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Tanpiors Interesting EnvlronsA Trip to TotuanRiff
Pirates by No Means Past and Gono S
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u tnttfuuuWUUtfuulnflrulmru1 M tuutttrtnt fl riI 1
I Special Correspondence
I AN G I E H Morocco
i Sept 2VThe uncertain
laws of this land of
f Mohammed have estab
lished what Is known
as a Sanitary Coun
cil whoso rule extends
tends three miles be
T yond the walls of Tan
gier Farther than that
Europeans arc not permitted to go
cither singly or In companies without
one or more Moorish soldiers as escort
Nol find then a foolhardy tourist
tries It1Jut seldom returns to tell the
talo of his adventures Not long ago a
tipanlahl was murdered In this way
Ills government iccured a money pay
ment from tho sultan but the murder
ern wore never punished nor any effort
made to discover who they were Theru
is little doubt that tho soldiers them
s 1 rest f to alleged protectors of the
people lu their capacity of mounted po
lice were at tho bottom of the affair
If not the actual murderers Conditions
here are akin to those we found In
Cuba during Wcylera regime when
Spanish foldlers had things nil their
own way with the defenseless Islanders
before Uncle Samuel como to their
rescue Shortly after the Maine was
exploded a lied Cross party of which
the writer was a member had occasion
to go from Guurmbncoa to the next
village three miles distant on foot an
there was no other way Everything
was quiet ns the grave and wo started
blithely enough down tho laurel hnllod
iondto be Immediately ordered back
by the captain of the Spanish forces
that guarded the town to wait for
military escort In vain we protested
that aunt was a neutral mission to
benefit the suffering ot either side and
that we were not afraid to make the
short Journey ut midday on an ap
parently deserted highway especially
as the
protect Us wearers even In war llm > f
In every part of the world Said the
atnlllYou would surely be killed
before you had gone ten rods Hungry
soldiers with guns In their hands rind
such an opportunity for loot before
them care nothing for your Cruz Hoja
All along tho road arc guardhouseH
with soldiers In them who would shoot
you without parley tho Instant yon got
within rango of the loopholes and on
every hilltop are hidden CBntlntlu
posted by General Weyler to keep
miles and reconccntrados from passing
Who could tell whence tho bullets came
that killed you If I allowed you to
io without the escort I alono would
be held responsible for your murder
80 there was no help for It and to the
lllage we went In the midst of a troop
of raged soldiers every one of whom
looked like an assassin In disguise
Plrncy Is also nn occasional pleasant
ry of Moorish life Recently the
Prosper Corln a vessel engaged In
tho Frencli SpaniSh trade was looted
on the Mediterranean by HeeHan pi
rates The foreign ministers went In
n body accompanied by their drago
mans to demand restitution on behalf
of France and Spain from Mohammed
ni Torres tho Shereeflan minister of
state They will get It some daybut
never so long as the sultan can find
fxpuse for delay Only the other day
a few miles oft the coast of Morocco
and almost within range of the guns of
Gibraltar a British felucca was drift
ing placidly on the tide In a dead calm
when eight long boats filled with
swarthy Moors pulled out from the
shore with vigorous sweeps of their
ours It was the Ulff pi
rates again descendant of that
famous band of water rats which
nwrpt these seas In tho middle ags
nnd despoiled every vessel they could
put their claws on A felucca Is only
n small craft whose Mule equipment Is
wine and sailors Therefore resistance
was useless and the Hlffs In the long
boats were masters of the situation
0 They lId not killas their ancestors
would have done merely for the fun
of the thlnglhls piracy being too easy
In tho twinkling of an eye they stripped
the little ship taking away the entire
cargo alt the spare canvas the cap
tains belongings and about n thousand
dollars in sliver coin then turning
their attention to the crew thoy toto
the clothing from their backs and even
while the vlctlrns afraid of their lives
submitted without a murmur When
there Was no more to steal tho follow
ers of Cupti Kldd sent IL few parting
shots at tho shin flourished their long
sharp knives menacingly and pulled
back to shore Nothing has yet been
done about the outrage but England
never Ida her son go urredrosstd of
foreign wrongs and It In probable that
before long there will be niublc In the
nlr about the sultans cars In this case
the sultan was not to blame Ho ban
many times marched troops against
the lllffa but all in vain nnel now he
has set n large price on every pirates
heM Ills another case of first catch
your hare In Moroccan dialect riff
clynllloH the mine as the Italian rI
Viera or seashore The range of coast
hills in whoso secluded valleys rind I
hidden pockets these people have
their settlements mo vnlleil el rlf by
the Arabs Rate In their fastnesses I
the Biffs have proved themselves to be
even more ferocious landsmen than sea
robbers a thousand times more feared
by the peaceful subjects of pouthein
Morocco than by their countrymen who
do commerce on the Mediterranean
Comparatively little In known nbout
the Ittlfs The tangle of wild moun
tains within which most of them live
almost overlooking the southern coast
of Europe Is ns unexplored today ns
the heart of Africa It Is said that
the men and women descended from
the Barbary rangers arc
and make theIr valleys blossom ns till
rose rounding themselves with
many Itixuileu by the simple arts of
smuggling and robbery Mons Iuey
tier a French explorer says they ate
wonderfully well armed possessing a
foimidabli armament antI several
thousand Uptodate uuns
In view of these drawbacks ones ex
plorntlomt of Morocco are somewhat
limited With only ono soldier guide
of whoirl there Is probably as much
reason to ho nfrnld as of any other
pirate you may visit tho environs of
rnnghr seeing all of consequence In
ono days time At low tide you may
ride down U the beach and off to tho
eastward where imualvo ruins of Ro
man walls temples and amphitheater
tell of a great city which once stood
upon the shining sands This was the
ancient Tlnfls which tradition Bays
was founded by Sophax a son of Her
cules nod the widow of Antaeus In
its neighborhood was long pointed out
the grave of the fabled giant said to
contain his skeleton sixty cubits long
At any rateMho numerous legends that
cling to It attest tho antiquity of the
place History tells us that the Em
peror Augustus raised it to the rank
of a free city and that In the time
of Claudius It became n Roman
oolonla rind capital of the province of
Tlngltana Here In ancient times the
galleys were laid up In midwinter Just
aside the mouth f > f n small river which
Sows Into the Mediterranean but is
now useless for any sort of shipping
theonetime harbor beIng completely
cut off from the sea by a
huge sandbar Across this historic
stream now known ns Oued el le
houd ot Jews river may still be
traced the ruins of a Roman bridge
and near by are the remains of an c >
tensive nauaduct From this point a
picturesque road turns Inland through
the DJebel or mountain Rugged
heights rising canyonlike on either
side arc broken by a succession of
ravines In which vegetation fed by
ferruginous springs Is extraordinarily
rich Cork and olive trees myrtle and
dwarf oaks make dense shade honey
suckles and passion vines run riot
amid thickets of clstus heath bay and
yellow broom Hero are garden nml
vlllaM to which the wealthy residents ot
Tangier bctako tnemselm In summer
time to enjoy tho cool
and tho pure water of Innumerable
springs Another hours rIde brings you
to Cape Spartel with Its relebratqd
lighthouse which Uncle Samuel helps
to maintain It was built at the ex
pense of the Moors 1 > y n French archi
tect but Is kept up by the various for
eign government which nre Interested
In the Mediterranean trade etch con
tributing Its annual cjuola After as
cending Its tower and enjoying n wide
view of shining sea nnd hazeenveloped
hills nnd far away on the horizon a rim
a glittering sliver hue which marks
tho northern border of the desert you
nre offered coffee rind bread by the care
takers of the lighthouse and never was
nectar and ambrosia co acceptable
If early enough In tho day you may
continue the ride to the caverns of Ran
Ashukkar near the village of Modluna
which have served ns atone luairlcs
since the days of tho Roman nnd from
which nil the millstones for grinding
whent that arc used In the province ot
Tangier ao still cut Returning to
the city whoso gates you must reach
before sunset or remain nil night out
side you may vary the cxeurMon by
crossing the plain Instead of taking tht
beach road On that purl of the
plateau nenrest to tho Kasbnh or clta
Jel you see innumerable tombs hone
combed In tho living rock which tradi
tion says were tho burialplaces of the
ancient rhanicfuio Horrible to reUit
these rocky graves where corpses have
lain until corruption wrought Its per
fect work arc now utilized ns prison
cells Each contains some wretched be
Ing whose worst offense It probably
that of not being able to pay his debts
held fast by a chain Just long enough
to permit him to 0unt In the door of
his tomb by day and crnwl Into It at
nlrht for shelter
It tnkcv two days to go to Tctuan on
mulcbnck and the government Insists
on furnishing n
nt your cxponeo The customary pay
ment of a footsoldier Is half a dollar
a day and his keep that of a mount
ed soldier double the price Leaving
Tangier by the seagate you follow thu
beach about a mile and then tutu In
land to avoid the sand hills Uy and
by you come to a little stream fringed
with pink and white oleanders which
follows tho road all tho way to tint
mountains At n miserable clay vil
lage called Fondack you pass the
night pitching tents In the open Mf you
have them or If not patronizing the
wretched caravanserai The latter Is
nn immense square building1 contain
In u large open court with a colon
ado around It Into which a number of
rooms open These apartments contain
nothing In tho world but dirt and vei
mln In the midst of which you are ex
pected to spread your rugs on the floor
anti snatch what sleep you can with
mules and horses stamping close by in
the corridor occasionally poking social
abe noses In at the doorway Your
morning ablutions must be performed
nt the public trough where the animals
drink nnd as you have brought your
own food it Is safe to say that you will
prefer to take It al fresco on tho sandy
plain From Fondack the stony
I road Is like climbing stairs
now straight up and down over
n series of low but rugged hills
until you reach the bridge which
spans the Bou Sflhs river Here you
get the first gllmpso of Tetuan and
the most picturesque scene In Moroc
co Begirt with a lofty wall set at
short Intervals with massive souiro
towers the city dhows from tho Ols
tancc only a few mosques and a heavy
frowning heap of masonry that Corm
the citadel It occupies the slope of n
limestone hill two hundred feet above
the river which flows through broad
valley rich with the most brilliant veg
etation Tetuan has a population of
twentythree or four thousand mostly
Moors and Jews Before the Spanish
war there were many Spaniards here
most of whom were Wiled or have since
lound tho uhtco too politically uncom
fortable to live In The city was found
ed In 1492 by the refugees from Gren
ada some of whoso proud descendants
still retain the title deeds of their an
cestors vast estates In Andalusia and
the keys of their stately palaces In
Grenada Above the town Is the has
bah with a large space of open ground
enclosed within the walls Tho town
Is also surrounded by high walls and
locked up at night A good deal ot
the city Is In ruins having never been
rebuilt since battered down by the
HlianUh guns The streets In the Jow
tsh quarter arc tho
I burn ever seenso narrow that ac
tually two persons can hardly walk
abreast between the houses and these
lanes are further darkened by frequent
arches thrown across In the Moham
medan pat of town which la much
cleaner are some very handsome resi
dences bflonglnir to wealthy Moors
Most of these mansions have fountains
of runnIng water In their exquisitely
tiled Cou1t ards n I Alhambra and
rehires covered with passion lowers
and fragrant JesKnmlnc Owing to Its
suddenly dwindled population house
rent Is absurdly cheap In Tetuan nnd
one can obtain a regular Aladdana pal
ace tor almost nothing There Is a
good deal to Interest one here In tho
gunsmiths shops which ore said to be
the beat In Morocco In the silk factor
ies which turn out scarves alas and
gorgeous handkerchiefs and In the pot
teries situated In caverns outside the
town where wonderful Axulos or Moor
ish tlUs are made The views too
mo worth coming far to sec green al
I Icy and gllstenlnx river gardens and
olive groves environed by rugged hllli
nod overtopped by Uenl Hosmar the
snowcovered mountain Tho climate
of thin part df Africa Is delightful the
year round nnd particularly recom
mended by European physicians for In
valid wlthjUlmonnry complaints The
port of Tetuan called JJarteen Is five
miles to tho eastward and a mile from
the Mediterranean on a fiver whose
trough Is obstructed by the Inevitable
sandbar It Is guarded by a single
tower square and lofty very pictur
esque but hardly worth tho Journey
to look at In this land of picturesque
wI T T
The Beauty
< < sFey R i
< I
l t I
Can be ruined by being placed in a
clumsy mounting
It is our first purpose to sell a per
fect diamond of the Correct Color and
our next to mount it properly
We here illustrate new and pop
we are the sole agents in Salt Lake
It holds the diamond much more
securely than the old style mounting
r lasts three times as long and yet
shows more of the stone
It is essentially a ladies mounting
and in style and finish is in Keeping
with its requirements
We highly recommend it to our
A < oo 1 Milk
for Infant feeding 11 a mixed Cows
milk from herd of native breeds Her
dens Eagle Brand Condensed Milk
herds Are properly houid Klentlflcally
fed and are constantly under trained
inspection Avoid unknown brand 4
t 25 per cent oft our entire Block of
Fur Scarfi Collarette Capes and
Coati No reserve
The Mutual
Life Insurance Company
of New York
Did more buelne In 1900 than during any previous year It easily maintains
Its posItion ag the largest strongest most progicsslvo life Insurance company
In the world
Income in 1900 6058280231
Assets Dec 31 1900 32575315251
Insurance and Annuities 114149788802
The hlnlory of Ihs ccipany has been fcn unbroU record o progress Its
excess cr tf I urns i p llcyholders ban been almost six times as much as
lint of the next largest company and nearly ttn times as much as that of
the third in rank
Total of Assets and policy payments 866232963
Total of Premiums received 779134420
Excess of Assets and payJ
ments to policyholders over 87098543
total premiums received V
formation of Company
ThC na ctr of Tho Mutual Life are clean and well Invested The com
pany refute to take risks In countries whuro climatic conditions are at
nil dangerous and It docs not write Insurance on ubJectB who arc In any
respect below standard
Experienced agents can find no better company for which to work
It has room for workers who tire not icbaters Address
When It comes to buinlng coal you
t are burning money Some stoves
simply cat up coal others do their
work without loss of time or fueland
make no fuss about It In fact stoves
t aro like men Will you let us show
you tho good kind
B eale still running
iJ U
tl i + wt
t r
t DES r r
t i
d rI a
y Yr t tV
HE exclusive rights to the
series of Art Portfolios
known as THE HUNDRED
sold to the Deseret News for
Utah and Idaho with selling
rights in Nevada Colorado and
New Yorli
lnur Should Use the
nun IIQrOQ SemiWeekly News
If the dlr to reach the people of the Wattern
State and Territorial In their rorra
+ I + H + H + IH + + i + jH + + I
I The Linen f
I Clad House i tr
f This Is not a dry goods ad but j
tho ad of a restaurant whoso M
J tables are LINEN CLAD wliosu r Uu
t silver In bright glassware clean i
V service i > neu and food proper + °
1 prepared Of course Its Beards
J Icy a Tavern Wo liuew lou 0
J would uuena it at onto
+ IH + IHtH + + HIHI +
Northern Light Mining ami Mllllns
Company Mines situated at Ophlr
Tooele County Utah 1ilnclpal olllco
712 MoCornlck Building Salt Lake City 1
Utah There are delinquent upon tho i an
following described Block on account of t dr f4
an assessment levied on the 2nd day of >
October 1901 the several amounts set 4 ley
opposite the names of tho respective e
shareholders no follows
NAlr s b o r r Amt h 011 t
30 Oeo HezQe 20Q i 400 iq
958 v M Aldrich 200 400 rte
003 0 T Itoen 100 2M s
S4S L 1I0lbfQok 100 200 King
S57 JIII W Campbell MO 1000 lost d
tst JIS W Campbell 640 10CO t 1I1Yc
1096 T Ellis lJrowno 600 1000 ot thl
1154 T Ellis lIrowne 1000 2000 gian
1439 W D Johnson tCe 100J j 8 bee
130 O T Hon 500 1000 burn I
mo 0 B firm 1r 500 1VOO i ve be
16j8 C E I1udMn fl 600 100 Merci
1736 T C Marlin 200 fOO t1 wit
1m Ralph Outhrle lCO 20
1702 W B ChltJlnan 600 1000 to list
1773 Max Herman 200 40J fives
179t James Chipman U3 3M algr
tSOG Sheets Thomptop 500 100J i
ISM Sheets Thompson 500 100
lS0t J J Bamberger 100 200 1 i A
1m F H Oorhal1 20040
1677 Will II Child 1000 200 Men
1m H I Colburn fr 1003 2003 t t Nun
1954 G E Alrlll 100 2CO
1936 e B lIumphrey too 1000 r n
2010 1 J Conway lr 600 100 ornln
2029 C L flaunt 10 200 i es
010 Brainard hitter jOO 1000 ne
2066 E E Stetvart 500 100 rc W
2088 C D Gardinier fiOO 1000 tie fe
2102 J Dern 700 HlO r wed
2111 E Itudson Tr 600 lQOO f
2127 Theo lrause 600 1000 tl wet
212 W J McIntyre 600 1003 arm I
2132 H 11 Kenon 600 1000 shied
2170 J A Iollocl 100 200 fau8
t arIJ
21S2 D H Peer Jr Tr 101 200 fired
2201 n L Colburn Tr 506 1060 njuret
2221 Van H Brooks 600 1000 idea
2230 E P Newell 6Q0 IMO tic Ih
2232 n U Peery Jr tOO 1060 f betel
2237 E I Scars 100 21 scue
215 J J Hamberger 100 20 i toiler
228 Sheets Thompson MO 100 t fit
2270 Eihcets Thompson MO 1001 100 m
22S5 r H Weeks 100 200
2256 leo W Moer 100 200 l 8w
2287 handler Bullock 200 400 It
2291 0 W Iorer 6D3 1100 1 well
2293 Sheets Thompson 600 100 voce 1
2305 r E Hudson Tr 160 203 es B
2300 Peerr Lowe 1004 20QIJ per v
2328 Dc Wilt 11 Lowe 600 ItOf
2335 c S Williamson liOO 10M lets
2349 Jus h Pollock 104 2011
2363 W Ili Tlhball 11 100 100 t Nc
2373 n L CollJurn 100 201 I ad t
2384 E L Sheets Tr 200 400 wilt
2396 n E McConaurhy 500 1000 rhaui
2100 Emma Hanson 500 1000 r CA
2401 Theo Dtubilck 500 1000 mint
2m 11 8 Joseph 100 200 r0f 11
2m W M Wantland 500 100 > n
2439 It Mrs D Stelnrnln 140 26 t itterr
2Ho It Mrs D Btelnrnan 27 il oant
2118 F M Ayers 100 200 Dror
2m Wm Johnston 100 200
2453 J D Thompson 600 1000
2156 II Damllefler 100 200 krs
2167 11 Dambefler 100 200
2474 Pt Wm Kahn GO 120 olidr
2fm Irvine 8 Mason Trs 1M 200 l aaa
2m Inlne 8 Mason Trs 100 20
2490 W D Mathl 100 200
2191 W D Mathis f IDOw Iti Poet
2m W D Malhls 100 200 It
2m W D Mathis 300 400 toy
2roS Sheets Thompdori24D 400 al of
25U W O Carver 100 200 ditlor
2521 D F Redman 100 2qO 1s t
2m 11 F Redman 1M 240
2533 A L Jacobs 160 UO oast
5H lI B Penllergast Tr 1M 200 I p to
2546 M B Pendercaat Tr 100 200 aand
2549 M S Pendergast Tr 100 200 g old
2552 M S Pentlergalt Tr 100 100 q Ease
2559 C E Hudson 100 200 r t e Cc
2m G W POllp 100 00
2560 A 1Ianauer 500 1000 iCar
2595 Andrew Lombard 100 200 14
2599 Andre 8 Lombard
100 200 Stl
kd St
2602 Andrew Lombard 100 200
267 Itudson Sons Co 100 20 been fM
2628 Hudson Sons Co 100 200
2630 Hudson Sons Co 100 200
2635 L E Damberer WO 100 < turd
2642 Ralph Outhrlo roo 1000
2645 De Witt D Lowe 500 10011
650 n 1 Colburn 100 201 ptem
1G59 11 VY DOlcher 100 200 genii
2670 Ralph Outline 1000 2000 una
267 C Twitchell lGo 260 aids 1 cell
26SS Jr C Darnhart rhO 1000 I
Ion I
2697 Jas omeepl 200 40
2O Theo Brublck 200 400 It an
27lS W II Clark GOO 1000 ma
m Sheets Thompson 100 200 t
m5 J K Gillespie 00 1001
a Tel
2m H G Brockman 100 200 t1 I
276 E A Hartenstein 200 400 Ind
m9 I E Hamberger Co fOO sea +
my e
2781 Earl Dunhee 500 1000 1
r 9o c 1 Baum Tr 600 14Oe 4
2791 C L haunt Tr 500 1000 t
27P2 C 1 I Baum Te 600 1001 m C
2EOG n G DtociiIi 1I lob 200 t
260 Ju A Iollock roo 1000
509 T Foes 1000 000
2819 R L Colburn too 1000 i
2m D Jr Peer Jr 300 600 ap
2831 Mrs Dorothea M Mc utOIJ
Intyre tOO 16t1 f Tern
2m D Jr Peery Jr 200 fO N
2S60 Irvine Mason GOD 100 nit
2m J K Ol1lc plo roo 1MO
2m A F lWgrlen bOO 1060 ro T
2SS9 W D Mnthla 602 1000 kr
Si0 A P Mayberry 600 1001 liana
2971 Sheet Thompson 500 1000 Mn
967 It II Tracy 1000 000
9IP J A Iollock 600 1000
ml Irvine Mason 600 1000 cheat nan
2m F D IIIgslnbQtham ntm
Jr ICoI1IJ 000 nerve
950 II H Cole 500 1000
991 S W Iorrlon 1000 ZOro t pfrl
tOOl C S Woods 1000 ZOOO mi
3007 F W Iansur 60 10Cit nit
3016 Fisher HarrIll 1110 000 a I
3011 rO W IQnsur 1000 2000
3040 Gee Marlin 1000 2000 s
30GS Mrs C E Kenneth 500 1000 a
k sc
JOCi 110 Woolle Jr 1000 000
3014 11 0 Woolle Jr 1000 2043 io ri or
roo ooo n of
30iS r L4 nue
3015 Jas fL Campbell 1000 2000 HIP Uet
3l9S A E Snow 1000 011 b j
1000 2000 111 be
3100 Mrs Ho1nC JnSle
3111 II It Zerbe 1000 tO 4 ht
3116 JI Bamberger 4D 10D alit
Wall roo 1000 It T
31 0 F
m6 HumUR Anderson 604 loo it C
3121 t A lOhok 1000 2001 rhlrt Rtlla
9l3 rank Mtoore 04 i006 Ten
3m E D Muller 1190 O00 I P <
1tIS E D Miller 1100 1Otl 1
1 > tlllltr 1000 OM Jc
WI H erne
And In accordance with the law and
order of the Board of Directors made x
on the JnJ day of October 101 ro 7 f11
many charts of each parcel of a4
Mid t < xk as may be neccz me
nary vlll be fold nl the omte of Ight
the company 712 McCornlck Building In
Halt Laks City Itah on the JCth day c
of November 1901 at 10 oclock a m
to pay delinquent assessment together
with costs of advertising and expense of npIPi
i bt
gale O E AiniS Secretary
Bait Lake City Utah 1 flan
Date of first publication November t Ye d olh tr
191 Net
t torte
SixtySit Volumes to lo Placed on
Shelves on Monday
The followlnpGG books will be added
to tho Public library Monday morning
Nov 11 1901
Archer Decisive Events
linker Rifle and Hound In Ceylon
Balfour Life of Hobert Louis steV
enson 2 vols
Brnnn The Iconoclast 2 vole
DaskamFubles for the Fair
Dodge Gall Hamiltons Life nnd Let
ters 2 pots
Clarke The Control of Trusts
FrostHalf Hours with Early Explor
ers Hndley Introduction to Roman Law
LenoxPractical Life Work ot Henry
Mackenzie Bits of Blarney
Markham and Other Poems
Martin Sadie Life and Professional
Career of Emma Abbott
Martin Theodore Memoir of William
Edmondstoune Aytoun
Mnteaux Peeps Abroad for Folks at
Reed editor Modern Eloquence 10
vols Yes 13 AfterDinner Speeches
vos 46 Lectures vole 79 Occasional
Addresses vol 10 Anecdotes
Russell Tho True Robinson Crusoes
Stamer Dolce Napoll
Trine The Greatest Thing Every
WebsterTwo Treaties of Paris and
the Supreme Court
WeecottLlfe of John Fitch
Wormley translator Memoirs of the
Marquis DArgenson 2 vols
Wormley translator Memoirs of
Madam Mottevllle 3 vole
SeatonThompsonLlves of the Hunt
Studio vola7 9111218
ConnorMan from Glengarry
CrawfordMarietta A MaId of Ven
EllIotThe Making of Jane
Orecne Moral Imbeciles
Qrlnnell The Punishment of the
LloydWarwIck of the Knobs
Lotl Madame ChryBanthemc
McLaws Whim the Land was Young
Mitchell Circumstances
NaylorThe Sign of the Prophet
PhelpHStory of Jesus
Spearman Held for Order
Somervllle Jack Racer
WhiteStratagems and Spoils
Doubleday Year In a Yawl
Grlnnell Neighbors of Field Wood
and Stream
Loflg Fowls of the Air
Major The Bears of Blue River
Munroc A Son of Satsuma
SharpThe Youngest Girl In School
The members of the Athenaeum club
In London represent the higher spheres
of literature art and diplomacy and
particularly the Established Church
Inasmuch as nearly all tho bench of
bishops may be found upon Its list The
United Service club on the other hand
Is made up of ofllcers of the army and
navy One day last summer while the
Athenaeum was closed for repairs and
Its membent were temporarily enjoying
the hospitality of the other club there
came down Into the hall n retired ad
miral a man of portly build and vio
lent temper
Wheres my umbrella he demand
ed of tho hall porter
Search was made and the umbrella
was not forthcoming The admiral be
gan to fume A dozen flunkies Imme
diately swarmed Into the hall
My umbrella cried the admiral
an umbrella with a silver knob
where Is It sir
The bustle continued for a few mo
ments and then one of the attendants
timorously Informed the admiral that
It could not be found
What sir what elrf Not to be
found slr1 Why not girl
I aw afraid sir replied the hall
porter thai sonic gentleman has tak
en It by mistake
Taken It Taken It roared the ad
miral now fairly hDopIectlc with rage
you mean stolen Ityes sir stolen It
I might have known what would hap
pen when we let In all those dd
bishops Argonaut
He had called on n Flfthavenuo
physician and reported that he was
knocked out generally Aj he took
the prescription he told
Well doctor what do I owe you
Two dollar
Im sorry I cant pay you today
You wont mind waiting a while will
1UNo that1 nil rIch
And doctor how much will this pre
scription cost
About Jl
Say doc you couldnt loan mo a
dollar to get It with could you 7 Im
dead broke
Let me look at that prescription
again said the physician Ht took
It examined It and erased a lint
I had prescribed something for your
nerve he said but I nee you dont
need ItNcw York Times

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