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i iIi rice
I itSt ii
u T dJ Saint
jwentyfour People Lose Their Lives Many
More Seriously if Not Fatally Hurt
The Loss is 500000
I f
Philadelphia Oct 2SA fire In which
L police Buy seventeen persons lost
ell lives many more Were Seriously
hd perlinpH totally injured occurred
day In tho heart of the business bee
bn of the city The ninestory build
I at 1219 nnd 1221 Market street oc
pIl by Hunt Wllnson Coup
furniture dealers and
blstjrera nnd del leIs
ko unoccupied building ot 1223 and
s Market street vero destroyed
lany other buildings were damaged
d the loss la estimated to bo upwards
The Are Blurted at 1080111 sup
e to Imvo been caused by an cx
tslon of ben ln or nnphtha which
th other materials used In tho mnnu
lure of furniture was stored In tho
Bar The lames shot Up the elevator
ft and In lets than lv mlnutvs
ry cmo of the nine floors ot tho
Mcturc was ablaze
hero were 820 employes men and
men at work If the different dU
rtmentB at tho time Those on the
Bond lloor were the frt to see the
fcnes Instantly there was a wild
Eh for thu tri escapes but owing to
fe highly Inflammable nature of tho
Rterlal g us A by tho firm the blaze
ead with remarkable rapidity deal
death to the unfortunates as they
ide frantic but unsuccessful efforts
escape One woman leaped from one
the top floors Into Market street and
Another was
e Instantly killed An va
led to death aa she was descend
r the lire escape In the rear of the
ding Two others either Jumped or
from the tire escape and were
ed Ffo others who leaped from
dows were picked up living but they
fdn the way to the hospital
Jille the fire escape was filled with
stricken men and women the hal
e ed and eight persona arc known
I vc been burled In the ruins A
mutes later the front wall fell
d and It Is not known whether
dies arc under It I such Is the
he persons were probably burned
h th before the wall collapsed
n the firemen reached the rear ot
tiding which faces on Commerce
I a small thoroughfare they found
reet literally plied up with vip
lyho had been carried down by the
r wall These were hastily con
I to the nearest hospital
tl oclock the file Is still burning
under control
j Jder eightstory building at 1217
tstreetus yet unoccupkd pre
4 the spread of the llamcs to the
ad In Which direction they were
by the wind Otherwise today
Wy Philadelphia would have wit
I the great fire In Its history
al btiInes houses on the south
Iof Market Btrcet were badly
t ed but not seriously burned
Ay > witnesses say tho flames spread
remnjknblfl rapidity owing to
get that much nnptha varnish
4 rtoruind other highly Inflammable
liii was used by the firm Em
who started down the hIre es
Jn the rear of the building before
femes were visible from the street
Jo compelled to Jump before they
avelftd two Rtorlw because of the
L11 breaking through the windows
iflrst flrempn who arrived devoted
flcnerslCM entirely to the work of
b C Nets were spread In the front
par of the building nnd sonic who
d were saved In tbll way
D men one white and one colored
red from the fourth story and
hon the fire cscane with the flame
round them The white man
t unl and down and Appeared tn
U reft of his reason The colored
fitood for a few seconds and then
d to his death below The white
f stood on the lire ercupo until he
was overcome and then fell to his d tth
In the street
There was no fire efcnpe on the front
of the building and all employes rushed
madly to the rear
An employe ot Hunt Willnson Co
made the following statement
The tIre started In the basement at
the bottom of the new freight elevator
shaft Workmen were employed ad
joining adjusting the mechanical ap
parilua tlustnl Intended to start the
elevator today
Tho first nny of us on tha ground
floor knew of the fire was
when I sheet of flumu leaped
upward through the shaft l v
ery one at once rushed out through
tho rear There had tteen on explosion
Almost Instantly the flames spread
throughout the building nnd there was
10 possible means b r which the people
on the upper lloora could escape except
by jumilng
From tIm rear of tho building all the
women and men employed in the cur
tain and drapery finish department In
the seventh floor leaped to the ground
All wero more or less Injured some
One woman wno leaped from a win
dow fell astride of on awntntf polo and
her body was o almost In half Tho
corpse hung In the air pinny minutes
before tho firemen could recover I
The dense smoke was responsible for
I the loss of some lives Bremen stood
on the pavement with life nets spread
ready to catch those who Jumped but
both victims and lifesavers were so
blinded they could not sec each other
Director of Public Safety English was
one of the first tin the scene directing
the work of rescue He expressed the
fear thil mny bodies are butled In
the center of the ruins and he believes
It will be days before all the bodies are
At 2 oclock reports from various
eources le Director English to esti
mate the number of dead at nineteen
No attempt to starch the ruins can
be made before tonight The largest
retail stores of the city are located In
the neighborhood of the fire and there
was great excitement In all these
places Until the walls of Hunt WH
Infron Companys establishment fell
it seemed certain that no power coulu
stop the spread of tho flames
At John W namakerB etpre hun
dreds of men manned the fire apparatus
and stood ready to battle the lame
that thieatencd that establishment I
Other utorej ordered the femalo em i
ployes to their homes and the men gut
the books and records to places ot
Iret station of thC Philadelphia
Reading railway at ell and Mar
ket streets one O the largest In ths
country was right In the track of the I
fire and efforts of a portion of the frt I
department were directed to saving
this structure
After tv walls tel the flames sub
sided and the surrounding property was
Shortly before 3 oclock the men at
work In the rulnunenrthPd four bodies
thai could nut be Identified
I was stated nt 3 oclock that twenty
four are knwn to be dead Only three
have been Identified as follows
Susan Gormly aged 12 years died at
Fred Whlttlngton aped 30 died on
way hospital
hospital Henry A Sparrow died on way to
Dolly Cramer supposed to be killed
William Shields apsltcant foreman
of engine company No 17 blown off
ladderconcussion of the brain twenty
scalp wounds condition critical
Joseph Toner hoseman of engine
company No IS Inhaled smoke serious
At one hospital three men a woman I
and Identified a boy lie unconscious and not yet
j1 McCornick Simon Bamberger Mayor Thompson Josiah
Barnctt and J D Wood Get Good News From
Los Angeles
L c
of n big oil strike In the Salt
companys property hag just
4i the city from Iis Angeles
t I has cauccd no little e
S among the principal share
iio consIst of J B WOOl W
p C Ick Mayor Ezra Thompson
berger and Josiah Barnett
1 to whom the news come
4 MitChell Wa bearing the
to each of the above gen
y It I not so muth the
the venture In a financial i
1 Mr Wood today but I
I i test that my first venture In oil
b out flM I expected I
rny was organized Last year
S alt of Mr Woods visit to I
l tM lornia oil Held In March of
W1 company with Fred Mlt
> Inspected the Los Angeles field
itcctfd a well site about four
from the city The land was
by Mrs Hancock nnd wa wed
rlcultural purports l lni on the
veil rultcd to raising crops On
ip rty uas found very extensive 1
U of oil In placfs cattle had I
in the land around the seepages I
antI their bones lay exposed I wan
this form of 1000 acres which caught
Mr Woods
Woodl eye and he Immediately
began negotiation for Its purchase A
dlfllculty was presented however for
the lady who owned It wanted flOMO
spot cash beforo she would allow pros
pecting to btgln Mr Wood returned
to Salt Lake and conferred with the
npoye named gentlemen who Joined
him In the enterprise The money was
telegraphed to Mu monrWI
work of sinking was started under
Fred Mitchell1 i direction A that
time there won not nn all derrick nearer
than half n mile The find attempt
to get oil WAa thwarted b nratnlempt
ive gas prefjuro which bent the pipe
When the svell wna down a lIttle ovor
1100 feet The wd wds abandoned
and n new one tnrtM In the sinking
of which very heivy Jlnch ruIng was
serl Aa the well neared the 1000
level Indication became very favorable
but It was not before the depth of ltll
feet was reached that Mr Mitchell
notified the liwnl shareholders that Jie
hall n big well h flow Is saId to be
several Inches hick nnd the oil Is mild
to he very lUht An anavg had
not been mAd when Mr Mitchell rent
the news of the strike hut the parti
enters fin to the competition of the oil
are promised later
I Murderer I n ChrlMlan Ir Ho
ItIurtlerer ClirlHtirnli
burn X Y Oct J Leon F Czol
the murderer of President Me
wn vIMted In hlc l in Au
prison today by Tather Fudtlu
1 The visit wan made at the ro
I ot the condemned mAt Father II
Fudzlnlskl spent nn hour with the as
sassin When he emerged he 8
asked by an Associated Prcw reported
I CzolROsx bad renounced anarchy
nnd embraced Christianity He
emlraeld Chrltlnl le replied
He Is a ChrUtlan > Hc 4 born h
Christian and although he may have
renounced Chrlnlnnlly he U a Chris
tlnn I think Thin It all I will My
w1 I
Father Fudtlnlikl It patter of
Corpus Christi church of Buffalo
Demurrer Made by Defendants
Sustained by Court
Influence liccUlonIlock Must bo
Grurccl tn limit or In IdulioLo
cnl She lllel Dlmppultitcd v
The famous IdahpAtfth sheep case
which was entitled Jesso M Smith and
others vs Thomas G Lowe stato
sheep Inspector of Idaho and his dep
utes was decided late yesterday after
noon by Judgo Ueatty In Dolse against
the Utah len The acton was the
outcome of an attempt on the part of
Idaho officials last sprlfif to prevent
Utah sheep mel from grazing their
flocks on the public domain In Oneida
county Idnho by seizing them and
holdlng them under quarantine The
plaintiffs sought on Injunction to res
train the Inspector all his deputies
from enforcing Governor Hunts quar
antine proclamation and Judge Ueatty
of the federal court Issued h limited
restraining order on March 20th last
deciding that holding clean bills of
health from the federal sheep Ingpec
or wns sufficient to entitle Utah sheep
to grate on the public domain of Ida
ho and that the Idnhotsheep Inspection
law was void from being contrary to
the Interstate defendants
commerce net The
fendants Interposed a demurrer and us
It went to the merits of the case the
last decision of Judge Heat In favor
of the Idaho men disposes of 11 This
decision practically ends the ase for
It was rendered In accordance with to
recent decisions of the supreme court
of the United States I means that
Utah sheep owners must keep their
flocks altogether In one state or the
other They can not grass them at
certain seasons in Utah and during
other seasons In Idaho
Judge Den t sets forth In his de
cision that the right of citizens of one
state to drive sheep Into another ad
milled and I Is also admitted that
the state In the exercise of Its police
power may establish quarantine regu
lations The plaintiffs however
claimed that under the guise of quar
antine the state of Idaho
antn was virtually
denying them their rights according to
the Interstate commercial provision of
the federal legislation Judge Bratty
said that the Important point In tho
case then Is who shall determine when
the state law and Its enforcement ale
In good faith and the decision recites
the conditions of the quarantine pro
clamation and the various other steps
taken eCorehls temporary restrain
In order and under Its provisions Au
to the Inspection conducted b Masses
Lorn and 1fslrll the JUduO ayat
The result of their Inipectl6n wta
that the sheep were found practically
tree from disease find they wero ad i
mitted The simple facts In this case I
re that the sheep were not so dis
eased ns to Justify their exclusion To
have excluded them or to have even
encumbered their admission by unnec
essary regulntlona would not only be a
mistake but also the dcnlal of the
sacred right which any citizen of the
government has of transporting hlfi
property wherever he will regardless
of state lines
Judge Bratty then points out that
lace the commencement of this action
i law the supreme court of the United
States has handed down two opinions
jvhlch I Is necessary to follow I e In
he Hasmuesen case nnd that of Smith
rg the St Louis nnd Southwestern
Railway company Continuing the
judge said
Theso decisions do not lay that a
federal court may not In such cases
entertain Jurisdiction for the purpose
of determining the good faith both of
the taw and Its enforcement nnd while
In the one case It Is said that such n
taw cannot be made a mask to shield
nviolation of the Interstate commerce
constitutional provision In both theie
Is an Intimation that when the law
upon Its face Is one to prevent the
spread of diseases In the state the
state officers may bo relied upon w
nil In good faith enforce It In Justice to
At nny rate In the two cases the
laws and their enforcement by state
olllcers were sustained and such laws
and such enforcement thereof wore
strong In exclusion of foreign stock as
IH the law In the case under considera
tion I must follow therefore that
this law may be enforced ny the stole
cfllcers hat the complaint does not
state a cause of action of which thIs
couit may take Jurisdiction and the
demurrer therein Is sustained
une Utah eheepmen were seen today
and expressed great disappointment
that the case should have gone against
them for I Is generally tho opinion that
nn appeal If one were mlle would not
result satisfactorily KxSenator
Brown James I Moyle and Lindsay R
Rogers the plaintiffs attorneys were
not to beseen this morning and It could
not be ascertained M h her or not the
J3U75 damage case recently began In
local courts will be affected by the de
cision of Judge Deal
Initial Gathering of the Society Yes
terday Afternoon
The Society of Daughters of Utah
rionoem mot yesterday nt the resi
dence of Mr Oeorge D Pyper tho
meeting being with the exception of
the Initial gathering at the date of or
ganization the most Important that
has yet taken place An exceptionally
Interesting program 4 provided by
the committee consisting of a slioit
talk by Hon Joseph Kimball nn ad
dress by Bishop 0 P Whitney and
delightful musical renditions by Miss
Sybella Clayton Mrs Florence Din
woodcy ant Mr George D Iypor end
ing with a recitation excellently given
by Miss Cnnna Thatcher Mr Klnbali
spoke first congratulating tho mem
hers upon the oriranltatlon of the so
ciety nnd speaking enthu itlcally of
its object and probable > ure The
chief feature of the af Tfl on was the
addrm by Blimon 0 F Whitney who
gave an extremely Interesting sketch
of the effort of the Iianeem in M mini
and civIlIzing the desert whales Hi
quoted from a speech made ty Daniel
vYcbUrr In Congress at the time of n
d te MIG o a proposed mall route to
the Iaclte coast In which he scojtd
at the Idea cf the desolate western
tract ever b lnr of UM to tee Utilud
States nnd declared thnt hu would
never vote One cont ta bring the Iaclflo
coast nearer Boston I the project fif
colonizing the Untrod wastes appeared
In 00 hopeless a light to one of the
clearest minds of the time said the
speaker what must I have been to
the majority and tq tho o who know
by actual experience tho difficulties of
tho took The picture that Webster
drew was true though hl Inference
Huchncturo of
WUH not I wiisjusl u picture
denotation that hI pictured that the
Utah pioneers viewed from the moun
tains when they first caught night 4
this valley Of the emigrants who
crossed the prdlrlcs to the coast none
wanted to stay In this region they all
paused It by There was nothing to
attract any of the sWarms ot settler
traveling to Oregon nnd California r
In plo of all tint had been paid
against the place both by those Ignor
ant of It nnd those who had viewed
with actual sight when President
Young laid eyes upon the valley he
heHltuted not 1 moment in declaring
that this was tho spot where the exiled
people should siot their Unls Ito
quoted those who liqarlng that Latter
day Saints were neclilng I dwelling
place In tho Rocky Mountains declared
that not un ear of corn nor grain of
wheat could bo raised Intlo region
and then recited briefly tho experience
nf the Pioneers In making the valley fer
tile lie gave Interesting details Of those
who had seen this region before thi
Pioneers beginning with General Cal
deans it Spanish general dispatched
from Mexico In IB40 with twelve Inca to I
explore the Moriut vlllnxeit and who
reached this locality In 17JC Escalaut
I Spanish monk started from Bantn Fe
to find Monterey and on his Journey
camped on the fihores of Utah lake The
Indians told him Of n strange dead sea
to the northward butho did not see It I
The Encalunto desert In southern Utah
Is named for the Spanish monk h
next to visit this region probably were
tho trapping and hunting parties Cache
valley takes Its name from the trappers
caching furs there Col James Brld cr
wns probably the trst white mal to
visit the valley and see the waters of
the Great Salt Lake Bonnevllle crossed
the Rockies 111 1832 and the lake wns
for a long time called IJonnevHle He
gave descriptions of the region which
Washington Irving afterward made the
subject ota story Fremont called
the Pathfinder by Fennemore Cooper
gave the name of the Great Basin to
the valley a title which Bancroft calls
i misnomer Kit CarsOn the famous
scoutwa with Fremont1 party A brief
description of the bionic and fate of
the Donner party was given nnd then
the speaker detailed the events of the
Journey of the Utnh pioneers across the
plains their entrance to the vnlley and
tho circumstances connected with It
the planting of crops naming of Ensign
Peak etc The namo Ensign he stated
was suggested by the Bible passage re
lating to an cnel being lifted In the
mountains The address was conclud
ed with a quotation fromia poem upon
the Pioneers wrlttbn by Bishop Whit
ney th entire lecture being listened to
with utmost attention and Interest A
ter other numbers were felven refresh
ment wore served and the society ad
journed to meet with Mrs Sarah E
Smith on Noverbcr 24
Commissioner of Internal Revenue las So In
formed Sent l Kearnt
Hrnjou < u Tit at HI rlrIOr f 1Lkc
Office lOots Not UnrnintMH
Special to the e1sJ
Wellington D C Oct 25Comms
sinner Yerkes of the Internal revenue
has notified Senator Kearns that he Is
unable to grant his request for the ap
pointment of an additional deputy for
the collector of Internal revenue at
Salt Lake as the business of that of
fice at present does not require any
addition In force t
Well Known Newspaper Man Stricken
Itovrn With Locomotor Ataxia
R 0 Taysum n well known Salt
Lake ncwspaiwr man and for several
jenrs a member of the Tribune repor
tonal stuff und previously a Ilcrajd
reporter flee critically Ill at his home
tn Brldgepuit street and his condition
Is such that his family and friends ate
apprehensive as to the outcome
Mr Ta > Kum touk to his bed sevcial
days ago with an attack of locomotor
ataxla and his condition line b
atnxllnnd conditon hal been
trowing rapidly worse ever umce Al
though hit condition Is unpromising
his friends earnestly hope for his
speed recovery
Crane Building Undergo Kitcnslve
George Mueller of the Royal bakery
has Just completed arrangements with
Charles Crane whereby lie becomes
lessee of the latters property at 2i
couth Main street for ten years The
property mentioned Is a three story
brick and stone building hnd was for
merly occupied ni a bank building and
Is nov occupied by Russell L Tracy
Mr Mueller Intends to entirely remodel
the tit floor on plans outlined by
Architect Klettlng and approved of by
Mr Crflnc These Improvements will
consist of lowering the first floor six or
seven feet to the level of the sidewalk
and In building a balcony on three sides
of the room thus maLe which will have
an extremely high ceIling This room
will b used for I retail bakery nnd I
cafe The balcony will be divided Into
semiprivate dining rooms and will be
handsomely fitted up The contemplat
ed Improvements which wlll > begun
an won as possible the lease commencing
lag the first of February Include be
sides there tIC erection of 1 twostory
brick building In the rear for kitchen
and Murnxe purposes Tins building
will be 25x60 feet nnd the cost of I and
the other changes will nmount to con
siderably over not
The State Pharmaceutical board met
In the city and county building today
to consider applications for registra
tion In pharmacy There arc to be
ten examination before the board ad
journs tomorrow but a present there
have been four appearances only Dr
Ore 1 Fennemore presided at the
mslcm today and Secretary McCoy
will tomorrow give out the names of
those who prove to bo
may INe 10 luccewful
In passing examinations
Ilcrohillonlit Take Tnninco
NtH fork Oct KAccordln to the
Herald advices have been received In
this city from Colombia to the effect
that the revolutionist have tken ttw
town of Tumnco on the ladf coam
near the Ecuadoreanfrontier and are
now marching toward Gap which is
near Bucna Ventura TSIb4Sgrats
atot My that yellow feiar M
In Buim Vtntura t i f IICli
They Were Sent Out in a Circular
Letter by Clerk James Today
UlllJle H lUg huh ofIaxpaerS In
4lrca urcr lnlo Olllce Soon
Joint Itiilldlui Noui
I has been represented to tbo board
of county commissioners says County
Clerk James In a circular letter which
he Is sending out to registrar today
by some of tho registry agents that
they hftVo understood paragraph 2 of
tho letter ot Instructions to lean that
where 1 voter Inn city receives n cer
tificate of transfer ho can remove from
ono nreclnct to another within sixty
days of an election < tnd have his name
placed on the registry list In the district
in which ho moves Your attention Is
directed to the fact that the paragraph
referred to la not susceptible of this
construction A registry agent must
not place on the list the namo of a per
son not entitled to vote In his dIstrict
The state Constitution provides article
Iv section 2111 a qualification to votoj
residence In the precinct sixty days
next preceding any election Salt Lake
I City Is divided Into five precincts ex
cept for the1 purposes of electing Justice
of the peace and constable and regis
try agents will not place names on the
list In violation of the constitutional
provision herein quoted Your special
attention In regard to this point IH
called to the closing sentence of para
graph 2 or the letter of Instructions
The paragraph In question was point
ed out today as having been Included
I letter of Instructions previously
malted to registration agents and reads
as follows
Your attention Is Invited to the fact
hat under section 812 of the Revised
Statutes of IMS DH amended by the
session laws of 1901 any person already
roistered In one district who at any
time prior to the election moves from
IUchdlslrctto any other district with
in the preclnet or city Is entitled to
have his name placed on the registra
tion list In the district tp which he
moves upon presenting to the registry
agent the certificate therein mentioned
that is to say n person already regis
tered In one district may move from
such district to any other district with
in the city whether such district be
within the same precinct or municipal
ward or not and be entitled to have
his name registered In the district to
which he moves provided he Is entitled
to vote In that district
Treasurer Wm H Dale Is prepared
for the blA rush of tcxpayers to his
OHlcc which Is expected to come at nny
time now His force of deputies ami
clerks has been kept pretty well em
ployed for nome little tlmo past nnd I
when the big Influx of taxes which Is
usual as the lost day of grace ap
proaches comes on the treasurers of
fice will present 1 scene of much bustle
and activity I Is expected however
that the crowd will be rapidly disposed
of In view of the thorough preparations I
which have been made for the work
Supt limes of the waterworks de
partment has begun the work of lower
Ing water pipes upon newly graded
streets In the north part of town tfrid
anticipates a rapid completion of the
work with the force of men nt his com
mand The sinking of the pipes Is made
compulsory by tho cutting down of the
street grades and the consequent neces
sity of getting the water mains below
the frost lineWELL
Street Supervisor Condies depart
ment IH well along with the work It has
had In hand and reports that Salt
Lakes poll tax Is already well paid up
relieving the ofllccnt nf much work of
collection formerly made necessary by
the large number of delinquent names
which were frequently upon the lists at
this time of the year
Water Commissioner Westcrvelt has
a number of his deputies at work today
burning up the carcasses of thirty head
of sheep which were killed by ole
while being driven over nil mountain
west from Cast canyon While bedded
for the night on the mountain the vi
cious coyotes made a raid on the herd
with the result that thirty of the wool
producers were killed The herdsmen
are required by law to make disposition
of their dead animals but In most
cdfes the carrion In left where It falls
while the herd pasxea on In this In
stance Mr Westcrvelt Is obliged to
burn the carcasses as n sanitary measure
Acting under direction of the county
commlsslonera rl the county clerk Is send
ing out Instructions to road nupcrvla
ors In Salt Lake county to proceed Im
mediately with the collection of poll
tax either In work or In cash The law
requires the payment of this obliga
tion between April 1 and November 1
of each year and the supervisors arc
urged to 1 performance ot their duty
In this
City Auditor Relrer today drew a
warrant In time sum of MOOO ti pay
tht semiannual Interest upon bonds of
the Issue of May I 1S3 The ash Is
due In New York on Nov 1 and the
warrant will be started for Its destina
tion this afternoon
ton thll atternon by Treasurer Morris
Major fond Semi 1 Very Compllmcn
lacy Tllrlrll
Major Pond the well known manager
wires M r Rusa 1 Gates In the tol
l wing enthusiastic terms of her daugh
ter singing n I special recital Just
given by her In Jene
Ken Jersey City
Mr SUM Young Gates Provo Utah
Your daughter sang before one of the
most cultured and critical audiences
ever Assembled In Jerwy City Tri
umph unequivocal A grand oviu > n
We congratulate you She h an honor
to hr friends and her country
j 1 i om
MIM Gates la now en route to her
home In Uth and her friends will
doubtl M have C cfcanc to bear her In
tbo aUf futuro
Considered Department Orders About Span 1ml
iards at Santiago as Suggestion Not
Mandatory Plan of Attack y
Washington Oct 2CIn the Srhley
court of Inquiry today Admiral Schlcy
continued bin recital of the narrative
rejttrdlng IJH conduct during the Span
ish war When the court adjourned
yesterday ho had covered thou of tho
points of the campaign previous In the
beginning 0 tho Santiago blockade
leaving that blockade the reconnais
sance of May 31 the battle off Santiago
and the famous loop of the Brooklyn
yet to bo told of The admiral notwith
standing the strain of yesterday ap
peared fresh and In good condition for
the work before him Admiral Dewey
rapped for order promptly ut 1 oclock
The courtroom was crowded as It nev
er hoi been before Persons without
tIckets arriving after 10 oclock were
either compelled to accept standing
room In the rear of the hal or to leave
the building without hearing the pro
ceedings aa many of them did As was
the case on yesterday Admiral Schley
was thoroughly selfpossewed and he
again spoke Clearly nnd distinctly no
that his words were heard throughout
the hal
Previous to Admiral Sclileys appear
Race on the stand the witnesses of yes
terday were recalled for the purpose of
correcting their testimony The first of
these witnesses thus called was Lieut
Commander Harlow of whom the court
asked n question concerning the activ
ity In the harbor at Santiago on the
evening of July 2 The reply to this
duestlon had the effect of causing
Judge Advocate Lemly to enter upon a
line of questions The courts ques
tion was as follows
Did the Vixen carry a verbal report
from Commander Schley to the com
mander In chief July 2 that there was
unusual activity shown by the enemy
In the harbor
To the best of my recollection the
Vixen received by megaphone from nn
officer on the quarter deck of the
Brooklyn on the night of July 2 such n
message as that and to the best of my
belief did ns she usually did carry
such messages to the tlacMilp and to
other vessels of the squadron
Cnpt Lemly Were you personally
present and within hearing when this
megaphone message was received by
the Vixen
I Is a matter entirely of recollec
tion and a goodrecollection1 was
Were you present or do you know
that such message tvaP delivered to the
comnmndvlnfChlcf snd If fo by fthom
I have no wolleetlon of Its havjng
been delver II to the comtnandcrln
chled S
The judge advocate then exhibited
the log of the Vixen nnd a ked tho
witness to examine It rind determine
whether there was any entry thre to
Indicate that the vessel had performed
this service He said there was ont
entry which showed that on July 2
there wns a distribution of mall by tlm
Vixen and this he said showed that
she had made a trip up and down time
At what time was the message re
ceived 7 asked Capt Ltmly
Early In the evening he replied
I should pay In the first thug watch
He added In response to a question
thnt he had kept a diary of the cam
paign but raid Hint It was In Boftor
Capt Lomly njked him to get It aid he
promised to do so In response to
Mr Uarnor he paid that the Vlxci
wag constantly going on errands and
that record Wfls made Of comparatively
few ot these in the boat loc
I Cnpt lark was alsu nvallcJ for tho
purpose of correcting his previous
statements but no questions were
asked him and he was son excused
Admiral Schley then took tho stand
and returned his story
With the courts permlcshn he raid
he would go bark to Clenfufpos In 01
del that his narrmtlve aught b clear
Regarding the McCalla memorandum
be nalrf he received but one copy It
iheie had been another h Mid I
should be In the papers nhlrh were re
turned to the navy department In Jan
uary of February 1SS9 Hf Mil he
had not bombarded the Frthuorks at
Henfuegos because he wan convinced
that such bombardment would be un
availing Subsequent experience In the
war he thought bore out this opinion
Admire Pchlev wni irceiing tti
say that dispatch No 10 fonwrnlntf
which Lieut Marsh had testified the i
dispatch Nintnlnetl positive tnfnrmnUoii
thnt the Spanish fleet wan In Santhura
wart not received bv him until June H9
when the judge advocate nhJiscta4
Capt L4mblf the rour lf 1
recrct very much to 1 r > mplt ti I
make objMtlon to this character of t s I
tlmony but I untUrtinn from the j
court Itself thnt I win flet
Admiral Sajiley cotta t aCfel
the e arc facti
Capt Ixmly l do lin un < Ur tnn > 1
this rvltnww 15 her for th purtKHf of
making an nrjmment and I dn not
think thl character of tlmoy Nom
1 witness cvn on the ntnml In liii own
behalf II 1 matter of tcftcvmy
Mr Rflvnor contend mht Admlrn
Schlty was not giving otinton tint
he was simply testifying to tt with
in his knowledge
After some further snarrlnif the
ncmbera of the court beld a consuls
ton without IcAvJiyr th room sad Ad
miral Dewey announced its rtetWon a 5
The court Is of the oplnhti that It
In eminently op5r for the ltnM to
nake the statement that the dlJII11
was dated May f And not r vh I
until June 10 then drop It JUt gte > I
Acts I
To this Admiral Seller rspon 1 I
that thin was nil he tad InUnJr
do Thlrtptll days had lnpl before
he recelwxi the dispatch
Proceeding Admlrat Fchley tMOfle1
that he believed that Cant CottMic
statement f nnllrig the offer f IAI
Pleld to BO ashore at Snntajo to l ra
positIvely whether th 11b tiest
was In 8antl Ko wns mwhat faulty
I old he detailed nom sets rvUttnt t
Field oftr which fixed his swim Im
prculon of Iln lili own mind On
J + L
My Z after tho bombardment of tho
Colon iind after Cnl Cotton html gone r
for Mole Colon hnr Ione ho 1
Moll St Nicholas with a report to t
time departniPiit upon that subject Ad Hds tl
miami hchUy toHtlfled that hu sent ba w
Nuner the iiw wi
pilot westward to tl
jnunleiitp with the Insurgents Nunez j > He
landed near Aseercdoren fifteen or six a tames
ten mlleH wost of ftd co
111 Ilt Santiago anti Join c
lag Some of the Cuban Insurgents went Tfiyi
into the Interior He returned June 1 i ttrmt
or S with detailed Information of the IK w
mention of the Spanish ships In the iicios
I tnt him added Admiral Schley 3vent
to the coinmanderlnchlef with that 1 l
Inrormaton Slfichl
The wltnes then returned to the retrograde I this
rograde movement saying Touching S
the question of the retrograde move < ral
ment after the Mwlmnc hud broken I the
down the movement was not made to F d p
the westward until toward 9 oclock uply
the Yale having had considerable difll ttlont
culty In getting a hawser to her That
hawser parted about 1 oclock That hiOY E
night I was signaled by Cnpt Wise Klof
of the Yale that I would take about confe
four hours to break out a steel hawser could
The ship at that time was absolutely lfck n
unmanageable She was not capable kent
of turning a propelbr I do not think iiicatlo
we got under way ngiln until four 3 < 1 to
oclock of the afternoon of the 27th jO II J I
and not long afterward shp wsw taken Jlenfti
In tow stonmlng to the westward We t
went a little further than I hud In P no i
tended on account of the difficulty In igem
getting the Yale to hear our signals If If
We were obliged to go four or five miles Journ
further on that account As soon as < st tf
the sea calmed down and In my beg fiction
ment It was not possible ti have Mf 1 wit
ed as I paid yostrdav that was one
of the conditions whlMi I watched es r he
pecially nnd Xu a better Judge ef that ent
than any other ofllcer of he fleet n did
cause I was more Interested In m I O
slgnnllH to Capt Philip askinchim If fIYP lt
he could coal nnd I think his slanal Char
Indicates precisely that lie was tmnsasy 111 bpI
about It for lie nlgnalled hntk to ra I G nOt I
nn try flit impressIon Kit Upon mj1 ttg0 t
mind Will that at that time even ho Insu
wo uncertain ii icnot
Continuing he said that even ac late Wilrdl
af the followlnv infrnlm Philip hind kas pn
signaled that both time Toxrts and tIme Jrtloui
Merrlinao hail sprung a leak lire wa
The ndmlmi also rerrlJd to tho ox
trcme heat saying It was so great lint wall t
the men were ixhnusted and the doc Cwn
tors had recommended that t < n this at e P
count coallpg pnsratlons 4t wusimniJeil
Her Admiral ficllUy bmunht his nar J1
rative up to Santiago and he xnW Jn 1t U
that connection that he had repariH 31
the orders of the JH > rtm otcwiKuin rc IJ I
Imr the probnblp pregenw of the ana I 11
lab llwt nt SantlftKO as more of a sue f Iltr yn
I Kcstlon than n waiftlfltiry order He fFOJt
ogWderod that It would tacb only a n or1 t
utile while io ret hack In any ovRt i io Jam
Also he tenenteil tit time proper jnlll r 4 of a
lat maneuver would be to proceed to fttn da
ward time bases at Havana and Key jJUre I
West J r Urtf
ot il
f he im
He hnd arrived with the squadron iwn 1
off Santiago at about 7 oclock
p m
tbty c
May 28 he said and had then taken foc
up his po > ltln five or fix miles out 1alt
aften > nrd lidding tM fltoit In forma iporto
tion dny and night He had on lliiU
firs nIght rent the MnibVhsad clone In > duty
with instructlntiR to keep cloac w lIt1I rr repo
on the mouth of the harbor That night I1r
he had lio Mid noticed thA sltnpli on Ucer
the shore known at WlnVttV itnO 1tnatlo
he had alw olwervH at that limn jhtotor
lights on the lower plans which he had f who
since become convinced wcr from thy f latMy
Colon lying In the hnrboor icutloi
The nut < Ry he had discovered the i aid he
presence of that Spanish vcsiol 1Ih i Japt
had also that of the other enemys wnr I knoll
vessels He inld that when he haj jh the
thus secured Irrefutable proof of thf ifc
tact that the vessels were there and Srn fro
told APt Slgsbee of the fact that of I Slla tin
ficer expressed surprlsf It wan at thlt irtaJ III
point that lie sent his dispatch to tht III ICe
department giving absolute Informs ort th
tlon of the presence of the Spaniards
and Slpsbfe had carried this message I Infoi
to Mole St Nicholas you g
ander <
Admiral Schluy sOld that after lo I tS TO
cating the lied In Santiago he testified
that hf formed the blockade In th of 001
only way lie ushered such a pmlll satlon
squadron could bf utilized for such
Jd he t
In column
duty The ships were bread
tide on to the entrance of the harbor llllrtlne
fo that a simple turn of the wheel he llt
rle wl
wnuM bring them In line If the enemy
oirt d
He the captains of
the chits aboard and explained his blots IN
the N
of the blockade to them aid aha hh
funeral plan < if attack Ills plan watt nernb three
tn tlck the ItMl it the column first rte
and confute and crlpnltt mob In tnrn he w th dt
The plcK t boat were to he used as J of Oi
tiijedo IiMt destroyers The shlDI apt I
< vrf to maintain to as to be capable oC u fam
fttaamod back he ha
ifltlr knots The fleet
al San
IIn1 forth before the cntrnnet of the
con m
i rlor Mono culls he tbaught was 7
at nn moN than five miles away Ho t II
judged title bv the dlUnPtm with m
which M could 1M the IIIrt Tbe bet j tien olattoti tot
tom of all the ships wew foal per famlll
tun a knot or a knot and a half slower s
id Adi
er thin tbcv huM have been TIm
mlral exi > lnrd how Ie fleet tAIH
md Nick and forth using the bold men tl1t
h utlI1I at tfcht to < t rmliM their tIllatlll
0 tttrn with the picket boat always is if
maid CPI night eic pt whfnraln rm of
noulln rrcvtro and tlw trip usually pl4 WU
1Tl > r the iclmlril tostlflfd that he nll
I < 1M < v Hi rik t Hther with too t nr eqs
nakeJ ee > r with night tcllJlolfoA Ho iiniooic
n ver wrt be without InoVtnr tar i pile
them r < l tP wa not n nlrht whell 0
h out 1 not dltlnirnlih d land aixl I
th Stores
In c lcII1 iI lIICrtnllCITI of the
1twbaIe thlll MI been maintained tho I
1111I1 Mid 1
That l > was wmrteDt Ii Jnn by
tbo Csh Iht i irlT IM Itlltnt1 IKI hit
f l entered or f r1 f11 roam th Mr
jr4oXTegtr OP MAY 21
T rf
Pomlnc t r reconnetManea of May wa
n Irrlt I v Q1I siv
ne fl till he Bro kftrn arnl torn
the MaMhnl nat tVf Texas were
wiling T ItIITIfITTNt m lag to Urn
Mispyhmstt4 nil 1trmlll J 5o14I I
d eVp ff > rt1fl atlon V c5A f InfojjB
tln wlil b a hsd 1 m tb hydro n
rraohlo offloothc Impsivt now h
that It was rather tmdet mla d I
f P

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