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i I
Eofa9 Meeting Much Moro En
thusiastic and Better Attended
9hnn Yesterdays
lIJoCGlottfn sot Prawn Hero as
latherStates Mayor Morris
iJitcndi Welcome
Thosecondaaysscsslon of tho West
fcrn Federation of Colored Worn waN
much bettor attended arid much moro
enthusiasm woa displayed than nt the
first two sessions yesterday Thoro
wero 28 delegates enrolled when the
convention WOK called to order this
morning and aliout 20 of that number
were present at tim meeting Uov
Wells and Itayoc Morris mado brief
addresses wclcomlnc tho visitors to the
city and state
Tho passion was opened this morn
tnt by singing Josun Lover of my
Boul after which tho Lordn prayer
was repeated Ibo minutes of yonter
day afternoons Bosnian wore read and i
approved A letter was road from
Mrs W T Williams ot Boise 1dnt
endorsing tho action of the federation
The prwldcnt appointed Mrs 13 Smith
Mrs Julia I3mery and Mrs L A Hid
Joy ns a committee to framo and rend
ti the National I < Vd mton of Colored
Woman a grating when It meet in
St Iouls on July 11
Gov W 1U was then Introduced hy
Jlrs Taylor and was Kittitml With
litnrty unplntu He Mid In part
IjulloB I welcome you hero to tlm
nuptial city end wish you success in
your convention There Is nothing that
can bo done to advance the oau o of
the color d people of this state that
will not meet my limrty approval Ihq
legislature ol this state and tho peo
ple of this state url not nrone to
draw Much aclollo distinction
In the matter of color us In other states
I bollevo that the colored race has the
brains and the brawn to attain as high
a elation as the white ran Their
brains are as largo and they are as
largo In stature congratulate you
upon tho organization of such a move
In thlx slate thank you for your at
Mrs Julia Emory responded to Cloy
Wells npe ch In1 very appropriate
manner Hlio heartily thanked him on
behalf of the vlHtlng delegates for hU
words of welcome and on l halt of the
entire fodoratlon for his words of en
Mayor Morris wan next Introduced
amid hearty uppliume and wild La
dies of the Western Imlerntlon of Col
orod Women In behalf ol Bait Lnku
city 1 extend to you a hearty wolcomo
to our city I asmtie you that your
action meets my hearty approval mm
anything I can do to assist you both
during and after your organization I
will Bbidly do I thank you
Mrs 11 II NcHbUt of Ogden respond
ed to tin utlilreia of the mayor In a very
graceful speech A rising vote of
thanks was then extended hy the feder
ation to both the governor and the
A paper touching upon the orgunlziv
Ion of the federation and Its nl > Jnctn
was then read by Mfa C M Krnest of
Ogden ltonarku were then annie by
Judgo A N Cherry of thin city Uov
Helen of Denver W J Whoaton of Off
dun Mrn Iioblnson Mrs Washington
and several other delegates after
which an adjournment was taken un
til 2 oclock
The grand banquet nnd ball will bo
clvcn on Saturday night InHtettd ot
Thursday night and will be hold In
Federation ot Labor hall This chungo
wins made necctwry because ot the ob
jections to holding a hall In the leels
lAtlra hall
First Real class of1 the Kind In History
Of Utah Nntloual Guard
Tho first general oourt rmrtlal in thw
Ulntory of the Natlohul Guard of Utah
In being held tjila afternoon In the ot
ne of Governor Wells Th detail of
tho hoard la as follows Judge Advu
alt fJapt W C Webb Lieut Col H
B Ferry Lieut Col H V Smith Mnj
C 21 Benedict Cniit W Williams
and Lieut A II 1embroke The oftt
tlpr being tried li Irivalo Utlvln C
Iltt troop A First cavalry lie U
charged with conduct prejudicial to
food order and military discipline
The funeral service over thu remain
of little Myrtle Ryan dauchter of
ProiiU and May Kvane was held Tuw
day lit 2 p in at the residence which
was tastefully decorated with beautiful
hot house plants nail Hov rs The Mor
al tributes were numereifti iihil btaull
ful lllshop Coo Itoinney ollklnted nt
tlis strvlces nnd iiptiroprlat and con
Willnir remark WRIT inalle by Elders
Vm Wood OBO Heynolds I rof Win
M Bjownrt and Uluhop Uomnay Inter
mont was at the city cemi ry
Will licet in Conference ot Mauti
July 17 and IB
At I irmerly iUUoU In the l4fanv n
E j i > IMI conference vlll be held In
to 1 F i lot county op tIsi 4lh BIIJ
Iv I < t r tniiitn A od < l itbtfSm hul
u i I Iti Ibe B 4irsl public II
m i i I Mik nlVtttitugn 6r tbe ixp
I I < iiiiimttl fBtei from all point
9f I t < I i the city a vjfctt The
1 > t 11111 are vry nuthuslHstl
> I i h inn iind ba r propsrm
i Ii v rniv all who come Th
1 i I r i i rr four du
I it IM r mures uf the Qonffrcnr
m > t Hi VIIIK of poetry compoKm
r I i i ii Hint the tivlnc of a prls
t > l < nllllr jOr the bat poem OH
ii un Vi mutant p IVrcon oj
n jit PIIIIH i presidency write
mruti ImvihK In rtiarRo th
I > ii ft tlui HoundlnnvUn rt
9 nan at Jluntl oa July IT and U eXlen1
in Invitation to the Arandltmvlnn pout
n Utah to write tKXtrm pjroprliit t
he occasion A coniinliiK will be at
Minted tn wlert surh iirodnptlun III an
onuIdcriI or rAKtoit merit which will
jc renil during the nnnlun And the an
Jior of tho hent poo in will lie Klvn i I
ruUtiuitUI prlso hy W1 > of riTifirnltldii
1me nhuud K > in tint humla nf th
What two words mean most
to your grocer and what do
thry mean
Schillings Best and they
mean agood deal of business
without any trouble
program committed by tho 15th of July
111111 not later
AdlraeH all communications to O A
vemon chairman program committee
lantl Ulan
They Aro Docominc Decidedly Popular
AgaU on tho Croat Salt Lake
Yachting parties pnimlae to becomo
he regular thing on tho divot Salt
Lake thin season Already thero has
been considerable boating and there
are numerous dally cruises In some ono
ot Copt V L Davis little gasollno
launches at Haltalr The latest one to
go Into service Is tho Ksthor whluh
cute the water without a jar at tho
ate of 10 miles un hour Tho Rather
114 used for short runs only all long
olul lsbs being made by Cambria II
vhloh la really a more beautiful and
ubslitntlal craft that Salt Lakers real
lte Koine special parties are to be
niton hy the captain to the Iucln cut
off In tho near future and tho Cambria
vlll carry them The distance Is GO
IIII1M and IH covered In itbout five hours
under favorable conditions The boat
hue a regular crew and private state
rooms and compute Bleeping nocoin
notations She will carry about 40
iSMengere Her main last Is 10 feet
high null Weighs COO pounds
Quartermaster Sergtant Ilclmar of
D company IIIIH returned from a south
crn vacation trip
Steward Ucattlo of the Commercial
club has resigned and IH going to St
Louis whence he expects to go further
Peaches from California are In tho
market selling at 10 cents a pound
Other fruits are arriving In quantities
md In good condition
J C Rico general agent ot the In
ernutloiml Harvester company In this
city hue resigned and hit place Is tak
en by T A McCormlck of Boston
The ntret department Is grodlntt on
the south aide of the Klghteenth ward
square for the new sidewalks to bo
nude In accordance with tha ordi
1 The street railway management has
some eight or 10 bodies of the old Hte
lunsnn curs left and will make them
over Into doubo truck cars like the
present nineties
Mr and Mrs Alma D Katz ot Dolso
will visit this weak with the family
ot W H Shearman nf this city Miss
iSllgabeth IAet of Washington D C
Is also visiting thare
Workmen are tenting up today the
old tar sldownlk north lip wust Of tho
Holmes building corner of Second
Hcuth and hate ptvsctj preparatory to
replacing It Vlthu cHnont sidewalk
The real estate men hold a lunchoon
this afternoon at the Commercial club
where they discussed future moves In
tho line of bringing the uttruollons of
the city and Immediate country before
the public In general and investors In
CsvInif to a mistaken date stamped on
the circular notice of the Apeclal post
offIce examination for clerks and carri
ers the dat of tlm examination Is
printed erroneously elsewhere Tho date
should read July 27 and not July D an
olllclally furnished to the Dsseret News
In tho ScandlnuVlan meeting In tho
Fourteenth ward assembly rooms to
morrow Thursday Kldor Andrew Jon
eon will give a lecturo on the Sue
cession AH Interested are Invited
The services commence at 8 oclock p
The Utah Fuel companyfl ofllcos Imvn
advice of a continued thinning out of
the former striker In Carbon county
Tho Italians are getting tired at wait
ing around doing nothing with no
clmnco nf returning to work The coin
puny has all of tho help It needs and
tho output Is steady
Plans for a new Mt of army bar
racks for Fort DOUSJUIN will be re <
calved Inside ot two weeks ut the of
lice of tho constructing tiiartcrmatei
In this city along with plnns for fur
ther buildings to be erected at the
Cart Thin macadam road to the head
of South Temple street from the pool
will bt completed by July JO
The audience at yesterdays organ re
cital wits delighted on being favored
with the overture to Tristan and Is
old hy Prof MiCMellan It was one
of the finest performance ever given
on the great organ The Ctijus Anlmam
from the Stabat Mater was also given
with marked effect There will be an
other rental tomorrow at 520 p m
Local members of the guard are de
Hlrotis of taking their nnnuul encamp
ment with the regulars when the luttei
make their Strawberry trip Ifl llu
gtiardsmin say they call learn mud
more of military life In a 10 days ex >
penance with tits julnin than w eru
they to ha sent off on I an encampmenl
hy themselves The boy do not wan
to be sent to Fort Douglas It Is lo
near home
President HI U Poole of the America
Steel K Wire company la at the Kntits <
toni from Denver lie nays thitt or
der II being gnili > > lly evolved roil
chaos but that riff uis are yet In von
unenviable shape Mr Ioolo ninntlniici
the fact of a number of eastern partlei
vlth money to Invest vlilted tTolorade
Dry iiioUt scaly letter all fonns
of octeuia or wilt rliuuin ilmplot
nnd other outnnoous eruptions pro
cood from humors either inherltedl
or aoqulrwl through defeotlvo di <
gostiou and assimilation
To treat those eruptions with
drying medicines is dangerous
Tho thing to do is to tnko
Hoods Sarsaparilla
and Pills
Which tlioroughlyol wmie tho blood
expelling nil humors nnd building
up tho wholo sygtoin They cure
Hoods Sartspirlllii pernrtssnilr eured J
0 Itlnet Prank Ihlof eolIDIi from willet
L he biul sotfarud for some time nod Mln
Alrlna Welter Box 213 Algous Wll of pirn
pies on bar fM end Vtck anti rhafhi skin 01
her body hr which she hid been crMll
tronblwl There are moro tsulraonlsli II
later of hoods than ran be PubllthtJ
Hoodn unrsapnrllla promises to
t euro and koops tho promise
recently and declined to plant their
mdnoyln that state on nccount of tho
utmottled conditions obtaining tIters
Not a few families have left Colorado
to mottle where ther II not so much
friction l tveon capital and labor
Workmen this morning began the
erection of a platform at the corner of
Second South and East Temple streets
where tho Democrats will hold their big
ratification meeting on the evening of
ho day the candidates are named st
Ht Louis Fisher Harris has hewn
added to the list of speakers for that I
Tho veteran Mr Phil MargeUs
In company with his daughter Miss
Minnie Margctts will leave Bait Iaka
tomorrow on a visit to Idaho Falls Dur
Ing their stay they will b the guestn
of Mrs K p Mulhnll and family Be
fore returning they will visit Yellow
stone Park ItexburK ami other places
on their way home as Mr Mnrsetts Is
veil known through the northwest
There was an Interesting meeting In
ho Nineteenth ward hall last night
when Rider II S Tanner delivered a
lecture on the succession In the > rosl
lenoy In reply to certain statements
contained In an address delivered a
week ago hy Elder Chase of the lUor
Knnljed church The speaker dealt with
every phase of the subject and covered
he points In controveisv In a masterly
nanner much to the delight of most of
the large audience In attendance
Word recently wnu brought to Scene
lary Heatty of the state board of health
of bog cholera In the southern part of I
tho county and Dr LeMay has gone
lawn there to Investigate It has been
found that 100 hogs died In various
parts of the section affected but the
source of the trouble has not yet been
reported Some uno started a report
that the hORS affectctil were being sold
for moat but InvcslUntlon proves this
lo be untrue Dr Ueatty pays means
are being luken to siarnp tho disease
Wsrs Inspected Today by Surveyor
Behold Who Talks on Insurance
The Pacific hoard of underwriters has
prepared a now schedule for the sur
veying of electric mr burns and Sur
veyor Bellied looked over the local barns
today Ho was gratllltd with the im
provement of the last six months In
tho arrangement and condition of the
plant Mr Beheld had a good word to
M for Chief llywater of tho fire de
partment who In his capacity ns Urn
marshal bun made a yard to yard and
cellar to cellar visit through the buel
11SS8 district and warned offenders of
tho law that they must clean up the ac
cumulation of rubbish about their
premlicn or be held amenable to the
law Mr Beheld nays that ho went
through the business section just be
fore the Fourth and was surprised raid
gratified to find such a marked Im
provement It was fully BO per cent
abovo what It was bcforo the present
chief took hold
Dr A h Apo oorlan of Provo has
returned from his tnip itQjSt Louts
It 0 Peyton of Prpvq lent the VII
Ion CI i 11 vIn Dn t
Judge John A Marshall has gone to
California to join his family Ho will
remain for about two months
Mrs E Drake and son arc expected to
return from a visit to Los Angeles with
In a tow days
David CaUUr and two daughters left
this afternoon over the lllo Grande and
Hurllngton for St Louis They will visit
Chicago and Now York ore returning
Mr Joseph Howell son of Ileprer
eontatlvo Houell has returned from
Columbia university New York where
ho has Just completed his sophomore
year In tho mining course He apeak
in high terms of the university and
says there are quite a number of Utnh
boys there all of whom are doing well
Mr Howell left this morning for Tin
tic whore ho will work In tho Centen
nlnlKurnkn completing some experi
ments of his course Ha returns to
Columbia In September
Two Salt Lake firms bid on tho
Evanston Federal building Campbell
building company at 193300 and Oliver
Hodgson at U1276S Neither will get
the contract us the lowest bidder was
K Miller of MInneapolis at IU93CO The
appropriation was 17D000 of which H
000 was used In securing the site
Duns Review has the following to
say IIB to the condition of sugar beet
crop for Utnh anti Idahoi Sugar beet
outlook for Utah and Idaho is excellent
Acreage In Idaho has been tripled and
Increased 33 per cent In Utah Water
supply U ample and thinning Is about
I completed
Todays local bank clearings amount
ed to 145993120 as against 116 557 C3
lor the same day last year
Judge Hall tOdAY granted Lizzie Bam
Incite a divorce from William H Sum
mono on the grounds of desertion and
failure to support They were married
In San Francisco on Jtnio W 1889 Plain
tiff was allowed to resume her maiden
name Llzsle Steele
Alex Jennings was bound over to the
I district court yesterday afternoon upon
the charge of arson by Justice Holm of
MrrftyuHe is charged with burnIng
the Highland Hoy baardlnglmuM about
a year ago
llnytlcn Minister Hxplnlns Attach
On Ircnch niul termini MlnNicrs
Washington July CMr Leger the
P Haytlan minister hili nestle an cxplxn
atlon of tho recent International epi
sode at oPit au Jrliut Involving an
attack on the French and Herman min
r isters nail the presence of warships In
cnnsequence to procure reparation
which puts an entirely different light
on the affair depriving It or any such
antiforeign animus as was first at
tributed to it
The ministers advices Just received
from lUyti Knows that the Incident oc
curred ug follows
llefore the executive mansion at
Port an Prince there la a road which la
I closed after dark to all pedestrians ami
carriages On the morning of June 21
two carriages were sen on that roml
It was dark the nentry could not see
the occupants and could not then know
If they were foreigners or natives The
coachmen not hearing or not taking
any nolle of tho warning of tile sentry
the letter to avoid lining his rills
thought Ht to throw a stone In the di
rection of the carriage When the
tiext morning the report WM made
that the occupants of the carriage were
the Herman and French minister this
officers of the guard and the gentry
d were puntohsd and the secretary ol
foreign relation called at Un legation
to apologize T
Minister Powell hlll since ported
that the Incident wa satisfactorily
WOOmirnVln thin city July 4 1004
of rholera Infsntum Albert Nathaniel
Kin of Mr nnd Mr Arthur W Wood
tinny CEcil U months
d Iutieral from parents r < lclenc iI
went FIfth North street tomorrow
Thursday at Jp m FrlcmU ftro Invited
SI Louis July eTlie following U
the new Democratic iiHtiunui commit
tj as far AH chuaen titan bolug no coin
tests in a number of state tulid dele
gation of others not having agreed
on a member
CttllfornhvM F Tarpty
ColoradoJohn I Mulllni
ConnectIculHonius 8 Cummins
Delftvuwnillisrd It Kenn y
KlorldivJeffsrson II Browne
Oeorgta Cliirk Howell
llllnaiv ltegff c milllvun
Indlnna Thomaa TagRHri
Iowa Charles A Wul h
Kantian 11 Atwood
Kvntucky Ur y WouUson
IxUl lano N C Hlunehard
Maryland Victor Itaughman
MaftMcliUtetts Wtlllain A Stone
Minnesota T Hudson
MlMlMlnplC 11 Williams
Mllllflur Will hUll A Hothwoll
Monunn W Hoffmnn
Nebr sl < a James Dahlnmn
Nevada John It Dennis
New Hampshire II Norris
New Jarny William 11 OourUy
Now York Norman K Muck
North CnrollimJosephus Daniels
OhioJohn U Mrl < enn
Ionnsylvnnla James M Quffsy
South DakotaK 8 Johnson
Tenncfcsee Mount Castle
Texas It M Jehnttan
Vermont n Bnmlley
Vest VltelnlorJohn T McCJrow
WlBconsIn T nyan
AVyomlng John M Oaborne
District of Columbia Jamea L Nor
Indian Territory L Williams i
New Mexico It 11 Ferguson
Oklahomun A Blllup
Jackson Mich July 6 Five hounand
people aSsembled in Loomis park here
today to celebrate the fiftieth anniver
sary of the birth of the Republican
PartY under the oaks this city July
Ii 1851 It WON here on that date that
trm first state convention acting under
tho name of Republican was hold
Tho sate ticket nominated on that day
went through a heated campaign to
election day success
Beoy of State John Hay who was
private secretary to Abraham Lincoln
the first Republican president was the
orator of tho day Other distinguished
guests present were Speaker Cannon of
the national home of representatives
Senator Fairbanks of Indiana llepub
llcan candidate for Vice president and
Senators Alger and Uurrows of Mich
The city Is hung with bunting nnd
band concerts on tho main streetspro
ceded the arrival of Secy hay and Sen
ator Fairbanks with a company of
prominent Republicans on a special
train from Detroit Speaker Cannon
arrived last night At the morning
exercises at Loomls park Mayor Todil
delivered a hearty welcome and Cloy
lilIes briefly responded Atty Charles
A Dlalr of Jackson then read an able
paper on tho history of the Republican
Thomas T Olirlen of Ornnd Rapids
the next speaker was Introduced as
one of tho participants In the original
under the oaks convention of 1S64
Mr OBrien as well as Mr Blair had
his subject The History of the Repub
lican party In Michigan
An Interesting feature of tho exer
rises wftj a body of Fremont voters
and men who cast their VOID for the
pathfinder Grand Army uniforms
crutches and silvered locks were con
splcuods among them and the rapt at
tention of those charter Republicans
was notable
When the morning exercises at the
grove were concluded the distinguish
ed guests were driven to the Hotel
Otnego where they were tendered a re
ception Then there was a half hours
Interruption of the days program for
luncheon In the afternoon the pro
gram nt the grove was resumed A
tremendous audience was present when
Senator Ilurrows Introduced Secy of
State Hay the orator of the afternoon
Senator Fairbanks of Indiana was
tho next speaker
Serious Military Operations Tlicrc
Probably Over for Present
St Petersburg July 61ho military
critics genorally take tIm view that
Kcrlqun military operations In southern
Manchuria arc over until tIm rainy sea
son has elided and that In tho mean
time the Japanese will devote them
selves to the siege of Port Arthur The
army organ marvels at the lack of de
cision on tho part or dons Kurokl and
Oku expressing tho belief that this
may account for the fact that force
landing at Port Dalny havo been taken
hone armlet In Manchuria
The test of engines of the armored
cruiser Admiral Nnklmoft on her trial
run Is pronounced very satisfactory
The battleimlps Slsolvellky and Navar
In and armored cruiser Hvletlnnw are
being filled with holsls for coaling at
mean An Imperial ukase has been Issued
calling for 111000 recruits to colors this
year This on account of the war U
double the usual number
The Russian press generally coin
mends the appointment of Prince Qbo
Itnsky IH govarnorcmieral of Finland
and counselH ilnnnea but moderation
Chump Kxpcdltlon Sails
Ttomsoa NorwayJttly 6fhf Oliamr
expedition sailed from here today on
this steamer MrlUiJof for the relief ol
the Belgler Plain polar expedition or
board the steamer America ut Fruits
Joscfland for > which part of the world
he sailed June 23 1M1 Intending it
winter there and sand expedition
north W H Champ In oommilid of tin
Krltlijof expedition Is tiecretary of Wll
Ham Belgfer of llroohlyn
Mottons ItcslKtintlon Accepted
New York July aAt a metlni of Un
fllNotors lit thus Atehlso T 5tkiL ft Kant
la rt railroad today tao resignation of
SwyTrwis Paul Morton this nw Mer
tary of the navy WM actentw but no
now icerelitrytreasurer will be consider
ed until some time III August
Scholl Beats I1 S Kelly
Henley RI > B July 6ln fjmlllaals for
diamond cull today 1 F Bcholes uf
Don Rowing ulub of Toronto best F 8
Kelly holder by four lengths 11111e911
All but Ilenrst Men Feel Ulscoui
flt Louis Mo July GThe fmituro of
tin fonuooii was tin continual scram
bl telr tIckets Manjdel at aro ay
l0I81lanlec1 by live ttleiss 11M IIIIIIY frlande
IIII tlre are ticketS for saul 1101111 no
inMied UII practically nil iiiihl1 Ire tIIOlr
effort 10 zeucure medic or aillntwsiOii
The vmirvjiwit nlvocnlll or esnl
oils candidate were aleu atllr IRIly
but hose who Hro UIOlfitll1f
the claims of ther caiiilldatcH
than Judge Parker found very lit
tle nrourogmnent Borne of them contin
ued their assurance that there would to
at least W votes cast ngalii the New
Yo k candidate mid iirofewied to be un
itauntetl by the stnna taken by Pennsyl
vania and Ohio Other admitted tlio
critical nature of tho situation mid con
fessad Unit great effort U neceimury to
urevent Parkers nomination on the nivt
ballot If WII accomplish that we will
feel Hint there U ground for hope
hid one of them As fur the friend of
Judge llRrmon said Mr Cleveland li nd
of the supporters of the oxiittoriuyKcn
cruel we Iie that the ltuntlon In hope
18 Oiul hall not present the memo of our
Heart friends were the most conndent
at the opposition sna they were strong
ly leeonded by Mr with adherents in
whrwe Interest uniformed rluhhrn < lrd by
a lima Imtiil paraded the principal
The Cliiiftniso Charges
Paris July GThe parliamentary
committee whltili Is InvostlgatlliR the
Chartruse charges has drawn up a re
port exonerating Premier Combes and
his son Kdward Comb secretary
general of the ministry the Interior
on the ground that the testimony dots
not show anything Impeaching their
honor Tho report expresses regret
that the premier referred before thee
chamber of deputies to an attempt at
briberywhsreas the testimony discloses
no Incident having that gravity The
committee will continue Its Inquiries
but the decision vindicating the two
Combes terminates Its principal work
Knnsns Streams high
Kansas city Mo July IJAII Inn
this streams are rising the result of
heavy ralim In the past 21 hours and
serious tloodH are threatened From
two to four Inches of water line fallen
during Hint time
The worst Hood than any that has
preceded U threatened at Kmperor
where both the Cotlonwood and Neosho
rivers are close to tho hlghwnlcr mark
and rising at the rate of four Inches an
At Sallmi the river Is rising and thence
feet more will cover the eastern part
of the city Dry Creek Is raging and
the citizens are moving out Farms In
the lowlands are flooded and farmers
are moving their stock to higher
Gypsum City Is flooded The water is
In tho houses tenth streets and at other
points much damage to buildings has
been done by high winds
Moll For Jnp Prisoners
St Petersburg July C t p m In
formation for the relatives of Japanese
prisoners U being forwarded through
the American embassy 10 the Japanese
minister at Berlin Since the inaugura
ton of the prisoners bureau regular re
ports have been made
The Ilrltlsh gunboat Kspleglo has ar
rived at Nowchawng but tho entrance
Is mined and she was unable to enter
the mouth of tho river
On her personal account the empress
since the opening o the war has sent
10000 packages containing coffee tea
tobacco etc to the officers cofee 300000
packages to tho men In the far east
There Is no Informatloh here confirm
ing the reports from ToMe anti New
chwnng that tho Japanese are north
of Kol Chou
Hoincscckurs nt lloncstccl
IloneMeel 8 D July GWhon the rod
Ittratlon office opened thlH morning leone
wcro lest than 2 people la line All
night a cold rain fell and liomcsfckcro re
fused to leave their rooms but few being
provided with overcoats or rain coat
hut when tho sun came out homencolter
appeared on the streets and nt 1 oclock
there were several hundred In lne
Tho early morning train from the cant
brought In about MO men and women
Other train hundreds are arriving by every
President on Pleasure llcnt
Oyster Bay L I July Prtaldent find
Mrs Roosevelt accompanied by their
chlhl ron left KaKamoro hill today rir n
pleasure trip acrora the bay I WUH the
Intention of thee timidly to land ut Mania
lUtAttt nook MvernI sails trim Mug
amore taken slung hill to eat luncheon which was
Tim prime < tiallty and wovkmannhlp
nf the Ilrusnels luro Is world renowned
and while It Is known ns lirusseta lace
that article Is manufactured
Mlcle not 11811rncturel PX
liiMlvoly In the Belgian capital but at
different places throughout Molginn
Salon of Silver KingMammoth Active
The Sales Potted
Silver Ring was bought this after
noon at m during the cull ot the min
Ing exchange Mnmmoth Galena and
New York also displayed activity The
sulta Were
Galena 4000 at a U 1000 at 6
Mammoth 300 at lZO
Silver King 25 at 5100
La Urine 300 at C
Now York 1000 at 2
Wo boo to advlto our trlondi and tlm Iradn in ftonornl I lint
vo Imvo clinnftml tho nnmo of our corporation to
Tlioro vlll ho no clinnfto In Iho mnnnflomonl
i on SWtct Manager Successors
Proildont VIcoPrMlilont Soy find Mflr
hK49 I
These hot days made cool by appropriate furnish
ings on the lawn and porch good comfortable
hammocks porch shades are necessary We have them
in abundance
A Cool Store lo Ours
Whole World
in Minature
Thats what a distinguished
English visitor said about
Then he said Hardly in mlnature
cither I for everything is lifesize j in
fact there are buildings and statues
which are simply immense almost
beyond imagination Yet above all
And this is so whether in the field
of A Science Sculpture Litera
ture Education or Agriculture I
Life Is also mirrored in the wonderful assemblage of
people from all over the Globe fron Patagonlans to
Alaskans from Egyptians to the American Indians
And all this world as it is seen from
day to day is pictured and told
about in
Art Portfolios
These splendid iofuhlck thin art 480 lit
all not only afford a record and history for tAoS
ttho cannot nut the Fair but thiy cotitltt1i a
most adMirable and taltabl tomtnlr ad
rtmimbratct for tSoi uio g to St Lath
The Original Pholotrapha ate The descriptions ore all will <
ten Mr Waiter B Stevens
Inhon expressly for title worK by Wler Slevens
by the OKIclnl rhologrnpher Secretary of the Louljlani
01 the Fair s I A A Purchase txpoMllon I s
If yOu hn not alreaJj started begin NOW
wllh Par I and secure the wholo series a Issued
Magnificent Reproductions Square Fet of Cbte
ASO Illgnlccnt Rerucions 400 Sare
ofOfficial Photographs Roe A EogriTinp
ne series Is published In unity Portfolio of
6 Clll ad I It la Mud a prht and ut place
k It ulthln your easy rtach at so trljUng a coil al
to make It almost a DUTY to start It
IOn for cache itart 10 subcrlborll
THE TERMS C of tutu fIJy 8ilurllny or Sml
It Wonkl NOII gtOUiI otherS
IDRR only Jo Dally Suhscrllmrrt who nro patti in advance
Ono PoHfollo lro wllli ovory months Mliscrlpllon pnidm
Portulu wlh on
ndvanoo or 12 numbers Fran hy pnymontof n Oarllu1lcr
In advance Positively no oHmr terms accorded
Consult County Clerk or the respective
sinners for further Information
of Kllxabeth Henderson nunrnnson Do
tnsed Creditors will present claims with
vouchers to tho linOTHlgn at office of
Young Moyle attorneys Doseret Nn
Uonal Balk IlmldlnK corner Main and
Ilrst South Streets Halt hake City Utah
on or before tho 10th day of November
A Dlm
Aa administrator FtANlt Will Annexed of
Kllznheth nnd riton Dunconion De
Date of first publication
frst publc July eh A
0 i Moyle Attorney
Amsiiesii 200 to 9100
Inrop n tlOO to 8000
What nra you reading
This Hula
Advertisement lor
Thought you couldnt
Sparo Hmo to
Bother with small
Now youre nt It
Try tho reGular
WnntAtl pageS
Thats where the
Ones are

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