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j polll Chancre Ar b I 0 Your GAre Vet Advertliomonti DIG Ten Enough to Ono That Are They the D E SERET E4lING NEWS I Calamity and the Find to Want One Lose Is Twlcs Mans Your Way as True Oood Job Touchstone It If Often Try to s
Ballot There Will be no
Ofl First
Clianuc in the Favorite
Sons Vote
Morain Delegation Will Maintain
Us Attitude Towards
Announced With
u yet it
draval of 1U Opposition to
The Favorite
Mo Ju 5 1 p mAII tho
St Lou IIkoly that tho i
seemed more
1Ole I
daf would not moot
preponderance cV
FIlter eOllpJlmcntury votes
1n tho
l21 Itutructwl for fovoriw
ID tM elates While tho Parr
the lrst ballot
pct would probably embraco
hr column south and neatly all the In
the dolegato from
elt1lcled sfates
yazuchunetts Wisconsin i
MLBOurl would formal
la and
Cantom their votes for Ol
rrt8fut and record for 0e1
Or1Y Benrt and eockrcll rO pIO
counted up
New Jcrsey to not
UnIT on tho flr8t bat
for Parker
icn 10
hi ui wh1o the llcclslim nt that del
reached until to
tPUon will not bo
Indications nro
person the present
TltHm with Delaware In sup
Ihltlt will Join
part of Judgo Cray
me MaBsanhusetH delegation haH
taken the additional step of sending
nt missionaries In tehalf of Olmy
declaration that Its dele
tat beyond a <
raIl on will hold steadfastly to Wall
ffiwtwln la making no formal nttcmpt
U brim any other states fo his sup
puit at thla Hinge
The California Uleffalloh inalntnlm
it atttudo that it nlll not wtivor In
vi support of Hearst and confidently
Wtovrs that wlmn the name of their
inildate Is formally submitted by Mr
trims his slonuont petition will nerve
rt only to hold nil his Instructed fol
veto but vill nerve to make It clear
tut without hflr aid the New York
tidldat cannot jecuro till necessary
irothirdd vote
In the moantlmo the Parker adlier
isti are rnlmly confident that no pottol
lie combination can now defeat him
icl while offering no opixialtlnn to tho
oiling of complimentary votes con
tend that the avalanche ulll follow
tat Action and that tho Heoond ballot
4S1 end the light The colttpfiq nf tho
flimrany tippoaltlon Is alo n matter
rt expwpskM unttsfactlon by tliosa who
liT been IcadlnB tho light for Parker
JD the New York dolcffdtlon
The general situation ns nffccthiB the
wttome of the convention remained
mchinged The strong load developed
by Parker yesterday emphasized by tho
tenon ot the Pennsylvania dolegntlon
tl Iti late night Milan natnrnllv Pre
rokld some Inquiry na to whether n
lImp d 1Iolliil follow
otH + + tII + + H + tHt + iHfoHt + t H 11 ifn + tl + IiI + + H
Temporary Chairman and Leader of the Democracy In the House of Roprs
John Blmrp Wllllamit olio of the brightest ibid ablest young men In puldlo
life In his country and Democratic leader In tho house of lepreFientatlves
lives at Yazoo Mk and wan elected from tho nighth district He was born
July 39 ISM at Memphis Tenn Ills mother having died his father who was
a colonel of tho TwentyBeventh Tennessee Volunteers Confederate Htatos
army being killed at Shiloh and Memphis being threatened with capture by
tho federal army his family movedto his mothers family homestead In Ya I
zoo county Sllss Young VIIIIamH received a fair education at tho public I
schools and afterward attended tho Kostucky Military Institute near Frank
fort Kyi the tlnlvemlty of the South Sewanee Tenn the University of Vir
Blnla and the University of HcldlebcrB In linden Germany He subsequently
Btudlod law In tho University of Virginia and In Memphis Tcnn In 1878 he
returned to Yazoo where ha engaged In tho practise of law and became a
cotton planter lie was a delegate to the Chicago convention that nominated
Cleveland and Stephctuon and was elected to the Fiftythird Fiftyfourth
Fiftyfifth Fiftysixth and Flftysovonth congresses and reelected to the
Fifty ulghth Congress without oppooltlon
W J liiyan who yesterday offered
to support Pattlson of Pennsylvania
was today giving encouragement to tho
friends of McClollan
There wns some gossip about the ho
tel lobbies that several of the favorite
sons would withdraw during the day
but this has not taken any definite
shllpo nt this hour The Parker man
agers eaU maul iilKht that they hoped
the Instructed tntfa would hold on the
flrt ballot for their oandldaten but the
action of Pennsylvania la admittedly a
Burloua blow to tha uftorts of tho ta
vorllo none and this morninG thin iilr
was full of HuggtfitlunH that learnt and
Olnej and Wall would take stops to
relievo the delegates Instructed for
thorn Whether anything of this kind
will bo done romulns to be Keen
The Parker mon lire confident that
tho New York man will Bltcv a clear
majority on tho first ballot and that
following tho precedent of all former
Democratic national conventions this
showing would Immediately bring Into
line n HUfllclent number of states to
give him tho necessary two lhlrtls of
the total vote of tho convention Such
n result It IB urged would ho simply
following tho historic record of the par
ty at their national conclaves t
It Is practically conceded that the
Gorman vote as a icsult of Pennsyl
vanias conclusion will be cast In tho
Initial ballot for Parker If this Is fol
lowed by lll < c action on the part of any
other recognized candid lies then tho
result may prove nil none of tho lead
ers assert his assured nomination be
fore tho convention assembles tomor
row Senator Oflrman has never been for
mally In It was n reply Senator Henry
0 Davis of West Virginia mado to a
question M to whether Hemitor Gorman
Has out of the presidential race lie
added that no statement can ho mudo
ns to what Qorman will do At the bamo
TIIIHI 1iiwT iHi ftI 1 + H + i1hlhlI iI1 + IITlil I th
ons of
Moil Astute Leaden of the Demoor tlo Party nnd Often Spoken
of for the Proildenoy
trlhur rU
Oorninn Btmooratof Laurel was born In Howard county Md
Muth Ili ptt
bI f B Ire attended the county schools of his nnllvo county for n
rr mount per q nn < 1 hI 1832 was appointed Page In tho United Staten senate Ho
n t th the nrrvlc0 or the enato until 186 at which Unto hi wan pent
aMa inim r fin the flr1 ot ttoptomlwr 1800 ho WM removed from his position
f MirvT rnbIY appointed collector ot Internal revenue tot tin Fifth dUlrlot
t atto inli tYhlrh noltlon he held until the Incoming of the threat admlnls
to 1M
its jta In September 18W ho was elected to tho house of etolellnlft8 of
itfl 1
Mane i 7 InRI8111turei was reelected In 1871 then elenio Hpiakor of tho
mi n June 18i2 ho was elected president of the Chesapeake A Olds Cn
l ni rtnv Jn 187t > ° wnr4 county chos him to ropresont It In the Mary
ale >
rp v he nrnae nn III HTO bit Wft roeloet for four yean Jn January
teak hie Wu rtried lnllrt Blllte Senator to suo l lfI1 Win P Why and
Nan ego neat MOlIh 4 1M1 He vvnn reeieoledIn 1888 nualn In 183 and In 108H
n ate
tote win Ied to Buaee George L WelllnBtcn Uepubjlo Hlj term of
expire March 3 looa i
tlmo It ls understood thnf tho delega
tions from West Virginia Maryland and I
tho District of Columbia which formed
the nucleus of the Gorman strength
have decided to vote for Parker i
It Is also known that Ohio Is rtlrsatliu
fled with the favorite sun idea nnd will
meet at aclock today with a view or
abandoning Harmon and voting tot
The situation Is unchanged said
I Air Hryun when opproaaheil early to
day for nn expression concerning the
effect of thenyiorrpfthePemisylVnnla
delegation Ift Joining with the Parker
torcoThI he added Is nil that 1 can
say except that the opposition to Mr
Parker still exists
Ht houls Mo July 6A number of
representatives of the opposition to
Judge Parker met forcoiifeteiuo today
In Mr Heaists headquarters at the
Jefferson and after adjournment gave
out the following Btatement
After n consultation among tlio
members representing the vnrlous can
dMiitos anti delegates opposed to tho
nomination of Judge Parker It was
formally agreed among them that the
nomination of Judge Tanker Is impos
sible The opposition represents easily
much more than onothlrd of tho votes
necessary to prevent n nomination nil
of whom agree not to support Judge
Parkers candidacy undor any circum
Cite discussion In the conference and
elsewhere developed a determined dh i
position to make a test of strength on I
the first ballot nt least before surrender I
Ing The claim that even since the
deflection of Pennsylvania they will bo
able to contiol 100 votes more than the
necessury thin to prevent Parkers
nomination but many of them con
cede tho Impossibility nf maintaining
their full strength through many suc
cessive ballots unless early Inrotuls can
be made upon the Parker stronghold
Chin danger If made evident by the con
ditions In the antlPaiker delegations
It In stated for instance that fully one
half the Kansas and Colorado voles will
go to Parker on the first ballot find
Maryland and West Virginia which
constitute the seat of Mr UormunH
strength are ready to go over to the
New York candidate OH soon as they
can be rftleasod from their pledge to
cnntor Uirman
The West Virginia delegation Is quite
at sea becatiBo Mr Gorman has not yet
Indicated his attitude
St Louis July 6At tho meeting nf
tho Nebraska delegation today W J
Bryan wan appointed to represent the
state upon tho committee of resolu
Mr Ilryanfl contention will bo for the
rnnlllrmtUloti of the Kansas City plat
form but the delegation recognizes the
Improbability of securing such a stand
The discussion was therefore devoted
to Urn consideration of what to do In
that event conclusion was reached
but the tendency Is to accept the Hltia
tlon If fairly liberal declaration can bo
secured In that event Mr Bryan will
probably not make a platform fight on
the convention floor He has not for
mally declared his position but his
fellow delegates thus Interpret It
St Louis Mo July B The Virginia
delegation which arrived today saw In
= = = =
nil evenliiK paper yesterday that they
were for Senator Gorman for president
They all signed thin declaration writ
ten by Hvnutor Daniel
The chairman IH hereby instructed
to cant the vote of the delegation for
Alton B Parker nn long na Ills startle
Is before the convention
When the delegation met litter they
forinully resolved in the game sense
Instructed for Parker the Texas dele
gation nt Its meeting today hind only to
organize Tho meeting was entirely
harmonious and nlthouKli no formal
resolutions worn passed the ununlmous
Kcntlmcnt of the delegation appeared to
favor A conservative platform
II M Johnston wan elected nation
nl commlttcemnn Senator Halley stern
ber of the resolutions committee anti
T W Gregory member of the creden
tials committee The delegation did
not commit Itself on the subject of the
vice presidency Representative T II
Hall lOS selected to second the nomina
tion of Judge Parker anti C H Hmlth
to second the nomination ot the vice
presidential candidate
Inquiry among the Norolh Carolina
delegation shows tlmt Parker sentiment
was predominant nod this delegation Is
subject to the Unit rule and Pinker In
insured the vote of this delegation
At nn Informal conference of thin
Delaware diIcfintloii early today It watt
decided that the delegation should ad
here to Judge Gray
While the decision was not dual It
wag nnld that as yet the delegation caw
no rcson to abandon Hielr fvorltc son
It has Not AiMKiitneed Withdraw
al of Opposition to Parker
St Louis Mo July 6The meeting
of the Now York state delegation today
was marked by a degree ot harmony
such OH HUB not proailed In this dele
gation for several piesidentlal conven
tions It wns rumored prior to the
meeting that Tammuny had practically
decided to retire gracefully from Its
heretofore emphatic opposition to
Judge Parker and thin was partially
tonMrmcd by what took place at the
delegation meeting In tho first place
there was no objection to the Detection
of David H Hill ns a member of the
committee on resolutions and this
harmonious action was repented when
Slate Senator Thomas r Grady of
Tmnmany hall was selected ns the
member of the committee on rules and
order of business Pornmr United
States Senator IMwnrd Murphy Jr of
Troy was made chairman of time dele
gation and Norman 17 Mack or llurfa
lo wan reelected nn national commit
teeinan James W Rldgeway of
Brooklyn a McCaren adherent was
tinnnlmotisly selected to cnresont thl
slate on the conmilttcu on credentials
The only spice Injected Into thc
meeting wns tho offering of a resolution
by Ilouike Cockran providing that In
the opinion of this delegation I plain
Rtntement should be Included In the
lilntform that the decision of the peo
ple on the money Issue na twice excm
I > lIIIId in two election shoTild bo the
Until settlement of the MuncliliJluf
tlQnintnVttf rlwr l TnFRfjrwSmrlJ8lftt i
g nernr election Mr Coekrnn In
npcnkJng to bin rctolutlon and urging
Its adoption said that the llnanclul
question UK presented In the two last
nntlonnl platforms had been dlHcnrdod
by the people and that this decision
should he Ito basis ot thin financial
plunk In the new platform Cleoigo
Unities of Rochester opposed Mr
CockiunB motion He argued that
there was no reason for nn extremely
radical couiso on the plank and be
lieved that the mntter could be safely
len In the hands of Senator lull Ho
moved that It be referred to Senator
Hill with powqi This was adopted by i
n vote of CO to 26
Senator Grady offered n proposition
that should n resolution bo Introduced
Into tho convention proposing nn abro
gation of the twothirds rule and the
adoption of 1 majority rule New York
should opposed It Senator Hill re
marked that he thought that mutter
could bo Intelligently acted upon by
Senator Grady In the committee on
rules and it was unanimously referred
to him
The meeting thcivadjouined subject
to the call of the chairman Aftor ad
journment Delegate Bird Coler said
I Is perfectly evident that Senator
Hill and his following do not Intend to
take a definite stand on tho money
question They nio going to take I
halfway course so as not thoroughly
to dlsplenhe Mr Ilryan and his small
follow g
ender Charles R Murphy of Tam
many hnlll WIIH asked If there was any
truth In the statement that Now York
had decided to withdraw UN opposition
to Judgo Parker Ho Mid
Ve have not announced any such
decision hut those who have candidates
other that Judge Parker In the conven
tion seem to be afjnld to take the
Initiative In forcing their candidates to
tho front and I do not know why we
should bother to assist them Somo
people nio sadly Inching In backbone
Lewis Nixon Charles A Towne sad
several other Tammany men close to
the chief nodded In acquiescence when
asked If Tnmniftny lint censed to ac
tively fight Judge Parker I
The Tammany people arc so confi
dent that things are going to run
smoothly that they have practically
decided to order their special train to
leave Friday afternoon anticipating
that tho convention nlll ba oer at
thAt time
Tendered n Ilcccptlnn nt the Utah
State IlnlldltiR
St Louts Mo July 5Utnh dele
gate to the Democratic national con
vention were tendered a reception nt
their state building At the worlds fair
SubCommittee to WhIch Was
Referred Illinois Contest Re
ports for Regulars
Case Will he Carried Before Credentials
Committee and 1ossllily to
fit Mottle Mo July 6Tlte subCoin
mlttee of the national committee which
yesterday mid lust night heard the evl
donee In thn Fourteenth dlHtrlct of Illi
nois todny reported to the imtluiml
committee that It Wim thc unanimous
opinion of the members of the 8ub con
delegates be
nilttco that tho Hopkins delegltes
allotted to ictnln their seats The reo
port wan concurred In and the llopkln
people will hold their scats unless oust
ed by the lon of the commltteo on
credo mit hale
The decision of thus BUbcommlttco
watt basel on the ground lint the state
convtuitlon wan supreme Hint tights tit
the dlstilrt Caucuses ale not proper
matters fur adjudication by the nation
al ram m HUe and It IB not the buslliCHs
of tho national committee to go beyond
the record of tin convention ns submit
ted to them This nhow that the Hop
kins people flee regularly accredited
delegates and because of thin fact tho
sub eomudttee gave KB verdict for
them and did not consider that It had
any right to go behind tho returns and
tnko up tho evidence submitted The
light should have been in the opinion
of tho committee made In the state
Thin attitude of the national commit
tee sustains tho contention of the Hop I
kins people who insisted yesterday In
every contest that the national com I
mittee did not have the right to decide
contests in dlsttlct caucuses
Tho Harrison and Hearst men were
greatly ellnhenrtcned by their defeat
and announced their Intention of car
rying the tight before the committee
on credential cold If beater there
before the convention Itself
beore statement did not ularm the
Hopkins people who wild Unit tho ar
KUinent that lion for them before th
national committee would hold good
hetore the committee on credentials
out before the coiivntlon idea
It In nil ovor told John p Hop
kins Vo uoitaUlcrvvJOT4VQUla
There wns m fcntM < oUmik a Re for the
committee to do What steps may be
tike later will have no effect Our
del + asttes will jemnln just where tho
State convention scaled them
D13FIA1 von BlYAN
The victory of the Hopkins faction
was nleo a defeat tot tV J Uryan who
has made the light almost a personal
matter Ho yesterday attended the
hearing In the greater port of the rot
ted and showed his nnxlety In every
way to win the seats for the Harrison
All Imf people
Thin action of the commltteo Is fnr
rcadilng he wild nail means that thu
relltllnl n few men Is to stand before
the wishes of the majority of the dele
gates 1 hope the credentials com
mlttee will see the matter In u differ
ent light
The contests In the other states were
reported by the various subcommittees
an previously announced and their no
tlon wag approved by the national com
mltteo which then adjourned
The fight In the Illinois delegation In
volvcd 13 districts cud two of the dele
gatcsatlirge and was one of the Here
est ever peen II any convention Tho
hearing yesterday unit last night be
toro the Hubcommittee of the national
committee was only preliminary fdr
both fides The hitter work wi 1 11
later before the committee on creden
tials and It Is almost certain at this
lime that If there In any chance to get
time contest to the Moor of the conven
tion It will go there and be waged with
01 10
Hevcrnl times last night the retort
between the contesting factions were of
co heated I nature that Chairman
Htone of the sub conmlttce was com
pelled repeatedly to call for order and
only suggested that the gentlemen from
Illinois would hind the outside of thn
hotel a proper place to conduct their
arguments It their minds were made
up for a bull fight
Charges of highhanded work were
made mado repeatedly against tho sec
retary of the state convention George
A Ilrennan and the representatives of
the Twentythird district M fa Kudy
declares that twice he hud furnished to
Mr Urennnn the names o the tho del
egates selected In their district caucus
and that twice Mr Ilrennan had
thrown It on the lloor and he had
found It there and submitted I In the
committee This brought lircnnnn to
his fet with an ImpieMoncd denial of
the assertions made by Mr lusty and I
hp wound up his defense with the dec
laration Everybody known that I
would not ilo such n thing
This called forth Jeers from the con
silence testants and Uwnnnn took his tent In
An acrimonious fight took place In
the hearing of tho contest Inthe Twen
The News Correspondent At SI LOllS
Looks Like Pnrlcoi nnd Tuinoi For rLunniDjft Mnfcs But Air Is Full of Uncorlninfy =
Dubois Still liidiufi His lobby HorsoExStsn toi4 Cnnnon Choson to
Flfihf Him I3oforo tho Committee
Bpoclnl to tho News
Rt lul8 Mo July 6The lay lie
fore the convention everything In ex
cltoinont tumors of combines fly thick
anti fast Now It la claimed Parker Is
finfo and all ore rusting to thn band
wagon again Then It In sail that
Bryan linn combined with Tammany In
the tntoronlN of McOI llnnand tliit Par
liar U dnfnrttcdi and no lines lute llflbt
each fared claiming to be vlntorlmi
yet everything doubt and uncnrtuln
ty but with chances 8n favor of Pnrker
and Turner
Th plutform builders are at work
I anti the master minds are engaged In
framing tho sues J II avldent how
over that there will be 1 hot Unlit over
some of the plnnk Ilryan will con
tumid for u rennirrnancn of time Kimsai
City platform but I large majority
vvlll contend for modlflml dRolnratloim
on several Important nuritlnni
Honntnr Dubois I still riling hu
horse but hs to be
hubby hOrle seems I get
tint weary The IHnh contingent In
fljrlitliilf unc elnely and Is hopeful
Of BllOftlH
Heimuir Cannon hiss bent Bolectnd to
make the light before ha committee
on platform anti rcsnlutlonn nnd It can
safely be predicted thnt If nay refer
enc to ttnli affairs Is made It will not
be along the lines nt a proposed amend
iliont to thn Constitution but merely I
ileclnrntlon rraotlcnlly In the language
of tho Utah stain constitution Inilntlng
that there shall ho no union of church
and suite
Large del Entons tire bare from every
slat and n more ntliuilnstln v liven
tlon has never been held Tomorrow
the flood of oiatnry btiglns and for three
days nt leant moat questions by time
greatest men In the L > emocriMo party
will bo dlsouuod furty
tythlrd dlktrkt Here It WM admitted
that ion Alfr d Orendorff hud Uin
Nelttctod bj I iiwulsr and I iKjItlng
caucus ns well uml that later tile nnmo
was removed nail that of IHiiican r
lCHI was substituted Mr Ue t lnnl t
ed Upon tils regularity of the yrncuid
In the Sixth dlitrlvt which N the
home of Frank 1 Qulmi who ai < t > d as
chatrmun of tilt convrntluii it M
Barnes who pre ontixl Ibl ease nf the
contestants declared that the iiiiiniH of
the deleiraten as nnnouneid by Secy
Drennan constituted a clear case of
forgery mid asserted that lie state
iionlH of the contMtees vcrp no en
titled to weight beeenco any nuin who
would forge a slKiiature would commit
peijury to back It up
Who do you mean asked Quinn
t menu the man who altered the
mimee on the report ot that t18trll
LnuwiH replied Hnrnei 1 do not
know who did It but whoever his was
cnn put the shoe on and went It
Mr Quhut took the 1100 In bin own
defense and dtrlnritl that the stale
lull which had IRCII node by the con
iiKlnntf that the list of the delegates
from the 81Meenth dlslilci had been
loud to the convention was absolutely
The Kcono In these contests was pruo
llcally repented In till uf the other all
both sides Wore determined to carry tie
light to the court of last resort
titer the adjournment of the com
mittee It wan announce by three lu
ftiiiit iniiiibtrH of the commltteo that
limo report circulated curly In the tiny to
time effect that this Uopklnn people worn
to be unseated In ntvcitil dlMtrlrts inns
coriect The tlwt declulon of the CII
inlttu was to doclaro the HopldiiH men
out In the Seeond Sixth Ninth
Twentyflint Twentythird Fifteenth
anti Hlxteenth dlstrlcttt After reaching
thin decision the cnmmltlae vent over
the nrnund for the second time cud
diclded that they Imd no Jurisdiction In
this mattpr nnd that the leconl ot the
picnic slate convention bhould b hold HU
Populist Coiivcntliin
SpiIngt end ills July 5Whell time
Populist convention was called to 01
dci today there was a lung wrnngl
oer the report of the commltteo on cre
Thu repel of the committee on per
manent orKtinlzntlon hiought forth n
storm of protest ruin the fusion wing
of the convention as time report showed I
that the MtddleoftheHoadors had HO I
cured nil the olllrers o the convontlon
Robert Hhllllng of WlKcoimln protested
nunlnnt what he termed highhanded and
unfair methods
Indue J W Dabb of Kansas and J
W linltd ot Texas far the Mlddleof
the Iloadere made conclllntoiy speech
es plendliiK for harmony
The report of thl committee wn
adopted and the follovilng declined
the permanent officers of the
Iht pelmOlollt omcell conven
Chairman J MMallutt of Texas
secretary Charles II do Krnnce of
Nebrnska assistant secretary W O
Champell of Kansas
Tho commltteo on plntfnnti not bclnc
ready to report recess was tnlicn until
1 oclock p m
The member nf the national com
lowing mlttoe so far Mlcl l Include the fol
MontanaJ It ColderbMil William
Caney Abrnm 1IQ1I WIIRln
Oklahoma H finunders John 8
Allen W IL Trefoil
rolorndo K llnzen II 11 North
cot A U Gray
WnshlnBtnn Hdwnrd Clnyson C C
Ob on II Pnrknrd
Their TniiHMlsHlsslppI Coiivcn
tutu OrniuilCH In Denver
Denver July 5Tho transmlsslnslppl
convcntlnn nf thn Intornntlniml AstOcla
lion of Mnclilnlxtx orKtmlifit brio today
with Touith Vlre IlHslddit WUon of
Ban rrnnrlpcn ns chulrmin nail Soituel
draco o Omaha ns secretory Sixty tide
gates will attend time seselunmi which will
contlniie tor 10 days Tin innvimtlon
will form plans for bringing all not
chi hIKe Into one orRnnlintlon An
other uestlon to be considered Is tho
8tnlillMiiicnt of n reserve fund and time
lowing uf VnweHmnent 10 curry on thfc
shrike of machinists on the Hinta Io
mill mill
iun Stukclbcrurt Snrrovv Kscnpu
Atcho Klnu July elieut gen Union
HlnkclberK and the Itounianlan mllltRry
nttnche narrowly cpcspod itrnwnhiK to
day ovliig to the sudden ilniHllnir of lie
beudiUortcrs nf DIP former 8 army corpH
They Ire both costumed by mldleis who
cut their WilY through the tents
Steamer Chartered In Son roll
k Klilinll and St Ivllila IsliuulH
Stornonny Scotland July 6Time
Danish authorities have chartered a
slramer to search the Uoeknll St
Hilda and Klannan Islands for survivors
of the vvrfcckeil steamer Now Two
children who were among the rescued
impflOHRorH of the Norge died In the
hospital here ns a result of exposure
nuu IN noise
Pioneer Hook Store Hiirned With
Loss of 25OO
Boise Ida July sFl c which broke
out In the Pioneer book store enrly this
itiurnlnB completely gut tel lie place
cnnilnK n Iou of from 10 to JJOOOO
The Indldlne was dflinngMl to the extent
of UOJ fully covered by Inmiraiico In
furnncc on the stock was JKOM Tile
bonding belonged to James A ritiiicy K
store J Phelps wn proprietor of the book
Mrs Angle Myers Arre > tcJ
Knnrns City July BMr Aggie
Jlycm the widow of Clarence Myers n
printer who WAS killed In bin home hero
two months ago after n terrible strugyla
with his naeallant who Petered Till
room at nlnht and attacked him with 1
razor line been taken Into custody unit
Is being hold tor lnvestlK tloii 11
Myern refused to old In the arrest of
Kinnk Hottmnn who In being held nt
Wslln Walla Wash on a olmnw of
murdorlnn Myem tollman mid Mrs
Mjern were friends aid both eam
her from IIIcRlnflvllle lo
The Pcrcsvlct N Snfe
flronttndt JUI 6AII doubt I In the I
safety of the Pftreivfet which accord
InK to report lied been torpedoed at
Port Arthur In removed In the nrclut
of a telegram from the mpuln of tho
battleship Mylng the hip null nil nn
ni I
board are well Thn telegram wlilah
wits dated root Newchwu ne wns
hroimht there by InriMNla boat dealroyer
Ileutonnnt Ilurukaff
SulHcrlptlon In Dchnlf of Their
Itehitlvei Stnrlcil
ropenliRnti Jidt 0A subscription In
hehnif of the retnitise ot the vlvtlnwani
nf thin rvxiiil Mimengfia nf tll laotsh
uteiun NMC1 which fmnuli ri iuee
iliij Julie rn r It iikell rnf lre hW8t
iif HI 11 Id ml nltli the I IRS n r Can IhM
wits opened lo rI > ln Alinni lee llrnt
donors wrl AniirUiin tuilMi i iinlol
anus ore IKHIIIIIK in from tlio njnl runt
lly and people m Americn tumid oleuwhere
Mysterious Affair Occurcd in al
Austrian Hoarding Hotso
Last Night
Most of the Men Involved Cannot
Speak English and All Arc
Kclkent Over Matter
WHS an Effort to Keep the Particulars
Pro li the InblicImm thc Meantime
The Men Vnnted I scope
A very mysterious HliNitlnu ecrnpn
occurred In on Austrian haurdlni house
at Ihmi him im Juuitlon lust night at
about 1180 orluuMIn which Louis Pal
nlor vvn fatally eliot over the heart by
either Prank or Jmne Hinlth and 14
now At thn point of death The Hmllh
biotlmrw have dlnnpiKftred and Sheriff
Emery anal tits tltputlM are trying to
local them Tho matter twos kept 1
secret by thin Auntrluns In the honsu
until this morning about 9 oclock when
Deputy Sheriff ttockstead was nottllcd
of the affair by Mike Klshor who had
been told of the shooting by sonic of
the boarder
The deputy at once started to work
on the case and notlllttd Sheriff Emery
of the affair from what can bn honest
ed from those In the hoiuw Palmer wart
In bed when the Hmlth brother en mime
lobs the loom and one of them Imme
diately pulled out his revolver and
tired nt Palmer striking him Just abovo
the heart Although Iho matter wan
kept from the olIlolalH 1r Kiel VHS
called at mice and had the wimudnd
man removed to tho Murray hospital
lull iittcndcd to hlm At 11 oclock to
day It was stated tlmt he could not
possibly recover to the two brothers
will probably have to answer to the
charge of murdr When they are nrpre
No ono Moms to know tho alums of
time shooting or If they do know they
sro 111111 to tall limo oljlclals any
thing about It lost of tho men nt the
liaise me unable to talk thin Jtagltidi
language HO It IB extremely dllltcult
to obtain any of the facts in the case
They also seem Inclined to give the
men who did limo shooting an oppor
tunity to mcnpo Sheriff Kmory his
notlllcd Dm ollltlals of tho other cum
tel near hcic and they are keeping I
close Match to tho men The sheriff
haw A picture of one o tho men and ns
they booth look very much alike ha can
furnish 1 good description of both of
them I Is said that Hmlth Is only
an assumed name and probably very
few of thtlr fellow countrymen know
their correct name
Bon of James Unllnrd tho Victim of an
Explosion Fierce Fight
Special to the News
1rnvnJuly Gfho llywirold son
of James llBllanl of Tucker wan ncel
dintnlly killed there yesterday after
nron by an explosion of powder Par
ticulars of tho sad affair cnnnot bo ob
tained but it H presumed the lad was
celebrating fhln the fatal accident 0
cm red
Itlclwrd Allen woe arrested today by
the sheriff and will Ixi held Awaiting
Uc wi walln
hit loeult nf InjurloD sustained by Al
bert Olsen of Planant View In rd fight
between the two lint night users
ilalmn he was assaulted by Allen mad
tint tho latter struck him with a ber
bottlo while Allen cats he struck him
only with his lick Olsen Is stuttering
front concussion of the bruin and unn
imcoiHcloiiH most of thn night Dr
ItoblHon who Is attending him says ho
will recover all right although his con
dition la quite Berlotm The lijolil
bone one of the bonds of the tltmut
Is fractured nnd this h1 to the belief
that the man was vhokml by his aswill
ant Tho trouble occurred at tho Welt
quare last nvenlnif trills the display
of flraworl WAD going un
SucJJon Dsmieo of Wisconsin Man on
S P Pnwougtr Train
Sptal 10 the News
Ogen Viuli July i Alfred Mtriltt ot
Kownikiim Win while en rout homo
from the cnmi dropp load on the plat
form of n Southern 1actno pamcngtr
train at Terrace Utah yesterday ntter
uoou The young man w ee about I yearn
of cue find had gone on A trip to tho
coast after having burled hi wit ef two
vtki It Is tbouiht that hli wifes
dath so preyed upon his mind ns lit af
fect his heart and bring on Apoplex
from which ho died Hit rel llvee are
welltodo and have been
wel people I 1 notified
of bin fuddon h
Olt of tho lUnnlellroR who have been
doing rattan work at aienwood park far
name llm puet Nil yeiluriUy afternoon
while IlufUlnl anti broke unu of time
hunt of UP rlahl trm The fall wee
Mtistl thronnh the tRI ZO breaking eat
weeks the injury will lay him up for several
The balloon nuronilKti which wits to
have been clvrn pRI mav at Qlonwotxt
jwrk did nOl time of wins to thu hal
loan intohhiK else Jui iMvloini to the
time of the ctnt
rimenil siivlcoe or thin remains ot
Kranklln Iit > < viidfiir se 4 Mr apt Mrs
Walter lUownlnK will b < held nt 1 p m
tomorrow Hi the family r < ulilrneo rear ut
ate Twrnt < liit Htrott
Tin fun nil + f Unnlil Jln n1 ens nf tho
strmhns of MliliiUavH m iliti 111 vlll nut
bit hl1 onlll Hniulm In > hi ti matte t
Itlr hank ss n dil r I tit ad In a
Imiij Tti time and iU u will to an
PQUUced liitor

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