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Deseret evening news. (Great Salt Lake City [Utah]) 1867-1920, October 19, 1899, Image 1

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I I IJ il kesL WA I
I rj I
I TRUTH Mill IJnIUT io f 6
IV V 0
lr1 tTJIYE A c
11 q or 0ELOPED I INTO
It Affair of Outposts is Believed to
11 harp h
4 lave Become a General Engagement
4 1 Between Gen White and Free
iftti Ii State Troops
Not Driven Hack YctUnccrlalnt Micthcr Their Ad
I IIace 15 a Feint or Part ol a Plan to Isolate Ladysnntli
Fight I Must Occur Soon llocrs Will FInd I Plenty of
DNisile i
In T Cattle In llcchuanaland British Plan ol Advance on fire
tit tonilortucal Is Neutral llrltlsh Troops Sail Tomorrow
1 1 All Sale at < Mmlcrlc > IIocrslllow Up IlrldRcs Arc Re
pukd at Glcncoc llrltlsh Parliament Discusses Situation
I Mr Chamberlain Speaks
a ling to Ptl
jolso < I titAllliner
he train
C o ionio t r
L J7 I h at I f the Orange
11 Ito Walter tele
51 =
ft 1 I ifet t II el lent llteyn
al E ff i It In here the
z l A I I 1 balIetl I the Wit
I None
I n
I K us gold
I o
I Ill at I 0 1 I P to om sterl
ftd It kled
I I It
ff Ito sit j I tile mrs a
Ilk it Ing lit In the her
i t ir his Itlrtl It MrVitic 1r trons to a
I a llu41HOL
I a
i I
IN 7 jsent I I Arne that the
h I nt the army
f I PLUth Afrem I
7 1 lit I to I I 1 I Is rotor Cape
g III 1 If pirrdy UVW
j t h to Y if I bill A Lost to Lon lwt
4 I th 11 I llniad 6 con
I 1111 I 11 11 III Free State
J Ih 1111 1111 1 ottf
D A Visit lot I h nIllobterhount
= go naIn In Th oo It 0 will Ilan
V Waste I its
r Cglita agent o 1 nis a hue of the at
a nb lunng the hut raw
I f 11 i I upon Ihe toe
tl ll1
J Or n Mirklng The
1 4 ad I > < If Ih Ibier formal
I I b I I b Ih Ilrlllh
J mn o In Natal Sir I
i rt A I too line already isoc
I h 1 tl it inulpenits
1 Itl tS IIn doofloped In
U I 1 IIU 9 tit Ili lott In
ro 11 to If 10 41 > hot ala 10
10 < bt k V rl hap how
11 il 1Its i or nly part
1 I J I Udyrmlth
4 it f III fl
In I 4 11 r uoomool
A I1l1 eat a lid
1 1 it Im I 1100100maro l
T it 11 to o u projeeteti
n 10 0 y totor o1sing
ri Th t iiit rlt it on u AAL also
I 411 In ItAk upm tn railway
uihtjaijt lo I
I 1 It LodYrnlllunoJ
4 31 > > I or 1XI11
n 11 Ill listed 10 tile
I that ill 11 itp at OIne art
= I I f u4 Irt 10 al
I It t 1 i m040011l
I 0 < Jbrl hl
onor1 Whit 0
4 111411 I II atd at L2dy
h till a I r jjkgl tile
Is oilt err Flat it title On
i I JAtin I still Io ty little Away
I of 11111h lusms In the
= AllkI 41101 air 11 porahlnllh
10 awne I
11tradictlun from
r sources they may e acicopted l as
A ed ID III 1IIaIn although the alleged
r it rot 1 lb I editing
a I t 0 I to I rev tied It
Ut Iet I II 1r III 1 C a od
1 < eat
I nil I olt r n I he West
1 II 11 1 I I I I I led In lOll
L41c d
I I I t are Approach
1 ib Ro lit
14 b I I A probably Via 1
I lig d I I
14 Aloon fit Ili 1 1 e V gain un In
I Woolloontoij tit SUre uf Maftklng
1 Ullby
I lot L I II Dutch colm
j se 110 Aill I I Ih 11ro tit mix
4 In III
at I I I 1 Iuloll
d U rOo I
th I
a OIM stuck
rr 1 NI I
1M a II Is
1 y I Uld Ely the
I I t inticrt arms not
00 I
by it
I r WIIIIh tiny
I Asia I C n II I Avent African
I 4 I
ILialth it Ili
3 T 10 a ONorld that
to I a O nobt l I I it It Is cablooll
i as 1 4h Inlillonalto I Credit
I Lint I An I 1 It I Is if the Itb
11 Ith Alit I I Lftylklitel company
j I > n
I In Ln
A U return 10
I in 10 p 01 f lnllllon oC
lit 11 10 II Wilson chostructisr
U 6 IS e ill f j J Itvulotio HS
I 6 a hPit that the
J It If U1 it 1142
I El Do tight tit
11 I unit that Ill Proper
lated I I I Illout be wrins
lift I I It it I 41poh
10 hat
I W h I 41 n distinct assur
ai qtlolttl
1 A
I i f by
r4VI therefore Pa
I lA If m
i y Q L n dol1 yester
0 I r t hc cot
1 I l Its
Wound a
U h I r h I mpI A
j 04 aside r Ih 3 1 in r IIIln is for
lamp If tit tr C
La p from South
hot Ave Iran
parts catch carrying a thousand nova
with officers will alart tar South Africa
The nm will mill it 110 n m lhe I
other hour following Intervale of hilt an
c4postown Oct 19A dt aleh Ir
I I1
Xrnbarlay del October y
All la well her 101 IIn r engaged
me lions nt Mifeklng Oct II with
gnat urceee Mifeklng wee mill Mfe
on Oct II
A iclal dlnstfh to tile I ape Ariun
Collocated the Statement that In Ihe
righting In Mifrklng Col More repulewl
Ihe Hoer Intlhllng a loee 1 of MO men
The Cat i Tlmea pulllehea the fol
lowing dlepatch from Klmberlev
Reliable Information from Mifeklng
Says hot an armored train while
reconnoitering north of the Inn last I
Saturday isticiecold five bundled letters
Wills lh1 hlIy
101 1 VitselArences column foiled the
lkerro Inlllrlloa Severe SOON Tit llrlt
Ih casualtlion were two killed and four
10 wou04 two worogrely
Complaints oC letter outragm pun the
mnllon I to a rriv Th mirto
further 10 Inf1m the 1IuIOi and
1olu YestordAy 110 Mandate Cm
Johannesburg gorrivetl at Ilurighomlorp
Cape Colony and alleged atbat On Jitters
h4 rolollhn whulm 10 and Ilmasell
them ullh blackinakee
The parly which Inclu led a ton oC <
Clod Unjtliull wai aupitled with IIII
itlons1sift11 the Monte then started
homeward cheering Cr the queen and
chanting ar n
Th lallowlna w2mal mitto has I been
laouoil I regardisof the letter sadvan
An Orance ntf State fur tilt i a
few Come moved about In nlSH don
Tlntao Pass venlng with artillery on
email Ilrlllh xvolry pathl The
range was Very lllant anl the ehoot
Inc Inllfferent Th object may have
loncen either a Clol 10 draw our lrunl
Com the tint 1lnl o c at TIck or p ro
toile 10 letter cuncenlrllon agalnit 1
L lyvmnn
There li 1 an Incessant roceoalon ot
applicant for active military service
and Ihe new force ot SIMM mounted In
fanlry which the Imperial government
has aanctloie1 will be illicitly rallied
The rentier Mr Dchrelner mllnuea
to Issue vireulara lo the Jlulch real
1 t advitsing them ot t Ialn slrlcl
Weralty to the Imperial 01 I trissint
Th beat thorltlea here now ngre
thai the danger ot a general reult U I
elllht I
The Ignore hive blown up the brllgea
at Fourteen HIm and lh Moddei
river the former north and the laltei I
South of Klmberley
lIuhlo Capt Colony Chi 11
Wtslaml In nmltalooTh chief
litter commandant at Ibeisitelfristal giant
a tn4nxr to AIII North questing
the lonorol lu prepare ceflost fur his
men ho arrived t term this morning
OIhro camp 11 II 1SG p 11I
Velaytf3 In InrnllonTh IIrllIh
troops here have looters under Are A
straits liner lititrol was 000uolt1
1 all I miles front the clarrip and was
Ill < the British suffering no catruit
London Oct nII lonr and I < ftJlonlA
were ilenaely crowded In the Home o C
Commons In anticipation of a tipeech
by the ieretarr af elate tor the rnlnnlea
Join I in I on Iba gorviorn
on I policy in South Arri
Th nl Joni or tile treasury and Ih
government trader Arthur J 1l4llnu
roinleed I 10 I emonvor IouroW a IU god
lion whttle Or the vnnnl had M
clI I led upon n eperino couree of action
with rrlo 10 tilt mmoMalln of
I he international commission IUnK
our future nIlnlIIIn 01 StAmna
The secretary ur 11 far India Lord
Oa lIulIlulI I lying I a iu
lion onthe expenditure i If Ihe Pollen
troops nl n South I Africa any the entire
iharive ouhl I Iw defrayed out of tile
glasorrial exchequer
Sir I llalfour In reply 1 lo an Inlerpelli
lion Ad 10 whtlh like Imperial ovorn
Plant were nw rvvltllix the action oCd
the cape C Sir Schreiner I
onfieminlor r
and at her a uf Ilia Cape l govern
Intent as to whether Ih rovertior f
at olonr Sir Alfred 3111nr would
Le allo1 to diarrolse the Nhln
ministry to dissolve Ih Cape lrXblA
lure unit temporarily to assume full
ullarlly Mil 1
rills quwtlfn la I Apparently foundeil
Upon newfloupor mlwrts for which sit
far as the I niperial rover gnent laM
Quarts there Is I no fiturnlAtion
Mr Balfour annouriml that tile pres t
ent iittlng of parliament Would bo m
no 11 < 1 II compll Iun 0 Ix I le t
t n Inated by rorogfillou and riot ail
Jourrwl until 1 cl ruiry
Henry Keutnn Karr con ervaUv < In
coordnt till notice given 04
the lint lord nr the treasury ttlelh
er the Attention of the < government h4
betin l directed lo certain uwecliel I and I
letters by unit lanallng front the
sibrombers for Kllkimny and Vast Clare
kol M11rri
Manism Patrick plfrli and IIIUm
lledmond arnellltee advocating the
canto of the liters nllenipllnic ill ee
du o Urltllh aoldler and Inviting lien
lo nilively aJiilut the enrinles uf th
artivell nicn
queen and what n ton If any the
K v rnnient I r p It lake In Ih
miter Mr lledmond rIon quit kly I A14
moW before Iho first 14 I of lh lirix
ury rti lied he desir d lu ask him
hclhlr It tan not a fst Ihot
lit Mr Koilmonl In I itiggeetlng
n menage of sympathy to I p id nr
Kruger followed the linnedrilt allowed
by her inatJositys gracidcon the am
pTin inAnAnnrutAnnA = innnnnnnj utnuinrtruinAAnnAfU tnruviAnrunifl
Oilier Two will be Jordan Sink Im I
o Known as Oranltc and Stakcfrlrn
I portnnt Decision Readied at n Meeting of the first
Presidency and Twelve Apostles I TodaY
A ilep of unusual ImporUno lo the members of the Church U Itmt b
I ChoC latterday Halnli In Halt Lak county wan liken at 11 inelro I
of the First WeeMency and Council of Twlnvpotlei hold WON It was
nothing men or less 1 than a dlvMon trw IMII Latt Stake Into AH tea
anto and dltlntt giikM I
The neemtty C or ouch action loss existed for nl long lima and hte fre
i quently been discussed by them In authority though formal eMaMmtlon I
waa not given the matter until today netting when a gflral Mfmrion
waa had It was the ranMMtn oC opinion thai DM Halt InV M kth
largest one numerically In the Churehwaa too In rue la RIVIN Jim BB < n
suits under III reeent Organization anti that a dltMon weuM be hllhly
beneficial to all eaneermdlherefor th action
Th two new Htike flat are lo be curved out of the Bill IA4 like
i will be known ai Iranlte anl Jordan Stakes The flrtt ot tllft two will
comprlM I all ot the territory In Hall Like county mulls of Tenth gftth and
Must of state street while the taller will wnbrac all otjlne wrd lying wool I
ot Htltl llreet and eoulh of Tenth South
This It will observed leaves all of Malt Lak City and tMtlr north
of Tenth Boulh In Ball Lake etak In the readjustment ot llreM IMnnl I
Mxlealiilloal wards are out In two are J bath Oronlt and Jordo Stakes
I Flip off client ot the oily The work attendant upon this rev Iloo will Le cj
irduoui and will rejulre ooneldfrabU painstaking and sort ai well ai time
to conummat fully Ib I
Among those who are mentioned for preelJntlll app4ntm are I jj
Frank Taylor of Fert Dale fur Granite make and Orrln 11 Miller of jj
2 Illvenon for Jordan rllake 2
510trutnmvurLnfuw r ulfuwvvuj
Ingrar 0aughter Sir Balfour replied 1
as tollovits
I inas tint aware hAl the hatingrable I
mtmbr 01 Hotel Vtarst rranmi hlmIC
upon ouch an auguest mudel 41AII
tar I may Point oul ilia dlmcIII tort I
I an himself nil the Hmparor In
many hal hid Contenrial mojtol 18 1
it 1Ir111r nor 8 Prenber of this Lawson
I hare Commons to doubt the accuracy
of the elatemem contained In the quee
lion Ho far so my mem ry verve oup
tort fit a Similar character has intarl
ably Secret l offered toy the Mm quarter
lo thoommSawed In hoilllltle ttllh her
Majesty government quite Irrceper I
live of the race crrv1 or the theatre of
hoeltmle I bate no around think
Ing that Inch support va < ever regard
rd an Important ly them to whom It
was proffered and I adrle tile bull
to like Iheejme view 1 now ILaughler
Sir C Mnjbjtlaln who WAN loudly
Ithologited on YMmIb jorigolvith a sovens
critiollfin of ill = is I sofitues1314
r rl
at the trevlmji MUog lit parliament
Their ilalrmenli he MI lit were calm
lated 11 encourage reeldent Krugerr
resistance and lo emliarrai the rev
ernmenl In I Mount limultnj mOil
rrlllral fun llr > n > lufrrrlng lo Mr
Hlaih pea demand > reterday fr the
iroducllon ot Site rI Chamberlains
letter lo Mr llawkley I he aal I he
would madly produce this If Mr Wit
Ham Von llarcourl and John 11 for
Iy who were member of tin South
frlian commlllee deroanled It
Hlr I John Hlanhope crltlrlim he rhar
atterlle1 aa neither nonel nor honor
alolTho epeaker fir John lulley Inle
vened aailng that the langtuiie of the
colmlal irelary wa beyond Cattle
ntentary bound li
Mr Chamlx rlaln retail thu II WAS
Impossible adequately Its describe Mr
Ktonlioiie accusation thai he Olr
hamberlalnl and Sir Alfred Inter load
fomented war
The government welcomed all honest
and honoralle trlllrlem of their poi I
mild Mr hamberlaln Anti I with I
multi ply theee epithets to Ihe ineeoh
of the member for llurnley
mr N llNii Till 1IIIM11
sititr tov iis rear St k a
I etnte I Ariu nenl fur III rni Irjriaen 1
IhlladelihU Oct llIn hH address
before the International Lommerclll
combaroole Minuter Wu Tlrot I ang laid
1 ereonii are generally disliked I on
account ot their Indolence Immorality
and other State qualities tout I believe
this I the flnvet Initiation In Ihe history
ot the world that H people are coneld
orate a undeelrible and excluding from
a country Uonuie tif their Industry
pereevtranc I one ly unit I other goM
qualllleek China doM not nuk Ouch
invidious illellnctlota What Ie I open
In one station Cis I open tn > all All are
equally wekx i te Ho Mr wo LOMPOC any
retaliatory meaeure also to istill holding
the initial friendly and cordial relativism
nh the United States and I hot and
trust the emotions will lornr continue
In view of the certain Incrons I of hie
v1 trade Suit oomm e brotiveort Chi
tin and the Untied Stated and In Iw
< if tile unrivaled opportunities China
iffera lo American na 1111 and enter
irl e the Ilintlm naturally urlera
whither It In I we rill while to Leep on
lour italule lH ka a tlinlnallng law I
aialnat = nigh whom II I to
your Internet to > kop and maintain
relation of tile moat friendly nature
Thk 10 I a queitlon for the lunchAntio
tnanufarlutr capitalists und labor
era ul this luunlry to deeM and I am
Mir they will decide rightly apt I fair
ly I when the fanll are UI I before linn
An Important fattiness made by I the
inlnteter In his aldrww which met ttlth
tinitlnlcd applauee VISA In rrferenc lu
Lhtnaa poetllon lowanl the Open door
policy of Ureat Ilrltaln and the United
Stated lo which ptllcy frequenl refer
Mice had I bent 1 made by other eiwakeni
The minister call
11 will lake thin opportunity lo Pay
toy I Way DC at uniffel 1 answer to the pro
rodln to poskirra wheo have reformil 10
the open door In I ly country Hull Chi
na alHayu favors ll lie open door China I
topsn her duties lo tile prattle anti the
trade of every country without illttlni
Ours n < it > ran ur color
When Minister Wit Ting Fane con
cluded his addreM the Manatees 01
plaudwl him for ourvet at 1 mlnutea
At the conclusion of Mlnller WIt
Ting 1 ang a Address John Font of
Nee lork lecretory of the American
flatlo aMOCIallnn Prevented a reaolu
lion reciting 1 that ro extorll if Amer
tcan manufacturers to C limit am Unity
Ing In valu and In volume with e rup
Illy I unexampled In any other mark
that no other mark Inthe world I or
Ira ud h vatt and varl d opporlunlll a
fol the rurtl r In MON of Amerl in
I xpnrtl thaL th Ili oppartunlllei or
b ooluloY d n dent Orl Ih fftjntell
anof quality of c mrnf nial i run g
I whl Ill t Ilia made with th I nll4
mat occur throughout the whole of
tile Lhln i empire that ctrlaln for
In powers Mm to how a disposition
10 restrict 1 lhal maskok to the dvao
tout of thoolir own citiz I led the lox
iit Of Others by the = of
iphere of Innuenr and hoI It le rr
eolved as the judgment of UM repreaen
tallvee of American Industry an =
m gaged In the China trade here
= bl < etsates 10 tn Interns
Ulundi m II emerm hal an
jnphatlc declaration ihould U made
toy Ih governmei of the United Httee
of In Inletillon 11 protect to lu fulleit
xtent the fights which lu clllaenoonj
under rlMlnit Ireatlei In puntud their
ten le In the chims mpim
The resolution woo unlUllmoul
110 Chinese mnlor rising 10 a point
of privilege Alaska as follows I wish
to Saunter one or t In pleakers Wis
tried the remark It I is f very fine to
mAY that It Is net JUGI to oselirlp the
jMs JT tl1I 1t 4 k 4 I bill the has VS
to Iu Arawlic47 1 > < 1 will ttrossis Latin
1 am rry glad the qlieallon wan
acked So so to give me the opportt
fly of aniwcrlng The thl e thai
onles here me Ore train two prov
arm In flantun uu Clever sm it
northern Chlnom1I fine nu mon Cm
Vhanghil Ir Inetance excel I In the
dlplomatk rotie
Them tan irovlnce have papula
lion ot only about 1CKWWO do that uvei
hould all otane which Is I nxunfeally
board ll viould mot be tery serious
Th Octal nunAwr of Chinarnara maw In
Ama Is I bulll 1011hone Why did On
Inapt vian T Thirty years ago when
you were conotrut Issue ou wastiorn
railroad you n axents to Chin n1
ed thr in 1 Istorent to Ill w lie oC
courstat other 1110 vj their example I
letter I lent bad you i 01 done this I tit I
not bellove these would have been an >
Chlneee Uborei I h
Tb men do tot rob you Th >
wk day and nlh anti make faithful
servants I dmll hal they wo In
nuke a few dollara and go hunts but Is I
not that Jut hat lots Ainatleani whit
come to hlna waif I believe thai
lo eel the trade of China I II le worth
while to repeal the objectionable
tit ill to
IIW4 I 11171irly 6 New Valk
lloelon Oct ItTh gouplaidged ulolde
of an known Women probably w
> eat to old faehlonably drrei d and with
nn appearance of refinement to I w gag
Inc the attention or the police tally
The tinman waa a paeeetiger on d
an I ael ilonton ferryboat on III mid
night trip tier the lnueei grri hid
r lh the Ixiat Ih boal It hande round u
vanillas cat I anti handbag oil n at
In ha Local In tin bag was a rolded
tn elope addmued to SIM II I Clark
lencral deliver U meter JOS and
an unealed Lessor lit I which the writer
al 1 ehe taw n tl Ing In life lo keel her
on earth and dlie t I thai If her body
coon ohld let found lie authorities
ehould refei 1 ter of Nrw
York who gulden I I It was i barged I
I do riot wleli ho letter alit
further to reveal 1 III lenllly tar u I
would dtt Ito good anti rob me entirely
of Ih little comrorl hkh I may flood
lit drill
In addition to throott tWU lottno there
were founl cllppli g lam me nan
rnnoHvo Call or September I U Hiving
tin Oakland race oures HIM slut Say
oral 1 Utter torn into email bite Sits M
of Hi 1 locee when plaotU logelher
formed a part It a lpwrtl l teller
which find
I conferred with your huband al I
lorrwy and they Inf rnl Ud that Iw
definitely dnllned lo ndranc any
further Punis I
They aden aeeert that you on Hpt a
rr t trios A
last mad draft upon film for IMO
without Ilia knowledge und although
drawn under the clretimitanr lie
honored It rather than rurlher llcrellt
you Wa cannt a lIf WIly tiger to
pml further 1 0 it h
AI tile 11011 TourAine on which ho
toile Impor Ih Itoirs woo Written It
was stated that no pfrown WAS Missing
from 041t house
Appeoltilm9 ter 410 Ifry
NlocohIngtons Oct 19 Ily illrectlon of
J Ia n
Ih 0 f NId n rl L O n UUYYI1 Henry
011 V l1lnl ordlive I n N yuk 11
ha wen alo4 I I h oornln1 Of Ih
4parlmn ul Ih lllNoul Im Insed
I Is ul onoaha Nb
llrl Ke temb
lltllburg Ort 19 U WAS Illiessigint0d
today that Ibc bridge combine under
Ih nm Ih American llrl hl Ig in
liany h1 10 n mplIOoI Slid A UUIJ to
in Operation by th first of nl mnh
Th cnn Ili Inds thirty otn
plants lit I un nell aIIII4
iI liunt
III g Vu i 0 oil h si OWOW 14 I Sort
fII anti 11 It UW Olnull itiopit
I It will moVul 1 apaus Irt tier i cpnl f Ih
output of the lots Very Th hllallquar
lar will b < 0 In Mw York City
40000 Militia Will Replace that
Number of Regulars In Ireland
Caimbertallit Is I Merged M Cw lt1 1f
UtlmttwrMd 1
Mors hR cnrupmn plrlo
12rutili tialsod311111rILIr
11 I 1014 In 11 cOI
Nw York ML IA dlipaleh to lh
Wad from London were
Tli Milo out of the mlllllA Indl
estate lOaJnljt 1 that the British ovrn
Israel considers ll I niimtrr to take
llmr pnvaulkHia amlmt > otn for
Hun PI llon which lhmUn to
Mipentm on the Tnnivul trouble
In the first InManre the mllllla Is I I
only to be employed I to take the I < Jam I
In horn nrruuna of the line reflmenu
that are metric la South Vfrlm
Tile Kovernmenl has at it ihouihl ll
mlrlMhk In vleo i if the hoMlle feeling
Iroktd In Ireland by the attack nn the
least rtl ubllii lo tJuc the Irish mill
tory establishment beloit IK normal
giveresith it MOW rise shot I la I Intended
10 set free the regular revlmenu ala
tlonnl In Inland I for war Mrvfce by
atibMHulInc knulkih mllllla baiullona
In the Irish Mrr1m 1 the Irish mllllU
being tent for dolly 10 Hnajand
The mllllla fan b Agent on COIn aer
vSee but out h a meaure la never con
templates e > cem In lime of ellrfTM
national iwrll when thy home defames
la lit be rommllled 11 the volunteers
This calling out of the mllllla had
added appreciably lo the general I
mat of the uravlly of the llutlon
U T plead lion iMued a mihlt
011 tile floor war entitled Are We In
the llljhr All APIeql lo All I Itortionst
Men I li I powerful Indictment oC
1nblln diplomacy bringing In
the n relief the iierekHent pro
VUMUV courts followed by the oolooll
Mtmary throughout the negoilMknu
I with 11 h Tr paleni rovael object of forrlut i
Hi moat eenaallonal I nartrf the
Riphlel li Mr Fical Solemn doctor
tlon that Cecil I Uhodee Informed film
that 1 Chamberlain wa privy lo the
Jmn raid and thai the latillam
levy Inquiry Into Ihe origin of that
ronspirary vias hue H r up because a
point had been reached In I the lnvtl
gallon uhlch If contended 1 would lint11
tale the rulonlal secretary directly u I
the cotnptot
Ur Rutherford llarrli the secretary
of the llrllKIl South Africa rwnlHUiy
Staged Says less llhodeaa Inlerinedlary
Jib Ihmlln and tb letter after
m hoollation was finar raised Into
the rounitiolracy by a rablegrorn tribal
111miled stating that Onto IIIIU
wore shen 1 for thy orliginal oC Jagre
no fon ngland mild toe South
In hi Iphl llr IIId orl
114foro Ih 1lm minister of the
cupe lit ter far In tile oorplray
n fount I ties ay to enlll the IIUP
port of the r lonlal oIKre In his de
aline Mu > rnl over In Uinlon hid
PWu Arhale Dr Hulherf Harris
Jib Inilru lion 10 Infirm Mr Cham
berlaln uf what use bnelt g Mr liar
hi executed hi mlMlun and tailed lu
It Clothes Ihe recall or the interview
Al n nit I hamlie lain tefur1 but
eubwquefllly after II irni had spoken
= Sr1r r
operrfy lu Mr Fairfield I I n f the c Icinla
oltlc and had communicated 10 lam
beirlain I the coutitnt of R
from Hitting I warning login h II1 lie
ihuurlM the cnneplrnry Finland would
it m > KouUi Africa Chamberlain cavo
yon thelconolont Pretext I otrannes
city for protnllng the bulldera if llx
Uecliuaiialand mlln fruits noi I r
ml savage Ill
Further Riot i bad heard that
communications between the mNupIra
lora mte arleM unit the colonial office
were close and owntarst n least dur
ing I the whole month of November ca
blegramis were constantly I site
= tmtmvn the or lot of cn
ol1tovloo at t7apootown and Ilia trustm 1
sensadirkea and CInl In London who
wait on his behalf kephal the ullol
rffl e lit touch with Ib usniiinent Ila
knows also Hint on Nov mir 4th Mr
lulifilJ ulvlned the rnlovul I of Ihu 1
Imperial entities Iterate ihr ugly now
btgal l In whlih I tile Irailbuff role vina <
lo be laye1 b > Ihe am of tile char
11 ooIOY This letter I Anow uC
I Joe < Iunu that r In ovl
He boa heart aleu that low far from
lit r Chamberlain knowing nolhtnu nl
the C4Uit Ilul he look ao keeu and tloee
an Interest In Its levelopment thai 1w
Insisted thai Jalneton Pilot should go
In under the union Jo k and that tile
next govern of the Trimwaa h uld
Iw arpolnled by the colonial I r rar
I her he knowi that just Inefoire l tilt raid
lack 11 u cied4ftrula ollow fort h1
eke Vatoctown from a Initiated friend nC
Ihol In London who IlllwdlI
After long Interview with Itanslort
fall telegraphed I to hurry up
Irmldent Knitter alao kn wa tin
when UhiHlea went I ome to fac lh
music utter the raid hi I la first test 0
to pond I Mr I mkaley In tell Mr Fair
tli11 of the ollileno uf lublrgran
hleh hd Income Inatitown I Iwn
and IA4ul Wh1chmt4bllhr4wOIn
plcllY o the culialtal ollic In I tilt
In the II > uae of Ce1111111 Ihl
Hlanhop referrvtl 1 to Mr Htd I poal
live charges ui Mattata Mi onl I
Uln ibiuld not be ullowe I I 0 sno
Mr haniberlaln will Inetis IV
Ilia answer to Mr stand In moaftl
with the keenest tntrat
N 11 far Ihe inlnlelera hol 1 11
ernly handled In the tiontillooll 1 I
unit there In a noticeable chanive In one
terel T it tnlnUI rullt from the ar
nant holy dloln1
lit the nitlliall I tit parliament
Tuolo CamlosY tn 1 V7 Tn
Whool oil t in Ti vjtcti n i
t I th wt n1 1 v now bill 414 h4 I 11
brl iii I j In Ili I h1 Joel I I
it 01 r I mparill I tn the valu it
01 giing at U r 90 or ho ILA a I
ceipt tar a trunk vituri CARS for the
delivery of such trunk nt some hotel
o houer In I another city I la I hell that
Inch receipt or Win of lading are
rp bi o ldla
clearly llabl to Hit lamp lax under
rV7 tin64471U
cbedul I A of c1 Ml of June II lit
Inr1 modes Us oillsons therefore tire
directed to Investigate tranefer com
panlea In I tbelr raepectlve dislikes with
a view of delermlalng whether they M
liiulng such rerelptl and If I ao whether
they are fully complying with the law
oPI regarding I the atajnplng o ouch n >
1hil41phIS l tHIl rurtln ll we
i Well trial Oct 19Admiral Dowdy
lal I night mel a elect I committee of the
municipality of Philadelphia beaded by
Mayor Alibrldg who tendered him
the hopltmy of Philadelphia during
th 1 lttr rl ol thin moll Admiral
IXwey accepted the Invitation naming
Oct l aa lend date rl life arrival rt
turning on I he night or Nov 1 At the
requen ot Admiral Lowest hi visit will
ho male lo minor Ihe many other Invl
talloni thai have boars lauded lo him
by Ihe I nlon IABuv the lover Club
the Five O clock Club Ihe Manufaclur
era League and other organloatlone
which were anilou for him Presence
The arrangenwnll in 1hlUdelphla for Include his entertainment on CAP
quit and a abort military parade The
general feature have reception been eliminated anl hndhaklng
1r1dt Anal 1 Wiloololoogtn
MnellllKlon Oct ItPntldent Me
Klnley I Mid party reached Washington
al II la nearly an hour behind I echedul
time The party conUlM of lh 1rwldent
ant tEr MeKlnle Secretary long
Decnlary slut Sir Illtchcork I and At
torney rteneral Orlgga Assistant Kecr
Cory Coriviyou and Mr nncy private
eoretary to > the aecretary o the navy
nwepaper correalmndenla and White
Howe eervanu All but the three rob
Inel fflrr mentioned had left the pal
ly at various > olnle The train was
met by < rotary llool AdJI Inin Car
bin l ttarehal Inanition I nmr iec
rury in the ITeel lnt Mr 1 McKlnley
waa looking air inger than on her le
turn fn m tier lul I trip wet and I wa
aid he hood lmprove1 In health tm
the journey
General Lawtons Expedition Starts
for tho Insurgent Capital
Tvvflilr I ounh Infantry Included
silAVY CJou A11ifflisAvy
league at Jlanlla
Manila Cut II llilun rnvOen Law
JM a J = u OCAtOAt SftyM with
a tarcit ti t V oun
basis Florida and Oel art preparing
la move along the river to Ban leldru
which will be held aa tons for opera
tion to the north
Hxlenalv preparation have Ion
irogreeelng fir net era 1 laya and the
txpedlllon whoee objective U I Ta
I expecled lu start today The up
listed I will be taken on caocoea
den Lawlun fare consists of eight
competition of the Twenty fourth Intel
iry under Cut Kellar tight oom anleo
rJ llw Twenty oeoond Infantry under
Major Ilaldwln nine Into l = f Ihe
Fourth cavalry mounted under i I
Hay and a mixed regiment I conilitlng I I
of one comiiany of the Thirty Mtenlh I
nJ 7sonih
Infantry lox gun commanded b > Capt l
Hcolt one cuatlMny uf iavalr and
lpt luieoni Maonbee Senate TIM
Third cavalry = 1o at Haa press
ileco to Join the expedltl t n
Heavy rain Ilia tint In wveka be
gn Ian night and have onuunued
1111 Ocl II 40 p LJtn L4 W
ton 14 I OUPIMW 10 IVo tutld l an
Islitrut No coonamundentkon h barrel rof
calved frosain hm mine Ito left Aray4i
this lIIoII >
111 IIA
illusion Ort IPo len Otis to
day reported to the war department the
following caaualtlea
IJ Mlledmith Infantry Near Citing
lelaud of Lei u Sept II A Lhnrlee N
Lolay lUnlel U dolna Seventeenth
Infantry at Angel Oct II U Mlllem
larker Thlrly alxlh Infantry atlorac
Oct i 17 II Wlllanl WUilrra
WodIol II at Angeles Acting
A ant rlurgeon II tUne DtalTord
Ireant allghl Sixth I Infantry near
41m 1 Sept It A Wm Hlovall Wo
n fever C II race Hutchlnaon
tint severe I i urth Infantry nar
Han Nicholas Ifort I F Jamta A
tUUIIy hand slight Ninth Infantry
al Migele Out 1011 Goo K tdieler
head moderate II John kalley Ihlgh
wvvro I I Albert Durand back ivtere
tlurwaH Mllion held eetere Say
leenth Infantry A oritoral Henry
Under 1 head ellghl tl William Crosby
Ihlab slight II Joi II Thaiker
larynx MV ra Thmaa N dully
thigh Sixteenth 10101 ut utaUIOlu
Or II r Thornae Lynch told Never
Leille hot foot Severe r urlh rov
airy near Arayal hi 13 nrel Her
mean I Ou toy v VIII 1 arm inoderale
Matthew Kllllo leg I idolale Thirty
ilxth I Infantry I at lora Oct 17 31
lam WIIIIo link moderate
At At pr fur 111IS leave
IJerlln 01 10Tho news opera we
iinn r
for tit rnal I
U ion tile J h It Jaf r Millarn at
Illamburic I I I
I of Moo tit a luncheors tat
bill I Ing h lain hinas ft hi li 11NO
Kaiser Karl tier 1 liNimt Tile fIaII
Tamoblatt hufver Says I
Ilia majetityst exprupolorm 01 remit
thai inn to 111 l to r big lliit ltd I mot mi
with Intelllit tit bit f ernnee right I year
u Koo will In founit Ignlllcant just tow
lit I more a a a I hit Is now
Th tit lallml orsousu the Vuraerts
w h It 0 1 111I of vooli
I I I II enthumno oud 11 I tio
NibmI I I noo v Im I plittis
it 01 1 tal 1 In too I arant Ill Ili
I 1 1 J lot 1 A
Ill ill t IO I 1 1 I it ital
I M I111 11 11 C I IL c plWj
determination it varry through the
c rmI ill 01 h at litiniburip
Vioultle 1 ne and I immeno t 0 I
1 Ill Th loo 1 unrot be Lunstruid
W II Aji Dead
N it Ynoik n t It Wlllom II AI
I I ill pithlifth I h u if U
Apt At I Ub1 i A y as 11i totem
AplCtIvIon NhyIO J
f 111 IO NVU Yom 11104 ba Years
Wind Failed to Let the Yachts Hive
a Run Today
Hoi farther nirTlin tiny ny VOL
llumbl in Lead All
the 111
Now Tok Oct JlFor h Mghlh
time owing to light wlod th yacht
I race hive been declared off
There WM a cloudless Moo eky uvtr
lh bay al1 clock these tanning and a
theist but steady rthwvt brm wad
blowing The Lane IlnJ and Jersey
shot on the upper bay wr aluhtly
entered with hams taut The Indication
01 that time were that the day WoUld
be clear anti cooler 1 with light north lu
n nhwt < nly wind
Tim early I morning arrival or the
vchtmit crowd were rw in number
and decidedly licking 1 In rfithueUini
though many Bond taboo WOT on
prMd on mi film Co Sir Tnoroa
IJ Ion and his ejnerald yacht
At 10 a the judge loinst ran up lira
Kgtul Indroallnt thai the couner wouU
be MUlbMet bT KMIh t
Five mlnule heron the Mart Kbam
rock run up under the Cub 19
and riot to ml 11 lh wealher of h
good I t he while boat held up M the lightship
hip on the port tack Whit I having two
bead Milo I ei eaelly oulfooted Hham
ritek lm
over Tin bualo were UOM together how
AI Iwo an Was tin start
Ihmnk rowang off and Columbia
am about being somewhat 10 The
weatwanl of Hhmr k Wells bole
rood for Ihe line at two minute before
gunfire Jut before reaching I Miem
rock eloiid a roea lo the weelwftrd on
itarboard lack but the Comb luffed
= lo the Weatvtaid e 1 thai the green
boat culd not latih tier Jai editors
the tart Rhammrk managed lo run
In atern of olumbla and th latter
crowed the line I nTh Jockeying
Jv lnl
wad iharp and from NaveelnK It
looked aa If CIR Hogarth had the
Initter l o I
liamrnck succeeding In gelling up on
lh olumbla weather and both teat
w ant over the line with boutni to pope
The Shamrock broke out her balloon
Jib ae she crowed and Columbia did
not eat bore until a minute n two later
I wi evident aa the latest croeMd
else line thai I apt Hogarth o the
Hhamrack with firm belief In the
reaching poweri of his boat woe try
Inc w Indulge kr 1 Ill lln Caper
in the CcliirabM efnwl nothing
= lit try it ot tail H began the
reach off 1 the return < t
ld about four length over the line
and her iioeltlon under the reaching
tactics had but on dhudvanuge that I
he wa to leeward I Still there I
mall fear of being blanketed The
lint ten mlnutea wera roonolonoui on
The olumbla lead was ao certain
thai nil thai waa left waa to watch the
boala to ee them squaft away
At We Columbia I had a nr ll I
10 yards lloh Counts were ailing along
wlh I I malo calls
The first Iw mile were called In
about left l minutes Ttef Columbia
kept pulling gradually away from n
lot the en I oC fifteen minute b
tmttti were under I Shoo aame antaamaln
aalli ail fill I p aalla with big bal
luonera thai Cut rNl out before them
apt H garth apparently had don
Courit I lo work the machine end He hekt 1
his own but fly II tl ll looked aa If hill
belief In 1110 boat reaching power wait ti
niliplaced aa II had Wi7 point
Inc and running The clung was a
low tint but the Columbia was draw
Ing ahead of the Vhamrork whoa big I
Mull bow win fueling even In the own
Smooth Sle
rln7K tile lead had been Intresomel
lu eight 11nIIt04h I 11
0hl longthsancl2t1nobuiLtilnortl
over 10 mil m art Ih a n 410 the
Jersey alsom
New York Oct II BuiUnit Curb flreJ
lloirfock two minute 10n
Official starting lira CouinbU
U 0111 Khan ruck tl K
Observations liken al Chilies at 11 Ml
seemed I lo how Columbia I leconj Ill
t he leal
At 1110 a m about CW mile from
start otumbla appeared to hive a teaj
of an elghlh of a ul
AlllU dispatch fr in Wwiim Union
11 4lch I Ihe Columbia Must
have Increased tier lead greatly fur she
was Altruist out of eight In the base
while Shamrock was ellll plainly In
II 40 p m A bury I irk Pays debts
appeurad to have gvwd breex J bv
to = I Io mark rurvlon Claude
Mill beaded etnilheaat lu direction of
turning mark mianirnek u pearrd to
have beneniled aonwwhal hy bMler
usable tweeze nit I to have crept up on Lul
1 m Almost calm at finish line and
naUlrig craft within rulliu ot tour Mile
barely ntovvd LonllUona hat time
were worn than on a majority of th
day when lack u wind prevented II
began nolhl
A dispatch Im the Highlit da 111
says the Shamrock turned leewanl
mark about 1 1
Al > 09 Long Drench odd there wan
very light bre from a eoulh rnl
that a n < et of flfly vnelg I wa toe
enjoyed off the consist
AehlMiry I nk al 110 p m ar the
Yachts have caught quit a llttiv breexe
1 roni lbre It eewied Columbia wa
cunaldrbly over a mile In the lad
Tlw lUghundi I at 347 a I > Li umMa
was about nine or ten W40 from the
llghlehlp eMneil to hit barely eleer
age way anl could nol flnleh wllhln
the lima limit
4jLrrggo race has been I declared off
stiff Witter still
odar Itailtdo Iw Oct 194t IN I tn
C0I Ipl
P amd that In addition ill iuhisr mil
ihotle the American Lr copny 14 I
n IISkitud I > In I Ihla city I at a oil of
I r 10000 It will noon tommenc
lit o wheat flouring plant with I
a 11 j ut 40 barrali per day
lo4ca Almithen Crapct Tainevale
Imidii Oct 19Th llrltliih reign
innice fsrta that th it I 6ol I Winne H n t
tile ternis fth Alnhv toodum UV ni I
age II n wa I of I I 110 > < I
I a bits n111 I I id hot I
I in I un4 List I Id FI I I
tan It 0 I CI I John I i nci < 1
II It ih harg > affalroi In aihlngtan
Will sign tomorrow
I i
l i
i 1

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