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101 1
ary cut wtirre Tiunmany stand
v lin 1 < Addito iu regularly nominat
ed We clime hero with the belief that
Cleveland was the stronger man to
nominate and the enHlest nmii to elect
I was uncurtained fter consultations
that II this conclusljn wo did not agree
with the majority of the delegates
Now thnt the convention ia7 spoken
mid paid the high honor to Judge Parker
er Tammany Hull will go to work at
onoe In New York county and roll up
fir him the largest plurality ever given
the De
t ii presidential candidate of
mec racy
Oyiter Day L Ii July DNews of
the nomination by the St Louis con
e of Judge 1Jirker for the presi
dency wns communicated to President
llonMvelt lit the breakfast table today
by Secy Lo b The Information wan
given to the president by telephone
from the executive olllces In the village
lage to Hagnmore Hill but he made n
comment on cither tho nomination of
Judge Parker or any other action of the
convention Whnt ho nay have to say
concerning DIP Democratic platform
nnd candidates probably will be Bald
In hit letter of acceptance of his own
nomination by tho Republican party
The president paused the day In his
library IreAlll about Sagamore Hill with
members of his family No olllulal
Visitors were received
Convention Moll July I 2i30 p m
There Is some dlicimlon with a view
to an adjournment until 8 oclock to
night No decision however has yet
been reached
Qt Louis July DThe Ute leaders
are ttlll In conference at 230 p m en
deavoring to agree upon a vice presi
dential candidate At this wrltlno
Judge Harmon remains the one most
seriously urged and the one most likely
to be decided upon In the meantime
Senator Tlllman It calling upon the
Southern delegation to rally to support
Senator Daniel of Virginia
Convention was called to order at
2t47 p m
Convention Hal 2i48 p In Leader
have decided upon recess until 8 oclock
Chinese Soldiers Who Killed Him
To he Punished
Washington July 9 Minister Con
ger has cabled the state department
that the Chinese government after
making u thorough Investigation of the
Incident hn ordered tho punishment
of tho officer nnd Mid Iei who fired on
nnd killed Louis Ktzel the newspaper
correspondent In addition It has un
dertaken to pay an Indemnity of 125000
Mexican which sum will ho turned
over by the state department to the
widow nnd mother of Ktzel in Denver
nnd to other membars of tho family
Recording to the decision of the del
mans administrator
Waters Hnlf v ny Across State
Arc FnlliiiK
Kansas City Mo July 0Flood wa
ters nt Arrnourdnle Argentine and low
cr Kansas City Kansas on tho raging
Kaw and west to Manhattan half way
across Kansas have fallen steadily
since late yesterday and today contin
ued to recede
The railroads are recovering and to
day every line west and south operat
ed rome trains In and out of Kansas
schedule City although with little regard to
Wichita Kansas July DTho flood
situation In Wichita today shows little
change The Little river receded slight
ly after midnight but an early morning
downpour caused tho backwater to go
to Its old mark
Washington July 0 Acting upon I
report from Clou Hell who Investigat
ed the conditions nt Kansas City Brow
Ing out of the Hood Artlng Hecretary
of Wnr Oliver has telegraphed den
Hell to Issue 1000 tents and five days
rations for tho relief of time food suf
ferers The supplies will bo drawn
from IJavcnworth This II an emer
gency measure and will b followed by
further relief If necessary
Tacoma Wash July 90en MacAr
thur will arrive at tho encampment at
American lake tomorrow He has tele
graphed den FUlton to that effect He
will be accompanied by Capt Parker
W West nnd Cnpt Frank L Wlnn
In the problem of Attack and defense
of outposts today Col Lamping of the
Beconil Washington regiment was In
command to protect the approaches to
Stollncoom His command consisted of
the Second Washington and I platoon
of tho Twentysixth battery field ar
tillery The attacking force under com
mand of lapt Daniel L Tate Third
United Hates cavalry Including troop
U of Washington and troop A Oregon
national guard with 1 platoon of the
Eighth battery The maneuvers were
under the eyes of 14 umpires More
troops from Idaho and eastern Wash
ington arrived last night and It U es
timated tho force now In camp numbers
4200 men
The band concerts of the Ninth cav
alry In front of den Funitons head
uarterti are among tho pleasant fea
tures ot the camp
The target competition at 800 and
1000 yards army 4 Washington 415
Oregon 357
At 1000 yards army 288j Washington
271 Oregon 270
ThE rcoroa at the close ot the sec
ond days shooting were
Washington 2 < M army 2J5S Ore
iron 253
Shot Ills Wife or n llurglnr
Chicago July fCharlcs Mellens of
this cur mistaking his wife for a bur
glar wound shot her Inflicting a fatal
Special totheIewa
Washington D C July 9Mrs Je
rusho M Bowman has been appointed
postmaster at Snrlldn Fremont county
Ida vice D 8 Sadorus retlgnrd
els Mrs Theresa Werner widow
of August Werner aged 6 years
The funeral will bo held from the res
Idence of her daughter Mrs Christina
Merrltt 22 soUth Tenth lst street to
morrow Sunday at 4 p in Friends
are invited 1
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delegates nnd the tramp around the
hail continued the marchers finally
passing out from the delegates goats
In among those occupied by the vlsl
torn After the excntcment had continued
about 12 minutes there was a per
roptlble abatement nnd the band struck
up America thousands of voices
Joining In the song The lull speedily
passed away for tho bands struck up
Dixie and this was oil on a fire al
ready fiercely blazing With a spas
modic yell the applause started allover
over again Rising and falling In a
huge overwhelming wave of sound tho
outpouring of thousands of throats I
was kept up
During tho band playliitf 1 huge bust
picture of Parker was carded up tho
center aisle Just ns it reached tho
platform two young Indies of St Ioula
dressed In white and carrying mam
moth boukuet of roses and ferns were
assisted to the presiding officers table
and 1 hugo portrait was held for 1
moment between them face to the dele
gates and the state banners which had
formed tho proccctlon were held aloft
and massed around It llythtnlo shouts
of Parker Parker Alton B Par
ker were started and caught up
At the end of 18 minutes the demon
I stration began to subside The Par
ker portrait was then taken to tho
platform and turned toward tho audi
once There still hovered around tho
New York delegation many enthusias
tic shouters with their stands and ban
ners At the expiration of 22 minutes
efforts were mado to gtlll the demon
stration A megaphone shout near the
platform was begun for Parker
Parker however and things broke
looto again Tho demonstration lasted
25 minutes
Throughout the enthusiasm tho No
brMkl delegation Bryan n Its head
sat tho members craning their heads
to sea what was going on but with
out rising When tho demonstration
was at Its height Mr Urynu sent a mes
sage to some ono In the other part of
tho hal and noon ho was In consulta
tion with several antiParker men
Commanding the highest view of any
one on the floor of tho hal were five
boys In the New York delegation who
were lifted on their fathers shoulders
nol from that height led the cheering
of the delegation keeping time with
waving Hags
Tho Parker picture was carried from
tho platform and placed near New
Yorks position In the hal I was soon
token down but Just the Instant I wns
lowered tho California delegation dis
played a Hearst picture only for I t
Instant but I was long enough fur
his following among tho delegates to
catch sight of It and a ringing shout
went up I kindled again the dying
demonstration for Parker We Wont
do Homo Until Morning played the
band nnd when the nlr was concludnd
quiet was once more restored
Arkansas shouted the clerk pro
ceedcd with the call of states a the
chairs direction
Aransas yields to Tennessee an
swered tho chairman ofr the delegation
Senator Carmack of that state wan
recognized and at once took the plat
form and began speaking seconding tho
nomination of Judge Parker Senator1
Oiirmack had spoken but a few words
when Hurrah for Hearst was hurled
at him from the balcony the remark
being greeted by cheers MIl some
hisses A few other culls of a like char
acter were made by people In tho gals
lerlo but the great body of tho conven
tion disapproved with dignity
ton CarnmckH voice did not fill
the hal to tho sattifactlon of the gal
leries and he was interrupted repeated
ly by cries of lAuder It became ap
parent that much of the disturbance
was caused by partisan enthusiasm In
tho galleries A shouter who started a
disturbance was escorted from the hall
by an officer hut little of the senators
speech was heard becauee of his not
strong voice and the noise that fol
Senator Carmack concluded his
speech nt lOilS The gUllcrlcs seized the
oportunlty for I shout ant disturbance
reigned for some time while Chairman
der Clark pounded with his gavel for or
California called the clerk
Mr Chairman responded Delegate
Tarpcy California recognizes AB her
spokesman D M faunas I recog
nlzo D M Dolmas of California said
tho chairman all n volley of cheers
came from tho audience Mr IJrynn
leading It by standing up and waving
a small American Hag ll Mr Dolman
who took tho platform to speak for
Hearst while not possessed of a voice
of a strong carrying quality could
easily make himself heard by tho ma
jority of the people In tha hall O
greater ago than Littleton he IH not
unlike him In figure possessing a
strong compact form bordering some
what on the corpulent He spoke calm
ly and enunciated clearly His mention
of the Gentleman from Nebraska
called forth an enthusiastic tribute
Mr DelmoY address which closed
with tho namo William Randolph
Hearst was tho signal for cheers
which while enthusiastic were much
lets in volume than those that followed
the mention of Parkers name A six
foot portrait of Hearst van taken to
tha platform another of smaller size
was raised in tho gallery back of the
platform and numerous smaller por
traits were shown on long poles rained
from among the dtlcgatro The pa
rade around the hal which had been
carried on during the preceding demon
stration was quickly undertaken California
fornia leading off with Its great ban
ner of white and gold Arizona Ne
vada Iowa South Dakota Washing
ton und Wyoming joining in the order
unl oror
named of Hearst seine of them carrying pictures
100 Doses
For One Dollar
Economy in medicine must be
measured by two things cost aud
effect It cannot be measured by
either nlono It Is greatest Jn that
medicine that does the most for
the money that radically and per
manently euros at tho least ox
pense That medicine is
Hoods Sarsaparltta
It purifies and enriches the blood
cures pimples eczema and all
eruptions tired languid feelings
loss of and I
appett general debility II
I bare ttken Hoods SirsiptrllU and
found It reliable and thing perfect mtlifac I
the 1 t Ve urar that tired feellair civet II
ennry and putt the blood In Coed condition I
Mm Krm COLOXKI 1SU loth Street N W
WulilnjtonD C
Hoods Onrsnparllln promises to
euro and Hoops tho promise
The banner of tho Illinois delegation
was carried Into the line but the ma
jority of that delegation did not follow
I At first but few of them arose and
only a fraction of those followed their
ling in tho march the galleries Joined
lustily In tho Hearst applause making
possibly Q stronger demonstration than
they hUll mndo for Parker In march
ing around the hal many of the Hearst
enthusiasts stopped to shako hands
with Mr Bryan vho remained stand
Ing during tho early part of the demon
stration After A severe lit of coughing
however Mr Hrynn took his seat
Joseph Simmons of California tho
largest man in the convention slipped
conventon I
off coat nnd vest nnd with his collar I
wilted and his short bosom sticky
mounted two chairs lit tho California
delegation and waved a flog to and fro
while a much leaner and somewhat tall
cr delegate bonldo him tossed a small
blue banner up and down to the accom
paniment of three cheers for Hearst
which wero loyally echoed the
loyaly by men
of his state The band nothing if not
impartial played for Hearst America
and followed It with Dixie as It had
done for Parker and tho result was
the same with tho exception that tho
Hearst people did not attempt to sing
A redheaded enthusiast in a gray
1 Imy
suit was lifted up on the shoulders of
several men to the left of the speakers
platform and cheered wildly for Hearst
but Ii3 was soon compelled to climb
down for his brightcolored hair clmb
too conspicuous I target for tho multi
tude of paper wadi that came at him
from all sides Water was thrown on
him and In a few minutes ho scram
bled desperately for release When he
rrached the Moor he remarked That
voter felt good but ho declined to
give hil name
A second gentleman with red whis
bets mounted a ehulr and attempted a
speech He tOC was pelted down and
I policeman took him to tao outer dark
ness Meantime th demonstration for
tho editorcandidate went on rising and
falling In degree The band played and
the delegates carrying Hearst pictures
and lingo nnd state standards kept up
their pomplrlne march through the
A picture of Mr Hearst swung from
the gallery opposite the speakers stand
was the lugnul for a renewal of the
cheats nnd they waved to and fro In
heavy volume ns the picture was waved
frantically by I fat man who held It
Again nnd again hearst men marched
at around every the stop hall enters greeting them
Fully n dozen times the line complet
ed the circuit and then the California
banner wns carried up to tho speakers
platform and the other states massed
their emblems at the toot of tho steps
the men who bolo the emblems cheer
Ing and waving them with great en
A young woman wearing I gown of
while with n broad blue ribbon across
her breast and I blue girdle about her
Molst rose In section 0 and waved 1
smnll ling She brought to her eldo
50 other people who joined In her tri
bute and for a time she was the heart
of the storm center When she sat
down tho end begun to cOle 30 minutes
after the first cheering began The lag
of Illinois was the first to resumo Its
placE on the floor and the others fol
lowed gradually while the chairman
pounded for order
When half an hour had elapsed Bcna
tor Halley of Texas took tho presiding
olllcers chair nnd began rapping for
order I was some time before tho en
thutlnsm which was now confined to
the galleries anti which was principally
disorder could bo quieted Many of the
delegates and others began to hiss In
disapproval but thIn only served to
spur on the Hearst rooters and a bat
tie of sound ensued
The state of Colorado called tho
clerk The response was Immediate
and Thomas J ODonnell van Intro
duced and began I speech seconding tho
nomination of Judge Parker The quiet
of exhaustion prevailed as Mr ODon
nell proceeded and approval of his ut
terances was confined to handclapplng
When Mr ODonnell referred In com
pllmentary terms to the great leader
of the past two campaigns there was a
demonstration In which the name of
Mr Bryan was heard above the uproar
Thero was ho said no need of a pro
teitatlon of loyalty to tho last two
Democratic platforms Ho Invited
tho prodigals who had been feeding on
husks back into the fold for ho said
wo need all kinds of Democrats In this
campaign His mention of Parkers
nile was greeted with shouts and np
plauee Colorado onco more Joins hands
with Now York he concluded and
wih echo comes back Parker popular
rights and victory
After tho applause which followed
Mr ODonnells conclusion Connecticut
Was called Walter B Cummings was
recognized nrd took the platform to
second tho nomination of Parker
Many of the spectators began leaving
the floor and galleries and the tramp
of their feet was I new disturbance
Irving Handy of Delaware followed Mr
CummlnKH and nominated Qeorgo
Gray He began by saying Delaware
offers to you her noblest bravest and
orers and a cheer went up led by the
Delaware delegation Beforo Mr
Handy had closed the disorder became
so pronounced that the clerk announced
that tho chair Indulged the hope thnt
tho guests would permit tho business to
proceed uumolestcd Tho speaker fin
ished amid brief cheering
Florida called tho clerk John B
rkard of that state who was stand
ing by tie West Virginia reservation
asked for recognition which the chair
at first denied him not knowing who
he was After some explanation tho
chair said The chair will recognize
tho gentleman from Florida whcn ho
Is In his proper place Mr Beard
lowed took his place by th Florida
sIgn and proceeded to second the nom
nation of Hearst
Georgia called the clerk i
Time chair recognizes Moses Wright
or Georgia said Senator Bailey and
Mr Wright took the stand to second
Parker Ho spoke In clear ringing
tones and held the attention of the
convention closely Another Parker
shout greeted the speaker when ho men
toned the name of tho New York can
lldate and the crowd thought that this
was th conclusion of his w ech He
continued however and was promptly
idvlwd by the Irrovernnt In the gal
lery to cut It out He failed to tot
low the advice however and was
greeted by a chorus of cries Intended
to drown him out He however tin
ihed his address In a few words more
and B U a round of applause
At 1230 Idaho was called but mad
no response
Illinois shouted tho clerk
111011 nnd
Clarence Darrow of that state was pa I
tented and began I spttiah seconding
the nomination of Hearst He made
his plain at the outsetnnd at tho name I
of Hearst tho galleries vented their en
thulium When he said I seems to I
> e fated that the men who once scut
tled the Democratic ship shall onco I
more be placed In power there were
cheers and hisses II
The Domoeratcy of Jefferson the
Democracy of Bryan was a phrase
from Mr Darrow which struck the
convention After the shout which fol
owed a voice from the gallery behind
the platform rang out Three cheers
for Bryan The cheers were given
with a will Mr Darrows speech en
livened the wearying and he was ftc
fluently applauded Mr Darrow In
closing sAldi
From the burnIng fields of the rav
shed Filipinos from the bullpens of
Colorado from the homes ot Jailed
workmen denied trial by Jury from the
overworked mid underpaid tho eyes of
the poor nrd oppressed are turned to
us They aRk for a candidate who Is
their friend for u man devoted to
their cause Tho hopes and aspirations
of these toilers are centered on William
liam Randolph Hearst Those millions
believe In hint because for the first
time In the history of America they
have found a man of wealth of Indus
try and power who has turned his hack
upon the tawdry praise of the world
nnd pleaded their cause They aro for
him <
himThey are for him because In hIs
great Journals for the first time In the
history of the world the cause of the
weak and depressed hal found voice
and tongue I this convention would
gain the votes of the common people
of the UnltNl States that grent dun
without whom there never was a Dem
ocratlo party they lust name a man
who has fought tho battles of the poor
With such a man time mighty hosts of
workers from tho Holds and prairies
from tho factories and mil from the
railways and the mines thono who pro
duct what other len consume who
milks things while exploiters are print
Ing stocks und bends there men under
tho banner of true Democracy wilt
bring us I victory that will bo a vie
tory Indeed
I may bo that the hour of reason
and Judgment has passed by that this
Democratic convention will be unnilnd
ful to tho call of the humble and tha
weak but time when the fever of com
merclallsm shall have run Its course
when humanity and Justice shall once
moro control tho minds of men this
great party will come back from the
golden Idols and the tempting flesh pots
and onco more battle for the rights o
man Mr Dnrrow concluded at 1218
Indiana was called next end John W
Kern said In parti When our candi
date takes possession of the White
House March 4 how comforting and re I
assuring to the American people to I
have even I brief period 01 silence after I
tho neverending streams of talk I
poured from those precincts during tho
past three years talk ot war talk ot
wild cats talk of bear lights of fenc
ing of homing of athletic contests of
babies after all the startling perform
ances of the present executive from
Panama diplomacy from breakfast ta
ble chats with the colored man and
brother how blissful Oh how restful
and reposeful will be the silence ai
least the comparative silence which will
surely come
The candidate soon to bo named b
this convention Is able honest fear
less a friend of the people a foe of law
less monopoly an upholder of the con
stitution 1 defender of the principles
of Jefferson a thoroughbred Democrat
and 1 neverfalling winner His name
Is already upon your lps You are only
awaiting an opportunity to nominate
him Altoa Brooks Parker of New
At 1228 n m Mr Kern concluded and
the state of Iowa was called A dele
gate sprang to his chair and declared a
second to Mr Hearst But Sam S
Wright of lipton lo mounted Ws
chair and shouted On behalf of the
unbought and unpurchainbla delegates
of Iowa A this point a rush was
mode for Mr Wright by somo of his
colleagues In the delegation I became
evident at once thnt trouble was on
Mr Wright sprang forward on tho
chairs to get out of the reach of his
antagonists An Arkansas delegate
across the aisle reached out his hand
mind motioned him In The convention
was thrown Into an uproar One of the
Hearst Iovn delegates rushed forward
to tho platform Ho was at once fol
lower by Wright between two men
There was n whispered conference with
Chairman halley nnd Wright secured
He thundered forth Gentlemen of
the Convention I am proud of tho fact
that the great party to which I belonir
ordinarily believes In free belonf
This struck tho convention nnd Mr
Wright was accorded attention On
behalf of that section of Iowa which
sends Democrfats to Congress on be
half of lown Democrats who did not re
celve their political education from
Coins Financial School I second tho
nomination of Judge Parker of New
York Mr Wright at onco left the
platform amid great applause and con
fusion He proceeded down the aisle to
his seat Ills colleagues however re
fused to allow him to take his seat He
was called many hard names and final
ly had to be protected by an officer and
was given n teat by the Georgia dele
gation Duo Incident was one of tho
liveliest of the session and for a mo
ment promised to become sensational
Chairman Weaver of the Iowa dele
gation loudly demanded 1 hearing but
was lot recognized He asserted that
his colleagues wished to remove
Wright as the honorary vicepresident
of the convention from Iowa
Then Chairman Bailey took a hand
Rapping his tlosk he secured order and
said In the confusion tho chair was
unable to recognize the gentleman who
rose first In order to correct the mis
take tho chair takes great pleasure In
recognizing Mr Rhlnehart of Iowa
The gentleman who linn Just left the
platform laid Mr Rhlnehart cast
aspersions on tho delegates from Iowa
I desire to cast the aspersion back Into
MB teeth Mr Rhlnehart denied for
himself and all others of the Iowa dele
gation that any money had been re
ceived by thom to Induce thom to cast
their votes for any candidate Before
Mr Rhlnehart had concluded tho con
vention again showed signs of restless
ness but a yell greeted his last words
There was soOn a sequel tO tho
Wright Incident Tho delegation held a
meeting and voted to unseat Wright O
tho Iowa member of the committee to
notify the presidential nominee In the
woids of one of tho delegates tho ac
tion was taken because of the Imputa
tions cast upon time delegation by
Kansas was called and J O Johnson
was recognized to second tho Hearst
nomination Mr Hearst said In part
We believe II tho theoretical policy
that the ofllce should seek the man but
we also believe In the practical political
proposition that the man should be out
In plain sight when the office Is looking
for him that he should take the people
Into his confidence and give them every
moans ot knowing what he stands for
and what they can depend upon If they
elect him And for this reason we de
fend the nomination of Mr Hearst
As Mr Johnson concluded tho chair
recognized David Overmeyer of Kan
sas who placed Gen Nelson A Miles
In nomination Vigorous applause tel
lowed Mr Ovormoyers mention of Gen
Miles but when he continued his art
dress nfter naming his candidate ha
was frequently Interrupted by the gal
lews and the applause at the con
clusion of his remarks wits shortlived
In the midst of the handclapplng tho
chairmans gavel fell sharply and ended
Delegate Hoeslng of Minnesota then
Interposed a motion thnt all seconding
speeches be limited to one minute cloy
Dockery moved to amend by making
the time five minutes Delegate Grady
of Now York spoke earnestly against
limiting the time to minute
Imllng one and
moved to amend by making the titus
four minutes After a little parliamen
tary four minutes the time was fixed at
Kansas produced a third speaker In
J W Orr who in I few words not
heard far from his scat seconded tho
nomination of Pnrker
Thomas I nail of Texas was next
rerognlsfd to second the nomnlatlon of
Parker Louisiana seconded Parker
Maine gave way to Missouri and
Champ Clark ot that state took the
platform to place in aomlnntlon fen
It Is tho very purest and best
I quality phosphttto A special
brand especially manufac
tured for Hewlett Dros Co by
tho largest and most thor
oughly equipped phosphate
works In tho world
This pure phosphate Is no
ontlflcally nnd accurately
combined with tho puroot
Cream Tartar BlCarbonnto
of Soda and tho finest CornStarch
Starch tho latter article to
prevent chemical action until
the proper time and when so
combined they produce tho
purest strongoot and most
healthful Baking Powder
known the Three Crown
Brnnd tho Best of the good
Throe Crown Baking Powder
dOM Its work perfectly and
leaves bohlnd nodlangroeablo
effects Whorohoalthctuallty
and economy are considered
tho Three Crown Brand of
Baking Powdor Is Invariably
tor Francis M Coclcrcll of Missouri
for the presidency I was tatter 1
oclock when Mr Clark began to speak
Ills audience had sat for more than live
hours In the sweltering bent of th
packed hal and listened to speeches
for the greater part prepared In ad
vance They were growing tired Thero
had been little spontaneous oratory und
few of tho direct vigorous lilts thnt a
convention crowd loves But Mr Clark
was a stimulant He had not spoken
a hundred words before a ripple of np
plauso aroused attention ran through
the hal I was much like the scene at
Chicago when Speaker Cannon poke
In five minutes ho had won Ills nudl
once and weariness was swept from
They responded to his every lilt nnd
cheered him to the echo Mr Clarks
first mention of his candidate ns Old
Cockrell threw the convention Into
convulsions of laughter The band
played Dixie and tho tribute grew
Into a demonstration I was Missouri
cheering Missouris favorite son and
the whole convention Joined In the com
pliment The greatest part of the ap
plause came from the galleries where
the ladles of Missouri In numerous
groups waved flags with great enthusi
Bundles of flags were carried around
to tho galleries and thousands of them
I I were moved Into Missouri terltory und
I In a Instant two pictures of Senator
Cockrell were ripped from their frames
whIle the gallery danced and shrieked
In delight
Above tho band and the cheers ris
ing high anal cleat as a buglo call sud
denly came the shrill and piercing reb
el yell and the longdrawn Walt hoe
Oo of the plains
Tho Missouri delegation went on n
short march around thu hall but the
spectacle was somewhat more interest
Ing than tho beautiful sight offered b
the many nag The parade was soon
abandoned The tribute to Senator
Cockroll which was ono of the hand
somest things of Its kind seen In Inn
conventions lasted more than a quar
ter ot an hour
Kansas sought to make 1 counter
demonstration by waving two pictures
ot Hearst but the Sllssourlans were not
to be denied and this tIme hay
showed things to the other side
When 20 minutes had Rono Q Missouri
delegate carried tho state emblem to
the platform and waved It as high In
the air as he could reach This was tho
end of the demonstration however and
quiet was restored
Maryland seconded the nomination oC
Parker through Col Benjamin Bchlcy
Massachusetts I called the clerk and
Patrick A Collins of Boston made his
way to the platform to nominate Rich
ard Olny The mention of Itlchard
Olney called forth cheers led by Massa
chusetts Thero was another loud cheer
when tho speaker declared that Mr
Olnoy needed no Introduction to th
worlij and when he closed there wera
cheers and calls for Olnoy After tho
Olney demonstration there was I call
for three cheers for Cockrell and they
were given with a will
When tho name of Minnesota was
called the chairman of that delegation
on behalf of u portion of tho delega
tion seconded the nomination of Judge
Parker Another member of the dele
gallon was thon recognized and on be
half of a majority of the delegation
seconded the nomination of Mr Hearst
Oov Vardaman of Mississippi stood
on his chair and In a brief speech nee
ended Parkers nomination Ho was a
conspicuous figure with his long black
hair and smoothly shaven face and the
convention applauded him
Montana was next called and Sena
tor Clark arose In his place and second
ed the nomination of Parker
Nebraska camo next and the noise of
the convention was hushed as the name
fell from the clerks lips C J Smytho
responded but before ho could speak
the convention began a demonstration
in which the name of Bryan wan heard
nbovo the uproar Bryanl Uryanl
yelled Mr Bryan finally arose and stand
Ing on his chair endeavored to quiet I
the demonstration but ho was only nn
incentive era fresh outburst Mr
Itryan stood on his chair and with a
palm leaf fan motioned the delegates to
take their teats When ho could make
nlmself hoard ho simply announced
that Wisconsin had a candidate to pre
lent and Nebraska yielded her place
on the roll call to that state
David H Hose mayor of Milwaukee
was at onco recognized and took the
lamination platform to place Edward C Wall In
Mr nose took the New York delega
tion to task severely for presenting
Judge Parker The nation has been
culling on New York for months to tell
us what are the views of their can di
lute ho rang out but he said nothi
ng Loud apph ISO and cries from
the galleries followed Mr Hose pro
ceeded with an arraignment of Parkers
candidacy In such strong terms that 1
point of order was raised by Oscnr L
Miles 1 Kansas delegate who yelled
imld tIme uproar when Chairman
Dalley asked him to state It The
gentleman Is not spsaklng In behalf
of any candidate but In general ar
ralgnmont of the Democratic party
Cries of Illght right were heard
above tho uproar
Chairman Bailey overruled the point
of order with the statement that It was
not within the province of the chair to
> M upon what 1 speaker should say
I wish to say that I dont want to stir
up a row declared Mr Hose after ho
was allowed to resume The sentence
however iston was met with cries of de
A J Barr ma Pennsylvania delegate
Interjected that
tho speaker had no
right to resume alonf the same lines
When Mr nose declared that he pro
cnted thing In I spirit of good fellow
ship ho wju Intcmipted with Erleq ft
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arkj 1 j RAT R I
Always SaHsfocloryAsk Your Noi hbol
Ours is a Cool Store
Wo boO lo advIse our friends and ho trade In fteneral thtt
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There vlll bo no chnnflo In time management
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President VlcoProsldont
Socy and Mir
derision Mr Roso grew rapidly un
popular and was Interrupted with cries
and stamping But ho persisted and
finally amid much confusion named
lIJIar C Wall as Wisconsin candi
Missouri which had been passed In
advertently on tIme roll call was called
and exSenator Harris of Kansas made
the response Ho seconded the nomination
rU11011 10
ination of Cockrell In a brief speech de
livered from the platform
Many delegates began leaving the
hall pushing their way through tho
crowded seats and causing much con
fucloi The galleries also begun to thin
frlon The an alternate far off to the
lift evidently overcome by bracers
mounted his chair nnd with uncertain
gesture demanded attention A couple
of policemen promptly hustled him out
Nevada was called at the conclusion
of Senator Ilarrs speech A delegate
arose and seconded from his place on
the floor the nomination of Mr Hearst
New Hampshire seconded tho nom
ination of Judge Parker AS did also
New Jersey
North Carolina save a second to tho
Parker nomination
Chairman Colo of the North Dakota
delegation took the platform and an
nounced that hohad n name to presant
to the convention that had not yet been
presented au a candidate
Who It he 7 demanded tho conven
tion Ill name him retorted Mr
Colo who proceeded with his speech
Tho candidate which we wish to pre
sent to you ho continued seems to
have only one objection and that Is
that ho comes from too far south
Mr Cole branched Into a political dis
cussion and the audlenco amused Itself
by making loud guesses us to whom the
nominee would be Chairman Bailey
tried to quiet tho clamorwhlch brought
Mr Cole to a stop Tho chair begs
the convention to hear tho speaker be
cause the speaker declares he will not
leaves the Itand until he llnlalics At
last Mr Cole got to the end which was
the declaration that his candidate was
John Sharp Williams of Mississippi A
round of applause followed the fall ofl
the flame of the Democratic leader In
the house
Neither Ohio nor Oregon bud a can
didate t Indorte and Michael J Ryan
of Pennsylvania seconded the nomina
tion of Parker this time the
ton By tme au
dlenco was getting restless and was not
trying to hide I When Rhode Island
was reached John J Fitzgerald of that
state seconded the nomination of William
lam Randolph Hearst The audience
cried Time on him before he got fair
ly started but he stuck out his four
Senator Tlllman of South Carolina
mounted tho platform when South
Carolina was reached and was given au
ovation He declared that In his opin
ion six or seven hours of the eighthour
session hod bon waited and then went
on to pay sarcastic respects to Mayor
Rose of Wllwaukte who had made so
lan criticisms of Democrats In 1
speech ot nn hour before He urged
delegates to stand upon the platform
that had ben unanimously adopted
and said no success could bo hoped for
without U
Senator Tlllman livened things up
considerably We need every Demo
crat wo have and a few Republicans be
sides ho said If we can take a re
port fresh from his sin why cant wo
let an erring brother return Ha closed
with an appeal for harmony and an
Indorsement of Parker
As Senator Tlllman passed the New
York delegation on his way back to his
tent David B Hill stepped out and
I shook hands with him warmly
I John Sharp Williams was recognized
and asked that his name be withdrawn
and urged the North Dakota delegation
which had placed his name before the
convention to vote for Parker
Utah when called announced that It
had changed places with Alaska and
would speak when the territory was
Virginia came out for Parker through
the voice of Senator Martin And West
Vlrslaln for MI1tni Hearst al
though nnother delegate from that
Hate declared In tarot of Parker
Wisconsin coiled the clerk nnd n
that state had exchanged places with
Nebraska this was Mr Bryan chanco
Ho asked unanimous consent for lit
suspension of the time limit on Cd
ilk speeches I tas granted him rl
ho opened his address in I VOIM u
weak and hoarse a to be Kar i
Ills declaration that he had thOu It
ho might have finished Ills course but
nobody could deny that h hod kept Iti
faith was greeted with chttri a i
Thats so As ho prowled th5 li1
hnl became stilled I was as silent as
a church nnd the thousand vho fIt t
It hung on his over word No iuu
trlbuta had been paid any man of th i
who have spoken since the DHJNKW t
convention was colled to order iiit
Wednesday morning
After stating that twice he had t M
the standard for HIP party Mr Bum
continued I came tonight to Ihl
Democratic convention to return tt <
commission and to ay Hut you i ay
dispute whether I have fought a IJ
fight you may dispute where I laa
finished my course but you cannot
ny that I have kept the faith Tan
as a private citizen I am more Inter i
ed In Its success of the Democrat
ticket than I was when a candidate
When ho declared himself a loyal
Democrat under all condition the ip
pliua came In great volume He rM
that portion of the Hpccch of dov Blat
of New York nominating 11 Kooseult
which declared that wars were IUU
to como at any line to any nation and
declared the principle underlying that
utterance was a challenge to the tiji
wn chnlengo
Uatlon of tho world declaring Ihl
100sovel It he believed In war M 1
arbiter of disputes WAS a danni
man to elect Ho continued I f
hove he ought to be d > tcaN I >
lleve he cnn be defeated I tried to I
feat the Uepubllcan party DB your eta
militate I failed you lay ou w
did but I received 1 million more y MI
than any Democrat ever received be
fore Yet I failed
Hero Mr Uryan paused and III1 t
his head swept the hall with his I ita
Iwept In1
Why did I fall 7 he asked and r11
Ing to his own question he alI lie
cause there were some who had i r
ated with tho mocratli prly1
wih r
thought my election dangeruui to It
country They helped to clret mjr >
ponent As ho proceeded the sympathy of W
who had
audience for the man hd
he had hew
much of tho power
miration for his power as on owff
and beneath It all that sincere > I W
for the man that rower In to mnt
manifest and contrlbutt
hearts was ald
mllclt with
toward the great silence of reipect wlb
grat received and the pn
which they were
accorded his t uw
tancous applause nccored
sentences bl
the country
In counlrMjj
Thewweri many
declared men who had considered hI
but ho
dangerous J
election dlngerou IUP
believed nnd hoped he would an
beleved COOt
duty to hll eo
believe try was that no higher a mans than his duty CJU
Wi that greeted w
The applause geeted
party applul
declaration was quick and leneral
AGAN iifrn
Ha asked th delegates 10 conIJt
le 1896 antI hi0
failed In 19o
that It he In
It was due more than anj y hlnr ell °
to i
those who had not been loyal I
that the
party he He had spent In the fonimltW o of
ht lpnt penlof
hurs had been the bw P
resolutions hd th mutual cci
bY co
any In his life because Jy
Itl flenmOCTl
cessions the wing of the D < J
had united again and stood once
with a united form
Charles Kent will sIne the Cu
brian War Sons at Bwt >
July 13th
Millie Williams WCJ heflom July ist
singer at BaJtalr
REAL ESTATE MEN wwtlni othe1 J
contracts agreements or ferriS
blanks will find the latest

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