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Deseret evening news. (Great Salt Lake City [Utah]) 1867-1920, October 17, 1899, Image 1

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Is i 2
i I 1
I 1
1 Tllirrit Mill I Illl KTi 4 I i
r 7 11 JVE U rULt4fT 0I OllKU 17 181W SA11f LA1CK I CIIV = UlAH Tr I I NUMIlKIl 279
I I 11 I
I I I roes Redford and Oscar Slett Aleet Death
I Jin Rabbits Foot Aline Kalian Blown
to Atoms in Grand Central
Rabbit Toot Occurred Last Night and Was
at the
DL ster
= Led by the Explosion ol Ten Pounds of Giant Powder
Oreat L V3nger to the Men In the MInctxpostoii Was on
the Three Hundred and FIfty Foot lociInquest Hclng
gclj atSilm City This Afternoon Premature Blast Caused
the Death of an Italian Miner at the Orand CentralDid
Not Understand or Respond to the Signal to Draw Up
pq IU TO Tlln N = 111
11 A tyZ vC 1m
I I I j 0
In 111 00144 at Ina
Ft uilr 1 I clock 1 last
11 10
I Ili UIt level and to
ooth omp war klllod
I Ir limbo IS Were FIX 1
j k II min nd test olh
Si 110 party but were
A I I lh 11rooll llcIll n Sir tile
mo J II ItlihanUlwt
I f ip Ili n wa the lint 10
1Ifte con
I 11 on I I n Ill
an I Hi them all of
III p I Tl c tiamn of like
11 d I 110 dfurd and Of
1 a blo a soon am a
II Tbo socum of
AI II FIt koon Ihrtt br
11 Bat k C md cam that an
III t n at prossaysit bo
I I HUl 1
I I JIg III to a a lain I fore
I h I I r Ih e ilmft ragvr
I I I I 10 1 t they could
Is 11 In Ill 11Ulac Party far
I III 11111 th1 above
i1 the lit l lOt the eight nin
I I I 01 vt rk ties cum the
I n I llq ill air had Imen
I I tif ii oitn Th air
1 I114 tailr Ir ml a IT and thus
rm loc l y n kf to rcap
a a lilJ I I III that 81111144
a m owli Ill JhI the SIX 1 Mtn
H II Oiiciro ol r DtlfgalH Mho Op
postS SN4gation of Filipinos
y Anodes nos itia 31114
With alil 1
u < i orl i 1 h ciikalllon I ot
l etlanvi I tn aubjuxa
I in III 11 I I < t nxll W firm
l > Mfc I u I is r IN tut In del
A I In lifflrtit I parts IC the coun
4 u Hi no I against the Iiol 1
t tte 11 < 111 u m rtln In the hlllp
Thaini x 111 tailed lo urdir
ewnl > > uic 1111 by Temtwrary
Jj lnuiL loin Burrllt Hmllh ot Chi
1 < 0
1 uipok aafuiiu 6
11 1 1 I b niaths idnm
111011 y nllh
PItmistall 01 ro
4111 dIW 1 I hUard S V1111ly 1
1 IIo W ManU Into A
I 1 11111tary III
IWO on Asiatic
I artyly If I p4loll we not
I p j to It tn a al frc under I
J I till r it ill Ill to bus
aouIn Ili IN In 1111pinal i
A U iiiban an and ot light
II I oO w tm
na dpvn lunl It
I V to etnd AN h holtd wit I
lih g 0 t gl so II I II WAS aei I I
1 hT I A 4r If rallullin tile
No bo
LIIIp 1 to or Alt cun
I >
d I onuu at
lstf 1 j tl 101 vlt rtal 1 ii Hen re
Io I sightl t IN I1rIl III Uta oky ere
oj KIL I Mi k J Van
I I I Ythulk trans
t I I IN oull r In Cuba
n = 01 > flHSS I
1tmn its Is complete
Itillsl4at n L B vtrninnt In
140 W t the Amriation
It a Pa Jidirryt upon II
A oo 1 I
huhI that
II dIth 10
4 01 6Y Fit Oil hands ut
NlIfloypt lot if
A so I vnmul 111
Illmitl n b I 0 111 I
4 b6st This
atistalle f I MU It 1 il 11 hor
Iviss I asts1 oil lit thy
bt 1 01 N In r Is r xrel thai
Ipln un Amrrl
t IA ra IIIPly rnielit the
V1 asyllAll i
T 1111tutinis at
Awks t 64 rrl 1 jim 1 no 1 Im
Atli 1 Ut I 311116 It 1 hem lnil
ll N r on huhuld Ile
lift Any Ill but it Nit
311111k so bUt bowaylent
I rtndplo and Saint
> hould I make It
1tsaw ill hl In I t 111 ANY conter
I It = P if next Y it to ontribut
Ayy AssIf f Chat alkali
nC I I
Al Ida
P this
I IN fail t h
wt of 11pooke the
Ask I In Illy h I Ih Whll
Ainbho 7t hall save Sm
ill III It in Pursuit of
I 111
AyI In ormlynizatle of ho
18 j 111111MIll a I flows
ask It Illtt 311 r l llladelrhla
at t hig jituo flat
mikka l ill F i5w oloado
look IIII I I 1 If < wit te afl
s I1 I III I I If his wit i UK
1 11 It I me Nt
1 I en1 In fMlu
I 04 I It n 1stets
I 1 I I It oph
I I Tf h Ilti I
I IrI I i
I I I l h III hIl IllIn
I IF dh v I
ill J II lye I
10 t In he nm It
1 Porllll1 Ill the g rirvj I
10 the furfaco though alive wer on
llrely overcome by the gas
The llaMlt V mt nil In la about right
mil from Hurtful It Is I a llvtrlead
Noopitykir Twelpordtlon and ill Attack It I
owned lamely In Bait Ixik W 11
D > nnll la I pre1 lent of the company C
11 fo l I 10 1M crnary Clarence lie
Comlk la 11M traawrw D II Poorly
IT and I Henry M l llyan are on the
board ot director
Trrrllile I ale of asky Italia tllarr al III
43rosad CAilral loss DissIN
Mammoth Ml ITAt about 4 clock
Taul Tsai a miner at the Irand
Central was killed by a found
of hurler ihot Saying off while he was
allll In I Ih wtnae lletl voisto npe1
In putting In a round of hot I In A
In I on the MM level nil I waa wI
what into In flnlihlBK tile work II
loppilt his nln HIM and hen I save the I
Ixnal lo bo holelrd lIut the other
part the shift had tam out of th
mine and turned the air 1 oft to that Ih
donkey engine wan neaten That left
Mr llru In the Notion without any
tares of cacaiw etoept the laddei I
which for ionic motion IH I dH not
climb and the nine hula vent off kill
Inx and blonlnx him to atom
llrru ho l was an Watery was about
NVftrzWIoKAmllmvtvi4linr I
Inc In Colorado who have Ufn n 4 1
nod ot I la death
hOUhl announce Its Pos rp 10 applies
Role mpletllm and Its further its Xwm
In oppicass the election ul transitions 01
Cong a who may UIIII hi poster
S Th ewifproystow May d14m tin
intention to M Th rIwln f
= rr = nc hI =
any Chamber of Carkirrow who antor me
Rain an appropriation 01 man of Nknrykwy
Ir lur ptroosirruticon ul the war On
I fir points Sim should bo nu Cuts
rml l no conln
At pnovent we am no In ooupwrittlort
With any political party Let us ww
and uur nahl of lion and 1
our f = fnuetion In the inIdritlAl
IlIon ut UIIO IInlll flat cuntiat hat
twn orxilnl ecupled With t be rid
= r It1 It
standing that it Is our purtk I go
tribute to tile defeat at arty party that
dforyalloo ou subjugation I r the M111pi
III Ino Islands
That oontirmnom will continue Rather
lUreferd rlll ihltll
KanmCltyMn Oct ITTh nation
al JhlWtlon of thutlHlxhbred Hereford
atlk > at he clock > ard mil week Hill
I Im the tcf Its kind In the WI That
II I will IH 1 a great 1 how Is I a Assured by I Im
fact that already that are III entries
Tho mill will come from o far east
an IrillnU and as far West alf Neva
Tho enlrle cover every cla einrBllon
uf stock that can be made within ono
breed of oalll Valuable Prince have
rooles Votes Illplamral
loan Pranolnco Oct ITTh Chrunlclo
aoyUrncral Carlu Klein former prost
dent of Haltador 1 who waa bailUhed
from Illts home and whores fortune was
confiscated liecaun Ile was B revolu
flatfoot has dleaiPMir from Xikltnd
vhei a he Ran resided for Ihreo > r
and U believed lo I U I enrad In I a fill
buttering expedition from New Orleans
It I Understood that UieU told mil
mat friend that h would Ito frown
New Orleunn I either to Ueilcu or M
No Torsawla loostraylls Vot
Sew York Ocl ITn launching of
the torpedo boat watro U u I fl built
by th Oa Kniilne A Power lo of
iiorrl 1I00 his In the Ilarlmn river
for th L H novy which WON to hue I
occurred Ihl Ik wevk hat been 1 t Mid
Indeflnllily I owl to Ih plUIon1
AN rike of Ih Irui a work JIoyOn
t he craft Th In M quit w ork bout
Iwo months ago and As Settlement 01
tile trouble NMo Ate far away now so
at tile tart
AntiTrosiL 4enverilloss
Chlefigoiss Ot 1TTlIO Chronicle DAY
A 1131101141 nlllrut vronforerim will
bo held In Chicago torn Unary in I Janu
ary under th auspices of the orxanln
lion fornid during the recent Iruat
owiforoness HMd inarlir have been
tALIIh1 hem and the call for the
tMffti00 Will bo twilled MTIY next
rills Hour fur ilnlr
Meriden Carry Opt 17TINto Connotes
tbut Tolhrlne UI night PM d
11aritmouioly the nine hu a dots resell
1tl fly h 1 if I < hI h t 1 I Awn 1
I 11 yung plnh I h Was I or t it
I J II I I Sit I I 1 10 11011 I V
A I II r roo 11 10
Ill 1 I 10 I Is 01 I II tn 01 I
f I 21 III I I I I
III 11 I I I I 11
Ih 11 lot I I t I 1 I I I
At Ih nalhrat nnlln of Styli
a 11 I tell 1pAutjet4 held nlly In I Nvt
II I 11 it h 11 itdpti is t the n I Ili h
stay reofj ndtI but Ow mm I
Starts I ue not bound fly that a Un
191sis4 by i0l
Ih n Ise Y AuIln AN I I
r m the siral It In heel 0 r g i I I
oC 11000 early title jrnll x by lIb
J Uoykln an Pollciman who ha I
liters for eome lime employed wook lieceal
policeman at Ihe club The place had
r11n cfl Sar r it
l n clHwl for omo I ins but lloykln
Induced I the caehlrr 1 lo return to I he
ro and with A revisiver cownpolld
him to own the I Ile tool < all ln
ouh likeludifoof 1180 In cual II hen
Made 11 o lioykin IA I a d ad
ehot n1 has already I killed two men
He eerved part of a term In I th penl
unary for kllllnx 00 dpuiy herlft whir
n > pltd whll Cor noykln I then a tiollc
man was t + t arrest him 11 rE
releaiwd Ibn Uffll action of the ffUprenM
I very effort I is Iwlnff mad in pnr
hm1tl K r lul I r It la not thalwalit
he will Ink taken without a fight and
aa by I u man of mnatkabl nerve
and ur sht U to tested lam of
itty will irwilt
c far rtial 1 1
Now Tork Oct 11A dispatch lo the
IIrol front Iortln NYO
The Itortlner Teitblilt lam from a
diplomatic Dour In Ixjndon that the
purpote of the visit of Count Mnrav1ff
to 1arla wai to Hk with U IXIcBM
an opportunity I of prorlttn by Hnx
land I mbarrament In Huulh Africa
M Deletions 1 want to produo in the
I ulale tlourbon the III tell of She
Iliuilan alllanc In order to take re
venally fir Ihe Fafhoda queallon
Therefor It la I not Intervention In I fa
vor of the Itoeri but the Ixilllna or the
rrancollUMlan soup on the lor lire
Analles I I OF 141111 end n No
IV 44 64 IIvIe set
Mantle Oct 11 1046 IN roIlAills
Regiment memnll Iron a point north
wl of 14 so X lop this mornlo Itovor 1
th enemy out of IN > rae Olwi AmericBn
wa killed fall one wounded The Kill
plants lout A number of killed And
ou inded
T plurod Iv bullock
rt oC ammull oil
rare = 111kiliff
New York Oct 17Member of the
charalvr nt commerce In this city ha
h Invited by the london cbamter of
commerce to be Ua xueat at a dinner at
tile drilling 11 convenient 10 ill 0 Now
York Th uht or I he Inner 10 lu
promote emotional comity l lween
ilreat Ilrllaln axis I the UnIted I Closings
Aa the londnn aeaoclallon ha a mm
benhlp of 4 two Including men foremoet
In mmerer fall Intense the dinner
In ddlton to Its Inltnun1 Ienlft
rionank will to one or tile Ir nd
InscrOM kin1
ml notable public affairs or t kind
during the present 7r
Explosion of Min Git In the Shmandaih City
Th hn u wtol Allow llostir ht
They vote llowiltiroat Cattle
I Iulld I
Pottivlll Pa Oct 17Shortly before
11 clock today I an einkitian of mla
irai nevurrtil 01 the Shenandoah City
totalled Ten of thm
It to I Mini the other are dead The
mine I l took tire and the Ihraantoah tire
department has gone to the rec
Almost eicllMnent prevail The out
1111hi4 I on I the Urael of I he 1hlla
delphla A lloadlnx Coal A Iron com
pony orallof
Thou taken from the mine are
Adam lubrllnkl married burned
Um R Kavlnakl
JuMph Caeiav vax robtbly I fatally
Jo Klnakl burned upon fan brad
and back
Malty lecad and
IVIer Yawned brother rat badly
III live In Hhenandoah The mine
Ia burning fiercely and Rremen am bat
lllnx the llame
M 1 11 m all nt the entombed men
were out of the mm
Although solvent 1 are toystiously Injured
III one has died at
0101iiii Lo
Versailles KY Oct ITh 1Ifan
party left luIIVm At I olork this
Moraine Allot 1 1 prumadyal 10 Ptranktort
whole breakfast ulook hall I tares
noo1 emitted the arrival olh tIn
Mr Ilryan spoke at the opera houN
making Ilse Cllolne tlI4nn Sim battle
oC hI remarks
lit Lialls Oct JI
lion William J Dryars loulovlll I KY1
Jones 14lon Whllro Clh Cook
n1 Many other friends inxraluuite
lost Slusetwit lllaikburn still Kentucky
Pemoorala i in a lendld rvceptluu In
Kentucky Hurcea In Kentucky attend
auocv In the nation next > Nriar
IIr llryin old Im hAd alkali It stated
that tin election of Uobe 1 would mean
a defeat of fre niter It he thought
o he Would I not bo In Kentucky Jlr
Ilryan told tho iopl menlloned In
Ihe leleirum were laying Mr Johnson
wile a free alher man who ualated 1 lu
anurlnx the adoption of the Ihloaxo
Ilatform and that he had worked day
Built night for free Silver
loternor Hlone air Moon said wo
one of the ablest Bill must elllclent
mmbri the national Democratic
comrnltte and Mr WhStivskyre Ii I a man
who left a tobacco oomiiany rather than
be a member ot a trust against the
manipulation uf which Ito Is I Vigorous
ly I opposed
Inoo 1111INera strike 1
Bprlnx alley Ilia Oct ITIltate
Imt n1 M m for arrived here last
night on law call of UK executive coal
mllle ot list district und Inlay called I
a Strike of 1000 miner empo > ad i by tile
Hprlnx alley t oal 1 company Th men
nil ilruck unit the amply ni ooal from
tills Point will drugs llv I IhoUMnd tona
Th dllllcully which brouiht on th a
ilrlk U alleged lo ha bn tho r
fuanl of enrol Manater Owl lotli to
atop union dues at the company oinc I
tile Vokgis Bar
Now Orleans Oct IITh 11111011
steamship Kulilit Ihlor hao arrived
from llainburr tlerrmny with 57M7
Ia ol raw beet totally equal lo 7U1
lu This Is I th IArt oaO of for
Isis Sugar over brought 10 NOW Or
it I 1141
41111W llrlr Meriting llm
Chloaxo Oct 17 Fire which broke
I I i early I today In I the ill 1 tory atruo
it it 190 lo I 1U WI Uahliulon
it I t I ulanl B tam of tlM 000 Th ant
t im eaal half of Inn iHllldlux aa d
atroy Tile seat half la 11 Ul led nl ly
xtpd r I 1111YI1 I lNuilly but a Ore
all Ill II a f eprrnd
Ina I t slitly 1rthw III r ill ho1ln Tln
t0lleta 1 W t Ir I
I Ill Ago I I 11 No U 10
at 1 I 1 IN y II
a liovhan4
o I I I II > I n hnl
I 00l sit r Ihnn II > I manu
torturers it f bicycle italrbat llOOW toil Of
building W WO
Shamrock Disabled Early by the
Breaking of Her Topmast
Wind wu ft Ir and tnrjlhhg PIHtlHd an
Excellent Run
olnnLI Ith Ur II cunly 111
Town Hour I Than Tim Limit
Men liar Thunder
Nw York Oct 17 Wlt Permitted
lo bo n Splendid Jay putt In the con
test for the America cup birlumis lhe
rhamrork and lolumbla brought dto
apnelnlment lo the I Sinatra of lIMo blx
yacht and the labile xenrally With
In halt an hour after Ih elurt which
w a total allot Hlr I Truman Uplon
Yacht was dleaMe by the breaking of
her topmast and was obliged lo give up
the race while the Columbia under the
rule rmvernlnx contents far the Inter
national trophy rmio < aid lo all aver
the sarm form
At the time of the accident the cup
defender wa Reading lhe eh4limser by
several boat toxtli
The era fUrse cull wan find at 11
ocluik M 1101140 Hhamroek crayoned
the line Columbia following a few eec
and later
Tor about a quarter of an hour the
Nhamrork held the ld but I made M
In Than the uVcndcr overhauled
and paaaed hot and ntlnud to gain
until llw catastrophe occurred that put
Ihe hamn < k out of the ran When
I he accident occurred that offered Pit
Thoma Uplon hop the fthamru
wa landing off lo eeo OB the port
lack II holes tow largest < of the two
hoard who lu I taken lu Iud Attar
criMlnx tho larllnx line
The wind was blowing about twelve
tall an hour from earl Uf aoulh and
JiMW flons > tArf O lie fl yypi l > 0
There wool nothing rt I left for Cham
rook lo du but to turn around and tart
for horn with a few cheer tnm the
eacurelon boat telllnc uf the ym
rho Columbia left her and minded
In flrat mark ten miles out at 1110
and after a lone reach ruun4d the sm
und mat k tartlHK for tiom at 111 II
llhe cam along rafter IM he reaili
orn nnWiInu almost tu houra with
In the Urn limit demonstrating thai
Ih raw Mould bar brin a nos on If
Iher ha > l been a content bt wn the
two Lamlys
New York let ITTh faeikas
other condition today ore not fav
orable for the aalllnx Om excited roe
In the IntrrDallunnl lerte of cmlrla
fur flow Amerrrai tup The wind waa
lujhl from rise iitheul and the iky
ill uvmsot with the Irobabllll oC
rain during tile day
Among 11a Thowss cusmon today worst
Hear dmlral lerd charkM list turd
lAdy 114oford Illary fluallottK 1 C
n William allwasyn II J Ulboon J W
floild4111m O 141hostoll JOhlon It 1 A
lAwwn Juhnun Innlh Wittion and
I If Windralil lit Wilawkin oC Iran
1 am Yorkohlt anti Mine Muriel
The lIIhlnl al Nnlnk At 710 O
11 tolempastid that a T knot lOull
owasteftr wind woo bloir there and In
viltmolng In stronglit
IRS I cluck It wst blowing Nov er I
knola fully ironx enough for the roc
wft tu cover the coure ullhln Rise tlm
Under She condltli of the ran an
Ism I the munke wag bet down AS Wan
Why to hill tn Mall log
Aa both Yachts are known to bo imnl
off the wind It Imiked I this momlril with
the Inoreaalnx I rcete thai the roce
nIb l La I lallc 1 In fast llnw
rolltlnx by yeelrrdaV varlable han
dlllon and the fact that contrary lu i a
I < lloni there va i ran III Point
w Starting of tin International yacht
me was a much more lively Simile this
mornlna nil I the condition were Kmw
what different Iu I
11 did nut tk the IOmllln > yachU
long to appreciate the decidedly favor
able condltloi and by t clock they
were both mull of the Hook under
tTtiI proceeling to ill starting tit
The 111houlroelt as iowm an iths got out
all 1 mixed hr I IIIall and Jib but
Ih Columbia I while having her main
d1dh hb rto
rl e
all In Hone did nol break It r for
nine urn after At > II hamk
then about four miles from the atari
dropped her low boat and wont long
at a nice tills under her mlnoon I jib
unit fureilay mail At 111 Columbia
which wa allihlly ahead put up her
malnull I and Khen II had IllleJ uc Take
out Her jib
lloth yacht dux Heir lww Into the
heavy Nowells n1 killtd th water like
uk presenting a Iulllli Inarloy
Picture wpocittily the Bhararock u hr I
1nrald line raise out of She anam i i of
broken foam
At Ilse lime Hi preparatory cull was
fired 10 45 tooth state worm lo the
south of the IlihUI IP aril running for
II I > Hltleery RnrlLalt lUrrcouW
not lot colutin I lot from unler Hhaniraek I
and when Ih starting nun woe Med
hr was forced arm ill lilt In I the lee I
ward million
Ilv 1 minute after tim atari the koala
wr HIM twitting Hi iwrt lack amt I
Hhamriick I eeeined to 1 ull I out a ltn on
oluml la
t 11 ft the Phartyrocks lop most
broke Anil l Inr club lOp MIR came down
Hhmo was to the lowlaril of r col
table And some Inh lustern 1 alwut
Ih rallow down the courim When the
thyrnissme Ir 10 uf UPIr convusi wan
en to Havol The Job hall ppar
Ila If ljmktn In Ow riteranditolorre It
hllnl u boat against the main Fall
1711 b Us II on i tut Inn th
illud 11tillI III IN I fOIII1 ul fi inn I
she rilruirs Toil I Fin is n a 10 w all
If tho basis fall she bl 1 Not lot r a hot 1
and low d I low I luillin 1 AI un Thum
was no nod nl tills oln1 10 Astral I I
IInUOI IbulUOlJo tandtr stood
Over toward her al wire ready to low
Ir I back o praMlally the rare wa I
w1loorstroorkZc ao < ralawa stilts Tile
ror w slow it he m
forynt of tho lot truut finding It broken
r lw lo the lower 1 mal and haulliw It
fly th Jerk IMO ryrossyd the ARUBA i apt
11 loxarth 1 would not Aid tam liany ipla
at ort IN Mid he wan Kllt the mall had
not = down lo deck and pleased
that nobody wa Injure Then hi or
dered aalt taken
MI lr Tkona Llplm hrouiht up the I
rear of the m wrnful pronnKn with
till yacht tZ I IA fn I hey passed the n
curelon boala therji were t m faint
rheera but the crtV dId nut a Fear
them oi
Pit Tliomaa ran alonfulde at am M
poke unlnl ly t i apt lIroh
who Kerned tl t feel 1 the aitldent Come jr
II la I to bo remarked that Ihe Hham
rock ww not carrying aa much Mil aa
Vale = when her topmail brok Mr
he had II not ralaej her baby lib J list
liefnra lot Mil went over Shamrock
waa am to flow off very much from Ihe I
wind 1 and II 1 la probable caps Iloganh
either heard the mal crack or was
afraid of II
Brie was Jumping in the lumpy wa at
tb lime and the train must have bn
amt Columbia I eMdenlly afraid uf a
almllararldnl I tmmdlaliy look In 1 her
baby Jib and later hrr Xayaall lo avoid
the train of the puffy wind
tn mail a Ions I lark SIN larboard
running toward allure after the accident
to the Bhamrork and then al 11 M
gybwl and larked lo port under t he
agreement lo Utah the course In t he
time limit It traaalbl At II It p m
the wlad h1104b111411 nmwhl but
atlll I IVr wa enouah to put her over
rnI = 1111 11e9U1thhVrW1 =
Ott mum In Urn aTlhouih th nnrta
men about 1 pIIlhot Alm could not nn
lib and that thy race would h 1 declared
W U Cable Iloat Ort 17Ceure
alxnalM Is 1 ask a t by South then aoulh
Ir Ut =
wen enhalf south ihtnnorth north
MaekaylkBMt lines Get l7Ht rt
Inc gun find Ham
Illxtlanda of Navealnk Oat HWTIrn I
Man estimated Hhanrack 11 04114
Columbia 11400
Par llockaway 1111 a Olumbla
has Juil poaaed the Shamrock and to I
well to windward Th Columbia 14 I
rapidly drafting away from the Mum
ilackay llennet Iloal II n a m
AMoclald Preea dispatch boat VIA
moo and a lug are coming toward the
eabl ehlp Hying the alanal Hhimmk
IIKhland 111111 appear at If the
Mhamrw ipmaet l ha been carried
W V able boil II 41 a m flham
wit IK I Preparing tu take tow bock
Maikay Hmnl Unal by Aeeocllled
Ir is dlip irh UI amuowrlham
rowan usl mad lit big rlun lonwll
Ub IOr
Id tilt
voile larrld away al I II fl I a m hen
tho yarhla oere on port lack 1 about
three mile from th Hart Thor store
ruck Ruffled Into llw wind At one Th
Columbia keeps on
Par llorkaoay Una mTh
Shamrock la running ft before the AN Ind
toward the Marling boat
Illxhlinda 1lU a mThe > ant
Irln to I missiles for the rippled racer
Mitakilylienry1 I lout 11 it a sysIloy
Columbia has taken on her Jib topeall
and coittlnue in the course
W IT Muat aUlnd was about I
mile per hour when the ace lent ot
ourrad II was apparently Paused by the
HhojBnck i IhlMHilD In a heavy aea
Fr > 47Vl Al ki UauiAlut
w IT Iloat WIT m Tlie Columbia
11 I Hill on floorboard IIk eitalwanl The
Judgw boat haa left I the Shamrock and
xon after the Columbia
Time IWach It II p 1 m Columbia k
cuing off Ashure rapidly making xrat
limit under Heady t reeeure len knot
knot breeae I la Violating up I lo 1Id
and foollnx rapidly la till acrrylric
main Mil forestall Jib and club top Mil
lilghtentle kl Save nk limp m
At hAmrswk hop extra isparly an Ilse
lighter illyner anh1 Inside the
I loftiothre a now lot meet can Con I
K t auballtuled Ihl afwrnoon anti the
r < hie may be able to race lMtorrow
I altar the Hxned condition how
Now the lint ran will have lo be la
Klndmird and leeward With two race
l the credit uf lumbla If she tkw
tuday rose th mrlcan boat will
have 11 I mak but one rnor win to keep
ill cu P
W 1 able Ikial by Antotool Ilro
let Wands I J the a
forlotail 1 22j = jjW Ivan ran
Ationsooldo Ih saflom had brought tile
topmast Blind II 10 dock amt were Are
moving Ih club MIL Cap 1I0eorih
Ikollt are ICId to tay no a n wa hurt
It I as mmi unIOrlUIII Wo our
loosely did nut raise Aloe baby jib to
train It and I An not understand It
Nit IIU the Jlhmk lowered loor
main FAIR slid Jib and taking it line
from her under Asserted up for the city
with liar Resonant broken claim to her
lower nuHhd
lAng leach I on ITCiolumble
founded I boo nr lark al ttnin
Wn Inl M I lost I Oct 1
ThIlumll > undud the Mond mark
at 111
Wotrn Value Cable 1Joa1 1101 St m
Th Clumhl bee just 110 In Mel
about nine nl frorn her ranchlair
for hem
2 1 p molumhl rroind INNI
line al 335FA unoRlrlal time
II Illoorti 01 llhkkmror k 110016 Columbia
flint mark Colombia I U H
lUcoad mark Columbia 13717
llnMi Columbia 22717
NKXT ILA113 TlltlllllUY
Handy Hook Oct 17TAIr It woo
announced by one of th orftcr of the
Fin 1 10 a roP ntUv oC tit t
clatall 1 31ro that the last raoo yaquill
I un Thursdor
rauielloa < on e Ii fle tuloull lo II e
IIKIr A lr
aalilnxlon Ocl IT7o PraaMtnt
haa ordred tn promotion lo grade ot
brigadier I central In the regular army of
tile following colonaimi
l ol A C M 1 Ionnliif Second I ar
UlloIul noyal T Fronk Vint artillery
IoL Louis I I = ior Flllh cavalry 1
Iul 1 8111FIA141 Ovhlll TenlylhIN
ttil 1 linlel W llurk Seventeenth It I
Th officer are lo L placed on the
retired Hit ai Interval uf me day a a < h
Tin war deparlmnl was able lo i mki > I
Ifchantres owing n the rrllrcmit
of lien shatter fnni the rexulr army
After they hall all rum b n os I
Isolated and retired In rlr Nine i I it I r
cy will be left Ii Ih lNwrad I if hotel II r
l nlral In lh x il I m it I 1 It
th common Inn I I 111 iia till n
will to liven tu I ill r u it i is I I
Gen MicArtltur
Hoppro1 I 1
Mnl Oct 1 29 11 ITh nt I
patter PaW hiss be torsd
It Iltw ria I r 141unt0 of It I
Us I I r st vi 3 4 priotlast it III
tulIhl I Ittli11 1111 I I1111111 I I 1
In tim Ih 1 At Syi Irn hn <
to its Arasi Ing 10 I syll PAMP1111 I I
wtarkluji I ill Ant is nil 1
friendly rillpIr holy I n I ulI d
Illor ulatiiiI
nit the Roao fiolioo tHor w rt nd J
printed I gnu
Dispatch from Capetown Says 300 Boers
and 18 British Have Been Killed
in the Battle
Col IladcnPcwcll Made n Sortie In Force and Attacked His
Boers who were Investing the Town Defeating Them After
icrcc I I tolitlng Armored Train Engages Hoers and Drives
Them 011Hoer Account Says Three Iturgltcrs were Killed
and Five I Wounded In the Fighting I and that the Itrltlsh Kc
fircilArtillcry Brought Up Parliament Meets Today
Business Outlined
Lortnoo Maroii < Oct 17imiw
who have just arrived IKTO I from tin
Transvaal rinrl that the 1hisolvis hav
twen l repuleJ at Hafklac uttalnlBg
heavy Somme
tondva Oct ITA iptlal 1 dispatch
from Collision T 300 line and
eihtfl llrllUh ban been kllld In a
ballla xl llafeklnx
l oL Iladn Powll mad a settle from
Mafeklng In fere and Hacked The
lloer who oftyro Investing IRAN town A
tar fierce fighting the llrlllBh carried
the day
The tklrmteh nr Hpytfonteln aaya a
I perlal I dlapauh tram Capetown was
quit lively I
The artnomd train with a detachment
of IwBBoaihlr lawd unmolested un
til within rebels and then the lloera
opeml fire Th llailro were strongly 1
MI to walk and did Kood locution
among the nlien Th tatter aim
used artillery but ineffectively Th
armored train returned lo Klmberley
CaiMlawn Oct 17It IB rMwrlnl here
hit She Hori have had an nxiiinnt
with another armored train from
llwal North Cap Con la I now la I
olaled 1rom Coloburx conIo peralalirat
rellrratlon of the retort that the Boom
hat attacked Mistaking Iwlnx Ihrto ro
puUe1 with heavy loaa
Hmallpov hot braki out her Ale
this native ream Jatiinneabure flight
castle nir bn tflft vwW
Klmberley Ojt ItAn armored train
whll reconnolterinx near Hiolfonteln
vnxaied the lloer killing nil an1
wounding Mn Th llrlllh had no
Italian 1
Pretoria Ocl I delayed In tram
mllon llMvy fighting took ilaca
kill mournIng north ot ilafeklnx An
armon1 train eeiit tu repair the rail
road line opened lire o the lloer com
mando On burgher wax killed and
two wounded
A Second engagement followvd In
which nine llrlllah were woundid
leelerrbty whll Uen Cronjea Iroop
wen pear the broken I railway bridge
nine inflooks north of Jlafeklnit an ap
Koachlng train loaded vllh dynamlti
waa fired UI I OH and Llo np There
sklo Were no Casualties on III Tnl1
Pretoria Oct It delayed In trans
mlaalon further dlipalchn received
by the xottrnrmnt lay that the Hinting
rontlnuei north of Mafaklnx Tha
IIb after lh aecund enguxemint
retired In the direction of th 10yin but
tiny reeuniKl tile attack shortly after
ward tvu burgher being killed and
three wounded
The commando engaged waa Impeded
owing lu tile want ut heavy artillery
which was iubaquntly obtained front
Clen CronJ
Prelorla Ocl I ddaycd In trans
inlMlm The executive council liate I
decided 11 milk I 1 burxlwri Under
cuing a ylatem Irlnlont ur CAM 1
All ulher rlaomrn vhoar In I th same
catexury will bo Mia acroM the border
The French Herman and Italian
consults have Refund proclamation call
ing upon heir repullv cltlMna to
remain neutral 1
Cumman t leneral Joulwrt b M i
tautened his headquarters at Charles I
t own end thl Wall traphic cammu
I llon ill till Ih Tram vital by way uC
1ln Nk
Gln and lo stuffii round allemied
in a I ed tn rain ul the Heads Ae tOn
Tho government haa ordered the
commando Outside of hanneaburg to
t In cattle of any disturbance
Aa It liai 1 lieii discovered that on
aiumit is I losing made ti tmpr v till
tlw railroad Ih authorulm bAo nor
ordered lo st hot un tight all peraon
found near tile rallwaya with dynamlu
Lnl l tics t llnlatd dlapal hl
Im the sieell ut a 11a I ill South Af I
No 110 little tt osh UIII UIn 1 th It I
uAtin The I similar I hy
oirengthoillivic 11oir 1IIn tn Wallis
n1 lhlO hlr I I Inw t I al k
The kiraltiot I Ill bullish is ar
threatening tit invade < 001 by
may Ar Nor01writ unit olIw North
Slash ul No hills are at IhI mosircY I tbcY
I artillo Hu for an to knoon
it h uy Ihh for isttiened 1 AI
vial Srh 1 it lilt at flaskerst if the lo1
MrIollwe eviatlt
I I I t he I < 1n 11 r
1 I y h I III nhh It
Mfk1iK tI dUy 1 1 jtw Ill
III I t I In
0 1
vl 1 0 si
I I I I t I
I I III1 1 IIILY fits
lUt In I ig oil is III undoirsoliond It r how rofu
K iinlMni ul Lmuo Miriu
y 1 uId lu I n list jkykAaIn l or
I N I f key Io I IIr I Mr ot MtfrklnX
Al it sl I in in I tim 1 ino 1 i
IN 1 11 III I I U 1 I h l
I Ia Willy I hy I Ito It I a I
I I ri oil Illayntlill oo I
at 11 Ill it I
colburl CP Clonl Ct nr 114
mcn arrlvlnx from Johannesburg
= lm in
forc d lo Iav the tin north ut N nr
Takilini and tp mak a itlour throuili
I Im VWI under = ort Jolnlnx th train
farthtr south This u underiood to M
due tn t no fact that the Horn have UA
dwmlMd t he lift go
UaJremlth Valal orl UThe
I 1JS1 Actiltult upon 111new I be
llv d to b a upn In the hop ot
wtakrnlnx the xarrliun her and exrome
Inx the town on the westward Th
or ru to T
mtinWrpparatury t mrs
AN attack upon nil
Thor assamit dun much farihr
Wlhut carals In ntarl 1 jib be
Brltlah cavalry who lreen the poalllon
Neverlhele the aliuall in la inch thai
mile I n hllnx la xttAdi In the Mar fS
turn In this Un Part Com r
tory out1 Askirmism
llh IMt an Still 1 children have 111
Dundee IC
Caretakers Oct I opeclat dispatch
from listoskirwe says that all wu latest
there Oil to Itoturday night
Al that lime flow floor artillery was
twist bruuxhl up but I had not been
Plan In posit Ion Vroirdlnc to the
advtor the HrllUh hv blown up lit
llo town railroad bride over the
thronktit river will a lw It checklm
the time advance southward b I as
f tt th lloer will cut off Klmber
ley a waler > uppl JY but the flotation dam
contains anouiih for a conild rabl per
Tn irrhhKhop has Issued a paatoral
ar iclyramlndlnilh alrev arid laity
lhat men of honor and integrity just
In their own onlieues th opporit Side
Minx that warm friend 1 and vn tarn
IWO am dividing In this crlla In
rl I
conclusion I II My
I tW you rlio avoid rah laiklBx
Hd to eakleavcr to par the w tlknl
jumble tateml to friendly return
whown b > Ood a nwrcy the war ehell two
a thing ON lh insist
Indo Oct 17 rjrllamnl owned
today In extraordinary notable lo car
alder She South African illuallon In
the Ptwh from the three her Maine
tr 4 j
Aly fhrold and Ontelhln
a wry twist Period sinfor the recent
logation lani compelled by Onto deep
ly rfellnx my empire lo recur to your
d Iz amt Mr r
The tale of affair In South Africa
haa mad I expedient that my gotten
ment MI uld be enabled t strengthen
the military furcc of the country by
talllnx out the rvene
for this purpoee the rrovlilon ot
tlw law reader I trovll parlla
mem Should b ailed mxther Orl
Concept for the difficult that have
been caud by this action of the tloutli
African rciubllc tha condition of the
worn continue lo be peaceful
Gentlemen of the Hnua or Com
mona MMiurea win bo laid before
> ou tO llw purpOM of providing the
ipendlture which haa blown or may tie
cauaed by event In Kouth Africa Ha
tlmju f sic the laulnx year will It
iitnitted to 0 In I IAs cu
ICY Inl and nontlossinew71wre
ate arty oubjAcia of dom iallo Intereit
to filch your fthllun will bo invited
lit a later season when the wession tot
lAbowa for 0 perilonsevolary Session has
been fthoel Far the prnwM I have
Invited Sour atltndanc In enter la ak
you lu d1 with an einllonal <
afar and I 4ay that In I prfonnnx
the dutle before you you may have the
guidance Uu and blowing ot the Umlxhty
lloth IHHIHI aaeemble1 In th them
br of pen al Iwo clock the queens
speech 1ln l read by conimlaelnn Im
mMllally after be read Inx the apuker
uf Ihe lloue I of lommona the Illxhl
lion I WllUm Court Outlay returned In
th chamber of common tho house
took reasons till 4 p in
Henry abuuohere liberal member
for Notthamplon will move an amend
mnl lo the addre In reply to the
pech from the Ihron In favor of ar
Imratlon In Use Transvaal iroubl even
at this Ate day
John P Italian rid I jroelllt Kill
move a protest against wr
floury klefitorsKarr conservative for
14newswillm I ling given notleo ot a 1d
comfort Thursday concerning the al 1
tested disloyal uttersamys u emuln
Irish nationalist member of the hotn
which h will content are In violation
0 i the oath II allegiance
I V1I1 lake eape < lal exception to A
urewlon by I atrli k O llrlen parnall
II nimhcr for Kilkenny l of a hop bat
the Irtahn en In the llrltlih rexlment In
lead of mint on Iho lloera would ore
tin ih Englishmen He will 0 refer
fly similar declnrtluna mud by 111
shall Dol nationalist number lot
1Ayst rol
Th ojerilnc oremorisr UIlo 0
no t r if all Io A war I f Ps
0 pr nt is b nib Runt high I hn
c liar Ila In llaliktsuct t it life at
nrl rl rJII
Th blasek red was YJI meted its desire
the Immdll AIIIIn 01 the cum
imnis and utter brief Intorsal 1 the
arid other ofil lat of the
I ut
I I use or cusymactm 1 by tile
tile telIsto uppotared n b I
Th aal it bulth t u lols r
1 till 101 Voivd Slow
AllbaAdI Ill In1 I Llo
lilt lb m b r th r
1 10 101 1 I m rll 111 I
a I I I 6
H I no I I I 1 I I I
Illitid 1I I at to N14 t 1
rlu alls Miller 11omlk ul IN
s wlnr Ili prNalluji In the
U of Illoyell I
Th rcitulso fwh115 ta tahl14 thn
vtit uti16r I h III u6 1 t 11 I I I ot
1 11 As f ty I I 1111 a Y
IN I Ira u Ile 111 u < rI m
IiX I ih V I LIlIe r 111111113r It
tit F If Will Its I ill V
sales I < ho Marquis i f Baiubury o the
foretells oRlcv
it IS
is I
I it elf
Ad a
4a 4
to 1
r I
a it
Is to
of lit
I tW
f atA
10 A I
n I I
Is I
fir totai
a 6

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