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Deseret evening news. (Great Salt Lake City [Utah]) 1867-1920, October 20, 1899, Image 1

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TO t
flFfiLTII = 7 I
a Pitched Battle Near Glencoe Today
Army was Defeated with
the Boer
Heay Losses to Both Sides
RezimcntsMakc a Brilliant and Heroic Advance
liA 1 Wintry Inacccssible HillOpposed b > 4000 Boers
1if Battle pan Almost Began at Daylight and Fighting I was llardAt 130 1
Troops Reached the Summit and Won the
ldOrDocrs rlII Retreat 11 astward Losses arc IIcaThe
BnlSh Commander Gen S > mons Wounded Perhaps atal I
sfLadjsmlth the British arc Drlcn Back bj a Large
Dorr forceCall for More Burghers
IOAt Jaf this
O < t
Irm still rf < < 1t it rom
that the
m alicoualuls
oe camp with
vat ibflngdlii
M 101 1 Slant the trOopa war
if of 1 W I allit thrm
A nozi a MIlrd from
I A tI his rnln Paying
111 Ih i still an
III n a
I the II Ilootalith WLt
I II APM10L I led Kurt on
loi bill Ikln the 1101411
4 too lhuIUP and the battle
1 I
J ir AD nnftnd report has
I hem that Floor artillery
n dillial h fr om 0141HOW
100 I ea Its boi Captured
u V Dii and Dorti
q ntlnati larill nw nlln the
J ta 0c1 10 7 oi MM has
tNeapperlI d Ill to from
al 1 to 1 1 m today
in II i 101 do from OIcut
I Jee a hand
I Mra 11 yinn land the Dub
11 en am 11111111allo < the hill occu
Jwrit I fry They are within
n < rf the pwltilh still ar ad
W toldor r of ur I artillery at
I i y4rd ame ftul report
I 11 to re advancing un list
I 1
I f Ili bait er atilt the teleed
e oi t in A them
7 leasice
11 1 1 reild the M
4 1101 I bh torn Lady
tIN II b1t 1 < Ihn Ihlaafler
TA SIM it I 11 rr At
11 I 111111M1ti t li by I u
lishly ii I at roil tlUd
I 11 half I 0 I r n IfU
I H 1 el a 1 at ot
p n 4 lb 11rI I lunged hlI
or 11 I I 1 0 it Our IN
7 I I i r 11 k 01 u ROt
ov lelll 1110 Art r Ihr point
11 tie n he I I
q a Phi our
Wy 114il It I I Ia hk and
11heari Agile um 110 p
L in Ill 11 1I1on 1 Was
i ill t ttq MIo enelward All
i rvbab tnataptured We
i il OIdi M th tell of the
Nrmvdry sold 1 OIIIIIJ atto latill
1001 l7Dloo N I
Severely attracted
ancholi Thy III 11
II 90 1
P bl
41 P < 041 dispi h
lated 11111 Com An
that lb Ill petition hd
Ii after hvy
it fighting In
911 sa ii kn
Ten Offile dHro tile morning
relle Pon I tht
J11 J STmon wild
4414 IN i Ib
A toc eg HI t a 1 OIno
etth duall4h h
Of rr 116terday
I I hod from
11 Iii
Me R say
tot I hell n1 devcendlng
4 ui Plel I TudAy and
It I 111
Illoor Tb 4ur patrol yea
lill nun to dv n
41 I later u lIh Ife left
no their centear
11 Wilbur
F Crans
Says Ten
Dollars are Wanted
a Tons
tint I 11
11b IT floor Ak 10
1Ii Siouan
1 he hqI
been be
I Ii Ill > 1 in IM 10 IV known In
v maMr Others
F I I I tat the II
I In nI tit of
f a l
c olil
r I all at it it
I III in it the IRU
4 II 11 > i Very tntrgtUo
at Illucbank and their right moro ro
At Acton Home UeuU Qalway of
the Natal Carllneeri K I missing and
Troojter Bpcootr of the NatAl Car
blneera was slightly mndrd
141 move my camp Into I n poeltlon I
have Selected I with the object of cover
Inc the town of I dy > mllh and I hopet
today that the Dollars might have Item
ouinclHUly near not lo elrlk a blow
lUStY however the enatny Permits la
have retired writ our patrohi gelling
In touch nowhere except with a com
Putatively normal body at Heeler Sa
Communloatlon with fllenco Junc
tion was cut off al Blanililagl where
their oai turvd a goods train
TIM lloera sm advancing over Ihat
Ilcgxariburg Ntk
Communication by telegraph ll I illl
o > en via Ol < ton
A dispatch from alencoo aaya thAI
file UUIIam Hymens was wounded In
the stomach and that Oen Otto ha
sell led cnmand
Therct u reason to fear the wound
rrceltrd by Mir MI1lam gymona wtl
prove fatal
It was reported In the house of rom
mom this evening that the llrlllih hall
captured icnteen guns at airnro till
that tIo raialry were still pursuing the
l I A > UI
Idd > amllh Otl IftIfillatearceni In I
InmllonlTh rblnen and
border mounted Since who holy e been In
action wlih the enemy nearly nil day
turned UK evtnlng filling bark
fighting In the race of aom 1000 Floors
They were Several time Almost cut off
Seat a maxim gun held the liMn In I
check It u I repurlid that ilitten lloer
rev killed
Bneral tline thar Floors cam within
tour undrwl I yard rang but thI
allocating woo lend I I and the minima rn
are Signal Services In iloiplng their
They have a larK wagon train and
CfIOWI 00110 private inertimirt
from Mafeklng not dated mi
Fight Monday all night
ileeeagei from Kimberley dated Oct
17 aay that the lloen itlll occupy the
poilllon al Bpytfonteln They were III
Inn cattle and devastating everylhtn
An rntllihman with a Free Blalo per
mit who waa temporarily detained near
KlmWrlj reiorli that the llocn have
large I All and herd
vNOTiinu CAIII ON nuitaiirn I
Cape Town Oct iOdvl from the
Orange Trove State announce that Ferretti I
Bteyn has Issued another proclamation
calling upon the burghera to a man 10
take arm and to light against an un
xruiulou enemy
Un Are fighting a Jut war SAY
he proclamation anl cannot be dia
fatted M God I on our aid
Ii rcnio Maniuei Oct XThe tow
ll I omcrowded wltlirefugrajmo t Ali
of hom nr without money They are
controlled lo aleep In ho o Ii
Slater ot ll em ant Ilngllh The In
habitants are quite Unable to VoPo with
lh < t dl trea
man and loolem I no tint lie arrived In
town Yesterday nmoon In th
livening he Went down at he narrate I
moo a slum ilrtet and Asked a po Icemi
lo b > shown II Internet and beat
inrllliE house and a little liter I put In I
an appearance at Ih o SI 1 11 churcl
where ho dellvned a lecture on Living
awl Dying NatIons I rlor to that Ito
tIk < luiunclouily to a reporter ot the
Miami Starter and MlJ I that the Ito
form Dammed woo at punt socialite
on of lu chief lino of work a crusall 1
a go I net II H I llotxtrti elng l allowed
lu Ut In Congress regular systems
< 1Ihu11 i being carried out with that
object In view In his lecture whll In I
directly referring to this aan matter
lie I Mid UeneeJ 110000 for one Par
tlcular fight ine ar going to make In
Alm next Co
At this Juncture tin IIV gentleman
Mid I There U a Policeman Who t
on your moat objectionable ilreet you
ai know whit street that la I by rotation
lion I lope that nut year that no
bar Yrd lnro
II I man will I I not wear a Senator anl a
blue eont For I sin onvnd tit it ho
nt only In I not enforcing the law bill
he 1 Ialll I I unit men I In ruin Il I ad
11441ff el
Ing a hn b I itung I n n on that tr I
Ilight that I 11Uill I lion 001 I
I d t tn n n limaiii thou h
I cr d In I 41i y oll an t
ul risk 14 ot ill tl 11I11 lion
bei t 0 or no all IH I 11 fr m Ihr
bo ra and put tile Christ Into II Imir
0 0 L i t2kww I
1 I j J I 11
7 I
1 1111i oiiomnt JQ 111111 aAJ1 IAKU CITY UlAII l J = = NUMllUll 2815
hearta We ought to kp hm orr the
street which are the annurce ot 110 muh
totIC 11111
Officer 111111nXicin allies 111111ft of Ih
Meeting wlih Sir trll
latrolman Jjldlnttion NJ h s
hOt pretend lo be an expert or a eon
olateur In I the mot t era spoken ot by Mr
Crafts but Inasmuch M h waa Ihi
cutter reflected UlOn ho we III tie t
make a Imoot 11 Is says he did not
know Air Cm tie Sea last a a trdg
came 10 him early In the evening still
lit be wanted to know an heren the
Lost and nemot = rolaar IT nozo In
Italian wu II tulho 84 IJ Igi
Itnut rAdlon a lhA I he nod a l4osod
down lli nd Ihat IhoF wlOlld goto
tho Place in a Short timet The Officer
woo a loo 1 Stilton nlh to remark that
the stranger looked very much Ilk a
man who was really Marching for just
such a 11 lace
Mr Crafts nut Hopping I lace ll I
Seattle neellig where of he he Women goea to a Chrltllan Stand a
Tmnc Italian
Cull Telephone WIres UIIlI I mil S L
L A It It Miois I
At noon today Mr McMillan of the
Bit Iake and Lot AnnlM railroad
not fleil tho folio that MmeOMt hall I
entered the roundhoue and shops of
that comtmny and stolen a MM of sin
Th building Sikh ll I affiliated on wt
Bouth Temple street near the Jordan
river I ha I evidently been broke Into
some time after eight clock till hon
tax Th thief tied gllnvl entrance hy
Smashing n Indow As on aa height
land entered the building he had evi
dently cut tile telephone wino 1 with a
new pair of Puerto I which I he loft behind I
J rl
fallen Und ubtedly he wall disturbed In
him work aa a Quantity of tool were
found p1lod outil le the window m ly to
to taken away umcer Sperry stilted
the Prone and aucceedel in gelling a
ver > good 1 Improvident of the foot rlnle
of Ihe built I tl title The properly stolen ll I
valued at 111I
AltlUSl lW lilt S0ILN
Clurirnl wllti n Sfrlom DiTcnto bcu
allonat Itldillcll
Special Per Doxi Telegraph
Itlchficld Bevler County Oct 94
Sheriff Howelll of Ball lAke county
cum hen last evening and Immediately I
after III arrival arrested Ur C It
Bnowden of this city on the charge of
The crime la alleged to hAY been
committed In Ball Lake City during the
tire ot the fair Tile woman In too
oil Ii 11 11 lee Audry keeler of this place
who was alxi 1 arrested but let 1 out on
ball Dr Hnowden ram lo > Illchnrld
from Ixwan In the fall of IKT ant has
a wife and one pon about driven Years
old notion here He hag enjoyed A
lucrative dental practice Mloe Heeler
bar been a Prominent young lady I or
this city and to I a membor at a rompec
table family
1910 fr 31 tilt n I Iq11ill ft
Ir0 caused trrkIt broM Memital 1 lit hAA
Soon apparent for sectim time I OIAt am
Way SholUld to I proarcitated for Aspect 1
Une life the woman In thin naH
Tlio UccololI or Much Cnmmriit In
lolltlcal circles Today
Th lletall Clerk aeoclallon I gave a
loclal In the IaJle Literary club
hall last night During the evening
Maurice Blelfer monl a vote of evil
mre agalnal President rlliur llarnoa
ot the Lily Council on the ground ai
alleged that he did not rapport then
ropoaed I meaeur known ai tile Sun
day doling ordinance Th motion
Included that tile uaoclallon OPPOM
the candidacy ot Herbert for Mayor and
after a Second from Joseph loltle
Today Republicans freely Jollied
Democrats oier the cunden nation ot
tlelr eta naterea bearer and the matter
was ollectionni tin mitre or loss anima
lion al both headquarters The Dome
crate leclarxl that II waa iI llllril
trick and In uK > rl ot lie leclarall
several members of the a aeeoclalh
called on Mr Startling eaylng that they
entirely mUunderitoud the mailer last
nllht and that they wouM get ul petl
tlona nitrating against the anocla
11011 action oil tie contrary tilt Ito
publicares may that the propenaltion was
clearly utated and thoroughly compre
llIll1rrlll bpcclmrn ot American
81ftl Killed Near bait Lao
A magnificent pooImn nt American
deer woo brought lo till city today and
dl poMd of to a Twenty tint ward
butcher Th animal was killed yetr
day In I n Igratlon canyon 149 l miles
ran here by n J Quiver and Uearg 1 >
Povr It U almost u tore I am all
elk and film Ih acalea at over neis hun
drrd pounds
Iu Kinery 1 Transfers tier 111rot South
Street IroiKil ly I to Her Mother
A deed fired for Toward Yesterday a r
lemoon conteya from lairs 1 Holmes for
merly Mri merly Mri Susanna U Im
Poorly Mra 1 Buioni J mery lo tier I
mother blare 1 March llrunitord the
1 tiery reldnc I known aa Bit east
Urn South street Tl conveyance Is I
tiiatle out In II e name of fluaanna H I
Pmery It 1 la I dated October II IW
and man acknowledged before n Nw
York City notary Th consideration
expressed In I Ih document ll I II and
love and affection und other valuable
lhe deed contain II worth ot revenue
tamps which Places the vuJua uf tile
property Ski 8000
bMI Ot Wtlll i OUYli LANDS
riiher 8 Harris ot the Bialo land
bused 1 has arrlted home from Cache
county w here he conducted a tore I sale 1
of I Hl till i blol Hind Ties sales were
had In ih L gan roun house Monlay
a It it TtlIAY if lit vk and r
dJn th f land I In aht countY
0 0 I rtl f The baI m bu r > I
r JhnIWhIt M B Marriott
W J 1111I I It Alartineau11 t Tor
lnJ I Stillife Robert liazterJr and
T II Uallonn
Confessed to One of the Most Fiend
ish Deeds In Annals of Crime
Tied a allocation sold 116r 41111dren
Secured 4111 16 I tolea ad
XI riim on illi i
81 Louli Oct NA ipcolal la the
Past Ulepalch aya
A poo l at night tapiurod Joe I f
I ore a negro who malformed that he and
riot > A alderman on the preceding night
went 10 UK IIDUM of J 11 Uambrlll al
t An M Mix tied Uiinfclili wlt
and four children l gcth t Voted a tem
her mattra on them poured oil on Ibi
Pike cremated the family and robbod
he loue Ignore was burned it A be
stake llob l Anderson will caught and
partly burned but the tire was eitln
ulhed before he was drill because In
formation which may clear him was
< I 11 FLArn IInlt
rreldnl Android I 1111 I the Una
lll > uu 11 will II Abroad
Cargo Von Oct IOJTho crisis It I
Irtually 1 I ovr
dm Andrnde the pretldenl has ae
copted the eondlllnna propoaed hy the
f CVilpyrl
naurgent commander Oea tIprlano
Pi and will go abrMd the pre1
lenry levolvlmr upon tin vice 1 prvl 1
dealt Otea Castro will outer 41areacas
erefully IhuVaVOtJII It bloodshed and I
a dlclalor
The final confern between Ont
Castro and Senor listed the tlwlal nor
t nr 14
vor of Utn Andrado was held > eler
it a I
Oen Castro propoeed Hat a poiular
convention should he aowutbled In I
twenty days for the election of a now
proplidtait and the adoption of a new
constitution un ler I wl Icji I arrangements
be i would aucceed to prealdency
Tie gencnl feeling ham I ht the
y u opo for < a dignified withdrawal
of Utn Andri
Temporary p ArrangcrshjSlgncdon
the Boundary Question
leads II has Jet 110 LIIII Canal
or f3en alt ort1 lopro
It LillO lIulI
Uaihlniton Oct MMr 1 Tower ties
British charge here called at the Hat
department today and handed to Over
Story lliy a note formally aootpllni rev
life I government the proportion for th
tmi > orary adjustment of lho laekan
boundary tin proposed by Secretary
Hay In hla not of ytlerday With that
note the long elpe ed I modui vhnd
relative to the veli I boundary queollon
went Into effect Title result has been
brouil about through the direct ngo
tlallon of Kecretar Hay and Mr 1 Tower
after oeteral 1 fallurM In the past l Th
tali department la confident II has
coneenrd the Vmerl an Interests in the
mailer without unjustly renting can
ada The dlMlonal on tile weat by the
Dillon trail Ii I placed JIU mile above
1 > ran Id Harbor which la I regarded un
d r the treaty It tidewater Somali me
the Cndln are nl allowed to reach
any Pullet on i the Lynn canal
3itureci there U no Permission l given
for a free purl oar even for Ihe fr e
lranfer across American territory for
Canadian I Ali except of miner i he
longlnga ThvM m itifri may figure later
on bn It com 10 a pwrinalloont
boundary line bu hy Are not touched
upon In this Module
The modu Ivdl follow ties Prieti
dt inaltitallabod bV laoredi Uvan In
tl1 In lrHn upon A tmporar
boundary on the Stikine river I In Alits I
Sim bJ son troodialuel Mute
The line on She tlllkat ther naii I
statute ailing front tho head of navlga
lion on Chllk InIt of Lynn could 1 and
on the Menlilim rHT Ali miles fur
ther Inland und the hot valley Ili
lorouplncli I Inrlulvl within the Aor
lean I lln
Aa to Whll and I Chllkixit Tower the
lln U fixed at the summit of tore
h t being the Points Which for wine
time pail hate l n oler0 by tb
rulon a a aulhorltl of tht Iwo coun
AnJr le HUM Awr
Caracas Von rxt 30 210 p MImi
AnMnd II is I now knoven onapod
ulT this Toleration to IA Otanyara
TIrlhlo awl IIhonlo voommunkina
Uon to Interrupted
An attempt as md last 1112XV to
dynamite the retelence ot 110 Malal
lionical Andli representative In the
angsallAttung with the leasurafent com
Mail nn Cllrlano Castro
Nw falling IIdron
Inandon Oct toTh afternoon Pa
po publlh dllch tom Poitsi
moulh So nillff4tu the romlloe ot a
law 1I11n aqua ran
Christ i soldiers 1
Washington Oil 1OThe acrtar
of or has Motru Ili the quartermaster
lb Jrr r
g o rau rdtrni Fan Francloca
nil ChrUlnn > Illxfr which may be ho
livred Ihrr Pli to NVml 0 for
nm H and xtal roe In tied i rhlllpi
Suh bill t atilluld b consIgned to Me
Jill 0 Ir Ion ge roe supokinter04no
MnlY Tranilljort Serailtv bait li
i CI
AI t vwiaard Trim Nw York any
Christmas boUt for 011104111111 land soldiers
Iin the Ihlllln whIch m be dollv
red them Prior to veloilir I uh
boxes to bo 1omAXVMq1d F II
J ormt general vuperlntendent Army
rinport Herrlce phi n Columbia
Stem llrooklyn N Y
Bm eas Above mentioned hot ho
lalnly I marked with the name of the
orflcer or aoMler for inflame they are In
tended giving the company and rent
intent or other organliillon to which he
belongs and ihould b further marked
l hrtitmai long
All freight oreipreM charge on there
bou to Han rranclaco or New York
iut In every come W repaid bv then
MdlIrs tie maximum fr
to Inc about twenty pound They ihmild
contain no iierlihable matter Th
uartermaitera departnwnt atrium no
retponilUllty Tto Ih condition of Iheoe
U an when delivered Ml will serving
very car lo deliver tim safety and
In cood order
moilltooon J the I Illplno
New York Oct iIO lrel4enl t Jacob
Goal gchurman of Cornell at a dinner
MIr4 Mm by the Aldlne aaaoclatl
maO a afiMcli In which he teraely
auinmatf up th In unlm In tho 1hllli
pt ZtU11111111c In part ia reflecting
Inlr ho law I of nUnn the nlleil
Blatca liai unimpeachable aovertlgnty
ever tire riilllflrtn lland 1 stoolTerlianly
volVM reeionalblllly I for Ihelr I govern
ment our tutelage at leaat far rom
Imo Ii I the only thing that can aave
ill h hill I prelare from despotism and an
arrhy and their Islands from division
monc he kumpean mwra Ill us de
troylw forvr Um hop uf fre and
Mlf r = 17son Filipino nationality
which American t rot rttk > n and guard
nahlp would Inevitably lend to de
nul we must hot fall to mk UN
of every mean available for I he al
alntneltt of the rid in view And when
we bmr In mind that the Filipino since
IZr thligitinfrid Ir
the aKnilMI of the 1 truly of iarla hay
bn without Kollllral atatua or rt 111
rights It would wom both iut anl
ollllc for congrea lln whom the
treaty delegates the function 1 to dta I
= funi
Clare authoritatively what Hunt end
Privileges lhe Filipino are to enjoy
Uri American sovereignty
them ar all or reveal million of
Illplnoa who are not Startling ui Thom
raralM I who are D Mine us number
am m end Xledron I not Moro
than a million and a half I pleat
alike on the around if tutlce and ei
prdlenry far an authoritative announce
ment lo Iheie Peaceful rlllllnoe Ih
great majority of all the Island of this
archll > lago polltlci and amenllle
which the President and the I onaren
of the Violated dttea have ready to be
How upon them
ily advice u I this Increase your
military force but at the aim Urn
ln ih i acinr Klllplnoa what you ar
it Ing lo do a Hh them and while your
tram will undoubtedly MlKfy the non
Mllleri Ii will also weaken among
the lielllgereil Toaster the power now
eierelaeif bv Atulnaldo This Ii Lln
coin i border Btate Smiley aplld to the
I hllli ptn > whom the neutral far out
number the belligerent
inter of Ih 11 Ike lralI l
New York 1 Oil JOA dlepatcn to the
Herald man Merlin Me
Th emperor yetrlay when on
board the Talk which wa at Apia
Hamoo during tilt b < jfnUardm nt told
the Mllcere that he coull feel I what It
was to look on Inactive whll war troUt
bUt were eotng on all around
An i ImoMldenl act of a i islagle mn
4I b
I tt W 1fo
The Journal continue la discuto the
Samoan question
The HinovfranlKhe Courier declare
thaI the only toxic eirhance ot terrl 1
ty which could Justify llrnnanyn
retreat from Samoa would be the Ton
ga grout of Islands
The Maadcburcer 7 > llung dolt the
pores I air a division I or t he 1 I It
11Polu 11 1 loins I given I to Ovirrinany and h
vats to Enond No dimouill am
r1td on the tart ot the Ulted Otatro
rate Slott Oct
New York 0 > t tO Judo Ucomb
In Ih nlled Blalea circuit court hand
ed I down a declalon today dismissing
the writ nf habeas corpus I In the muse
cr former IAptain Oln 31 1 Crtor
I under sentence ot live Senor 1m
prialciallaiou for nonpty tu defraud
the government In contracts
The decision atom given in n linvlhy
opinion which uphold Stem flndlngi ot
the not mIII
w V T 11 IOIIT
Senile Wattle Del MTh national
convention of the U C T 11 met liar I
today Per ural I day tralnl da or
deleaaU from all parla of the country
halt bten arriving I aid when the eon
Vientiane was called lo order thers wa
a larg I attendance
Th dlUgalea were slow In aeambllng
and It was poorly noon Inedforo l they u
tilled al the convent hall
Aratrlrae rlet Illllluu
Ahlnglon Oct MThe war deport
merit line recwlted the following from
Gen Oil at ilanlla
Oen uwtona l advance under Young
In Ban lildro where the mrrleon om
Initialled nIdruble mlttanc Ml
countered ymlerlay Caiualtlei one
killed throe wuunded Twenty aoorM
r nelny suffered considerably I One
SpanlI Station Insurgent noldlors cap
tured Young mrmwts Inhbltn In
Section of country m illy I friendly
cut tii > FIII IOU
ILeelved lall Mary In ne first or lie
Slicillot L
Inn Ocl MCol BohnelJer ilia
former Austrian military attach at
Parts whoa name has bn mmlnnl
ly nnecled will the alleged treason ot
former Call Alfred Hreyfui rII
French army and I who It la I generally
understood 1 fought a duet about Octolwr
II with Calif ml of tile
l1risch army as a result of statements I
made by the eaplall 01 the Itento court
martini II 1 dos
Ili tN IIUlmI
Xrian 1 UpAIir Aii Ciall1 limrer
ly the pi
noon Ilrltlh Ilumuh Oct 20
serious riot I Santa broken out In tho
lower Llllwin dletrlct of thirteenth A
number ot Bepoia ot the Her 1 military
pollre who had b eol Prohibited from
attending 11 I a nUmoM theater broke
Hindi on Saturday entered the thea I
ter and attacked a number nf lingllih
lancers severely wounding > tour
The Sellers are dlaMlbrnad with their
long Mention In I Stem cholera district I
Other outbreaks are ported
110lon 1 li 1 Anti
LAndon Oct i special dispatch
train Vienna Pays the alloaturbsineto in
trIU and othor IJuncmlaii conters
have been relowed On Welni T Y
evening br trooir at Prague drovr Ih
rioters from Ih stii ath in
rimailotntlit1 al arllt Points tie th I
liuburb omh Ih 1111d t
bilo oupillb OMaremiltli
And ttlpi 1 1 t I l eolai
A nlo0i I r l t 0
ty dv 1 m n tv vtoUndeiJ
8Inn Ill t ar r I r t it rum mora
thAn a dooo aftive and tulealill
In a Spanking Breeze the Columbia Out
foots the Shamrock and Retains the
Americas Cup on this Side
Race a Magnificent One from Start to tinl I Shamrock dot A
Ocr the Line t First I Columbia olloncd I After Stern Chase
Lasted I Thirteen and a Half Miles blcndil Surely the Cup I
Defender Closed In on the Challenger then Passed Her I I
American Rounded the Stake float Tcn Seconds Ahead
The Hnmc Stretch a Hcauliful RunWind Was 18 Knots an
Hour Columbia Kept on darning Crossing the Line 6 j Min
utes and 18 Seconds Ahead and Winner of the Contest
New Tack Oct KIn a vtrmg brooms
today Columbia beat th ehallwwltiic
yacht the Shamrock In title third Of the
nlmialltml rl < for th Ameras i
cuts and tile cup rmulM 1 In tho United
iliaTh > Amrrtoan boat won from II
ehalterw by a term margin over the
MAM tour a run of fifteen mlVn to
toward and a tit house
11 was path at Steamer u Hlr Thomas
Upton IIM brain preying for from Is
to K knots An hour With only a Illlto
lUhtttlac just bottom the Sexachte
rach < t the i < ilrtnirk Stem win I frh
rrml again and the bat hon wa
mad willI rail awash owl with blly
Inr walls
Th dart was a beautiful coo and
the roe lu th quite mark a battle
Th ontotal film of the Mart wu a
follawa Vnamrwk It CO II Columbi
Th Shamrock mod coed UM of bar
minute gain and wt many boat
Itnctn ahead Wore th > fMd r Pat
let the UM she tMM > l to Impnrr
this land i for a Over but when th t1i
fmlra top maker bargain t > draw
Property tlx UUtr slowly but Surely
moved up on the ehallncr
When the outer mark wan well I In
V k = V IffisP41041 I
Timt lime halt I le trlol to PM the
Bhnmrock and thoueanoa of t
on thrtrurUon boat walehol with In
tn taxeltooment the koomt contest
hat the International race have ever
developed llradually the lug tier name
In front and when they roundtl the
mark with the tooling of many whlellm
and fthouta of Joy the cup defender
Columbia was In the lead Th official
llmea oo far aa could be aecntaliml 1
gave the Columbia UK xlvanuge of
about aeven eeeonde Th unofficial lime
of rounding was aa follow Columbia
UUI Shamrock II l > m
In the beat to the finishing mark the
Columbia again ihoweil hr mperlorllv
In windward work Pho pointed higher
footed faster and carried herself l lietler
than the challenger It wai a Steady
Inerrant I to her lejd all the way and
ih was ometVng like a mil nliead
when Our crossed the finish lint at 1 O
M unofficial limit The Bhamrock
crossed al ICIII
Th condition of wlnl an > 1 weather
In this oily at I n L m twla > wer
encouraging 1 for tho aalllnK ot Ih In
lernallonal yacl Trai Iliougli the e >
perleneea of the Part threw weeka It live
tMen such ai to make People law to
accept appearance aa concluelv a or rtw
When the steamer lllarkUrd left tho
barge otnc at 7 la cUiek tr tl e 111 rln
many of Sir Thomas Upton ru nta
Predicted th beat rV of the MTle I
When a reporter ot the Aawctati
Jerome went aboard the Drln the wtnl
aeetnetl good and itrong ton the north
northeast blowing about eightoost
knots and Increasing It use then
cloudy on1 aonwwhal foggy Mir Them
ai Upton wu not very hoprful aylna
aa ha did yesterday that It wa a lying
Wheat mail I that It hall I no hart He
thought however that there might be I
lUfflclent bargain to permit the Yachts to
finish Although he fall aura II 1 would
die out considerably so soon alt
Lroachd still I not be the ff r steady
low that Hhainrock liked t Flown
about She station Hno ilutv were more
Ideal condltl Ill ni f air a rare than on an
d luring the fine for thc writes
At 1001 the < llettloalartved at
ilia olan AI h1 time thantrin was not
a poi yacht or excursion final
around Bhmno k After running about
a Wt a mile boynd tilt IlIhII want
about and 1 ilirtnl to mot law I famatuy
Tlllllllll 10 IMII HIV CI
Tbm loalfrnallittismial VI lb
Three Peoll Art
San Ivoincheco xt IlOi ilentr
o < can arrived today from VuetralllMi
ports via 1 AI la Maine and II in lulu
The correei ondrnl of the AMxxlauil
Press at AU ae ndo new ut o startling
commeter He Pays under dt of loot
tabor 4
The aspect ot Strait In IhUnao4 10 I In
eased tat train r itourlaus fh Is
roubl hto nnlf H I CI nlll li
If Ih till I n I Ito SIM 11le 1 1
oJUIkl tit all K rI loa onI tie I
all tn d li th l ol
hl1I Sel 111 ii 1 k
government by the vartualeadmalaneft rot
Una Shot I r poesitlon by lo nuxina a
11jaIrip I rages It it n mutter uf purl
IIHI She feeling I ILIV I Ih neenitnal
r the proMaluial 1ianme t are
W C T C > ll nllnnfntUin
B Mtlc Wrote CI The Wa
tt n a Christian Tvmpnrancv I nlon ton
Mil IVr Pomo raaan or other ih <
took It in I gain Columbia mil kept
tier one Mil
t 10416 whn the preparatory run
woo fired Columbia woo Mioollm up
to the windward if the starting HIM
on Ih itartnam tack Hh carried
molnaall ami Jlh ml > lint ha I hot nay
aall I In Mop ready I n break out TIle
white boat hN over ao that hor la
rail waa under water all the llnw awl
in 9 ray flew nvr her sharp bowl
Th o Miamrnrk a half a mil month
of the llihlhll but when lloirarlh raw
Sato am ke he fntrhnl in HhamnKk
boot still hurrlxl I Pret lo weather
of tho lln Uhlle on Inv port tack
Wiamrucka crew boosted her anwll
worklns trapezoid ohlrh rtod l the
homrock to het away down but along
haellXwey =
long aa the ipari hld lloirarlh did Ml
Catlaln llonilh appanntly ilowd
up a trill ao that the cup ilfnder was
about to reach up lo h k a wiath
AI tiuarler and In theme pualtlona tl
two racers ran along at a tremendous
opened for two Minutes Mr this tin
Mh craft had nearly reached the Cora
anittee tug hal olumbfa WAS up to wind
word ot the rival ftrock When the
otla go n was fired Th IIhtk
skippe wave nut cotlll 10 wait toruthe
American boat hut tore acre the he
at 11I11 Urr put Mr ho4m up good
11 flyii i American yacht seattipt am
r r
tilts line claim to the Ilahlotolt hit at
118111 It WAS a Mhd tart
nllilii f I he flat
Nw York Oct M It H a Mi
JII < I tei best II to III A m ilgnall
tvurm South by wwil
1110164 clal alattlim tlau I PhM
JILgr = iTiSimf1
frook 4 Columbia liwilM I
Moilli 4 P1101awrtroll at fil4bialu3s
eilluialM this tiny I BOW tolled near
ly three mllea Lout and the Ihammk
la leading wlih Columbia drawing up
11 Ih U
allitilhe L bleYachis now settled over ill 1
mile routine Shamrock atlll eeeme b
In lead by Sot yarde r more
II ID a m failing Ix ng llrancti ten
n llea from nan II was eatlm I by
the baerter that Shamrock led Coolant
ham 65 arclemad
AM ury 1 ark reports two yachts now
about 100 yard apart Bhamrock ladIng
11 about two mil from Ukbunl
Ing O
Tnd about U Milan hour Magnificent
nn iv rnhll Imaging Heal Beach
U M observer telegraphed I thai be
Bbamrork waa only leading Columbia
IS second aid tilt t were 1U mile
It cam itake boot Wind I tnah from
north Ail ury ark new report Menu
t ItIark
Columbia leading
II K p m < olumbla oooordlag to
Abury Park obeerver Mema lo be
close up to mark to be about JW rerdi
ahead of Shamrock and see r Sides
Colu an bit turnell outer mark u 1916
homrotk IIU
n 30 I rnTlIt obttrv a t Albuy
Jiri Umled that the Columbia It
now leading by about a quarter of a
roll and that the two yachts arm about
II rr and a half miles from the turning
mark on their way horn
II HI m Columbia u Incrnulnf hr
lead The ami wa Ph hr from atm
to torn but sit to I polnllmr hl < h alfl
driving Along at a high ikti of a ne I
Bhanrcick la I making a great Tight lo
overtake Ilan defender of the America
116 p MColumbla Is I bout vn
initanto from the lIhloItl Salentine oft
share on Hi part tack about four mllm
out 8hNIk Is I on ilia ttarboard
lack standing In share n1 Seems tnb
cuttl tie down Columbia lead I and glv
log a splendid ellibilleltIllon flailing
fly Ationearlatoll Irow IMialih beat
Wanda 13 II It incolumM panel
Shamrock a t 1 19 after a royal roiiteet
aim began to clou UP on llbamrock at
110 ami In the next on Initial
blanketed br ud Sorrell her Thor
hd then coNecold 114 ri
2IOTh llljrhuinda Situation
thai the Columbia 10 I now jbout three
mile front than nnlli line and leading
bJ over three quarter of a mil
11IU1h Columbia Is I approactiti
the lahlnx line Shamrock tuolhlrd
mile behind
11tClumbi croued Onto tin it
30an un > m lal lime Bhamnwk Itt I
a mile behind Hliamroik on rae oJ
finish line at I 41 IS i I
Nw York let 10 Official times ot I
ltN r
mce at all l lumbla 24003 Hhni
nxk 111 IT Elapsed limo Columbia
Visiting Shamrock 34143
Columbi beata Shamrock Piz l mIn
Sales lghtn Moondi actual and I
mJnutM H neoondl corrected llnie
ned her this rooming at After lint
vbylfrUin and FIt llaptlet
Churches I ra > t William M SKrtoi
delivered his meadows This afternoon
the Jvporta uf onvMpondlmr Bcr tary
B II Fry Treasurer Hflen M Barker
and Auditor C K gelow will nod
Th > election are all from the east ot
T niorrow the Partly conference will
begin lu the 11 > mouth gnwatlonal
church Addretoei will be Jellvred by
Oov Flowers of W aohlngton and Mayor
Hunw of tteatlle IIrfn
n liio I llroKlnx
rhidairo Out 51SChicalli popula >
lion was lncreae1 by It 000 today by
the Oecllo of the lllnola Huiram
court hlth hum I outlined tile eltctlon ot
last airing douleving art ut Vuatln lo I
the < lU I I
ltlillt 1110 I bou
London 0 I 20 The 11 UIh flannel I
selti lala Ii ei 1 it tu proicod
to Gibraltar m < xt Thursday I oh

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