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KVJjfflrapftivaffli Nr I Ir v I r > l r 1 fN v r 1 rly e wvv 1MAahkIw l Y r w f rl rt IYf e Yr
tywvtv TKI 1
of the Dcserct Newsln
1 common with the readers ot
I other newspapers throughout
t READPI1S have beet following
I with marked attention and In
terest every line of Information
that has been telegraphed from
Home dung the punt week
concerning the condition of Pope Leo
They know that he was a great man
that lie has wielded a marvelous Intlu
ence not only over the 3WOOOOOO of peo
plo that belong to his own church but
Indirectly upon the people of the world
The hope IB universally cyprouud that
lila RUcctMor will be Just us vise and
Just and tsroat all he wan In this con
necllon It will bo Interesting to know
something of how a new pontiff III elect
ed omethlng ot the politics und pro
adore that follow the death of the Holy
Father Accordingly the following from
the Kansas City Times In reproduced
St LoulaIllshop J J aiennon for
merly of Kanras City recently appoint
id coadjutor to Archbishop lain of St
Louis who Is seriously III In Hnltlmoru
und whom Illihoi Olennon undoubtedly
will succeed paid this splendid tribute
to Pope leo Pope Leo XIII was the
63ld succeiiior to tliu chair of Peter a
neat of empire the host historic the
a t F rS1h H + I +
Id1hi1 iA11 i ay lA i1i f ii
for Instance the conclave lasted for Ilx
months and then resulted In thu elec
lion of Plus VII
When Pope Leo XIII witH elected the
first dlttlnB ut the conclave began on I
Tuesday Feb 19 ISiS at 9 oclock In
tho morning nnd lasted five hours the
vote standing Cardinal Peccl 18
votos Cardinal Hlllo 6 and Cardinal
Franehl L There were sixty cardinals
present and the remaining votes were
scattered among various other candi
dates The vote wns canceled because
one of the cnrdlnato had through mis
take used a peal with his own armorial
bearings when fastening his ballot The
next sitting the en me day lusted three
hours nnd It half with this result Cur
dlnal Peccl 34 Monaco la Vnlleto 9i
tatieblanco 6 and Llmeonl G There
were Hftynlne present
After thli vote the cardinal arch
bishop of Lisbon arrived nnd entered
the conclave lie took part In the next
balloting wlilch was held on the follow
ing morning Feb 20 It gave this
result Cardinal Peccl 41 Ulilo 6
La Vnllctu 2 i Pnneblanco 2 Blmconl
2 DI Canowa Kcrrlerl Murtlnclll
J Motcttl 1 Bchwartzburg 1 This
elected Cardinal Peccl Of tho whole
college of cardinals only three were nb
sentCullen of Dilblln McCluskey of
HH HhiHi r iiifiMriH i <
In 180 the pope full the shadow of death beginning to fall upon hUn t
1 nnd In splendid defiance of Its power wrote the following lines which are d
1 considered among his strongest work
The westering sun draws near his cloudy bed I
j Leo and gradual darkness i veils thy head I
The sluggish lifeblood thy withered veins f
1 More slowly runs its course V what then remains i + r
+ Lo Death IH brnndlihlng his fatal dart r
1 And the grave yearns to shroud thy mortal part l
I nut from its prison freed the soul expands
Kxultltig pinions to the enfranchised lands
t My weary rice Is runI touch the goat
Hear Lord the feeble panting of my soul t
j It It be worthy Lord thy pitying breast
C Welcome It unto everlasting rest
I 1
May I behold the queen of earth and sky
Whose love enchained the demons lurking night l
T The path to heaven nnd freely shall I own
i Twas thy sweut care that gained my blissful crown I
It m + rSSSlS + i1 S tFI1 i s 1 ro
known In that long roll
world bus ever
f many eminent names can be recalled
nnd nmongHt the most eminent will be
the latest occupant Pope Leo XIII
We have not as yet perspective
will be
enough to know liow
but ware
d to him
the place to be assigned
are sure ho will rank with the greatest
and the best
The features that distinguish his
In point
and Important
reign are many
has been one of the
of time his reign
longest Elected In 1818 while u
the years of Peter
old man he has seen
thereby refuting what some believed to
Ndn vldcbla annos Pctn
to a locend
of Peter
the years
< Thou shalt not we
marked a crl
Ills advent Into power
rdl don in the He history found opposed of Catholic to the Christen church
universities and the
the courts the
There was little open for the faith
ful churchman except the penitentiary
or the grave
JJlsmorck ruled Kurope and Ills
mnrckB ambition and the crowning pur
pose of his life was to conquer
Catholic church ills cry was Wlr ge
lien nlcht nach Canossa tYe will not i
go to Canosua
eserance and tnct
Leos jiereevcrance
and limo blessing
by n Just cause
heaven succeeded In a few years In
conquering the conqueror of Europe
hut perhaps a bitterer foe to the pa
pacy lay In the trend of public thought
and the intellectual life which
found to be completely dominated by a
spirit of materialism and agnosticism
Catholic philosophy was entirely dis
j credited and Catholic theology com
pletely Ignored
Leo in a series ot masterful encycli
cals drew the world thought back
ngaln to the truth of Catholic philos
ophy and the necessary place It had In
the Held of education and Intellectual
life In answer to the cry that the pa
pacy was necessarily reactionary nnd
nrlstocrntlc Leos encyclicals upon the
rights of labor and the value of nodal
democracy placed him In the tore front
of social leaders and humanitarians
I t I had the pleasure of teeing him In
JSJ9 I remember still and cannot read
ily forget the grand figure he presented
So admirably portrayed In the title
given him by n newspaper man I bunk
The white shepherd of Christendom
lent with time and cares with check
and brow and hair blanolicd by the
frosts and snow of 10 years he yet
1 showed a heart and tongue Illumined
DI It were by celestial fire
Ho exhibited the enthusiasm of
youth and the wisdom of age The
beauty of spiritual truth the spirit ot
the apostle the sanctity or the saint
lie found Home a conquered city He
leaves her the mistress of the world
There are three valid modes of dec
tlonby ballot by compromise And by
Declamation Election by ballot Is the
ordinary way Since the thirteenth
century elections have usually been
made In this way with reasonable dls I
patch Yet In times of disturbance the
t difficulty of obtaining the required two
Ihlrdi majority has protracted tho pro
I 0sedings over a long trioi In 170
i4i4rrrIIji14r l 4j41
New York and Drowalt Sun Mare of
Election by compromise Is when nil
Iho candidates agree to Intrust the
choice to a small committee of two or
three members of the whole body
Election by acclamation or quasi Inc
fplrnllon Is when nil the cardinals
with a sudden and harmonious consent
IH though inspired by divine spirit
proclaim some pomm pontiff with one
voice and without
any previous
vassing or negotiation whence fraud or
Insidious suggestion could be surmised
Neither of these two methods has been
often employed The usual course U a
ballot and the details
of the event arc
carried out In the following order
After the death of u pope the car
dlmils who arc absent are Immediately
to be summoned to the conclave by one
of the secreturles of the Snored col
lege and the election la to begin on the
tenth day after the death In what
ever city the pope dies there It must
be held Within the 10 days the con
clave must be constructed the papal
palace or In some other suitable edi
fice The large halls 9f the palace ore
so divided by small partitions as to
furnish a number of sets of apart
ments all opening on a corridor
which are distributed by lot two for
an ordinary cardinal and three for one
of higher rank
Here the cardinals must remain un
til they have elected a pope On the
tenth day a solemn mass of the Holy
Ghost Is said In the Vatican church
After It the cardinals form a proces
sion and proceed to the conclave tak
Ing up their respective apartments
For the rest of the day the conclave Is
open crowds of people Hock In and
circulate among the apartments and
corridors and the ambassadors and
delegates of foreign fttatcsbecldo their
personal friends visit the cardinals for
tho last time
In tho evening everyone Is turned out
except the cardinals and those auth
orized to remain with them and the
conclave Is cloeed to the outside
world This Is done under the miperln
tendance of two guardians of the con
clave one a prelate previously ap
pointed by the Sacred college who Is
called lie governor the other a lay
omelet designated the marshal Each
cardinal Is allowed to have two mem
bers of his household In personal at
tendance on him and thee are celled
conclavists A number of other at
tendants nnd minor officials carpen
ter a mason a sacristan a monk to
hear confession two barber eight or
ten porters and messengers and sever
nl othersare In the common service
of the whole body of cardinals
All the entrances to the building are
closed but one and thin one Is In charge
of olllclals who are partly prelates and
partly of the municipality whom husl
MHI It Is to Nt that no unauthorized
person shall enter and to exercise sur
veillance over tile food brought for the
cardinals lest any written communica
tion should be conveyed to them by thin
channel After three days the supply of
foal tent In Is restricted if five days
more elnpM without an election being
made the rule used to le that the car
dinals should from that time subsist on
nothing but bread wine and water Hut
this rigor has bten somewhat modified
by later ordinances Each morning and
evening the cardinals meet m the chap
nnd a secret ballet by means of voting
papers Is usually Instituted order to
ascertain whether any candidate has
the required majority of twothirds
A cardinal > comlng from a distance
I can enter the ronclnv after the rlnnur
t t 0 1010 c t 1 f 1
M I 1 + 0
1lreel1 rvr 1 r1 rr rrrrrrrarrvr vrr nrve rrrl r r Y rYv f1 Ier rrvrr IVVU rr + y
t J 1 I I
The Politics and Procedure Thai Follow the Death
li r of tip Holy Father 1 j
X111111lllaLM 111111Ma A111M1 rYrrvvrrvvrlrrvlrrrrrvrvr 1 vrrr 1 tii rrrrr4
oIwlI + H + IIHI + I + II + IIH + HrH + H + + H + + H + HHI + H + + H + + IHI + HIII + II +
L 1 R j
J r 1 1 A C
m T1L 1 1 1I
t I
t r +
T f
I t
It v i +
1 r j
f +
f 1
t r Y fpera t L
f +
j t
1 r 1 t t V 1 XL
1 1
JJ 1
T r I i
Irl H
J 1
I fx ° 3 i I
1 t 1
r j r
r iiui r Dii f
1 j l 1 1 1 to I ipi J I f I
1 > j
i 1 I
F I i
t 1 I
r G y 4 I
r en I iJii
1 J I
to 1 j f t
j t > JJ
J If I
I + + ljHi lMKSM + iIiIIIHHI + Ht + I + IHHI + HIH + H + H + H + H + HH + H + H + I
From a Photograph Taken In 19M and Loaned to the DINt News by lllahop Soajilan ot Thl City
p Eir
1 tl
R r
fr o r
VaB UlQ I a r i0tI
= c ° tt 0IIC a 7O
In t Iintitin0I0
n y
4 h j
t r E I 14 II
r 1
c t1
lf9 N IV r
s pectIntru
I V4
but only If ht claims the right of doing
all within three days of his arrival In
the city Every actual cardinal even
though hI may lie under a entpnce of
excommunluuion hat the right to vote
unless he line not yet been admitted to
deacons order Even In this cage
the right of voting has sometime been
conferred by special papal dUpentatlon
Nl cardinal however can vote unlearn
he him received the full dignity of his
rnrk that U the hot ring and title
and hud his mouth closed und open
ed In the contlstorl The reservation
i > f his name In lotto III the inert re
rnpnm of the brotta would give him
no right lo vole
llefore the election begins oach card
nal goose throurh the formality of
proving hit UrnUty mil right to be
present at the conclave The balloting
take place m time prwibytery lieforu
the nltnr Intlde the riUUng are tho
wets of the cardinals each wllli u
canopy of green for those of older date
and of violet lor those created by the
late pope As lIon aC an election hall
ttiken place these are lowered the can
opy of the new pojte remaining alone
aloft Before null cardinal is n table
with writing materials On the gopvl
aide thy cardinal lean him the first wat
followed by the other in the order of
prrrcdince 10 that the senior deacon
ltl opposlli to iiim on the op > Olto
elite of the alter III front of which Is
u large box for lie ballot while at the
hack Is the I1reIJIMI wherein after an
inconclusive ballot the papers an
in S I i iI I I tJ 3
01 J MV AA 1 f 1 AAI AIAIA 04 H t
of God The word pope cornea from
the Greek pappa father and Wlil i
originally applied to tccJeilimtlo gnr
ally In the western churches Itwon 11
gradually limited to the bishop ot
Home and In this restricted Mnw Is r
now In ue ill over tin world seventy H
ty of the POIMM have lien chosen from
tin rellfloli orders Th nedlctlnes 7
have had 10 the Pomlnlclatu 4j the
Charthuulani and Carmelite two t i
wch and the real from the Francis i
cam Augu tlnlans and oilier ordors i
There have been 198 Italians In the I
chair ot St Peter H Greek 14 I ash 11
men j Syrian 0 Germain 4 lluvtirl I
an f 8 > anlards 3 African 2 Saidln ft
lane 2 Dalmatians 2 DurmimllanH li i < >
Saxons I Thraclan 1 Ueliclun nUll 1 M
Englishman fAdraln IV 1UI11IW The 11
natlonttllty of the other cannot bu de
termined Many of lie pontiffs were t °
member of royal or noble fumlUe UI
Still the list of these of humble origin till
U a long one Adrian IV the English line
man wa the son of u woman who sup r °
ported herself by the aims she re i J
calved ut the door cf her parochial fl
church d
Youth has been no bar to the papacy fur
Alexander I wan hardly out of boyhood
when he wan elevated to the tiara
Pope John II wan only 20 yearn old >
Innocent III was In Ore < < ory II 36
Ilonlface IX 311 Leo X 30 Gregory II
died s few hour after hIs election
Stephen II reigned only three dayij
Urban VII for 12 day Boniface VI for nr
IB and those who did not fill out a year f
are too numerous to mention It Is a lOtI
r I T r r rr P r
I rN
+ I
7 + ch II
f In March of the present year Leo whore mind has lone bear fixed i rb
I un the inevitable is add to nave written avlyitrg prayer Theauppll t C
j canon 11118 Ills conlemplatQn or death was written In verse It Is aI t 1Ij
f follows 1 rl
k Leo new MIH thy anti Pille Is its dying ray tr
x Black nlglll luectHtlls thy clay t fll
lack night for thee wasted thy frame lIte61oo11 sustains iYI
No more lhy shrunken veIns
r VI
Dth casts lib fatal dart robed for the grave thy bones c 11
Lie under the cold dunes +
lint my freed 80ul IllcaJItA her chains and longs In IIllht tf
1 To reach the realms or light a t
That 18 the goal she Mtltks thither her Journey fares J l
is Grant Lord III y BIIXloWl prayers i J In
+ That with the CIllZIIIII oC helln Gods taco and light I L
J IQY ever Ihrlll my litteht Iii
That I InAl seerhy face havens queen whoM mother love l
Hal IIrouf111 me home above 4I 1h
7 fo Tlmee caved through the tangles of Q perilous way r l1
+ J lift utu fralslul ley 1 t
1 I
1 ll rrrb
Tim voting lpellI art wiuare and
folded down no WIto haw at each end
a pealed jwrtlon within the upper end
of which Is written the voter i name
to be opened only under special clr
cunwtaiiotBi and In the other nettled
with the Bttnm seal la wine motto from I
Scripture which once adopted must
be the seine at all the ballots and
servos ordinarily ui the means of Iden
tltlcatlon ot the vote In the inlddlo
tptacf which la left open Btundj the
name of the candidate
When the vote begin each cardinal
advance In turn to the altar amid lifter
a short prayer In silence repeatu In
Ijitln tin luhowliiff ontli
1 cull u > Inner Christ our Lord
who hull be my Judge that I am
electing him who before God I think
ought to be elected I
airrriNa AT nnc iiKStir
When all have voted the ballots are
examined by the scrutator three car
dlnal selected by lot who successive
ly hand to each oilier every paper the
last one placing It on tile Snould any
candidate receive Jut twothirds ot the
vote the upper molded portion of the
ballot paper Is opened with the view
of ascertaining tlut thin exact number
III not due to the candidate own vote
It being not lawful for H pope to Ue the
actual muniment of his own election
In rate no one has received twotlilrds
of the vote cat a second ballot take
place In the evening This time the
cardinal vote only for those who were
named In the first ballot Thule who
persist In the momlrign choice insert
the word Nemlnt iTo no one
while the cardinal who wlah to cliungu
their vote write the word Accedo
Domino Cardinal tI go over to
Lord Cardinal H I
In pravtlae this part of the systemic
corresponds with that at our own elate
and county convcntlonawher the dele
Kate ometlmd change their votes In
favor of such candidates as they find
have a fair prospect of receiving the
requlalle majority Should both ballots
fall at the papal election In producing
the requisite majority then the ballot
paper are burned Thin has given
rile to a curious cistern The pipe
of the tore In whirl the paper are
burned goo out through a window to
the open air and Its extremity is visi
ble to the crowd who anembe on
such occasion In the Plaaa of St Pe
ter to watch for the tulluttaI el
the thin column of blue imoke telling
that a vote has been taken A 1 soon
II the mutt le reached the doom of
thl conclave are thrown open and a
cardinal preceded by a crop bearer
Omn out and announce the choice of
the cardinal U the flew lobe be p
eat he 1i ooo after carried out clad In
the mow white robe of his oltioe and
blouses the aaembl multitude
The insignia of the pope are the
straight crtwier the absence of the
curved bead showing that hU iptfltual
jurisdiction is not llmltedthe pallium
which bt wear constantly and the ti
ara or triple crown The palllin is a
band of white wool went on the houl
den with tour purple crosses workml
on It It U a token that the wearer
possesses the fullne of the Episcopal
otftce The tiara Is a cylindrical head
dress pointed at the top and surround
ed by three crowns This II the aym
bon of loverelinty At ceremonies of
a purely spiritual chancier the pop
wear a bishops rail re not the tiara
The tiara la placed on hit hd at his
coronation by the second cardinal dea
con In the lotfla of St Peters with
niNe word
Receive the tiara adorned with
three crown and knew that thou art
father of prince and kings ruler of
the world vicar of our Davter Jwma
The ordinary dress of the pope III
white He It addressed U your holi
ness and holy father and he speaks
of binutU a rvat f UM nracU
14rrrJIrrrIrIrKj n
1 I
singular coincidence th lit a number J
have allltl died In the year or month of i
their pontificate corresponding with +
the number attached to their names 111
x r
The Romans have a provott that snys f
enters comm
The cardinal who enters the con
clave an pope oomes out ct It a car Ie
dinal It is a hit at the curething can
didates and often has proved true The 11
word ooiiilavt stands for the place II
where the cardlmtJR assemble for the
election and for the assembly itself If 10
the reign ot a pope n tend for any con
siderable period he inn by the oppor II
tunltkti given him In the creation of the
member of the Hatred college do much
toward indicating the quality of the p I
man lie wishes to hive succeed him
Leo XCII had many stich opportunities f
Of the 67 cardinals now holding the
olllro nil but five are his creation
These live who received their tutu from 1
Plus IX ar Cardinals Orcglln Ledooh I 3
owskl Parocchl Canostw and Merlcl
The latter who Is the senior cardinal h m
IH 92 year ot age lie was the minister
of commerce under Plus IX for the I
papal IItlllel He IH not a priest and Is
the only member ot the collate who Is p
not He IR slightly lame
There are two Amurloan citizens
among the cardinals llbbona nnd Ma
ache HIP latter was naturalized dur
ing life ivsldrnce hero as a professor In
the House of 8tudle of the Jesuits at L
Frederick Md Ions before he wns r
made a uirdlnal The nationalities are nl
divided 1111 followH M Italians 7 iI
French Co Austrlun 3 doman 3 Span t
lei 1 Portuguese 3 KngNeh L Amfirl
can 1 Iolft + h Helgian It Is not prob t
able therel > > re that the suivemful can E
dldate will come this time Ave among
the nonItalian cardinals Tie English
speaking cardinals are Vaughan of i
England Logue of Ireland Moran of
Australia and Gibbons of the United
State Since the twelfth century to the
present bore have la all ben 111 Eng Y
huh speaktne cardinals created t
In the early age the bishop of llama
wa chosen like other bishop Uy the I
clergy and people vlth the ussont of
the neighboring bishops The person
thus elected was consecrated bishop of II
tutu The chrkXlan emeprorH decided II
doubtful election After Justinian ra 1
covered Italy the election of a new P J Y
AI am unced by the Itxarch of Mia
venna and confirmed by the lljiantlne l
emperora s
From the eighth century downward l
the Intliiencx of tho ICattern empire e
over Italy declined Had the papal eke i
font were disturbed by factions In I
Home until the Ituiiinn emperor be r
gan once again to exert their Influinoa
The first Herman pop Oregory V wBsi
nominated by lmierll favor amid four t
Germane weft made successive popes i
by Henry 111 In 1M8 Nlclwlw 11 de
creed that thereafter the cardinal Web 1
opt were to elect the pope with the
approval of the clergy and people P
Graduall the Influence of Homes ina j
peror fell off and the election V5 left I
In the hand of the cardinal alone no i
distinction being made a I to their rank f
In the a rpd college I
Ju the ittieral council of the Uiteifw J
In 1171 It was decreed that the eKe > me
lion should thenceforward bit made by 1
the cardlnnli only mead that the Min I
cerut candidate should have i two j
third majority of the votes la tie i
event of all the cardinal bestir lend i
one contention II that the right of else 11
don would pan to the canon of St i
John Uterui another that It bclonfs j
to the patriarch awl a third would
have It ret with a general council TIlt 1
cardinal are not bound to choose pea j
of their awn btnty A UyiMn even
could IM named provided he Breed to 1
receive anjer bvfote ilia official Iwtal 1
latlon A Mrla Prance and pals have
been alknred to excreta a veto over 1 I
meat lnple candidate If the objection j
were annoQM d before the electten was v I
made This however was oonM r E l a I
ooflcenlon to the pyv nuneuti not a v
J 7 d W dJ r pr r
io iJ l
r JJ jjflii i
1 ji JJ i ii a

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