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Democrats Choose Parker for Presidential ano lt j
Chief justice Alton B < Parker of New York Was Dominated on
First Ballot For President of the United States at a Quarter
To 6 OClock This Atomlng There Was but One Roll Call
Ballot Finally Resulted in a Unanimous VoteEight Names
Presented to the ConventionBryan Made a Great Plea In
Behalf of Senator Cockrell in an Effort to Defeat Parker
July DChlet Judge Alton
St Louie u
of the New York court ot
parker attabout
p nominated at about 15
meals oclock this morning for
to e
S cnt of the United States by the
C national convention Only
Troll ensued and so decisive wan
Mil n
M IC ruultot that onestnnt contrary
ititei began to call for recognition
nnally resulted In n unan
IIIIOUI vole for tho New York state man
dramatic In tho ox
Thi scene was
Dsrkncu hind witnessed the gather
Democratic hosts while
of the
Illi tho olo
the sun poling
lOad daylight
i ighti witnessed the close
Tbs corventton was In session from
I adock last night until near C oclock
this morning In that time eight nnmm
mere printed to the convention Nom
tutlBi and seconding speeches Innum
able were made and us dawn up
trachea It became necessary to
tn seconding speeches to tour minutes
ttrh An exception was made In the
nM of William Jennings llryan who
In one of tho most dramatic situations
ef vitnciecd In n political RntncirpB
Mre 8Pd the convention and conclud
of Ben
seconding the nomination
roo <
d W n
itor Francis M Coikrcll the asor
Jon candidate from Missouri Mr
Sntn revived the third great ovation
awrded during the convention
appeal to
r tl was an
party ft can
to give the
ha delegates
Wale who had voted the Dcinscratlc
1I ktt In 1806 and 1000 He spoke on bo
hIt of the Nebraska delegation
had no candidate to presen or
hi toW askobutWntotedla cnndldnto
ifors to ft8k but wanted a cnndldnto
holl nomination would not prove a
triumph far ono tnetlon over another
Ia Ittggutcll Hearst If the convention
lIgl1t brat then former Oqy 11111
l mrprlio I ot m the convention t1hlll by declnr dttll
Isg for Senator Cockrell
One of the features of the long drawn
nt tension has been ore beautiful trl
I ate pild to Senator Cookrell when his
mn was placed In nomination by Rep
pientitlve Champ Clnrk It wns n
iuntancous outburst nnd for that sea
II the more complimentary to the sen
Ior The delegates already weary by
noon of the tedious and trying session
IlUwJ In their labors and In the gulra
tt a nomination for tho presidency
iklcti senators friends know to bo
fowl his reach Indulged In n dem
titrtlon continuing nbout half an
blur Nearly every delegate and spee
dier In the galleries or on the Moor
hid been piovided with n ring nnd the
Joene was far the most Impressive of
tJ the ovations given during the set
The thousands of cheering persons
ipparently converted by Mr Bryan to
the belief Out SenntorCockrctlH chances
of nomination were greater than nny
other favorite ton candidate Tho No
brtiVan gained recognition soon after
the Coikrill demonstrntlon and In n
ipwh directed undoubtedly In nn of
l n t t to defeat Pnrke > mndo Ills olcctrl
fr nt plea for the nntlParkcr forces to
lily He was given tho closest allot
Iron the great convention which the
f lot and sergeantntarms vvcro pow
rim to control livened as though
terry word were rt personal message to
tich person ns It n hypnotic spell had
letn east over tho throng But nvhon
b nl all over tho Pnrker forces hind
w b en ilnken Tho ballot for preil
ant gave Parker CSS votes out of C6T
Meted to nominate and before the re
suit could be announced Idaho Ne
vada Washington and others made
changes to the Parker column Oov
Dockrry of Missouri moved to make
the nomination unanimous and It car
ried amidst cheers The result of Hie
ballot was never announced olllclally
and It U not likely that It ever will be
The convention took n recess yester
day until S oclock last night for tho
purpose of receiving the report of the
committee on resolutions Tho report
was received and adopted by a viva
yore vote Ko tar mi surface Indica
tions were concerned there was no
more opnoiltlon to tho platform than
there had been to that adopted unani
mously by the Republican convention
In Clilcaeo a few weeks ago
Nomination were Immediately pro
ceeded with Alabama yielded to New
York and Judge lUrkurs name was the
first presented to tho convention After
that Hearst Gray Cocl < roll Wall Wil
liams Ulncy and Miles wore named In
speeches which took nearly the entire
night In the end all the claims of
the Inrker forces were proved accur
ate Parker hind within a few votes of
enough to nomlimte and those were
forthcoming The speeches which had
hun cheered so long and loud had
neither mete nor lost n vote The
Parker forces under perfect control reo
tmilutd serene
After tile nomination had been made
the convention adjourned until 2 oclock
today when a candidate for vlco presi
dent will be chosen After tho closo of
HIP convention many of the figures
prominent In tho contest were sur
rounded by friends nnd heartily con
gratulated Notnblo among these wore
David II 11111 of New York who had
been In actual charge of Judge Parkers
campaign Ho laughed and cried alter
In u section of the hall eat Mrs Hall
daughter of Judge Parker With a
party of friends she remained through
out tho night She showed her hap
plncss with tears
William F Sheehan who has done tho
personal work for Judge Parker and
August Belmont were jubilant over the
loeult One of tho most Interesting
phased of tho convention was the fact
that although curly evening wan suc
ceeded by darkness darkness by dan
and dawn by broad daylight at least
twothirds of nil tho spectators 30 per
cent of them women remained until
the itomlnatllon
Mr llryan left the convention hall a
few minutes before the nomination was
made unanimous but not before ha
know that Judge Parker was nominat
ed To several correspondents who
were waltlntr for limo at his hotel ho
paid that he had nothing to add to
What he had said In tho convention
which was he Would support any can
dldnto nominated on tho platform he
had assisted In ranking
have not slept for hours ho said
good night
It may ho added that those of a
miriCMtltlous turn ot mind may Im en
cournned by tho fact that Judge Park
or wan not nominated on Friday
Crush of Visitors Wns Grouter
Ihnn nt Any Other One
Convention Hnll fit Louis July
BThe crush of visitors around the
doom and Inside the convention hall
nt 8 oclock the Imp set for tho
opening of tho conentlon was greater
than nt any previous notion it Was
romcthlng rarely paralleled at any na
tional convention Extras had spread
the news over town that a nomination
was to bo expected tonight and the
I crowd was greater than at any previous
sessions Tlw pressure on the door
st a r yhLIIH iH + IHI HHW1 IIII + Hl1 + HI
The Drooklyn 8peblnelar Who Nomln sled Parker for Rreildent
Who Was nt nn Early Hour This Mornlnfj NnniedMix tlio jf Louis Convention as the Standard Doaror of
Tlio Uoinocrnoy
The Utah Delegation is Entirely Satisfied
Compelled Dubois to field Point After point ns Graciously ss Possible Until Plank on
Local Affairs Moans No Mora TlinnExIsHnfc Statutes < v
cot y i4 t < ir t
On Ino Saino Subject
Special to the News
St Louis Mo JUly OThc platform
vas reported last night unanimously
It contains the following provision In
relation to the Utah situation
We dorrmnd the extermination or
polygamy within tho Jurisdiction of tho
United States and the complete separa
tion ot church and state In political
By the Utah delegates this Is con
sidered n great victory In the face of
tho resolution originally proposed by
Senator Dubois It became evident as
keepers anti policemen was so great
that persons without tickets forced
their way Into tho hall It was a crowd
that Judging from prevailing symp
toms came with the full Intention of
participating In the proceedings for
cheers applause and comment were
forthcoming upon every ocacslon The
first recaption of the evening was given
to Senator Hill of Now York who mado
his first appearance In the hall Oen
Nelson A Miles was also present for
the first time
At 8 oclock there was not a vacant
sent In the vast auditorium From
platform to topmost gallery was packed
with delegates alternate and specta
tors The heat was already In tenon On
the outside the crowd was oven great
er than within the Coliseum So far ns
the Interest of the masses wan con
cerned tonights session was what nil
stared to witness It had been ru
mored that the doors woro to be
thrown open to tho public This was
not true hut tickets sold so cheaply
that they wero within the means of all
Tho only trouble wns that the cheapest
tickets were for sessions gone by and
the buyer took his own chances on get
ting by the door tenders Mnnv of the
bogus tlcketholdern got In and others
leas fortunate blocked the entrances
The streets on the four sides of the
Coliseum were ImpaMnblo HtretcRI1
got Through with dllllctilty and with
danger to humanity The police en
deavored without effect to keep ions
iageoys Nothing however affected
the mob for It Wee known Hint him
dreds passed through the doors who hind
no rlcht to onler and that nerved to I
work tho throng toga frenzy loOn
after thin hull was tilled the mowd
presed against the entrance loth to
give up the chalice of getting In
Frequently half n down people would
be nlloWod to enter on single ticket
No attempt was made In many In
stances to restrict the crowd In Any
way and by the time tho chairman
called the convention to order the hall
was flllcd to the danger line amt be
yond It Is doubtful It ever before In
nny large gathering In the United StntM
were the rules governing admission to
n largo convention to utterly Ignored
consideration for the public safety to
thrust aside ns they worn tonight The
doors were practically thrown open to
the public In the gallery there wns not
nn unoccupied Inch of standing or lilt
tlng room
The passageways under DIP building
were completely choked by a pushing
struggling mats with which the ser
Reantsntarms and police were utterly
unable to cope Severn thousand peo
ple were packed underneath the main
floor vainly trying to gain admission
to the auditorium The congestion
here was highly dangerous In Itself
but still the crowd poured throinth the
entrances And still no effort wan made
to keen them back
A series of energetic thumps upon the
presiding officers table were given by
Chairman Clark nt 803 oclock In an
endeavor to call Ire convention to or <
the convention proceeded that ninny
men of prominence uero In favor ot a
constitutional amendment against po
lygamy To defeat this was the main
purpose of the Utah representatives
und It was accomplished by the action
of tho senator himself He yielded
point after point to tho Utah delega
tion until the foregoing resolution was
agreed upon The language adopted In
nothing more than what In contained
substance In the Utah stnte constitution
and outlined In the manifesto of the
Church ndopted In tho general confer
dice What the Utah people have nl
ready voted for In the adoption of their
state constitution and the Mormon
der The rending clerk ordered the door
otllccrs to dear the aisles As Mr lark I
stood nt the desk Senator Dnnlel ot
Virginia chalrmnti ot the rcsolutlois
committee made his way to his Mo
with a copy of the platform In his hand
Without delay It wnn announced that
the report of the committee would be
received At the itntomont the conven
tion Holzid the opportunity to s I
It I satisfaction nl the unanimous re
tort I A great cry went up A grent
many delegates Jumped to tholr feet
nnd the nut demonstration of the night
Eisilon occurred
Ilecomlng Impatient at the delay I
Senator Daniel began his announce I
ment In the midst of tho uproar t nm
Instructed to make to this convention
he began the report of the commit
tee on revolutions The senators per
sistence had the desired effect although
It wan several minutes before the con
vention composed Itself nnd warning
had to be given by the rending clerk
that quiet must be preserved Cries ot
Louder were rcpcntedly made ni
Senator Daniel proceeded for his voice
deemed Inudequnte to the hall
A great hum of conversation and
noise of shuttling feet and 11110 Ping of
choke mingled to drown the Virgin
Inns voice Powerful us U IK he could
not be heard ten rows of eaots from tlin
stand on which lie stood An Ohio dele
Bnto mounted his chalr mid after re
putedly addressing the thnlrmnn In il
loud mnnner demanded order All
light Bit down and keep still mid v > e
Will have order retorted Mr Clark
Then turning to the clerk he directed
lignin that the aisles be cleared
Henntor Daniels exhaustion from his
long xeiclon with the resolutions 10111
mitten wan apparent To the nlt nudl
enc which inked him he was but a
silent figure with inovlni llpfj Tun 111111
ides went by with the scone dltorder
the reading of the platform not being
henid when another Interruption was
mmle nt the Instance or Chnlrman
Clark at which order was demanded
but Ineffectually DlKturbnnoeit result
ing from cries for ordir from vnrloui
portions of the hall exhausted the 111
tltiice of Chairman Clark und ho gave
personal directions have several per
norm quieted or put out
Senator Daniel however refused to
be disturbed Ho proceeded with tho
rending of the platform loganllecs ot
the fact that not one soul In the hell
except perhaps the stenographer who
stood nt the steps just beneath him
heard a word lie concluded rending
the plntform nt 8 W oclock When It
vvns observed tent ho ceased reading
the convention broke Into cheering
Senator Daniel said I am unnnlmoui
ly Instructed by your committee on
platforms to move the previous question
on Its adoption and 1 now mane lint
motion It was adopted by a viva
oca vote two or three delegates voting
In the negative and they apparently In
more spirit of fun Chairman Clark
then put the motion to adopt the report
and a Viva voce vote carried It
Temporary Chairman Wllllama
mounted the steps leading up to tho
platform swung his hat around his
head and the delegates following his
lead roared their applause agalp and
people In their general conference It In
felt cannot bo objected to In the na
tional platform It pledges the party in
no legislative action or to nnythlntr
looking to the adoption ot a constitu
tional amendment
It developed during the platform die
cuBBlon that those persons who most
strongly urged tho adoption ot n radi
cal plunk did so on account of the In
vcstlgntloit nt Washington and they de
fended their action by reference to the
disclosures there made Had an Agree
merit not been made with Senator Du
bols on the modified resolution by Utah
delegates It Is practically certain that
n provision In favor ot a constitutions
nmendment would have been ndopted
again while the band played Hal
Tho clerk will now cnll tho roll of
states for the nomination of n candi
date for president shouted the chnlr
man A wild cry of delight cnme from
lion galleries who seemed to think the I
whole thing a show run for their enter
tainment I
Alnbnmn shrieked the clerk
Alabama yields to the empire state
stnto of New York called Delegate
Rutesll of Alabama standing In his
choir ono arm grnsplng the standard
of his state
Mnrtln W Littleton of Now York
stood upon the stand nmld npplmiRp
to place Judge Parker of New York for
nomjnntlpn Littletons tnnnner of
speaking Is calm and deliberate nnd hi
lines beautiful gestures His voice IH
full resonant mid of decidedly pleas
ing quality mil could be heard further
than that of any speaker who hnd pre
ceded him lie was given close ntton
tlon For the llmt tlmo during the ses
sion hero vas silence In the hall anti
his firm voice suppressed the lend In
oho gallery with the cry of Louder
Ills speech wnfl received with nlternntn
cheers and outbursts of approval rind
laughter few points being lout on his
A lei rifle outburst of cheering fol
lowed Mr Littletons remark about
Judge Parker 1C you ask mo why ho
has been silent I answer because he linn
not attempted to ho tho master of hilt
party but li content to ho UK servant
AH that lied happened the convention
up tn the time Mr Littleton hind con
cluded hili mldiesK multiplied many
time ese almost nothing compared
to tin hiirrlcun hint broke out when
he mentioned the name Alton n Par
ker on the part of the Parker dele
gates It Will n revelation In politics
LIke tine mien they sprang up In their
chairs with uverythlng that could bo
waved touted high In the air 1
Florldn after n few seconds of wild
yelling started around the hnll Ito men
ftcraamlng fnnllcully and tossing high
a silken manner Inscribed Florida
SlICe cold Hound Indian Territory
New Jersey Maryland Texas Georgia
nod ninny other states fell In behind I
Mlchlgnn clime next nnd her grent
blue banner wus borne up tho steps of
the platform behind the chairmans
desk when It woe held high and waved
wildly to and fro The delegates tore
their state emblem from the poles
and earning them high aheadtramped
around the hnll ngnln nnd again cheer
Ing frenziedly American lings appear
ed nnd tossed flaming bits of
color Into the scene
A little boy wee lifted Upon the
nhouJers of one of tho Texas delegates
nnd the flag waved by his small hands
brought out much enthusiasm Mary
land rushed back to her place In the
delcgntcs seats grabbed the polo with
lien state namo upon It and then placed
tho pole higher thnn any other in the
line of mnroh The cue wan Immediate
ly seized wherever possible by other
w Continued on page t
When Told of His Nomination lie Showed No Emotion Simply 1
Replying Is That SolHr Will Have Nothing to Say I
Until Officially NotifiedHis First Business Was to Read the j
Papers Devoting Close Attention to the Platform Mr 11
Cleveland Abundantly Gratified with the Nomination Prel j t i
dent Roosevelt Advised of Selection of Candidate 1 i it
1f i J
llsopus N Y July 9TI1e 1owa ot
Judge Parkers nomination wan given
to him nt tJM n in today by the cor
respondent of the Associated PressMho
found him clam boring out of the water
after his morning swim
Well Judge youe got It cried the
reporter as tho athletic figure of the
Judge appeared over the bow of the
barge from which he had been diving
IR that so replied the judge his
ruddy face breaking Into a cheery smile
In which oatlBfactlon wun undisguised
Ho asked for details of the final vote
and displayed the Ihollit interest In
every fact and figure nt the annie time
reftnlnlng from the slightest comment
When nuked If ho would say anything
on the matter of his nomlnntlon his
No1 shall wy nothing whatever up
on the subject until I nm formally noti
fied of my nomination
Ho climbed up tho steep hank to his
hounc and cordially receded the greet
Ings of the other ncMnpapcrmcn who
had been waiting there but again de
clined to make any comment upon the
From 8JB p m until after C oclock
Judge Parker remained In hole room
which ho left only to go to tho river for
his usual swim
At that tlmo ho know only that there
had been nn all night session ot the con
ventlon nnd that tho balloting hud tie
gun There Is little doubt that Judge
Parker hns been conldent for many
days that ho would bo nominated nncl
while ho would not discuss this uipect
of the subject this morning It wns Plain
that the announcement of tho result
brought him no surprise unless per
haps in some details In ilRijrea recelxed
Judge Parker devoted the llrst lels
ure of today to reading the morning
papers devoting close attention to the
Ho refused to mnKe nny com
platform inept ever upon the platform At
terwaTtlH lie ntnrtrtl for n ride on orw
one the The Ilosomont American flnntaft ling was today run nnd un
llags and buhtlug appear In Increasing
profUHlon on nil buildings In Kioinw
The cclebiatlon plannsd ror tonight has
been postponed until niCt wecK iiy
that time It Is Kara returns coun
ty delegation will have returned from
St Louis
Telegrams ot congratulation have be
gun to arrive
Buzzards Bay Mans July DIor
mar President Craver Clovelnnd who is
the guest of Joseph Jefferson here
was notified of the nomination of Judge
Parker for president as Boon as ho
awoke thin morning Later Mr Clco
land sent the following statement to
tho Associated Press
bin Cleveland declines to see any
rcprotentattc or any reporters of tho
press but sends this Yard to tho Asso
ciated Press from his room
I nm In absolute Ignorance of tho
notion of the 81 Louis convention ox
ccpt Insofar aH It has nominated Mr
Parker ns presidential candidate With
tho result I nm abundantly gratltled
nnd I hope that the remainder of tho
work of the comentlon will add to the
encouraging prospects of Democratic
success This Is all I can possibly Hay
nt thin time I do not know when I
shrill have nn opportunity to read the
platform adopted or to lentil of the en
tire proceedings of the convention In
any event It Is absolutely certain that
no further expression from moo may be I
expected at present hopo to ho rev
Moved of further Importunity on this
Milwaukee July 0 Edwnrd C Wall
Wlscomdns candidate for president b >
faro the Democratic national icwon
i l
tlon when Informed by the Associated I oi
Press rnperscntiitlvn nt Judge Parker1 i
noinliiiitlon nont the following congrat 1
ulatory message
Judge Alton H Parker Eaopus f
Peas accept my hearty oongrntula
tloiiH on your nomlnntlon by the Demo 1
cratic convanllon for president No out i
will strive hurdcr to secure your clec d
tlon Until I Them I a u rJasonubU
prospect of your rocttlving thl olcctornJ J
vote of Wisconsin You pnii rely ot
ovary Democrat In the state doing hill
full duly to accomplish that osult 1
Signed M C tVALU 4
Ht Louis July 18xSemitor Dnv < c r
n Hill won even as soon as the von J
untlon adjourned mid Mid t
Of course I Hin dellnhteU with tin
Iellllt and the more so btcauio of tin
two fiictN Bret that Judge Parker will
limned on the flret hnllot and second
IIPIUUHO with one exception no permm i
ul utilise or ltti > eratluii Was liulitlger j
In BUlh elate was nlloni tn put It
nomination their fnvnrltn xiii and rots f Sj 1 i
for him us WP bud planned Judgi S 3
Paikcr will I boilfve make nn Idea
candidate rind will fit the iliitorii I r I
which In also Ideal r i j
New York July LMayor Cleorgo 11 l
McClellmi whet he iwelvwl hewn ten
m Iouls that Judge Parker hind host t
iiomlmitwl or nrwlilpnt by the Oem I ° j
intlo nntloiml oonveiitlon sent the fill
lowing telegram of iifmtultitlon i i I s i
Judge Alton Jl Parker BuopUH Nov j
York l c
All DoinocrntM will work ntlniit j
nstlcHlly for the election of u rnndlduti i
In whom they have mu h lOiilUUwe
Aicept my slnccro and hearty uon 4 1
Krutulatloim Signed °
Wilmington Del July 9JIUiI >
OeflMW Cra y nlw tyg6 pjutdIInoll1l > i
tfntfmi fdr ffrwlderftnt tho at louli jJ
Convention IS plead With oho riOlllllin n
lion of Judge Parker v
The nomlnntlon of Judge Pnrker1
Hall JUdge OIlY tolgy JII ono will 1
which every Democrat should feel mt t
Hn dsnfe hoiefti nnd In line will
the traditions of the Party
1 had lie pleasure of meeting Judgi
Parker on n steamer while coming frail l
Europe in 180S and the Impression h
left upon me was a very pleasant one J
nB that ot n quiet dignified brain M
man M
Clnclnnnll July OThe first thin 1
Judge Hnrmon did today on getting I
to his down town olljce was to send tin > 4
following dispatch J
Hon Alton H Parker Esopus N Y
May you add to the honor justice tilt
you till distinction ot leading u unite
party to enduring miccesB Jtl
l v
Phllndelphln July IIII speaking o
the nomlnntlon of JUdge Parker today II 1 j
formei Domocmttc National Pommlttw t
Chairman Win p Hnrrlty said t
Judge Parker whose nomlnntlon hint r
been clenrly foreshadowed for sevorn IK
eelts past will snake n strong cnndt t >
dale lie Is Honda of excellent prost
lentlnl timber and I believe his itrengtl 4
will become more uppnient and Inereosi n
nil the campaign progress The omts
plon of a gold standard resolution troll
the platform Is to lie regretted i
St Louis July Iro the Awoclatel
Frees harlefl V Murphy ot Tninmuni
wild todiy
No ono heed have any doubt when
Tninmnny stands In this presldentln
I i n > vus It Is solidly behind Alton 11
lurltor for invsldent hero U nov
iJHIJI11IH + HI1lI + F r
Eloquent Californian Who pre > ented the Name of W R > Hunt

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