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Deseret evening news. (Great Salt Lake City [Utah]) 1867-1920, October 18, 1899, Image 1

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t 1iflFT I I I 5 L Al t MJINis AY OC 101IK11 1M 1801 HAIl JAKj CiTY lrAIl 11i I NUH1VUU 80
hen a Fell Shots Had Been Fired the I
Ensign Ran Up but No Surrender I
Was Made to the Boer Forces
Artillery Now CourlnjC the TownWater Supply Cut Off
I JCt Native Tribes HslngBridgcs Icstro > cdIJocrs Meet a
Repulse at MafcKIn Losing Eight KlllcdUrltlsh Post of
Ramalhlabama Occupied by Hoers with Heavy Bosses I on
doth SUcsBurRlicri Hac 60 or 70 Men killed and Wound
cdTransall Troops Advancing ncncrol Joubcrt at IScw
castleReport ol Doer llctcat Denied 1 orcc of Cape Col
I on Police Repulsed Most of the Fighting I Reported of a
I Desultory Character I
A twist rom
laosn fact
ting has
tint a to hit
< rile correspondent
l at HooeIrso
a hh r the town
r I
t u uled at 1 rclorta
A afal hVot
I a 1 d IM I n I
0 II I lUed I al Maia
11 I I r to
bltd A low
Phi 11 t I
I I or Ix n 4 true Was Olt
I I il 0 h I h r In lun nndr
received TIM
I N I ftll < I u
t oc I Ilk il lalned for 0 <
I 0 tit I I
AI be It di b from Prater
I I n llr K UlP ball rlea I arm now
1 I on the I < rn IIIIy englnttra
illa I ru1 r llr ad which
1 t I y b > to 1 in armored train
I a h
It r n I I formation ha t
n I h 1 r t It Sellouts
At 111fla11101 bll mortes are
1 n I I 11 1 I ails so pft4t
I 11 on to I ily that II liplanirl
o ili II I hurithto lwoe mot
w l 111 r
Awearetr war the artian mt Irkln
lItento vi III tn retorta
I 11 I any success It
to I I k I
h n I > ter lay they
u eo I 1 n uttl < I IT the water
I II I kI i > < i ui It 1 is said that
i i Id In th town to I
ele I I h I
I a 11 ka l 4tnent In the mill
01 n g t the war
r II I 1 u hlif Meho
it at lhOrun > Sense
1 I n t k I I thi llaeuloa
I > Ii 1 I I It hint Iro
I h I llcod > ll
1 Its K 11 h I fver that
h I I h l 1 I f IIw I th e
I I Wh k il a lPr the un
1 n < I h 11 c 1 spreading
f I 1 It III ummIln
1 1 the rnu goverm
II n I its command at
hI t U r I h Plant bl all
I that Ih I 110 md lloslenheric
I 04 1 Ill n I I to 10 I lull oeou
l n r felt 1 rar she isklrti
t 114 n 11 U 4 tooli Ikem
In r I I 14Ill 11 the elchlir
I thus I ullin ff the water supply 1
I 11 t likin rho I P r artillery h > n
In 0611mr but the lllltlih did not
1A 1
A tier > uni I f the tklrmlih nllh
1 lal
o Y 0
Th train I 4m IIIn the burghers
hi a they t < I I tr irwtbc railway
t 1wherd fire I U loin the train wllh
aaeio Ill with rtll
I The first Ph a hit a truck and
to frilli lhn Ill I lot after which
tilth I nud 1M work or
1 tho In
I Ill 4114 I b ron Pretoria Pays
1119her b Pupld Taloned
f 1h t 310king knit Ix halll to the
hand lIh ovlxnaltlork
it I N1spon It ap
hit tb I it I railroad official
I 1 1111t I he lint on h
I Plot Id and then abaci
1 th IIll Th i Tree Htatt
i Illal
1 I I tin ModJer river
sith I 11 Ill In I
I nfr
I Ill b r on Ilea > n Natal says
T Ill 11 I I thr yeatd y
T I h Ik r In Pret I l air I lecUre toilet
rlt 1 t1n Tnmum title ad
I t Pole I > at Uafrklng eight
ko I OJ W 9 Lillo11 aid s lumber
All m
f un4 tum South Afrl
I and tubllet
Tile 11 I I wtiny at Allen
I h war n 1 41 IIY IIIMI I the rot
I tat
lilt I vrd from Gen
I anrot Mt tire Whose the t general i
k4 I lina Ili 1 nd h1 the nllel
I ett 1f It r firclia orm
f Nakr1 19 Ill 10Y iPortod even
Iiat l 0
I I 1 Ilk I it 1 call
I7 In
f th IhI is main
Ilght I catr
I I fl I I I i A we Us
1 n I ill II1011 and lerobably I i
I I I 11 I I 11 all ur cavalry 1 L
Ii 1 n Ill Ih I eweas of II
I the n IIh I I in I 1
1 r t rr from
11ol Ill mrunlud
I th It I train
rl I I V u t I 11 d
I r 1111 rTb4 UU a kall are SAW An to
manifest an attitude hOlIiI in the
Users and they may roetatraitis a ott
lain number or Hi Itarrs to
It ntno Uarquei Ool ILA reform
eenutlve of tin TraMVMl government
has nrrlral her I an Is buying up ill
Ih provMene obtainable One hundred
hd thirty persons Jusl Amended 1 from
the Barberton J411 TmnavMl MOW
been l put over that orluw > w border
The okitrln tM Wide official or
nun at restarts xiv i the following M
closer of the nccti Ion or the llrlllih
camp at lUmthHbrn just north of
The llrlllih rmpt Htmall Ubama
Alan taken captured and sacked by am
iron after Mvr Itehlllw
Many burshera l more klllad or
Wounded I Th JMIIlh low J II I not
Th olkittln add that HUMM has
thus far saidirywhoro atlmdxl the
hoteliers allhouih It admits that In
the various illrml > h i 14der Unfailing
and at thtr Ilainto tin Jlwr casual
tied number NOW M or 70 killed and
Iretorla Ocl IT Ddaye1 In tram
mission Oommanlmt General 1 Jose
L Ittert hs arrlytdatJatHvaaUa ataU
lit Jfrun1 only n Miajrefl men then
who like I distorted that town In spit of
thod were strain ho health tf West
Kruavr UnH KVW
an Jn 11 Muck doctorate In com
man I ot Ih latter forces Is I still at In
gogo lie has cannon commanding
lathes and Linnet I aaeaa and line cut
M railway between Dunle and tv
Jaegers drift Htveml I Transvaal com
mandn are moving toward the tug
voarslwra I mountains lo its south of
The telegraph superintendent at Hold
tlUrg T anavaal reports that on Hun
lay Ighl a balloon iaased 1 oker Nigel
in the llrectlon of Htanderion
Th Trnnvuil olneera at matlport
aprt h1 larg ittantltlea of eiplo
iKes 1 tier f unl on the railroad I here
The first liatch of mlllliry i rlaoneri
II I expected here this evening
Ireiorla Oct II < Ulay0 In Iran
million am Creole nor warning
the women anti children to Itav Mfe
king olnad lito upon 1M town with
contacts this atlr loon No response was
Tilt rtMirt current it Delagoa Par
that 1000 llavrs have been repulsed at
Vawcastle Is I fnlw
Pretoria Oct 1 It I p in Petered In
transn IsilonTh lloers continue to
close In upon Mafeklng And In deatroy
the railroad north and South ot the
Among the ilsoners osptured at
lot ml won tile new Adrian Ilogtnyr
lit hat sine been released
Undoes Oct According to a
spatial 1 lUialch from Durban Natal
the Zulu are arming with assagais 1
Chief Illnliulu eaB lie ll unable lo re
strain them It Is I expected they will
be Joined by the wI
Th Boon according to a ipselsl dl I <
patch from Pretoria yesterday repulsed
a mail tore of Cape mo inted pollot
near Berkeley Wool Cusps Colony cap
luring iwo
Ladysmlth Oct 17 Delaysd In trans
mission The native tribe ot lUro
longs under Chief eanli le I sail to
Iso operating In Hill detsnss of Mitt
king undtrtiklmc oulpoit dutY
II Ii I report lion I that dysentery and
desertion are prevalent I In den Cronje
A native tribe In Zululnn I hn cat
lie Ins been raided ly Ho Beer m 11
I tied to Ideal Sir Georg 81 Pi art Will
the llrlllih commsn In Natal for
permission to intake nrmsd roslilane
In While refusal their request ai
lie 1 Is I opposed to the use of entered aux
Illailes III tho causing mruil
I A Sonsaw
Ani 110 oil Ie Isarn Svelte Vn
I s I I alLaaller tot in 4
41 nn n 101 I I 1 I I
11 11 I th I II I still I a I I
cI AI I I I 1wl j I h Ian I
an Ih t Aall
1 1 t h I I I t 11 I Ill It l t
The AlWM nl < 1 Pria
The wk lIt the jolot cmmlllln has
fall IhUVhy II IdI N I nIV
11a II nIIh1 in 11 4
1 it I 11 I liW 1 ut It I I
11 I I 11 1 line b I n II II Illn iI ld
tit WhMn IW3 h y I
01 11I a I t 10 n Iy
11 darej 1 n IIl I
r Ill h n w h P t on I
took Ahlos doubtless will result in an
I i
der I I
It ANCICRTerfIrlisal 1 I kI
ot Ir I
4 11 I I I
1 f 1 4 1 f So j 11
I to I I U I
01t I I
0 10
I V = kFAW0014
7 I 1jlrk I I 1
q a Ar
of I to I I
11 Ili
11 ok Z N STL I
oI so
o att I I 11 I is
It I
i 1
+ It il
Vj oatel
V it
Alm as
it III do
I 001 I
xroks Ifao I I t
A tak
4 Of oo
Ple LADY111441 11
Tbn map shows tht northern portion of Natal and Its relation to the Traiwraal and the Oran Free Matt Th
Iowa leave approached from 1M north and or upleil rl arkil wn and Newcastle on Sunday An advance of Frt
State timber I han taken nud from the WM and mountain Passed otcupled while 1M Ilrlltoh line of rominuucatlon
north of Iji Irvnllh ham ben cut Th figures around the map repnient the famous tighten the Ionian Hithland
term which recently arrived al Ladremllh and Dun le
arrangement Insuring ptac In the lot
ands and safeguarding the Intervals of
the Ihre powers
Of the onset nature of the prafnaak
n =
U Is rot too early to speak All I Mould
say Is I that ties discussion la I proceeding 1
In the best Possible spltll
Vildprome lodalije I uPoiliallarIble
Iou t 111too
Home Oct IIOU norms se
companM by flood prevail la the
oulhcrn districts of Italy worslM
widespread deviators
At loan Oe rgki a bridge and twenty
house hav been prompt easy and It Is I
bUMd there las been considerable
loo hr life there
At Mounte Mesoula a church wa
struck by lightning luring ma Ulfyx
persona killed and forty otaes mot
IIr lee 1 eru > uly Injured
Gets AMIUmtl BillHt of 3380 Pimdi cf
vIsdo an Allermolon I hr tillater
LinoSfir TPt1t Is III
11 urtilooks Made
New York XI IITb rntMaiurlnf
of rise Hhamrak took piece at Urt
Iterin today Th yaeht wan laid b
IWMH one at f the army trannotu Anti I
ho foremanship llmnua Thom won on
IWM iMldra the raitaln William
Ilull r Duncan Jr reprenllnt the
N r York Yacht Hub and Ur 1 iMlIn
J Connell repraMBIIn the lluyal
IJIMr Yacht club the owner of the
Shamrock voltalis Nut 11 rivnhofl and
John Union Metal meaauiw of th
Sew York Yacht club
Them thousand three hundred Anti
eighty Advantage of land Ulla1 were pal
on baarl the yaet during the night
Title I la aM to how chiwrod hr wa
ft line a fw InchM Hhe now appMri
to Pat by the tirn After rho waterline
= i
line ha1 been measured j In rho Usual
way Ih meaiuren tnl atoft took Place 1
Th nw lupmut as I olel il arelto
obtain the measurement of It Mr
llyiol ent u man til the top In I o
boawwatna chair ao that an acoural
measurement woo thin taken Im
liedl lrly fatter thmeaurment tlrf
octal wa Cast oR and Mr Connell
101 IMI am WOO lIOInlt direct lal Sandy
llo k lUy where the to mat woul lie
rigged and tile mm bo 1 ready fur to
nrNw face
CaawIr if Jura1 rely Is I Vans
ta I Wines A rose 1 0 an I
Caracas eneiuela Got II Hen
Mlleoe the IKMM Oliver bringllg an
ultimatum train Ih Insurgent me
mander Oil rlano Caalro returned to
comm today from Valencia lo meet
resident Andrade Alto Is eXPeCtIod to
give ui manamer In tie course of the
Vreeldent Andrale cannot do other
wine than accept the condition hn I
posted by Oaks Castro An he to I lrtually
abandone1 by all bla suii rter NI
withstanding this Is still malntalna
least It may In I oe4bla lo transfer the
ml fmgovwnr t U Marloalbo and
wntlnu I he right
Tile sltustlon ham As eitrenwly crlt
leal A 1rench wo1011I l It pselaO
alsplhol I AlIs
Wublnton Get ItItioports rill
Iyed from the ffectioltical purvey par
U In Mistake hw hAl they am Push
In w1I felt fill mintry with Stand
oil 1 inuittim flra Ikok And Itiottro
hd I be I fran the had
I I an aal t tito head if What
h r Is hr rtflirit tI 1Inv till
1111o lIt Nbxlla tied Tn
no ritom Thl Irty aill 4tallnuo 10
I oglm I ality an the Yukoll And thus cIm
t let ill their Its001 esploratino I dletriell lly toy a workilin snoot restall up I
110 r onotaxist fatter 4nc4ro
of serve I In Kkk Ills It t
AIk I IAlulay noll at tat took hI
to Imlr d 11111111111 of elplorati 0111
1 1 1 III h I
h I 1 I 11 I Itil 11 l lot I I
11 I I Ihl I I a I Ilk II
I it I I I 6 u
11 14 11 I d 1111 ra I IIn
insetted t to nI
lAl1 an nwPanc itural h
br lejItIT th I Ullt I hnll In n III
lilt llaul1 Ilal I W tI I his
go d A I 11 I Oull net 1 I asking
illl h h I 1 still h luelp a
t a sea t jli I n e Imo nnll
a I I 11 I a Obli IlIlu Tit
I I I A I d II a a Piano Lain
Wforv he nall rn
sowwkodo v 40 40WOWNto sookoNOWAVsollillost
Insurgent Commander Would Sur
render to Americans for Money
01itme rr st nal 110 Inl UII
Aelearritis niodyrta or
lopkinleth Artillrjokares
Manuel Get It 1ku a mOn rolls
baa iiclv I m ptr > resonant to
COM grow UH InwrMMlgamnl 1 llo
del lllar nffetlwr 16 eeTTStt and do
liver III army Into the Itandi of the
kna Although It la I not anti
Hd that this offer la authentic It U I not
Inttlnataally Impnbabl 1 The iwllcy
of Jon Oil U I totality Mt against buy
Ing any surrenders
lie dl llUr offers for tile Punt of
WOW to refrain from attacking Manila
wllh I Ii army for tin auto of HttWO
he offers to surrender bI I Ii army after A
him batllr both < Ioa flrlix Into the
air and fur the urn at 11101iodol > lie My
tie I will iriHUn the vrlhrow of the I
Imurrvttl and Ih capture of Afall
aid I atnnu 114 Gap Iher leadri
In the course of the communication ho
nfcr it Mulnnll In matiam Italian
sorriest Inlkallng that Itralntd rela
tions eilil betwoon them
HIH ru nro falling received from the
llifirteto 01 uili1 by the enemy Which
state that II dI 1 ItIllor has an suit
ciould plan w break through the mI
on Hesm ht M111a and News Gave
Olin and Ihe ar < hhiiliup Posgidytitem
tm Work ittartelt with no little of
helpfrt latest lu mk a dital I with Ih
it 1 is I needless 10 my that The Aerosol
un would weleatter lilt attack or that
tan Then Ian been missile ipwulallon
or lat regarding the whtnalnuU or
lit dll I lllir The meant attack at la
Items la I err tile too lien men U I II I be I
lletel he U I m lu I the llclnlly of Man
Mater alley wllh a fore of from 1119 <
10 ItoO earn
Ten former Spanish soldiers who
were VU111p Filipinos and to
a Ihn atlhl IIIr and Members or
a 11l1plno artillery rottlhl lmalt In
the vicinity of Santa ltam In the Ito
a Uska 1 toy d1tallt determined to
surrender the rtlllry The plot wad
5 2111 toy the Fillialmooke who laillied l
seven of the plratoro 1M other
them awaiting Mastoid
It P Ihol I whn the surrender
We = M h dI
n or their station to proceed 10
3 tan A la still lu Irlll 10 Un
Oils to ourresidIr otter n rearranged
mock liallle about i twelve piece In
cluding Krupt and rdenteldt rapid
tire guns well Pupplielill I wllli ammunl
Alan from the Lie IK wder factory In
n for certain turns to too I paid
the Hpal lards wloj otera to be jerdhan l
for carrying ar > defiant the Ameri
cans an r lobe tr nK 11 Hpal
Tit lelegsle Icil Mania llosa 1 and he
coiiliatl ly Ih IlllUiio entered
Ilse America 11two at Ciilamba The
PtUIln s 111 line meed i tar deciding
to await lite I I return ul a given Urns As
Hie delegate ws 1lalnad In llnnlU
longer that impact 1 ll I they grow mum
ploicato anti retumd a Santa Itims
TtfeUlTnlla thii rulmot anti onst J
net a 8 r attacked Th
bot 1 loI I lInv n or Santa
Vn tcrctloe 1 nlln nn the baah
hurriedly oabelllax In a canor and
hln uI 1 hm Ph tk
ita j It d I hy rationed that
11 IrIlillin I di 1 IIrV1nffjj 11 11 I ult It III
In 1110 ro hd 1 Ih
I heads nr Ill t h IV a 44 h n
iftninut and that IhY IhemMlvti had
loosely INI lIh I I heir live
Th lh rfpIjnrla are hW hiding
In I 1Inl1l1 rrinx lIlplno nn an
1 jeat tlP h1 1101 Ihlr one
hruh ill It I I all rnd Ih
amll r r III I 1111 Ito proull Dow lu
A Ila it 111 1 I I 111
I loll Akr A hatlise
Ihlla Ih I E Ill Th Nul1nol
I I it 8 I III tnt In 111Ita 0
I jIjtlao taa PrLkisa I 1 Ault
lot Nw orlcii Ili I mo chair Me fol
I wing r1110ll In all adoiled
This n lailm n iwrrla the I n po
III Ill i hat p 1 llj loa rdld
AI hI n a II n Under Ih taj
I a r Is 11 mmnt n n
wnpl I h in III iiii bill t Ih
tin In lr n1 Ilk surnk it
a a I nil r nnlLbl Poll y I ek arll
snployes and bitilklyto that such Police
OVVV 40 V040
men would reactive cordial aequla
can and grateful acknowledgment
OTfrera wet fkI fletil at follow
1ldltll It P Ai New Orieai
viceirldtal l horkii A lake IM
4 4PnhM rrtaryD J o Leary lieU
inclsro road u mr Charles 1 r Alan
no lasettlessore
Astairloon Vviarl 1 Cbl
111111111114011ft PA Oct ILWllh rot
new 10 1M uoIou Which the
National Am ltli n or 11nutclr
ft to ntabllih In Shanghai Chin
Prellaenl Theodore C Search make
1M following etatement
For more than ill 1 month poet the
National Aunuation of Manufacturer
has been making I reparation for the
Mbllihment In Shanghai of a late
warehouae for the display and Mk of
American floods made by the tnmbra
of the aeeoclallon and we have ad
vanced eo far with our plans that we
hall probably be able to open Ihe ware
ba tot twos about the Ural of the
StnuJeul IncHtnl tl the Imperil it Con
trteflct Today
larkins110 Action ar 111da nn 1111I 1000
llhor 1Ilou lilt Itualodual
are huorltt Poilddlm
Chicago Oct II Dtlrgatt to the
Imiwrlalltl contemn nt Central
Muek Hall today mounted the took of
coAHiMli g the organization of a na
tlonal I anil lrnt erlallat Nil
J starting Morton of Nebraska Pro
The speaker of Ilose morning was Her I
ben Myrlck it Hprlngneld Maas Iul
looking Mr Myrlck s Speech a genet
gricka rll ur
scuaslon the Itilllpplns question car
capital the time nlll noon A 11010
refund automation wake thien held Con
greismau J J tolatto and Raw llerliert
H lllgelow ot Inclnnall delivered
The Ilev Herbert H lllglow of Cin
cinnati seld
We are teld Mr Chairman that
there are Imprrlallellc designs lurking
In the mind of tan Agulnaldo that he
on seeking lo establish over the Island
a t finny and that In ei preeelna The
lneur t ton u are righting f rr tho
right ot Ih Itllpln tu hem
reive I Why not oar that < I emT
Aglllnatd So keeping up the nh tinder
the Almost of reeetlng Ankil war
elunty Take away the rent let
t ongrvse Issue a pniclui istlon declar
IV I lie tight of the flllplno Its I rule
lh neels anl Iroilellut Ito rrcognlln
the internment of their rt h dee Then
h1 option nould there bo ror dldot
In them Witando
Hut bow lo we know that Aculnal
do rloe not reprreenl hid people Sup
piie therarks overwhelmingly with
him would the reieorshl oucleaf
to us rho IntonnII II tilt Ir P am
flat Irmlll 1 0 know anything that
Would InN the administration we met
only use I tour ease i beet udllmn am 10
the probable Plate ot affilles Is I any
mon mill In shY of the nn1 oPmlw
Ihe world kllor me hat they have been
unable In all lhee month of costly
warfare to euilre an Insignificant
upriilng of a few ami Itlotu leadri
Islas I an looked upon reefs by Their own
unlrmn as Im tyrantal 10 I
them any mn val bit tied h I y partisan
ship en 10 believe that the reffinearr
Intent ot the war could p Ml My leave
been mt Incompetent a that If the
nutjorlly I of Ih Filipinos dread a Toni
jr3h anl look to us a their Mlvw 1
I hy do they n > t enlist In Urg
numbo ta help u aav them ron
I their enemies
The argument that rise war to Joll
I md beisues Agulnaldo items 1 not rei
rcM n his people Is sn anrumei I with
o Iulolo edge I eu = lbal tha man I
hit Iko willing to lead a forlorn he
uglniil glganUo 1 odd In 1 dtftna of the I
iv 11111koll I of Inltpendenc u I closer
i il harl I of the wrlmn jortaisle
unit tillac repnlllv of their won
Itn nl than 11 hose who tell no that
11 emlotitution Is no longer worth
11 1 f IPluir u n1 hal It Im I Unto we were
I t0q it ulnurdlty the principle
I file tablets lie men ot llunkor Hill and
VellI I 11ta aav their llv v
During I I Iev Illggelow ph a anti
ill in I nuitiell by a slyllshl Iressml
last Ill Action In the sill 1 and
I i tm h I KI I hand I I I u1 the
Aluelvan tI kohlell ej1rac Upendeld
jl I I I 1
r16 d In flow hint 1 illograr
It n In
vl h I r I 1 fttlm th h1I bo I
trln alll I I rl ill 1111 h
ful 1 i 11 t I UI11 I 1 it
l d
Ill tin Ill I I II Ih II I t
I Another still I Ve of onolllnll t
I Ihm low Ulll I u In th Ihllln
1 dlaratill I I I 11 Ila n Ule Ila unII
1111jusly aaIk1 II 1 nunA ill p d 1
I I I It Irnw I 1111 hIti it t I
I tl on I I in 1n I Ing
a 1rd tIA1101 Till p11 y If ill
I n IfltblO 1 11111111tlaln I n
it nm I anti Ila I 11 I J Ttgal lOr
I the hlllppln war is ill nai aea
Government Leader Presents an Important
Document in the British House U1
of Commons Today
Her Mnjcstj SOs the Stale of Affairs In South Africa Const 114
lutes a State of I nierRcncy About to Call Out the Militia 11H
nndl cscnc Force I of 1rcat > llrllaln Continental Combinations Ite I
te I
tions Attitude of Europe Has to Do with I ngland 8 Course it
Intent to Check IllWill Apparent on the Rhine and Beyond
the Vistula llntains Warning tu luropc Liberal Leaders I As
Sustain the War but Criticize the hneminent for Bringing 111 I I
It OnSir Win Vernon llarcnurt Makes Incisive Remarks
on Air Chambirlalns Diplomacy
r I
Ixinltn Oct 11Inlhe IM or earn
man tinder lam first lord of the Ire
fear seat torernment leader Arthur J
lulfour broiuht In the following me
met from the queen
The istate of affair In Africa hav
ing coatllluled In the opinion of her
majenty a ease ot emergent within
ho mtanlrit of the act tot parliament
her majesty ileem It protect to removidn
additional mean for military service
Rho holds therefore thought It rlgl t to
cornmunleal 101M houee that her I
majesty le by reclamation about to
order the embodiment of the mllltla
and to rail out the mllllta reeerv I force
or each part Jhenof Ito her rmjeety
may think tiecMary for parr dnent
Th callliw out of 1M ntllllla and
the military sourest tia 1 ooeaelonnl
widespread wonderment Old Irloo
at preparallona agilret continental
comUnatlon ire revived It so I freely
rumored that the government le dtr
mined to Utnoiietml to Huron that
lho IlrUMh army It I not a negligible
Iteth the attltud ot nuroiw and
that ot 1M nlnee ot South Africa
hav eonMhlriK inodoidith thre atlltud
and the lavish dleilay of tore to In
tended doubtless net otly to check the
111 will apparent on both old at the
Ilhln and Wyonl the Melnki txil also
to guard against the black POOL
ccorOlrir 1 to the etatl > tlo ubllehed
Able Inner Ihe mllllU Including the por
Motorist Staff and the mlllll teeerv
nun ben > 1IL4M
It le not brtleted 1 1M mllltla an to
be I ent lo Houlh Africa rreeura I Wr
they will re lerJlt the lenudMI Ilrltleh
garrtoon towna and Ihu Permit the
gorernmnt to tend lo the Cap all
1M regulate rendered neceMary by the
development In stands Africa
Th houe treeI 1 to consider the
worst memo tolnoreals
V motion by Mr llalfnur anproprlat
Ing UK entire special session for gov
ernment bualneM WAD carrle by m
vole Against II
The debate on ties address In reply to
the n ech from 1M throne was then
reaun ed Phillip I James Htaahope
IJtwral member for Ilurnley moved an
istakeend Mont llr ngly HM prnvllW Ihe
conduct ot lie neir llailone with tie
Tnnivaal lie attack it the policy nr
the eecrelary of Hate for the colonies
Mr Jan tamberlaln iinl lemandeii i
that the Utter II ull clear bin eU of
the charge of c mi Iklty In the Initiation
raid Afler ilel unclng Ih e action of
sterol linalloo dealt the South African
lusted I M it Stanhope said
Ino Itrittith Well comnlnn In I
Cell Dibble Roberts Makes De
nial 1 of Its New Birth Story
Thlk it 10 Wit 11uh
111 d 10 filler Ir lIbtI in
at 1101 AC111 1110
Cenletvllle Oat ILIt the Halt looks
Tribune deilrea conclutlv and positive
proof lliat II was In error yesterday
moralng that It lt at lit In error when It
Insists that n child was horn lo con
Astronomers llobrrl anti wife ecella II
la > It In an Interview wiund by a
News rrpreeliativi with Mri ll
to at Im I I I Jay Whatver till
Tribune rally ay It I isunot ImtUID Ih I
lure hon t I I frottulnIont r file 1
1 1 IIj I ajo III lit ohI I lilt t
or Itbllla It I InPt 11111latil fl
I 1 tot ih T Ih 11 9 Ill Ior
10 IttN I tit III I I
tanoiI III U Unnecessary to Make the de
nlnl ai hey well w least tile story
la nhill ml uk Au dIng b th Trl
lain this lady env birth t a I 1114 m
Catania lax
311 lobor i ul h q Afaldav
nfl it n Us III the I I t m o h h
this miuag Is i Anti WAS V1411194 at late
Houlh Africa Wr Alfrl Mllncr tl I I
looking In qualities nnnnainnr to a 11
diplomat In his padlocks Vhlle entirely AjI I
acquitting the government ae a whole J
ol any connection with the doubtful
I tranaactloni arel Wllevlng that they ill
are animated 1114 pac rul motive I Ilk I
am convinced that the cretary of H
stale for the colanlea and the llrlUh l
high commlatl mer III I Houth Africa rot
havo rr the last I two yean been fully
Irrmlned that OIr and war only
should and thl trial I and that they r
Int worked fIr i this noulumt1on tl
during llw lat or of
Th danim1tastat ataps attended by I
lIh1 Thoretwo Kviths liberal nmbo Uo
for the mill hllnn I ot Iomorn If
a h lm Mr 4bamberialn empluUcilly I two
llesenled r William Vernon 11 c
court liberal owtalmr tr Wtmtnmn I 1
moothhlrv and r rmer leader ot 1M I
liberal party follPing severs minor I Is
opordithes file and IIIIln the Several no
mentsnldil Isow Ih duty for the boom an
to supputl the government In alntaln r At
Ing else Inrlty ut the desolations if A
the queen 101 that they had a rlsht or
to speak of Ih e pi llcy of the govern Air
radial In an II wet her different tone Xod
Hir went on 10 Justify the oppoilllon s I 1
criticism of Ihe conduct of Ihe negolla t
lions prior lo thv receipt of the ultl 0
malm declsrlng his belief that lh ra It 41I
I = tAlInl r turviskshichdidnattertol I VWP
10 a r a 101 1lIon I I
Althuxigh I do net cement the saw 11 I Ia
to criminal ad Sir Willism l l nth i de
IlborI avoiding a tweeful Solution No
In my opinion there u no justification I Jr
for Paying that there has ben criminal I
obstinacy In Transvaal ithaibMn I 1
found on WM advice from the Orangt I
t N Oot tj
k n Rial Or and the governmenl ot tile A Is
Caps Colony that the Transvaal un n I j a
th door was shut yielded and was t an
continuing to yield l our l renure 11 Ill lb
He I thou proceeded to contrail Mr Ili C
Chamberlsln prevloui ulteranoea with l a
hi 1 resent altitude
Disc lull Ih auso of the Anal Iq
breach Hlr Illlam said I ftoy I 101
On September 6 the Transvaal sent I 1
CI rn If
a dbiistih pressing for the appointment Am
t a joint commission to consider their 4 1
offer on condition gfn lUMralnty r
droiped Hut 1 lutaralnly Pvtrybody was Is dropped now convinced In IHI t A iii I
11coted ministerial Protons At AllY rate I
auccesshs seirelarles of state Were ot r 0
that opinion P q lei
chamberlain emphatically I I
Denied lilt llllsn resuming went on to say I K t
that out ra nly was nly formally an g
nounced to 1 real lent Kramer In treat f
lie ornamented n the ellnordlnarr n
delay In sending the final proposals of I
Oreat llrllaln The llhlleh notion lie e
eiclalmed lias a right to know what I
the roposals 1 of the revalentswat are I
Thas government has o right 1 u Involve > u
the nation In a war In the lark I can I I
not conceive why the good offices of I
the Ire Hint were rejected and I b
think the negotiations might have been 11
nonl icled dlfferentlt with a drrront
Issue I disassociate m1C Allaerth
or tram honer of any kind for
the in = t hAvo 11 to this war
stalactites I min prookarkill In support the 1
rovernment In the unhaipy conflict la
nhloh we ara orurageil
Tl v houie then ndjourne < l
home by a Newest man today aa ahov
stated II to was looml rovalvell by the
lady who cam to the door anti Invited
him I Into the house commenting upon
this story Ihe sal t
It Is I both rat and malicious and I
ublU4 ed far Ila u I
In my opinion was Iubl
txirsM purpose ot ejnbarraslnc Mr
lloberls In the shameful right Hut Is I
below mad acalnet him I n Ight add
further that tile circulation it the te
part la monitored me greatly but that
Is I probably what flake I Tribune deserted
It It will make retraction of Its fill
utteranoee all well and go 1 I pra
sums however that It has liude I up
its mind and that I need not look for
fair atment at Us hands
Tin Tribune eiKlmvora to Justify It
sell In this mornings Issue by simply
saying that the Menial of the Newi
counts for nothing whereat the Sews
IUer denlnl nor alHrmed All It IM
was in publish a special from Center
till denouncing tile Trlbun report ai i
being mendaeloui and elandernui
That the Tribune doe not r gret the
put llcallon of Its take sensation Is ovi
dent fn m Its Utterance loallity On he I
oontrsry It cl uckhts glMfully over Its
aucon t llhment and attempts u I <
miss the sulject by giving went to
et islon of evasive generalities uI 1 1
ed by the lulistul itless n us < that II 6 I
pritittd Ih annnuncmH un olia
II rstarded as reliable uulh rlty hl h 1
It Iven untrue to 4 could not well l
I be a slander
I tlL 11
I An tgl Ynple llu > rl lo llnlh mt I
I Trlnl so He II Pans 4
I Oreenlak Vls Oc 11 Trn
I I each Oailrw a large h I M 1 I 111 by
W A Meyer burned it tl hc around ar
ty I tilt 1 Innrnh I K TT Ill I were
I The Ion 1 n ih loullfillif 04 Clint ot I
Ill l r i h t 40ook M olvela tat I
I rlam m aA4IIKr Illin I
d llt lei Ill l NI J
i T tl r I
h VA
hllbn I lot Nq N I I r u P
hit tit it 111 It it 110 Ape and
the old Couple butladol to daIth I

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