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u p ryot
Natiol1al Democratic Convention Meets St Louis
gales Med in the Exposition Building Prclimnary Skirmishes
dti Are All Over and the Great Event Anxiously Awaited
Speech of Temporary Chairman John Sharp Vil isms Sounds
the Keynote of the CampaignPennsylvania and Michigan
Fortunate Ones In Drawing of Scats Bannr of Philippine
Delegates Was Not Floating Free
ft T JulY convened here to
1llonal building rhls
tho expo walls
hln the
rJlccllnlt plane
rAtller DemoCracy standard beu
the Mecca tor
named was
hate hero center In tho
aehoso Interest scenes of activity
tmntfcrrcd from tho hotels
1lhll bra been ono common point Tho corrl
tl31of Iho former wherein for several
past nil h8 len excitement were
r t4 soon utter tho morning hours
throughout tho convention Oiling In the
gaps with stirring music
Tho Rnllcrlrs cnclrcli the lIlp < > the
scats rising In there Seatn on tm plat
form and one neeIon of the gallery Im
modlntcly In It arc reserved for gave
noin members of Congress mayor of
clllas and others of distinguished prom
Inenco in tho party A hospital ban bash
provided In the itnte looms nod It fully
equipped > vlth all medical ttonm Ami
mirglcnl appliances mul with a coips uf
doctors and trnlncd nurMt
Knturnlly the opening speech of John
Sharp Wllllanw of MIsMtslppl Under
H RlJJl7f
the Brooklyn Orator Who In to Nominate Pnrkrr for President al fit
Louis Coiivuntlon
Inn before the doors were swung
nth mn crowds thronged the streets
H the vicinity of tho innln entrance
I 1 i tai surging line were man nod wo
1 tl K and visiting political organize
t i tag rly PCI king entrance Thorns
h have charge of the dintrlbulton
yft tlik tg for admission liavo been
enured wllh r < jursts for them but aa
cpu have bin provided only to th +
III t of tin soitlng cnpnclly of the
kill many persons were disappointed
lt > r llmlirry sUrmlshon have tak
L t4ce Pni1 Ih bf contuit Tor the
t rllpreeldent ims loci train
aUon Ijr PrcMent now la on In
the to orntmn of the convention hall
va kit Undrrtk Ii on a mOlt elaborate
tiIe aM itlp Jlwsmg and effective
lWtaj f liana line been carried out
the Inmost details The groat
dC11e PilinghirIi rises >
llll high Illovu
1JIlIoor Is N + d with ft fabric of
IId 1101 Yllh nntt there
tun nlu > there
UDt 01 n whlto mlllerlni cunylng
tin cut the Sf hlt lllral Ileslgll Within
thhltatlor fiotlolll ot tho colling II
th it ofeiho
IIr In
I d 15 of Oil > of tl10 stllH nlll ft
ClUI1 or color while the front Of the
hapastro f K > onw > with white
fth 1h
arc adorned with the
f + r seal Ihe mblrnIM forming ft route
the tip olor Ilctlo over liaml
IpllIJor 11 the
Vlloun Colored
r1 eoa ul1Yi g the lnrfe wmlwr of
t + e 8 Hl lltB In Ilk BBllTlet
a r I e i Ihll hlllg touch nlll completed
t boh atIneulnr and plctur
With Ih lXl l1llon lit the bou
ui the t njts
I 111rl1l < on the chnlitnnnB
rth 1 111119
Ilt VI I and blOllOlIIB were
i r
i L ftom
rr tihn ltI nwiwo nmphlthButer
t omiioa 118 for the general
II h a 11 v for tho premi nl8
riI mrplele
tii I him t n11JINe than they wore
Ito I l0CO > Vfntlon fled tho best
s i III ru nonlmve ever been pro
t Iilly f t i u b lcl1 I ° ° nveiltloii ovory
e luin rporting of the pro
rt tl flllil the prompt loPOtah of
I I World nt large being nt
1 Th IIIIU I rli i duty in tho convention
I f1Q111 upy poslilons on the
tt > ilrmtnit forms nn ellipse
t f platform with ample
t gig apltly rising nt the center In
d B IR 1h eertlon allotted to the
r 1 OJ directly In front of tm
7ltrm A loge m dnrda red
ti n d b1Ut1 ih dl Vdealgnntau the In
Iitt and rhmH Ileligntlonll hy
h 1 even s of tb > Adll to ho at
n nth ctacle
tI Imvtl 0t the delegltell posl
u turd s lit n has been mme tor tho
td n Ihl Imtu dtitte Meets bOll1K bent
aan In1nllat time
to In r D1If Iidell ot tho chali
la r V < y uttb PlftJfrni and In
ar t
Ilea a fl the delegates is n stand
band of 30 piCCCB played
of the minority on the floor of the nn
tlonal rouse of representatives mind
chOBftii by tlioDemocnillo national com
mltta for temporary oiialrman wa i
nwnlted with Ieell Interest OB he had
been delegated to IIOUlltl the keyhole ol
th campaign anti u It wa known bunt
he would deal with questions whloh
will be of vital Importance In the com
Ing struggle for party supremacy
A stream of vlsltorg and n drizzle ol
delegates woro pouring Into the hall nn
hour lieforu the time net for the open
Ing of the convention The anxious
ones hurried lo plant1 tlioniMiHos In
their scale before any other person
should preempt them
haven before onetcntli nf bin dole
nlts had arrived the hull hail becom
uncomfortably warm Tho wlndowa
which mire on only oua side OIMI Inn
halfway cud Ire on tho lc vcl of tho lop
row of seats In the gallery
In the drawing for Boats Penusylvn
flirt and Michigan wore fortunate ones
recurlng Incntlonn directly In front 01
the Bponkers eland Two thirds of tin
way back tp the rear was Nebraska
Now York wus In the front row Just tt
the loft nf Michigan Indiana wttt di
rectly behind New York while Massu
chuotta fared tho v oral of any of tin
Brat states bolng In the back row
Ty the time tho hall WON oticthin
full tint hoat began to Increase to Q
noticeable degree The audllorlnn
from the 1 niters stand was ono lint
tor as the prim bent fans bobbed hack
nnd forth The delcRatnn lost but little
time III dnfflnir their coins With the
exception of tine temperature whlcl n
wan a rerlous drawback lo Ito conven
tion the effect wn not unlike n slov
Kiiowfall gradually Mhllonliip the stir
face of the ground
Tho ilrst ripple of npplnitso hint won
ncrosu tin convention hull came trout
the gallerlt when the Testis delegntloi
marched In bearing their ling or red
white and blue with the single star 1
white bilk banner bearing tho Inscrlp
lion Florida Democracy safe nm
found was borne Into the hall short y
after Texas hud arrived and WM nisi
greeted with applnuxe This was llvi
minutes before 12 and up to that tlm u
not n hnndclnp had been offered to nn
man who had entered the hall Th
platform wna croutjeil with mombnr
of the national committee Hut th
crowd paid no nttentlon to them Th
Philippine delegation came In with thai
bnnner which was not floating free Ilk
those that had entered before It 1
WOB nn American ling of allk wra epee
closely around the utaff and lied bar
nnd fast Tills wan done In
to ono of the Philippine dolciratlon I
with deliberate Intent na It to shot
recognise that tho Dcmocrailo the Philippines convention na a part no o
the nation
Chairman < lutt ji of Ponns > ilv n
Parker on Second Ballot Says News Man
Also That Turner Will be Ills Running MateUtah Dole lt05 Confident Thoro Will
Bo No Reference to Local Affairs in Platform Except Along
Lino of State Constitution
Speclnl to the News mnnthlp of tho national committee A large number of prominent men In
Bt IOUIH Juno GIt can now bo rate Tho Utnh delegates at thin time are the party say tho situation Ifl purely
ly tfnld that Parker will bo nominated confident that all reference to Utah at local and that Utah should be able to
by time second ballot and that Turner fairs will bo eliminated but that If any settle Its own troubles without Involv
will be his running mate it ID jlnlll thln In imld It will only be along the Ing the national nomocracy In the
tluit Hill favorable to the latter Tng line of our uluto Constitution nllllItllt qutitlon This position will irevnll It
gait IH pruotlcnlly mfe for the chair ute and even thin la being opposed tho Utah delegated have their uny
Why Utah Democrats Are Opposing Dubois
tony Ills Work All Seems to Bo In ho Inlorost of Iho Republican Party to tVhlcb Ho
Once Dolor Dispatches Son to 11111 Cannon 13l l
And Other Loading Democrats
Locnl polltlrlnnn have ctnttrod their I
Interest today on the attitude ot Sena
tor Duboli and hU proposed nntl poly I
rroniy plank Wide Inlereet 18 manl
f ittd In It mind much conjecture hug
been Indulged no to tits probiblo out
come AH ail example of thli the of
lleerti nf the state county situ city
Democratic committees here signed
their mantes to dispatches to PuvUhU
Hill Prank 1 f canon Wm J Ilrynn
and inhere nrslnit them to turn down
Dubola proio ltlon
The dispatch to Htll U probably li
mot mphatle It rays In effect It
nntlJlormaji plank tiropottd by Iu
boi ROW through nb hop of Utah thtt
tUlo1 CtnunlUMniiin nary wired
from St Lotus to It W Sloan today
that i cnmpiomlie plank had been
agreed Upon In hie dliputch Mr Peery
classed the nlank as limrfciiilve and
County Chairman Muhey and Secre
tary C M JaukNou IIHVCIHI ilayi ago
when It became evident that Dubois
would nun a hIs llnht for the antiMor
I non plank forwarded a communication
to Committeeman 1cery to b loud be
fare the nommltee on ronoiutloni In
thlH communication the Idaho senator
van hotly scored and the general tenor
of IF wan that Utnh voters would feel
nutmieil If anything against Mormon
hem or any other religion faith nhould
find UK way Into the national platform
In support of their alzlimup of the iH
uatlon the authors of the letter aK > ke
of a riiirjinrtfnl remark of County
ihatrmsn T U Ilnrcd e Jr of the
Uorwbltrnn poly to the effect tint he
only wished thy pctnocrau would In
strode In closely behind the Ihlllpplne
flag and was heartily cheered
Cluilrnuin J Ie Jones Calls the
Convention to Order
St Louis July 6Knclly at noon
Chairman J K Jones of the national
committee called tho Demoorntlc con
vcntlnn to order Ills nppenrmwo on
tho platform and the Bound ot his
gavel brought forth n cheer from tho
hoar and RallorlCB 1
Chairman Jones directed tho tor
BMntatnrms to procure order Ho
continued rnpplns the table with his I
gavel but It was nome lime before
inlet reigned Cftllfornlas npixinrnnoe
with n huge silk banner and aide Amer
loan flag and a yoll California Cali
fornia Honrnt Hearst Hearst
rained cheering Just na the California
delegation reached IIB reservation nf
ter mnrchliiK up and down the centr
al le W J Bryan who had coma In
unnoticed arose In his place and was
olven II cheer Then an enterprUIni
member of the Montana delegation cro
atd a diversion by vigorously ringing
n cowbell
Again Chalnnan Jonea dtmanctod
that tho convention bo In order nnd nt
once directed the secretary to rend the
call for the convention Applause fol
lowed the reading of the call After
inlet was restored Chairman Jones an
I nounced that tho convention would Iw
opened with prayer by Ilov John B
Cnnnon pastor gf the Grand Avenue
I Uaptlat church of Bt Louis
During the Invocation the convention
Blood Dr Cannona voice vas entirely
Inadequate to roach even Ito center of
the hall The prayer occupied several
o mlnlltell
e mKnthUHlastle cheering srccted the
r chairmans nnnouncemcnt that ho vns
a directed by the national commutes to
t appoint John S WllllHtrui temporary
t chairman C A Walsh temporary see
I rotary nod John T Martin temporary
g IIthrclln at rills
Tho chairman appointed Col John M
CJuffey of Pennsylvania and M V Tar
t ICY of California to escort Mr WIN
t lame to the rhalr All the platform
was enclosed by n railing It vVaa neces
n fltrr for the committee and Mr Wit
home to climb over the railing Tin
lommlUee lifted Mr Wllllnma safeb
over mid the entire convention burst
Into cheer na ho ascended tho plat
t have the honor to Introduce te
you John B Wlllliims us temnornn
chalrmnn said Cluitrman Jones nu
n ntn the convention cheered
uIn Williams wee attired In n llghl
pray suit and a whlto waist cont lit
delivered his adilrmm calmly and with
out hwturcg Severn cries of louder
louder Interrupted Mr Williams n a
he began his clear but not powertul
sober at first falling to roach nil port
of the hull
As Mr Ulllliims proceeded his voice
lncrenjM d In vnlumo and tho delegate
lUtfiimr attentively
Tho convention appciirod consider
nbly nmutfd at Mr WJHUinia Inunor
mifly inrcnatlc reference to the unit
tuiil admlnlatmtlon society nf Mr nm
Mr Roosevelt tutu when ho rend m
eulogy by tho president on Mr too t
tho delegates laughed and npplnuded
Mr WllllimiH snake In nn Ironical toni
that caught the fancy of tho convqntloi
nnd ho ftim Interrupted time and ogalll
by hiuRhtrr
CheeiltiR was evoked by the sponkeri
BtntBinein lint Mr Iloosnvplt hat
fctind praise for only three presidents
Imirge WnshliiRton Abraham Lin
coin and himself and when ho nsltei
If the hell raring Jake Smith ordc
waa a sample at the moral pentlmnn
for which the Ilepiibllcnne Blood 11
lusty char r broke forth
A great part of Mr Villllninsfl npcecl
waM delivered und > r great illlllcutl i
for the Hp nker and those of his hear
ere who were supposed to be most dl
rlctly Interested In his remarks Thi
aisles lending past Dm delegates wer <
packed by dense throngs who kept ui
a constant hum of conversation Ibu
mothered Mr Wllllamss voice Io
llc men who were Motioned In thl
space nround the platform to keep oth
era away Old It by occupying tho upaci
lh ma lvM to the exclusion of nil oth
em Pevftnl times tho speaker stop
ped nnd asked that the talking vena
in order that ho might make hlmsol
better understood
Passing from the discussion of Mi
Hoots speech the speaker look up th
Itepubllcnn platform
Tho lUpulillcnn platform like th
Hcpubllenn party deals mainly II
corporate a rtaolutlun ntfahtsl poly
lIalllNot In manr n day have ho mem
bers of a party bMii fO thoroughly
aroused over tho work of one of their
own political faith aa are the Demo
crats of this city with reference to
what they term the pernicious person
al activity of DuljolN Sonic of them
go ir far as to any that If he were a
hired attorney of the Hepubllcan party
he could not better work Into the ImmU
ot this oppoaltlon than he IH doing For
this ieat > oii thty fire opposing him with
nil thdr might mind It Is stated that at
leant a score of urgent telegrams have
been cent to leading delegates from
other slate saying lint the Insertion
of such n plunk would be the occasion
of great Republican jubilation This
alone they declare should be BUlllclcnt
tn defeat the proposition And I pon
t ground they nre making their con
lontlorufelt at lit Louis
boasts that the nepubltcnn party Is nnd
wu directly recponelbte for every good
thing that God rent to the United
The first leaf burst nf enthusiasm
ollouert mention of Grover CUvelatuV
name CoiHInuouH crier for Grover
Si LoufN July QIlcnalor Il an
nounced today that U B Senator Jo
seph A Bnllty nf Texas had been
nKrMd upon for permanent chairman
ill the convention Outside thin on
neiino iij tn there was little or nothing
doing about New York quartets this
7mg lpg cert Vigorous domain by
IiO 111T1y braves for seals In tho
Cat it tlon a demand which National
Cotnmltteeman Muck could not gratify
Senator Grady appealed to Senator Hill
but the latter told him he could not ns
east him Then Senator Grady accused
til e IJIU people of bad faith and ald
mat Ijiw were purposely keeping out
Tnmmnaj people to prevent applause
for any other candidate than Parker
Convention Hall Bt Louis July G 2to
p mV Coinpntlon adjourned until 10
oclock tomorrow mornlna
St bouts July GTho committee in
rccolutlrTH Is nn folkvn >
All flat vujftncles were not fllled and
will not bo until later today The
strongest party men her are members
AlnmimnHufus N lihoadM
QilffornlaD Dolmos
Colnradocimrlos S Thomas
Coniipotlciitrirynn K Malian
pelnwnre Wlllard PnlUbury
f lorldnC L Wilson
0 e or laJ W Mnddox
llllngtv nen T Cable
Indlmmn F Shlvoley
lownf IJ Weaver
Knntni A M Jnokion
Kunluckyj e w JlMkhum
Ixiulilana J Irotlr
Maryland Poe
MaMachuscttsClmrlM S Hamlln
Mlnneiota J2 Venwly
MtMlulpplJohn Sharp Wllllamc
Mlitourl John T Ilunl
Mnntiinu Martin Mnglnnlsi
Kcbranka Wllllciin J Itryun
Nevada Kranclu n Newlainls
New Hnmpshlie John lit Mltohell
Now Jersey Alva A Clark
New YorkDavid II Hill
North Carolina 1Mword Chambers
Hntl lit
Ohio John A MnMnhon
Oregon W V Butcher
rennoylvanla H Pattlwin
Houth Dakota It p I ttlniew
Tonn i po Kdward W Carmnclt
XRSJosoph W Itallcy
Utah Frank J Cannon
Vermont Kllshn May
VirginiaJohn W Daniel
Washington M Oodman
Woat VirginiaHenry 0 Da ls
Wisconsin J Fleming
Wyoming David N Htlckn y
Arizona W H Tlmmnns
District of Columbia Jam L Norris
Indian Territory L Wade
New MexlcoJtimes CI Fitch
OklHhoma lloy K Stafford
Ilaall James L like
Henntor Danlol nf Virginia wilt bf
chiilniinu of the committee on rs nlu
rite MaMuuhusotti delegation held a
t meeting today and defeated u inntlor
to cute for Iarker on the first ballot
rou iiirii TKUASON
Cnpl Krcolcssc of Itnllnn Army
Messina July 6 Acting upon Instrue
t tlons from Horn tho authorities her
t have arrested Capt Krroleiso of the
r Italian nMomblyand bas wife on charge
t of high treason In eellng to ne nts ol
t foreign powers plane for mobilization
of the Italian force In Sicily
1 + 1111 + 1 + 111 + + + 1 + 1 +
e LiRa Yang July GThere nre
persistent reports In circulation
n that n hot engagement occurred
t today northward of Clensan be
tween the ItUHfllan Vladivostok
and Japanese squadrons which
ended favorably lo the Russian
Traverses in Detail cxSecrclary Roots I Keynote Speech Holds
Up to Ridicule Presidents Praise of cxSecrctary of War
Makes It Plain that the Great Issue of the Campaign Will be the
TariffIdeal Protective Policy Would Shut Out All Foreign
TradeWarns Business Interests Not
u to Deceive Themselves as 1
To Meaning of Republican Success
St Louts July alIolIJohn Sharp
WHIIaiUH nits Introduced temporary
chairman and dolt ns follow
Thin Is an appioprlate place and time
for a Democratic convention The place
114 St Louis the chief city of the most
populous slate carved out of the Louisi
ana territory acquired by the father or
Democracy The limo U the centennial
i anniversary rcldiratloii of the acquisi
tion of thai territory van area nf
contiguous territory whose po Msalon
was necessary for elfdef ne anti
which waM lilted In climate and soil fur
home making by Iho pone and daughters
of the republic Hi anniversary ot real
and not pseudo expansion an cxpaii
sign of our ixipulatlon our Induitrlal
life and our fret Institutions over un
inhabited land or lamln uparaely sot
tied by Baviigei whop tribal Indepen
dence we reco nixed by treating with
thorn or Mllltd nn spot by white men
easily and willingly stMlmllaled not a
nocolled expansion by mew superIm
posed force of our Hug until our military
The Democratic party afterward
gathered the country to further expnn
flou of this real free character In this
acquisition of Florida the admission of
Texas aa n state and the acnulaltlon
from Mexico of n magnificent far west
tit to be made stales In the Union and
governed tinder Ihe Conatlttitlon
The moil Important quadrennial event
In the world la the election by the Amer
ican people of their chief executive He
fore the great election takes place at
which all men ute supposed to arrive
nl u choice by ways of honesty and In
telligence would to God they dldut
least two minor elections of a different
clmractnr are held There have nlways
been two great turtles which place the
first national PO 11cetl oonVIII have
eleclll dakslealsI1 I U
IlIIrpoaO ot pleating
promulgating a II ICtl1
One of I hers parties has gone through
Its party election of delegates has se
lected a candidate and announced a
platform It was one of tilt quietest
and most unanimous occasions Hint
the muse of hlslir has over resid
ed Everything Mined to have been
fixed beforehand there are coins con
venlencs about a convention of that
sort One of them III that the temporal
chairman know six or nine months be
forehand that he It going lo lie tempo
rary chairman He also knows what he
Is vanted to say compared with what
he waste to lilY I could nppwltit
that I assure you The permanent
chairman alto knows what U expected
of Mm fur half R ynnr befoiohainl The
platform comes ready written no flU
cuislon about Itnnd Is perlmps revisal
by the camlldaie himself who has also
been agreed upon
Tho address of HIP temporary chair
man of the llepubllcan national con
vvntlon VHII In one sense historical It
dealt much In history nt any rate most
of It nnclent lilslory and a great deal
of It bad history There was a lubored
to thaI the iwty of
mumenl prove sonnrthito ova
Hoosevelt must by soiwthlnit like evo
lutlcnary process net ns thThlsrtwas
IJtlcoln and McKlnley This was
necessary In order to disguise the pulp
able feel that It Is not so acing Not
without reason then this labored ar
Ktimmt by this Brent and Ingenious
oredrawtmaway dten
bit was
lawyer It was to draw away atten
tion from Uoo ev ltlsm and Its vol
tanlc eruptive and reckless character
by dwelllnit upon the fart thAI nt some
period ofltH history the Hepub ICHII
party hiss been a party which did Ihe
things and did them safely The ora
tor hoped lo have the country lose sight
of the fact that It Is now In both of Its
executive brunches a party of pwslvlty
of nonnctloii of obslructlon to rnform
and nroBrensii in a word a party whose
only tarred precept Is the shibboleth
which make them known one of them
to the other n shibboleth drawn from
tile Rnmbler tables stand pal a
precept born of cowardice and fear to
I shall not pay undue attention to the
temporary rhaliman of tha Hepubllcan
convention After Interrogating In the
light of ro won a few utterances I shall
Dens on tie nuihoiltatlve voice of hit
party which U Its platform for prool
of iho fact that Mr Hoot knew how In
pny a debt Tht country has weld n
forgotten when Mr Iloosevtlt Pftld n
glowing tribute to his cahlnet which
wound up with the sentiment and tin
greatest of these Is Hoot Hut let nu
read first what the president did sa y
of the junior member of that mutual
admiration society I find It In t its
American Iltvlew of Hevlevs from the
pen of Waiter Wellman
Ordinarily the president of the Unit
rd States is not to bo Interviewed Hut
there are exceptions to all rules Vher n
I asked Vrecldont Roosevelt for nn ex
pretalon of his opinion of the charade
I and tmbllo services of ICIIhu Hoot wh t
within n few weeks Is to retire from th r
eccretaryihlp of war Ito president re
plltil I am ery glad to do lint It
I John Hay I linvo a great ti > crt > tiiry oi
mate In Philander r Knox I haH
a great altorneygenernl Jn the nth r
cabinet positions t have great 111111
Kllhu Root could take any of them
places and fill It as well us the Jilt 11
who la now there And In addition h o
Is what probably none of these gentle
men coil 10 bt a grear secretary of WAr
Kllhu Hoot In tin ublpst n In I Imv
known In our governmental ewrvice 1
will go urtlitr He Is the greatest mar
that has appeared In the public life ol
any country In any position on eithei
Side of the ocean tn my time
This Ii praise tailed alas AVell
man Well what of If I have never heari
that Seer Hoot has denied this otllcla
Impeachment Praise Indeed ye s
What praise in return could be ads
quote In repayment In this wondtrfu
Inutiul admiration society of rue too
Teddy and ma too Kllhu la the return
rhapsody ot Mr Hoofs ptrlomlion at
all extravagant considered from the
standpoint of
repayment of course
1 It any wonder that he was the man
selected by the candidate to lay It on
strong u anima of obllliy Iou Mr
Hot He had defended Tweed Why
not defend the Uepublknn party In Us
hour of nonfiction piisslvlty negation I
and mere obstruction Indeed he and
the president have mlndn to much allko
that they have been suspected of un
conscious identity of cerebration of
words thinking the same ihouglita In the saute
1 have heard thai In October 1008
Mr Hoot made a political speech In
Cooper Union In New York In which
he used this language It 1 tarl maw
has on the whole Merited well awl If
backless has prospered under I and In
prospering It Is better to endure coma
might Inconveniences sad ineounlltlea
for a lime than lu incur the uncertnlnty
and disturbance of buslnosa which nec
psaarlly results from the
llall ul process ot
malting changes The mere fact that a
different rale of duly would be better
than the rate fixed In the statute docs
not fettle the ucntlon whether the
change shoed be made now or should
b deferred Kvery tariff deals with
duties on I vat number o articles und
Involves 1 vast number of Intercuts oft
en omllctliiK and whenever the law Is
taken up In Congress for consideration
with reference to
IlCerelle ono change every
schedule In that law Is going to find
game one urging 1 change In that
schedule and nil the business Interests
of the country are going to bo left dur
Ing the long continued discussion In a
mate of uncertainty AS to what will bs
the outcome of duties upon tho things
they cure producing and therefore In
uncertainty is to what competition a
meet from abroad they will bo obliged to
And I have heard that the president
on his political tour through the weal In
the spring of 18M made a speech In
thwi tfd t UMd this hail uaiIel I n
1 s on tha whole worltodwoll
itifrrnr has prospered voll t
and prospering now It may be better
to endure some Inconveniences for 1
time than by making changes to risk
causing n disturbance and perhaps pur
allc the Interests and business of the
country Tin fact that the change In 1
given rate of duty may bo thought
desirable does not settle the quetitlon
whuther It Is advisable to make the
change Immediately 1Cvery tariff deals
with duties on thousand of articles ar
ranged In hundreds of paragraphs and
many schedules These duties affect 1
vast number of Interests which are oft
en conlllctliiB I necessary for our wel
fare thiiii of course Congress must con
sider the question of chnnKlnir the law
us a whole or changing In any given
rates of duty but we must remember
that whenever a Dingle schedule Is con
Hidered someone will appear to demand
a change In almost every schedule In
the law and when It comes to upsetting
the schedules generally the effect upon
the community would be ruinous
Verily two souls with but a single
thought MO harmoniously expressed aa
not to force n MinglE special Interest
to take Its llpa from the public breast
for fear the public finding them un
necessary might shake them all off
It Is not therefore to be wondered nt
that he per tol of the greatest of
llleee was n sort of dclllcallon of him
who had dubbed him greatest of
thNie It was almost as natural HI self
appreciation J was only alter egat
Ism after all
What 1 mngninoent piece of humor
Is this unbounded adulation of our fel
low citizens In the White louse by
the chief of these How humorous to
praise HO highly our fellow ultlzen In
the White House who In the long line
of great mel who have filled the seat
he now occupies has himself found
only about the In his opinion worthy
of anything like unstinted praise
George Washlnglon Abraham Lincoln
and himself Verily the other humor
ists will Imvo to retire from business
The chief of these Is Mr Hoot The
loinporary chairman said speaking of
the Hepubllcan parly Through It
more than any other party the moral
sentiment of the American people nude
expression pod save usl
Where Going back to ancient his
tory In the credit moblllter In the lout
Miturnalla of southern reconstruction
Or In recent history In th iioslollUa
department 1 In the public lands bu
reau In the full sway of bosses former
ly cursed so bitterly aiul SOt taken 1
fondly to his bosom by the president
In the pitiable telegrams inquiring Just
when the patriotic and unassisted rev
olution of 60 or lot men was slated
to come off unexpectedly In Panama
In the celebrated order of Hell H wir
ing Jake Smith prescribing 10 a the
one above width chlldum were to be
killed In one of thr islands hfb Phi
Ipplneu The universal honeycombing
of our national life with the corruption
of legislation bought sx > clal privilege
Time falls me to ask where What has
an < lent history to do with present In
luulUes anyhow
Mi Rot says Offenders have been
rehntleesly prosecuted and sternly
IlunJ Ill Isnt this remnrkahla
thundering In the Index for you
whon compared with actual Ilepublicaii
umplishments especlnllj when com
imred with the refusal of n lUpubllcan
house of representatives tn make cul
prits face even so much an a congreM
lonal invostlKatlon when comiwred
with the absolute mind nutuit refusal
ottha Republlcnn speaker 11 rerognlsj
anybody for 1w purpose of making l
motion econ of that character If theN
eer was a dttPimlmitlnn fully outer
talned and finally carried out I was
the determination of the Republican
I ailmtnlstratlon ant the Itepulillian log
Islatlve body to net to It that nobody
Bhntlld tnvrotlgitH the alleged culprits
in the poatnflke department except
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