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in nruuinnnn I annnnnui annnnann nruuinnnn nnnnnnnnnriruvruiririnnn
i i ErtruLrulJunns
b1I I
I Chnngfc in the Latterday Saints Mooting Placa From
8 2 Brooklyn to Harlem Mrs Croxall ° and Pupils In a
2 Paris n
t ihnJlhJUJUtJ11U U1JUluuwuw
N 1
Ln SrWal Corr sponOcncc
New York Nov 3Thrc Is great
rejoicing among the Utah residents of
> New York Just now The services of
k lr the Lnlter day Balnts from to
day on will be held In Har
t hem at the Hawthorne building
it0 < < 151 West 125th street Naturally our
c II J Brooklyn friends are feeling very de
8t < pressed over the change For nearly 25
Ith J years Wllllimsburg and Brooklyn
ntf t have been the headquarters of business
re and worship with w and the move to
lr 44 New York Is a most agreeable one
t We end more of our people In ono
ot sir Sunday over there than they will send
I us In a month Now York and liar
ied t Ion futnlsh our congregations tho
ud b f greatest number and consequently we
A are pleased with President nurrowa do
n s f f cl lon to hold meeting here In future
S9 ft r Our conference bcgliiB two weeks from
r II today
on iff A letter from Paris full of music and
tiv musicians teachers and students hr
Qe f i f ten lews with Ilnuhy and Lnbord and
a t y the great and only Marches Is Just at I
hand Mrw Croxall of Lagan tttuh
with Ales Morehead and Miss Sells
reached the capital of art science and
literature sent threo weeks ago Mls
Morchcad In writing homo Rive n
glowing description of Madam Mar
chest her methods her peculiarities
and her manner of teaching both In
class and Individual work Mr Crnx
till Is a former pupil of the madame
and In consequences wan delightfully ic
celved by her naturally It WIII an or
deal for the two Utah wlrls but Mar
ches WUB full of praise and encourage
ment for them and of the work done
by Mrs Croxiill
She gave them audience nt her opera
elassii rare courtesy with her and
Miss Morehead wrlteH very Interesting
ly of how cordially nho Introduced Mrs
Croxall to the class saying that she
won a former pupil and that her teach
Ing had been moat excellent judging
from what the two IndltB hart shown I
that running In heir singing the class
consisted of six young Indies nil po
prnnoa accompanied by SI Margin di
rector of the grand opera who plays
for the madam In her operatic work
It was a most Importnat event with our
western friends Miss Morehcadw ob
ject In to teach nnd If she continues
with Iartlesl sho will hae tntreu to
thIs class at all times beside receiving
Individual Instruction which will al
most mean double education In this
line A Madam DArona mother of
Maud Roosevelt who Is supporting Jaa
A HHckett has been teaching Paris
but linn now opened a studio In London
she met our friends nnd created sumo
alarm among them regarding Marches
by saying she would ruin the voice
take all their money und then declare
they never had a hIt of talent but
the ladle V raid they were willing1 to bq
cheated If at tho end of two or three
yearn they could ho tutnfd out with
HUch marvelous voices HH they listened
I to In that operatic class The letter
I HOC on to nay how gloriously Alvarez
I III Hinging In Paris As WIJ uro to hear
him this winter In Faust find Romeo
we are pleased to note how the
Parisians are honoring him In tho ub I
Ketieo of Jean the Iteszke Alvarez will
be leading tenor nt the Metropolitan for
the fceason
Mr and Mrs Alonzo C Hyclo nnd
daughter Mr and Mrs W C Sponeo
and daughter and Pi of J J McClellan
were the KuestH of lIon J W Younu
thin last week to dinner The l8llor
have not neglected the theaters during
their stay and Irving nod retry mate
In for a large share of patronage Mn
Hyde mug Miss Beatrice left for Chi
cago last evening to Join Mr Hyde
who has been there for several day
Colonel N W Clayton who has been
stopping at the Waldorf with Profenso
Mcdellun also left for the West two
days ago A little plot wart forming
among tho professors friends in tho
shape of an organ recital In one of thn
rlnmhM here when without warning
he took his leave It would have been
n matter of prlilc with ut nnd wall
freely discussed by several church
members together with friends In a
certain church to luuc Mr MriHlan
play the Idea was at once Adopted
and If ever ho comes our way again I
It has been agreed to put a wnteli on
him beforij he has time to escape I
The vegetarian and fruit diet restau
rant are springing up nil over Man
hattan AB an experiment WO dined n
one tho other day and after tnutlm of
nearly everything on the bill of fair
concluded to go Into a chop houio next
door ant eel our dinner The butter
was peanut paste and the bread like
sawdust Tuft proprietor with his fata
lly were such sickly looking sample I
of this new fad that NO quickly decldc
meat nnd white bread were more con
iluclvo to food looks than fruit diet
Thursday ln Hallouctm and also
the birthday of rIlls Mnry Young her
aunt Mrs R A Easton gave n small
party to her ond come of her young
friends Miss Hattlo Young Lulu
Spcnw Heatrlco Hyde Luclle Tay
lor and Ruth Wilson and Messrs Unluh
Rlchunls John Sharp Harold and Guy
Eldrtilge Elders Nebeker Ooff < um
hinge Olll Cnulam Clark ami Mr i
Wesley and Will Young belitr Invited
It was a delightful affair arid wouivl
Up with a genuine western supper
birthday cuke lighted candles hidden
ring and other amusements that car
deal nil back In memory to homo and
loved ones
Mrs Alonzo Hyde addressed the Lot
tcrdny Saint ladles of this conference
last Tuesday giving1 excellent ntlvlrt In
regard to Work being done here by our
Relief Society She explained many
things about the managing and direct
log of such a society and how and
where We can do most good She also
gave a description of the building to be
erected by the different womens so
cieties on the ground given by Presl
dent snow for that purpose In Salt
Uke City our acting president Mrs
Catherine Lalne at once proponed that
we donate something towards the fund
and within a few tnomontH ten dollars
was handed Miss Schnffer our secre
tary and ticasurer Now we feel we
have a Blight claim on that SlUM build
Ing Mr Hyde expressed htrMlf nS
well pleased with our work here
Mr Harold Eldredge Who has been
studying oratorio for some time and Is
giving moat particular attention to
JJIIJoh 1 has nearly perfected himself
In that great masterpiece It la poflnl
bio hI will be given an opportunity
soon to sing It
Robert Bradford of the University
of Utah and wife are with us again
teethe winter Mr Bradford Is otlll at
tending Columbia College
1 1
Arizona which has been wander
ing nil over the eastern coast anti may
horn been In tho West also found Its
ToY Into the Academy of Muslo on
Fourteenth street thin autumn U
seems lost In that great building tile
detain screaming to make themaelves
heard and all the little fine points be
Ing entirely overlooked only two or
three of the original cant are Been It
In cafe to say It js the only theater
that Is not filled these fine days Tho
audience that assembles would crowd
an ordinary theater but IH scarcely
noticed In this mammoth playhouse
It Is no wonder companies dread to bo
transform to Its Immense stage with
tiff wilderness of orchestra seats and
galleries It Is an lilstotlc old place
Puttl and Nlllson have bowed and
klpsed their pretty hands over those
footlights ns have many more great
nrtlnts oC whom Its walls could tell
fairy tales over and over JANET I
lit Knirtn 1rcl Joni
Counties thousand havo found a
ble lslng to the budyln Ur Kings Now
Life Pills which positively cute Con
stipation Sick Headache Dltrlness
Jaundice Malrtrln Fever and Ague und
all Liver and Stomach trouble Purely
vegetable never gripe or weaken Only
7 cat 7 C M I Drug Dept
lJI HJJim swecteiw tho breath
brightens the eyes and clears the com
plexion without the slightest III effects
whatever and ensures the natural
bloom of health Price 50 cents 7 C
M L Drug Dept
rite story oC the cure of dolta
ter or Chlco Cal which amta1111
another column Is beltovwi appears I
td be lbo
strongest testimonial ever given llw
medical preparation Mr Hunter Rny
blind and holplcn from paroly Wa
was restored to sight and health li nnc1
y Dri
Williams Pink Pills Tha ar0n D
lilt cure nud the unusually account r
Ilcatlon of tho facta nro well Blci
reading Worth
A lot of Children Jackets
10 i
125 115 rl01
years 325 about 11
cent off to clone er
Ono Thousand Boys and Girls
This earn this watch every week You can
Cut do tho work In
one hour
Thrao your
Fourths name and address no money We will
Actual forward a book of ten coupons each
Slzo 4 good for three months subscription
it to tho best homo magazine In Amer
t Ica to be sold tit t ° each You see
1o ten people only as everybody takes
advantage of this bargain When
Q r t sold send us the 100 and we for
° ward the watch prepaid
This Is an American W tch nickel
k 3 Plated Open Face j and Heavy Beveled
jIO p Crystal A Written Guarantee goes with
each watch It Is a good tlm keeper and In
w this rerpect la equal Iho highest prlcowalch
< u
1 Wfil1Ii1Ii1IiIiJiiWri iiiii jJfli W 1Ii JlrIiIi1Ii1Ii1Ii tr 1i W fI W fW fW fWfWfWfWfW filfil
en r p s K JK fcV J + yf UK jjf M + jE IjK jr U J J JK JB fc Jt N JVk jvr JK + jK ± JT JPfc JP J JW v J JK ow > > + jf VK jm JP J JF JF Jf JVC V JV < JV J JR JP > JV JB JBT jg jp
lit d DAY IN DAY OUT = = =
jJB wj
ii The Greatest Values The Lowest Prices
< fll 0 M V JMM JMM 01 < imir ffii r i ii i i j i i f i t j i IV + A C + AAAAtfMi > A < iwSN AAij rf < M W V IXXHM K
The More Generous which tho iavorcil last week
g j Than Latronaeo with people iliv 1cd us y
1 coupled with their Prompt Response to our Special Morning Snld Announcements yl 1 IIJ C SPECIAL iS
rx r y cou 1 1
Ia 2 ft I Dress 600dsand Silks i animates our enterprise and spurs us on to Greater Efforts The News wo tell so forcibly Tailor = Made Suits DRIVES t
t r + +
° A MULTIPLICITY OP BARGAINSRARE DARGAINS THEY i for tins weeks sellinc1 as printed below are such as will surely crowd very Department Dress Skirts II
D I 1111111 I1 MXHK H H WW M I 1 r II IrIIH1 1I11111 1 SPECIAL II
e 1 t 40 pieces Pebble Cheviot Dross Goods J 1 VALUES Golf Skirts i t tt 1 11 1
c YoPebble Cheviots 37 Inches wide In all the leading now y Y 1 t
Yo fall colors Including black
1 1 sale only per yard 7Qr 1 Raglan Quotations This Weck1200 1695 t
I I all German 30 colors German ALL WOOL HEN 1 1 2000 2250 2500 1 I
1 1 RIETTAS 3S Indies wide black eve i 5 s
ning shades nnd street colors an ex I 1
I 1 Henriettas cellent quality Sale AQr i 1 t An Odd Lot of Stylsh II
I 1 1 only per yard r 5 TailorMade Suits 1
I 1 S pieces double faced Golfing Plaids i 1
1 Golfing Plaids 45 Inches wide In blatk brflwn and bluo 1 t II 1 X that Have got to go to make 1i1
f t 1 Ind serge IInl8h with choice plnld 84c I NU N + 11 r 1 room for our dully arriving Fur y If
e b IC k S S ao on I t C l I 4 M r + r t r 11 r > Coats nnd Capes use y
1 1 t r I I 1 100 stylish Eton Norfolk blouse V OJ
b J 1 10 peree black Swiss Taffeta soft and X A GREAT WEEK L SPECIAL y OUR 1 1 high novelty suits canto elk f
t i Black 1affetta luitroua blackas long this number 1 i 1 r 1 x lined and handsomely trimmed 1t Ifj
1 nltBi only per I 1 In cheviot Venetians and broij
fi 50c 1 OF 1 MONDAY 1 1 f
t yard Inuluu J I J cloths In black und colors value
it = Whipcord Rich Satin finish Whipcord Suitings i ti tam 9 to 11 a m 1 x I nt up to 13760 selling 2000 t i
Comfort 1
t 33 Inches wldo of French manufacture 111
1 1 OUting flannel Night Robes for 1 Boys 1 t
1 > 1 vnluoJl In leading autumn 69c 1 1 Men and Boys r Irj
1 SUltlngs U7V Dress Skirts
IJ 11 shades only Paryprdnn11 1 t i w i Iess Ir s 1
II T I r 1 r s rirr r 1 < N t i 1 Selling 1f r 1 U two NI 49 to 11 n I cts customer 1 r 1 X i 1 1 1 I L f llothing Dept 0i 1 t I r 1 c t f 1 j 1 I fi come In The tlmNDRED the und course enormous gq through of n quantities week Auerbarhs Is beyond that X V i I c J
1 t z i I ONE HUNDRED goqd service
Ib lii I 1 y Magnetic Underwear r that Reductions anyone needing of such Good magnitude comforts f TUESDAY 1 i 1 r I i1 i i ablo black ONE every worth HUNDIU3D da 4200 skirts for in nell 01 made 6U C X y Y It
t s for little money should bo hero this 1 y While you arc trying to decide 1 s
I r 1 week and the earlier the t I 1 Rtyllsh skirts In black serge and <
they come DONT MISS 1 DOack
where 1
t y rte i more they are likely to be better OUR GREAT EXTRA SPECIAL t to buy your boys clothes k t mohair worth UOO 195 y If3
tf 1 r r 1 suppose you come and visit uswe t J for Oi u y
satisfied I 1
i t V Bargains HH i First choice Is the best i LADIES Croqiil RUBBERS style 1 are having n continuation of our 1 1 1 ONE HUNDRED up to data X
f + i i Two Hours only 9 to 11 all General Sale In this department 1 flounce skirts In black and gray r f
I t Good Quality Cotton Comfort 1 1 r
r Cheviot trimmed with silk all a
5t 1 fanQcy cJoredo ctl sizes 45c and EJ value r Weve told time and again that Suit S I
i 1 i with fancy colored coverings well t you UI Special 1 round worth J50i
I g FOR THIS WEEK ONLY i trilled and good size worth 123 Y 29 cts 1 our BotoDu Clothing Is the kind you i for U U U 5375 i
n J + t 1 Special for this week SLt r i ought to buy your bay will be bet +
r Each O1 i 1 ter drcesed and It will cost less t Neat stylish fly front Jacket i r1
t r Golf Skirts 1 WIt
I 1 i Suit with flounce skirt piped 1 0 Ir
Such Prices Never Known Before In Height of Season Full size bed comforts with good R r N r r to dress hIm You cnnnot afford to t round with I I
I 1
velvet collar
S quality Robe Print covering beautiful let thIs opportunIty go Uy f
1 selection
J on Jacket mode In Brown of fine black
s JJ tiful pattern soft and fluffy good 1 FOR TWO HOURS Navy If
1 1 i nnd Orll y and gray golf skirls ot
l IS a MONDAY WILL FIND UNPRECEDENTED OFFERS IN OUR s value at J175 go this JJI fT We will continue to sell for this Gray mixtures good value t r 1
1 123 neck tho following Items 1 for 1000 a drive C7 1C I 475
i ON EVERY HAND YOU CAN SAVE FULLY A > QUARTER OF Large Double Bed size comtort 1 SbO to 300 VESTEE X163 NNi IIHH1 1 1 t
I covered with finest fastColor
c t PRICES USUALLY PREVAILING SUCH PRICES ARE MOST UN rt chintz nnd filled with best white 1 9 to 11 oclock r SHITS for Vii I
r 1t USUAL AT THIS SEASON OF THE YEAR SUCH TRULY MAQNIFI Y cotton would bo good value at t t SP1CIAL t IUITStor 123 to UOO VESTEE 215 1 t SHOE TALlT
CENT VALUES ARE ABSOLUTELY UNKNOWN t1 300 this week at C 210 I i 1
= 1 30eOhthls 4rlU 1 Ladles nil Wool flue black Cash 1 SM to 1500 VESTEE
It 1 i mere Hose all sizes < 0c grade 1 SUITS for 2 95 1 I
I ttrl f 45c Union Suits at 29c X135 Wool Tiglets at 100 I knotted Extra size comforts Fine Silk measures 0 II ne covered SlxSO i Special for two hours at a pair 1 JZ75 Knee Pants Suits h 168 1 I
Ladles fast black nanshrlnk r Inches tilled with fine fluffy cotton 1 23 cts t tor t1lC f01 j
I i IAdltst ecru Jersey ribbed fleeced nblc Wool Tights In open or t value J3GO on sale at C 260 11 1 350 to 1100 Knee Pants 235 f Gold
v I 1
t J U lch Suits In all clzes closed all sizes 11 each 11 IUIIIH11 111 r Limit two pair to each customer t Suits for 1
f 35c grade Vests and Pants 1 81x90 Inch satins covered com 1 t 1423 to 1600 Jnec Pants 1 5 IiI
5f0 3 10
iPI 1 forts lowered designs with plain N NN N N N N N N 0 SUItIi tor c
60c Union Suits at 4c at 25c sllkallno ilningafilled with fine t
X 1
1 LXTRA SPECIAL i lIens Madras Shirts with x 1
t fluffy cotton Value 1300 0 270 r J separ I a
Ladles natural gray Jersey Ladles extra heavy Jersey special for this week each S2 i i 1 ate cuffs Just In from tho factory 1
i ribbed Union Suits to button ribbed fleeced natural gray Vests 1 In size BY to 17 thlll week at 60s I I 1
1 1 acrois the chest heavy fleeced and Pants In all sixes d The celebrated Snow Flake Com t1 1 crllze 1 t Ii11
1 r
with extra well smooth finished asd forts covered with the best Flowered + THURSDAY i I i
f 75c grade Vest and Pants i Y
t scams In all sizes seed French Satlne choIce patterns t i SO
i cents
i 1 filled with clean Huffy carded l
r at 57ic 1 100 pieces soft finish Wash bilks 1 i
cotton size 1x90 regular price i45 = 1 J
rL t 85c Union Suits at 65c Ladles Jersey ribbed Vests and on sale this week nt C 335 ocr CO colors to select from on This salo positively closes Satur X i I i 11
P emir per eac 0000 Thursday Noember II from 9 NoI +
I I t Pants In natural gray U per each i U area on forta yard day night t r If
t Ladles Melba perfect fitting cent wool and nonshrInkable In j The Noted Elder Brand DOWN i a m on sale for a yard t 1
natural rlbbedt fleeced s t Ii3
k pray Jersey all sizes 1 COMFORTS covered with the best t r 1r IrNN1r 3 hW
> 24 cts r I I r r i
Union In all sizes
a Suits 180 grade Ladies + Vests French satlne Value 750 CC QC G t i Our
J 1 i I On sale at each s > uu i Limit eO yards to a customer No STATLINO Misses t35 SpecIal Our Ladles JUG Special I t If d
If J 175 Union Suits al 125 at X125 Silk Covered wool filled comforts allllls ui no approvals t VALUES tr t
y of Ladles very fine quality silk x good value at i00 on CQ 80 1 i OUR SHOE
X Ladles Melba natural Bray nrf I OOU 1
I natukalb1lITJ and wool mixed nonshrinknble Kale this week at each dr u u w 1 0 v FROM OUR y r
t A perfect fitting nonahrlnkable Un Vests with long or short sleeves 1 r r i Ii IS OVERFLOWING WITH GOOD THINGS 1
gpeo IN
Ion Suits CO per cent woo 1 In alt rel tu ofg + y f OVNDAIJLU E AND
1 i t1 sizes n natural gray 1 i SPECIAL FAUiLO JOOTWIMH FOR IADmS MISSES BOYS AND 1
t y i OUR y 1 a 1 CnnDHEN OUR ImCES SPEAK I a119TItBOYS
I i 1 X135 grade Vest and Pants t I1 X Curtain 1 AND WE WOULD LfKJ TO HAVE YOU CALL THAN AND LET WORDS I
t t 4
l t 235 Union Suits at X190 at S 100 Y 1 1 FRIDAY 1 UI aln PRICES WE QUOTE DO BELOW TIlER OWN THREK TALICINO
rt 1 Ladles silk and lisle mixed Ladles extra heavy fine all i Flannel Dept i f 1 TIIIhl THIS ypI ONLY +
wool flatweave Vests and Pants i elJ X THAT CANNOT FAIL TO INTEREST 1
It i cream Union Sult very line gust 1i 9 TO 11 A M 10U
> t > Ity medium weight In nil sizes In nhrhkable cream white and or scarlet non for i 1 N I In 1 1 D artment t No I 1 IB
unsurpassed 0
Ct the well known Hurvard make men No 3
I Cloak Jf
i yL perfect In fit and comfort wear I t IS FAMED 1i and Suit Dept spar 1 Childs Kid and Kangaroo Calf Ladles Kid and Kangaroo Cnlf tit
f HI hlldren s Union Suilts i for the big assortments of newest i 11 dozen jnly all wool Flannel 1 Shoo lace and button EVERY f Shoe STYLISH DRESSY AND
1 i 250 Union Suits at i < 200 at 25c 1 Creations In Wnlstlngs which are Y Waist tucked back and front All t t PAIR WARRANTED Sizes Stf DURABLE Calf lace Kid Three lace styles with cloth nil Ii9 t
J dull received from the PRICES e
bi HIft r dully renowned 0 hafJf NZS bfi to 44 Inches llU 1
t X bodies Mclba nil wool nun Childrens Jersey ribbed nat I center of Fashion of Europe mil i values for 1 t toll 1160 quality RICEIIO top and oil Kid button and lace j
1 ft 1 shrinkable tnlon Suits to button ural fleeced Union Suits In all America FAMKD FOR TUB VERY t s 1 i SPECIAL CUT PRICEvl lU U 200 quality OUR 8PECC1 Cf t
i i across the chest natural gray or sizes selling regular at accord y MODERATE FIGURES PLACED i 89 cts That tell a great big Bargain t 1 j IAL CUT PRICE SPEC51 f
y cream In nil sizes Ing to size from 35o to We a suit I ON THESE GOODS We are going i t r Storythat solve the problem of NO 2 >
I l 1 to make some warm prices on r the phenomenal growth of this department Dont Miss oar Great Kx >
I rr wti11ur WHITE FLANNELS this week M NN1 M M M Misses Kid and Kangaroo Calf
rJ rr rrrNw + < < > > > > L f t
f partment Ira Special Paeda Irnln D
t 1 X Shoes Lace and Button Heavy lie Tuesday Mornlntr t
if Allwool White Flannel iwlda
ft t Regular e > 37 t 4c this 27c 1 SATURDAY s Fine Ecru Lace CurtalnsIn i Extension Soles EVERY IPenvy toll LadlesRubbers Croquet > Ii
I 1 week r yank C r novel effectsylza SHxCO usually 1 WARRANTED Sizes 11H to 2
a per 1 re all sizes 45c to COc values two r
Itl i Little Priced Linen Remnants 1 I White Regular flannel Me on sale Quality thin allwool 1 i lr tailed pair nt 1100 go this week Cl 10 SPECIAL 11 75 quality CUT PRICEvl 00 tr r hours only 29c
I t 42c Morning from 9l0 11 oclock
+ ti
> t i NwYrr
I t4 y Week per yanl 1 i Choice White Irlth Point Curtains XN j
It r I 1 Fine arowl < 1e White Flannel A 100 Pair GRAY RLANKETfi 111 y 81zo 314x50 well worth i50 on Bale t
11 Xa i The Odds und Ends left from our Last Weeks large LINEN SALE y alloolgenernly retailed at 70r A tiff with fancy Uorders heavy and t this week per MiS585 SMART MILLINERY a U
Y on sale this week warn ixxt and ileecy usual 1 A polr
c g 4 to this week at LOWERED LOW PRICES J 5c 1 1 5
i art go Nor ynrd > grad for i hi uNnc two hours I A Womans Hat crowns the effect of a becoming costume It Is the i
N i All Short lengths of Table Linen odd HALF DOZENS of NAPKINS y SILK WARP Yardwide White X i tains Dainty size White SUxJO J that Net Cur finishing touch to the smartly dressed person i
1 Flannel the best In the market < 110 cannot be 1 The fashion of the Hat should conform to the character of the wear a
ii f are all marked for hurried selling this weak j value UJ5 special for this no 4 P here matched this for weejc s s than J300 marked a er Wo make a speciality of this Expert designers model hat for the I j
f1 t r t v w k yard 98c 1 1 Limit two to each customer 11 pair We Pr vu 90 t most particular For a hat at anV kind for street wear or most formal
1 r J r J J 11 I U t u11u n 1na occasion I no can meet your demand X
It > H x HX I r r ti tis J I
1 N
I NN wwmfrtt
4 +
W r N1
r 11 N 01 AAA JU VAtAA AA
I 1 jlS J li111f 1jJ MJJJ1j S S S JSJSJS JE JJ JJ1jMJ JSJSjlSJS S S MiMj MJ Jj iJJiJi ryrV ritr no TTYrirTi > J
I <

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