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b Beel tIrnu 0 1 j It re Your the Serv LIttle They I c DUlY May DESE ErE N INN F T S Your lAd Of Store the e rtl Ie Qoodi IrAlwayi You Have a Little Omitted Too Full to
Democratic Convention Adjourned Until 8 oClocl Tonight
succeeds in Irving the Gold
Standard Plank Knocked Out
Of the Platform
Daniel Had a Hitter
He 8Dd
and Acrimonious Time In
Paramount hunc In the Campan
Is Victorami That the Issue
Should be KooscvcHHm
SThB committee on
the ontlre night on I
IIS st ns spent i
L itform and fit 830 considered
thp V I
resolution of the draft submit
iVhy ubcommittco Hut this
td y the
tlmt tho platfonn was
I mean
Mitrd and ready for the convention
continued and at 1 oclock
The itruggle
agre inont on the
I tht an
111 near
could not bo
d ument as H whole
dlatel During the watch
M hod IinmdIatelY
the oommltteo
01 the long night In
dramatle scenes not
uirre were nuny
of whlih was tho
i n least
vrlml encounter between Henator
while Mr
It occurred
mi Jlr Jlrysn
making ono of
IIIK engaged
man wn
Mi many attacks upon the Bold stand
nd Hunk ns framed by the 1ubcom
r ttt He iv as wrought up to high
iwioii when approaching tho New
Tirk leader and haltIng hh flnBor
ding rouitly near thft nose of that gen
ought to
exclalnwd You
II < man he
hY a gold platform to go with the
I 1 Andldato you are forcing upon
the onntry
Mr Hill replied that he knew noth
ing as to Mr Parkers montt Views
Do you wean to say demanded
Nebrajkan that you do not know
jdifL Parkers financial views
1 mean Junt that responded Mr
Hill y u han no knowl 0g on that sub
J 1
have you never asked him 7
I have not I hwe n vtr sought to
Cure in expression of his views and
I n wei sought to ronve them to me
lony know that hi it a Democrat and
iMglimindid and patriotic man and
ftl ve that ho mn he trusted Impllc
on this 19 upon othor matters of
bin policy
Mr Bryan then demanded to know
ten the gold plnnk had been decided
t < n and why It had not hctn Incor
w M In tho New York nlntform
Sir Hill replied that the matter had
tat been dlsousied at the meeting of
tie legations about 10 days ago and
ill the declaration was tho result of
hiisttnm by other members of the del
Wlon than hlmttlf
After a continuous session of sixteen
> urL the committee on resolutions
rttttd the platform and adjourned
Mt Wore noon Instructing Its sub
wmraittee arrange the draft for sub
mll lon to tho general committee at 0
oIock this evening for report to the
ewmtlon two hours later
The platform IH a compromise accept
a ii to all of tho Interests Involved
Ii wai adopted unanimously by tho
Mmmlttoe u may bo said In n general
xy to have been a concession to tho
EW vring of the party without In
iw way Hiding tho declarations of the
wtnativei The absence of any pro
t nmnont oti thn financial question
I mII slgninrant and discloses the
Wir ImpnsMbillty of finding any dec
win1 mar m this subject acceptable to
At 4 W this morning the com
PIc a cn resolutions voted tho
fi f 1 ftllrd plants out of tho
wMfnll rbtform by a vote of 35 to
IJ1Ttljjl ini the third victory for Wil
u J liryan during tho allnight sell
Ir l i o r the i ommlttec Ho had made
r ui esfm efforts early In tho eve
tht 11 and I eurell moilincatlons of tho
luiff i plank nn two separate votes
ifi An ftnrt It fls made to secure a recess
rini > vote on the gold plank but It
n nntl down and the committee con
limed with Its work on other features
of the platform
The contest was ono of the most In >
teresting features of the convention
Time main light wag upon a proposed In
come tax providing for an amendment
to the Constitution to meet the adverse
decision of tho supreme court upon the
Wilson law It was upon this amend
ment and the gold plank tho two prop
onltloiiH having been brought In con
junction that Mr Hryan made his
strong light Mr Williams of Mlttlri
slpjil first offered the Income tax
amendment and It wan Immediately an
tagonized by former Senator Hill who
mated that with such a plank In th
platform New York could not be car
ried for tho Democratic nominees Hn
urged tho adoption of n platform which
will rnablo the Democrats to win In
doubtful states and elect their candi
dates Mr Williams jvlthdnw tho
amendment saying that IIP with many
others was seeking harmony and ad
justment of all differences with a view
of succeeding on n Democratic plat
Mr Dryan then offered nn Income tax
amendment and made a speech In favor
of It He asserted that while votes
might he lost among the very rich the
Democratic party ought tn consider the
great mans of the people who bear the
burdens of taxation nnd the expenses
of tho government
Bonator Daniel repllud to Bryan and
was very vigorous lit his denunciation
ot the course the Ntihraska man was
put suing He said that he wanted to
will and desired n platform which
would bring to the Democratic party
the voters who had left It when pur
suing a course which Mr Dryan had
shaped and advocated He was tired of
being forever In the minority and In
rlfitcd that It would bo absurd for Dem
ocrats facing victory to take any ao
tlon which would mean defeat To lose
New York meant defeat
Senator Bailey and Henator Tlllman
while believing In nn Income tax said
that In vlow of the statement of the
Now York member of the committee It
would be unwise to Insist upon the In
como tax plank
Henator Bailey then asked unanimous
consent to have both tho Income tax
amendment and the gold standard
plank dropped but to this Mr Hilt
objected and there was a prolonged
discussion Mr Hill taking a leading
part In It
Mr Hill began by paying that ho was
hi this campaign not tram personal
motives but became of his loyalty and
enthusiasm for the Democratic party
Ho hoped the party would cense Its
discussion and agree upon a platform
In harmony with the views of the party
HO was opposed to the Insertion of
an Income tax plank because he saw no
necessity for making this new Issue
I bellevo he said It will huit us
It will weaken our platform but If the
members of this committee think oth
erwise It should go In but tho ques
tion of the gold otandard of fur more
Mr Hill urged that If tha gold plank
vas omitted the party would be placed
In a fitlee tmiWIon If tho pattY was In
favor of the free nnd unlimited coin
ago of sllvor that was another thing
nut through no fault of the party
conditions had changed nnd It had
been proven that tho gpld standarl
xyiiH the solution of tho question Al
though the Republican platform de
clared In favor of gold ho pointed out
that the Democrats In their platform
could show that the Republicans were
not responsible for tho change In con
ditions which made the gold standard
desirable but tho Almighty himself
Speaking directly to the southern
members Mr 11111 retailed the time
of reconstruction and said he had al
ways worked for Democratic principle
along Democratic lines that ho had
been the friend of tho Houth In that
trying period and since that time Mr
Hill talked eloquently of the personal
ity of Judge Parker He said that lit
tho course of n conversation about ten
days ago with the New York Jurist till
latter fold In reply to a question about
the kind of platform the Democrntw
should adopt I tutu entirely willing to
leave that to tho wisdom of the Demo
cratic party
nut while Mr Hill did not assume at
any time to speak for Judgo Parker
tho committee Interpreted tho Infer
ence of his speech to be that Judg
Parker favored the Insertion of a gold
Mr Hill declared that tho Democrats
could not possibly nominate a better
man than Judge Parker He was In no
pcnsc an active candidate for tho nom
ination and that he had not dictated
anything regarding the platform
1110 not think It Is Improper for
us to say we want to win continued
Mr Hill Wo have stood defeats In
the past and wo can stand them again
It IN true This contest for me means
that I shall devote myself from now
until November to tho campaign I
shall work hard for whomsoever tho
rrr1rItrIritItiItittHi iiiLLvrrr
1flC n r n Orent fni ur jeMrniiaiir and nn influential 1rcildcntlal
democrats nominate but I think the
ilatform Is of the greatest Importance
nnd especially the gold standard
Mr Hill was applauded at the con
clusion of his speech
Mr Dryan roplled at length and In
listed that In the face nf past declara
tions a gold plank would now alienate
many thousand of Democratic voters
Ho said that when the campaign for
Judge Parker was started It VUB never
expected that the Democratic party
n as to be brought to a declaration for
the gold standard
Mr Thomas of Colorado also made n
itrong protest against tho gold stand
ard plank
Senator Carmack of Tennessee made
a plea especially for the south and
said that Democratic success was
necessary In tho face of the Repub
lican policy of Imperialism He hoped
sting agreement could bo reached which
would brlnii to the support of the Dem
octatlo south tho Democratic party of
the east As to the money question
that was for the time nettled and he
urged that that matter be not Injected
Into tho coming campaign
Mr Shlvcly of Indiana followedmuch
In the name line as Carmiick
Mr Fleming of Wisconsin was op
poaed to tho Bold plank and favored
tho declaration of Wllllnmis platform
Shortly before 4 oclock Senator Dan
Icl created a sensation by an attack
upon Mr Hryan which noun evoked
cries for order
Senator Daniel who some time before
caled Senator Tlllman to the chair be
gan by saying ho questioned tho pro
priety of a man whom tho Democrats
had twice honored with the president
ial nomination nOd under whose lend
erahlp tho party had twice been de
feated attempting to force his leader
ship upon the party again Growing
more Impassioned Senator Daniel said
The lIver question was a question
In Virginia ten years before tho gen
tleman from Nebraska discovered It
Hut conditions have changed and heroic
cliunKoa demand heroic remedies Wo
must consider New England Now York
and that section of the country
Then facing Mr Bryan Senator Dan
iel said
He has reviled every man whom
any state has recommended for the
presidency and so tar as I have been
able to learn has as yet presented no
candidate of his own
At this point Senator Daniel was In
terrupted with cries of order
Mr Hryan asked that Senator Daniel
be allowed to proceed and the latter re
sumed Continuing tho senator said
I am convinced that tho country I
on the verge of a great calamity This
Is not tho time for stilish Interest for
email conceptions of consistency fur
personal likes regards
Soiiator Daniel fayprqd the gold
Mr Poe of Maryland made a brief
but vigorous appeal for the gold plank
declaring that If the party inIts plat
form refused to recognize an existing
fact ho feared that Marjjnml would
be lost to tlio Dchipcrata He pointed
out that the gold plank recommended
by the subcommittee was ono which the
silver and gold elements III the party
could fOfllly stand upon lIe said that
his plank did not call on the free silver
advocates to retract or repudlato their
former beliefs It Is simply he maid
a recognition of an existing fact
Mr Poo declared the Democratic tick
et would have a forlorn hope If the
plank were omitted
After several other members had
been heard briefly the question was de
manded The gold plank wa stricken
out by a vote of 35 to 1C
Early In the night Mr Bryan had
withdrawn temporarily his Income tax
resolution At this Juncture an attempt
was made to secure a recess but It
Was unsuccessful Senator Tlllman re
marking that It was sunup rind we
might as well go ahead
Mn Hryan got the floor soon nfler
the adoption of the motion striking out
tho sold plank and Informally present
ed lor the Individual cpnslderatlon of
the members a financial plank which It
Is his intention later to present ns a
substitute for tho gold plank
The Panama canal plank brought out
severe criticism from Senator Petti
grow Ho said that the canal could not
IM built In 10 years and when com
pleted It would be valueless The plank
was modified no nn to promise to da
what could he done when the Demo
crats get control of tho government
Tho committee then took up the trust
plank This was the subject of consid
erable discussion Senator Bailey be
ing among the more Important speak
ors In defense of tho subcommittee re
portHryan offered an amendment to this
plank declaring III specific terms for
the prosecution of the trusts and re
citing the manner In which It should
bo done
This was voted In by 23 to JO
The majority of the votes camo from 1
Iowa Minnesota South Dakota Neb
raska Wyoming the territories Porto
Rico and Hawaii while the negative
votes were from the east and south
Sqvere comments were made by a
number of representatives from these
states to the effect that radical amend
ments were being formed Into the plat
form by men from Republican states
and territories which could not contrib
ute a single electoral vote to tho Dm
ocrntlo candidate Mr Pettlgrow offer
ed an amendment providing for the
government ownership of railroads and
Oh thats silly remarked Mr 11111
Tho amendment was voted down and
Pettlgrcw remarked Tho gentleman
from New York called the amendment
silly but ho put a plunk In the New
York platform two years ago not only
for the government ownership of the
ccal carrying railroads but for the coal
mines as well And the ticket got a
larger mnjorlty In New York City than
was ever before given a Democratic
Reciprocity and the Monroe doctrine
ns handed by the nuticcminltteo met
the approval of the full committee Hut
not so with the navy plank calling for
a liberal annual Increase for the navy
Senator Tlllman said this plank
would gain no votes and there wan no
necessity of mentioning tho navy
The first part of tho navy plank was
stricken out
The plank proposed by exOov
Thomas of Colorado regarding labor
was adopted by the committee
Th committee after lengthy debate
Continued on page 2
Elder charles W Pcnrosc Succeeds
Elder A dfyWoodruff lu
Apostles Quorum
Ordained and Set Apart Under the
Hands of the First Presidency
Of the Church
Recipient has Had a Long and Ac
tive Career and Ills Untiring Work
Has Keen Much Appreciated
+ ItJIII + IIIJHIIJ + IIH + rIJo11JI I + I1 + 11H + + HIJJ + i
The vacancy In tho Council of Twelve
AposUea occasioned by the death of El I
der Abraham Owen Woodruff has been
flllcd Ofllclal announcement of the
action will be found at the head of the
editorial columns oflolays issue of
the News The man chosen Is Elder
Charles W Ponrose editorinchief of
this paper The selection was n great
and overwhelming surprise to that gen
tleman who had received not tho
slightest Intimation of the honor being
conferred upon him until authorita
tively Informed that ho waa the uimnl
moua choice of the Presidency stud
Coupled with the Imparting of this
Information were numerous oillclal ex
presslonu of appreciation of the lone
nnd faithful service of Elder Ienroio
In and for the Church with which ha
has been most actively Identified amen
his early youth Reference was also
made to his ability an a Journalist anti
IcglKlator and to his unending useful
ness In various other fields of citort
and accomplishment The part ho per
formed ns the editorial head of the
Dcseret News has boon before the peo
ple of the Great WCHI for many years
1 and his name as a writer Is as widely
known an his experience has been uro
traoted It Is a singular fact that he
has long been regarded as an authority
on mutters of Church doctrine and le
gal and political problems writing al
most as well upon all ns upon one In
this > arled labor ho has held not only
the respect but the love and esteem
of lili journalistic and other associates
who extend most cordially their con
gratulations and confidence In the new
and high honor which has come to him
FO suddenly so unexpectedly and yet
so deservedly A brief epitome of his
busy career follows this Introduction
Chan W Pcnrose was horn Feb 4
1832 In London England joined the
Church In 1S50 being baptized May II
wall shortly after ordained a Deacon
and on Jan C 1861 wan ordained on
Elder and sent on a mission to Maldon
Ktsex to preach the Gospel and break
new ground lie wag the ilrst Mor
mon Hider to visit that port of the
country he went forth literally with i
out money or din PRO of raiment i
Amidst much opposition he succeeded In I
raising up branches of the Church In
Maldon Danbury fhaltnsford Colclifn
tee and other placed wbore he baptltod
a large number of persons and where
the gifts of the Gospel were abundantly
manifested After laboring for seven
years In agricultural districts chiefly
among tho poor and walking between
three and four thousand miles a year
ho wan appointed to preside over tlti
London conference After that he WIM
made pastor of the district comprising
tho Cheltenham Worcestershire Mon
mouthshire and Herefordshire confer
fences and subsequently pastor of thi
Birmingham Warwickshire Stafford
shire and Shropshire conferences ho
also contributed copiously txith In
poetry and prose to the Millennia
Star After more than 10 years of
continuous nervlce In the mission Held
he came to America assisting III tak
ing charge of 620 passengers from
Liverpool to New York III the sailIng
vessel Underwriter tho voyage oc
cupying 30 days lie crossed the plums
with hU own oxtcnm In Capt Homer
Duncans company the trip Ink Inl 11
weeks to Salt Lake City lie nettled In
KnrmliiRtnu where he WM ordained a
Seventy nnd one of the presidents of
the nttyslxth quorum He moved to
I < oKnn In Cache county In the fall of
1RC4 nnd wits called on a mission to
Kngland In April 1855 With a num
ber of other missIonaries he crossed
the plains with mule teams the Jour
ney occupying 36 days to the Missouri
river escaping the hostile Indians who
killed many travelers during that SM
son On arriving In 1ngland he la
bored for name time In Lancashire
was then sent to preside over the Ks
sex conference and afterwards over the
London conference bringing many
pennons Into the Church He labored
for two years on the Millennial Him
visiting many partn of Great Drltaln
amid also Inrls Franco and assisting
In the clmgrntlon of the 8alnts from
rurope Returning after an absence of
three timid a half years ho labored as n
home missionary and member of thin
flight Council In Cache nlley until
January 1870 when he was called to
Ogden to assist III the establishment of
tho Ogden Junction n semiweekly
paper of which he became the editor I
tutu which soon became an Inilucntlal
dally He was ordained a High COlin
Bfllor and acted OH home missionary lit
the Weber Make of Zion and wan
elfitcd to the LcBlnlaluro from Weber i
county he also nerved seven years as
a member of the city council In 1877
ho wnA called by President Brigham
Young to assist In this editorial depart
ment of the nOl lret Newo and on Sept
3 1880 was appointed edltorliiclilcf
He wa elected n member of the Lcgln
laturc of Halt Lake county In 1870 and
reelected In 1882 wan a homo mule
Nlonary In the Bait Lake stake and
became second counselor In the stoke
presidency Aug 2 1884 In January
1885 he went on a brief mission to the
ntittcfl and whllo there was called on
a mission to Europe he labored tn
nearly every part of the British Isles
presided again over tho London confer
ence and In company with President D
II Wells visited Denmark Sweden
Norway Germany anti Switzerland Ho
wrote articles for tho Star baptized
many persons Into the Church and on
his return took up his work on tho
Deflernt News to which ho had con
tributed during his absence and ban
boon active ever since as nn editorial
writer a homo missionary nnd a de
fender of the faith
On Juno 80 1D04 ho was unanimously
chosen by the Church board of educa
tion ns n member of that body to fill
the vacancy that occurred through the
demise of Hon James Sharp a position
for which h > < Is most eminently quali
fied He wtlll remalnn the cdltorln
chief of the Dederet News
General Sicritnry of the Kansas So
clsty for tho Friendless in City
ReV H A Fredenlmgen of Topeka
general secretary of the Kansas Soci
ety for the Friendless was at the Cul
len today enroll Ie to California whore
he has been Invited to organize a
branch society similar to the branches
which exist In Missouri Texas Now
Mexico and half a dozen other state
Time Idea of this organization In par
ticular is to look after dl oharg d con
victs anti prisoners from the Jails to
try and give them a chance to reform
and iMfcome gootl citizens to gut them
work or transportation to their homo
and to help them morally and spiritual
ly iMftldes
Inder Mr Kredenlmgtns enirgitlo
and able administration the society
ban become a strong and permanent
Institution and Its work Is extending
through the west lie stopped over In
Bait Lake to confer with Preildtnt H
M Smith of the Christian Kndeavor
tAte union Hon Klilier Harris and
thor citizens Intercuts In the moral
and xorlHloglct elfnre of discharged
prisoner with a view to establishing
n Utah Sorlrly for the Friendless with
headquarters In this city and which
shall also lend Its Influence and efforts
as far all possible to the prevention of
crime Mr Harris Judge Morse Judge
Powers Mr HhttnarO Mr Smith and
others here are Interested In the local
establishment of some urii ILPI
and it looks now 11M tlwugii thoip ouM
IJe a society Incorporated In Hntt Lake
Mr Predenhagen will rotum early lu
August for further consultation vluu
some definite plan of action ID llkelx to
be Inaugurated
Mr Kiedenhagon Is a member of the
national prison committee of Christian
Cndcavor and hits been highly MUCOCSS
rul In evangelical work In prisons lie
wax In Halt Lake some months ago
anti spoke In n numbur of the churches
III furtherance of Christian work among
a oP
Dig OpenAir Jollification Gathering
lolltloxod Until Tomorrow
It wall evident ni nn early hour this
forenoon llmt thera would he no norlil
nations at Kt IxuilM today unleits per
chance lute tonight and the Demo
cratic Ute county and city commit
tew decided to postpone their ratifica
tion meeting until tomorrow evening
IIhon It will oltlv > ly take place on
tho cornsr of Second South nnd East
Tmnplu streets HelJn band with 40
pieces will play n conceit between j1O
and 830 it the lntictloti nnd the
speaking trill then begin II II Rob
erts W H King and Fisher Harris
arc featured us the speitkerx and It Is
likely tlmt other prominent men of the
party Mill he callej upon from the
platform to addresw the assemblage
Judge Doe vtlll head H lepremntutlon
from Oaden and Mayor Uoylmut of
Piovo will brliiK the southern contin
grllt to the niw tl n IT
Tho Young Men Democratic club
will meet this evening at Its roonm In
the Jennings block and It Is ixiHslbl
hint a parade of that oiganliiatlon will
be arranged to iirevede this oixm air
Well Known Business Man Answers
The Finn Summons
Watson 8 Pierce a well kiitwn reel
dent of thin city died today after a
brief Illness at the age of 00 year Mr
Pierce was born III Vermont and came
to Salt Lake 20 years ago He was
president of the Intormountnln School
of Correspondence and was also Inter
eHted In fovcral mining enterprises
He was an old federal soldier nnd Haw
much active servIce In nome of the
principal conflicts of the Cll war Ills
wife survives him
The funeral will be held Sunday at
230 p m from ODonnclls undertaking
parlors Interment will be In ML Oil
et cemetery
Sunday School Excursion to Sattalr
Assuming Largo Proptrtlons
The excursion planned by the Deft
crct Sunday school union board to
HAHnlr on the 14th mat promises to
he the largest of the noason even to
eclipsing that of the real estate men
The railroads will run npejlal trains
for the accommodation of those living
at a distance and will carry passengers
to Snltnlr beach depot In tho city
where trains will be In waiting to con
vey them to the lake Committees halo
hen appointed to look after the com
fort and entertainment of the excur
sionists and everything Is being done
to make the day one long to be re
membered by those who attend
It has been decided to open a bureau
it Information at the beach on the
day nf the excursion where a corps of
courteous Sunday school workers will
be In attendance to furnish any Infor
mation that may bo desired Further
particulars will be published from time
to time
LondonJuly SThe Associated
Press learns definitely that Mrs
Florence Mnybrlck will Ito re
leased ns an ordinary prisoner
on tlckotoMoavo between now f
nnd Mug I The authorities have v
no Intention of granting her a I
free pardon hut cannot Impose
any restrictions on Mrs May I
brick after her arrival in Atmr 7
+ + lHII + HiI + + HoI + IH + + +
Committee on Resolutions Was In
Session All Night Working
On Platform
Committee Appointed to Ascertain
YAlicu It Votilil tic Heady
To Report
Then it Will tiring In One Signed by
liver Member It Is Anxious
ly Awaited
HI Louli July Chairman Clark
arrived at 10 minuted nft r 10 nnd watt
received with a few handslagps
Twenty mInutes litter the delegates
were In their fonts no word had been
received from the resolutions commit
tee and rimlrman Clark dispatched a
memeiiBer lo learn uhon It would bo
lendy to report Private ndvlcts were
to the effect that It would bo several
bourn before the report could he pre
sented and the ProsPects for a short
CMOII grow itrontfer One of the sec
retariat shouted thiough the mega
phone The band will ideas play
Home Sweet Horn
There was a Mild cheer from ho
Henry potiplrlng delegate and iipcota
tome an the famlllnr strains iloaUd Dill
on tin air Anything with the word
Homo s n11 to please greatly for
the cheers IVII repented a few mill
ulelll later when My Old Kentucky
Hume tai render Dixie coiled
forth the Inevitable yells and the Texas
delegation added to the enthusiasm by
uiifuillns their Lone Star Hag and wav
ing It wildly
Temporary Chairman Williams soon
unm down UN alt chewing leisurely
Bt that Qverpllt cigar and was
ltIMt8I1 with het VS
The band was requested to play On
the Hanks of the Wubsuh and the In
diana delegation showed Its apprecia
tion by climbing on chairs and cheer
immg lustily
The messenger which Chairman Clark
had sent to the commltUe on resolu
tions returned with n gloomy report
of tho unreadiness of that committee to
appear with Its Important document
and the waiting continued
At 1048 a m Chairman Clark arose
and let fall his huge Ravel The clerk
plckod up a megaphone and announced
that tho session would begin with pray
er by Uabby Samuel Hate of St Louis
The delegates and spectators at once
arose anti Blood during tho convocation
At tho conclusion of the prayer an
announcement was made at the order of
Chairman Clark that he was deter
mined to have order and that any per
sons raining a low will bo taken out by
the police
A demand was made for the report
of the lOHolutlona committee As no
report Wal forthcoming it was deter
mined to call the roll of tho ntateg for
this purpose of having tho nitmos of
the next national committee announced
Tliero wore cheer at the announce
mont of the name of Robert D Hulll
van ns commltt omiui from Illinois
but the demonstration assumed still
larger proportions at the mention of
Thomas Tugged of Indiana which fol
The Pennsylvania delegation arose
and italuted the announcement of J M
Quffty nn their national committee
A call for time committee to meet at
the Jefferion hotel as soon an the con
vcentlon adjourns KIIO die wan made
Another call was made for the report
of the committee on resolutions AH
the call did nut bring any result score
tarles of the Convention commenced to
work the telephones vigorously In nn ef
fort in put the chairman of the conven
tion In touch with the chairman of the
committee In order to find out when he
would bo ready with his report
Chief of Tammany AVIiloli lWII1I Ititd n Wlilo Iinlh In tho Democratic
National Contentions

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