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The DeveJopment of th Automobile
hazard a statement as to the
best rtcord of the automobile
bile today when nearly ev
en week brings forth ft now
claimant for honors la to
say the least presumptuous tout It
may be safely said that a milt a min
ute Is approximately the highest speed
u >
1 I
< f u
11 I tlo A I
I bo f
II < r I
I s t w
lustl Jtrm I
n nts i ij julli I I I
e te
r br
m t
I at
e 188 t
ver l
I bo
Racing Automobile aR6dJcvil
owned by WKYfaicIcrbillJr 1901
attained up to date Tho great dash of
Henri Fuiirnler lint month nt Nnrrn
tfin Clt park broko a word then oxUt
Inff for speed on n drftull4l rouw hut
hU mill1 In 1m 7 > VVIID Hurpniied the
following week by Alexander Wlnton I
neur Detroit when ho rruule a mile In
I in 0 2 > C l nnd a run of ten miles In ex
actly 11 minute At Newport last Au
pust tf K Vamlerbllt Jr ran a nillo
O1oKHQoOoQoH > Qo D QoHN
In 1m 310 and llvo miles In 7m 361
on his well known terror of the itwd
UPC Devil and there are several other
contestant who have nearly matched
Tho speed of the motor vehicle of to
day ilvJilIng that of the Rerage Iller
on our railroads hoc Ilfel a develop I
I ment of the Inllor poitlon of Iho last
decade but tho Invention of the ma
I chiuc Ittelf carries ono back well Into
tin pnst century An France led In
aerial navigation so also tu her credit
1111 tho first practicable motor carriage
attributed to a Frenchman M Cu not
who In 1770 produced one which may
clll he Been In tho Cnn eraJC II des
Aits et Metiers in Paris This country
n i j ni N t7n rQI
preawd hard for humus however for
the first operative stoam parrlngo heip
was invented by Nathan llqcd of Man
MCIIIUPIU In 177S Tho new machine
lld not excite great Interest ftppaient
ly for it was allowed to fall Into Hi
uni rnd thi nineteenth ceiilury open id
without anything practical having be n
I tvoMcd far common use though In 1W3
n IIteam rnrtlie was in operation
aiuund lonc > ii which was far a lime
lor considerable a rvlce
Till Chinese aa usual come along
with a claim to prior Invention of th
steam motor carriage but tijftlr at
tempts to nhotv tint thtfy i < ntl6lpat il
n iilv everything In use today s vl
dated by the historical fart 0 tl by
never made any use of them They lay
claim to gunpowder tu printing nnd
to 11 host of other useful inventions wo
know and the tradition that Father
Vf > ibrest the learned Jesuit when In
China some time in tho thirteenth cen
tury saw a motor propelled by a Jet of
steam may be taken with a grain of
suit Without however going so far
back for early examples of the auto
h k = fI T o Oir1j
we may ba certain that It was In rather
common use In Kngland nearly seventy
years ngo in 1533 In foot a sfnm bus
ran regularly between Gloucester arid
Cheltenham and a speed of about
twenty mfles an hour was attained
This machine puer < w > d a one thul was
UMt1 OH early as WS which mado front
flight tu twelve mil an hour carrying
nix insldq and twUe outside pasxsn
Bnr Another and Improved vehlcl
also running In 1851 was noted for till
ens with whloh it took sleep grades
gaining great reputation as a hill
climber fiul all thtse newfangled car
rlUKM entmmttired great opposition
from Ignorant people of the period who
thxwv obstacle in thlr way not only
I physical hut In tho shape of excessive
I tolls As at the present time a rail
j road having n charter for tralflo trade
I between any points was the Inveterate
enemy of any other design for break
Ing Into Its monopoly and through
strong Inlluonce brought to bear ob
structive laws were passed In England
about 1S3 which were not repealed un
til Wd During those sixty years or so
I tho auto motor languished In compara
five obscurity broken only occasionally
by Innovations from abroad It was In
US7 tho cNpcrts agree that the prob
lem of furnishing a machine that could
ueo a more or less portable fuel was
solved by the evolution of the gasoline
motor at the Otto works In Cologne
Ocrmany hut almost contemporane
ously experimenters In France nnd the
1nlted States were at work upon the
arlous types that have since proved so
The honor for supremacy may be
said to lie today between France nnd
tho United States yet It Is only within
tho past few years that either nation
has been prominent In tho race
r 1o ol lolOooI l J
The first automobile contest of Im
portance took place in S9I at the Insti
gation of ha 1ellt Journal of Paris
and was over the roads between Paris
und Hoinni One hundird vehicles en
tered but fow kept up to the last the I
rare being won by a gasoline motor
r which covered the distance of eighty
live nilles tn n little over five hours
The United Status FOOD took up the
fad nnd In IW a race was won here
by n gaKOlIno motor built in Massauhu
SCUM The next year tho JJiltlsh had a
ijreit contest to celebrate the modifica
tion at their stringent road laws lint
there wan also a race In Frnnee be
tween Paris and Marseilles In 1S9S oc
curred the decisive contest of pawn
gel Carrying cub1 In Paris upon which
was based the radical revolution of the
system In that city the electric nutp
calm superseding horse drawn vehicles
altogether That was only three years
ago and at the same time London and
New York Washington nnd other large
Cities were experimenting with the uu
tos with a view to their Introduction
as A means for city transit which has
now become fairly General
Having survived nevernl protracted
periods of neglect In the century and Ii
third thut has olapicd since Its Inven
tion tho motor carriage or automobile
hai at last come to stay and ha1 been
accepted as an eventual substitute for
horses Poor equus will have to be rel
egated to tho rear It would seem
thoush for some time yet he will be a
familiar and obnoxious feature of our
streets Now that speed strength and
comfort arc promoted by the use of
ball bearings hicyclu construction und
pneumatic tires now thut the matter
of speed Is practically one of good
roads and Intrepidity on the part of the
chauffeur nnd now that It has been
demonstrated that an auto costs hardly
more for fuel and repairs than a horse
costs for his food almost any one rich II
enough to pay the Initial price of nn
automobile may Indulge In the luxury
of a spin upon his own machine
Scarcely a day passed without its
chronicle of accidents through the ec
centricities of tho automobile which i I
has n moat disagreeable habit of skid i
ding on wet and clayey roads some
times takes n notion to blow up Its
holler If n steam auto to cxplodo If a
gasoline or unaccountably balk If an
electric The three different type Iitho
electric gasoline and steam motors
all have their advocates but It would
seem that the perfect machine Is yet to
bo produced It may be of one typo or
another but will probably bo n combi
nation between the gasoline and elec
tric The great race such as that
from Pails to ficrlln last June when
Fournler completed tho 750 miles In 10h
6m and tho populace went wild over
the winner have been won by the gas
olines It li true but the steam und
electrics still have their devoted ad
mlrcrs There Is no typo so easily man
aged as the electric none so strong and
economical as the steam and tho ga < < o
line but likewise none so evil smelling
and noisy as the latter At the name
time It will be n survival of the fittest
and there Is not the least doubt that
the composite machine of the future
provided good road construction keeps
paeo with the auto inventors nnd the
laws will allow It will bo able to Ho Its
hundred miles an hour
r o o Intt tJ
IIIrIS run Hinirr ctiii
lea This Is the newly Invented npparnttm
d for the CUIP of skin clIsinHcs by means
iJr t
t r I
orii Unfi
he i
h 1
tl I
r I
aw I j
in >
vcd of the sun or i ctrlc light U has been
tabl partlculailv miiressful In cases of lu
pus Tho irennw In diseases of the skin
are killed by the concentration of the
ertll electric light down the tubes of th tel
Inyo escope from the cup shaped rellector
yo containing glowing carbon points i
ciiri0 CIIAIH HurnviiiY rotiMi j
One of tho most Interesting ntulent
relics ever found was that recently ex
humed In Derbyshire In the Khapc of n
curious Mono chair believed to have
been used by the Druids At nil events
the rude seat figured the accompanyIng
i Ing Illustration Is probably of Celtic
origin nnd has touted tho Interest ol
11 urclirecluBlstH iho have made the
Druids and their places of worship sub
jcclN of nperlal study
ni r
i i
The accompanying Illustration from a recent photograph presents the pri
vate office of our embaMdor to C1rat Britain Joseph H Choale In the Amer
Inn tmbawy Victoria strwt ondon It Is a cozy but commodious njtart
mwt devoted mainly to business The walls are ndomH with portraits In
eluding MpresliJ < of the Milted States and n portrait of th Ute President
MoKlnley This In the actual headquarters of the fmbawty awl here are con
ducted Important diplomatic ntTalrs tiy the embas < dnr asitatvd by his train
ed staff Mr Chonte rtsIJenc is at Carlton Home terrace where hospitality
takes the place of statecraft
h Herr Seefchlrer ns the result of stud
Urd i > Us upon the w tight of iltctrlon machin
r t ery as related to Its output ttatw that
iOQ his observations tend to show that up
10 to a certain le the wtight of mate
rr rial Iii unjt O f powr l fna lai1
Jdly Will lnem > lng capaclir but that J
NUih Ineitbtc1 from this otnt the unit
of power remains y try nwirly constant
tt ma > lurprlw meat porons to know
that the Urttltli poMMlons In North
Ameiloannd the WIIIt Iwllwi are lareer
than tht irlinrr of th Itn1lft stain
Of AtHfl < fl e ti Imhiiing Porto ni
and iVIaVa In Mi N nh Amrrt < i <
onlltltnl aJonp Klig K vard XlIii i
Uiw are nearly JW8M xiuare miles
larK r than tho of the 1nltH Stale
and taking In th Wtst Indira and
Newfoundland more than 100000 square
milt larger
Mountain Meluioss with the influence
m th body of the ncAther cxerelwand
tt Iff rondltlnns of Ihlnjf at anu III
iiuidnii mil IIP better undrrstoiU after
I il > invcBttgatton now In progrtus in the
Alps by a party of physiologists led by
Professor Xunlz
Th speclw of fungi that have ben
Known to show luminosity arc found by
Professor D MoAlplne to number twen
tyone of whleh eleven belons to the
genus Plturotut nnd five are peculiar
to Australia Tho luminosity Is not due
to pho r > linr i > < r but lrta but to com
buMionprobably of exrretei meta
bolic productsln the fungus Itself
The light Is thought to servo tle fun
guS by attracting Insects that scatter
Its spores
Porto nico has no debt No country
U more lightly taxed It pays for no
army or navy It has no Internal rev
enue taxM U njoys unrestricted
hade with the United States This
amounts to a bounty on every ton of
sugnr It raises Its government Is eco
nomical its chief charge Is for
schools Ilrlgandnge and petty thiev
ing have been auppresied After all the
strain and vlclwltudts which
nar bur
ricane famine and the reorganization
of Its political and social Item
brought It Is awakening to n new life
I The ky to the bastlle Ig now hang
Ing on the wall In the hall of the old
home of Washington nt Mount Vernon
Vo It was given to Washington of
The regular army of Sweden on
pence footing Is compo d of 34m en
listed men Z7M oincers lWS muii
clan 810 engineers and 622 tnembcrt
of the utoff making a total tKtcim
flshUng force of M11I Of thue Cti1
are cavalry and Ml artlllfrry
Djr couitnjr cl Collllll fttUr
Although IIP Is known as Joilah Flynt and has willtcn many magazine ar
ticles and several books over thU nom do plume Jojlah Flynt Wlllard U the
full name of the gentleman whose portrait appears In the nccompan > Ing Illus
tration Horn In Appleton WIs UW ho was educated nt Ucrlln university
here he remained five years nn < 1 then adopted authorship os a profes1nn
Having unusual powers of observation and a facile pen he has described the
doings of hobos and other dweller In tho under world with great exact
ness obtaining his Information by tramping with tramps ns the title of one
of hit books exptcse It and asioclhllng with the lower classes In their
launts He was no successful ferreting out secrets thAt seemed to Inculpate
the police of New York city the Information b lng published In his Powers
That Prey last yoar that he was for awhile It li Mil the object of long
but vnln search on their part Hla acute observations on the world of graft
and munlclpot robbers In general lire further given In the Vole of an Itiner
ant Policeman And have caused great consternation In the ranks of those he
alms to expose
The Irreverent gamins of London
inve bestowed the title of Fled House
Harry upon the Itcv Harry Wilson
founder of pa
latial coffee
house who < e
portrait Is
hon In the ac
companying Il
lustration He
Is nn t
all p a 1 a c o
building declar
ing that by this
mcnnti ho can
do a great deol
toward wiping
out the public
houses In hli
pnrNh Make tho coffee palaces as
bright nnd attractive as the rumshops
ho says and the habitues of tho latter
will tasil become patrons
The appointment of Lieutenant General J D P French to succeed Sir
Hedvers Iluller In the command of the British First army corps Is a recogni
tion of the debt which England owes that gallant cnvnlr > r leader who hai
Btuclc to the llocrs eo long und fought them so hnrd during the protracted
campaign In South Africa The appointment Is to take place when his sen
Ices aro no longer requited In the field but that la rather VQRUO In the fare
of conditions now prevailing and the continuous hard work he Is performing
One of the many Irish born generals In British service French now nearly
fifty years old la frequently alluded to ns the Little Phil of South Afrira
from his dash and gallantry Before the outbreak of hostilities there he had
pcen fighting In the Nile expedition of 18S185 only but he won the battle of
Klandslnagte harried the Doers on the Free State borders and culminated hlj
brilliant achievements by the relief of Klmberley
A IOHTAiiu iorYciino ii3 roiix
The latest luminous fountain shown
In the accompanying Illustration Is
ono that works without water and III
also portable It consists of a sheet
metal cylinder with a raised bottom
furnished with everal Incandescent
lights In the center Is a funnel shaped
opening through which nro forced rice
or wheat grains or celluloid balls to a
considerable height and w4ilch fall
back Into the receptacle only to bo
blown up again Light Is thrown upon
this fountain not only by means of
the incandescent lamps underneath but
by a circle of others set In u reflector
secured overhead The polychrome ef
fect produced by reflection la said to be
exceedingly beautiful and deceptive
lippuor or AX iiiosivi
In the accompanying Illustration li
shown the effect of a powerful cijn
slvo set off under water This cxpn
ment was recently conducted uiurr
tho utisplcea of government otllnals
and was satisfactory in every rtspr t
the column of water tvhlch
shot IIG
tho air several hundred feet proclaim
ing the great power of the xilolp
As has been frequently nnnoun d ih
governments of the world arc all ex
perimenting with explosives In order to
teuuro the most destructive U 13 be
llevid that the United States lies ob
tained the most effective agent the
component materials of which are kept
Kitcheners Former Ladylove apd Her Fiarjce
dnusht of the Mar < 5uls > rchloness of Londonflrrrr
ih and Countws of Ilchceter has wt English coclelr all agog on account of
° ° f he twaln whMe ° rtraUl1 a

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