rlvetl her loday on Ihti AUaB liner
AI1 from Iort Limon
When I wn In Ior 1lmon said
Dr rucss I heard that Mora had
been exiled He went to some South
Amrlcan country Igleslas thought
Ihe opposition party was to name him
nil Us condldule for Ih preldnn
Altalri wre otherwise quiet In Co
Hco hen I left
In speaking of the condilons of of
fairs in the United Mutes ot ColombIa
wheie a iresldentlal elcctlo I to be
held December 5lh Dr Ieus dl
They are expecting trouble Ihr An
ominous feeling prvollsthrough so Ir
ther ha ben peoc The candidate
of the consenatlte party IB I 11 > and
Caro Is I the liberal candlditc There Is
n standing army of 100 men In Col
ombia very wll equipped The eov
emnont li holding the Irm In roadl
tempted n In coe a rvolulon be at
Woo TIor Cow
Cynthlann Ky Nov 10T0 wcek
ago Lynn Taylor catne lo Clolnnal
Insleud of appearing at the s I < e 01
Miss Mary Hums on the evenlm he
was to make her his bride The mor
lined and heart broken girl took the
mailer so seriously as to prefer dnth <
by suicide to facing life aferward
Merdny IMin Tljlor commlttcel
rd le from rirrnrsi adoj ting the Sme
melhod o dr MIe lurns his otanced
brld hc ged hlmlf
llr h I b C
Iolon Y NO 10Und a
lent ruling thi CUtl olciol r
Hogansbure ImM 1 n Iu
ties fiom thi Pt II ctng on
I IUlnn
bnsketn 01 1 huk t aterial which
hR been fn fi Immemnrlal
ho i IIlilto1 ftnl aUII
Ildl1 Itll Candian gov
ornlenla h nH ngo to
nle1 r
le Ih Indlon eutomo dUl
hlef John n u hn eoll the at
Inll > f th nalln oDelnl tn the
reolt cIlnn I Inl nn < In
urd 11 the Intention of the
nnnlon I that the In
of Indian loluclo hal h
cunlaue1 without < nls The moier
Stile wi now covrnment be laid bcfoi thc United
New Tork No 0 IT sldent Oslail
D Ashll > of the Wabash Uallrnnd la I
iigcrnusly 111 at his hume ho Jle
lu suffering fiom n eomplloalin ol
< loons Dnlili fnrrl hcn of hi
temlnat nc fltolly C nr the In wi
Chno In 11 Hlnlstrjr
Wahlnlton JJov 0 U 1 Mlnlftf
Bnck nt oklu hn ahlr1 the depnrt
nnt nf Mnto thnt Ihs Jnlale min I
ttc If forign atulrs rI1 salul
d nn1 Ihut Bnron Nshi ho been
Tlio Uulmr mnfiil I
Ilerlln Nov 8 Emperor William In
onsequetire of his MBit to the Kills
Cell tloml district Is I nmized nt the
Ilmcnno Irount of cnmole dnno 011
ins promised extensive stito aid rot I
Ihe Hood suftirors ana ispeclalls In the
llrcctlon of rcgulillng the wateiuais
111 tn
New York No 10A dlspalth to
the llcitild fiom MuJrld sa > si
The blrtcllsts whom benor Homeo <
HObld Uckdu tely In hI
speh ycelda nUnrh no Importai
to hi enolhemn onylng hat he ha
cuell to He cl any alld Inlluci
SI1Ih pullc
Ir Ih >
Augusla Me Nov 10A bill will he
preselilcd lo lhe net leglslatuie to
Inlh Iortmn ho nccldnlnly
hoot or kill men In lhe wool The
measure Is piompted by lho nmlc
of fatalities which ocouired during the
Ihal thc
picsetil season It Is claimed
humors who kill i ar n a rule
gfn Iortmn ho become exclod
nrl haze oway at en muvlnl object
Ihe muy se
I nt
Milwaukee Wls Nov 10 Mrs Hob
et Lewis I Schoenbuum nee Simpson
whos olmnl cuse hu ben Iunlng
Ihc lowcs lor a k pnt I ro
Inln hc Ibr t Ihl necnoon Mr
Ichoenhaul Is I the womnn who mor
rled while on parole from the Indil
i 1 Ji I J 1 II
she lee the Justices onice where Iho
crony wns Iefo mrl on1 rlurne1
c I I e 77 rr I
him The lawyers have been puzzling
their head ovr thc moe an ho
conrluded that the Industrial < school
nuthorlle ule rlht on1 Ihat the Ilrl
coulll not marr wlho thelrconnl
rinding he hud no recourse In la
the husband applied to locrnor Ben
Ik W The Boiernor nfler hearing the
appeal said he would grant the woman
n Inrdon lefore her rloe howeer
the hnol authorlt wi he hor <
Tho ocrnor Bnld thc would
llhlh I prcrnt In such cae
Th 1lo No Irle 01
1rb UhhtUe1I
Madrid Nov 9ln response to a ca
< rspno
ble meue from n nonofclnl souree
Benor Sngasta the premier has sent
the following cabled declaration
l1ough Anor Dlpuy de 11 the
FpiuilFli mln ter at Weohln ton
Ho far from necking a pretext to do
claie war agalnsl the Unlled i StatB
Spain would regard It in a < tr nt mis
fortune to he thc
clen ocealon Cor
such an unhappv resolution
Anhnnted ho Is hy tho mot nml
cable sentiments toward the great Ite
plblc Illnln hu oC Amerlcn thaI
the latter Mill do Its utmost to foster
sentiments of friendship for the sake
and welfare of both countries while nt
the Spain nme time respecting the rlgls of
ow Amrrln Ihor I hlno
Chicago No 10 A special to the
rrlhuno from Washington n C MYS
I Is I learned at tho slate department
hut Chillies Illke llr > nn ot Chicago
hn heen dlermln < 1 upon he uc
< or of lnllr Chnrle Drnby who
now rcplents Ihe Unltcl Slot In
Th lek f > I illlime a 31III
pnl Irnclo i Nov 10The S250
00 lolune oC the Ine Imhla Clake
whlh 1a rRco I Imlot of thl
ety noeted 10 Inhell soom tn huvo
hn 1 mlh Vie Iresldent 1I0hnrt
nld Oovernor Orlg of New Jr
ho uhBtnnlnl nom nd In con
neclon wlh Ih Iory gnve nn nlr
of rllhlly tn I dllohn ol knw
dg of Ihe coo In which II nu tnt
od fhnl Ih ha1 heon cn nged by
caole1 heh of Ihe dead miner
nt laUrn1 ony or
Ronlranclo Nov 10The trulee
of Ihc chamher of commcrc hnv
udolted a rehlon aklnc Ih Inlcc
ptnl Iwenment 10 et ahle thu
money oalnd Crom the pyment oC
the de of the llnlon Cenlnl an
Inllte ralrond tho fund tu
10 Iho of
Ie awll contruclon thA
Nlcoragunn connl The covernmnl
wno olo akod tn tahlh a atrol of
the Yoknn rlv l1d 0 stnlon tO
Dddllnnl ariey reglmnl at San
r rd
lItburg Iu No 10 In the Ru
premo ourt tOllay the Rtoto
olmlBlnn cnae nrhlng onr the se
lon of an archlct were dlmlse
an < lhe decision of the lower tOurt uf <
tln <
The decllon dfcat tho etor mo e
to t eeldc tho a werd of the commlo
e R
Port Huron Mich Nov 10Tho
I ilrnmer Prlngle ale drifting rudler
I Ihl fur moring nin hour wn tOwe In Mro
tlirlilliin Srlenii llralcr lined
1nno Cltj Mo Nov 10 Mrs
Amandl J liilrd tho Christian Selene
holr wn fined In the police court
today for falling 10 rerort to the
board of health a case af diphtheria
ihe was treallng Mrs Tlalrd Im
mullately appealed to tlm criminal
< url 1 I Klnney thi fathitr of
Mae IT Klnney who died under Mrs
llslrds Christian bclcnce trealmenl
Elgneil the bond
The parents of the dead child were
among the Jtist to shake hands with
Mrs Uolrd afler the conviction
Premier Sagssas Reply to t mister Woodfordi
6 fote
1 Wi 1 he AI 01 10w 1
COUur Ooml ome ie
Washington Nov 101 Is I etaled or
good authority that Premier Sogaslan
leplj to Minister Woodfords nole the
full tcxl of which was read at jesler
elajs cabinet mecllngls eminently sal
Iifnitorj lo this govtrnmentTheSpan pan
Ifh I ministry pledges ilsclf to correct
the abuses uf power In Cuba which
was the subject of BO much complaint
during the Wjlei iidmlnlstrallon and
gives OFsutanco of HH friendly feeling
lowardu the American peoik I nc
c pts our good offices In Its efforts to
restore peace In Cuba and In a per
fccllj friendly and respectful spirit
aeka this government so far as rosslbli
to reulraln the Insu gnt sjmpalhlzeia
In IheUnltdStntt Irom giving mater
Inlaid to tin lell t Spain In Cuba
The leply Intlmales that hu for Ihe
nsslslanee tiiat has been given Cuban
bj Illlbuslers from lhe Unlled Stale
Itacu ago wouli have hon leslored lonl
Th rply I Is tnt 10 not con
luln u ltol hnt conl h
or be COlstrud Inlo n < exprssion otenn
nn unfilendlj feeling against the cov
crnmnt of the Unltid Slates On tho
coiilraij the note In staled lo be dls
Ilcly conciiatory in lone allhough
Insisting UIU thc Ight nn1 duty nf
rpaln to put dO n on urmed Inourrc
lon within Its own terron I 19 I
eldent that the reply mad a Coomblo
Imir Um Iresllcnt McKlnley
un the memr of Ihe calilnel and It
Is nol unlkIy Ihal one of the features
of his fOrhcnlhll mac lo Con
Irs will be n discussion oC > the Cuban
situation from which it wi ulper
that thee II nothing In the sllunllon to
Justify prcaenl Interference on the part
of the United Stales
Tb n Iuor hulhnu or aI
nlly lolI onk
QrnUI In ks N D Nov 10lx
Stotc fnuer nuokr I among the
11lnl Somc tme 110 Hooke was
IndIcted by Ih edul grand Jury lor
Iluklug n audulenl icporl lo thi
eomltrnler of currencj on thc condl
lon of tho Orand rorks National
Lanl of whlh he was pldcnt
Whel hi CI wo caled In the U
R courl Boukcr fal to repond and
hi bOUI wn clre lurfclcl
< 01
ee hac been uno hie to nn1 him and
Canada the p0On Is thlt ht I now In
Th brand Forks National bank
failed two years ago Hooker was at
000 one lime reported to be worth 1000
1Ino 10e 1 latr R
11n n h re
New lun COln No 10The
ollual rlor oC the lruurr of 101
nlvcrslty sho a markable fnnn
al ycnr lhe Incra se In pemanent
funds of the unhely for th ar
ending July 31 IS97 hies bon JI12497
a cCmlnro1 wlh corrpon l
Hgurc oMlt5i4S for the prvlou year
AdIlne JU9 given for on Isolating
Ilviion In connclon tvllh the Inlnn
nl 1013 for the law school build
Inl fund I 371S from Ihe unUernlty
fund nocllon nl < mlnur gifts the
total nddltlo for the enr I mrld up
to SICOUor the lurct 1 Incroe for
any single year In the history ot the
nlverslly except for the nor when It
nB a benellclary under Mr fahef
IcMB will
The nlverslty funds are now J15IJ7
19 o ompiircd wltli 1IM1C97 In the
er 181G the academical fund II
C63853 as compared with 11572108 lut
eer nUl cor spending fgur of oth
e delatmnts nre
ThologteBI school IH45433 and U13
097 Sheffield scientific school 1380
023 and I3771S3 medical school 1103
CS1 and 128051 art school S107G7G and
tho nme In 1S3C nnd the law school
I1004S9 ond 1813
The medlciU deparlmenl has no vest
ed funds
The Loomls fund Is I 11245
Judee Vlncnt hn wihdrwn Crm
employmcnl ua LuelgertB alloiney
A Irusl Is I being organized In the
Hast lo control the Utah asphalt de
Senor Trujlllo Mougas has Len ap
pointed nsslstanl chief of police of
Prank Purcell of Sail Lake has been
malched lo fight Scaldy Bill Quinn
In Snn Irnnclco tonIgh I
John Montgomey a widowe of
Sins King New York committee sul
IS rJ il II dW
A bmte named Moss confined In II
Emory Tex Jail for alleged assault I
on ing a little child Is In danger ct lynch
John Webster Jr ot Oshkosh WIs
drank eleven full glisscs of whisky ono
after the other Tuesday lesultlng In I
his ilcath
Ths Irllh and Amerlcnn al u
pet met at Washington D Co at i
ocock thl ofenoo at the stole de
Ilormont th Pnrllan nrtt who
klltcHl the Comtesse Lara has been
ntncd 10 eleel ear nd eight
month Imprlonment I
I S Swanson of Minnesota U S
minister to Denmark was among the
rnssengers on Iho American liner Pails
which sailed from New York for
Southampton today
The Pails Matin referring to the
speech of tho marquis of Salisbury at
the Guild Hall banquet last night says
Lord Sallthuijs caunllo reference to
tho Niger negotiations Bounds strange
frm the lp of a champion of
At he first dajH racing of thu Liver
poel Ingllnd autumn mtng S I
lur nclrohl rnVttnut miy I note
Gift ridden by Too Sloane won the
greal Iancuihlrn handicap The raia
Is I for liOO sovereigns for 1yearoldl
on < UpWlld TwIe hurse ron
The National Sound Monej lengu
met In Nel York TuIy eeoln onll
Isud nn adddrr tn the Ieople In
hlch It I tlld thut Intematonnl
Ilmolalom o I orl1 plblt I
dol on1 the pplo nre okd to do
cllro or In tor of the olncl gold ala

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