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Deseret evening news. [volume] (Great Salt Lake City [Utah]) 1867-1920, June 15, 1900, Image 6

Image and text provided by University of Utah, Marriott Library

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iATolal A Total of 2500 Shares
36i 36 to 39 39ADVANCE 39ADVANCE
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Lillie Littleceg
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Grauel Grafl
silver Sell Wllsnlo Selllllto SellisIeo
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nlo Lower LoWersTODAYS Lowerj LOUfrrvv
LEA1I 5377 5377Cbn 537734CASIIMI
CAbHSU Cbn U COPiBB 15 15A JiA i iA
A ni t r J I I f storks storksjr Itocken WNS IA IAII fl 4 o oI
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4 Tlir j r 0 k pled r lpd In S 8tar ar arL CoftIOII CoftIOIIc
M tGIw < to toi to3 to3N 3j 3jt
L L tv 1 1 n h old II IiI from lP P
active today at 20 20n JOJ C CI
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J n ° llv < Mopped Id Wiit 50 ut 131 but Im Imn 1mm Imn
M lhurt 11i ltr rt more at a l lVr
n n i > I K I
Vr suycivn Mo L ion t wai a at traded In at 4 in insf Inf ftf
sf t f > ft C41 t that Manager Moon Moonr
rt r 1 l D M lunge at the min minT
T t Mimmoth sold from 4U4 to toti toI t tmnioth
< I ti i Mimmoth mnioth was handed out outc
n iII iIIN
c N rtdc1 t m rt Tijtht was Jmwened Inn fned up on onft ona OilSI
ft > J f If 4nValeoletgHwat3S 4nValeoletgHwat3Sr 11111 Valea lit st g 400 at 38 38f 38T
r 11 iMLosiim llLn cniin ilJn went at 1 whIle wniiej whllpF whIler2
j F r2 f u Jh i iilue ZUe Jell J II wfts Wl IB offered IIJfcred at atro w wOrur 88rjrgr
ro t J JOrr
Orur j J nlrul tru was W I an offerIng at 845 845t
6 t II Lit fror r imtarli and tW < w WM WMit wallt wir
it t r HulllonHeclt HulllonHeclttVsrg BuilionJleckt
tVsrg t 1srg sr Hi liilltatlon < al < n were posted as asIf UtA LIfi
If tA
Did Asked AlkedAJX Asked4A
< 4A AJX x 4 67 67A 5 5I
A I 6 100 100A 100A
A IL 6 55 55I
1 1II 1I
I lU
I 11 II 1 f111 k 100 to 115 115I 46 46J
I tij Lie l La far Mar1k farIJ
J nle
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Ti I I 1 1rr 1rri
rr rri lurlka 1ureka 2400 O 2500 0
1 I ilflt ilfltC lt
C 1 28 2 81 81C
2 21 f fr
r C i i Miinmnth IJimoth
1 r r j Tark I i 9L
L < 1 11 110 110P
P v I 11 11Dex 1110 1110rz I
Dex r rDII 7 7 7DiI
DII 4 3 3i SL
i L n 1 i n nultdated uldalf J 20 20Li
Li J 41 4 1 1dnl
un dnl 1 Iup Blue DIII hell 1 00 88 88PAl
r PAl I 3 34 6 5i 5rag
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u rag ragr T 1 1I 1r
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I rrnth 41 441 441t
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r 51
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n Lght Ibt 44 44r 7
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S 34 34F
S a J Jalpa
c F alpa alpaIn 1 188 188I 117
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V 1JI i I pi piI ii iiH
I H 1 34 1 944 944TnJ
I oo o at 20 20i 0 0J
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p t S her IrIO htr1O0 100 at lH 1 1
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4 VaniiiMhioo clTITflhlO at 1 12 280 100 10 at 1UU Il
M hrI rn UjrM1000 IlhlIO at t TH THi 7 7ldltd3 7r
i iiiluted ldltd3 ujtd30S 300 at t Mtt I 88 NO at atsIIer t
r t 164 16 Beller Ilfr tea le days 4 da MO 3 at
r i > at It t t 17 too 10 at t 82 IM H at MH 44
L a < 100 0 QO at a a SW S II 100 18 at M 1 NO
L I 4 tO 1 I 8t It Itat W 31I 1
1 alioOat at 3l 3N4 3N4EXLfflhIOD55 4 400 at W Wworn
oWPI worn Extrnslon Ext EXLfflhIOD55 nlo a OW at t 1
IIh jUh Hiiui Wuhlnrtanl Va hington lMI at 1H 1 > 1
1 i sold old iooo ioooi 100 10200value
i lg value vlue SUII 43WS6 43WS6P
o oFan U
P Fan iLflhIfllI8flJUbIIpto inflinilnn lntlnn Jubilee Jubl to Laffoon June
1Ci IC Mav h I JIDe
11 poll
1011 Dancing Dndn and fire
ik r j Trains Tranewry every hour bou I from P 110
t > V o m mf mfTilnaan f 11
f fTilnaan ininavlan T Jubllw JuhlN Lagoon Ln Satur ltur I
f itth M > i ile fportf and
Ji J tK h < Kound p
trip Kc Trains
c Y v hur after arH 130 130THE l 30 pm pmTHE pmTHE TrD
Tti 1 following toflowth teU eU ipUnatory JttUr
hit fc rtntly ntly be beeti n eplnlo llr
ben received from Sr
r PPI1Int Mnt Ij rle fr tk
ot tb the EMtern t
n tlo State t4tii
IMll til Etel 81 Mil J 141iIt
that It 1 may ma be bl Intereitlnc Intereta to tl t you 0 to know to
s v IlRH kow
tha > pmmted Public
POnte Ubrar
if I in I UiU It td mlwlon mlo with Publc about Lbr
r pi < uf the work abut forts forr
Tie orl The he Artlotea Art4
Faith and Ar1
an ldltof adlnr <
uni papers pa
pruminent oflIflfl
men paP
with M 1
coplea cl W We
btlv the ll
bi work ort
to be 1j one of
b beet
puhiiHtlnnn TUt1h httOfl
Juhlltlnl v could tlld u us for the
pose PO 1 of f UaIntlii pur p ¬
irqualntlnir editors
nrQullntnr and l
Dim with ith
IW1 what hal our
TVIhlrr WI Whln people pnII btllrve bltY
hlrr you eVer every
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eer IUcre am
Very ll e17 truly lry your Our brother brt her h
Per Pe a al H 1 8NOW 8NOWRandlnavtan aNOW10anlnaVan 5NOVNafldlflti1an
< Randlnavtan 10anlnaVan afldlflti1an Jubilee JQblH to Lagoon June
l 1Ih ih Mav AY Poll Lln
Dancing Dan
Pl Dnln and Fire
TVirt r < Traini Pre
to 9 M p Tn m I IUml every evel hour from frm 110 11 180it1IDIi
it1IDIi Uml 1 1llROOR1O 1llROOR1OStoorri i M m Ull B BllooniB mi r
llooniB lolA UOJ211 UOJ211BF OI ll llD 1
BF D F Walker Walkcl alkcr Building Buiding
New York Stocks Stoks Chicago Grain Grin
IjtImNtt1n ruvuu lIlJMMwu uwwwww
Siteral Serl Feet r eot Reported In an Up Uprab U p pl
rab e from the 275 Lovol LovolAflDKBKA lovolk LovolA
r rIprll 111 iiii CoIt ao CotvrII aoIIrIIIOolo
Tli rue Illnjliani Iluham CoiU COIIer fuh
Iool onirer OttItcra2lI11 31lll nt ntran ni1oiiy
Iprll IIrIIIOolo Ieunlllt Ieunllltl
ran l 1oiiy Uh JIOltllla JIOltlllat Jlontunn JlontunnWhat YloitUlInWbt
What t pranbM Pvs to be b an al Important Importantactor Imprtt Imprttflor Importantfactor
p the Star Con ConaoUdated ConI Cono155d
actor in ft tb tbe futar
aoUdated flor of t Tintlc Dtc h haa iii been bn dlicovertd dlicovertdla dlcvrd dlcvrdI
I la I tb U thai shaPe p of o a body b of ahipplnc hlppln lead laadore led ledor leador
Prom perfect perfectly
the upper Itveto P pret pretI
ore or OB lel
C t up
or ly I reliable nbl MVKM Irlt It Ii l Marned Jmt that lht ae aeiril MV MVera V Vm
thIs ore U ezpoMd In an anupralee anupnlae n np
era feet of tl or up
m upralee from frm the 278 foot tot level The Theformer Theloer ThebereT
loer former p strike Ilrb on the MO 1 level was north northon northon
on the tame chute of ore or but the pre preent pri priIt prelcot
0 tb 1 ii Mid to have been lJn dla dlacloaed dl dlcl dIaclosid
cot ore 111
cloaed It cl o SOUth luth bl of the abaft hft In the tame tametela sameIs me meII
tela II
3Ir ii 1 IS8ctt loJICuluto fuggcttfttlltltto f llutto i Is Klootccl KlootcclIrtoltlenl loatct loatctJr RioctedIrObIdlIIt
Irtoltlenl Jr ldullf of tim tho Company CompanyW ConlanW
W 8 Oodbe and his hi eon In Ernest ErHt re returned ret1 returbid ¬
turned today Gb from frm Butte Bute Montana Montanawhere 1ontana 1ontanawher Montanawhere
t1 meet meetIng mHtIn
attend the
where they the w went nt to aUMc
Ing In wher of the directOrs of the April Arl Tool ToolUlnlng I Pool3ialn ol olIDI
th 4lton Nevada Nevadawho Nevadawho
Ulnlng IDI company of De D Lamar Lmar Nlada Nladawho
who met to elect elet a president prldelt of the thecompany theepy theeompaiiy
In place of f Mr lr William WilliamTh Wiiam WiiamTmp WilliamThinpcI
company epy deceased Mr J JLiggett JWleU 7 7LeUett
Th ThinpcI < pmpeon rDUy dfue Jr
Tmp and andMr andMr andMr
Liggett was choeen ch n for the position plton
Mr WleU I M Hodgent was w elected eltld to All Alltbe fl 1111the
J board Mr r Hod Hodtenn 1104gtr
the vacancy on the boar Ho Hoiil
tenn th ane in II i caahler Clbler of the tbO Lb State 81a te Savlnga SavlngaBank Sulngsk
Bank iil ak k In that city The directors dhttor are aretal art artto
tal 5111 < l tn t1 tie h much pleated ieal with wih Mr MrSIKTH MrSII MrIsrs
mentioned In Inthe Intbe Inthe
SIKTH SII report recently rlNntly mtnUon
the rl News 1 rppr It hw hl been len decided deide that thatthe tht thtthl thatthe
the condition of the mine la I such as to towarrant towarrant towarrant
warrant thl conditon the Installation Inltlaton of M addition additional additon additonal
al ftampi making mking SO S 0 itampi tmp In all allThis al allThie
This u ill 11 Eire gr a mill mi capacity cpcty of 76 long longper tonlr tonsper
per r day dayIn dirtyIn
In tny tnyIn upeaklnc of the mine today toay 11r 11rBmeKI Mrmest II r rBrufxt
I alln
Brufxt mest Oodbe Gob stated tte that a peculiarity peculiarityof pculatt pculattof
of the th ore or la 1 that the ore aaaayi y more moreIn mor
In bulk aa a rule rl than hand aamples aamplesahown sampleashown mplesbown
shown This It I accounted acunle for by the thefact thefacl thefact
fact that extremely elrmely rich patches ptbe of ore oreare orea oreare
are a found fould In II the ordinary orlDar ore The Ilieore Theore lheor
U very deceptive In appearance no noone noone
ore apprnce
or one I being ve able to distinguish 411tnrlh between betweenhigh betwen betwenblb betweenhigh
01 bln
high grade and low w grade rad by glancing glancingat gianeinat
blb rade
at t It It1MtASRI It it itISdIASIIi I
1MtASRI 11 Slm WirffoPKIUTIOXS WirffoPKIUTIOXSMnnngcr WI1I WI1IIUPIfltTlOSMuiager ulmTIOSS ulmTIOSS31RIRgcr i
Mnnngcr 31RIRgcr O P I Jo 1oscyAlHlts O cl Property Propertyunil lrolJert lrolJertul
unil Smelter Site SiteManager Sie SieMau
Manager Mau 0 P 1 Posey POl and nd Treasurer Turr TurrO Treasurerthe
0 B K weller eler of tbe BlnRham Dnlham Copper Copperand Coppr Copprald
and ald Gold Gld Company Cmpany were wer out at the themine themil therOles
mine mil yesterday lr In company com any with wlh Man Manam Manaf Man19e1
am Heftron Heln Mr Posey expressed exprl him himself hImMt himwU ¬
af self aa pleased plNI with wlh operations oprton at the themint them therniai
mint Mt and aelte smelter An upraise uprl Is being beingran bnr bnrI beingrim
ran m I to I connect cnnet with the incline In < ln shaft shaftleading llWft llWftlen shaftleadjag
leading len from frm the surface As A soon ln u asthis uthi UL5ls
this Is I done drifting drftnr on the vein will wi be becontinued b beoutluued
continued c thue A Ani new compressor comprr will wi be beInstalled beIlmale bensteUed
Ilmale Installed and Id two more mor drlllo drli will wi be bepretaed beneiad
pretaed into Int service Facilities Flcltf for forhandling forbalUn foriandIing
handling pJ balUn the th ore or Irc In the winter are ar also alsobeing all alsoconsidered
being blnr considered tld Bins Dn or chutes cable ca capable c ¬
pable ble of holding holdp several Bverl hundred hundre tons tonswill tOI tonswill
will wil be b 1 placed plle In the mine A bin hay having bY hayIS ¬
ing 1 IS a capacity cpciy of 20M 21 tons will Wl also be bebuilt beiuIit
built blDt at t the dump with 1lh another anothe of about but
6 0 000 < NX > tons capacity cpadty at the thf smelter meler About Abouttwothirds Abut Abuttwothir Aboutwothirds
twothirds twothir of the retaining wall II has hasbeen bub haseen
been b een built buil at I the new lew smelter aeln site Ile with withwhlrh wih wihwhllb withthieh
whlrh whllb Mr Posey expresses eXJr expree himself himselfmuch hlmlfbuh himselfnuch
much buh pleased plpll After Aft giving Ivn his hl atten attention atpn atpntln ttenion ¬
ion tln to several I r I small ml contracts contrct Mr MrPosey MrPO Mrogey
Posey PO ogey will wi leave for Paris Ir on a pleasure pleasuretrip plehur
trip trP rp
Salt IxikoM nre lr tiroAnlitely Autlvcly rl KngflKCil HnJRJcllln HnJRJclllnllnt In InHint inhint
Hint llnt Montana Ilclil IlclilA llcll llcllA
A letter Ittlr from fl John T 1 Cowan states statesthat statesbat tte
that tbt the material matral for the new twenty twenty8veton
fiveton Iveton concentrating enellrtnr mill mi at the Old OldJoe OldJo Oldbe
Jo Joe mine In Pony Pon district dltret Mont Isnow Is Isnow I
now 109 on o tbe lb Ui ground auld Excavations Excavtonl ar aralto are areal areuse
alto al completed cplete and ad within fortyfive fortyfivedays fortthe fortthecP fortyfivedays
days cP running rUMID Mr Cowan says ey the mill mi will I be betunning b berunning
The property PPr was U secured some Ime timego time timeago tme tmea
ago a go by the th Bait Bit Lake L luf Mining Mlnln inlng and De Devetopment DpYlpment Dcvelopment
vetopment Ylpment Company CompJ who win 1 place ten tenh tna tenstamps
stamps S M a pr2SBt Prewat wth With more mrl to follow follwJJSS1 folow folowI followIa
h Ia I JJSS1 August Tn Te Property PrlY contains lontlnl lontlnlIcd asplendid a aCOIentrinJ
Icd splendid COIentrinJ concentrating IwpwIUon r oHlon In Inlron Intl inthe
tl the shape baJ of iron Irn pyrites pyrte whih which hlc hlcgood forms formsthe
t the mtrx matria for good ro gold rld value
Ktireka Hlrk Land Lml ami Iml tintiWgttcr Water Wilcr Company
Incorporates IncornlO fr fbi or SUOOOO SUOOOOThe 10000 10000The 110000The
The Eureka Eurk Land L A A Water atlr < ompany
b 111 r R R1Jwiion O 1Jwiion 1 Wlln WIlson Blle Belf wiis Wllon Wilson ° ompny n M Yr Mrs
U J Field Plld Eva Ea B Tompklrm Tompklnl and H I
Barneit Brt Incorporated LrJftpd today tuay for MOOOO J O
Issued la II shares bl of the par value alul of U Sieach
each tb The T flu business bulnl of the company ompiny Is
the te buylac selling aila and df wioptng of
real rl estate Htl mining DD propcrtie prlprlla and andwater
water watfr rigfcti The Te general Inerl place of
bualness blnl will wi be b In this Ihllllty city and Eureka Eurekaconplny Furla
The conplny < mP aulrt aequlrc rw all the right
title ttl and nd Interest IDt of K Q and ad al u Vriie n It rllht wi wison WI
son 1 to a number n jni of lots 101ln In Eureka urtka City
one Of of which Wb whJ Is I on 0 the lb north nrth side Ciy of
Main itreet lIN now 109 ocupied by b ihe Tin
tie tc Miner Ilnr and li a livery Ivlr Olld stable tblr Another
lt lot I is known M I th tb the Eureka Burek hotel ° Anote el ProP
e pT ty inrlndlng Inrllni the tb three thl ston tor1 adjoin adjoinJ 1
lag on ° the
fUt J Another r 1 tot I on the
lulh South Iidp of Main laln street tlt ant ni1 8 adjoins < 1 lnl lnld
Pl Pat 8Ifa Sheas hln md nd d b brdlnr burdini ° nlln < r hUM hous adjin on onws
the wps With
thl wil Wih the property ges ws car cr
tain tam water rights rhl all al of which 1hkh 1 la I stated
12 to b be II hi J tul full lt p payment > m mft t of f the th 30000 30000olB 30
MM T 1 olB ofcen Olflcers ers are ar A O Wilson
President prtdent Belle l Wilson Wlln vice k president Wlion
H frldent
SuHSTi111 Ournt Hurnett ttvw secretary fftary and nd Eva Ey II
Tompkins ompklna treasurer treasarerXIOICKI trllr trllrIOICml treasurerNtOKIl
DlHowy JIOff or a jj H1K ia 1 Idgo 4I KO e nf Oro
llHHMlHKfriHii HlmtlMt liupiIs f lwit 11 IS Ii 2 to It I iii Percent PercentWe J lcr r Cllt ClltThl Cetit CetitThe
We Thl discovery dlonr of a ledge 111 of high grade KradeWhi grlle
rlckl niekel ir are llrfort II i rflrtl reIortp < 1 near nllr Republic
Whi Washiiton RtJlubll
waihlnjton uln9n In Baking Jaklnr of the I matter
the tb Bpokane Ile Review RfI nays naysJf mler
T The Idg I is 2 t2 reN wide lt1 the
lt Jf T1 htl on IhE lur ur urw1
f tt ah adt w1 JI I Mn 1ln being drlven drlln and n1 I is
in 25 feet
I with Sin Hne In looking loki ore or from col
lai to fc Th The cl
I t fi IIe ledge WM crosscut M
fft teat trm from J i h he Iolu eOIlir < oll n < tr and found Clcut to be
I 25 flt 11Miae Wide Ide I It earyie arl nrlHi no n n value b In
114 bId liver or orn eopgr the value being
Cofl0npd n to nltk niCkel bln
onDnl 2 nfkll Th The or carries
fl5 from L1 15 tf o U per > pent of th that or
iHpM Irfnt o t m mt1 metal < lt The Theum
tU11 tunnel 11 iii b be Ixllnc ezten44 um untl until It tare I is
400 feet In
tTbere Il Thir l II four carloads of
ore r oa o li ibe dump Te The manajru m manalr nar narthis rBload hav have
be be In crrndeD eorrespndn Ith futern aitern
flpllH companies wolll working this ca of ore orett orf te
Ylt vepon comas that tt th the
T t or i < iif f px
eptIotally 11 high grade 11 Within
bl 11e Wihin a ihfirt
U a llPPt liment WIU wI lu b be m mad a Th Thr r rn
n Uoltel tl i 14 Bute t to he blt InSt 5 four oar cont1 CII cont 1 in 11 I
11 aite4Itathaayperi that are
tht a prepur ppl i II treat
theort theortill the ore Tlig I iilea iileaIII hkalo
Or a
ill C Cand Cambrl4 rk Lt LtRnd Cl Cland
1 0
Crbtp J
and Ilttilnirf lJtbr 11ittsbu4a 11ittsbu4aiVtjt1iiln 1 P P t
iVtjt1iiln 1 lfllnc olal olalJrnt oI3lIatlY oI3lIatlYTiis
Tiis Mining innf com comimorporatlon comId cot cotlazLS
lazLS Jrnt Id imorporatlon imorporatlonjestcrday 111UnlratoD lilt I IIn
In tt rk ri fil it t jestcrday jestcrdayIs 1stotdiaft IMter IMterCRpila
aft CRpila lI il rk ii Is Placed Placedrtar plc p10 p10lot
lot S 000 fhare ehares eharesthiw 0 0I
tnto int 0
Throt Throtcern
thiw I 1 1 h Tht of ofan
cern 0it i an hr r W J II tro tro1rI5IIL1 rf rfrrl
1rI5IIL1 rfI prlldet prlldetrt 1rcsldal 1rcsldalIf
If Ih1 rtar rt jtrl rr anl 11 II i tnalurr tnalurrrm ircalun ircalunThsK1it
ThsK1it rm rkp and J b brelorate E1niUTi R Rth
relorate trate T Toom3an
1niUTi ti Th
r i th h lrwratl
01 ofmtBml
oom3an I ll il il IroUp group groupmlnPrf 01mining
omnr U rjnl mining miningMinn mmii mmiiIidIflS
mtBml mlnPrf I li a th r ntlnl minin
dlr IidIflS Iun Iunn
Jej n I O son X0TlISIg f flg
lg ISIg rVntennialKure nlelllalJ reka a ore orereported o ot owin
win f t ila ilarl l lTIt
TIt rl mplpr reported five fivetoday lv ft ftears
o ears d TIniic today todayhae IdaTJ ttiayri
1 Tntf
ri iii haw a car Cr caroriitf of ofarly ofot
ot oriitf TJ 1 p i early rrl 11 next nlt ct week weekUl wek wekTh WekThs
Th Ths Ii Cnfllatld Ul cli4atd of Tintlc Tintlcr TlnUc Tintilutel
S today todayr tadai todSySiVQnn
had Alr a t r t n thf Ih
SiVQnn i Irt r mm nt on the Ihl mar marg mr 111111t
ki 1t t04Aj1t t t g 8Ineea ilwaneU an eu of Tintlc TintlcJacob Tlntc TlntcMIn TinticMariiiE3jfl
Minn MinnLake MariiiE3jfl c Jacob of the Salt Saltir Slt SltLkel Si SiLk
Lake Lkel MIn a aeast ti1 iM88iqjr ir r Hallway Halway has fone foneho rne rneKt 0X 0Xeast
east en enJ enJ enJ
J H HSeatt Hsetti H1tUItiig aho ho went u far aa aar i iSetttli
Seatt Seattturnad setti Setttli dcJji4sy n nturne r y tu Nome has re reT rett iiturriad
turnad turne tq tif9b tif9bSlxtiit1 T
Tintlc were wereth wei weiroportOd
Slxtiit1 tt or from
roportOd Sixtfi Sixtfirprt nt1 by th > > Ta TsiIrBrUfltO TsiIrBrUfltOanhiiioi1J1fj > lorBninion lorBninionfrom
rprt rprtIItlplor
vada vadaA
IItlplor anhiiioi1J1fj from Nevada NevadaM
A eamIoucn M looking galena has hasra hi hiroaoltI
rooh roohth roaoltI n Wlln lmm ra the new strike In Inilena I Ithi
th thi N NCol ilena Ne Nevada NevadaCal da dain
Cal It 1niets in Ii preparing to dilop de def
lop lt11nJflnIe tt f group gr lp of t > 1 twentytwo twentytwoto twenty tWentyt5claims two twoOIRls
t ht I
OIRls claims n r to Beaver Iaver county countyfrom countyA uunt uuntA
A otir K from the Ih Glasgow Glasgowatlon Ou GlasgowWostiru ow owWetrn
Wetrn Wostiru or ixDcan f atlon Companys compny Nivada Ne NeVM N NTda
Tda vada prnfh Pmprte 1b1ton VM I on the tht market to tonqeen t tcday
day I IManqlert
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claim claIm s Jl llBrt Il n 14 I f I Thoreson Thoreln and others othersare othes othesre otherare
are re owners OWA1 ot th t daim daimPRICES < IainPRIO alm almPRICES
Wall Wal Street Stree Shows q s title lie Disposition Dipiton for o Heavy Heavyiirlttf lvy lvyChfg Heav Heavheiicral
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of f N8WTo1 prjoifi si ftXuedingly 1Plnlly Irregular Ireclr and andconfuted andcnfufJ an anonfuel
confuted cnfufJ pr at l the he opening of the stock stockmarket stociirnrket tok toknrket
market nrket Wry Cr f rtl fw tocks toks were ere tradwl tradwlIn trc1 trc1In trade4It
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Prices Prlo rf0 shfJvVSl 11Jyl no a dipoiition di5po dl olilon ition to get re fatrom far farfrom farfrm
from frm rom lastjjjKjll 1IttIl1 do dOI close There Ther were wereloads wer werlos wertoaiI
loads los oaiI OC01rrt8 ot 1t L 1 i P plnlln point nt In Federal Fleral Steel SteelTennftsffte SlM flteairOflfl6iSie
Tennftsffte Tenn6 i4d1 t and d Minneapolis Mlnneapl and andSt andSt an ant
St t Louis LUI < < SPffar Pir was 8I advanced < ncf In the thesecond th th thcpni
second snd cpni liOurUJOre hQ Ii Ur r more re than a point pint above abovelast abe abelast aioyiant
last ant night nlgbtr Vb general market was wasfide W WalmqtJI watilmoeb
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let wn ti it t nearly inactive Inactve The Theand TheQIOalnG Th Thweak
s and weak at net losses lossesdull 10 losses11ondsaIep
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IM j1 MAitKirrs MAitKirrsIVESTOCK j jJi1lYE lm TS
4 Ji1lYE IVESTOCK E Sr1 ST K KChll Kchieaa11
Clilaae ClilaaeSM9J chieaa11 c 1 uti ItlRelpl Recejptit Recejpt
SM9J SM9Jsunk1 500 Chll I Ilt it tuh 1Ih t butcher butchr butchrItoll butcherLOOkl
sunk1 21 131tI5IL lv 1 r ti ld rs hade lower loweri lowrGI lowerod
Itoll od r ro i l11 1151 MO 75 poor flr to toi tomll
GI i I t kr and nd feed feedotters feedtfr
mll It R otters ntrs tfr ak 3BOOJJO 3880188W t
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era 4tfI tul uif jiHiiiio JIrfM calves calvesf ealv calvesTqpc
ner I Tqpc f tell t Mrs 169471 169471JTJtflW 16141 16141T 8S547tixo
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bun iill ilSie 1 1Jo
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iad Tl I J I Veik IIi k top 507H 207 207lixed
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oholch B Ki l roUgn ruah heavy35Q4 heavy heavyv bev
35Q4 J I Ri MIl v bulk of ofsates otHit ofdes
sates satesSh Hit des desSlIe1
Sh Shabout S SlIe1 I J 111 t Sheep best bt btabt bestbout
about aboutcntltf abt t o lh r weak ak Good G to loohl 10oi
cntltf oi 4 fair to choice choicer1 cho choiceixOd
mlxsdj mlx ixOd r1 w trl sheep nrp4ll nrp4llnative 4S 4Sir
5 Si r n 55 J native nUl lambs lambsat lamb
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spring Iprlng ir rig YJ YJspring I Ivarwfl L ts s tO7
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CUW r ltO IJlnl tJune 7SV4 73 3 August AugustJuly Augustrii
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Pr 0 1 tV1 t 5 July U Ui 112544f 112544f1ar
i 1ar un D Jul July 65 8 65334
RibsJune Rbun LII I July Jul Julybet CM G 8 Septem Septembr pUm pUmber
bet br UG UGCuh M MCash 00Cash
Cash WheottKo WbetNo t red 1 7I07J 7 No
3 red Ttt7t No i I 2 hard br vlnter 1ntr ner n nNo 1 I INo
No r I hard h winter winte Me 11171 71 7 No N 1 north northern nrh nrhe non nonsen
ern e spring 73074 nfi4 No No 2 2 northern northernprlng norer northssprint
sprint p ln TillS i17 No No3 3 spring rlng GC672 GC672Corn 67 6072Cornfo
Corn lorO Cornfo Ko 2 3 3OI 3831 H No NaI NaIOMo lIeOatsNo I L LOatsNo
OatsNo OMo R t U No I UHJ UHJBarl I 2234 2234flarIey373444
Barl DrlereU DrlereUTltthy1 flarIey373444 y37m 4 4Tlmotliy
TltnotliyI75 TltnotliyI75JPiax1S0 Tlmotliy Tltthy1 I7s I7sFUxlM
Kanaaa Xanl City Ciy June 15CattleItceipts 16fttRe 16fttRecelpte UCnUtsRe UCnUtsRecelpta
celpta 1000 2 Ci market maket steady ted Native Nativesteers Natye Natyel Natitsteers
steers l 40049SK Texas Tx steers ter IJMfSM IJMfSMTax a1U a1UTeu 318052Texas
Tax Teu Texas a cows ow 1JOI74M native IRtve cows cw and andhelftrailOttH andht at athetfrs3O015
helftrailOttH ht 1 stookers tokra and ad feedaL fMdara fMdaraStH9iC tM
StH9iC L lw 4 hulls buil 300 3041 30044TL 30044TLIlogifleowipte ITt ITtIloga
Iloga 10pJfptt Ilogifleowipte Reoirtpts 11000 110 inaikt qiuktt opened openedstroug opne openi openistrong
strong Itrur to I cwita Cet higher olootnc weak weakBulk wek wekBlk woo wooBulk
Bulk Blk of L MM II 4U0HW U6 436E 1oIO iiry hanv em > P 405020 405020packet OlQO OlQOpmekert
packet i 48WHW 4884 jntxefl 4Of43SK 44324Q1404tl0
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net 478O1W 478O1WSheep Jk 4041 Q1404tl0 4M94sH Hh yorkers yrke 48HTWO 4M9 pIgs plgfl478O1W plj pljSheepReceipts
Sheep BbHpRelt SheepReceipts Receipts 2000 20 market makt steady steadyLambs stead steadLamb tedy tedyLma
Lambs Lma 4W4J72J UOe71 muttons mutona 37iei 37ieiLIVH 11011 11011orl 3780518OMstItA
orl OMstItA LIVH 11 8TOOK 8TOOKOinaha STOOt STOOtOlub STOCItOmaha
Omaha Neb Juno Ii 1LalteRe 1LalteRep 16Cattlefli 16CattlefliIpta Cattle He Heohtpta
ohtpta Ipta 2W MO I market mrke bust gradeeslronff gradeeslronffcommon Ih1etng Ih1etngommn gtadestronjoomnion
common p slow Iow averaffeiiB t Steady Steadynative teatI teatInatIve
ommn QYerle tQt ter
native nt beef tt steers teos 4tf4D > cows cws and andIteifers andItt ar arheifree
Iteifers Itt l7414 1140 3750100 0 cantterg e I 40 JJSfiSW JJSfiSWstockera UIJUQ UIJUQlokr 3181738stockers
stockers lokr and feeden fMe wde 1C04MM 118 rJ calve enlvea100t clve
100t 10010 2000150 > TOO bulls buil stage taw etc Jooei21 Jooei21Hogs ao4H ao4HHOleRept 30042IlogsRecelpta
Hogs HOleRept IlogsRecelpta Receipts 6600 68 6 market rnarkt shade shadehigher shallehlgherj aha ahahigher
higher heavy 437 U70t7 4S734l97 9197 mixed m14 48S 48S4W 4 4 4w
4W 41 w light Ilht Uop4W 110040 800I80 pies pl 4504 4504bulk 450 4IUO 4IUObulk 4 4bulk
bulk of sales I THeim 4734Q190Sheepflsceipts i 1710t0 1710t0IhepRepl THeimSheep
Sheep IhepRepl Sheepflsceipts Rtcefpls 600 market slow slowsteady Ilow Ilowtedi slo slosteady
steady yearllnRs 4W9tetl 4 4a 00 wethers wether wethersheep
440 401 tedi 169740 SiO OJ stock Itok sheep bep 4009410 4GI lambs Inb lambD1VRll1l3i
U670 U670Slm
Denver Cole June K 1CRtteJe 1CRtteJeclpt 12CattleRe 12CattleReceipti Cattle Re Receipts ¬
ceipts clpt Invr 1700 do Col head har market steady Itedy flat flatsteers I Dif Difter ef efsteers
steers ter 4289600 40 cows 1041 > S697I fesd fesdera fe feeiera <
era freight paid to river M994 M994stockeri LUtokr I804stockers
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stockers tokr freight frlht paid pid to river rer 40694tt 40694ttbulls 401 40004bulls
bulls buil stars Ita etc lOOasH 300018Ilogslteceipts lOOasHHogftnerelpta 20011 20011Hopnflptl
Hogftnerelpta 1W 1 head Market Marketweak Markiweak Iarketwek
weak wek Hopnflptl Light packers Ilcker ckeri 4S09490 uotO mixed mixed4S09490 mlxe
4S09490 UOUO LJt heavy hevy 47094SO 47094SOSheep 47040 47040ShHPelpt 470430SheepIteceipti
Sheep ShHPelpt SheepIteceipti Receipts none noneSAN nonE nonEHAS noneSitN
San Francisco Frncllo June 18 1Wh 15WliOOt 15WliOOtStrotig Wheat WheatStrong t tStrl
Strong Strl Si December Dmbe lOtfi 14 cash 9t 9tr 9 98DaileyNo
Drl7No DaileyNo r No saieeceah aalee oath Ilh6 Ilh6ST 67 67ST 67Vi 67ViST
St Louis June JSAVool 15 Wol quiet and andeuy nndI an aneasy
easy western and territory inli6 Ill 1T919H
terrtOY mlda
19H I 19 fine fn wttern 14 1 to 16 ooarae 0 ooaraelSto IS to II IIDAIRY 11 11JAI 1 1IbtiflY I
Chicago June 14Ou 14 1u Ou the produce Juce ex axchange exclmnge e
change chan today the butter buter market JrU was wassteady wastdri Wasteady
steady lI34c lI34cCheeS3408c creamery cremr toay UlS UtJISHc dairy 139 139Kstrs 13 13 13lI34c
Che CheeS3408c CheeS3408cEggsFresh c cEgpF
Kstrs EgpF EggsFresh Fresh h lOc IQcNew lO lONeW lOcNew
New NeW York June 14 HDuterRe HDuterReopt 14fluttiefle 14fluttiefleceipti Butter Re Receipts ¬
ceipts TIS4 packages steady Ileady Cream Creamery Crm Crmer Creamcry ¬
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cry opt extras oxt 15 1OUc 15Ullc 91 > c factory 14018cI8ggsfleceipts 1491940 1491940ISggt 1l o
er ISggt I8ggsfleceipts g Receipts nellt UMJ packages Ir IrreRUlnr Irrlr Inregular
regular rlr western wetrn ices IO off or llV44jUc llV44jUcwestern 1110 1110wtm 11tlIcwestern
western at mark markSHKItrSKIN mrx 1i1 1i1smUUSllS 100135c 100135cSIIIIICPSKIN
SHKItrSKIN smUUSllS aBS HALHSLondon aBSLnd 8t1411SLondon
London n June 14 1A 14A A sale Ile of sheep sheepskins sheepakin hpakin ¬
akin Lnd was held at t the th weol HI exchange exchangetoday exhange exhangetoay exehangttoday
today Wl and the offerings ofetn numbered numbee 314bales 3141 3141bales aIU aIUble
bales ble There Ther wa an a average arge attend attendance atend atendne attendance ¬
ance present t but competition cmptton wan very veryunsatisfactory veryuntfactor ven venunsatisfactory
ne unsatisfactory untfactor J and resulted tule In large largesales lare lareMlel largisales
sales Mlel The result tult of sales gle showed howe an anaverage anaverr ataverage
average decline of 10 per cent with withAustralian wlh wlhAltrila witIAustralian
Australian averr merinos selling lng Hd d to 44d 44dand d dand 1
and Altrila crossbred merno tttl II te t > d dlowsr lower New NewZealand NwZelRnd NeuZealand
Zealand ZelRnd cbr crossbred crbred WAS 118 well wel competed competedfor comJte cumpitecor
for or at a farthing declinee declineIllOIEItFYl1tAXSFEItS decline declinePKOlEUT delIne delIneJIOIEUry
Abstract bltct of transfers trnste Iliad fie in record recorders rerd rerdt ¬
ers t office oelalt Salt Lake county ouity June 14 1
1 11 1800 1800Oarohln M MCaroline
Caroline B Sailler to AmdrlllU AmdrlllUVincent mnilhIeVincent rfrll
Crll Vincent warranty warr Sallr do dci deed d block blockM blockI
M 8 except lots nt 3 4 It find and 16 16Sandy 16Sndy 16Sandy
Sandy I Ixopt Station 1 t 1 1W 1W I Iv
W v Sndy A Evans Evns Slaton to 0 K Searey Seareywarranty Sercy Sercywatnty SsarcyWrerranty
warranty watnty deed d lots 7 to H Hblock 1 11block
block 10 Capitol avenue addi addition nddlton addit ¬
blok Caplnl
Ion t 1000 1000Sarah 10 l00Sarah
Sarah Srh ton Remington Iemllgtonnnd and husband husbandto hUlband hUlbandto
to Mary Mat A Leg warranty WMrnty deed de
4 to 10 rods northeast from frm 6 6rods 6rl 6zods
rods of southwest rulhwt r corner crnlr lot 4 4block 4blok 4block
rl block blok K I plat platl U 4710 410 410O
0 B Green Grn to H Q Whitney Whitneywarranty Whitneywarrnty Whitneywarranty
warranty warrnty n deed ded IBixlfH 18xll feet feetnorthwest fet fetnorlhwt feetnorthwest
northwest from frm southeast suth t ocr corner cr crner ocrnor ¬
ner lot > block blok 1 plat I TOO TOOJohn 70 700John
John Burton to Home Hoe Invest Investment Invtment Investmint ¬
ment company warranty wrnty deed17xIGS deed deed178x166 de
178x166 cmpn feet fet northeast narheat from fromsouthwest frm frmStUlwNt fromsouthwest
southwest StUlwNt corner crer lot i 4 block blok 10 10plat J 30pItt
4000 4000C
plat A AC 40
C II Miller to Mary Mar Buchanan Buchananwarranty Duchannnwarnty Buchananwarranty
warranty warnty Mier deed de 1x4 Ix rods rs north northeaat nrlh nrlhet northeast
east et from frm rein southwest uthwet corner crner lot
7 block blok M S plat A ASarah BOO BOOSarah O
Sarah A J 1 Cannon to Annie W WCannon WCnnon WCannon
Srh Cannon warranty wlurntt deed de lota Iot M Mand 3 38and
and K block blok E North Norll Waterloo Walel 1600 1600John 10 1000John
John an Martin to John Iteeves Iteeveswarranty IMV IMVwarrnl Iteev5warranty
warranty MRrtn deed lots 20 0 and 11 11fiveacre 1 1 1ilveacre
warrnl de
fiveacre plat C 1600 1300M 1600M 10
M r Jacr H Browning Drwnln to L R Node Neeleywarranty Nel Nelwarnty Nodewarranty
warranty warnty deed dH 10 acres cr north northwest nrlh nrlhwet northwest ¬
west quarter section Uon 11 1 town township township townohlp ¬
wet quarer
ship 3 south ulh range rnge 1 cast ost COO COOSolt r LOUBolt
Bolt Lake Lke county cunty to Alfred Alr Qunn Qunnquitclaim Gunnqulclalm OunnquItclaim
flt quitclaim deed de part northwest northwestquarter norlwlt norlwltquarter northwestquarter
quarter section II I township 3 3south Sluth 3south
south luth range ton 1 east elt 11 11Stall 1 11Salt
Stall Lake county to B Lombard LombardJr lmbr
Sl Jr Lke quitclaim qulclAlm deed de part prt south southwest suth suthwt southwest ¬
west quarter section 1lon K s town township towitship ¬
ship 111 1 north norh range rnge 1 west wIJ M MJ
J Y Marshall larhal to Nettle Netle J 1 SmIthAuditors Smith SmithAuditors SmithAudltors
Auditors deed dled 23 2 acres acr south southwest luth luthWlt southwest ¬
west quarter section 14 town township townhlp townhlp ¬
Wlt quaer
hlp S south luth range rnge 1 west wet I 34 34Total 34Total 34Total
Total 414616 414616EXCURSIOOORTH 1616 1616EXCURSIN 14616EXCURSION
fUTUIinVY IATvnn JUNE 23 S3Via 23Via 23Via
Via Oregon Olgon Short Line to all al principal principalpoints principalJlnts principalpolnis
points Jlnts in Northern Northr Utah Uth and Idaho aa aafoltews asfotows anTo
foltewsTo fotows To I ITo IToBrigham To ToBrigham ToDrghnm
Brigham Sttf > Rexhurg Rabur J1086 J1086Logan 1O8GIogan oG oGLan
Drghnm Logan SSOSt 80 SI Anthony AntholY 1140 1140Franklin 11 1140rrnnklln 49 49Frnkln
Franklin Lan 438 4S 4 Market Lake 10M 10MProton 10 10Plton 1018Pneeton
Frnkln Proton 410 4MMInldcka 41 Mlnidolca MlnldGk 900hxord 900 900Oxford 90
Oxford 430Halley 43 410 Haly Ilailey laO 1300Soda 1300 1300SodH
Soda Oxfor Springs SpringsMontpellor 810 Ketchum < UfO UfO908Nampa 11 1250loatpehIor
Montpellor MontpellorPocatello f Sprlns 908Nampa 90 901 NamJ Nampa o 1SK 18 18IteUo 1815Pocatello
Motpler Pocatello PocatelloIdaho IteUo 700 70 folio IIM Cltv CI 1900 190 1800rdabo
Idaho Idlo Falls alB ahle 950 91 huntington luulncton 2SM 2SMand 210 210an 2550iitd
and to many ma other points pointsComparative ptnt pointsComparative
an Comparative low rates rate from rm other otherpoints otherpnt otheronta
points onta CmpnUe In Utah For For particulars parteulQu call oal on onnearest onnarMt oniearast
nearest pnt Oregon Short Line Agent AgentD Nent
THR WANT COLUMNS of the Semi SemiWeekly StmlWekly SemiWeekly
Weekly Wekly TIR WAT News are read red by from frm 75000 75000to 7G0 7000o
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Hair Jalr grows GWS by b using ulln Conovera TonicPREACHING Tonic TonicPREACHING Tonic TonicPREACHING
Of the GOOO 60 copIes of this popular popularbook ppular ppularbok popularbook
book bok oubllahed Dublehe last year enr only three Ure or orfour orfour orour
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has las decided dilde to sell sel these through trough the theordinary Ui UiordInary therdlnary
ordinary agencies for Church Churh publica publc pubhioaions publications ¬
ions Your local I agent will wi order the thebook thebok theoolt
book tonl bok for you or It will wi be b sent postpaid postpaidfrom poIDaldfrm postpaidtorn
from frm torn the Deieret Duert News Office Otco Cloth ClothSLCO Clot
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Ask sk your r grocers grer me for It I Look Lok for label labelScandinavian label labelShlnylan labelSeandinavian
i i10th
Scandinavian Jubilee to t Lagoon Lion June JuneIGth June0th
IGth Shlnylan May Poll Pol Jubl DaneJngand Danerg and Fire FireWorks Jr Jrurk Fireorka
Works urk Trains every hour from frm rum 1 13 110 110o930pm 30 30to
to t o930pm 930 93 p m
The branch o oflk ft f Ue Deseret Newa NewaIn NwIn Ni Niin
ranh Ue Drt
In Te Ogden Is I at No 44 4 4es Twentyfourth Twentyfourthstreet Twellyfourth Twellyfourthtrl Twntyfoulatrt
street trl where advertlseHents t and sub subscriptions at atecr1ptons ub ¬
scriptions will be avrU received The News Newsdelivered is isdelivered I IdeUvlrl
delivered erpfon by wl carriers b rlve In 1f Of Ogden don every everyevening IVtl cvi cvievening
evening deUvlrl on the tb carrrr same lm terms ttD as In Salt SaltLake Sn SnLke S SLake
OODENi OGDEN JlNE 15 1900 1900WEBER 18 18WEBER 19 19WEBER
Close Cloe of o a Successful SUcwful YearFine YauFn Stowing StowingMade Slwg SlwgMde SIswI SIswIMade
Made In PrincIpals Prlnpls Report Reportnnckilldern Rtl Rtlntuldul Rsptflnrkslldcrt
nnckilldern ntuldul In II tlio tim Iollco 1010 Court CourtInuiiihop COlr COlr1lhol Courtlitunhop
Inuiiihop Hurglnr Hurglnrtic niiliSiIti niiliSiItiden
1lhol Ilrelari aulhlSld aulhlSlddel
tic del den n leatlior3IrsW leatlior3IrsWYesterday Death of Jfrl 1Eri WI Ii Jllrrhr JllrrhrYlteray Murphy MurphyYesterday
Yesterday Ylteray the ti Weber Stake Stke had hd Field Fieldday FIldday Pu Puday
will wind windthe up upthe upthe
day and this thk evening they wi
the weeks wek hard har work and recreation recreationwith rraUon rraUonwih reereaticwith
with wih a Krand Htnd ball bn at the pavilion pavilionThe Ilavllon IlavllonXhe
The year ea Just ul closed clO has 1 been l a glor glortons glorIus ghoilti
Ius lti tons one on for result ul and success Ulc has hasfully hs hstulr hi hifully
fully tulr crowned cowne the Iii efforts erort of the teed teedurn teach teachers tahet ¬
ers et There Ther were er a 1 few points pInt In Pro ProfMoenchs Prf PrfMHncbs ProMoenchs
Moenchs moat mt gratifying rauyln report rprt made madeat mad madat
at the commencement commenmnt xcrrlses xer that thatdeserve thatdelre thi thideserve
deserve delre special mention menton One was wasthat Wa Wi Withat
that tht of the missionaries Inlonale now laboring laboringIn Ibrlng IbrlngIn laborinIn
In the field Ield and just JUf returned 101 10 had hadeither hlleither ha haeither
either directly dirty or Indirectly received receivedtheir nlvelt nlveltthlr receivetheir
their training at the Weber Webr StaiiAcademy Stake StakeAcademy StakeAcdemy
Academy Acdemy Now as this thl Is I nearly all al the themteslonsrles themlonarle Ui Uimissionaries
missionaries In the Held Ield from rota the th Weber WeberStake Webr WebrStake WebiStake
Stake mlonarle of Zion It I certainly crtalnl shows how the theclass theola UI UIchase
class ola of students that are attending the theInstitution the1luton tl tl1tttution
Institution 1luton and the work being blD done donethere donether don donthere
there ther He U further anl stated Iatd that 180 1 stu student st stdepta lu ¬
dent 4 depta t bad been en graduated grduatEd during turlng the thepast thep th thpast
past p t four our years lar In the Sunday school schoolcourse Ihol Iholeue cho chocourse
course eue nearly nearln alt of whom were wlrt now nowworkers nowworkers noi noiworkers
workers In that Institution Inatlutun or engaged engagedIn engge engage engagein
In similar Illar useful pursuits purllt In other dl dlrectlons dIrton dlrections >
rectlons rton The he principal rnclpl further stated statedthat Ilate statethat
that the question qUtUan had been frcquentlasked frequently frequentlyasked frpuenl
asked ake lately how the thl attendance of ofOgden ofOgden J JOgden
Ogden compared with wih that of surround surroundln urrund urrund1M
ln 1M settlements setlemenl compre The principal reported reportedthat reprte reporte reportethat
that a close clos examination uamlnatun Into the record recordduring rorl rorlduring recor recorduring
during the past plt three yearn eal showed showedthat showethat howe
that there the had been ben an average erage at attendance altendanc attendanee ¬
tendance tendanc of from M 3 to 33 a per pr cent cnt from fromOgden fromdel frorOgden
Ogden del and from frm 67 to 70 per cent from fromthe fromthe frorthe
settlements A similar similarcomparison almllacomparison
the surrounding lurrundln ettemfnt simiar simiarcomprlon
comparison with 1rovo rovo and Logan Loganshowed Lgnn LgnnIhoVe Logashowed
showed comprlon IhoVe that the per cent cdt ot attendance attendancefrom atndance atndancefrr attendancfrom
from frr Provo Iro at the B Y Academy Academyshowed Academyehowl Academshowed
showed out of an enrollment enrl mint of 41Q 41Qstudents 41 41 41students
students ehowl Itudent In 978 1 II per pt cent came IronProvo from fromProvo frm frmIrvo
Provo Irvo and 87 per r cent from other parts partsconfirming prtsi prtsionfrmlng partsconfirming
confirming onfrmlng the statement statemeft made by Dr DrMaetwr DrlaKr DiMaroon
Maroon laKr ten years ago while whie he WM WMprincipal WHprncipl WaprincIpal
principal that Provo did not nt appreciate appreciatethe appreiatethe appreciatthe
the academy and that at that time lme not notten notten no noten
ten per cent of the students tulent came care from fromthat fromthat ironthat
that town At the B Y College CalerI Logan Loganduring Loan Loandurng Loganduring
during the same Ilme year he found about abut
durng 17 1 per cent from frm Logan Lgnn and U 8 3 per pr ciii ciiifrom cent centfrom cntfrom
from other parts IJatl considering that thatOgden thntOgden thu thuOgden
Ogden had one on of the best bet school chol sys systems syetems 1 ¬
tems in Utah Uth he thought thulb this was a a amost amOt i imoat
most excellent showing Ihowlng In favor of the theacademy theacadey thlacademy
mOt excelent
academy acadey He If found also al that of the thenumber thenurbr thinumber
number nurbr of graduates craduatl since snce ISM IM up to tothe toIhe ti tithe
the present pre nt year twenty had come comefrom cme cmetrom comifrom
from other otherparts otheparts I
from Ogden and thirteen thlrteEn
parts or nearly n rlY 70 per pr cent from Ogdetand Ogden Ogdenand Ogdennnd
and prts 10 per cent cnt from frm other parts partsOne partsOne ute
One thousand thouDI dollars dolaN contributed tontrlblte by bythe byth bIthe
the citizens of Ogdenhad been expended expendedfor epmled epmledfor expendefor
th cItzens
for the Internal Internl Improvement of the thellJInp theJlldlng thit4Ildlng
t4Ildlng llJInp and for furnishing flrthlng extra extr ap apnuuB apartus nparqtua
Jlldlng nuuB artus for the physical plylcal and chemical chemicallaboratory chemical1Pprtory chemlca4cretory
1Pprtory 1PprtorylACI laboratory laboratoryBACKSLIDERS 4cretoryBACKSLTDRS
J > Before Daore Judge Judle Hell lalln In police pUo court courtThe curt curtChe courtThe
The case CRe of Mrs Rockafella lokaeUa charged chargedwith ehlrge charg chargwith
with wih disorderly dllrderl conduct cnduct wan waf to have haveCome haecme havorne
Come up but she he l never put In her ap aptfoarsnce apolrnc upehrLnee
tfoarsnce cme ehrLnee eo forfeited her herOne 320One JM JMOne
olrnc One drunk e forfeie was fined fne 110 10 for his hI bad badconduct bd bdconduct ba baonduct
conduct which amount he paid pid and do doparted deprtett doparted
parted partedThe
partedThe prtett The Th case cN of Glen Gen Mack and an Frank FrankSnydor Frnk FrnkSndor Frtunhi3nydor
Snydor Sndor has been ben postponed plpne until unt next nextweek nextel nextiveek
week weekOne iveekOne
el One vag was 4 arrested arrlld and gIven five fivedays 10 104a fivelays
days 4a on the rock rok pile11OUS1WI1IAKERS pile pileHOUSBHRKAKEIIS Il
Last evening nlng Detective Fender made madea I
a 1 Let clever w arrest artt of Ave nv men giving avlng their theirnames ther therhm theliames
1 names as John Saunders Sunder James Jlm GorIon Gor Gordon Gordon ¬
don hm Frank McCarthy Mike McCormick McCormlckand 1cCormlckand
Frnk JUke
and Win Johnson Jahnln They were Ire caught caughttrying caughttrlng caughtrylng
trying to sell Ni some 8me articles arlcl on the thestreets tht thtstrHl thuitreets
streets and the detective detttve suspctehem suspected suspectedthem SUIJte
them strHl of being bIng the parties part who had rob robtod rb rbd robed
tod ed d Drozdowltz pawn shop IhOI At the thestation thestaton theitatlon
Drzdowlz pwn
station when searched seacbed several Mverl articles articleswere artcl artclwie articlesvane
staton which were werelater wereatur
were found on persons prns wer wer1atar
later identified Identfo by the pawn J1 broker brker aiIs aa aahis I
his Is property propertySUDDEN proprty proprtySUDDEN propertyUDDEN
tr W B Murphy wife ife of Docdurphy Doc DocMurphy Do
Murphy the Southern Sulhern Pacific engineer engineerat englntr englntrat
at it Promontory Promontor died last evening at t the theCentral theCentral theontral
Central Hotel at 6 63 630 SO ot cerebral crbnl embol embolIsm embol11m embolem
lolfl with an acci accident accilent ¬
Ism em Mrs Murphy llurphy met wlh acl acldent
dent some time lme ago by b cutting cUltng her leg legThe legThe legrho
The wound continued to grow worse worseand wor worant worseirid
and she Ihe was a3 contnue brought to this thll city ciy for fortreatment Cortreatmlnt forreatment
ant treatment She underwent an opera operation o operaIon r rton ¬
Ion treatmlnt several days ago but It I did notoem not notseem notSm
seem ton to help hllp her and her demise came camewith cme cmewih camevith
with a shock shok to all al her relatives relatve and andfriends andfrlende andriends
wih friends Mrs r Murphy was Va 48 4 years yearsof yer yerof yearnif
and four chil children cliiiiren ¬
of if age leaves leve a chl
dren nge to mourn her he departure departureThe deprlure deprlureThe
The funeral funerl services rlce will wi be b held at atthe atthe athe
the Third Ward meeting meetng house Satur Saturday Stur Sturday Saturlay ¬
day at 3 p m The remains may be beviewed be1ewed betewed
viewed on the date of the funeral at atS4
348 < 8 Lincoln Lln ln Avenue from trm 1 to 230 I 30 p pm pm pci
S4 invited invitedLANCHBSTER invitedLANCIl1STER
m ci Friends Frlltd Invied InviedLANCIISTER
Louvlna Lanchester filed fe1 suit tul in the thoSecond theSeond thekicond
Second Seond LuYlna district dlstrllt LnchMler court against her hus husband hu huband husand
band W R Lnnchester praying for a adecree nderee alecree
decree Of divorce dlol Lncheter The complaint nl nlleges 11 11lege alegos
leges deree egos that the defendant has wilfully wilfullydeserted wiuly wiulyllerted wiituhiytuierted
lege and foiled to provide providefor
deserted llerted plaintiff plalntt faie prvIde prvIdeforber
demands demandsa demandsdeoreo
for forber or her therefore theJtore the plaintiff palnUt
a degree deree of divorce lyorce and alimony alimonyOQDEN almony almonyOGD alimonyOODtN
In the Second Send district dltrct court curt the case caseof cse cseof canef
of f Canes Gano va S Murphy Iurph to quiet title tte has hasbeen hn haseen
been een continued by b consent of counsel counsellion cunsel cunsellon counsellion
ben lion continue William Driver and wife left lef fortie for forthe torthe
the tie lon East EBt WIIlm yesterday fteray Drver to be absent several severalweeks severl severlwek severaleekL
weeks eekL They will visit lIl New York YorkPhiladelphia YorkPhlndelphla Yorkhiladelphia
wek Philadelphia and wi Baltimore at the lat latter lalter flUur
ter Phlndelphla ur place plnc their daughter 11lmre Mrs MN Frank FrankSohronover Frnk FrnkSohrnovor Frankchronovor
Sohronover lives livesHon liveslion
Sohrnovor Hon George Gerge lve M It Hansen lnnn delegate deltgatefrom dllagatefrm delegateram
from ram Jon Weber Weblr county to the Notional Nntonal Re Republican Republcnn Reublican
publican frm publcnn ublican convention cnventon left lef Ogdon yester yesterday yostera Oter Oterday ¬
day a for PhiladelphiaMrs Philadelphia
PhiadelphIa PhiadelphIaIr
Mrs Ir George Gfrgp W Jones and children childrenhave ohldrn ohldrnhave childrenave
have ave gone to the thE coast calt for a few ew weeks weeksHxSenator weekUxSenator weakxSenator
HxSenator Arthur Brown Drwn passed passedthrough passedruugh le
through thrugh Ogden yesterday Ieray enroute enrute to the theNational theNntonal therational
National convention conventionB
Nntonal B R Smoot Smot cnvenlan cnvenlanD western tern manager manger of the theDearborn theDQrbom thetecurborn
Dearborn Drug Drg and Chemical Chemlcl Co C of ofChicago ofChlcgn ofhieago
Chicago Chlcgn was in Ogden yesterday 8teray the theguest lheguut theuLIt
guest uLIt Ot of 0 Joseph JOph Thomas ThomasMiss Thoms ThomasMiss
Miss 111 Maud Lucas Luc has ha gone gne to Call California Cal Callrniu ¬
fornia tornln rniu for a trip tripMrs trip1trs tripMrs
Mrs Arthur Arhur Munns and daughters daughtersLlzxle daughter daughtersiuie
Llzxle iuie 1trs and Lattlf Ittt of Brigham Drgham City Ciy are arevisiting arevisitng areisitlng
visiting with relatives rlatvN In this city cityThe cItyThe cityThe
visitng The Ice le cream lh and strawberry Itm wbr festival festivalgiven tet1 tet1gIVen festivalIvan
given Ivan last lalt evening In the Fifth Ffth ward war by bythe byUI byIC
the UI IC Y U L li M I A was a a grand gnd success successTonight IUc aucoissTonight
Tonight the Weber Webr Stake Stke Academy Academyball Aodm Aodmlan
ball all TonlJht takes tnkl place In Lester Ller Park pavilion pavilionThe plon plonhe pavilionhe
The lan he public publC In general gener are ar cordially crIaly In Invited Inte initod ¬
vited vitedBorn itod itodBornTo
Born DorTo BornTo te To the thl wife of George Gerge P Me MeCabe Mo Meabe
C June 18 13oo
Cabe abe at Washington D 1
1800 Cab oo a girl girl Mrs Mt McCabe Mcabe was wal formerly formerlyMiss formerl31w formerlyLies
Miss 19 Lies Nellie Nele Fltsgerald FUgelld and nn Mr McCnbt McCnbtwill McCbe Mcbenj
will 1 nj be remembered rlmbre M the principal principalfor Ilrlnlpl Ilrlnlplter
for ir a number of ywirs PUA of the PingreehdOl Pingree PingreegrhQl Pln 1 1slh6l
grhQl slh6l congratulations tnttulatlonl hdOl Their Ther many friends frl nd here Jfre extend extendcongratulations extendtnttulatlonl extendngrntuhations
IOcN IOcNnmOJ13r
HiUOHAJr nmOJ13r YOUMI COLLItOU COLLItOUIntarogtliiR COfiHo COfiHoIltorotl COId4lialInloroetitig
IntarogtliiR Iltorotl Coiiunnnocmunt CIfIIOClult ISxar ISxarolsosCouniy ICor ICorOIlltIIIIIJ itx itx0InSCtit3
olsosCouniy bjli HlhollrltlunlO tftjlidul < ol UrailtintoH UrailtintoHSpecial OratltinioieSpecial
Special Correspondence Corrapon nce
Logan Cache Co June II ItThe The mUll musical mUllcal mut mutcal ¬
cal portion of the Ut ft Y college com commencement COIUmencemat cot cotmencement ¬
mencement exsrctSM xares occurred at the thecollege thecolle t tcollege
college auditorium last evening about abe
SOO people beta 111 In attendance The Theprorram Th Thprora1 T Tpreran
prorram prora1 IfwHjmri o9ld a fes feast t of afGC1J afGC1Jnumbe otoiaesnumbers olMeto olMetonumbers
numbers fall qndpag jr s M follows followsMai foUowI followsMaig
Mai Maig I iuarteterenade ftutetlereoadewordl words by byr
Mr r DavIatfIgh Davis tflfht Song Ion
0 WTha W ltIat ThatCherJr her Jr Messrs F
H Daub 8 11 ijoKlnnen oXlnnen E It
Davis Del A M l Cttyton CI tton
Nocturne Chopin ChopinMiss
111 Miss Phylls Thatcher
0 Sonnenscheln Ionnen cbeln Schumann Jeru Jerusalem Jerulalem Jerusalem ¬
salem Thou hou That bat Killost the tb
Prophet lro Propherfrom brIrom from St Itul Men
deIswlinMlas ClaoJnr III Constance TJiatoher
Allah Cbadjrick Chad Pretty Polly Oil Oilver Ouver OILvar
ver old 0 BnHlsh 11th sonrn lOur P It Davis Da 11
Etude Qnll Qp1f pllflavIna Ravlna In Minuet Pade PaderewiKl PaderewikiMiss
rewikiMiss rewiKl 1 Miss Jill Jennie Kll 1IU81On lisee
Catherine Cl1tltn Curls Hawtey I1a Sere Serenade S Snade SetStIlde
nade Maasenet MaseenetS S McKlnnen McKlnnenThe McKinnThe
The Water CourseThe SecretSohu
bentMiss bert MlH 3U DeseJe Morebeail MorebeaQuartet
Quartet and chorus chor from Hiawatha
Fred R Burton and College Choral Choralsociety ChorllIOCltt Chorisociety
society societyThe IOCltt IOClttThe societyThu
The Thu class cia day da exercises tXrel will IU be held heldthis heldthll hel helthis
this evening arid commencement c ex exercises exerel i iereleis ¬
ercises erel tomorrow tomorrowIt tomor tomorIt
It It announced that the college con board boardwill bHrtlwill boarwill
will hold a meeting on Tuesday next nextchoose to tochoose tochooee
choose a successor or to President KenIn Kerr KerrIn ItrrIn
In case a selection should be made from fromthe fromthe Snot Snotthe
the present faculty which seems highly highlyprobable hlfhlIJrqbable highiiirqbable
probable the names of Prof Llnford Llnfordami IInfordand Linforand
and Dr Cowans owana are mentioned as likely likelycandidates Ukelcandldal hlkeicandidates
candidates candidatesIn candldalIn
In district court today t a demurrer demurrerwas ciemurriwas
was filed iect by b defense In the case of o oLodoWitk
Lodpwlck F Crofoot receiver vi v G GW OW C CII
W Thatcher et BI a alleging inaumetencause Insufficient Insufficientcause
cause of action actionWEDDINGS acUonWEDDINGS actionWIDDINaS
Clerk Owen ha has Issued marriage li licenses JIcenllt IIcenses ¬
censes aa follows Samuel S mu1 C SeRmons
SI I of Hyde Park and Janette Nyman
it of Greenville Joseph Roskelley 31 31of Uof 1 1of
of Marysvllle and Frances A Hlnkley
27 of ftexburg Lorin Asa A a Merrill 34 34of 24of 11of
of Richmond and I lAura aura Leona Reeee
14 of Brigham City George A Cor
bride 29 19L of Falrvlew Fa I r I and Mary L
Bennett is 3S of Glendale OIen alei Joseph 1 1Cooper P PCooper PCoo1lfr
Cooper S3 3 and Ellen D Redford 30
both of O Mt Sterling
One of the local lCXallnlttlng Knitting factories to
day made to order two union suits for forthe Corthe fo fothe
the fat man of Campbell Pros circus tlr u uThe
The measurements for these colossal colossalgarments COIOMaIgannent coloesagurment
garments were as n follows Bust 70 70length 70IDlth 70length
length M 0 thigh 34 4 arm 21 neck 24
The giant also placed an order for sev several I Ieral ev everal
eral suits uit measuring 72 inches InchOlln In length lengthFrom IngthFrom lengthFrom
From top to toe this thl mammoth spiel specimen IIpeelmen spielmen ¬
men of humanity measures 7 feet 7
Inches InchesThe InhllThe InchesThe
The meeting called for last evening
for the purpose Se of considering the ad advisability adllIAblllty adlsabhllty ¬
visability of celebrating the Fourth of oi
July Jul In this city was very slimly IlIml at attended attended attended ¬
tended on account of the B Y muni muelcaie municole mUIJIcale
cole occurring on the same date A feu feucitizens flcItizen fescitizens
citizens assembled however and Post Postponeel K t tponed
poned the meeting until Monday even evenIng evanIns evenIng
Ing next n xt when It Is hoped hO fd a representa representative ¬
tive attendance will bo present presentNAMES preunlNA preointNAMBS
Following are the names of gradu graduates graduates graduOtis ¬
ates of the Cache county schools June JuneJ9oo
1900 1900hyde
1900Hyde Hyde Park ParkS J D 1 W Hurr Hurren n princi principal prlnclpal principal ¬
pal Orilla Jorgenson JorgensonSmlthfleldn
Smlthfleldn F Harding principalRichard principal principalRichard prlnclP61RIchard
Richard Smith Rebecca Peterson Ietereonllmma
Emma Roakelley RlllkelleJUchrnondO
RIchmondG M I Thompson princi principal prlnclpal principal ¬
pal Alfred Woodland Melvln Merrill
Lizzie Adamson Melvlna SkidmoreClarkatonF Skidmore SkldmoreClarkston SkidmoreCIarkslonIt
Clarkston K 0 Nelson Nel on principal principalLucrettlu principalLucreltla princIpalLucrettla
Lucrettlu Shumway Frank Shumway
Mendon MsndonR R F Allen principal principalCharles princIpalCharles prIncipalCharles
Charles Bird Olive Baker Nellie Larsell Lar Larsen lAr1HIt
sell Mamie Sorenson SorensonWellsvllle SorensonWelllllIIeJames SorensonWeiIstllleJamee
Wellsvllle WelllllIIeJames James A Layton princi principal prlnclpal prlneipal ¬
pal Eva Williamson Jennie Maughan MaughanMillie MaughanMillie augbanMillie
Millie Maughan Maggie Smith Jane JaneHendry JanJlendry JaneHendry
Hendry Robert Redford Earnest Al AlIan AlIan 1 1Ian
Ian Llzele Walters Sarah Haslam HaslamHyrum HulamJITumC IfaslamIIyrumC
Hyrum JITumC C F Olsen principal Archl Archlbald Arehlbald Archibald
bald Hopanaen George Llljenqulst LlljenqulstMellnda LIIJenqulalMllnda LthjenquistMelinda
Mellnda Peterson PetersonParadise ptrlOnParadlN PetersonParadise
Paradise S P I Offlham principal principalLloyd lt1nclpalLloyd principalLloyd
Lloyd S Price PrI Ellen Fans Wlnefred WInefredOldhain WlnefredOldhaln WlnefredOldhan
Oldhain OldhainMIllvllleK OldhalnIlIIvllleE OldhanMlllvllieIC
MIllvllleK P Oldham principal principalLlllle prlndpalLillie principalLiHie
Llllle Rlgfs Ylra Ira Graham Lila Gra Oraham Graham Graham ¬
ham ham1rovldence hamProvIdenceI
1rovldence I U Tlbbats principal principalDavid prIncipalDavId principalDavid
David Hammond HammondLewlston nmmont1LewltonJohn HammondLewitonJohn
Lewlston LewltonJohn John M Anderson prlncl prlnclpal prlnclpal principal
pal Emma Champion Lalsne lIen Hend lIendrick lienhicks
d drickSuperIntendent hicks hicksSuperintendent ricksSuperintendent
Superintendent Raymond announces announcesthat anlIOunceflthat announcesIhat
that the next examination for teachers teacherswill tacherwill teacherswill
will be held beginning Tune 10 lOGO 19 O at atthe ntthe athe
the he B Y college The first session sessionwill se noesionwill lon
will 111 begin at S oclock a m mA InA rnA
A Wraith of Itrautj ItrautjIs JluutIs
Is I often hidden by unsightly Pimples PimplesKozema PimplesKczma Pimplesczema
Kozema czema Tetter Erysipelas Salt SaltRheum SaltIthlum Stiltttlieum
Rheum etc Bucklens Arnica Salve Salvewill SalvewlllglorlCy Salvevill
will wlllglorlCy glorify the face fa by curing all Skin SkinEruptions SkinBruptlontl Skinruptions
Eruptions a alto bo Cuts Bruises Burns BurnsBolls BurnsHoll BurnsJails
Bolls Felons Ulcers Vloe and worst ONlt forms formsof
of t Piles Only 2f eta a box Cure guar guaranteed guarinteed uar uarantMd ¬
anteed Sold by Z C M 1 I Drug Dept DsptKolltz DlplKoUtz Deptolltz
Kolltz Kolltz Kolltz KolltzKlondyke loUtzKlondyk Kolitziondyke
Klondyke Nuggets NuggetsSaturday NuggetsSa Nuggetsiaturday
Saturday Sa turda 2 to 6 28c a box boxBroken boxDroken boxLiroken
Broken Buttercups lie a lb tbRICHFIELD lbRICHPIELD lbI lbRLCUFIILD
Jacob Maglcby IRJlob ReNominated ied Sn SnperllltClllent Snporititendent Superintendent ¬
perintendent of Schools SchoolsSpecial Sohool8SJIal Solioolslpecial
Special Correspondence CorrespondenceRichfield CorrelpondnceRIchfield CorrespondenceRichfield
Richfield June 14 HAt At the nonparti nonpartisan ¬
san an county convention held here on onTuesday onTueedn onuesday
Tuesday last Jacob Magleby was nomi nominated nomlnaled nornilated ¬
nated for the oftlce of county superin superintendent luperlntendent superlnendent ¬
tendent of schools Mr Magleby has hasnow hasnow haslow
now served In this capacity for thenat the thepast theput
past nat five years so his nomination by byacclamation bynceIRmatlon bycclamatlon
acclamation In a nonpartisan conven convention conventlon convenion ¬
ion Is certainly certain a deserved endorse endorsement endorsemint endorserent ¬
mint of his former laborsLast labors laborsLast laborLaat
Last evening In answer to a call callmade callmade callruide
made by the mayor a number of ofcitizens ntcitizens ofitizens
citizens assembled and decided to eels celebrate celbrate eelsrate ¬
brate rate the 4th of July In the good old oldway oldway olday
way ay and to carry Into effect the de decision declslan tielion ¬
lion an executive commute consist consistIng conlillInK consistig
InK ig of Heber C Christensen en Lars II IIOutzen HOutzen Ifutzen
Outzen utzen H N Hayes Annie Peterson Petersonand PeterlOnand Petersonnd
and nd Amelia Olson was appointed and andwilt andtill
wilt 111 begin at once onceThe onceThe onceThe
The Twentyfourth of July commit committee
tee to Is now at work and If we do not notmistake notml8take notunlike
mistake the personnel of the committee committeeappointed conitnitteeppointed ommltteeappoInted
appointed Richfield will have one ofhe of ofthe ofthe
the he grandest celebrations on that day daythat daythat dayhat
that she IIh has seen for many years YMrsA yearsAMonitfr
Monster A loPlter Drill Fl FIDHtroylng Pith PithDestroying t tDestroying >
Destroying lie victim Is I a typo of ofConstipation ofConstipAtion ofonstipation
Constipation The power of this malady maladyIs
Is I felt on organs nerves muscles and andbrain andbraIn andrain
brain rain But Dr Kings New Life Pills Pillsare 111I1are 1Ihlare
are re a safe f and certain cure Hast inii In Inthe Inthe
the ii world for Stomach Liver Kidneys Kidneysand
and nut Bowels Only Only6 i 26 cents at Z C M MI MDrug 1 1I
I Drug Dru Dept DeptSPRING DeptSPRING DeptspRukr
SPRING spRukr spRukrCiTY CITY CITYDistrict CITYnsltrlot CiTYilstrlcjt
District School Commencement CommencementBeet
Beet Doing Well WellSpecial WellSpeel41 VciIpictal
Special Correspondenco CorrespondencoSpring CorlJllpondeneoSpr1Ug CorrapofldeneoSpnIug
Spring City Clt Sanpete Co June 14Our 14ur 14 14Our
Our ur district d rtetlIlhOfll echoes held their closing closingexerelfes clOilngexerol closingraralsas
exerelfes exerol tS yesterday In the opera house houseIn housethe
In the forenoon the primary grade md fur furnished furnlhed furIshed ¬
nished the th program In the afternoon afternoonthe
the th IC fxereleee lX w Wttt furnished by the theeighth thtElghth theghtb
eighth grad stodentn stodentnfounty IIllIdnlilounty iett2dentounty
ounty Superintendent Nelson pre presented freentel preinted ¬
sented dlplvmas to the following
AnheuserBuschBrewingAssn AnheuserBuschBrewingAssnBrewers AnheuserBusch BrewIng
51 Louis U 5 A ABrewers ABrewers
Brewers of the original Budweiser
FaustMichelobAnheuserStanciard Fa FaustMichelob ust M ichelo b A heuserStandard n
PaleLager Black and Tan Export
Pale Exquisite andMaltNutrineuse andMaltNutrineuseno and MaltNutrine
use useno us usno
no corn in any of their theirproducts theirproducts theirproducts
products but onlythe only onlythe onlyt
the t 11 e choicest c h 0 ice s t of ofmaterials 0 ofmaterials f
1 materials whichaccounts which whichaccounts whichaccounts
accounts for their theirleading theirleading theirleading
leading in bothQuality both bothQuality bothQuality
Quality and andQuantity Quantity
named graduates duI zina Christensen
Grace Gra Hyde Alta All Mills 111I Manila Kof Xc
ford Ada Christiansen and bd Andrew
Kaamuasen KaamuasenAt
At night a party given Iven by the gradu graduates gretliatee radualee ¬
alee won U held in the opera house houseBUST hOUIeDlD houseB1CICT
The farmers who have sugar beets bteltlln bteltllnIhle beetsthu In Inthis
this thu vicinity are a encouraged with the tI
favorable condition of their crop Mr MrA M MA Ir IrA
A D Rhoades who ho has charge of the U
field work In this thl and Setter countieMys counties countiessays
says 8 that the Ih beets In this section tlon of
Sanpete are a among mom mo the best be b has hasseen huIIHII hi hiseen
seen He also says that If a sugar III r fac factory fa fatory a atory ¬
tory Is I to be built In Sanpete he heknows lieknoWs I Iknows
knows of no more favorable location locationthan 1000allol1Ihan locaticthin
than Is I found near th the spring In the thefields thefllld t tfields
fields about three miles northwest northwestSpring of
Spring City CIt He has good go ll reasons for forhis torhi ft fthis
his hi opinion and will present them to toIhoes toIhoH i ithoes
Ihoes Interested if the industry proves provesa provia
a success and a factor la I to be built builtIn hui huiIn
In this section sectionAt
At a meeting held la last t night nl ht James JamesW JaimW
W Anderson Henry U I Acord A IS ISAllred IAllred I IAhired
Allred E A Bllllngton and lime Niel Nielsen NltlI14n Niesen ¬
sen were elected delegates delJ le to the non nonpartisan lionpIlrU norpartisan
partisan pIlrU convention to 1 held heldEphreim at atEphrslm atEphraIm
Ephrslm next Saturday to nominatecandidate nominate a acandidate acandhtlte
candidate for county superintendent ot otschools litachool8 t tschools
A rlfo Rod Drxtli fight fightMr fhhtMr fightMr
Mr W A HInes of Manchester la lawriting Iawriting InWriting
writing of his almost miraculous mlraculolllllCnl escape escapefrom sicaiifrom
from death rays Exposure after aftermeasles liftermelllles aftemeasles
measles Induced serious lung trouble troublewhich troublefhlch troubhiwhich
which ended In Consumption I ha hafreutant had hadfrequent hadfrequllnt
frequent hemorrhages and cough coughednight coughnight III IIInight
night and day All my m doctors acid acidmust 1 1must Imut
must soon die dl Then I began to use useDr useDr ue ueDr
Dr Kings New Discovery which wholly whollycured whollycurd whohi whohicured
cured nS Hundreds have used It on onmy onmy o omy
my advice and all say It never falls olIncure to tocure 10cure
cure Throat Chest and Lung troubles troublesRegular troubleUegular troublesRegular
Regular size Me and JlOO 100 Trial bottle bottlesfree bottletree bottletree
tree at Z C M 1 I Drug Dept DeptKlondyke DlptItlondyke Daptitlondyke
Itlondyke Nuggets 26c a box boxKolltz boxIolllz boxICohltz
Kolltz both stores storesSaturday storesSaturday IoreSaturday
Closing HxorciseeoflIetrltjt KiorclNCN J lerIe of District nr lrllJt SchoolNniies School SchoolNames SchoolllIItCIi
Names llIItCIi of Graduates GraduatesSpecial OfntuutcsSptClal GniuhtiatesSpecial
Special Correspondence CorrespondenceWoodruff Correpondencewoodrurr1luch CorrespondenceWoolrufT
Woodruff woodrurr1luch Rich Co June 11 1I0ur Our dlitrict dis district dlstrlct ¬
trict school building was crowded last lastFriday hiltFriday lai laiFriday
Friday morning to witness wltn the com commencement commencement cciiimencenient ¬
mencement exercises of District School SchoolAs Schoo1t
As 1t this was the first and only onl exercise exerciseof exeriiof
of the kind ever held In connectlno connectlnowith connecllnowith conneetinwith
with the public schools of Rich county countygreat countygreat count3great
great Interest t was manifest by b all con concerned concerned cciicerned
cerned There were ten graduates two twoyoung twoyoung tw twyoung
young men and eight young ladlei ladleinamely IRdlenamelY hadletnamely
namely Stuart Lee Dyke Walton WaltonBetsy WnllonHe WaltorBetsy
Betsy He M Dean Mary Mar E Dean Matilda MatildaDean MatltdlLDpan MatildDean
Dean Lucy Dean Margaret Bryson BrysonRona DIsonItena BrysorRena
Rona Burgess Martha Qulbell ll Jose JoseReed JOMJteed JosReed
Reed The exercised throughout were werequite wereQuite ver verquite
quite Interesting those taking part partshowing partshowIng par parshowing
showing considerable con ldernble ubllity uhlllt County Countysuperintendent Countysuperintendent Countsuperintendent
superintendent G H Robinson was waspresent w WaPresent f fpresent
present to witness the exercises exercl ell anispoke ana anaspoke antispoke
spoke of the high standard to which whichour whichour whiciour
our school had attained also of the thegreat tllftgroat tb tbgroat
groat benefits of a true education educationRemarks educallonRemarks educationRemarks
Remarks were made by members of ofthe ofthe o othe
the school board A C Call Wm Longhurst Long Longhurst Longhurst
hurst Sarah Comm also by H L Iw Iwntlhop LeeBishop e eBishop
Bishop Peter McKlnnon and President PresidentJ
J M Baxter BaxterThe DuterThe BaxterThe
The valedictory address was dehiverecby delivered deliveredby
by Mist Margaret Bryson In a splendid splendidmanner splendIdmnnller splendhmantier
manner after which diplomas were wereawarded wereawarded Yen Yenawarded
awarded the graduates by Superintend Superintendent
ent Robinson RobinsonGreat ItoblnJOnGreat RobinsonGreat
Great Interest Is taken here In educa education education education ¬
tion most of which Is due to the un untiring untiring tintiring ¬
tiring efforts of our worthy principal principalProf prlncl principallrof l lJrot
Prof Geo F Hlckman of Payson Utah Utahassisted Utahalllted Utahassisted
assisted by Miss Laura Hlckman ant antMiss and andMiss and11I1H1
Miss Della Cheney CheneyProf ChenlYIrof CheneyIrof
Irof Hlckman has been employed for forthe forthe ci cithe
the next school lil hool year and we predict predicteven predloteVEn prodioleven
even greater succeee for the coming comingyear comIngyear cominyear
year than has been attained In the thepast Iheput thepast
past The graduates are now prepar preparing prepdrIng preparIng ¬
ing to enter some higher Institution of oflearning oflearnIng 01 01learning
learning the Ih coming year ear especially the theChurch theChureh theChurch
Church schoolsThe schools schoolsThe schoollThe
The foundation of the new stake tith tithing tithIng tithrig ¬
ing rig ofllce Is now completed ready for forthe forthe totthe
the brick This building will be quite quitean
an addition to our town when com completed comrletld comiletEl ¬
pleted pletedSheep rletldSheep iletElSheep
Sheep shearing Is in full blast no nosales nosales ruemIen
sales reported as yet yetLEEDS yetLEEDS et etLEEDS
LEEDSrrigaling LEEDS LEEDSProbiciTmUtlllty LEEDSIrrllal1nl
Irrllal1nl ProbiciTmUtlllty lrob ProblcluNUtiiity UIIlIt of Win Winter Willter Wintar ¬
ter Irrigation Irrl atlol Proved Irovctlptal ProvedSpecial IrovclSPtClal
Special Correspondence CorrespondenceLeeds
Leeds Washington Co June JuneNotWilhatAndlng 13 13Notwithstanding 18otnjthstanding
Notwithstanding occasional copious copiousrains copiousrain copiousedna
rains have seemingly broken the thedrouth Ihedrouth theIrouth
drouth we are a still very short of ofwater DCwlter ofrater
water As A the two last winters have havebeen hi hibftn haveteen
been teen exceptionally dry subsoil evapor evaporation evaporaUon evaporition ¬
ation Is all exhausted both Irriga Irrigation Irrlptlon irrigiaion ¬
ion and rain has but n very brief and andlimited andlimited andImlted
limited effect Those who have ha per persistently perllentl perlatently ¬
latently llentl Irrigated during the winter re receive recetve reelve ¬
ceive now returns from their labor in inthe Inthe inhe
the more durable effect of their presentrrlgation present presentIrrigation prntIrrlgallon
Irrigation But where water ater runs runs10Dg a along aong
long ong distance In a small ditch as la the thecase thRCBse theass
case at harrisburg the evaporation and andseepage andBeepQge andeepage
seepage drinks It all up exhibiting exhlbltlnpractIcal < n npractical atactical
practical object < t lesson on the necessity necessityof neco lty ltyof
of I using a small stream as a near as pos possible IIIble POsible ¬
Ible to Its source This Is the second secondsummer II Ondummpr secondummer
summer of a suspension of Irrigation Irrigationwater Irrigationwater irrIgationrater
water at that place and hopes are en entertained entrtlned enertained ¬
tertained that the owners of the stream streammay fllreamlIIay streamtay
may tay see It to their advantage to place placetheir placetheir placeheir
their water where they will III not IOM lo It Itall Itnil itii
all ii In a dry time when most needed neededThe neededThe neededhe
The he same m measurement of water which whichruns whlehnlhI whichUns
runs Uns towards Harrisburg when used usedat
at t Leeds with moderate care covers coversthe OIIrathe covershe
the he acreage for which It Is measured measuredwhile m8 measuredhlIe 8ur d dwhile
while hlIe of course the stream Is much be below belo bew ¬
low lo w the average aventgeI
Grand Jury Itinnnrntc rRtclI Scoftelcl ScoftelclMinn SoofleldMine
Mine Owners from All 1 lllniuc lllniucSpecial mAIIICSJl4lclal Blauilepedal
Special Correspondence CorrespondencePrice
Price Carbon Co June 13 lIThe The The tel following tollowing teliwing ¬
lowing cases cas were disposed d of In tho thoDistrict thODlatr1ct thelistrict
District oourt here today todayLavinla todarIaYlnla todayLavunla
Lavinla McCombe vs v a J Tom Fitch Fitchsuit Fitchwit Fitchut
suit ut for damages dam amounting to t000 StOOOJUry t000Jury 8000ury
Jury ury returned a verdict of no cause of ofaction ofaction ofrtlon
action actionCase rtlonCase
actionot Case of Lavinla McCombe vs v Ceo C CLadd CLadd Cadd
Ladd add and J Tom Pitch suit for daniges dam damages damng ¬
ages ges continued far the term termAlexander termAlexander termAlexander
Alexander Baxter vs James DOOM Dooneydemurrer DOOMdmurrr Dooncmurrer
demurrer murrer to t plaintiffs complaint PUS PUItlntd PUStined us ustalnrd
talnrd tined and plaintiff given twenty day dayIn dluIIn
In I which to file an amended < 1 complaint complaintA
A Larson and C A Larson VB L
Lowensteln Lowenstelnrost dl dlmIH mlHi 1
I itlec 11 11Xv
rost 01
Otrn A Ladd dll and T JIt
Lavinla Xv lal McCorabe ombl IM h htl t ttices
tlces tl ce court remlttltw remitti 11 11o
to t o the U I lower I court with II h II
ISO rash bond deposited dp KItj KItjMarll I
Marie Larlnato larlt alo va vafir K Kof < IIIr HIo it ittf
I Ifntdlolll
of divorce granted d to II IImediately I i tf f I Iofte
mediately went Went0111cc to > li lioffice I
office and nd got u ll Iir < i itello rteilo 1 Ml 1 1onll i ilello
f fll
tello Lollottt CalemiMe CalemiMeonce alsu alsuOnce ll llif I
once married by JUMH JUItltalt Ju if 1j 1jtat i iLowensteln
State tat of 1tah VK t It S J l > m 11 r
fendant was ft thawl barll 1 uih 11 i u I IJhl
Jhl his case wan InvestlKii 1111 < 11111 i ijury 111 111ury I > t
jury ury but as no Indlitmnr Indl tlllo in nr
he was ordered order d dlsdiuK dlllll11 dust I i K I I IThe
The grand jury r rI rIand turn turnand II I Iand <
and reported that th tht thtthree > ti in
three cases 8 which wi n nthem m I
them They The lnvestlfM i ini
htrd htrdThe l lfl
flf field f disaster and ai al1 i < l u IIn4
find fl n4 any criminal crimi nil nCi n ncne III t tnew tn >
new n ne on the part of th ti n nmine 111 111Inlne r rmine
mine In which hleh said dipt dipton difHf difHfon dl H t ur
on the part of anyon anyonThey d dThey 1 1Thy
They also repoited th it itunsafe i iunsafe 1 1unufl
unsafe to keep prison prllohPri 4 igerous 111 111bfroul u ugerous I I IPORTERVILLE
gerous In case of dr fIrp fIrPORTER p
EAST OANYOXMnsimvoiK OANYOXMnsimvoiKHuuoMsmi CSy CtNYOltI4LltyogSuicoesfuil mSlmOIlL mSlmOIlLSuccrllltl
HuuoMsmi IrrlRatluiilMnnt IrIlj lriIgationllnnt llanllhll llistMiui llistMiuiho that II M i iho
ho Duplicated In Other Place PlaceSpecial PlafStlal Pia e epcIal
Special Correspond ComtondnlPattenlIJe CorisinondnPorterville nu nuPortervllle
Portervllle Morgan r rreservoir Jn Jnf J1rfMrV 1 1reservoir
reservoir rfMrV lr Is the pi fHolOI pit op ii iiand I I f fand in l lmi 1and
and Weber eber County canil canilIs iiniis < mi nl1r nl1rI r ru ri
Is I located in Eat Eastcounty I m u ucounty u iii < i icounty
county about tl ne mil miltervllle li litervllle i h J Jtrvllle
tervllle The site is I Ithe m II i ithe 1 Ii Iithe
the small valley whi i I h t tervoir i iervolr I 1 1ervolr
ervolr narrows down da 1 I Iit 1 1It n K KIt
It is dammed The Hit e eglonuerate > k kglomerate f Ii Iiglomlrate
glomerate nature rifling rl rtsi lnK M Mon II IIon i ion
on either side leaven a n na in inof n1 n1of j i iof
of about CO feet whet th thto lIto rm r j jto
to dnih for half a mil ii iirow in > utn utnrow h hrow
row rocky gorge At tt ttgorge > 1 t tgorge r rgorse
gorge the dam la uwiu t i idam u t i idam fdam
dam Is built of steel an 1111 ii < t r t ttsr ti titer Iitit
tit pointed on the fint I > Iii IiiTh ii iiThe
The Th draw dra off Is I inn thrpuh uvh ii M Mfitted Hfitted i ifitted
fitted with brass v lIln aI aItunnel iu iii iiitunnel Ihtunn1
tunnel In the solid r i k kThe J f fThe fThe
The height of the dam < m t t twidth f fwidth fwIdth
width from toni one leig ir irother r I iother k kolher
other Is about CO fit f1 tet t it I Hi Hiabout C I Iabout < n nabout
about WO feet feflat at the th IM II I > r r1I r1ItemlJlat9l1 tv tvtemplated Iitemplateel
templated to build III th > 4 t TI TIM fIft t
M 3 feet making It iwi 1 f i high lugnaddition highnddlJlon t taddition
addition to the height heightdouble n m II IIdouble r rdouble
double the capacity > o < > f ii 1 i r rThe r rThe > IThe
The way ay the dam IH I in nlurl nlurlthe ll llthe u i ithe
the solid rock abutm abutnirt abutnirtmoat rtt > i ik dlmOllt < i i imost
most perfect The Tb bii I I if f utr utrback r rback Ii Iibttok
back covers at great dipth d i jJtb ft b baeres taer baeres
aeres of land Th vair atr r u u uDavis 1 1Davis I IDa11
Davis and Weber ountie m mthe mthe a athe
the south of the Web Wfhr w u r nur i r i iIs nIs iis
Is known as the Sent KiJg h Ii unl unlwater Iin1wRter i I Iwetter
water is not drawn off if r I I i u uafter uafter uafter >
after the high water IIr f PIHI PIHIsubRlded Pit t tsubsided lIg lIgsublltdtd
subsided The Increase Inr ape in 0 th ththe the i ithe 2 2Ihe
the reservoir by the raising lOr f rwill 110 110will
will give It capacity in f Inlg in imuaio lii liier t ak aker C Cer
er acreage and very ver Iry mat matrIli > n rithe i iHie iIlle
the wealth of the valle 1I11 y bi i itaming T Ttnlnlng rInlnlng
taming of the water in thn Ihl Ih r rIs rI Fis
Is I Increasing < the spring in I Ibond t Ih > n nbord > 1 1bordo
bond proving that it will I t 111 1try > i t ttry O Otry
try with greater mnimut mnimutThe mnl mnljiThe t tThe
i iback
The constructing IJf f n I s SIt ebackthe > M m mback t
back backthe the high watetx watetething of FI 0 i ii dg g gthing I Ithing < <
thing that should attri ttu tor t tr trof 111of <
of Irrigators and evervuf crY crYcan FII v vcan IlLcan
can be constructed nhould b Iaa J Jas uIII
as the practicability f Ih t1I I Idemonstrated 4 4demonstrated 1 1demonstraltd
demonstrated by b I Jlal Iu a n unj unjCanal njl njlCanal 1 1Canal
Canal company reser rl npir r rn fl I Ithe 11 11PORTERV1LLE 11the 1 1the
the State which are ar ernlrnti ii I f fful FIful F Fful
ful and enable the th farm arnlr t r > u u5Ing u5IngImpounded iiif iiifImpounded f fimpounded
I Icrops
Impounded water t 10 nutu nutucrops I w wcrops I
crops that they the necr attmptll attmptllOTHER flptl t tOTHER 1 1OTHER
OTHER SITVJ SITVJThere slnThere iiis iiisThere
There are said to be b I g J r rsites > 5r 5rsites
sites at the head of f City > > r1 r1The r i4t i4tThe k kThe
The heads of Weber anr n < l Ti Tinre iiare I I IRre
f r IT ITwhUe r rwhile
are also excellent plaps pItt pItttthlle
rottm rottmnatural I r I Inatural
while the lakes lak in
natural reservoirs that ilt it t t F Flay n nlay m mlay < >
lay would put them to t tHj tHjWant 1 J iWant J JWant
Want a IMMablTitoaU 1Mllnh aesahpldHOad ad to Salt Ltke LtkeOnly LskOnly
Only J2 2 Miles Distant DistantPortenllle JII IietaniIorteruihie tlnl tlnlIortenme
Tu Judry T Tdry
Portenllle Morgan Morgandry
dry weather is haul on 1 th i iorybody M ICerybody i iorybody
orybody Is I Irrigating IrrigatingThe Irrlga irriguitulgThe I Ing IngThe
h e u I K Kcompletion 1 1completlan
The new meeting hu u t tcompletion
completion that mfHinM mrtli ard arIIiChool II IIschool w wschool
school are held In tin tb las blUlmnl blUlmnlhalt Lashas mnt mnthas
has be bean n plastered anJ at I u uThis ht htThis lIa lIaThIs
w n IIIitir IIIitirwhIch IK IKwhich > i iwhich
This Is I a tine Inrge J Jand
which will be used for frnd > ui uA u uand E
t 11 tiwill wi VII VIIIII i r rWill
an IInj < l i
and nd entertolnments II IIn
Will III be used UM < 1 for or Sunday in ufllij i e ea gIt
bulMint butltriappearance o oappearanc
well designed
a 1 1credit I Iiredit I Icredit
built of rik r t k Id
J Jthe
atvl a i InrH r rthe I IIhe
credit to tojhevardarintL the ward
the thrift and faith f th thThe tV t Pt PtThe pp f 4 4Tile
Sl SlU j jIs
mai a I IIs
The question of a I
being aRli agllale c > l 1 1twentytwo ILuvesitytWo < r rtWfllltytwo
Is agaIn
wi wiway La
fri friway h
twentytwo 1 1way
H J JsuIonI la lacanon
1111 rI rIcanyons
Creek aI
way of City CIt I IeplndlaJ
canyons canon The road up uiplendld IM IMeplendld 11
condition aim an it itend t t ti tiand 1 1and
work ork rk vi viexcellent 11 v vexcellent I Ixceilent
and a
h hIan
excellent shape The Th rn rnl r ran I Ican 11
I Itor
wuutlor wouM hn hnfor II I i
can an county tide r I
tin fUecould fl TU TUlould
for or about four or I IThill
lt > i iThis 1
constructed constructtlntis
could be hI1fil f fLake f
This road wold be u 1 u usake > a aLake
Lake and a great greatrofltable 11 n J1 J1profitable 11 r rlrofllable
th lban j i iwn Iftn
profitable thing to o
county M a It WUi ouwioi ouwioiIn I U Un II IIIn
wn an WK WKwith L1IolIh Ldvith
of the th half RlI l
In four hours
n vegetable lild at nJ nJwhich 1 1rhlch
with lIh their Ii IiII 0 0which
thrive to perfw JllrrIIrn ti t n nIty I Ity
which mnlif m1 rn1dorgan Ir v vMoroan
this road roa
II ere
Ity ty
1 1Iorllln
nearer ft lro I Ih t ttel i iItal
Moroan county 0 0lIal
> IIs
M Ml 1 t
tel by a days iournev oUrnt I Ion 1 1S
hnJ hnJon
t tn
Is ltisMldth8tth It is 1IIIGId sold that Ihte thu
side atticnd f ii iinnd I Ii 111 111and
on the Morgan
on n
L Ik k kcomplete
and nd fifty on the
nd ndcondlttoa 1111
the road 1111t n nIX
oo ompleti lt t
and In e erotilil IX < x w wwould t1lnt t1lntco >
condlttoa co lUolt be worth wort andhln hln eevcral eevcralMorgan eHrft eHrftIorgfln evralorgan I thU thUfould > > u
1 1m
11111 l lmerthante
IIr IIrterthiantS
people < pl a
Morgan county unty pe
merthante m rthaDt T TU Tik Tikthe TJ L LI
half haIrhe I II 1 1the
Id I In
U J W W Porter
weddlrlf of bis hl dauB dauBJoa dllOlt daugJoe
the he
II nike II
and d dLak
Joe J I 8 Porter rr it ft1 ft1Lake
Lake ike to 4sit It reJatlH
0 J JIf IIf
stomach I lInc j f faeliNlY
If the ptrltl
aeliNlY and rellU reguIRr reguIRrbkh ar ir t twlllth
wlllth bkh It Li the thetnied JICltllde or orformed
nllu J Jy
blood of II I jr jrIty
formed tnied l II to °
Ity y which furnishes e I J 1 r n ISf IN c cto gS
the whole bodJ rurrt rurrttone ii iime
S IIn1l liP 1 J JIS
tone me to the tomach 1 lrlcf F I Ication
lmllIt lmllItgeuon
geuon cation and IS 11fN 11fNCtn
7 anc C I J prug prugSn
Ctn Sn 4
r u uYou acS acSYea
You fff1 el bltttr at lnt i 11 d m mlIJRDIE a aIIIRBINE
enO ur tll tllI 3 3nd
IJU n llJ
lIJRDIE I our1 our1igorOul l hrnrnr1 hrnrnr1and
nour fl flvlgorallng
mort u
and nd you get o t whit
vlgorallng forolll 11 srrn srrnHenle
CfnLIo CfnLIolgoroU
Henle JlEHDfNE lIife 0
u uZ
lgoroU Iln It1 It1C
Dell DCI
I Drug
Z c M

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