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f I Go nracuur EVENING NEWHI rJIUI DAY ocroium 10 ISOD
cit it Will the Oregon Short Line Take
I In the Utah and Pacific
it I
if t
11 mit I I
FA th
1 I X loll or ielptrowee by Ili nits iiersmsah
is ii4l flood TooloyPorlbloinint us
A e i I 11111 II 41
X nvmon were tiring thick and toot In
I 1 railroad rtrclw today to the effect that
I I I IM > Utah and 1aolOo waa datlne1 lo
r ram be baseball by the Orwm equal
I At I orloik than morning VlrePre1
I tent and General I Manager DAM ft
ri Oenerwl Tronic stanaaw KTle and
I ouldeffil lenJem Young of the Oregon
Khotl Una aW Director Lund of 11M
Utah U IM e took a epeclal 1 train for
ID Ih Htjlb for Ih pit Paul II WAS eaM
Cit ofaillmaldeflugg 1 l th line It U known
I hwrawr thai the Officials will go over
he mlln lloo of th Utah A lontnc
SIT II I wait aHtle1 daring th day lhat
at I IMo Hhort Una would 1 post the arnaller I
lire IhrOMth to California and rho ob
ject of the limit woe to look ovr 1M
I Situation thoroughly with a View to ok
Settral month ago thleoam 1 propo
oltin fal little 1 different form woo l
plollrd an4dlM > rovo < l and mar be I Grain I
1 though tlao < lnu 1 > thai ban laied and
title new rorvdlllone that have ronH > may
UO1 sign rhangnl the tnieliteea affairs of
he I verb load In much a way In admit of or
make nil liable the awallowlng up of
I She amaller Protein by II lie larger
oonMMng that cannot be
definitely doubled In I Halt like at least
for Pont days ITeetdent Met un of
I the Utah and Iaclnc It la well known
Ue I been In the Kent for pl m Weeks
working diligently I on the hem that
la I an near to him heart that ut having
13 hie nod Pushed on to the 1aulnY coaet
III la preeumed that It ho can make ar
ranieinMil In that end with the Short
Lin dlrectote who are scheduled to
meet In I New York he it week he I
will be Mllilled though It 1 la known
that he le I deelroua of ooourlrig eufllrleBt
outside Capital lo make an Independent
lln of U Hut ahoutl the ab > rptlwn
I ties I b 0 011 led out th Utah and 1oclno
toSI would I prax a via unblo acUlelllim to
1 fill hurl Loot U has already daemon
to ltrale1 by lie amount of liulnee that
torte suits can bo looked for In the
to I future During the month of Heplem
lo ber It 1 handled a largo amount of
freight river 100 nits ot Iliroetock end
I r M rly 1 M care of copper lead and gold
it ordo were chipped oter tho line thai
At month
tat Three ehlpmenta ore In addition to
the regular freight tnulneee 1 which le I
111i I Increasing remarkably Not IDoI the
lit I Mellon ot country contiguous lo tho
nil line U I beginning to experience the pew
ill a Parity that usually gallons the railroad
t TALK OFA 100
vit 0 I John CinUy1 lllc DAIr Sfiitnitcil 10 I
me 1 IniuicilUtn Kiecutluii
Voter and minor ot both eeiee from
the Terrible Third congregated 1 la
L Judge Ttmmonya oourl room at I
I oclock Ihla afternoon Tho oooaalon 1
11 wan the hearing of Ihe John Cassidy
I = f
k I i Vicious dog cane The city brought
on 1 Aulnewouell witnesses of varied agog and
I t 1 I I uaeorted little thai ranged from re
I apectablllty peraonlned In UacK rat a
40 r t legal down to a lad clad In gum boots
11 muddy ovwalla BUBpendei awl on
91 It elwhlle while ehlrl itlrr Hln Ull
40 Show was rho unit wan tied
40W I Vh = r tio
1 What 1 this daws In question
it queried Prosecutor Doing
At I it lie warnt In queellon he wa In
A Coeeldye back yard where I was
Ise t platting And No tilt MO
It i I ow4plow
f I I IMwven the ladder and Ihe dove
t cole
4 Hllrnco In the onucl
41 1 111Hllrnco
I Il I I llIreh wlwn h < I ver lila
11 I 1 rloal field the dog made i YL ernard
rid Ili the next wittopome Walter Johnson paid
4 tile nt1 woo mastlir Johnenn
oil i 7 father also started that II woo a door
I and 811 star rollooI halt bin4th I
Car secoma Into from that voracious
I allow The latter I witness Lroremell that
a lit tit stunalow ter 110 antmed last
I knife Ton all 101110 the witness
in ow three Pft Vothe had been PIttn
= 1L Vot
4V I Int Was it an toot Week all let
I i 3 platelI Also on the leg I
C 1 loll COIId RAW hie dIc use It Ie
tool AA911 rid he pldd hard 1 l leave
ft rho arumal admitted Into ourl on oz
hlblllon The magleli however was
Ill 11 adamant Defendant rurthenclore all 1
to I that tho boya In I Ihe neighborhood of
at Fir ahd Wall alrela In I tlie Nineteenth
ward bombarded Ids pet With ruck it
Mo all occeBlone
IS I A petition Signed by nineteen real
r I dints In the vicinity pru > liig I that tho
dog be killed wan the handed to the
b n > I1 irt by the police court i u rk
Thou Judge TIImy kail lit 1 In the
face ot the that I Pen OOM have been
rid blltl by this 11 the order of Ihe
Oill Ill Otter ta that the city or > hIII In
I a I maulately toluene the Animal 10 bo
t 4 killed No nn woo Impoeird
ltsoI 11
O 1 L
n I MAlllllUin llCliNSlA
Iwoi I 6 l J It Mar 1 100 llcenaea were liuea lolay
Ift It to Pavld Kevin 21 and Starlit A Tull
10111i I t lngr 12 both of Mile Timber Montana
4 Fred Houfert 91 and Emma Langen
I Mh
r IFf I t I bucher U both i ot this city I
rok V l 1 i TlKltlUUTIII III n CRAZY
b 4 r A complaint liaa bn amorre ID hi
If I i 1 f I A tat Ids lIolh Closer Ing niliabeth
Ill 1 < IInnkt touthain ulth Indarthr There
re Sir f I I Aturnan 0n IS likely bo rivers a hearing
ro j
iis I I WIlinap Man Arrested llIero Will Sue
114T ItklillflJ fur Daiiuuci
I A 1 t liry Jill IB uf Ilelknap Pluto only
146 t i i ontod liar on Mo ida > ut the Inlitil I
4 k it I I It in of Ih niihmia baik it Ih
Chitral It littOulpting In lemo Ih K o I 1
4 defraud Ili ejit ill 11
III I I nuiphl
behl I th Nil 1 I
JII nil al If l 1 1uw I
Pill vp1liOlki I t diltall hIT flhol lIT
100 I Ill u 1 I I K I Ili 1
for till u1111 r loklie All 11 I li I
back but on the tiw4u bewi Siv I
I I 1 I I 1 I r 11 u 111 1110
10 1 h I II 1 1
II w P liel Mil oil
wislood Out bI 01 boo It onlit I bIG
eitternie y I Iowere Ptraup A Lippeweek I
b avo ied a damage null against the
hank for tale Imprieonmenl
II was learned today that a damage
ault will Ad planted ltXn against the
RId bank and Ih two men who
went bonds authorising Mllli aireat
LAN M111111A
Otlober IWiJoatph CatMnn ran
nltck IN aere g tlon I I and C
= = mItand
ownehlp t > = rann wel
charte Awtonan tiona too am
aoMlon 24 AI towrwhlf II nniih n =
Mil Ortoher ITthJame Anderaon Fill
mat IH leatimal station II townahtp It
oath rant > waft
October jltblllram twill
tah Fork aim oocllon a lownahlp
laoilh rang I eoat
October lathMargaret Mikeprang
shipm3 i R = Io w II IOWn
October IlhOnar r Teeler Milt
Creek lal 41 arno motion I towrMtalp
f I math rant 1 not
01110 Ifth011wour Audacious Vergral 1
to At Portion 6 tatonoblp 6 mouth
rural n am
QHIIItIt 0 f thai Dli Right to t Control the
Counts Argued
Roper Uri fine limit Aid
ond Tku 4tir under
A qvider4lon Innlvlnc rho right of
Ihitmtlful city la airlines tho water
couroe within tlx dry ami regulate
end dMrlkule the Mhw for IrrlgalkM I
and other aurnneM WAS anue1 lfore i
he uarrMemrt today slid taken uo
TIM Illlp Or the aH > la 1 Joan Fleher et
al 1 va HounllfUl city ChI II Jorade I
recorder arnl Joetfih L llolbrook may
or appollenle Attleye U II Wllley
and M 11 Thumtan appeared for the i
oppllant sod Judge 1uer for the
plalnllffe and rrepundenle I
Plaintiff In I behalf of Ihenwelvea and
rebels l > enellcl lly Interested brought
an aollon against bountiful C1lr k I
ing I that ital Im lit distributing tip wa
fact I of Statues orfc a airoam of water
plains In the tnvuhtaliM t of Stood
Seems W declared unlawful and that I
110 Orion In levylni a tax lo Server e
l < enae of watfviliiglge lrm b 1 do
elated nullanTvoM The oily gained
control Ir tbq water In 1M after Its or
JodI Rotapsel bflon whom tied calme
wu Irlod round that the dlond1
tui quinat lb 1hI too central and
hauleas 1 the wastir allO toot No 10 In
an dong arel 110 levying of In ofe 1
fie were lawful rrnm Ihe Judg
ment an appeal wan taken to th 8u
prem court
Th only other caw argued waa < al I
Jackson va Trot Crown 1VIM Mining
company appellant
The oaer of leo L lull Va Ih IVo
pits Ilulldlng I lian and Kavlnga aaao
elation 1 appellant was orderwd tu Ui
submitted upon brief
The raaee of Th Waoatrh Irrigation
Company rt al va iMwanl rullon el al
appellant awl Cattle awlnly by J W
Owee n JOOi AL Jiruom arm cii
IInuod for the IM
POLITICAL uutAnnnnutuunnp POINTERS r jun
A good many Ndtars ate ollll unregle
Fred C foofboumw WAR elected am
rotary of the llepulllcan rlly com
mlttee leet Jilght while J IT rnd death
Jr woo slut In charge of the parly
registration bureau
many 001111011 rallied will I hold by
both of lItO big Ml lie nerat wook
lilaft ant Cutler of W sugar com
= fro r
Party to tip from Told loSay aay
the new auxiliary filter AI toollar ngv1 rid 1
will bo In running order early 1 next
wok It Is I probable that the board
ot director will go down to Suspect 110
wok both at IprlDvlII add Ibl In
the near futures
Klnne A Knue a native of Den
mark now of Soft lAb City Was ad
initial lo elllae ehlp by Judg Mile
Auditor Thomas KlUrbock ot the
Huh Al laclflo will depart for Deep
rook tomorrow morning bo gun two
ii three weeka
Tomorrow evening at I I p In Tudor
Utlllam Lovedoy will U i > tendered u
favowell Ontario emont In the Third l
wrd meeting boom
II Better the Feet Slip
Than the Tongue
There Is one slip Nature
never forgives It Is the
carelessness of Ignoring the
signal that the body is in
dangir of wreck It may
be that the kidneys or the
stomach or the head gives
the warning sign But
remember the blood feeds
every organ of the body
VKt no Ship but ftftt tone up the lyt
fun ItvouoH the ttoof And health U3
rurry > follow NMJI SfUprtiU It tht
11111 l fnwition than hAS dtvutd fo trials
tvtt hftOnina NwJ
Qonoral Debilityhnt Mm
ilxfl Struptnllt for fimrtl JtHtty
IMIAMA11110USoFffid H Mxx1 > tvri
And I feet NII Anditiolval Menck
Knh M llnkimi St AlbAny N Y
Disordered Stomach Wm > <
dty I em tAt tnylhng I ivisfi because
ItxKft SvupjntU Utifi my slovotacif 61
cnlir R ti Hi kit ttnic miJtov I
11 Stunt Sntrtorn Mia
CalarrhUWOo Siruftittt hu
CUll my luafanft tltnh troubles And
fivtn mi relief from tik httiicht
SlrtJ W SVarrli Knyfumton If Y
JfoocJj Sawapatiffa
il lllJ J wo
fl l4Tl 111111e 111 ih
zu 411 t t
Centerville People Subjected to
Further Misrepresentation
hId Ili 11011 I slow felon Iud
I I Ion by an rellIng tr
At I rift
Oenlervllle Oct itit le notion her
today that the Tribune which Mill
Ming 1 tonaclouely to lie foloehood eon
MrnlX 1 The birth af a hurt 10 Coe
ereonain Mnberle KM woek has en
othfr aenaallon and tham4M untruth
In this moraine log 1 11 aaya that a
Ball lAk irafitleman pretwnably a
atrorliver who earm beree from the capi
tal on a renoinag npadltton wan rv
crtved with demonotratlotie of marked
hnatlllty ami tk wtlllngneo of the peo
pit to have the matter Invoellgatod woo
Shown warn IT 18 SAID they mothered
at the elation and hurled itonra at the
cmtlenan 1 While he was walling for hie
rein I
Now the feel of lho mailer li that
no Rush Incident ever took plan In Ihle
town It la I a alander of the moat In
famous character and the Halt Uke
Trlbone and Industrious baby huntr
men revised to earn forth and fumUh
the proof of their elandereu statt
menl It they eannol and It la known
absolutely that they cannot because
aa lalel they are aloom In their entln
ly then they ow the peacvlovlng poode
pk of tills community a moat humUe
careful I Inquiry Iou been made by
your correspondent and Ihe faete der
that the preoviw of Sao gentleman was
known to bm very fw jioreono aad
eoarcely any knew what bit violation
waa lie Imply oame and went ee any
other transit without any particular
attention being paid lo him Hut then
woo till gathering of perooh at The do >
lot and no throwing or threatening
with Itloka and alone or with any
thing elM This alalenent Is I kneed up
on the moot thorough Inveothjallon
and the gentleman who perpetrated the
Mvandal la the contrary iiiul know that
rho truth le I not In him
The aevenlh and nnal rendition ot
Madeleln ocurred at the Theater last
everatiog bilore an audience that Site
loplied al I the previous houae flow
Strong an Imprceelon the work has
nnd la ahown In the fid that rho tail
Presentation drew a much larger turn
out than th first The Audience 11I
lauded vigorously from nnt to laal
and none were apparently more planned
than th elerana of Ih old IMoml
Dramalfc aoaocuiloii 1 who occupied two
lalla lira Wheelock hail unfortun I
ately left town before her lfkvltt Ian
Aim received 1 W Dugbar waa III and
John C Urethane Bent regrets from
1ruvo Thom of the old time player
who attend win Sire II II Claoon
II i II Llaoaon graved McKenil Phil 1
11 1 rg etle John T Cain and John II
Th tllnilrel company appearing at
the tlrand tonight l radd Ih treat
today and their band attracted a great
dow of treat Ion A big house to a
ronsoult conciliate n I
Stathrown At l1ul es be 1 Is I now
going on at the Themettr
Jim Scltwgrli IMufJ lo Tf llfy but
IvIlled In KltvfntU Hour
J tlarrowlli pleaded not guilty be
term Judge Tlmmony into afternoon of
hasualt upon onel H Karllon The trou
Ilia 1 apparently originated at rho sup
per table of a Flflh South boarding
holes on Tuoday evening when the de
fendant hiked Kartlon to I pay him 306
due on A txrcentag upon a ault ot
cloth Outside or an agllatvl HUM
lion on Its rare of iroowlll to the
offert Did I com up lo you with my
net In my hanlT Ih center of foreign
lion was Its Schwartz who apparent
ly la a model landlady
Mro Kchwarll mar bo sworn Mid
the Court
what do you know about this Or
1 have 11thlug 101
Did you ea this iroublr asked
Delhi In Ih acoonta of a olron
1 leave I nothing lo aay
At this elage of the proceeding the
fu1 woo nlllCkod with loostrinams
You Ill hn 10 answer or go 10
I havo nothing to My
Just when U teemed aa though the
Jail gateo wen yawning for their vlo
Jim Mr Ichwarli told all she knew
whloh amounleil to nothing
Prum the evidence thei had been no
blow paaoed It wan almply a war of
urds And the landlady has rnuatd
the principal to abet their Rom an 110
sidewalk Yllow lodgers Interforst at
tho right time and ther was 110 dam
age don
Judge Tlmon In I surrunitir up Paid
Uht I think this another ot thoa
nu hadoabotit nothing caaeo vrhat
ever th Renault was II any II 010 all
w1n4 The defendant Is acting 3 I air
discharged awl If you have our 3 = 4
need you had brttor Gottlie them for a
taborer to worthy at hie hire
JoIwll then oahl 111 know why
he arrested revir because be 401 Went
10 pay me my 14011
lasso Wright and fir McDonald two
drunk both Pleaded guilty to th of
foruse On account of circumstances
aurro dine ihe revpecllv oaeee the
former woo fined lit and lilt latter al
lowed to ro free with a warning
The gambling house contributed IIM
In lines 10 the city treasury this after
The IKinaml for uiiincrflnl Security
Had luenavet l Wonderfully
10 IOtna rut 0001011 etockle
not in 100m Iou fail I nd mon
il i fully ilurtig the Past Iwu montho
on d u t nn i onl bank r tills after
r in Ilil 01111 the quolall on
t i n are given 1 by tile N no ilia
an IUnt of that Iranefor cannot bo oil
101 1 I Mwcd
JR44 7
= toWtt
Wo are ploasod to Inform
trio public that wo have again
rocolvod the high ° at awards
at the last State Fair three
Gold Medals ono each for
Three Crown DaKlr > Powdor
Pure Ground Spleoi and Triple
Extract thoroby equaling our
past records when wn roo
calved throo acId Modal at
the preceding fair
laIod Ir II could I am sum II would
Patti to Urptloo to the publl Huh
atto 7 c It I the boakii and
volounarrial Securities not only bring
higher certain than they ever dll hut
the Tot me of boosting Is I Iranian
Wit wt of neoalt In touch with Ihe
real 1 eatalo I market and I lit to le I a
quickening In that direction loo While
ronelderebl really Hi on the market It I
eeeriw lo me that the Prices naked are 1
not toe high In fart they Aro very
I it to I my judgn that
ablo4An4 dFnI
fiessuroge Inv I 1 Judiciously In ml ee
lieteo two III pay a larger I Tatum than
ilmoot anything elee that la not a met
LTKUtlMtlllllXK llrUOKT
Orl U 1 ItM
Tudeya okearlng liniu
Ham day UI year lltttllT
lire OO oo I IMO
HulUon oo oooo BH4
Total OOoo oo i3li
Pelican Print Mnnlrrrr Sllll taw
blirrlir liclunn Kinly Handed
Vpeclal per fortiori Telegraph
Irovo Utah Ocl llKherlff Hlorra
who weal lo Oklahoma few days ago
ham I telearaphed hla office her that the
min UPIad to bay been George II
Wrliht IM alletred Pelican Point triple
murderer who Was being held at
Weatherford Oklahoma Woo not the
Wright wanted and the eherlff Il I re
turning home empty handed
Tn Car A U1111 III n1t OAT
Take Laxative llrumo QuInIno Table
All druggists roru1 the matter It It
fane to cur K w arovoa oigiuiur
to on each bol Kc 1
Try UcUvnildo Greek Cough Drop
Which Xmas fitii Una Cvtinl tu Au
ulhfr la Kato 31oury
TI 10 New Ground Hotel Situated at
IIIlhmouL N Yoo In the Western
Calklll la I lo l > moved loans eeeon
In I order that Its owners may escape
a heavy taxation which has just been
Stegall on the property
Btrangetoiay although the role hotel
will be moved from Its preacnl loca
tion boll sit will i remain the mine
HueJi a altement opposes both abaurd
and paradoilral yet It la a fact The
etplanatlon ot the apparently conflict
ing elalementa la almple
When 1 Ih Ml 1 for too New Grand
Hotel I in the Western Oalekllla WAR a
lected 1 veto ago th Owners evidently
had In mind the Vagaries ot the eiclx
vote and placed I the hotel on the lop
uf lofty Illihmount or little trips
Idountieliet aa It la Orion called 1 in the
boundarr of lielawaret ud Ulster craft
On This fact 1 It nol generally known
The boundary line ot the two Counties
latmelts through the router of the bill
The hotel to thortiforoo In Over lownshIse
of Hhandakm I liter county and In the
lownahlp of lllddletown Delaware
county Should the township of Khan
taken an dry tho hotel bar could bo nl
once removed to Mlddletown township
and v IT I version Tito Owners of Ihe big
mountain hotel have taken advantage
lie their favorable location on the
l undary line ot the two counties
monflonell too k down the o
nt Ivli Cm year 10 foal on the
valuable propitty
Krral year ago the board of among
more of the In 1 nC Handaken placnl a
valuatl m ot 110000 on the property but
agreed lo aieeaa II for only lit 000 If
the hotel would remain In tlin town
hill Place thin the assessment has
otheol or up and view It Is an
nounwd I thai licit season the hole
proprietor ago W obllied lo pay an aa
aoaeinent on IMOOO Thin the owners
ate loath lo d to and they have dec led
to remove the hotel to the adjoining
county of Delaware Thl elp has Ilion
derided upon I la I Bald becaue of the
Promise or the being of iiBBeeaora of Ihe
township of lllddletown to oaaeaa the
hotel roirt at IHooo th Atonement
to be 1 levied i Oll ami every year there
after at that Reform provlllng that the
r Ir
howl ke allowed to remain In that
township an 1 bo not removed for a
target of room
Seedlee to Mate the senators of the
rival lownahlp ot Hhandeken were
much InCnol at learning of tile prw
I v 91111TI f taent t1ow hall low Grand llrt I
a I P a n1 I wllh I a
low 1 61 motor up matters declare that
lbo III reJ1t Ih 4 pS Soter
1ktlS pr ill I of b
1tI Add UotrT property andi lolI I W
I law hot h lehldik or Ill
11 cdiolottm mil vtorn me ID which
eyorgarrotp tha t II I hlIbe ODd
In If tlliq I la b < aueaitd at allCln
Igor 1
clnnall Enquire
IMIUIUVCI J NO iosiiKit A uniur
A Janitor In n neighboring School
threw I up hla Job Ihe other day hen
aikeU what was th trouble Xhien
I weral I
Im honeit and I wont stand being
Blurred If I field a pencil ut hamlkrr
Voice r r the school r when lion will
it Ith not It up livery little while
Ih 14ailitre or owntiounst that to too
cowardly to fan m gives bit a Plot
In what way Cooked an otllctr
Why a Illlle while ago 1 Paw writ
ten on Ihe board Mnd the common
multiple Well tdi i looked from r
ID Klrrit and I wouldn know the
thing If I met It on the ttr 01 What
made mo null my Job Lul light In
big wrllln on the blat k board It Sold
1lnd the greatest common divisor
Well I Pays to myself both them
darned thilocts are loot now find Ill gel
blamed fill wlOpln till so Ill quit
0tutien lloginutilicAu
Judge Booth Mutt Show Why Ho
Does Not Proceed with BatesTrlal
41rolor Isa4e iteiralible alone Wd
nt4y v ter h Pailt Coo0 be
floAllin 10 r S111trot
TOO religion of 8 A King I attorney
for th FMrth Judicial district pray
ing for a writ of mandamue directed
agalnat John I skittle waa granted 1 by
the Supreme Court today
Itllloner seeks ta compel 1 Judge
Uoolh ta proceed with the legal ot Oo
listed on rho charge ot murder In I tho
peconJ degree for the killing of John
Nordijulat at Tuool Replember U
Date was Indicted by a grand Jury
under I lie territorial laws and tried In
April HM after statehood by a Jury
ot liht convicted and Sentenced la
ten year Imprisonment
U waa liter held that tills defendant
waa tnltlled lo a trial by a Jury com
pared of twelve persons and th CUB
Was trona erred froui Tooel county to
the fourth district for that purpoa
Judge llooth trfiued la procerd with
the gifts on the ground of r having
jurisdiction when the writ was applied
rUTh question Involve la I tho aarn aa
Ihe mortis bribery case wheielu JuJj
lIarl rwfud to impanel A jury tt
twelve with this exception Juditio 1110
la I of th oulnlon that the IIIUII courts
of Ma have lost jurisdiction In the
1101 taa
The writ was mad returnable
Wednesday the 11th
tUTUT 01IL19 UIt
TrUlor 10 < > IIl > V II llnkrtaad
I Vieli bar 11I1
Judge Illlen today took up tho cit to
or e II Roberts va Dart Oonklry with
lleorge U Nr for the plaintiff and 1
I Iowrre Mt r sup A IJppman for defend
Ilalntlff Seeks to have defeaJanl re
1lnod Iron Inrom Train
stream of fir ID IIInhLm Canyon
whichhe claims to own mad for lbaso
The complaint allegca that plaintiff Ion I li
Proirletor I Of a hotel In ItIng sin can
yon and that he de eloped a uppl IV of
water which he used In I hie kulneea
Urfendant It la alleged 1 ruled up a por
lion of rho ditch oonierlng Iho water
to him Promotion and divested the water
Into other channela
Defendant densest the outstations aa
Pet forth by plalntUT and In a cruee
1b briUaIntIff
complaint aka that she be awarded
HUM dunag allUng that lloberll
built a tunnel under her voill the
Pouted or philitillro PUPP41 awl milee
laid FSpea 1 to bring the water In his
hotel 10 bar Iou al injury In the wn
A raw
Th e hearing had not Concluded nl
press time
Tw Co PhollL
The cases of W 11 llor el alve r
rl J Ir nr
A Irani and Iho Utah Uthu company
va tho affair I Peters cotnlxuiM were or
dered dlimlned by Jujge Cherry at
plaintiff costa
c a wo AL
Judge Cherry this afternoon look up
the an on appeal 1 of Jamn Ilep
worth vs Charles III Starner tilt t
filter W II 1111 appeared for plain
tiff d Feetrudi and Cannon fur thoe
defendant Mllyn The Suit was
Iouhl In Juatice fammorem court 10
reliever 100 25 for near nl out In all
roy he al rho time was In Char of
llnka Hot Hprllute Judgment for the
amount demanded was entered against
Htavner by default and later an al
I r ol taken
After the evidence for plalntlrt was In 1
Judge Cherry on motion of Counsel for
plaintiff dUnitoeod the oull so agalial
Mr Htayner but ordrre1 that Juilxmenl
11 entered agalnet ilia defendant
for Iho full amount Interest and costs
IOTII V1001 411rT
lIoto Ott IITI Amoloan Wool
Phil Cotton Reporter will may tomorrow
Items eil aclUlly and alrenglh have
developed In the wool market Since 1 a
week ago and It la I aafo to say that tin
situation aa a whole today presents th
itrongeet appearance < mean In yearit The
business of the wk footo UI a total
ot over 000000 undhlh is certain
ly I a lardet remarkable record In view 1
ot the fact that the wors14 mill In the
oninbinot lOon not bro among the or
chasers There Is I 110 nllakln the
strength ot the situation and 110
tendency oC priced It third was any
thing wanting li > demonstrate beyond
any duubt the underlying atrenglh of
the poelllon of wool In the woloI twer
bt II has bon the rentorkabl I ACtIV
fly and advance In Australia
The Hydroly market Is I excited and
firm and continental butt hav Wn
taking wool at almost any price At the
Melbourne Rated there was a large I at
tendance and ery Active comiwllllon
at advanced prices There la a world
wide demand for line wrxile I and further
nportII tons of fine Terrltorlea are
X yttAoccur
likely ta occur
The state of the week In I Iloeton
mounted to 8111000 I Pounds domestic
and iwooo I foreign makings a total of
lo wn agalnit I a total of 4414000 l for
lli I prevloua I week and a total of 311211
two for Ihe corresponding week last
year Halee I alnce January IF amount
lo P1I1I100 lie agalnit HI 111 010
pound taet year at him time Vorelgn
uw pail week I 103000
Awa r lp Ili
New Tork Ocl ITh Evening
World announce today that In con
Junction with the bully Mall of London
It art rs a cup lo be I all1 for b > the
Shamrock Still tile ColumlI In for An
twifft raree or to day 10 her agreed upon
fly Mr 1 lotlln Ad Sir Thom LPton
The World UraH t A that a Lbanio ot
crews ho made III order 10 title lite
question as i to whether the crew ot gum
Columbia in I better than that uf the
Shamrock or vied versa
A favorite dish wil Its Eskimo Is I n
Icecream I made ot al 011 1 Into N hleh
snow U I stirred 1 until the deelred ton
listener IOu been obtained than froxn
borl of different kind are added
tin a little ot the nh uc for flavorIng
Pint Soulh American Our revolution
tomorrow will be a failure Just on
II very level nf Ito success It national
out humiliatingly
Hond NNlh Amorican eromb
What was the troubleol The weathirr
Will bit fine
Iro will American The Hevolu
lnlI union ordered a strike They
claim 10 have dtacovered that we have
a nonunion insurgent engajrtd to
carry a banner lu1
Addresses I Immmn Crowd Today it tIn t
resign Ile IlPu 11111 11allerill II
11 Whet 111 tmpI Jail
In tilt Ilotkv I 1111
CJrwnvllle O Oct II William I J
Ilryan Aim Ilryan and the newBpaper
men who accompanied th party
hrough Kentucky croeJ I he river 1
front cavlngion lost Want and boarded
1 he Bpeclal train pruvlled ro Him
dark lour or Ohio and run to Dayton
during Ih night who rho privote ear
of John McUtan was attached T
lay at Greenville Dark muniy 1 Mr
Iryah dellvend hN Rest addree In I
Ohio T I n d
vTlvhltrlrjg 4twodih
Tim vlvlllrut iiarly waa cortcd to Ih
court lioueii equaro
John II lleUean the Democratic can
dldale for governor Introduced Mr
Mr Ilryan Hit on a kull cap whMi
provokul a Rood nalured laugh In I rv
cponee ttt which he fill
Mr hair to I not aa much protw firm
k II liel la bf And you Ought nut la
complain If I am gelling n lull bad
I In 1IM they resI I I waa 10 I young In
14 lTfldnt Then I had to depend
upon th confltltullon to Protect in
Iw I can depend upon my haldneeo
Laughter I and appUuer I am glad la
bo In A county Vhli though Dark In
nam to 1 Uliht In I political principle I
county Which I n Ilearolmintere n
J orttVln 11 ortlaa You want 10 In
c w1ha4t majority I this fall Series n
W will 40 thaiI If Ihern was one
reason for your voting lots Democratic
ticket In Ibe these are Plateau erosional
in one why you should do we tills fall
There was nothlrx complained of In
less that cannot bo complained of now
Th eamo Vicious principle advocated
by the oppotlllon In 1IM are advanced I
loday In this campaign
The Chicago platform lo which you
gave inch loyal fuppnit In 1IM U till
the platform of the Democratic party
and the platform of the Ohio ItamncrM
a gain 1 endoraea that platform I believe
ilia planks of that plUm ore alronger
today than when they were written
Mr llryan thn nlil Into an elab
Onto it = of oiiI Chicago platform
lie cited Ih effort of Ihr government
la role I M revenue to conduct tile Span
Ish war because of the detlilon of thir
Supreme loutt rather the Inme tax
low I
Touching the money iiueatlnn ho amid
I wonder If any Republican hr be
llevea Ilif 19113 standard li good and
11 lc
ought lo U continued If M I want to
remind him thai among the n1 thlnge
the llepuhllcan Irellrnl did after till I
Inauguration waa In M > nd a rtimmlwlon
to Uunigir to ml rid at this xOnd thing
II any Itopubllran U I In doubt It ought
to be removed by this action of it lit
Pliblloan In M I > nl 1 doubt ihoulj
M removed 1 hn UnilnJ I ipankoj our
ruminliilcin awl 1 writ It home My
rId trial quI If illll unsettled
and one fght will continue until I to I
taken out oC the hands at a foreign
lmbfr awl Placed In I them of Seventy
millions of free mn
Mr 1 ly dienuncid the Increased
roosular 1 army as being called for by 110
Pres writ Iwo months before there wo
any war or art of hoatlllly whkh ho
rnnilrucUd aa the basis fur a rhango
in our national Policy a change from
rho ilmpllelty of a npubllo lo that of
Id Ilk la shave myielf but
I cant without culling my
I taro la I the ipreelon you hear
many lime Weve don motor
with all this trouble I with our
9 new aafety raior Tho Griffon
lla eny for every man la bo bid
I own barber eealer for you can
have Juit when you want 10
i and you can eet Juit aa nice and
Indre you
clean a hav aa though you
wrrnt to the beil barter If yv
dp In well ba glad to how you
I Ili nD r unit explain the many
lltllo polnl In Ita favor
Proscription Druggist
1 d I
I 1 11
I p
theyll toe may be null well
through the pair of glau a Time I
pick from a haikel tilt naluru
I = N
beala a ahrrlct I entor Ing r Mo I
tion of her d bla I And lining
ones safe to laiKB U rUkylr
rlhle niky
Wo nt tlaici a Icnllflcally and
our prlcea arv aa low aa by
Iho IU ae w irk proceea
Oplli Una and Jewelera
t Main Blnet Opp Z r M 1 11
ta I not moo destructive to property
than are Iho ravatea of disease to
thin human system unless properly
tree I ad
Californias Mission Remedies
Cain Cactus Liniment
ara warranted to curt
and all diseases of tile
Kidneys and Bladder
Its 1 Ili 0117141 111111waltoor fill owarg
San Curo Cathartic Tablets
4Slls4111811d plnl Thity
tilde lb 1 Car 11 UVIIR IIlJI
1111RAII 11111 Jllh1 A l
110 per Pound 1
slotelle Z 1kt1 trot f
th I a kft
Wtth Clot J or 1 It
781 it
111 rHIII
Tk PAP rid at h
Comes IIt4 4 a us
rhl I
for the n t9nldftiyi
nZett li z It
IIOI l1road to Nit 13
N fly atti I
ock IN 1121hib r It
w x lrte p I U S I is t
pound a 1
0 I 1 go
C WIITh1ffnC1thr I ft it 1
dUh If 16VIIII i I I
darilthhWhite WII
I 4 White all 01 I i
mil 4 d li > I I I
Funtraf 1
fountra 1c serviS I I
at > ul m frotnpatv I I
11MV for II 1 N A
= Ninth M t t I to
rtlull Invit 4 S 4
TIIH roil TIIIM wn K 1 III I 1 ri
Lddlee high grail Ta h 1 to
of Scoleh IfIlOw III I
tin threusthout with T w a a it
83060 S111 or
S 14
Mactrie Home Coffee it 1 aggu4
I Tall i At I Ii
Imitation AlInk II I lit I 4 1 T15
and 2 lindo r if
Italnr lay Sklri I I I
black mlituree I In i Soon r T e
ni At fth
Moore 1 Im it IVr o i r
II 1164
corded lluflli blight I 4 Irit
rNllll1VlUT I
Th toil pi kni Imp tc4 fr r
Th best paeltac Ini j it I
For Sol by all O Ire l
Lime Frlckc lc Co
Son rrialliud C
I iP
10 weturWis uloot I trickles or lu 16
atedroollorlile dealt UI r afoA
olaymbillaken to proei IL i 1
Ibt l II klnil yini I itiel want lliu I ill 11i 1ls Iud I
nllto Iva keep lull 11 1 I u d
Nellie related lo iToumlVclCia r 41 Ali llije
We are ti luilt mill mn > defr0i
llmeLilentnllolhecarrotl 1 Ioe ljt <
fUlon with ullaljleleiim peOgeol7doj
frame H > Ve lll I elvu yi a kh i ie
Mflnio line elluU 8111ayi u IN a
lluie and luoaey
Under Walker Broi Rink Ml 1 11 UU Or
EUGENE i Given Free
FIELDS I I HS t c < to et tea
I nottookile 1e
14 01bloo r u =
so W 1 ll Go 41
A 700 I i iySvH I
Till Itoth of tOewlad1111111 I J
TfA I a 8 = F 1 III13Ille 64 sts It
I u IretI lev Is Wall ready far I
Ey t ore 11 r rr
Vo or I d
irelatess I UR tr r a
Arthots fix Uug ISo
I 11N 111631611aon r 1 odoi So if
IImi Ildriatillyelf 1 IZ
kIlIh4lIkweJ fclooeble 1118A
ir 1i i Ili I
a IfoldI464 Ad te
ElljrM fllld monomers too lit ItJ
noll flults ele
I I V wild to
a it 011 J
Nomads ng vievar As Adl 1 I e 1 M
out vjtri utloa
1 l II tllrrh lon bloull 1 4111traseliDd
can not bo rcnchetl by Iray 12
I Imling mlxturo clo To w 1 Ill
nmnontly rut of this oflfemiviil o
tiwu ako Bwiftii Specific
S S S For clJloo d
I I PILES I Lrl SUDP IJ 71 111
I CO 10T A11of I II I M v
rQ ir II 7
L I 11 A 11
iIUTII i r ae L I I I Lm 1111
neilis t IT I IIIIofUlmlCllI I L I mri
I + ± 1LXtL
i i 1
I i RW
Joseph E Taylor
of Utah Open day mad 011 Jb folue a
I pat WNm N to us C
tog 1 UIOI I bitter

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