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IfV That DOli Without Y ver tlIng lt o D II ne DESERE E VENING NEWS Your Anyone Been Want Put But Into YourselfUntll li Type Not Important It Has To 1 I I J
j p I I
I = =
othlng About the PI
nanclat Side of the
Private Ad
U Not
He Jiecs lut from the Ncw York
Message to Senator
Sever Sent a
Be Ml Demanding the Insertion of
A Gold Plank
11 July llLlrtt
lopur fa
of the now
on tM hHtory
IhOn telegram nnd tlo reply to
ToOullsrkcr convention
11 cloeo rrlend of Judge
Loul by n
Alined to allow tho uo
ruke whO
f When bJ liame Judg Parker retired at 9 45
tllchl Mill thts man ho did
rnday III nil about the
0 knoll nythlr
IlnAnrlal IM of the Platform
more than was
ii ten acreId upon
cutllned In IN very brief
Kingston When Informed
teepnoned from
Auoelated Presl carre
formed by thl
ton fact
of tho
pondent Ilt 6 50 a m
ho knew no more
° fl
or his nmlnatlon knowledge ho had 01
and thC nrat ral
aIlolI 01 the onentlon all the
the wall
In the platlorm
rud the New York morning
hen he
ImmldiatelY after brroklllst
fapm after P oclock
to tctY n
llul t
1I0rsebark ride Just
tartet for n
ht telegram
mm hIli horse a
conclao out
U Mndrd I1tm giving a
of the platform From the
It WI1I1
01 that
01 his I
lhHt ho Wlil very much pro
lOtr1 he rode off his heRd
upI ofl as
C upi
MI bowel a If in deep thought
but lo 3u Idock he rods up
tt amvad nation ticked tor tele
received quite t bunch of
rrns anl of
to know that none
I happen
th m pPn
Bm linn him
01 1 V chatted with tbe reporters
V a nmi > and it WAR aft rwnrd o
ct 1 dm nr11 of his questions to
them bfirsyeJ the flirt of bIll look of
Dritliand knowlcdic of the convert
Ivnl 111111 HP waited about the eta
iin idnviK resolute In bearing for
hiv Il tntnutes and then suddenly
niiop d ak tonaiM Itowmont An
t u nftcrnid his fimous telegram
TII f > M with the operator nml tho
arkatle e rlfs of e ems was under
fiT Tiat night when tho convention
iwtl and billowed with tho iwniiatlon
t had produced he did not BO early to
P ai ho had done the nlcht before
hough the bat celebration In his
tonor aRt And the people dispersed
u early as 1015 p m He r > at up until
IIM 3 a m nobly watching the bul
kilns nnd mid no move toward w
tiinr until after the action of the con
rtntlgn on his telegram was made plain
10 him
it II not true said the Rcntleman
KnoUd above that Jildtre Parker sent
t rcmite to Senator Hill deiimndlnc
Ibe Insertion of n gold plank Ills tele
pim to William F Hheehnn von his
lint communication directly or liull
nctly with the convention
Judje Parker received today tho fol
lo ting mcisago from Former Prenldcnt I
You mult permit me to oxproso my
ttUtUie and admiration for the splon
tUmulfesfUion of honor end courngo
mhtfi given to > our countrymen and
l o the D nocraiy in your St Louis die
Th loiegram from William n Hearst
Jc > on Baturdiy went astray but n da
ttte vui received today ns follows
u ChMI
WjlChuairo July 10
1 ongratuato you on your 110m Inn
t Wd on the expression of Demo
hnti prln > Ipien In the platform on
Men you stand I hope nnd believe
W battling for the people and for
nib prln 7PIor you will lead tho
nocrary to victory
pmmlt TO lIIHnST
Jage Parker immothiately wroto Mr
3brit the following letter
I H William Randolph Hearst
t1r Dat Sir Just a word to thunk you
r JOUr very kind message of con
ratulIUon aj tfl assure yow of my
rer rBtlure
err grateful rpprcclatlon
Very truly yours
Ollar hlrmun recelvNl today In
its following
John It Wmiim
my 5iflIre ot IlllnoUAcccpt
re wngntulitlonii and bestS
1Ihe for your nomination
lenatci la I tHe II McCnrrtn of
3trekIi IMcCArtll
IklrnInnl Ilons to the next
43 11 Page f Jreeyvlile IiIeIt Is
tttr 10 pNyllo IIIs1
Itr b light than to bo president
i 1 be 1thln
I T nlrh le hones rton
1 of FOndhuI0
1e t WI
dal ollUtlIC
he ith hits PraY qO to TOfCM
a 111 isdot anti then
IulKI 110
urr 1 Iul peatefu heart
FOrmer MIlr J I nh
0 Quincy or floe
I nlurtt c OflrttIIUon i Your
Icrr RVs
gllp rlal satisfaction here
mOM Jl
lolrcSt I
u wtMeN hI t ehlcour audio I
I l and hk lon U A
0 atd o J O tdo aprlnK Colo
Now for n vbn
Pxauv R I Ncrs
Prom PreCidrfl
UI lrelll Ptmieta or the
leyll 5t
n pn811 hearty eoflgrfltin
rnlvon tonlrtlin
tl YCUC s3gae on your nominat lou bllt
h Ont on ha tClPg mThYhlrh tim
eUllllne Tho
btnn 010 who
Ilci that you announca
your poiltlon QII tho Issues can no long
er have any rjueitlon as to your con
victions or your courage to express
Former Vice President Adlai K Stev
enson from Uloomlnffton 111MY
hearty cngrntulatons
AB for na his plnns have nn yet been
made Judge 1nrkor will not tour
country making ttpeeche His pcrnonal
campaign will bo conducted In a way
rlmllnr to that of President McKinley
to a large degree from the porch at
1 Inlo
Honemont Ha will probably make only
one or two pllgrlmagea to the larger
Telegraph CoIld Not Delay
judge PnrkorH iMessnje
New York July 1iaen Supt
Hrooks of tho Western Vnlon telegraph
Co Btild today that the message Hent
by Judge Parker to Mr Sheehan nt St
Louis relative to the platform adopted
by tho Democratic national convention
was not delayed by the Western Union
Telegraph 6ompnny In delivering The
message Mr Ilroolw says was trans
milled from Kiopus Immediately and
delivered promptly to tho address RW
on nnd I copy bandit to Mr Sheehan
personally nn coon as ho could bo found
which vns 230 p m The Associated
1ress can gay however that the story
of ft verification of the dispatch Is cor
rect and that tho request for the same
from St louis but from whom Is not
CnilscrH and GtinbuatH Sail Out
Of Port Arthur Harbor
Toklo July 1 1 n inTb0 Russian
cruisers Uayan Diana 1allado and
Novlk two gunboats and seven torpe
do boat destroyers came out of the har
bor of Port Arthur on Saturday
inornlnrr July 0 preceded by 1 number
of steamers engaged in clearing awny
mines In tho afternoon the Russian
vessels renched 1 point between Sensl
knku and Lunwantana where they
were attacked by n Japanese flotalln of
to > pedo boats nnd torpedo boat destroy
ers Fire woe exchanged with the Day
on At four In the afternoon the Rug
slat veHBclH retreated to the harbor
Admiral Togo reports that the Jnp
alee vessels had ono cabin boy slight
ly wounded The vessels themselves
Rustnlned no damage
Second Ole Attended by Dem
onstrntlons Sunitf us the First
Moscow July 11 Tho emperors see
old journey to south ItUHslu to speed
the departing troops bias thus ra been
attended by demonstratIons similar to
hone made during his first tour
At Kolomna after holding I review
the emperor addressed the troops ex
pressing his assurance that they would
maintain time honor of tho Rusidan
arms An impressive con followed
Thp emperor who was mounted raised
aloft an Ikon and tho officers nnd mon
Mink on their knecu
While hip mujwty made the sign of
the Cross with the lon above their
bowed heads and conferred a blowing
of himself and the empivst4 upon them
A deputation of woikmtm from tho me
cbntiiral works through their spoke
man addressed the emperor thus
Little Father We to
uro happy see
you take such n personal Interest In
the soldIers and wo workingmen are
ready to enter the ranks and shed our
blood for tho emperor and the father
land Orncloudy accept bread and salt
on behalf of your toynl subjects the
Mayor Jones Dying
Toledo 0 July 1 Mayor Jones Is
unconscious with high fever nnd nil
signs pointing to his death at any moment
New Command for Iunston
Washington July 11flY an order Is
sued at the war5 department today
UrlfGcn Frederick Funston has been
detached from the command of the de
partment the Columbia and placed In
command of the department of the
alt I post temporarily held by Mn
len Corbln who Is In command of the
Atlantic division comprising tho Ie
partmontn of the east and the gulf
HrlKOcn Constant Williams now at
Han Antonio lias been ordered to take
bia command of tlH department of Colum
Ills Appeal ti3 S Supreme
Court Allowed
Ablleno lean July lllTnlted States
Senator Joseph I Burton today re
ceived n telegram from his attorneys at
Washington saying that Justice David
llreuor hal allowed the appeal of Mr
HurtonB case to the United States su
preme court The full court will later
consider tho records of the case when
there may be n dismissal of the nppcul
or 1 regular hearing of the ease accord
lag ns to whether tho court tuttle I
within time Jurisdiction of the supreme
court or not In case of n dismissal of
the appeal tho capo Mill go to the court
of appeals us before
Senator Uurtan was convicted nt fit
Lonln of receiving money as an attor
ney to work In the Interests of a grain
company whoic case for Illegal me of
the malls wua being Investigated by the
post olllco d department and he recently
was sentenced by Judge Thayer
Pleads Guilty to Doodling
fi Loulu Mo July IlClmrles J
Denny 1 former member of the taunt
olnnl assembly charged with bribery In
connectionWith the city lighting deal
plcadnd guIlty today Sentence was de
ferred Denny Is the third of the 19
former members of the assembly In
dicted on various charges of boodllnR
who hal pleaded guI
That at Olcnvrood on tho Fourth Was
Duo to Negligence
Special to the News
OgdMi Utah July ILTIme inquest over
the remains of Daniel Shape and Charlotte
lotto Clark the two victims of last Mon
days ogptoilon At Olenwood begun this
morning bo for Judge Howell The prin
cipal witness was 0 1 Anderson ono ot
the mil employed by the resort to Ihoot
off the fireworks lie testifIed among oth
or things that the bomb which ettused the
explosion wan plncU In the morlor mi
nlilt down which wu no dnuht respell
POlIO for the vhnchliiR nrcldont Had
they followed Instructions on the fire
works I would have been placed with the
fuse upwards Instead of downwards A
number nf other witnesses were exam
ined after whlrh an adjournment woe
tnkrn till this nfurnnnn
William Ilonry Monro the iJymnld
son of Mr and Mm Mlllard K Moor
was found dead In bli bed this morning
1 T TTTU n in
Nominee for Vice PresI Known in Salt Lake
The Younfiosr Old Man in tlio United StntQstllns Ronchod the Advanced Ao of
ElfilityOno YoraTlio Idol of tho SouthBrief Sketch of What
Has Boon n Most Active Career I
Henry O Davis the former West
Virginia senator nominated by the HI
loula convention for the vice presi
dency Is volt known to n stimuli circle
of Bull Lakers for It wan not no very
lotifr ago that ho visited town no tho
guest of MuJ George M Downey who
was brought till with Senator Davis In
the town of Piedmont Tim two are
connected by marriage Senator Davis
niece married MaJ George F Downey
A daughter of Judge Harkness of tills
city became tho wife of Thomas Davis
n lon of the West Virginian and Mm
Bert Jlolden who died In Cleveland
Hiout four years ago was a niece of
the vice presidential nominee Under
these circumstances It IH readily seen
that rt largo number of residents of
nt his home In Wilson ward The young
man retired apparently nil right and Ils
rpoird that bis death was duo to cpol
eptlo fits to which he was subject The
funeral will bo held from the Wilson ward
mentlnghouiie Tuesdiiy at 3 p m
John llody of Croyden who fell from
A bridge I short tlmo ego and WIth
brought to Ogden for treatment Olcd this
morning at the general hotrpltnl as a re
morlnf hOftnl
cult at the Injuries hi receIved Tho
cause of death was concussion of the
It Si Davis was arrested this morning
on complaint of Hherlit J W Bailey who
charges him with obtaining money by
fraud Davis it appears sold a worthier
horoo to the sheriff which ho represented
as being sound hence the complaint
Colorado Man Talks on tho Modatt
And Snn Pedro Linos
C n Welch vice president of tho
First National bank of ft Collins
Colo 1 nt tho fordnccompnnled
by his wlfo and family They have Just
returned from the Pacific coast and
were so Impressed with Los Angeles
that after n trip to the fair they will
return to that city to spend tho winter
I was In Salt Lake In 1891 said Mr
Welch and tho Improvement In the
appearance of the city ns well ns the
Increase in population appeals to mo
ad marvelous lint the half has not yet
been told Wnlt until you get the Los I
Angeles nnd the Moral linen complet
ed Then you will know the meaning
of prosperity I know of no projects In
America that could work tho same I
benefits for any one section of the
country as the construction of those
railroads And both will be built You
may bank on that I believe there nov
cr was u doubt as to tho Lon Angeles
project The fact that they are Wbck
Ing across tho desert nt the great cost
necessary In sufficient evidence that Its
projectors will never abandon I And
ns for the Moffnt lino I know Dave
Moffatt well enough to know that If I
becomes necessary he will build the
road Individually with his own money
I Interested because It will
nm preatly Interaled becnule wil
mean 1 wonderful development in Den
ver nUll that Is where most of my In
terests are
Armed Men in Colorado Cut the
Throats of 1000 Utah Sheep
H F Saunders of tho city the well
known cattle and sheep mnn received
word yesterday from Moroni Hondrlck
son of Nephl In charge of Mr Soon
dora sheep pasturing In Ounnlson coun
ty Colo that unknown cowmen 75
strong armed nnd masked had de
scended Thursday on the herd amid aft
cr holding up the entirely unarmed men
tending Mr Saunders sheep cut tho
throats of 1500 nnlnmlB Th assailant
represented the occupants of cattle
rellrRentel t tC cnte
ranges near by who were afiald that
the sheep might encroach on tho same
Mr Saunders itnld this morning hut
his log was KOOO without nny Insur
far he knew nt the time
once and ns na lle
there wns no redrew He said that had
he been n the ground himself he
could hove prevented the outrage as
being n cattle man In addition to I
sheep mnn ho could have had Influence
with the cowmen
MrBaundcrs has other Hocks of sheep
In that county and will Immediately
get them out Into some other county
where he doesnt know nut the sonic
process may bo repeated In view of
the utterly InwlcsH condtlons prevailing
In Colorado Mr Baunders Is not much
surprised nt what has happened How
uver lie takes hla Ions philosophically
and Is making the beet of It at the
amo Llama planning to avoid further
Uncle Sam Opens Up Naval Recruit I
ing Stations in Dooly Bock
The Oval tvcrultlng detail nrrlvod In
this city yesterday and opened up this
morning In the federal grand jury
room In tho Dooly block Thore were
three applications for enlistment up to
noon and from the auontlons pro
pounded 1 Is evident that none but
men of well established character need
apply Among thin nuoMlons asked nro
Do you drink 1 Have you ever been In
prison 1 Have you ever had Us Have
you hemorrhoids Heart trouble hop
tub Any concealed dlyaso Have
you Inherited diseases etc The Btrlc
turon ngalnst drinking mon are vor
strong and ore likely to shut Intemper
ate candidates out of I tho navy entirely
Ono Charges the Other With footing
And Kicking Him
A complaint was Issued today by
Met County Atty Dana T Smith
against Jnmea OHrlmt of West Jor
dan charging him with nniault and
battery The complaint Is sworn to
by Jnmaa R OBrien who charges that
on yesterday defendant assaulted him
nml brutally beat and kicked him with
out any cause or provocation The
complaint wns filed In Justice Williams
mnrt nt Went Jordan before whom
oHrlcu will be given a preliminary
hearing In a few days
Halt Ilk were extremely Interested In
the nomination
All who know Jetmtor Davis speak
highly of him MaJ Downey especially
who bellovrs him to he one of the great
est ten of the noiith In view of his
age however It U 1 political marvel
that he WOK ever named He Is 81
yen m of age though friends say thnt
he appears fully 20 years younger In
fact It Is said of him that he In tho
youngest old Inn In tho United Btnjes
and tho Idol of the southern people
Henry Clamaway Pavls capitalist
and railroad man WIts born nt Haiti
more Md Nov 16 18M He wan edu
cated In the county schools but being
left fatherless went to w > rk when he
W aii quite young In 1653 he married
Sets Forth His Rcasons for Not
Speaking Before Democratic
Ills Telegram Shows Him to be n
Great Leader the Greatest of
This Generation
New York July 11Tho Associated
Press today received the following
communication from Bourke Cochran
dated Indianapolis July 10 explaining
his declination to addrww the national
Democratic convention nt St Louis
I left St Louis yesterday nt 1 45
oclock because ns mater then stood I
did not want to be III time convention
when nominations for vice president
were reached
Call for me to mntout Hpwh which
had been made top rdijop prior
laY would vemy4 W9tl
th imiril bn a IH he tll J
could not truthfully assure the conven
tion that Judge Parker had In my
opinion the faintest prospect of suc
cess I have mndo I n rule never to
Bay on a public platform anything
which I could not repent In the witness
chair I could not prophesy victory
and I would not foretell defeat Hllenco
was therefore the only course open and
the beet way to pursue it by my absence
When I reiichhcd Indianapolis I was
handed 1 telegram from Charles F
Murphy Informing mo of Judge Par
< JudlO
hers message to Mr Sheehan and urge
ing me to return Immediately
In an mutant tho whole situation
wnH changed The prospect which had
been black with signs of disaster nt
once became splendid with promises of
victory Tor many month I had been
preaching that the success of tho
Democratic party this year Involved the
continuance of constitutional govern
ment In thlH country This view was
expressed In the resolution submitted
to the state convention last April by the
Tammany inembcrfl and I think It Is
shared by every thoughtful man In
the country The ono thing absolutely
essential leader to Democratic success Is 1
Until now on ono possessing any
poslelslnl In
thins like ability 11 conspicuous ex
cept Mr Cleveland To him there were
weighty objection His ago Is ml
vnnced Many politicians believe them
II a widespread objection to Riving any
Inn however wise or virtuous more
than two terms In the presidency The
antagonism which ho has provoked
are numerous and bitter Still his run
ning qualities were excellent that time
delegates from the old city of New
York urged his nomination ns tho only
one thnt furnished tile slightest hope
oven of nn cxcltlm contest To bring
this about nnd to secure an unequivocal
ncknowlcdRement that the money ques
tion was settled wore the two objects
towards which the Tammany
delegation concentrated the efforts
forts of their members The
firm of thcl miss wholly Impossible
To accompli the second we felt that
It wnll only necessary to have the dele
gates from doubtful states demand It
At the Now York delegation on Tues
day mourning a revolution to this effect
offered by me wns suppressed by a par
liamentary maneuver After It had been
agreed by tile leaders to eliminate nil
reference tn the money tiucstlon I again
moved that the New York delegation
offer as an amendment In the conven
tion the financial plank imbmlttcd by
Senator Hill to the committee on reso
lutions but the motion was rejected
by a vote of W to 28 of the delegates
Under these circumstances tho nom
ination of Judge Parker who was with
out nny record on the coinage question
except that he had voted twice for Mr
Dryan seemed to preclude tho slight
est hope that he would receive oven ns
many electoral votes n Mr Bryan
polled In 1 O Hut this very putllll
inanity of lilt manager whirl led them
to surrender their own convictions and
to stllle every attempt of the Nw Yotk
delegates even to vole the opinions of
their constituents on this momentous
question furnished Judge Parker with
nn opportunity which he has Improved
1 I hOI revealed him to the people of
this country almost In nn Instnnt ns a
great lender the greatest of this gen
eration an honest man the mOil Im
pressive In dtrplayhiR that virtue that
I have over known either through ex
perience or reading n courageous man
of such Incomparable courage that
he was willing to throw away not merely
of of a nomination
ly the hope eu prospect nmlnnton
hut an actual nomination to the presi
dency mother than stoop to nn evasion
Kate A daughter of Judge Gideon
Hatitt of Fdcrerlck Mo Later he be
onrno superintendent of n plantation
then a bnikcman conductor and Inter
ngent at Piedmont W Vn of the Baltimore
timore Ohio railroad Afterwards he
became I merchant and leading col
lier and then projected and carried on
to success tho West Virginia Central
Pit tsburg rail way of which he la president
ident He Is also present of tho
inont Cumberland railway and of
the Davis National bank of Piedmont
W n ete Ho wafl a member of the
house of delegates for Went Virginia
I In 1803 j state senator In 18679 United
fitatoi senator 18713 declining reoleo
I lon has been n delegate to six na
tional Democratic conventions amid won
one of the American delegaten to tho
I PiniAmerlcnn congress He Is at pren
ent I member ot the United States In
i tercontlnentnl railway commission and
1 Is I resident of Klklns W Va
or ulc equivocation on a matter of prlncl
1 who had left Bt Louis before the
final adjournment am the only way to
avoid being placed In a position where I
must have told the convention that
Judge Parker could not In my opinion
escape crushing defeat on the receipt
of Mr Murphys message nt once or
dered I special train and hastened back
because I then felt free to tel the mem
bert If they still desired to hear from
me that on tho new platform which ho
himself had made he would be over
whelmingly elected
When my train arrived nt 4 oclock
In the morning the convention had completed
pleted Its work but If I had been pros
ent I could not have made a single sug
gestion which would hnve made nn 1m
provoment on Its course Indeed tho
ndmlrnble temper displayed by the men
who nt first blush might have consi
dered themselves belted or aggrieved
by the singularly Independent course or
their candidate Is one of the mOlt
auspicious features under which the
campaign opens
Celebrated With Much Kntlitisl
nsm nt the Worlds Fair
St Ixiuls Mo July nWyomlng
day was celebrated at the worlds fair
today There was a parade from Min
ing Gulch to the Hall of Congresses
where the formal program was carried
out Addresses were made by aov
Fenlmore Chatterton Chief Justice J
T Corn of Wyoming U B Brooks
president of the Wyoming worlds fair
commleslon and former Senator 1 A
Coffeen Mrs Savllla ICing of Casper
Goneen sang a solo ia largo delegation
of Wyoming citizens accompanied Gov
Chatterton mind his staff to St Louis
rfFIhlolnbl jK Irewcd Woni < m
Found In I St Louis Hotel
St Luis Mo July ILThe dead
body of a fashionably dressed woman
was found In a room of the Hotel Milton
ton today where she registered July
7 as MrsMSmlth of New York Two
empty bottles wer found by time sldo of
the bed hottell had contained some Mil
that has not yet been identllled and
the other alcohol From statements
made by Rev Allen F Smith rector of
ChrlatH church cathedral to whom tho
woman Is said to have confided to some
extent her correct name Is Mrs M K
Daniels The womnn told the Hev
Smith thnt her mothers name Is Mrs
Maltha Wiggins and that sue lives In
Washington D C She refused to
give her reason for using an assumed
Charged With Stnbblnn Her Hus
band to Dent
Kansas City Mo July llMor AgRlo
Myers was arrnlBtitd hero today on the
charge WI murdering her nuibund Clar
ence Myers R pressman who was stabbed
to death In a midnight struggle at his
homo here last May She pleaded net
guilty and was remanded to Jail to nwult
trial Hottmun who was nrrfsted at
Walla Walla aih recently on I charge
of complicity In the muider nnd who Is
complch have confessed Implicating
Mrs Myri II being brought to Kansas
City In charge of nn officer
Denver Colo July 11 Detective W D
Olhnl of Kansas City ban arrived here
with Prank Ilottmnn whom he captured
nt Wnlla Walla Wunh and who Is al
leged to have mado a staUmrnt Implicat
ing Mrs ABRln Myers In the murder o
her husband Clarence Myers Chief of
hUllnd Clrence
police John Hayes and Shtrlt Caldun of
Kanras City lot the detective hero
Ilottmnn ivaN locked tin In 1 dark cell In
the city Jail ChIef Hayes says ho will
hold Ilottman In thl city until Tuesd y
night when be will bt taken to Kansas
Lily During thn Interim the KAIIKI
City officers nlll work on llottnmn In tills
city ond secure evidence hut will IM suf
ficient to convict r Myer and Hott
Ilcent without the alii tt Myer ronfecslon
KnnsiiH ItlvdiN Fnlllnu
Wichita Kan July 11The big Arkansas
kansas river has fallen 18 inches here
since It reached the highest mark late
Saturday afternoon The little river
north of time city how I a total fall ot
about 1 Inches On the streets es
pecially lit the downtown district
which Is drained by the big riv
er there Is a decided change for the
better Most of the bimlnem houses on
Douglas avenue have been cleared of
the muddy water today
Knnmi City Mo July 11 With the
exception ot n part of Kan inn avenue
In the lver part o Armourdalo the
Hood water In the Kansas City ian
suburbs had practically disappeared today
All Quiet In Seoul
Seoul Korea July 1 evening Ev
erything wan quiet hero today
Utah Men Negotiating for Noarly 60
000 Acres In Mexico
W W duff returned yesterday front
tho southern part of Mexico where he
looked over n large tract land which
he nnd n number of other Utah men are
figuring on purchasing The other men
Interested the project are J C Sharp
J 1 Sprunt 8 A West H I Kline
and A C Austin of Salt Lake dar
Patterson of Opdri W Ray of Oar
land J F Ill of Plllmore Kdward
Krenbhlel amid c W Watts of Kanosh
James vllle llhead and John Pncatt of Coal
vllleMr Ctuff mil report to hu associate
toady upon a tract of land containing
43810 acres locate about 1 miles from
Urupau the western termlniM ot the
Mexican Central railroad Several small
ulroams of ate puss over the land and
the Green river unseeN along part of
the south RUt west boundaries of I
The smaller streams will furnish sulH
dent water to Irrigate about onehalf
the land at a very small cost while
more water can be obtained from the
Green river If ni ded There Is a move
of cocoanut trees a mile and a halt long
and n 1mlf mile wide on the land also
about 7000 banana trees I targe num
ber of lime trees come coffee plums
lemon nnd date trees In addition to
those some pineapple and rice has Just
been started and U Is claimed that there
are 3WO head oC cuttle all 500 heaL of
hieratic on the land
Abut 70 per cent of the land Is nrabtf
amid Is composed of a rich lava and de
cayed vegetable soil Should the com
pany purchase the land It will put In
1000 acres of sugar cane amid build a
sugar factory The principal objec
tion to the land Is Its distance from the
railroad but Mr duff tuttl tlmt two
companies are contemplating building a
tonal In the near future
The Two Lntoat Candidates for Gover
norship Among Republicans
Now that tho date of the Republican
state convention has been deflimtcly
decided upon party Interest haS been
revived and candidates for state oIIcos
are beginning to announce themselves
Of course the chief Interest centers In
tho KUbernatorlal contest for which
nomination there promises to b a live
ly light Among those whose named
are prominently mentioned are Oov
Wells K 1 Calhieter John C Cutler
Secretary of State Hammond and JIB
M Smith Which ot these It either
will bo Buccessful Is yet an Indefinite
proposition but the chances are there
will bo some tall skirmishing going on
between now and the date of the con
vention fixed for Saturday Aug 3
There II n plethora of candidates for
the other places on the state ticket
The announcement that Mewr Cut
ler and Smith are to come forward an
candidates for governor will no doubt
be a surplrse to those who ore already
In the field for the place nnd the effect
of this news will be wntehed with In
terest by the nepubllcnn
Then the Police Clubbed T H Dono
van and Gathered Him In
Thomas II Donovan who was ar
rested here some weeks ago for carry
ing a concealed weapon U again In
trouble and also In Jail Donovan
wants to IOM na I bad man with n gun
ond Is rapidly acquiring that reputa
tion So far he bllll done no particular
damage except to hlmllr 1
II elkS 16 the pKJjd 1 t Ujr
Early this morning Donovan wan
creating a disturbance on the main
streets and when Officer Olson tried
to arrest him ho showed fight and pull
ed nn ugly looking gun He Used Vila
language and threatened to extennln
ate ever otllwr on the force meanwhile
flourishing the weapon In I dotigerouH
manner Officers dive and Simpson
hastened to the rescue of Olsen and
they were compelled to give tho hal
ligerent one I lull beating before be
would be good omit go quietly to the
police Bullion Ho Is charged with
carrying a concealed weapon and with
resisting nn officer
r 5
OldTime Resident of Salt Lake Passes
Away at stone Idaho
Advices from Stone Ida tell of the
death there n Week ago Sunday of William
lam T Harris an old resident of Salt
Luke At the time of his demise h
Was living nt the home of his grand
on Charles F harris and had been
III only two days when the angel of
doth beckoned him lotus other sld
Mr Harris came to Halt Lake In JSfiS
from Herefordshire Rnglnnd wheN
WaR born In 1816 Kor a number of
ytnrs he conducted A store nor the
Stilt Lake Theater In which business
he became well known throughout the
city HH wits tiled many years ago
and nil his children preceded him to
the spirit world Hi liyjves 17 Brand
children and 3 great urandchlldren
One of his eons Kd Harris will b
remembered no the keeper of the volt
known rlgar store The Little Church
Around the Corner which flourished
her for ome time Mr Harris wan
liurlc1 nt Stone Ida tinder the aus
pice of the Mormon Church of
which hf was nn oldtime member
Republicans Fix That as tho Data < anti i
Salt Lnko a the Pine
As was predicted tho Ilepubtlean state
committee on Saturday afternon selected
Salt Lake us tho place and AUK 31 AD the
date of holding the stat convention
When time forenoon session
Wlpn tht rorillon adjourned
Sept 1 had b en selected and OirUen
Prove and Ugan besides this city were
In the oonteet for place Then It Wfre
Ihl CltHt IlnC Thln I was
suddenly discovered that the Theater
could not ie secured for that lute and the
Salt Uke supporter caused en adjourn
meat to aicerlnln when the big auditor
turn might be had tpon hil
b lion reconvening Mr
Morris nf Bait Lilies had rforvenln 1atea
and as Auc wa open a the Thoatir
day the commIttee soon decided upon that
Elders and Saints Will Gather nl the
Lagoon August 3
The ninth annual reunion of the Pacific
Islands rnUenar1 anti Saints will like
plie at Lagoon WedneetUy Au I All
Hid em who ban labored on these Islands
with their relatives amid friends are In
vited to participate In this reunion
A program nf outdoor snorts will b
given such ns hap never lIfol ben pret
Iotr at city of Mr tutvioiiH reunion
Climbing of the cocoanitt trees n s thin
natives climb them will be ihown ant for
the first time In this country races In ecu
tlhlP nallvs canoe will be s lv < Mt to he
paddlod 1 > > dukv maidens In nntlve ro >
tum < KlilTn fn > m Siinioa nilI Tnlilll will
BlKn hw lliU kill In till frt
Bp clnl tiuhi1 vlll 1 comm from Pietrm
Idith cad lui invllit pluiB < n the
I m > rtli Jlinl mil I iili KHIIIU rlnln I
pInts till M uth and iurcua and Toad i > uiiiy I
Seemingly There Is Nothing Now
To Prevent It by the j
Japanese f
Across the Head of the Llao Tung I
Peninsula Iassci of Fen Shul
Range rortlficd
Correspondents and Mllltarr Attaches j
Ior First Time Ave Allowed to Ac
company It ou an Advance
St Petersburg July I 3 p m
Qen KuropAtkln nccordhiR to private
advices from the front will not make 1 i
serious attempt to hold Ta Tchi Klao
above Kla Chou rnldwuy between that 1
amid Hal and where time
place IUII II Cheng tl0 f
railroad connects with the branch from I
Newohwang Oevelopmentn of the Jar
nneee strength on the Hlu Yen rods
seem to b forcing u nun concen
tration len lint Cheng and Llao
Vniif but preparations seem to be t
making to defeat the former us long t 1
as possible den Count Kellers force
which was a llttli southwest of Lao r
YanK haM apparently moved farther I I
southward to stay the advance of the j
JapuneAe direct from the Feng Wang
ChengHal Cheng road j
The pressure on the Ilusidan left rear
a It withdraws continue There Is now 1
seemingly practically nothing in the
way of a Japanese occupation of New
chwang anti the completion of the Jap
nntsellne across the head of time Llao
Tung KnliiBulR The fortification of i
the posses of Fen Shul range and semi
circle eastward of Llao Yang Is report
Qeneml KuroklB headquarters In tho
Field Tuesday June 1 11 Ping Ynng
July 10 via Seoul July 11For the
first time during the war newspaper
correspondent and inllltury Bttnohto
have lerr permittee to necompany the
Japftn e troops on an advance Instead
of remaining behind with the head
quarters of Hen Kurokl Almost all
the correspandents are now attached to
the tllfl of the division generals and
although they are not on the flghtlnc
they now witness tho operations from a
closer range than heretofore Lleut
len Inn Hamilton one of the British
attaches travels with Kurokl Col
lull another British attache and Col
15 H Crowdpr of the general staff of
the American army are to go with tho
western column while apt P C
March of the artillery 1 U S A1
Is to travel with the eastern column
Tho country through which tho army
Is advancing IH a succession of ranges
of closely wooded hills with narrow vn I
leys between i
them Tho valleys ore
sown with corn nnd beans and are
traversed by many streams The roads 1
ore Wilulllg amid rocky There are many
steep panes and the engineers were
required to do much road building
Tho Russian force on the Pekln road
before Mo Then pass consisted of two
regiments of FRt Siberian Infantry
which four guns and un outpost of 300
cavalry There With I succession of
fresh graves each surmounted by a
uooilon cross upon which had been
penciled the miammie of the burled mark
ing the line of the Russian retreat
Sunday wu opptexslvely lint and the
army on the Pekln road camped In
ohadele and sandy Mold The sol
dlers Improvised shelters of boughs and
corn stalks hit still they suffered much
from the heut Monday brought a
heavy and chilling rain and the army
was waked for H hour There were
few tents And the men huddled under
tree or built shelters on the bank of
time river but most ot them slept In the
fields the rain with little to protect thiun from
Today Tuesday It li still raining but
the army Is again on the march The
n dripping wet r plodding stead
ily on through the deep mud
Neither nun nor rain affects the ar
dor of the Japanese soldiers who are In
tine condition confident of victory situ
ken to inset the enemy The men are
wonderfully hardy auth there Is re
markably little straggling or dropping
out of line
The Chinese In thl region complain
that the Huwrinns confiscated nil their
grain and provisions and they are now
helpinG the Japtneie In all possible
Toklo July 1 tnoonThe foreign
Inches aligned to the Second Japa
nese army have been Informed that
they ace to leave fur the front on or
about July S I Is believed that the
newspaper rorrvtpondents with the S
lwPIr will leave about July 23
hero July 1 1111 mTh8 1ort
Arthur Vovl Krai of July T a copy of
which has just reached Chefoo con
tains on account of the operations
around Port Arthur from July 3 to S
Heavy lighting hal occurred between
the limit line of defenses and tho Japan
ese The lewilts are not announced
Nevertheless a little at a time tile
facts are becoming known Our ii < i < >
sent scout to uncertain the poultnn
and strength of the enemy and whetii
er they el protected by irenclus
I was impossible to find out the exact
strength nf the Japanese but they do
not number lea than 30000 men Time
Chine credit them with COOOO Thirty
thousand men are not sufficient for op
erations ngalnut n fortrr like this
unless they exprcf assistance A fit
three day flghtlnir th O portions of
the tno armies are its foil > WI On the
left llank we retained the position we
originally occupied The forcing of our
right Hank blUK previous to thin Was
rertltloil nnd we htuit Imlh green and
Homapboro hlli in < > vir hnnds In front
nf I hi hill we > MII > nUt < ippHtU but
r nrc being hitti lit sh llcl from both
silos Th > nlmY rlr > 1 a oni > > terabio
distance Of course all this vas not

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