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POll Your GOOD c vertisoments EnoughBut Are t hl D E S F Calamity II lW5n kTrue Touchston1
j rfh1dtC Art O Ye Are DIG Ten Enough to Onlt That Thuy DESERET EVENINGMVEWS I IfOfou Often Try to I
Convention Met This
Morning and Adjourned Till
Determined to Carry Illinois
> Contest ou to Convention
tron of Nomination Held In
eJanccrrospccts Arc No Choice
VJII be Made for a Day or Two
Mo July 7The morning
Democratic national con
union of the
ntion toda lasted less than one hour
here wal dell in calling It to order
n4 Rt 11 oclock It became necessary
until 2 oclock to await
tAke a recess
< the committees on
e organization and crcdcli
on permanent
The committee
laU elected
sanction met at onco nnd
Clark us permanent
fliamp unanimous The real
the choice was
delay was tho time heeded
ftute tor the
the report of the committee
0 prepare
credential This committee din
ton nt nil early
6e1 of the last content
Jour this morning but was unable to
I have Its report ready for the conven
The order maintained In the conven
tion hull this morning Mns a great Im
firoiement over yesterday although the
jjocoedlngs wero heard with difficulty
foe first business was the preRcntatlon
nnd adoption of the report of the com
wlttoe on rules The question of rep
KitntAtlon of tho Insular possession
en the floor of the convention at Chica
go and that Instance was duplicated
hit morning
The dovcloments of the night aroused
tven greater Interest the convention
having much to be anticipated Many
it the delegates worked late Into tho
tight on committee with sUbsequent
iiaj ot Ieep Tho credctttlalB commit
tee did not adjourn until after four thin
Horning whllo the subcommittee on
Itnolutlons labored until after midnight
in Interesting feature before the ere
fcntlnis committee was the appear
re of William J Hryan after the II
iols contest had been disposed of
Hi ftukfcd for a reconsideration that he
right make a minority report They
aid that no reconsideration was nee
mary and Mr Bryan wnn told to
rikc his minority report Ho asked
tiose members who would ulgn It to
Kind and the delegates trom Oklaho
tit Wisconsin Minnesota and Hhode
Island arose Thin atlon foreshadowed
I light on the floor The committee
tviuined tho action of the national
tommlttee In all of the contented cases
lire that from the Twentyfirst Illinois
Another development of the night
til the declination of Benator Imlley of
mu to accept the permanent chair
pinihlp He stated that ho desired to
t on the floor when tho platform was
Vfa discussion The placo was ten
Cered to chnmp Clark of Missouri
note address wan awaited with keen
Iniwst as ho Is known to bo R good
jtilc speaker
The nrponmncft of Mr lirynn on tho
tor wae looked for when the commit
IM on credentials should report In vltv
W its big battle In prospect between
IM owiors of the convention over the
contain carried to tho convention to be
At 10 oclock the time set for the
J wng of the second Hays session of
I t Jentlon not 100 delegates were In
tb ball There vas Kcneral nntlclpn
IQ that the session would bo brief nnd
t I Oer exrltlng the knowledge that
t4 Monitions committee would not bo
tdy to report tha fort that Mr
Bryan a member ot that committee
eel anxious to mix up In the struggle
cr the report at the committee on ere
wntisii and could not do eo as long as
It Was Working on the resolutions all
Cflablned to kill off Interest for thoso
hOVt In los8e81110n of any Intormn
tIOll or the minor workings of the con
entlon Tin visitors however wcro
tel It greater force than yesterday und
be cn1lerlea woro wcl1 filled lOng bert
rt the arrl1 of ny of the fonvcn
hOI otnclnls Two new delegation em
11U1 wero on tho floor today those or
The Young Senator Who llufiiscil to
tet M Iprninnont Clmlrman
Senator halley or TexlUl
bp larg always looms
and In the Councils or his party
I never a aegatlv0
ete 1 negtve quantity nt any
ot the qunntt
all game fli
refusal how
er Is ttU811
the onventlon n P rmnlent chairman Of
greatly 8IIrprJed Is
fntnd slrl1rl
rbron whom ho hns
be quito n num
In hilt ulo
100 II 81It Lake nut Rreat sntlsrnc
expreBRel1 over the eciection of
efljrsuman selecton
tim Champ Clark 10 the Ilosl
ton I he II one or the PItTB or bli
can talk
most nbiy as wull
s Write abl ni
aallnc articles for newspapers IHI
tl en always attract aLien
111IIH IIHI + H11 IN n II H +
v H
Tho DIstlnRiilshnd VlrKlnln Senator Who U nt Head or Committee to
llullil Party Ilatform
As distinctively the representative of old Virginia orators of the present
day Senator John W Daniel occupies n conspicuous position He tM born In
Lynchburgh Campbell county Va flept 5 1842 and comes of a family dis
tinguished In the law and statesmanship In tho conduct of the Mates affairs
He received his early education In tho schools of Lynchburgh nt Lynchbursh
college and at Dr Harrisons university and school He Had a gift for lan
guages and at IS had a knowledge of Latin Greek French and Herman Ho
was but M when tho Civil war broke out and entered the Confederate army at
once Ho was wounded at the first battle of Mannasas In 1801 at llaoncsboio
In 1S62 and nt Antlctam and at the battle of the Wilderness had his leg brok
en In a charge He served with marked distinction through the war In the
armies of northern Virginia and at the time of the battle of the Wilderness
was on tho ntaff of ten Harly Ho studied law after the war nnd entered Im
mediately upon UB practise Later he wrote Daniel on Attachments and
Daniel on Negotiable Instruments both of which books have been success
ful Ho entered public life In 1863 and served two terms In the Virginia
housu of delegates Ho woo a member of the Virginia senate from 1875 to 181
He Ins that year beaten In the race for governor of Virginia but was elected
to Congress In lIlt nnd during his first session was elected to the United
BtatcH senate succeed Behator Mahone taking Ills lent In March 1887 for
the term expiring In 1809 His term of service vili expire March 3 1905 The
degree of LU D has been conferred upon Senator Danlc1 by Washington and
Lea university and the University of MjchlBan
Porto lUre and of tho Philippines One
bore a very large liQrlnlll a very
small Jlnico nnd the other showing In
largo letters I1 I
Five members of the committee on
permanent organisation whU were In
tho hall at thu hour Uxed for opening
of the session dated that they had not
been Informed a second meeting to
elect u permanent chairman H was
nrgued that no authority exists fpr
holding n session today unlosu all members
hers of the committee nre notified It
was agreed that If Representative
Champ Clarks name Is presented how
ever Informally no objection would be
raised I a new candidate Is presented
opposition would be made The weather
conditions In the hall were vastly Im
proved over yesterday the temperature
being lower nnd the humidity much
Icegrortiio Democracy Whose Namci
Was Choprcil tn tlio I oho
Tho dispatches state that the men
tion the name of Grover Cleveland
the only living expresident of the
United States sent the delegates to
cheering In 1 manner that clearly
proved that ho Is still one of the most
If not the most popular man In his par
ty Kven with tho veil known opposi
tion of tho American people to the third
term Idea It Is by no means certain
that the convention could not have been
stampeded in his favor had 0 consent
ed to become I candidate
Bryan Iiif ins It He Will Take
Illinois Case to Convention Floor
St Loul July 7With ono exception
the contest In the Twentyfirst Illinois
district the credentials committee of
tho national Democratic convention fol
lowed tho load of tho national com
mittee and seated the delegates recant
mended as the temporary roll of the
convention This result was accom
plished after a session lasting nil night
The feature of the sonlun was the dec
laration of W J Urnyan who pall the
committee a cull nt 3 oclock a m that
ho should make the Illinois contests an
Isiuo on the floor of the convention
ni loor
Mr Hrynn explained to the committee
that he had been busy on the platform
committee during the time the Illinois
contests were being considered All he
asked was the right to make1 n minor
ity report to the convention This was
granted C
Tho convention gavr patient hearing
to every contest represented except
that ot Dr Mary walker claiming 1
scat In tho convention an the woman
convenlon Democrats of
New York Dr Walker waited patient
ly the Indulgence of the committee un
til a late hour and gave up In despair I
POUTO nico
Tho committee took action regarding
Iorto Illco the Philippines the District
of Columbia Illltiolf Maine New Jar
ray Ohio Ptnnyvanla Bouth Dakota
and Indian Territory
The Maine contest Involving three
peats was decided against the Hearst
delegates and Ih favor of those on the
temporary tlmWJlmSEY
The Ndw Jersey contests were do
doled In thp samn way The contests
InttilH state Involved the first and sec
ond districts und the argument pre
sented by both sides was heated and
Involved unpleasant personalities I
was 3 oclock when the New Jorsey
matter wax disposed of Mr Bryan
hud been waiting tn tho committee
room for some time Ho at once took
the floor and requested that the Illi
nois contents which had been disused
of by the committee early In Its ses
sion be reconsidered i that a record
vote might ho had to base a minority
report The chairman explained that
such u course would not be necessary
that any member of the committee had
a right to make n minority repot t To
make the matter regular however the
committee voted the privilege of mak
ing such a report to such of
Its members as desired to
unite In ono Mr Bryan again took
tho Initiative as no member of the com
m litre Indicated 1 desire to make a
minority report He stated that hl
wanted to make such a report and
asked nil members of the committee
who would sign It to Rtnnl up He
spending to queries Oklahoma Wis
consin Minnesota and Ithodc Island
arose Mr Hryan thanked the com
mittee nnd withdrew with the state
ment that he should draw a minority
report nnd make the fight on the hoer
of the convention
In the Ohio contest Involving the
Twelfth congressional district Hos
and Qllllam who had obtained seats nt
thu heads of the national committee
retained them
Tho sitting members In the Pennnyl
vnnla contest was retained without nr
Rument on either tddo <
H H Smith ot South Dakota contest
ed the seats of the entire delegation He
charged Mr Pcttlgrcw with being op
posed to any buf 1 Hearst or BrYAn
man arid quoted language ho said Mr
Pottlgrew used In the state convention
In answer to n question as to whether
he would bolt the national convention
Do you suppose I would pledge my
self to support tho nominee of the St
Louis convention I put the question
to yqu gentlemen Suppose they nom
inate old Cleveland or some other man
In the ClevelandHill ring of the Demo
cratic party Suppose they reorganize
us and nominate f Republican on 1 lie
publican platform declared for
uhlcan 11111rorm teclared trusts
nnd the money power I tell you that
I would bolt the ticket and do every
thing In my power to defeat I nt the
The committee did not disturb th
sitting delegation of which Mr Pot
grow IB the head
The committee adjourned nt 430 n
m after finishing all contests before It
nnd authorising Its chairman and secre
tary to prepare and present Its report
to the convention
Clmlnnnn WllllnmB Given I Great
Reception on Ills Appearance
St IxiuN July TChnlrman Williams
wan given a round of applause when ho
appeared He had made allowance for
the wonther by discardIng his waist
coat but offset this a trllle by pinning
twd extra sized bale oif the outside
of Ms coat He carried I large cigar
between his teeth which he rolled and
chewed nervously
The strain of his long speech of yes
terday was evident In his voice which
wax weak and hoarse As soon I he
had produced quiet In the hall by the
use ot his gavel he Introduced Arch
Continued on pass two
The Permanent Chairman Attacks
The Republican Plat
Declares Democratic iQliare Is Just
And Right Icon All
Democratic Party Is Not nnJ Never Has
lean 1 Free Trade Parly Kcpub
Means Make False Pretensions
Printer Newspaperman Lawyer
f Congressman and Good Talker
The permanent chairman of the
Democratic convention Is a mutt
1 of strong personality and wide
f experience He is 1 Kentuckian
by birth I Mlssourlan by adop
tion and represents the Fourth
congressional district or his state j
n the house of representatives j
He was educated In the common
schools Kentucky university
Uethnny college and Cincinnati
law school 187374 Will president 1
of Marshall college West Vir
ginia i worked as u hired farm
1 hand clerked In 1 country store 1
I edited a country newspaper and
1 practised law J was city attorney
of Louisville amid Howling1 Green
1 deputy prosecuting nnd prose
r cuting attorney presidential
i elector delegate to TransMis
l slsflppl congress at Denver mar
mlr r
red MfSs Genevieve Jionnett has f
T hud four children born to him
1 Little Champ Ann Hamilton
1 Bennett arid Genevieve tho two
I latter still living was elected to
I the Fiftythird Flftyflfth Fifty
I sltih and Fiftyseventh and to
I elected 10 t ttYelghthim
4i gr 1N t llltb 1
1 Uffo for jJ Ajon6i < TubbsTiie
j publican
IHH + + + HIII + + H + H
ft Louis July 7 The committee on
permanent organization which met just
before the morning session of the con
vention mot and accepted the formal
declination of Senator Bailey as perm
nell chairman Champ Clak of Mis
souri Was then elected and accepted
the position He then spoke ns follows
In his haste King David said that
all men are Jlurs Had he been In
Chlcnero while Senator Henry Cabot
Lodge was reading the Hapubllcan
platform ho would no doubt have pro
nounced the same opinion more leisure
ly for surely there never was lore
mendacity packed Into the same space
In uny document purportIng to bo 1
grave state paper
Shakespeare says
Thrice Is he armed that hath his quar
nl just
And he but naked though locked up In
WhOM conscience with Injustice Is corrupted
In die Impending conflict our quarrel
Is just and we are In the right beyond
nil cavil
To state I In n general way our can
ton lon Is that the government shall bo
restored to the DemooratlcUopubllran
basis an which the fathers of the re
public Intended It to rest and shall be
made once more 1 government of the
people by the people nnd for the peo
ple Instead of n government of the
classes by the classes nnd for the
To sUite I with more particularity
we Insist that exorbitant taxation
shall bo reduced to Just and reasona
ble rates that extravagance In appro
priations shall cease that economy
shall prevail In ni tho transactions of
the government that all the depart
meats thall bo thoroughly Investigated
from ton to bottom by congressional
committees that all evildoers of any
degree shall be driven from the public
service nnd properly ruinlehcd that
their trusts shall be proceeded against
by Indictment ns common and smaller
criminals that the smnlor
tht Constitution accent
ponies the Ameilcan lag hto our new
The proposition that wo must support
President Uoodcvolts Philippine policy
It he has nny right or wrong I the I
veriest rotn tale told by nn Idiot I am
willing to go as far as anyone In pa
triotism I will support my country In
any emergency but President Ilooso
velt Is not tho country The tlmo has
not yet arrived I pray Almighty Clod
that I will never arrive when the
American people will n CPPttho arro
gant dictum nt Louis XIV If repented
by an American JlrpaldentI nl the
state President lloosfvclt If at
all worthy of his high poMtlon ho must
entertain n supreme contempt for thos
political supplejacks particularly for
those claiming to be
thRe Demonrats who co
limit with BnnollmonlouN melnrnvlni
Tho president is wrong In his Philip
IlrOhlentA pine policy but wo mjut support the
Out upon all ouch cringing Idocy Sup
pone that when Cicero HI undertook to
force our fathers to pay tIme stamp tax
Patrick Henry Instead of dullvcrlng
that great lyric speech before the Vir
ginia house of burgesses which nrecl
pltated the Hnvolutlon anti which still
stirs the heart like strains of martial
music had arisen In his place anti said
gently as n suckling love HU most
gracious majesty Is wrong about hltt
stamp tax business but we moist ns
loyal subjects support him right or
wrong Ail suppose Washington Jef
ferson Warren Adams Iee Hamilton
nil that glorious host of warriors and
sages had weakly ndrced to that what
would we be today Instead of being
the richest republic In nil the Hood of
time ue would still bf English colonies
ruled by Ilrltlsh and
Britsh proconsuls Ind ROV
roorsenerals without any voice what
live ever In the government under which we
To those Immortal otate Ituitolers who
wero reared on the ilellon that The
king can do nn wrong but when he did
vroriK they boldly trampled the false
hood under their feet unit wresting a
continent moon his Iron grasp dedicat
ed It as the home o freedom and to
the twin proposition that KVflrmnontn
derive their just powers from the con
sent of he governed and that all
men nre created equal
There were men in the land In
1776 And there are only manikins now
I do not believe such I monstrous libel
George III did uroiip uur fathers
fought and comiuered him Theodore
Uooecvelt does wrong We will oppose
and overthrow him Support the prcnl
dohtu policy Will fofiio gentleman
please tell us hat that policy Is Has
ho any it BO why doesnt he say 101
The truth IB he has none He is an op
portunist waiting for something to turin
up He Is lettIng things drift and they
ore drifting to the dctico Meantime
our soldiers are being killed and dying
of disease In shoals For what purpose
Wi anybody undertake to say I do
t any jingo to Mum up anti declare
with n straight face what the presl
dcntn policy or the Ilepubllcan policy
Is No ono will say so n one can say
so hut some snMore Is the pity and
the shame
The president Is wrong Hut we must
support the president
To thll complexion hue I come at last
by season of the pow tangled jingoism
thai we must shut up our thinkers
close our mouths and chloroform our
consciences In order to be considered
patilots I avails nothing to claim that
Col Hooscvelt Is bettor than his party
I Is to be hoped most fervently that
he Is a great deal better but truth
to tell a president cannot be better
than his party Ivni If he tries to be
ho Is ruined politically
No man ever found himself In worse
political company than does President
Roosevelt In this year of grace Ho Is
In the hands of tho Republican Philis
tines nnd they will bind him with their
In every state In tho Union It Is 1
felony to get property of any sort or
to attempt to get It by false pretenses
If the same rule applies to the getting
of olllccs or to attempt to get them the
Whole Itopubllcan pprty could be sent
to the penitentiary Plrty
One of their false pretenses tho ono
on which they harp the imoetis the
troldeY Dcmocittlc party Is In favor of free
The charge I utterly false a Ho
made of whole cloth There arc Indi
vidual Democrats who nro free traders
just tU there are Individual Ilepubll
cant who are athclstH but It would be
precisely an true and fair to denounce
the Heptibliean party as the party of
atheism as to denominate the Demo
cratic party as the party of free trade
1 was never I tree trade party and
Is not now The man who charges that
It Is does so because uf his Ignorance
or of his mendacity
Democrats favor the cutting down
of exorbitant tariff rates cutn reason
able basis They believe In
bosll belevo that many
schedules ot the present law tho rates
toMffoo high those that are too high
We arc In favor of cutting down
Wo fuvor any modification of the
tariff schedules that may be required
to prevent them becoming a shelter for
I wonder If Mr Secy Shaw over
heard those words before They are
taken verbatIm from the Hepubllcan
platform of lIlt Time secretary who
opened It up at ft great rate for Gov
Cummins and others nominated on that
platform Ho scornfully refers to as
tho dead Iowa Idea Hut It was ft
righteous declaration borrowed from
Democrats and Is not dead not even
Where tariff rates are so high that
they enable American manufacturers to
sell their wares abroad cheaper than
they do to Americans hero at home we
say that they ought to bo reduced
If this Is anarchy or treason made
time abet ot I
Let Itepuhllcnn spellblndcm and edi
tors explain why nn American farmer
should pay from a third to onehalf
more for an American plow titan lila
competitor In farming pays for It In
Australia or South America or the ends
of the earth Democrats say It Is wrong
nnd they stnnd by the American farm
er Choose yp between us In November
Not quite nil Itppubllcnn statesmen be
Hove It right Once In I whllo n ray of
light break In upon the In
tellect of a Itfiiblcan Kor example
a year or two ago lon J W Hull
cock of WIsconsin chairman of the Us
publican congressional campaign com
mittee had I lucid Interval and advo
cated lp several Interviews time cutting
down of tariff rates when they are so
high ns to cnrouraflQ tho trusts and
when they onubled the mnmifaeturer
to sell his wares cheaper abroad than
at home He WIt farther nnd Intro
duced bills tn that effect but the Re
publican lenders got hold of Dubcock
and by cronklnff bullying o other
moans checked his ardor an 1 tariff le
former Hlnco when he hal been ns
dumb ns an oyster
I am citing Habcorks performance In
his moment of lucidity to show that to
advocate the rutting down o outrage
ous tariff rotoR In the foregoing cases
does not porve that a Inn Is the enemy
of his country as tho standpatters
would have you believe
The Btnndpat organs and speakers
claim that only antiquated sorts or our
manufactured articles are sold abroad
cheaper thin to Americans at home
That theory Is very Ingenious but un
fortunately I is not true for steel rails
are sold nhrnad nt SS per ton less than
they arc sold at homo nnd the fashions
In steel rails remain tho prime or sub
stantially so
Will he or some other standpatter ox
plain why Americans should be made to
pay onethltd mOn for Amprlqan steel
rails than ilte citizens of other nations
pay for tlwii
He may answw A did Mr ltrpreaen
tathp Olmmoad of Pennsylvania that
the railroad compnMf pay for the steel
tails amid that U li the business of no
body else how muelMhey pay for them
but Olmstead had mon courage than
Information for everybOdy tlmt trav
els on n railroad everybody that ships
anything on one everybody that rises
anything no shipped helps pay for the
Html mils Tim railroad companies foot
the bills In the first Instance anti then
make their customers repay them with
Interest at the hlehost rate the truffle
will bear
Of a Piece with hot foregoing false
pretenses Is that other one that Demo
crate would destroy American Indus
tries hero Is not n syllable of truth
In U Why bhould they desire to de
stroy Industry They are virtually In
trrty < t d In maintaining them and they
wish to see them all prosper by giving
to them nil an CIIUKI chance and not
by tottering some at the expense of
The true Democratic position on the
tariff Is this Recognizing the fact that
n largo portion of our revenue has nl
wayj been raised fron customs duties
or taxes Democrats divide all Importu
lull thtu clustes iMctiwarliM com
forts and lwcurij and contend time
the tnrlff tux v sluukl be highest on
luxuries lower on comforts and low
ell or none at all on the necontftrlni
They furthermore say that UXPH
should be uniform on all articles be
longing to one clna That Is the Dem
ocratic imrtys position from which It
will not be driven or bullied No
amount of mlsnprcwntatlon will cauSe
them to budge from that position We
say furthermore that not one dollar
more In the RhnpJ of tariff taxes or any
other sort of taxes should be taken
from the people than Is necessary to
pay the expenses o a government
economically administered On these
propositions Wo belIeve we are right
and on them WP confidently rely In the
npiuoachlnK election In November
When Napoleon signed the title deeds
In this vast country west of the Missis
slppl he turned to he American com
missioners and said Now I have hlv
en England a maritime rival and BO
ho tied until Insatiable greed nnd crim
that maladministration crowded the
starry banner of the lepubllc from the
high teas nnd abdicated tho rich do
main of time ocean In 18CO wo hail lit
second largest merchant marine In the
world our mills whitened every bamboo
nnil our Han floated In every bioeze un
der the hcuveim How sadly all this
ms changed after 35 years of Republi
can misrule Last year of nil the mer
chantmen that welt through the Suez
canal not n single vessel grout or
small except battleships bore the
American Hag at Its mntilhend and our
flair is seen In foreign waters only when
Hying over I mal of war
Vioine than this more humiliating
than titletn few years ago when Jon
reM appropriated I huge Hum of
money to buy corn and heat tutu meat
to tend to tho famine stricken Irn lll
dliiiiB we could not send I In an Ameri
can ship for the ni suillclcnt reason that
there was none to send It in but to our
grout humiliation we had to
hire ft foreign ship In inhibit
to send over charity to our
starving fellow mel When an Ameri
can goes abroad ho must salute I for
eign flag on n foreign ship a foreign
Why have things come to this shamo
rut this pitiful complexion 111 country
that has the finest materIal lam ships
and sailors In tho world 1 DecauBo our
exorbitant tarIff Rystem has made It
Impossible for nn American to Imlld a
ship In competition with the British
shipbuilders on the river Clydo
Vet tho Republican gam has tho In
Unite gall to pruto about Its patriotism
Our boys are rushing to face death
In search of gold In the Klondike re
gion when the orcnns of the world con
tain n million Klondlkes If the Hopub
llcan party would only permit them to
work tho watermaln
Republicans claim In public to he time
great and only trust busters notwllh
that under Hepubll
tnndlng the fact lepubl
can misrule trusts have sprung up like
mushrooms In a damp cellar ont have
become plentiful an berries In Juno
It Is paid that strawfl show which
way the wind blown Here Is 1 straw
which Indicates that the trtutu have
nothing to oar from Republican trust
busters I Is the appointment ot Atty
lea Philander C Knox Republican
trust buster lIar excellence to MUCONHI
tho lute Matthew Stanley Quay
would have been nothing strange or
suspicious wore It not for time Injluonco
which secured the appointment for Mr
Knox ThEre can he no question about
his Intellectual qualification for the po
Bltlon The same can Be said of some
other Pennsylvania Republicans Con
ereismnn John Dnlzell anti Joseph C
Sibley for Instance
People will open their eyes In nstou
Ithment and begin to Inquire UH to the
why and whcrcloro of his appointment
when they learn that the transfer of
Mr Knox from tho nttorneyBenernl
hlp to tho donate was procured by
tho earliest efforts of Mr Prick Mi
Casnatt nnd Mr Donald Cameron to
Klt United States Senator Boise
Penrose the now Republican boss of
Pennsylvania to permit Mr Knox to
be senator for Gov PcnnyiMcker
who nominally mado the appointment
does not appear to have been considered
at all In the premises Thu amazement
of tho people wllll grow like Jonahs
gourd sine when they learn thin Mr
Frick Is tho heaviest stockholder In tie
steel trust thai Mr Cassatt Is presi
dent of the Pennsylvania llallroud com
pany which Is ole of the members uf
the trust omit that Mr Cameron rep
resented tho Standard OU trust anti
Wall street Interests In persuading
Boss Penrose to lot Mr Knox go to
tIme senate
Hero we have the strange spectacle
the mystifying anomaly of three of the
chief trust magnate In the land se I
curing tho appointment to the wmnte
or AttyOcn Knox who has been ex
ploited far and wide UH the greatest
lust buster on terra IImm
Folks who still dnro to think will be
f01 red to one or two conclusions one
either that Mr Knox Is the only lawyer
In Amoilca capable of conducting I
suit ngnlimt n trust which Is absolute
ly preposterous for there am tliouininl
of lawyers ns able UH hetuII that the
trusts wore anxious to get him out of
the nttorneygencrnrs office became
they fear him more than they do any
other parson or two that they know
that tho nulltrust crusade has been n
bunco game from the bllnllnl nnd
that MeflfiM Frlck Cassatt and Cam
eron together Uth these whom they
represent procured him the n natorHhlp
ns a reward for favors already rendered
the trusts secetly whllo In the cabinet
anti to be hereafter rendered In the gen
According to the pruss reports Presi I
dent ltoofcvelt Hlood by consenting to
the transfer of Knox from the cabinet
to the senate Just ns Paul stood by
ounientlng to the stoning of Stephen
Ont > hatter says The presldsnt Is
greatly pleased that Mr Knox will ne
Celt the position which looks like he II
glad to get rid ot him
Here Is another Itl1 It hUM bun
told In cinth and proclaimed on the
streets of As alon by the Roosevelt
sliouter for lo timest many months
that the trust ltmagnatesespeclahl3
thaw whose habitat lairs Is Wall street
arc bitterly opposed to the president
A change appear lo have conic over
the spirit of their dream It Hon Fran
cis I Loumls ftHslMuiit secretary ot
state can bf bellevud Tlmt Illuitrloun
public functionary recently WIUIK
around the circle In New Voik and
elsewhere to view the situation On
returning to Washlneton he dallvnred
himself of nn Interview In which Inter
ala ho says
While In New York I
Whlo spent two laM
In Wall street chlttng whim many rep
resentatives o the financial Interest
and I tnt there IH no longer any dls
position to make a fight And In accept
lag the situation HIP feeling toward Mr
Itooievolt semis to have undergone a
change and I heard many friendly com
ments I confess I 8 surprised at tho
extent of this Ill I n tI
Yes Indeed the feeling toward Mr
Roosevelt > > enu to hans undergone 1
a change among the Wall street trust
magnates and Ilrother Looml lienrs
many friendly comments by the fore
saul trust magnate
Mr Loo nils does not vouchsafe to nn
Compelled the Center of the
Russian Vanguard to
Fall Back J
Hussion War Ofllce Denies That a
Great Bate is Now In
Perhaps With Design Hcsiilt Is Many
Conflicting Reports Czar to Visit
Departing Soldiers 1 I
Ta Tcho lUau Wednesday July 6
delayed In tr n ml8 lonfho Japan I
ofe sw armed over the mountain crests
truly this morning nnd advanced on
Kul Chou compelling Oat Clilrlkoft
with the center of tho Russian van 1
guard to fall back A whole brigade l
oC Japanese with IliaC of cuvnloi
oliowsd and occupied the Village of
Nantay driving out two companies ot
RiiMlun Infantry mood two cominnUm I
of Cowacli who were entrenched there t
Tho Japanese at rived within live miles
Ivo mlos
o Kal Chou J was then nightfall
Jen Smimniolf made I heroic attempt
utollt f
to chtMJk the Japanese galloping out
with gums to shell the Jawno H left ont
Inflicting great Ions on them hut fear i
Ing his uwit would be cut off ho tel j
back And I 1
hRe lll now holding Kul Chou >
nell Chrlkoff8 force is stationed south
rust of Kal Chou Tho plant of the
Jnpaneite remain a mystery to the Rus I
sian commander
St Petersburg July 71O6 p m
I IB roiraited that the emperor will
leave at Poteraburg Saturday for the
Volga region and will visit Kazan
Peirn ainura and Syzmii to hid farewell ii
well to tho Fifth and Hlxth Hlbeitnn
nnny corps which will be held In re r
serve at Irkutsk and Omsk
There Is much confusion In tho news f
paper uporti from Llao Yang which
may possibly be accounted Yunl by tho j
HUgenco of LieutOun Bukharoff com t I
tnunder of thu eastern army and Jan I
Kuropttkln and his start who are with f
the wmtltem
luU m unny
Tlw CC1ireSlOoimients Perhaps by de
alga have been given I free ruin with
the result that 1 moines of conflicting ro
conllcUII r
jioitd have been It
bn publlihed There are I
tioKcn verfllonn of Lieut Oen Count
Kellers reconnaissance in force which I
ivtsulted I two iigiitu on July 4 ono
at ji < lmvjim und the other at Mohou
inUau wet of the hue between Mo
Ino botwOu
lICh and Fen Shut jxuwee Tho 110
patch of the London Duly Telegraph
from Llao Yang announcing tlmt a bat
tic was proceeding 20 miles from there
probably refers to this lighting
According to official Information reo i
ceived by the war olllcu tho Japanese
began their advnncu toward Llao Yang Ii
June iJ one column moving Ylli f
main and the other over the direct 1
road the former reaching Ouh Fang
KDU 10 miles boyund Fen Bhul past
and the latter reaching LUte Khol
Inler PUBS
relelllll 1118S <
12 miles northwest of Ma Tien paso HA
They halted at these points until July i
3 tho Russians falling buck unt Lang I
Tzu PUBS 30 miles from Llao Yang Tlfc
JapanoHe advance guard consisting of i
lNXi men wns only two miles
liMO 111 Wll rlc east of f
t Ie Russian
position The noxi day
occurred Kellers reconnaissance In k
force when the Japanese Were dlscov H
ared to bo trying C flank movement In >
the direction of Linn Plan Slan There i
the last
fighting la reported northward
but still further north 1 Japanese cal fC j
tutu la continuing to hold another Foil i
Hhul pass 12 mile northwest nt flnitn f
nt7il on the road t111
ItZI 11 thl ronl leading to Llao Yang r
and Mukden and 5 miles suit YlnC I
latter place At Ihls time the Japan r
055 main force are on the Hun Yen j
Hal Clieng amid Kurt Chou Ta Tclie Kino r
roads and Vnndlii lionize nod Hhl Kit t
Heouya lespectlvely 37 miles from Hal i
Cheng nnd SO mile from Ta relic Kino i
nnd hat Chou IClo j i
Ht PetPrsburg July 7 508 p nTimo I
viir flues del im that 1 battle Is In 4
Iirofjrem n8 h
reported by tho Lino Ynng
correspondent of the Loimtlomm YalQ J
who In 1 dltpntch under todays date t
Rays that a nevere bnttle was proceud 11
Ing 36 mlleH from there all that aunt
hers of wounded were bllll brought In l
from the muuntnlns The oillelnU of
the war olMec repeat thl substance of f i
the explanutlon contained in these din
patches todny nay Ing that the coir
npondent of the Dnlly Telegraph proli j i
ably referred to the reconnaissance in H
force made by LieutGen Count Kel 4
lor July 4 In the direction of Mo Tlon i
t <
pas host of Llao Yang full del of w
whIch well tplegmphtfd here and en H
hlod to the Associated Prem tho same B
day from Gen Rnkharoftn camp to y
whoa nnny Glen Keller corps be j
longs len Sakharoft reported that the
HtiHilans lost more than 200 olllopru or f
mel In killed or wounded The report
WOUluet To
of the Dally Tolegrnph correspondent
waa doubtless due to tile
i doubls8 seeing tho
Htream of wnumlul brought In Tile
war olllre Ims no nows of further fight
of f
InN importancp f
eager and Inquisitive world the rcAHons fi
why Wall street feeling had undergone
Huch I habit ai to cause Wall street
inngnates who were erstwhIle abusing
the president nl a menace to the rvpub
lie to nicks many friendly cammentu
upon him now Has the president
chariKdl hla views or have the trust
magnate chunired theirs
Plain people carmot be blame for be
Inn bewildered by all this hal ldn coi > lc >
prfornutnce They rnnnol be censured
because by nn old nroceM they figure <
It out that two and two make four and i
tlmt the transfer of Mr Knox from the
enbtnet to the aonnte At the behest of
Messrs Krlck Caitmtt and Cameron t
lahiii In ronnpotlon with the clianxp of j
rwllng In Wall street In favor nf the
president has a sinister meaning Ii
The trust magiiftti1 whl secured the
enntorlal toga for Mr Knox slnr
they have eiitnhllshid II iiientn cur
dlnl with that famous trust hunter
ought tt compel thl young niltlniily
Melon of trust hoilspt who
ctOII great Homo
time ago insulted and aisaullpd Mr
Knox In I public reitourunt to go down 1
on their knee And make to him the > I
amende liunomble
Then all will be lovely thu the trusts
and the trust hamster i

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